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It’s been another great month here at the gym. We’ve seen lots of new faces coming through so we’ve been busy in the gym assessing and showing new programmes. Our W8 Loss Solution kicked off with great numbers and the Term 3 bootcamp has another good sized group doing the hard yards every Mon, Wed and Fri morning. Its awesome to see so many people embracing the health & fitness lifestyle that is so so important to our quality of life.


Trainers Tip - Cable Chop

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Gateway student Thomas from Bream Bay College

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Nutrition - Vegetable Juice Virtually every health authority recommends that we get 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits per day but very few of us actually get that. Juicing is an easy way to virtually guarantee that you will reach your daily target for vegetables. Valuable and sensitive micronutrients become damaged when you heat foods. Cooking and processing food destroys these micronutrients by altering their shape and chemical composition. Juicing also semi pre-digests vegetables making absorption of the nutrients much easier on the digestive system. It helps if you have a vegetable garden that you can pick fresh vegetables from daily, although we’re very lucky in Whangarei having the growers’ market on Saturdays with fresh local in-season produce easily accessible.

Trainer Profile - Tina Lyford

Tina Lyford has been a receptionist at the facility for 4 years and has just taken on the role of W8 Loss Solution Ambassador. In the last 6 months Tina has been on her own W8 loss mission losing over 30kgs through a combination of diet and exercise. What was the turning point for you to begin your W8 loss mission?

I saw a photo of myself at a kids birthday party and I wasn’t liking what I was seeing. After the birth of my 2 children I had packed on the weight and gotten complacent, I was using the excuse of having kids for my weight gain and a way of rationalizing not doing anything about it. The scary realisation for me was that if I continued along this path what kind of future was I creating for myself and more importantly for my children, having an overweight mother who couldn’t get out there and really enjoy life with them doing the things kids love to do. I needed to become a better role model for them and lead the way.

do it’. Even if you don’t give it 100% your’re still better off than not coming in at all. What have you enjoyed about your new lifestyle? Being able to wear new smaller clothes. I feel so much better for it all round, more confident and comfortable within myself, and I take a great deal of saticfaction in being an inspiration to others.

What got you interested in being involved in the W8 loss solution? I felt that working in the health & fitness industry I needed to be walking the talk. The opportunity to join the W8 Loss solution in an ambassador What are some of the challenges you role was an awesome opportunity to have faced in changing your exer- help others overcome the challengcise and eating habits? The biggest es I have faced and see them expechallenge for me has been staying rience the changes and benefits that motivated week in week out. You al- come with achieving your weightloss ways have your days when you don’t goals. really want to lace up the gym shoes and workout, but I find I’ve just got to come in, not think about it and ‘just

CLM Hall of Fame - Northland Suns

CLM are proud to be sponsoring the Northland Suns in their 2012 season . We recently caught up with Edwin Popham, the marketing manager, to get an idea of what’s going on with the Suns this year. How’s the squad looking in general across the board? We have a very strong team for the Senior Intercity Competition 2012. Particularly up-front in the forward and center positions. There are at-least four forwards who could

play for any 1st division NBL team on our squad this year. This means we should have a height and skill advantage on other teams in the competition. Team Goals for the season? With the size advantage, mixture of experience and youth, we aim to challenge for the title this year. Our team is well positioned to make it to the finals for the first time, and with a bit of luck, avoiding injuries, we feel we can take out the title in 2012. After 4 rounds we have 2 wins and 2 losses, with both wins coming over the last two weeks. Who are some of the Star players to look out for ? BJ Anthony has played professionally for Waikato and the NZ Breakers, as well as for the Tall Blacks. His father, Benny Anthony Snr, played for the Suns in the Mid 90’s. Raymond Cameron has also played professionally for the Waikato and many other rep

teams. We are very lucky to have players of BJ’s and Raymond’s calibre on the team. They join other established start players Travis Mcilroy, Warrick Siddall, and Niasi Malua. How are the team enjoying using the facility and the relationship you have with us here at CLM? The team, coaches and management love the Whg Aquatic Centre and CLM Health and Fitness Centre. It provides a motivational, friendly and helpful environment which helps the players achieve their peak fitness. With basketball being so hard on the joints, low impact recovery sessions in the pool are a great way for players to work on those niggling injuries. The newly expanded gym provides all the strength training equipment we need and the professional advice from staff is always helpful. We could not imaging training anywhere else.

What’s on @ the WAC

with Caroline Bon, Dave Mullins and Hayley Cassidy

Another awesome programme this term in the Boot Camp Land and Water sessions, with 17 new recruits who have kept on keeping on through the inclement weather we’ve had lately . We are now at the end of week 4 and we’ve had too pick

Gateway Placement Recently we have had a couple of students from Bream Bay College doing a work placement programme called gateway. Thomas and Harlin are young ambassadors aged 16 & 17. “We are from Bream Bay College, which is just 30 minutes south of Whangarei. We both play rugby for Waipu jb9 (the team that won the final this year, 18-0). We both enjoy Sports such as rugby and soccer and other outdoor activities. Harlin - this gateway placement will help me

up the pace in recent weeks as everyone has been getting fitter and stronger. The town basin has been a prominent feature workout location in this Boot Camp due to the nasty weather and the troops have enjoyed mixing it up. New drill sergeant Hayley Cassidy, has brought a boxing flavour to the sessions, clueing everyone up on there jabs and hooks. Also great to see some of the troopers adding in a sneaky stealthrider session as well, to keep the variation in their training. The next programme will begin on the 17th of Sep. find ways of keeping fit and healthy along with learning what skills I will need to become a Personal trainer. Thomas - this placement will help me with ways to keep fit and many life skills for becoming a police officer, a life long dream of mine. We are here for 10 weeks so we can learn and achieve many skills related to becoming a fitness trainer or personal trainer. We have been here for 4 weeks already and are loving how much variety there is. We’ve enjoyed working with the great staff and clients in the gym every Tuesday. We have learnt so many skills already, such as how to handle clients, how to write up a workout schedule and we have also sat in on an assessment. You will most likely see us around the gym cleaning… Man Joey is sad :’( If you see us around the gym don’t hesitate to say hello, we are pretty nice blokes.

with instructor Caroline Bon, & Ambassador Tine Lyford

The first W8 loss solution programme kicked off on the 30th of July at 5.30pm. Around 50 participants turned up for the inaugural get together. Competitors were weighed and measured, then worked through the first seminar, looking at energy consumption and how to limit fats in the diet. The group comes together once a week for a structured seminar, and a group. So far we have covered the topics of ‘how to read a nutrition label’ learning about the body’s fibre requirements and sugar content in food.

Member of the Month - Diane Robinson

Diane Robinson has been a member with us for over 8 months now. She originally joined the gym on a rehab programme with Helen from Primecare Physios following a hip replacement that didn’t quite go to plan. After

3 operations to try and correct the problems with the initial replacement, Diane found herself in a place where her everyday life was largely restricted, having to move with the aid of 2 crutches, feeling sluggish, unfit and generally stressed about the situation. Diane has noticed a vast improvement in her strength, mobility and general headspace. “I feel like I’ve strengthened up heaps, I still need to be careful I don’t over do it, and its hard when you enjoy it so much. I know this is something I have to keep up for the rest of my life. I’m so stoked with how much I’m enjoying it and really embracing the whole lifestyle thing, to the point where I’m considering a future career in the fitness industry, which would complement my work

as a massage therapist. I know what it’s like to come from a place of being disabled through physical injury and it’s easy to place limitations on yourself because of the injury. For me it has been an empowering journey to overcome those limitations I placed on myself, like getting rid of my two crutches that I’d been carrying around as my constant companions. I’m also extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement the staff at the gym have given me. It has really helped in those times when my motivation has been low. I find the facility caters so well for my needs. If I’m not up to a gym workout I can jump in the pool and do some work in there, then use the spa to relax the body afterwards”.


Ewing Rd, Riverside Dr Whangarei Ph (09) 430-4072#2 Web: Email:

Davey Mullins on a sinking ship

Joey Yovich - Team Leader Jason Ruddell - PT/Gym Instructor Steve Gray - Gym Instructor Caroline Bon - PT/Gym, Bootcamp & Stealthrider Instructor Dave Mullins - Gym & Bootcamp Instructor Steve Morris - Gym Instructor Mo Taylor - Personal Trainer Wilma Batchelor - Aqua Instructor Pru Martin - Aqua Instructor Joy Kerr - Hydro Instructor Tracey Clarke - Aqua Instructor Lisa Moore - Aqua Instructor Maria Lawton - Aqua Instructor

The Big Boys Group training with Personal Trainer Jason Ruddell

Jase Curry at it again

SUP @ the CLM Olympics

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Lifeguard & Suns team member Niasi Malua

Weekly lifeguard spinal training

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