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GET FIT, LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL GREAT Woohoo spring is here. The Kowhais have been flowering and the tuis singing. The days are getting longer now, and with that our opportunities to exercise are increasing. Theres nothing like a brisk walk or run first thing in the morning sucking in lungfulls of crisp cold air. Some of you would have noticed Lauren has returned back to the gym. Lauren is filling the role of team leader while Joey is away plying his trade on the cricket pitch with ND. Great to have you back on the team Lauren.

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Nutrition - Spring Salads With spring upon us, seasonal change’s start kicking in. Most people usually feel like eating lighter when the weather turns warmer, and salads definetly tick that box. There is such a variety of ingriendents that can be combined together to give an abundance of tastes and textures that there’s never a reason to be bored with them. Salads are a great way to get a hit of colourful, health promoting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to nourish and support the function of your body. Phytonutrients for those that don’t know are compounds in plants (apart from vitamins, minerals and macronutrients) that have a beneficial effect on the body. Including; antioxidant, boosting the immune system, anti inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and cellular repair. A good rule of thumb is to put colour into your salads, the more colours the wider range of nutrients it will contain.

CLM Hall of Fame - Northland Taniwha This month we take alook at our boys form the Mighty Northland Taniwha NPC Team. How’s the pre –season games gone and were you happy with the preparation and how the season has started? Mostly encouraging kicking the new season off with merging new player’s in. Having a good defeat against Harbour. Losing to Auckland was unfortunate but built a few learning curves for the team and prepared us for the season. Co – Leaders (captains) for the season – tell us briefly the thoughts on this decision and how you believe this will assist the team? Spreading the responsibilities around the team preparing for leadership. Forwards is Bryce Williams and backs is Rene Ranger. Giving Rene a lot of leadership responsibilities of the team as a lot of players respect him. What’s the team’s mission statement or motivational saying? “One for all an all for one” Respect. How’s the squad looking in general across the board – if there are injuries throughout the season will the squad be tested? The squad is looking really strong, especially the backs and our kicking game.

Coming together as a team and getting our set moves into the game. Prop Matt Wallace with a broken arm an Ash Moeke with a hip abductor injury. Goals for the season, where do you want to finish? Home semi final would be the biggest goal and always get the best crowds at home. Top three for the championship round would be a good build up for us for the following season. How are the team enjoying using the facility and the relationship you have with us here at the Whg Aquatic Centre & the CLM Health & Fitness centre? How does it help out with their performance? The boys are really enjoying the facility, as it acts for a good recovery session and also brings in the team building side of things. They have learnt they have different muscles by using the water. A great way of exercise and recovery for injuries. The team also have a lot of fun it’s a different environment and good for the community to be involved and see how the team get along. Star players to look out for, new and old ? Ash Moeke- his kicking game and goal kicking is outstanding and has been noticed. Rene Ranger also he does a lot for the team and is showing true promise to the game.

Where do you want the Northland rugby organisation to head? What are the long term goals for the Northland team? We are wanting to aim for the premiership cup and keep local talent from around northland in the team. Also supporting our local teams and talent in the local championship up here in northland. Who’s going to be your toughest opposition and where do you want to be placed come end of the season? We think Taranaki would be our most challenging game for the season; they are looking really strong all over and work well as a team. We are hoping for 3rd on the championship cup.

What’s on @ the WAC

Term 4 has kicked off to lighter mornings with the onset of spring. The instructors and troopers alike are loving not having to train in mittens and beanies under street lights!! Our 13 CLM Bootcampers have some awesome workouts ahead of them now that we can utilize more areas around town with the new season, like tackling the bushclad trails of Mt Parahaka and over too Laurie Hall carpark for a few hill sprints. And as always your CLM bootcamp includes our unique water sessions where we use the hydroslides, tubes and kayak paddles to give you a unique, fun filled bootcamp experience you won’t find anywhere else in Whangarei.

We have a new challenge up on the board for X-Train. This one has abit more of a cardio flavour going on with a 1km cycle followed by 4 x through the floor ladder, then a 250mtr row leading straight into 20 fast push ups on the floor, then its back up for another 250mtrs on the rower before smashing out another 5 pushups with a final 5 prone pull ups to finish it all off. The challenge has been laid with a bunch of times posted, so come on and give it a shot next time your in.

We are into our final week of our new W8 Loss Solutions Group. To date we have covered of how much salt we should have in our diet, how to prevent cardiovascular disease, tools to avoid emotional eating and the importance of Incidental activity throughout your day. The weekly seminars have also provided a great opportunity for the W8 lossers to ask any questions related to any challenges they may have been facing. Our group at week 7 had a combined weight loss of 60+kg so we are really looking forward to seeing those final results leading into the final weigh in. Our next challenge begins on the 23rd of October. Look out for a feature in our next newsletter on who took out the top spots in the most recent W8 Loss Solutions group.


Big Mo’s massive aqua class Marathon maestro Colin Thorne keeping his training up in the pool

W8 Loss Solution team member Sheila Collins burning the calories on the cycle.

The Taniwha boys in for a pool recovery session Scott & Lauren hard at it in the gym

Member of the Month -The Big Boys

The boys enjoying an early morning outdoor session

The Big Boys are a small group of big guys, 100kgs plus who have been training with Personal Trainer Jason Ruddell for almost 2 months now. Karl Finlayson, Wayne Kelly and Paul Edwards formed the nucleous of the group with Harry ‘Hammer’ Toka, Amy Kellahan and Dion Sunley attending when their work and study schedules allow.

Bench push ups caters for all strengths

PT Jason Ruddell states: the idea for the group was to create a small group, supportive environment, of similar abilty levels and give them the benefits of personal training at a reduced price. The boys have been absolutely awesome, turning up every wednesday morning

ready to rock, supporting and pushing each other every step of the way. They have all improved there fitness and strength and are much more motivated in general. I give the boys a variety of weights - circuit style, abit of boxing and cardio work. We also work on nutrition with the boys, giving them structure in their eating and accountability too me each week.

I struggled at first and honestly, I still struggle during most of the sessions, but that’s because I’m pushing myself. Probably alot more so than if I was working out on my own. To be clear, this is not an elite fitness group, I am a well rounded individual and understand that I have control over how hard I push … no one is expected to do anything crazy. The positives for me are, doing something new and different each time makes the workout interesting … Jase will demonstrate each new exercise and correct me on when I start to drag my arse … I get to give and receive encouragement … Jase keeps us accountable for our healthy food choices as well as giving tips on what foods to eat more and less of … the group dynamic means lots of laughs … I love it. Cheers Paul

Paul: I joined this group in early August after speaking to one of the guys who was talking it up. It sounded interesting so I approached Jase about joining in and he said “no problem to come along see if it’s right for me”.

The boys enjoying a fresh vegetable juice (supplied by Jason) after a workout

Karl reaching for the sky

Staff & Member Profile - Tony & Sherry Carne and not air-conditioned. It will be a hot, stuffy couple of weeks.

Tony (left ) Sherry (right)

Tony Carne is the sole male in the predominantly female force that is our Customer Service team. His wife Sherry has been a regular gym goer and puts alot of people younger than her to shame with her strength and fitness. Tony and Sherry are also members of NZ Senior Waka Ama team. The team recently competed in the world champs held in Calgary , Canada. Here is their story. World Va’a Sprint Championships – Calgary 2012 Checking in at the Auckland International Departures Lounge, a plane-load of first timers and old timers, all toting paddle bags and wearing variations on the NZ uniform - black caps, black shirts and black hoodies bearing the silver fern. We slap hands in the traditional paddlers’ greeting and struggle to check our paddles through as fragile luggage without getting hit with additional baggage charges. In the air at last, we fly for 3 hours to Sydney, 14 hours to Vancouver then 1.5 hours to Calgary: and I thought this trip was about sprints, not endurance. We had been warned to pack thermals for unseasonal cold weather, but arrive in Calgary mid Sunday afternoon to bright, 28˚ sunshine and watch anxiously as our paddle bags, clearly marked ‘Fragile’, are chucked onto the conveyor.

In the air at last we fly 3 hours to Sydney, 14 hours to Vancouver then 1.5 hours to Calgary: and I thought this trip was about sprints, not endurance! Our bus awaits to convey us to our accommodation for the next fortnight – student accommodation at Mount Royal University. They aren’t quite ready for us on our arrival, so we chill out in the shade of the administration building - the more hardy among us braving the unfamiliar sunshine. Our units, when we get to them, are tidy and comfortable, but sparsely equipped

We have arrived a week before racing is scheduled to begin, to allow us time to acclimatise and get some training in; the boats being used for the competition, while familiar to most of our competitors, are relatively unknown in NZ and are significantly different in their handling, so we will be starting with a disadvantage. The other thing we will need to get used to is altitude – Calgary is more than 1,000 metres above sea level and many of our contingent suffer nose bleeds and breathing difficulties.

Calgary is more than 1,000 metres above sea level and many of our contingent suffer nose bleeds and breathing difficulties. Shuttle buses have been arranged to convey us to the racing venue each day, but on Monday morning my team opts to taxi to save some time – mistake. Calgary has more jobs that it has workers, and the taxi drivers seem to be those whose skills can’t land them a job elsewhere: it seems as though recruitment is based on whether or not they can sign their names on the employment contract. Our team splits into two cabs - we tell our driver to take us to the rowing club on Glenmore Reserve and he takes us to a vacant playing field. He turns his meter off and we have better luck on his second guess. It is another half hour before the rest of the team arrives in the second cab, after a quick tiki tour of Calgary West.

different countries, the different uniforms adding colour, and the water and load-out bay becomes frantic with practicing teams. Nineteen nations are represented at the event, with over 1,250 paddlers. In addition to the usual representation from Pacific Islands, there is a large contingent from Europe – Italy, France, Germany and Great Britain – from Brazil (the hosts for the next championships in 2014) and Canada, Pacific Northwest USA and California. Saturday – race day – and nerves are twanging. The port-a-loos supplied are inadequate to cope with the demand – a team mate asks if they are OK to use and we suggest taking a tamping stick if he doesn’t want to be sitting above seat level. Organisers are apologetic but the labour there is unionised and they can’t resolve the problem until Monday.

Sherry in the #1 seat ripping a turn

Racing gets underway and any concerns that the Canadians won’t be able to cope with the logistics of running an event this size evaporate. The first heat is on the line at 8:00 a.m. sharp and runs pretty much to schedule all day – loading out is smooth and effortless and the volunteers are friendly and helpful. Less impressive is the course layout – the lanes are sweeping curves instead of straight lines and will pose added problems for paddlers, particularly the rudderless V1 single wakas. We also have intermittent turbulence from the sightseeing paddle steamer that runs from the Heritage Park just across the lake.

Tony in the #1 seat setting the pace

Racing will start on Saturday, and at the venue little is ready, so there is not much to do but hurry up and wait. Kiwis, in our black uniforms, completely outnumber the locals preparing the boats and load-out area and we either loll about in the sun or make an early assault on the shop that has been set up to market memorabilia. Over the week more paddlers arrive from

Sherry receiving her medal

Continued on next page.

Staff & Member Profile - Tony & Sherry Carne Continues.. Racing throughout the week is close and intense: the Tahitians – the prima donnas of the event - have been stuck at home by an airline strike and so the front runners for most events are the Hawaiians, Canadians and Kiwis. Our junior and open teams are hugely impressive, and on a number of occasions the podium is all black. Whangarei district paddlers also perform with distinction, all making at least one final and with a smattering of bling to bring home. At the end of the week, when most of us embark again on the 18+ hour return flight, we can look back on a hugely enjoyable fortnight and a job well done. We don’t have any difficulty sleeping the return leg.

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