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C.L. Mareydt

Who Do You Say I Am

Copyright Š 2002 by C.L. Mareydt ISBN 978-1-4303-1851-4 Second Edition 2007 c/o design twenty three All rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced, transmitted in any other form electronic or mechanical, photocopy, recording, or any other except for brief quotations in printed reviews, without the prior permission of the author.



Who Do You Say I Am


4. Dedication

5. Acknowledgements

6. About the Title

7. Reference Notes

8. Introduction 9. En-visionary Prayer



Who Do You Say I Am

Dedication This book is dedicated to all Believers. It is written in Faith believing it will strengthen and encourage you in your own personal relationships with YaHWeH our God and with each other.



Who Do You Say I Am


To my beloved Family and to my Dear Friend, of whom each hold a purposeful, creative, and unique identity in my life and in the Kingdom of YaHWeH our God. Also, to each precious Sister and Brother in the Faith that I have had the privilege to walk with along the way.



Who Do You Say I Am

About the Title

WHO DO YOU SAY I AM is the evolving expression of my prayer time with YaHWeH our God. I believe YaHWeH God relates to me and inspires me within our personal relationship together. The title is an inspiration thru The Holy Spirit, as a direct question to me. Since I can only live what I believe in my own spirit, thru my soul, and mind, and my natural physical being. Realizing I do not truly live, till I truly believe.



Who Do You Say I Am

Reference Notes

Italicized portions within this book denote the expression of The Holy Spirit to me. All Bible references are taken from the King James Version and are purposely added to denote Scriptural significance within given expressions. They are not meant to prove or disprove any given context. EEE used within the dialogue portion of this book are to signify long time periods between writing sequences. YaHWeH, one of the many names of God, is used frequently in the beginning of this book. This is solely a personal choice in reference.



Who Do You Say I Am

Introduction Dozens upon dozens of Christian Books have always filled our bookstores from generation to generation. Christian literature and Christian programming infiltrates almost every denomination, affiliation, and congregation worldwide. As a Born-Again Believer myself, such spiritual resources profited my Christian walk thru its many devoted, anointed authors and teachers. All of whom God’s Holy Spirit directed into my life either in person or thru their gifted ministries and books to bless my own personal relationship with YaHWeH (God) and with others. This book will minimally add to the immense sea of Christian literature already available. Thru the power of The Holy Spirit will it reach the hands and hearts of each reader to bless according to purpose. What is shared on these pages is a portion of prayerful time between YaHWeH’s (God’s) Spirit and myself. It is not a personal expose’ of my life, nor a ‘How To Book’. It is the expression of YaHWeH’s (God’s) Spirit to me; which has in turn prompted me to put in written form what I hear as expressed. In so doing I have discovered along the way that my earlier Christian years had prepared and brought me to this very place and time. And, if that were not enough, the Divine Vision presented during this time confirmed and 8

Who Do You Say I Am

enabled me to continue on with this writing. As far as my earlier Christian years, all were consumed in the normal daily events of Christian living. Loving and caring for my family; my husband and two children. Loving to hear and study the Bible, loving to write, loving to share. Always filling lesson books and journals with dates and times of my life. Always seeking and following the quickened Word of YaHWeH (God) to me, the best I knew how at the time. My writing flowed from spiritual songs, dreams, and poetry. All mainly for my eyes only. As the inspiration to write this book began it steadily unfolded a new purposeful change, full of amazement and wonder in the power of YaHWeH’s (God’s) Holy Spirit with me. Then with the advent of the Vision, everything escalated! The Vision literally translated me into what I can only describe as a ‘living revelation’. One can only liken it to a butterfly suddenly emerging out of its cocoon. I was not and then I was! Suddenly realizing something was dramatically different. For several days this dramatic difference caused me to see extra clearly, to hear extra clearly, to communicated extra clearly. There was a walking definition of loving power that effected my whole being. I used the words ‘extra clearly’ to emphasize the unique completeness and clarity that was experienced within my spirit, soul and mind, and even to my very body. I was totally engulfed within the Vision. There literally wasn’t any sense of lack whatsoever. Experiencing such a complete sense of oneness in and with YaHWeH’s (God’s) Spirit so powerfully purposed that everything in my life flowed in a Divine Purpose. Those few days held all the daily events of life, but significantly altered every moment to a Divine Purpose and flow. Making everything, little or big, wonderful and full of life! Being acquainted with the anointing power of YaHWeH’s (God’s) Holy Spirit, which is totally awesome 9

Who Do You Say I Am

itself, those days generated a distinct glory of their own. So caught up in the wonder of it all, the full understanding was missed at the time. Needless to say as the Vision came to an end, I was devastated and experienced great disappointment. Yearning so much to be in that same place again, The Holy Spirit, with much loving comfort, ministered to me and kindly brought me to the understanding of the Vision. YaHWeH’s (God’s) Spirit graciously clarified that the Vision in its revelation power was now a Divine part of me spiritually; and it would remain according to its purpose. In the meantime the Vision would fulfill its purpose and produce accordingly. Not only for me, but for the many who would share in its benefits. I can only testify that the Divine Vision is still alive within me to this day. It continues to uphold me in truth and love, and more so as I am able to share. As you can see this book is not mine alone any longer, but now has become yours also!



Who Do You Say I Am


Who Do You Say I Am

Who Do You Say I Am


Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, as many times as I have talked with you and prayed, in so many different situations of life, with so many numerous plays of emotions and drama events from the practical to the sublime; somehow it always comes down to the prayer spoken right now that is so crucially important. It is now that really counts. It is right now that holds the quickened freshness in The Holy Spirit for right now. All the prayers of yesterday, last week, last month, last year, are all rolled into right now. Nothing can be compared to right now. Right now with you! How many times have I prayed? How many times have I waited and listened for you Lord? But, it all comes once again to this moment. Right now! I could never have made it to this moment without all the moments before. But I need you, Lord. NOW, in this moment.

I Am Here Now. You are Here Now. Clear Away All the Yesterdays. Clear Away All the Tomorrows. I Do Have Exactly What You Need, Right Now. What has Passed Before is Literally Gone. The Past No Longer Holds Any Substance, Except it Brought You to Right Now. Here Today With Me. It has Become as a Vapor and has Vanished. Do not Waste Your Now Struggling to Remember the Past or Hanging Onto it. Do Not Waste Your Energy Today, Trying to Bring it Back 13

Who Do You Say I Am

Into Your Present Moment. It is Wasteful and Useless. It Becomes a Snare to Keep You From the Now. A Snare to Keep You From Knowing Me, Right Now. All the Goodness and Truth of Any Moment Remains With You and Can Never Lose its Original Substance of Life. For it Becomes Part of You. The Refuge, or Unusable and Destructive, is to Be Constantly Left Behind, Allowing The Holy Spirit to Filter it Out of Your Life. Let it All Go. Hold Onto Nothing. Only Hold Onto That Which is Peaceful, Pure, Honest, Full of Goodness and Love. Not of This Earth or its Earthly Domain. For Everything Does Have its Own Value and Glory. So to What Value and Glory Will You Gather in Your Life? To What Value and Glory Will You Choose? I Have Chosen You. Each of You. It is Up to Each of You to Choose Me. Choose Me Today. Choose Me, Again and Again. What Do You Choose? Who Do You Choose? For You Will Have Whatever You Really Choose. I Will Always Choose You, and I Will Always Wait For You to Choose Me.

II Cor. 6:2, Amos 5:4, Phil. 4:8, Col. 3:2, I Pet. 2:9, II Thes. 2:13, Deut. 30:19, Josh. 24:15

EEE 14

Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, I choose you! Nothing more and nothing less than you. Everything else is nothing without you. Yet, I do know how you use everything to express yourself. Through your words in The Bible or personally given to me. Through your character, your mind, and even your created nature. You Lord, instill real life into this life of living. As I become able to see this life through your expressions, everything takes on a new meaning of its own. Daily life is always far better as I learn to look for you and see you, in and through it all. You never fail, Lord. Your insights are always clearer and larger than life. Your understanding is beyond all human understandings or reasonings. I have learned to lean on you, Lord, and purposely look for your ways. It has taken me awhile and I know I have a long way to go, but I really enjoy knowing you are with me. You always show me your best. Always full of truth, full of love, full of hope, and full of newness and life. I could go on and on. My heart fills with the joy it feels just being with you right now, Lord.

Because You Do Hear Me Right Now, You Are Full of Love and Thankful Joy. My Peace Floods Your Being. Thanksgiving and Praise Are the Natural Reactions to My Presence. My Presence Evokes the Highest Praise From Your Lips, Which Flows From Your Heart That is Full of Me. In My Presence is Great Joy. I Love You and Know You Love Me. There is Peace in My Love and My Peace I Do Give to You. What You Feel 15

Who Do You Say I Am

Right Now Cannot Be Replaced. Nothing of This Earth Will Compare to My Love and My Peace, My Presence With You. This is What Each Heart Longs For. This is Why so Many are Discontent, Dissatisfied, and Dysfunctional. They Are Looking For Me. Searching For Me. What Each of You Are Experiencing Right Now, While Reading These Words, is My Loving Expression to YOU. Each and Everyone of You. To Give You Exactly What You Have Need Of.


Draw Near to Me and I Will Draw Near to You. You Can Be as Close to Me as You Want to Be. As Close as You Want to Be With Me, is as Close as I Am With You. Long For Me With Your Whole Heart. Think of Me With All Your Mind. Half Heartedness Will Get You Exactly Nowhere. Be Whole Hearted in Everything, Especially With Me. Try My Goodness and Be Satisfied. Satisfied in Your Inner Being. That Inner Life, Deep Within. That Hidden Place, That Only You and I Know About. That Space Within Where You Imagine You Are All Alone. Allow Me to Fill That Chamber to Overflowing. Overflowing With My Words, My Love, and My Presence, Till You Think You Can Hold No More. Even Then, I Will Make Room For More. Consider Me. God Almighty. Remember Me. God Almighty. Think of Me. God Almighty. Think About All My Goodness. Think About All My Kindness. Think About My Grace and My Power. As You Think and Remember, You Make Room For Me to Move By The Holy Spirit in Your Life. As You 16

Who Do You Say I Am

Desire My Presence More Than Anyone or Anything Else, You Literally Make More Room For More of Me. More Room For Me to Move in Your Behalf. I Love to Show My Goodness to You. I Love to Commune With You, as You Love to Commune With Me. I So Love to Move in Your Life and For You to Recognize Me. I Love to See and Hear Your Expressions of Knowing it is Really Me, Your Lord, Your God. This is What Relationships Are All About. How Much More So With Me! The Small Moments, the Big Moments, and Everything In-between. For I Do Desire to Share My Life With You and For You to Share Your Life With Me. To Know Me is Life and in Knowing Me You Will Have Life Now and Life Eternal.

Ps. 16:11, John 3:15; 10:28; 17:23

EEE Lord, Lord, you are so wonderful, so good. I can hardly speak or even write.

Yes, For I Am Your Lord, Your Very God. I Have Become Your Strength and Your Fortress. I Am the Rock, the Solid Ground, On Which You Stand. I Am the One 17

Who Do You Say I Am

Who Created You and Knew You Before the Foundations of This Earth. I Am the One Who Called You and Predestinated You. Each of You. I Knew You in Your Mother’s Womb. There is Nothing too Difficult For Me. What is Impossible to Man is Possible With Me, Your Lord, Your God. Learn Of Me, For I Will Always Make a Way For You Where There Seems to Be No Way. Nothing Shall Harm You. What I Begin in Your Life, I Will Finish. You Will Know Me and You Will Be Known Of Your God.

Lord, what else can I do to know you? What more?

Keep On Keeping On, With Me. Listen and Learn. Keep Walking in What You Do Know With Me Today. Believe My Words, Live My Words, Do My Words. Whoever is in Your Life or Comes Into Your Life; Share Life With Them. Let the Truth Saturate Your Life and Effect Everything You Do. Remind Yourself That When You Care, You Will Share. The Very One You Might Be Caring For or Sharing With Could Be and Usually is, Another Part of Me. Care With a Real Smile. Share With Genuine Warmth and Concern. Imagine Me in Front of You Instead of That Friend or That Stranger. If That Other Person Were Actually Me, Would it Make a Difference in Your Actions or Your Reactions?

A Different Picture, isn’t it? But Should it Be? 18

Who Do You Say I Am

Well, yes Lord, quit a different picture. I should be more aware of that. I believe at times I have been, but I know it would be very difficult to be consistent. Seems like my personality is far more brusque and full of indifference. Not that I mean to be, but I tend to be more inward and not as out going as most.

You Are No More Than What You Are at This Moment, Right Now. But, What You Are is Always Changing and Can Be Changed Instantly. I Am Your Help. With My Holy Spirit Your Changing Can Be For Your Very Best Constantly. I Can Help You Transform Into the Reflection of What You Are Truly Meant to Be. Which in Fact is, Who You Really Are! I Am Accomplishing That For Many and in Many Different Ways. All So That You Will Know Who You Really Are and Who I Am. As You Look to Me, the Author and the Finisher of Your Faith, You Are Changed Into My Likeness. If You Really Want Any Change to Take Place in Your Life, You Will Look to Me. For What You Behold, What You Constantly Think About, What You Constantly Consider, is What You Will Be Changed Into. That is the Likeness You Will Develop and Represent, and Reflect, and Be. Whether You Look to Me or to Someone or Something Else, That Will Be the Likeness You Will Be Changed Into. Spiritually, Soulfully, or Naturally. Nothing More, Nothing Less. 19

Who Do You Say I Am

As You Look Around at Your Family, Your Friends, People You Know; Are You Not Part of Them? Widen That Circle and Look at All the Different Social and Community Events Around You. Look at the Businesses, Companies, Corporations, Schools, Churches. Then Look at All the Different Cultural Aspects Within Each. All the Different Domestic and Religious Life Styles and Qualities of Living. Within All This, You and Everyone Else Are Choosing What to Accept or Not Accept. What to Be Part of or Not Be Part of. This in Turn is Building a Personal Identity Through Each Choice and Through Each Acceptance Within Each and Everyone’s Life. Through it All Everyone Comes to a Belief System, For Everyone Does Believe in Something. Some thing Motivates. Some thing Generates. Some thing Cultivates. Some thing Stimulates. In All the Responses and Reactions as Each One Chooses, the Life of Each Individual Takes Shape. This is Very Simplistic and in Broad Generalized Terms to Present the Bigger Picture. Everyone Believes in Something. Whatever and Whoever That is Will Change Each Likeness to Be Like and Part of That Very Something. You Do Become What You Believe.

You know Lord, that is actually happening. I can see it going on all over the earth just as you related it. On a grand scale now. I can see a mental picture within my mind. It is like I’ve been shot into outer space, going further and further away from the surface of the earth. I see the world like an astronaut would see it. Our beautiful earth 20

Who Do You Say I Am

like a blue, green, and white marble, floating effortlessly in space. All is perfectly formed. The continents, the oceans and seas. Countries and nations blending together in perfect unison. What a glorious sight. I literally see it. What a splendor of beauty. The world suspended right there in the whole great cosmos.

Do you see it? Wow!

But, Lord, this is such a different scene compared to the real surface scene we were just looking at and expressing. I’d rather see this glorious image of earth. Such flawless wonder, where you can’t see anything wrong or distorted. What a vision of excellence. Lord, you have done this. You have caused my eyes to see this. Why? Why have you taken my eyes so far away from the surface of the earth and from what I live in and know? What is this insight for?

Because From This Perspective You Will Change. From This New Point of Seeing You Will See Me, and Not Just the Surface Life of This World, or Me.

Lord, I don’t understand. Why from this perspective will I change? What is suppose to change? I’m still the same person. Still have the same mind, same heart, same soul. What is changing? 21

Who Do You Say I Am

Your Perspective. Your Spiritual Eyesight and Understanding. Which Will in Turn Change You. As You Have Seen This One Example Through My Eyes, How Much More is There to See and Behold Through Me? How Much More Will Your Perspective Change? How Much More Will You Change? As You See Me You Will Be Changed. My Perspective is Revelation.

Lord, this has all taken place inside of me. In my mind’s eye, in my spiritual eyesight. No one else sees this place in me. This so-called change is totally unseen.

That Understanding Will Change Also. It is Only Correct to a Certain Point. Since You Are a Spiritual Being, You Are to Be Constantly Changing From Glory to Glory. You Are an Eternal Spiritual Being, With Your Own Soul and at This Time, With Your Own Physical Body. But, You Are an Eternal Spiritual Being. More in Spirit Than in Body, or So it Should Be. Your Spiritual Life is Greater, Larger, More Complex in Comparison, Than Your Natural Life. Yet Much Simpler. On the Surface of This Earth and On the Surface of Your Own Natural Life, You Will Find a Reflection of Your Spiritual Life and the Spiritual Place You Really Occupy. Generally Believed is That You Are a Human Be22

Who Do You Say I Am

ing in a Very Natural Flesh and Blood Body, With Your Own Hidden Soul, and Perhaps Some Kind of a Spirit. A Spirit of Whatever Kind and Form You May Desire to Believe. Living Whatever Way Seems Best in Your Own Behalf. But From My Perspective it is All Very Different.

Are You Changing From Glory to Glory?

Even the Earth and Everything in it is in Constant Change and it All Has its Own Glory and its Own Value. How Much More So You. Each of You! You Can Change From Glory to Glory, Spiritually, Soulfully, and Naturally. Or You Can Remain the Same, in One Particular Glory. Each New Perspective Through me, Will Change You. Just Because You Think You Cannot See the Change Outwardly, Does Not Mean it to Be So. You Do Not See Your Own Spirit (usually), But You Know it Does Exist. Just Like You Do Not See Me (usually), But You Do Know I Exist. I Am That I Am. I Am Spirit and Anyone That Will Know Me, Will Know Me in Spirit and in Truth. Anyone That Will Know Me Must Believe That I Am, and That I Reward Each Who Will Diligently Search For Me. As You Begin to Know Me You Will Be Changed Into My Likeness. From Glory to Glory. Remember Me, My Perspective, My Revelation. From Glory to Glory.

Rom. 8:29; 12:2, Heb. 11:6, II Cor. 3:18; 15:35-49


Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, what does ‘in spirit and in truth’ mean?

Simply, to Be Born of My Spirit and Born of My Truth. As You Each Have a Natural Family You Are Born Into On This Earth, So it is in the Spiritual. You Need to Know That You Have a Spiritual Family. You Have a Spiritual Home, and a Very Real Spiritual Life. You Need to Know What Your Spiritual Life is For. I Have the Spiritual Answers For Each of You. I Have the Spiritual Life With the Spiritual Truths Pertaining to You. Each of You. I Am the Essence of All Life. The Way, the Truth, and the Life. This is Who I Am.

That is wonderfully understandable, Lord. In fact, it seems to me that you reflect the spiritual through the natural in numerous ways.

Always, and in All Ways. As My Creation, That is What it is Created For, and Then so Much More. All Creation Shows My Excellence and Applauds My Highest Thoughts to Silently Shout My Power in My Full Authority as Created. All May Marvel in the Pure Enjoyment of it All! Even These Few Words Pale in the True Expression of My Creation as it Shows Forth My Reflection. This Part of Me is For You. Each of You. You Who Will See Me. You Who Will Hear Me. You Who Will Take the Moment and Enjoy My Presence. It is All For You. Each of You. 24

Who Do You Say I Am

Each One as Important to Me as the Other. For Each One of You Are These Wonders Created. All to Reflect My Love and My Glory to Each of You, and For Each of You. This Changes From Glory to Glory.


Good morning, Lord. It’s a new day and it’s beautiful. The fall weather is moving in and I love it. I love you, Lord, and thank you again for everything. My life, my loved ones, my friends, my home, my job, and just everything you have given. Thank you for keeping and protecting all of us. Thank you for your Holy Spirit. Thank you for constantly leading and teaching me through everything. Thank you for bringing me this far in my life with you. Remember that day I was complaining about my age? This old already and if you were going to use me you’d better get going. As I made the bed one morning, talking this situation over with you (not out loud, but to myself ), your response did change me. Just like you have expressed. You asked me how old did I really feel? Quickly, I remarked that I felt like I was 30 ‘ish or so. You told me in response, “That’s great. You have just had 20 years restored back to you. Is that better?” Isn’t it crazy what ideas pop into our minds, Lord? Like age would make a difference to you. You who are ageless. 25

Who Do You Say I Am

I never thought of that before!

Wow! Thank you for that thought, Lord! I know my mind and that thought was not my mind.

It was your thought wasn’t it Lord?

You are ageless!

Your Mind is Not My Mind and My Mind is Not Your Mind. Yet I Love to Share My Thoughts, My Mind, My Perspective, With You. Then You Do Come to Know Me. Each Who Will Listen and Learn of Me. I Am Limitless and Yes, Ageless. I Am Without Beginning as I Am Without End.

I Am That I Am. Forever.

You know, Lord, almost everything you have spoken to me I have kept in written form in a journal. This started along time ago when I first started recognizing, hearing, and sharing with you. It was usually Scriptural responses that I would study and absorb as much as I could. Then, I would ask you to confirm it all back to me so that I would know that I know with certainty. All through that time you graciously confirmed your truths within my life so that I understood and recognized you in everything. Always leading by your Holy Spirit, patiently teaching and instructing me as the days blended into the years and I learned to commune 26

Who Do You Say I Am

with you and walk with you along the way. Never really considering the importance of it all, just loving to be with you, Lord, and knowing that I really needed you.

This is All Part of Changing From Glory to Glory For You. This is Part of Making You, One With Me So That You Will Know Beyond All Doubt, That You Are One With Me. Jesus The Christ Showed the Way, the Path to Follow and Walk. He was Me in the Flesh, For You. For Each of You to Know There is a Way and There is an Answer to All Your Questions. There is a Reason For Your Life. There is Nothing I Cannot or Will Not Help You With. Whatever the Need. Whatever the Situation. Whatever of Lifes’ Cause and Effect. I Can Show You the Way. I, Your Lord and Your God, Can Show You a Better Way. My Way. For My Way Will Lead to Life. Did Not Jesus Himself Say ... ‘That he was the Good Shepherd’? Did Not He Also Say That ... ‘He and the Father Were One, and He Only Did What the Father Told Him to Do, and That When You See Him You Have Seen the Father Also’?

This is the Way of Real Life, True Life With Me.

Is. 55:8, John 10:11; 10:30; 14:9; 16:13 27

Who Do You Say I Am

That, I know is true Lord! But not everyone wants a better way or your way. Many do not want anything different in their life. They do not want their status quo changed or messed with. Many still revel in who they are and what they do. Then, there are some who just do not have a clue. They do not know how or where to get the help they so desperately need. From you Lord, little less from anyone else. Perhaps all out of ignorance or denial, but many do not acknowledge their need for you or acknowledge that you are real. I know that you are well aware of all this, more than anyone else. But on this level where we have to live, it is not a pretty picture all the time. The ugliness of deceit, greed, and moral decay, seems universal. This just scratches the surface. Horrid crimes being committed daily. From the little child to the older adults. Truthfully, I don’t see a speck of you, your word, or your presence in all that. Look at all the wars and tragic horrific events with lives being wasted. Human violence against one another constantly. Not to mention what we afflict upon our own souls. It is all out of control. What is all that, Lord? What on earth is all that? Seeing all your goodness, all your beauty, and your amazing power, there still seems to remain that big question! What is all that?

Remember When You Practiced a Self-Made Religious Tradition of ‘Blessing’ Everything’? You Automatically Assumed That Each Situation That Looked Tragic or Even Troublesome to Your Own Mind, was Not the Way it Should Be. You Thought I Should Bless It. 28

Who Do You Say I Am

Knowingly, it is a Blessing to Bless Someone Else; but You had Unawarely Thrown it Into an Area That was Out of Balance. Until I Revealed My Perspective to You. Which Once Again Changed You. What had Started Out in Sincerity had Turned Into a Habit That was Not With a Clear Motive or a Right Heart. You Were Blessing According to the Outward Appearance and Then Speaking Out of a Religious Fear. Hoping That the Same Tragic Event or Trouble Would Not Happen to You or Your Own Loved Ones. Yes, You had Concern and Sympathy. Even at Times Genuine Love. But it was Undermined With the Fear and Religious Habits. With Great Care I Reminded You That if I Could Really Bless Everyone as you Assumed; the Whole World Would Be a Different Place Altogether. You had Meant in Your Verbal Blessings That I Should Cover or Alter That Particular Situation and its Outcome. But as You Are Now Aware of, as I Revealed to You, Not Every Situation or Event Can Be Blessed. Yes, Lord, I do remember that very clearly. Again it put everything into a different perspective.

The Change in Your Perspective was From One Glory to Another Glory. But the Fact is, YOU Changed, Not the Situations. 29

Who Do You Say I Am

Everything That is Going On, in Whatever the Situations on Earth, Have Been Going On in Some Way From the Beginning of Mankind to Now. From the Few to the Many. This Will Continue as Long as it is in the Heart of Man and in the Purpose of My Creative Plan. Remember, Even in All This, I Am Still Revealing Myself to Whosoever I Will. I Do Not Sit on Some Far Away Lofty Throne and Send Out Imaginary Invitations That Are Selected For the Few Elite Prospective’s That Please Me. Blessing Are Not Thrown Out as Some Reward or Enchantment. There is an Appointed Appointment For Each Individual Known to Me and the Blessings Included. Each Person is Created With the Capacity to Know me. Whether it is Seen or Unseen. Known or Unknown. Experienced or Not Experienced. All is Between Me and Each Individual. Each Life is Intimately Known. For How Can There Be Any Form of Life Not Known of Me? I Am More Aware of Life Than You Can Begin to Understand. I Am the Creator and Have Created Everything Seen and Unseen. I Am Whether Anyone Believes I Am or Not. I Am Not Upheld By Your Beliefs or Unbeliefs. I Am Upholding Everything. The Whole Creation Seen and Unseen, That has Ever Been and Ever Shall Be, is By My Word That They Exist. For All That You See is Not All That There Is. There Remains Far More That You Do Not See That is Just as Real. This Form of Reality You Now Live is But One Place in My Reality of Creation. One Reality of My Being. The Kingdom of Your God is Not in What You Can See, Feel, or Think. Yet, My Kingdom is Very Real. That 30

Who Do You Say I Am

is My Reality. Where is Your Reality in All This?

I’ll Ask You Now. What is All This?

This is big, Lord! Again, you have changed me. Again, a different perspective. It puts everything into a big place. This is big, Lord. I can hardly contain the grandness of it all. It is more than my mind can hold. Old barriers are falling away. My mind has literally been changed with this new perspective!

What You Are Experiencing is Your God, Unlimited. Limitless. Not Bound By Man-made Limitations. That is Good. A New and Fresh Perspective.

Now Go On.

Go on, Lord? But to what? Where? This is such a big place to focus on. What do I do with this? This perspective is new to me. There are no boundaries.

You had Previously Inquired About the Brutal Conditions That Still Exist on the Earth and the Ungodliness of it All. Actually Suggesting That if I was God, Then Why so Much Ungodliness was Not Being Dealt With. Now With the Newly Acquired Perspective You Will Be Able to Continue On With Understanding. 31

Who Do You Say I Am

Okay, Lord. This ought to be good.

That All Might Come to Know Me, as God.

When I Created All That is Seen and Unseen, it was Through My Divine Creation That it was Perfect in its Own Right. All in its Own Perfect Glory and Value of Life. My Essence of Life Which Emanates in and Through All Creation, as it Always Will. This is For All to Enjoy. For Those Who Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. Needless to Say, All Depending On Each Relationship With Me Will Be to the Extent of the Seeing and Hearing Within My Creation and Within the Kingdom of Your God. Apart From Me, Separated From Me, the Seeing and Hearing is Very Limited. If There is Separation From Me it Means That a Union has Taken Place With Something Else Other Than Me. There Are Many Things in the Earthly Reality to Be Part Of. Each Holds its Own Glory and Value Within its Own Perspective.

So, Lord, this all leads back to what you have expressed before. Who will I choose? What will I choose? The general theme revolves around the same expressions. Today, who do I choose, today what do I choose?

Except, I Am Not a Theme, Nor Are These Expressions. I Am Very Real. My Being is Real. As Real as the 32

Who Do You Say I Am

Very Breath You Breath That Sustains Your Life. I Am the Breath of Life. Choose Me and Really Live. Really Have Life. Choose Your Life. Choose Your Walk. Choose Your Talk. Choose Your Will. Choose Your Consul. It is All Your Choice and Your Very Will to Choose. Everything in Your Reality has Come Through a Choice. Whether Seen or Unseen. Known or Unknown. The Choice From Your Own Free Will. For Each of You Have Produced Exactly What and Who You Are Right Now. This is a Constant From Childhood Into Adulthood. Till You Exit Your Mortal Body, You Are in the Constant State of Choosing. Within Each Choice, You Create. You Are Creating as You Choose, Through Each Thought to Each Word, to Each Action, and to Each Reaction. Each Choice Effects the Next Choice That Effects the Many Choices Thereafter. In Each Area of Choice Either From the Spirit, the Soul, or the Natural Body. Each Holds its Own Repercussions According to its Origin. Liken it to a Pebble Thrown Into a Pool of Water. The Pebble Hits the Water and Sinks, But its Effect On the Surface Still Continues With Each Concentric Wave That Ripples in Widening Circles. The Strength of the Ripples On the Surface Depending On the Weight of the Pebble Thrown. Now Liken This to the Weight of Each Choice, Each Thought, Each Word, Each Action and Reaction. Each Originating From the Body, the Soul, or the Spirit, With All the Combinations and Variations That May Be Available. 33

Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, you have personally expressed to me more than once in the past few years about the kind of results I really desired in my life. Letting me know that if I wanted natural results, then choose and work according to the natural realm. If I wanted soulful results, then choose and work according to the soul’s Realm. If I wanted spiritual results, then choose and work in the spiritual realm. In turn knowing that each choice will effect another.

But, the origin is the important key factor!

Always Remember, What Really Originates From Me, Your Lord, From My Spirit, Will Always Remain. Anything That Originates From Another Source Will Eventually Fade Away and Become as Nothing. What is From My Spirit Remains as Strong and Full of Power and Life as the Moment it was Made Know. I Will Always Add to Your Life and Cause You to Abound in My Spirit. That Which Does Not Add Life to You Will Be Left Behind as Purposed, Making Room For More of My Spirit to Add Life to You. This is For Each of You as You Know Me and as You Continue With Me. Do Not Fear Loosing Anything. All Fear is Dissolved in My Perfect Love. In My Presence With Me. To Choose Me is a Beginning. To Choose to Be Part of Spiritual Results, Instead of Natural or Soulish Results, is Another Beginning. A Beginning of Being One With Me. Being One With Your Lord, Your God. Forgetting Yourself, and All Your So-Called Personal Identifications. This Willingly Allows My Spiritual Life to Identify 34

Who Do You Say I Am

With You. As Each of You Spiritually Progress With My Holy Spirit, You Are Changed From Glory to Glory.

Lord, I’m tired. This too is work for me, praying, writing and keeping pace with your expressions. There is a spiritual sense deep within, like a power motor that causes me to push on. But, I do need to stop for awhile. I leave it all to you, Lord. Have Faith in Me. Have Faith in God.

Rom. 9:15-33, II Cor. 3:18, John 1:1-4; 3:3-18, Josh. 24:15, Acts 17:22-28, I John 4:18, Mark 11:22

Lord, that is not difficult for me, referring to your last expression. I have seen all too many times the other side of those words. Because of my own natural limitations it has been easier to lean on you and have faith in you, than in myself or anyone else. Now that I have been with your Holy Spirit for awhile and relied on your support and truth, I have found that your faithfulness has always upheld me. It makes me more and more grateful as I continue on with you. I know you really know me! 35

Who Do You Say I Am

Know That I Love You and Enjoy Being With You. I Always Delight in Each of You as you Delight in Me. I Delight in Showing My Faithfulness to Each of You That Desire to Know Me. Everything That I Am is For Each of You. I Will Never Reject or Deny You. No One is Unworthy to Me. I Do Not Accept One and Then Bypass Another. I Always Accept You as You Are. For I Cannot Reject My Own. I Am Your Creator, Your Lord, Your God, Your Father. You Are Part of Me, Knowingly or Unknowingly. Each of You Are Special to Me. I Know Your Joys, as Well as Your Sorrows. I Know Your Triumphs as Well as Your Defeats. I Know When You Are Walking in Great Strength or Trembling in Poisonous Fear. Keep Your Faith in Me. Trust in Me. Recognize Me. Remember Me. For I Always, and in All Ways, Remember You. Each of You. As You Rest Your Head On Your Pillow Tonight, Remember Me. I Am With You.

EEE Another bright morning, Lord, and it’s a cool one. My coffee is good and hot and I’m ready to go. Thanks for this time with you. It is really special to me, and I actually look forward to this time of praying and writing with you.

Thanks again, Lord. 36

Who Do You Say I Am

This is Special Because You Are Recognizing My Spirit Working With You and You Are Actually Doing What I Have Put in Your Spirit to Do. But, the Real Fact is, I Am Always With You. I Am the Very Essence of Life in You, Each of You. All For My Divine Purpose, For the Whole Creation has Divine Purpose. How Much More So You, Each of You? The Whole Creation, Seen and Unseen, has a Defined Purpose and Defined Direction. My Creation is Always Full of Infinite Possibilities, in and Through All its Defined Purposes in Every Season and Cycle of Time.

Lord, those last few sentences are big. My mind is not quite sure of what it all means. There is more to your expression than meets the eye.

Just Like You Cannot Contain the Bigness in Those Last Few Sentences, So You Cannot Contain All of Me. Nor Can You or Anything Else Limit Me. I Am Beyond All Imagined Boundaries of Any Mind, Any Space, or Any Time Table. Yet, I Am With You. Just as I Am With Many of You, All at the Same Time and All at Different Times Also. But, I Am Not Divided. For I Am the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. I Do Not Change, I Never Waiver or Tire. I Am the Ultimate Constant of Constants. I Am Always Full of Light and Life. There Isn’t Any Darkness or Hint of Death With Me. I Make the Small and Insignificant, Large and Magnificent. I Make the Simple, Wise and 37

Who Do You Say I Am

Bring the Wisdom of Man to Simpleness. All These Words to Make My Presence Known to You. But, My Presence is Not in the Words. These Words May Make You Think. These Words May Touch Your Heart. But These Words Alone Cannot Give You What You Really Need and Desire. Because Without Me, These Words Remain One Dimensional and Lifeless. But With Me, These Words as Only I Purpose, Can Ignite Your Whole Being and Satisfy Your Entire Soul. Only Because of Me, My Spirit With You. I Bring the Life Into Your Words of Living. There Are Many Who Read, and Read, and Read. Many Who Study, and Study, and Study. Yet, in All the Reading and All the Studying There is Still No Life. No Godly Gain. Just a Constant Consuming Effort to Fulfill the Soul That is Never Really Satisfied. Then There Are Many, While Doing the Same, Are Full of Life and Much Godly Gain. The Difference Between the Two is Only One.


John 8:58, Heb. 13:8

EEE Finally, Lord, I haven’t been able to sit down and be with you lately. With home life and work, my time has been in the doing of what needs to be done. I even tried 38

Who Do You Say I Am

a couple times. But each time was turned into something else. So I waited for your Holy Spirit to help make the right time. I’m thankful that I do not have the pressure of having to direct myself in this, because I know you are.

Since Your Ways Are Not My Ways, I Am Always Making a Way Where There Seems to Be No Way For You. For All Who Will Trust in Me. You Cannot Inspire Yourself or Inspire Me to Work For You. You Are Instead, to Be Inspired By The Holy Spirit to Accomplish With The Holy Spirit, What You Are Divinely Purposed to Do. You Are to Be Full and Led By The Holy Spirit. As You Follow and Are Filled With The Holy Spirit, You Will See Me Accomplish the Very Words I Speak to You. I Am the Godhead. Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit. As You Follow Me, Learn of Me, and Believe Me, I Will Supply All Your Needs. What You Have Need of, Remember, I Have Already Supplied. Continue On in Faith and Believe Me.

Lord, I do Believe. I count myself among all those that believe in you. I believe in your written word. I believe in your spoken word. I believe in you, Father, in Jesus the Christ, and in The Holy Spirit.

Remember Also, Every Time You Think You Know Me; You Can Be Sure That You Will Find There is More 39

Who Do You Say I Am

You Do Not Know of Me. Repeat That Sentence Slowly to Yourself Again and Again, and Again. I Am Infinite, Without End and Without Beginning. I Always Was, and I Always Am, and I Always Will Be. I Make Myself Known to All Who Believe in Me. I Am No Respecter of Persons. Only I Must Withdraw From the Proud and Those Who Are Wise in Their Own Estimation. For They Actually Become Their Own God and Have No Respect or Need of Me. Instead, I Draw Near to All Who Are Humble Enough to Not Elevate Themselves Above Another. I Am Always For the Oppressed and Downtrodden. Those Who Are too Full of Themselves Have No Need of Me, Nor is There Any Room For Anyone Else. Little Less Me. Unfortunately They Become Very Self Sufficient and Mindlessly Fill Themselves With Many Delusions. Even the Most Pious Can Become Like These. Hidden in the Masquerade of Religious Traditions. Each Building Monuments of Emptiness Dedicated to My Name, But Really to Their Own Name. I Am Not in These Man Made Habitations. Either in the Flesh or in the Brick and Mortar They Resurrect. I Am With All Who Believe in Me With All Their Heart, With All Their Soul, and With All Their Mind. This is My Habitation. This is the People I Dwell With, to Be Their God and For Them to Be My People.

Heb. 11:6, Ps. 147, Luke 1:17, Is. 29:13-15 40

Who Do You Say I Am

Thank you, Lord. Thank you so much.

Three words keep coming into my thoughts. In fact I had to look them up to spell each correctly and find their true definitions:

Omnipotence; all powerful Omnipresence; everywhere present Omniscience; all knowing

Lord, if we would really believe these three attributes pertaining to you, wouldn’t it stop a lot of the struggle that exists between us and believing in you? It seems that we, as humans, complicate and make the whole religious practice extremely difficult and laborious.

Stop a Moment Please. All That Does Not Really Matter. Yes, Those Are My Attributes as You Have Defined. That is the Universal Truth of Who I Am. But, the Rest of What You Expressed is Senseless.

Senseless? How can it not matter?

Anything, Seen or Unseen, That is Accomplished in Faith, With Faith Believing is Accomplished With Me. Anything Other Than That is Still Seeking Me. It is With Me, in the Spirit, You Are to Live and Function and Find Your Being. With Me, You Will Find and Have Life. Leave the Rest Alone. Walk Your Faith, 41

Who Do You Say I Am

Press On to Your Purpose of Being, That You Might Be Complete. I Express This to Help You Understand. Understand Who You Really Are and Understand Who I Am.

I have begun to Lord, little by little and through more ways than this prayer time with you. I understand that I have to be true to what you have created me for. To know that if it really comes from you, that it will last and its value will never diminish. To also know and understand that everything else that is not of you, (the agreement of your spirit with me in spirit) will constantly be washed away to nothingness. Perhaps the understanding comes in your seasons, that it may then becomes life to us. All I know is that I cannot follow anyone or anything else in my life except you, Lord. So far in just recognizing that, I do not fit into this world or its ways. That becomes more evident as time passes. I literally do not fit naturally, soulfully, or many times, spiritually. So what is coming out of all this, Lord? Where do I fit?

This is Where You Fit. Right Here, Right Now. This Moment, Today. This Prayer Times Shared in This Written Form. This is For You, the One, as Well as For You, the Many. I Am the Author and the Finisher of Each Ones’ Faith. What I Begin, I Finish. For I Am the Beginning and the End. I Am the Constant of Constants. Remember? I Am the Progress in the Progressive. I Am the Life of the Word and I Am the Word of Life. My Words Are Life to 42

Who Do You Say I Am

All That Will Hear. Each Word Accomplishes its Purpose, to Bring Life, Newness of Life. My Words Are Creative and Full of Purpose, Because They Are Part of Me.


Consider and Ask Yourself. Do I See Life? Do I Hear Life? What is the Life I See? What is the Life I Hear? What is My Reality of Life? Do I Really Know What Life is? Do I Really Experience Life? What is My Faith? What is My Belief? What is God to Me? Who and Where is God in My Life, in My Reality of Life?

Well, Lord, those questions seem easy, but they are more than questions? Our whole existence is wrapped up in the answers to those questions. Whatever they might be! In my answer to those questions, I find that I need to be free to live what is in my heart. Whatever amount of life, belief, faith, or understanding at that particular time in my life. To be free to acknowledge you every day, in all the ways that I might be able. That’s where I find life. Your life in my living. To be free to know and see you, moment to moment, and day to day.

That is Your Godly Freedom. You Can Be as Free as You Really Want to Be. That is Why Jesus Came and Prepared the Way For You. ForAll of You. He was the First, That There Might Be Many. His Life as the Example For All. He was the Way and He Made the Way That You Might Follow. 43

Who Do You Say I Am

If the Son has Set you Free, You Are Free Indeed. My Son, Jesus, the Living Word. If My Living Word is Sent to You, You Will Be Free. My Living Word of Life Will Accomplish Exactly What it is Purposed to Accomplish. My Living Word Will Produce Life and Freedom. If You Receive the Son, the Living Word, You Will Be Free. Free to Know Me, Your God, Your Father. Free to Love Me, Your God, Your Father. Free to Fulfill Your Purpose. Free to Be Who You Really Are, With me!

Free. Free. Free.

Jer. 32:17; 27, Ps. 139:7-12, John 3:20, Acts 17:28, Heb. 12:2, John 8:30-59; 36, I Pet. 2:21-25

Wait, Lord. Sometimes in this prayer time, between the hearing and the writing, it is more difficult to stay with you. I spiritually sense far more than what I can put on this paper. In fact, it barely seems to be enough.

Please help me.

Remember, it is Not By Your Might or Lack of Might. It is Not By Your Power or Lack of Power. But is By My Spirit. Me With You. Your Best Efforts Will Never Be Enough. You Being Tired or Full of Strength is Not the Important Factor. It 44

Who Do You Say I Am

is By My Spirit Being With You, That You Can and Will Do This. This and Even More as Purposed. For By My Spirit, the Blind Are Made to See, the Poor Are Made Rich, the Deaf Do Hear, the Lame Do Walk. For it is That Same Spirit That Did Raise Christ From the Dead That has Quickened Your Mortal Body. It is That Same Spirit That Dwells With You. Each of You. It is That Same Spirit That Relates to You and Leads You. The Same Spirit That Brings You Into Relationship With Me, Your Lord, Your God. Part of Me, the Same Spirit. This is My Spirit and This is Life. This is Me.

I Am! Lord and God Almighty!

This is exciting, Lord. I know what you are expressing is true and your words are full of life. May I ask why more of your life is not being openly spoken in the same way by more believers? I know beyond all doubt that there are many believers, but truthfully, I know and relate to only a few who actually believe and speak in the same way.

Remember. The Few Are Many. As it is Also True, That the Many Are Few. Your Own Beliefs Will Increase or Decrease According to Purpose. What You Believe Will Increase You or Will Decrease You in Being. As You Have Need of Anything, Come to Me First. I Am the God Who Provides. I Am Your Provider. I Am the God Who Delivers. I Am Your Deliverer. Do You Understand That There is Nothing too Difficult For Me? 45

Who Do You Say I Am

So Come to Me. This is Always an Open Invitation and an Open Relationship. This is Always Life, Exactly as You Have Need of. I Am the God of Plenty. There is Always More Than Enough For Each of You.

EEE Another beautiful morning, Lord. Thank you for this day and for your life in this day. Help me to see and know you more today. Thank you so much for being with me, today, right now. Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for your Holy Spirit.

You Are Welcome and You Are Welcomed! Remember That I Am One God. The Only God. I Am Not Divided. Even as I Am Three in One, I Am That I Am and I Cannot Be Separated. Right Now, You Are Also are Three in One and Cannot Be Separated. You Are a Being, a Spiritual Being, With a Soul, and a Body. For Each of You Are Created in My Image. I Created You in My Likeness. I Created You to Be One With Me. To Be Part of Me. I Have Purposed You to Be in this Relationship of Fellowship With Me. To Be in Oneness With Me, That I Would Be Known in and Through Many.


Who Do You Say I Am

To Be Known in Many Infinitesimal Ways, Purposes and Times. Remember, I Am the One Who Gives Understanding, Wisdom, and Knowledge of All This According to My Kingdom, My Perspective, My Revelation, for Divine Purposes to Be Known.

Lord, you make life sound so easy! But, I have found it to be a little more complicated than that, and I’m sure many would agree with me also.

Remember the Natural Mind Cannot Comprehend the Spiritual. Little Less Me. The Human Natural Mind, Outside of Me, Becomes its Own Master. Therefore, as That Natural Mind Dictates, it Directs. Yes, it Does Become Complicated. We Have Not Even Expressed Anything About the Soul and What it Can Dictate. But, I Can Show You a Better Way. I Can Show You in the Spirit, With Spiritual Understanding, That You Live Because of Who I Am. Then You Are Enabled to Live Who You Really Are. I Never Cubbyhole Anyone According to the So-Called Natural Abilities One May Possess or Not Possess. You Are Part of Me, in the Spirit With Me. You Are a Spiritual Being Because of Me, and My Life Force With You. Like a Magnet, I Actually Draw Everyone to Me. I Am Everywhere at Once, Within Your Seeing and Beyond Your Ability to See. I Know Everything at Once, Within Your Knowingness and Beyond Your Knowingness. I Am the Eternal Source of All Life, All Energy, and All Power On This Earth and Beyond This Earth. All its Purposes 47

Who Do You Say I Am

Belong to Me. Understand Me and You Will Begin to Understand Everything Else too. Where Do You Believe I Am? If You Believe Me to Be Unreachable, Unbelievable, Unidentifiable, Then You Do Not Know Me. If You Believe Me as a Childhood Story, or as a Myth Handed Down Thru Generation, Then You Do Not Know Me. If You Believe Me to Be a Once Upon a Time Tradition From Your Forefathers, Then You Do Not Know Me. Once Again, Examine What You Believe and Who You Believe. Ask Me What is True and if Your Beliefs Are True. Examine Yourself. Not Someone Else. It is You That Really Needs to Know. Physician Heal Yourself. If You Do Not Believe; Do Not Blame Someone Else or Something Else. If You Are Not Whole; Do Not Blame Someone Else or Something Else. If You Do Not Understand; Do Not Blame Someone Else or Something Else. Do Not Blame Me Either and Do Not Blame Yourself. Instead, Examine Yourself and Look For Me. Seek to Understand My Way. Your Understanding is Not Found in This Natural World, Nor in Any of its Accumulations. It is Not Found in the Running to Here or Running to There, Physically or Mentally. Start First at the Right Source. Me!

Me With You. You With Me.

Yes, yes, Lord. What power and grace in your words. What awesome grace. Please fill my life with your grace. I 48

Who Do You Say I Am

need you, Lord. More of you. It is well into the afternoon. I’ve made the bed, eaten lunch, and been here with you most the day. I can hardly contain the excitement of this special time, it is so full of life. It is supernatural. These words are not enough to express the wonder of you, Lord.

Do You Realize that Your Prayers Are Never a Secret? I Know Each One of Your Prayers. Yes, I Actually Know Your Thoughts Before You Do. I Am Able to Separate Your Soul and Spirit With My Words. My Words Are Always For Your Well Being. Remember. What Originates From the Spirit is Spirit. What Originates From the Soul is Soulish. What Originates From the Flesh is Fleshly. Each Produce After its Own Kind, its Own Origin. If You Desire Spiritual Results, Then Function in the Spiritual. If You Desire Soulish Results, Then Function in the Soul. If You Desire Natural Results, Then Function in the Natural. Choose What You Really Desire. Examine and Gain Understanding With Me. Then Carefully Choose to Produce the Results in the Areas of Your Life You Really Desire. All With Me, According to Your Purpose. Each Time You Pray, You Are Creating and Changing Your Own Life. Spiritual Life in Conscious Spiritual Choices. Spiritual Life Blesses to the Soul and to the Natural Fleshly Body. Every Prayer Does Produce, Depending On its Origin. If a Prayer Becomes a 49

Who Do You Say I Am

Repetition of Words it Can Only Produce More Words of Repetition. Remember. There Are Prayers in the Spirit and Prayers Out of the Spirit. Interesting, Isn’t it? I Know Each Prayer and I Know Each Prayers Origin. Each of Your Prayers Are a Guide to Me. Each of Your Prayers a Road Map That Leads You Closer and Closer to Me. Prayer Being Your Spiritual Pavement. Yet, Here is the Direct Way. Direct Your Prayers to Me Personally. Address Me Like You Really Desire to Know Me. I Know You. Each of You. Take Comfort in That. Know That I Desire You to Know Me as I Am. Just Like I Know You as you Really Are. Nothing More and Nothing Less. The Way is Prepared For the Many Because of the One. Jesus. He was the First and Because of Him Many Have and Many Will Follow Likewise. In Prayers, Through Prayers, and By Prayers, the Way is Prepared in the Spiritual For Each of You. All This and So Much More With The Holy Spirit.

Oh my, Lord. This again is big.

Even this prayer time, this written prayer time is actually fulfilling multi purposes that go beyond what can be seen or known right now.

Prayer is Seldom One Way. As a Spiritual Force, it is Always More Than Realized or Expected. There is 50

Who Do You Say I Am

Spiritual Force, a Spiritual Energy, That is From Spirit to Spirit. From You to Me and Me to You. It is the Me to You Which is Usually Unheard, Unspoken, and Unexpressed. This is One Prayerful Expression, Out in the Open, For All Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. A Me to You and a You to Me Example For Who-so-ever. Many Talk About Me. Many Expound My Words. Many Preach and Teach in Many Languages to the Many. All in Different Places for Different Purposes, and Different Motives. But, All Because of The Holy Spirit. It is Still From Glory to Glory. As it Passes From My Expression to Your Expression and Back to My Expression, You Have Purposely Passed From Glory to Glory. All to Go On to the Next Purposed Glory With The Holy Spirit Leading. All Again, to Another Expression of Me. Another Perspective of Me. Each Glory a Fulfillment in Your Spiritual Being as You Are Purposely Led By The Holy Spirit. Each Glory, Each Newness in Perspective, Transforming You Spiritually in Remembrance of Me, Your Lord, Your God. As Each of You Know Me in Whatever Perspective of Glory, We Are in Oneness in Our Relationship. You Become Complete With Me. Spiritually Complete. Spiritually Whole. However Complete You Are With Me is as Complete as You Are in Word and in Deed. That is One Good Reason You Need to Hear Me and Another Good Reason You Need to Know Me. Give Yourself Time to Pray and Express Yourself to Me. Give Me Time to Express Myself to You. You Might 51

Who Do You Say I Am

Be Genuinely Surprised. Remember Me. You Do Not Have to Prove Who You Are to Me. Or in Fact, to Anyone Else. Just Be Who You Are. Be What You Are Created to Be. You Are Part of Me. Not a Part From Me. Part of Me, Your Lord, Your God!


Zech. 4:6, Rom. 8:11, Is. 61:3, Mat. 11:28-29, Ps. 139, Luke 4:23, II Cor. 3:18

Lord, Lord, Lord. That is powerful! Your expression, once again, big. I feel like I just entered a huge room without any walls. There is more space here than I can be walk through. There is no end to this expanse.

Once Again, Your Perspective has Changed From Glory to Glory. This has Set You Free From the Natural Limitation of Your Own Mind. Now You Are Experiencing the Limitless Power and Expression of Me. Again, Without Your Old Boundaries to Hinder. All For and Because of My Purposes. With My Holy Spirit. My Presence With You. 52

Who Do You Say I Am

Thank you, thank you, Lord.

Many Have and Many Will Continue to Come to Know Me in Many Perspectives of My Glory. I Am Pleased to See You Marvel at the Wonder in This Particular Glory. The Revelation in Seeing and Being One With Me in This Glory Cannot be Duplicated. It Either is or it is Not. But Once it is, and as You Receive in the Experience of the Glory, it Cannot Become as Nothing Since it is Also Purposed to Lead You to the Next Glory. All This Because You, Each of You, Are Part of Me and This is Part of Me Also. Whatever You Receive Spiritually is Not Your Own. It Does Not Belong to Just You Alone. It is Always For All of You. For All of You Are Part of Each Other Also. Just as I Am Part of Each of You and Each of You Are Part of Me.

Lord, what do I do with all of this? I really can’t do anything right now. I need to rest. I need time to absorb all this.

Thanks, Lord, I know you understand.

Then rest.

Same day - late afternoon 53

Who Do You Say I Am

Thank you again, Lord. Thank you, Holy Spirit. I’ve relaxed, ate a good meal and feel better. Thanks for understanding.

Spiritual Work Takes Spiritual Energy. It Takes Spiritual Energy to Direct Your Soul and Body. You Are Doing Fine. Even as You Are Use to Being With Me in the Spiritual, This has Been a New Experience For You. Remember. Each of You Are Prepared to Accomplish What You Are Purposed to Accomplish. There is Always the Preparation According to the Purpose. Know That I Bless the Work of Your Hands and Anoint the Work of The Holy Spirit Through You and With You. Right Now For Example, as You Pray in This Expressions Between You and Me; it is Translated Into This Written Form. The Writing Itself Does Not Hold Any Power or Anointing. But it is My Spiritual Energy in the Power Given Which Propels These Words to You and Through You. From My Spirit Through Your Spirit, Through Your Soul, and Then Through Your Natural Body. To Produce and Accomplish All That is Purposed. This Does Require Your Willingness to Be Responsively Disciplined With Me. But, My Callings Are My Enablings and What I Begin, I Complete. What is Purposed For You, All of You to Accomplish, You Are Well Able to Do. I Energize, I Bless, I Anoint, I Strengthen, I Supply. I Provide All the Spiritual Tools, All the Natural Tools, and Everything In-between. Why? Because, I Count it Already Complete and a Finished Work of Agreement. 54

Who Do You Say I Am

So Essentially All You Need to Do is Follow Me, as The Holy Spirit Leads. I Am Well Able to Supply Everything You Require and Far More Than You Imagine. Accordingly to the Spiritual Power Supplied to You. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. We Are One. Do You You See This Perspective, This Glory? Because You Do, You Are Indeed Blessed. All Of You.

All of you, Lord, who are the all? Or perhaps I shouldn’t ask.

You Can Ask and You Should Ask. As I Answer You, I Am Also Answering Many. You Are Altogether Part of Me. If You Have Picked Up This Book and Read This One Page, You Are One of the All, One of the Many. You Are the One to Receive Exactly What You Need. Ask Me, Right Now, What You Need to Ask. Ask the God of Your Life. For Your Life is Not Your Own. Do Not Fear, But Ask Me. I Am Here For You. I Will Not Shut You Down. Just Ask. For Nothing is too Small and Nothing is too Great. Trust Me, Believe Me, Ask Me. I Am Here For You. I Am the God of Love and Life. I Am With You. You too Shall Be Full of More Love and More Life. More of Me. My Love Will Displace All Fear. For I Am Love. I Am Patient, and Kind, and Always Full 55

Who Do You Say I Am

of Understanding. I Am Plentiful in Truth and Wisdom. All This and So Much More For You.

Oh, Lord, to know you, is to Love you! Who can resist such tender care? There is nothing compared to you.

Each of You, Remember Me. I Am With You. Look For Me. Listen For Me. Expect Me All the Time and in Every Area of Your Life. For I Do Love You.

Rom. 11:29, Heb. 12:2, Eph. 3:20, Mat. 7:7-8, Josh. 1:5, I John 4:1-21, Mat. 1:23

EEE Allow Me to Begin and Lead You Into Our Time Today. I Know You Usually Pray First and Then Begin Your Expression in Writing, But Remember This is Just One Segment of Our Whole Time Shared Together. Just Like Your Life is Far More Than This Prayer Time Being Revealed. So it is With Me. I Am More Than This Also. It has Been a Few Days Since Our Last Written Prayer Time Together, Yet We Have Not Been Separated. We Have Shared in Many Different Ways, For Many


Who Do You Say I Am

Different Purposes. The Main Point Being is That I Am With You Always. All of you. The More You Include Me, the More I Will Purposely Make Myself Known to You. I Have Created That Inward Desire Within Each of You to Know Me. You Can Know Me as God, God Almighty. You Can Know Me as Emmanuel. God With you. Lord, that expressed a lot without saying a lot. The more that is not expressed, is greater than what is expressed.

Yes, Life!

Life For All Who Will Read These Words. Life! Depending On Where Each Needs Life, Requires More Life. Spiritual Life. The More You Hear, the More You Believe, the More You Receive. The More Life you Receive the More Life You Can Live and the More Life You Can Express. From Glory to Glory and All According to Purpose. Consider, a Beautiful Green Lush Plant. Any Plant Will Show Different Signs of Distress if Not Properly Attended, Either By Nature or By Human Care and Attention. Attended With Water, Light, and Minerals. Each Plant Varies According to its Type in the Knowledgeable Attention it Requires in Order to Thrive at its Maximum Potential. A Very Simple Analogy, But in the Same Context as you Apply This to Yourselves. You Are Like the Plant. 57

Who Do You Say I Am

For Spiritual Growth, the Watering With My Word is Vital. Without the Water of Life, My Word to You, Like a Plant You Would Show Signs of Distress. My Word is the Water of Life. Spiritual Life to Live Spiritually. My Written Word and My Personal Words Are the Water’s of Life That Will Quench the Thirsty Soul and Satisfy the Spirit Within. How Can Your Spirit, the Spiritual Part of You, Be Full of Life, Without me? How Can You Be Spiritually Full Without My Word, Without the Water of Life? How Can You Thrive Without the Constant and Consistent Living Water of Life? The Living Word For You That Can Only Come From Me. I Am the Living Water, the Living Word, the Life. That Source of Life Can Only Come From Me, Since You Cannot Separate the Life or the Word From Me. To Know Me is to Know Life. Just Because the Body is Alive Does Not Mean the Spirit is Alive. Just Because the Soul is Alive Does Not Mean the Spirit is Alive. The Spirit Can Be Just Barely Alive, Like a Struggling Plant; or the Spirit Can Be Fully Alive, Like a Well Tended Plant. Do you See? How Alive is Your Own Spirit? How Alive Do You Desire to Be? How Alive Do You Desire Your Own Spirit to Be? How Alive Are You? Well, Lord, it seems we are all different in each of those questions. Spiritually and in every other aspect of our lives. That is a personal subject between you and each believer. 58

Who Do You Say I Am

Yes and No. By the Way, I Love to See You Spiritually Exercise All Your Spiritual Senses. Yes, Everyone of You Starts Out. Everyone Receives the Living Word to Be Able to Begin a Spiritual Life. The Living Word is Without End, as Life is Without End With Me. The Spiritual Life is to Be More Important Than the Physical Natural Life. For it is in the Spiritual Life That the Natural Life is Made Whole and Complete. Just Because You Live in a Physical Natural Body That Hears, Sees, Smells, Feels, and Speaks; Does Not Make Your Spiritual Body Less Important Because it is Unseen in All Those Vital Areas. The Spiritual Body is to Be Alive and Functioning as Well. In My Reality, From My Perspective, Your Spiritual Life is Uniquely More Important and to Be Full of Life. This is the Part of You That Will Remain After the Natural Physical Body Ceases. Therefore, Your Earthly Natural Existence is a Preliminary Map and Only Part of Your Entire Spiritual Life. What Transpires While On This Natural Earthly Plane has an Effect On Your Whole Spiritual Life With Me. Again, it is Not in the Doing, it is in Being. Yes, There Are Defined Purposes in Spiritual Doing, Just as There Are Defined Purposes in the Natural Doings. But, You Must Not Equate Life With Just the Doing. Life is First Found in Being. Accordingly, the Doing of Life Will Be From the Purpose of the Being.

Lord, that is so full and grand! So wonderful! It literally puts everything where it belongs. No loose ends. 59

Who Do You Say I Am

But, you must admit, Lord, to get from point A to point Z in what you have just expressed is almost impossible.

Is it?

Many Go From A to Z in an Instant. Many, Never. Some Halfway, Some Less, and Even Then Some Go Beyond to More. It is Always Better to Start Than Never to Start at All. This A to Z Process, as You Have Named it, is Different For Each One. The Actual A to Z Process is a Path in Each Life. Either With Me or Without Me. Without Me the Path Becomes Whatever Quota That Keeps One Going. A Difficult and Long Journey. With Me the Path Becomes a Spiritual Journey Revealed as You Go. A Difficult and Long Journey Also. The Difference Between the Two, is One.


Remember. The Difference Involves the Universal Law of Purpose. Without Me the Path Becomes More and More Incomplete. But, With Me the Path Becomes More and More Complete. The Purpose, to Bring All to the Acknowledgment and to the Knowledge of Me.

God Almighty.

All this to know you, Lord? 60

Who Do You Say I Am

This again is big and so wonderful. I can see, without literally seeing with my natural eyes. You are expressing all this in understandable words to me, so that I understand this part of you.

Yes, by Faith. Faith in Me. Faith That I Am. Faith in God. I Have Provided That Faith For You. Each of You. Each Who Know Me Must Live By Faith and Continue On in Faith. Faith Produces Greater Faith. Faith Can See. Faith Can Hear. Faith Can Speak. Last But Not Least, Faith Can Create.

Wow, thank you, Lord. That brings a yes, yes, yes, to my lips. I have noticed that you have expressed yourself using Bible terminology. I do believe and understand your word from the Bible to be truth, to be part of you Lord. I also hear many good Bible teachers, each strong in what they believe and understand. Yet it seems that there is so much of your word spoken, in so many different beliefs and doctrines, it is more difficult now to really hear you, Lord! One would think that this world would be a much better place because of all the teaching and preaching of your word.

By My Word, I Do Uphold Everything. By My Word, was and is Everything Created. Including You. All For My Divine Purpose.

What is it if One Teaches This and Another 61

Who Do You Say I Am

Preaches That? I Am an Immense God. I Cannot Be Limited to Anyone’s This or to Anyone’s That. I Uphold My Word. I Promote My Word in and Through All the Teaching and All the Preaching. My Word is Purposed in and Through All of it. Ultimately All the Teaching and Preaching is Either Upheld or it is Not. Either it is Part of Me or it is Not. Whatever is Part of Me Will Remain and Flourish, Therefore Accomplishing its Purpose. Whatever is Not Part of Me Will Become Fruitless and Eventually Fade Away.

So it is. Listener Be Aware.

As You Hear Me, Be it From Whatever Source, You Will Flourish and Complete Your Path to Accomplish Your Purpose. If You Are Not Hearing Me, You Cannot Really Flourish Nor Complete Your Path to Accomplish Your Real Purpose. This is a Tragic and Fruitless Fading Away That Becomes Nothing.

We have expressed that before, Lord. Perhaps in a different context, but it all adds up to the same thing.

Either You Have Life or You Have Non-life, Which is Death. Death is Not Just the Laying Aside of the Mortal Body, But it is an Actual Part of the Body and All the Very Natural Elements You Now Exist in. The Body is Born, it Lives, it Dies. Death, Equal to Dying. We Have Not Expressed This Before. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I Am the Way of Life. Therefore, There Must Exist Other Ways, 62

Who Do You Say I Am

Other Truths, and Other Lifes.

No, you have not expressed that before in this prayer time, Lord. I have prayerfully asked about that many times before and still know very little about the subject of death.

It is Good You Admit Your Lack of Knowledge. Contrary to the Saying ... ‘Ignorance Is Not Bliss’. Unfortunately, Ignorance Can Promote Death. To the Other Extreme; to Be too Wise in Ones Own Eyes, Can Promote Death Also. But, What is Death? Death is as Big as Life. Death is as Opposite to Life, as Life is to Death. Death in Itself is Not the Beginning. Death is a Way, it Becomes a Tool. It Fulfills a Universal Law of Purpose Within the Earthly Reality. The Natural Law Perceives Death as a Final End. The Spiritual Law Reveals Death as Another Beginning. Key Word is, Another. It Becomes Part of the Path in the Process From A to Z. Naturally, Death Separates. Spiritually, Death Unites. Naturally, Death Destroys. Spiritually, Death Promotes Life. In Both the Natural and the Spiritual Realms, Death Can Effect the Body, the Soul, and the Spirit. You Are Always Dieing to Live and Living to Die. Therefore, Death Can Arrive in Many Different Situations Throughout Ones life. It Can Be Experienced 63

Who Do You Say I Am

Naturally, Soulfully, and Spiritually. All Depending On Where Ones Path Might Be, and it Can Be Either With Me or Without Me. All According to Purpose. Death Can Be Perceived as a Foe or as a Friend. A Foe to Avoid at All Costs or a Friend to Understand in All Awareness. There is a Destroyer, But it is Not Death. The Destroyer Comes in Torment, as Fear. There is No Fear in Death as You Know and Have Life With Me. Such Death is Swallowed Up in Life. But the Torment of Fear Can Rob the Unaware, and Those Who Lack in Knowledge of My Life. Fear Disconnects and Yet is So Binding it Tries to Smother Any Life it Sees. Make Fear Your Foe, For it is a Cloaked Lie. Fear is the Intimidator, the Condemner, the Deceiver. Where Fear Thrives is Much Confusion. Within the Confusion is Much Darkness Apart From Me. I Bring Love, Light, Life, and Liberty. All With Clarity, Power, and Authority. My Perfect Love Casts Fear Aside. Fear Cannot Remain Where I Am.

There seems to be a change in subject, Lord.

From death to fear.

Because the Natural Mind Fears Death Like a Plague. Not to Be Known, Not to Be Acknowledged. To Express the Spiritual we Must Come Through the Natu64

Who Do You Say I Am

ral; Since the Natural Realm is a Tool of Reflection For the Spiritual Realm. Visa-Versa as Well. To Be Spiritually Minded is Life, as to be Naturally Minded is Death. In Understanding You Need to Weigh That Out Yourself. Very Personally All of you. You Will Understand Exactly Who and What Your Real Foe is.

Yes, Lord. To my understanding we need not treat death as the enemy, but fear is to be known as the enemy.


But, Lord, you must admit the tremendous loss and grief experienced when a loved one dies. Death still is not a piece of cake, no matter how it is sliced. Some may never get over (if that is even possible) the death of a loved one. It impacts each one so differently and actually engulfs ones life. I think it is the uncontrollable scenario of change and loss of personal contact that inflicts the soul with such pain.

Look at Death For What it Really Is. Not Through Someone Else’s Eyes, or Someone Else’s Experience, or Someone Else’s Truth. Not Even Tradition Can Tell You How to Experience Death. Death Can Be Very Controllable and Very Peacefully Obtained to Those Who Choose it to Be So. How 65

Who Do You Say I Am

Much More So With Me? It Can Also Be as Instant or as Prolonged as it Needs to Be. Death Can Applaud Life or Death Can Denounce Life. Ask Me and I Will Give You the Truth About Death. There is Nothing to Fear in Me or in Death, as you Know the Truth. For I Am the Truth, Even in Death. If There is Anything to Face Up to, it is the Truth. My Truth, that Separates Soul and Spirit. Truth That Will Make You Free. Without Truth There is Fear in Death and Death in Fear. Do Not Allow Anyone, or Anything; Be it Man or Be it Spirit, Keep You From the Truth You Need. The Truth of Who I Am, Even in Death. Come to Me For Comfort and Understanding. Death and Fear Are No More When I Am Filling Your Being With My Truth. My Truth Which Brings Life Even Out of Death. For I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

Heb. 11:1; 6, Rom. 1:17, I John 4:18, Rom. 8:6, Heb. 4:12, John 11:25-26

EEE Lord, I’ve finally settled down. This morning flew by. Thank you for helping me organize my chores. With your timing I get first things done first. Not that I even ask you to specifically organize every little detail and I’m sure I don’t have to ask you about brushing my teeth or when to 66

Who Do You Say I Am

vacuum. But, I do believe you are very aware of the events in my life. I dare say you do direct and help me to manage all the complexities in my life, naturally, soulfully, and I know spiritually. I do thank you, Lord, and really appreciate your Holy Spirit. I clearly remember that long ago morning you spoke to me. As clear as an audible voice, except it was inside my being. Five little words that have never faded away ...

‘Activity Does Not Bring Stability’.

Just those five words, as my feet touched the floor getting out of bed that morning. I was much younger then, in many ways, but the impact of those words set a lasting pattern in my life from that morning on. Now that I have expressed those words again, I can see the purpose they have performed. In fact, they correspond to the expression ...

‘It Is Not In Doing, But In Being’.

Which brings us up to date right now. What simple beauty in your words, Lord. Such beauty and life.

As You, Each of You, Remember and Understand That I Am Life, You Will Come to the Reality That the More You Know Me the More You Will Have and Experience Real Life. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If You Separate Me From Your Living, You Will Survive and You Will Have a Life of Surviving. Even Surviving Will 67

Who Do You Say I Am

Work, Since it is Work in Itself. Such Work Will Direct its Own Coarse, Taking You Along in its Direction Till it Rules and Directs Each Choice. So Becoming Your Taskmaster. Work for Works Sake Will Drive the Soul and Cloud its Judgements with Competitive Lies Full of Fear. Struggling to Work and Work Full of Struggle. All to Lay Claim to the Worker’s Pot of Gold. To Hopefully Survive Better Than the Other Surviving Workers. This is Not My Work. This is Not My Creation. This is Not My Way. I Am the Way. There Are Many Other Ways, Other Than Me. Each Will Produce in Their Own Way, According to Each Origin. This We Have Expressed Before. Out of a Choice With its Intended Purpose, Will the Results Prove its Origin. To Each has Been Given the Freedom of Choice. A Freewill, a Freewill to Choose. I Do Not Override Anyone’s Freewill. I Created Each of You With a Personal Freewill to Use. To Choose. It is Yours Alone That it Might Help You, Not Hinder You. Till I Am Invited or Inquired, I Will Wait For You to Freely Choose Me. Choose to Include Me. I Am Not a Whim or a Wish, or a Good Luck Keepsake. I Am Not the ‘Good Ole Man Upstairs’. I Cannot Be Included One Day, Then Totally Ignored the Next. I Bring All of Who I Am to All Who Choose Me. To All Who Really Desire to Know Me. Are You Willing, Willing to Allow Me to Be Me, God Almighty? Just Like Each of You Desire to Be Accepted For Who You Are and Just as You Are; So Do I.

Accept Me. I Accept You. Accept Me and Learn 68

Who Do You Say I Am

to Know Who I Am. That is the Inner Cry of Each Heart. Acceptance! I Am the One Who is Able to Fulfill That Hearts Desire. I Am Full of Patience and Gentleness. I Will Not Tear Down What is Already Broken. I Am Here to Repair and Restore, Always Better Than Before. I Will Never Fail. Even When All Else has Failed. I Am the One Who Set the Course of the Universe. Would I Not Know the Direction of Your Heart? I Have Purposed Everything Under the Sun. Would I Not Know Your Purpose? I Am the Consular of All Counselors, the Chief of Staff to All the Physicians, the Sovereign of All Nations. If Any of You Imagine You Have Any Purpose, Come and Reason With Me. Let Us Commune Together and Recognize Your Divine Purpose of Being. I Propose to You, Each of You, That You Already Have a Divine Purpose. You Just Do Not Know it. I Challenge You Right Now; Consider With Appreciation, For I Recognize You Right Now. I See Your Reflection, Your True Identity and it Looks Like me! Right Now, Wherever That is With You, There is a Greater Purpose to Be Revealed Just to You. A Divine Purpose and a Divine Plan to Unfold. Step Out of the Safety Zone, Step Out and Take a Step Toward me. I Am Holding Out My Hand to You. I Am Calling You.

I Will Show You the Way.

Yes, You!

Yes, Right Now! 69

Who Do You Say I Am

Long pause ...

Lord, I do believe we all have a divine calling and a divine inheritance. But, what you are expressing is far more expansive than that. What are you getting at? How much more called can we be? Since, I Am the Way, it Makes More Sense, Spiritually, Soulfully, and Naturally, to Continue in My Way. Continue in My Truth. Continue in My Life. Continue On From Glory to Glory. Continue On With Me in Faith. Continue On. Many Have Stopped Along the Way. Stopped and Set Up Camp. Camping at One Glory. What About From Glory to Glory?

Think of it This Way.

Nothing is More Satisfying Than a Fresh Warm Slice of Bread That is Just Out of the Oven. Stale Bread Will Keep You Going. You’ll Survive. But, it is Not the Same. It Just Gets You Through. I Am the Bread of Life. I Am the Living Word. Eat of My Bread and You Will Always Have Another Fresh Slice Waiting For You. Not Leftovers or Stale Crumbs From Yesterday. My Bread of Life Will Satisfy and Take You From One Glory to the Next Glory.

Now that I can relate to instantly, Lord. 70

Who Do You Say I Am

You have always provided, everyday, exactly what I needed to hear. Your words to me for the day. I could go on and on, but I’d rather hear you, Lord. Fresh Bread.

My Word is Life, But My Life is Not Just in the Word. My Life is in the Spirit of the Word. My Word is in Spirit and in Truth. My Word is Truth and it is By My Spirit That it has Life. For My Word Cannot Produce Without My Spirit. What is Born of Spirit is Spirit and Produces Life. What is Born of Flesh is Flesh and Can Produce Nothing More. My Word Taken Outside of Me is Opposite of Life. Therefore it is Called Death and Can Only Produce Likewise. Dead, Void of Life. Becoming Nothing. We Have Expressed This Earlier. But, What a Shame to Speak or Hear My Words and Have Them Produce Nothing. But, What a Joy to Speak or Hear My Words and Be One With the Life They Create. To Walk With Me in the Path That Leads to Life, With My Spirit, is Life. You Will Know You Are With Me in Spirit For You Will Have Life. That Life You Live Will Not Be Your Own, Not From Your Natural Flesh, But it Will Produce More and More Life. So, it is Not Just My Word and it is Not Just My Spirit. It is Both, Together. My Word and My Spirit Produce Life. I Hear Many of You Saying ... “What is all this talk about Life? What do you mean, Life? Everything you talk about revolves around that Word, Life”. That is Wonderful. I Really Have Your Attention. I Really Have an Attentive Ear Waiting to Hear More 71

Who Do You Say I Am

Right Now. So, I Will Answer, Right Now! Not Even Your Finest Dictionary Can Define That Word ... Life. So, I Will. But, For You Right Now; Clear Away All Other Distractions. Quiet Yourself and Listen. Take a Slow, Deep Breath and Relax. Allow Your Mind to Be Still of All Your Predefined Definitions. Because it is Life That You, Each of You, Really Need. This Answer is Just For You. This Answer has Never Changed From Day One. This Answer Will Always Remain the Same. But, the Answer has to Come From Me or You Will Continually End Up With Nothing as Before.

Are You Ready?

Your Answer is Ready For You. Just as it Always has Been. With Great Purpose Now Realize That This is Personally For You, Right Now. Not Later. Not Tomorrow. Not as Soon as You Get Around to it. But, Right Now! The Answer has Purposely Been Set Apart From This Page, Just For You. Each One of You That Will Purposely Read and Hear What the Word “Life” Really means.

This is Your Answer For Right Now ...


Who Do You Say I Am

I Am Life.


Who Do You Say I Am

Selah. Stop and Consider.

This May Take You Awhile. But, Do Not Go Any Further. Just Wait Now and Allow Me to Express That to You, Personally.

Yes. Just to You.

Lord, I literally had to stop after that last page. Now two days have passed and again, I thank you for continually being with me. I look forward to each time provided in this special prayer time.

Most of all, I look forward to you.

Your Day has Been Full Up to This Point, But This Shared Time Blesses in Many Ways For You and For Each of You. I Am Always Ready to Share My Life. As We Have Expressed Before, There Are Many Expressions of Life. As Well as Death. This Book is Not For the Timid. But I Am For the Timid. This Book is Not For the Narrow-Minded. But I Am For the Narrow-Minded. This Book is Not For the Religious. But I Am For the Religious. As You Can Now Tell This Could Go On and On in All the Descriptive Variations, But the Meaning Would Remain the Same.

I Am For All Who Seek Me.

I Am For You. I Am For All Who Will Believe Me. 74

Who Do You Say I Am

Believe Me Above Anyone or Anything Else. I Am Your Lord and God Who Makes the Impossible, Possible. I Am For All Who Seek Me and Take a Step Toward Me. I Am For All Who Believe That I Am. This Vital Point of Believing is Crucial. You Must Believe to Receive. If You Have Any Need, Any Need at All, Consider it a Calling Card. Consider it a Personal Invitation Just For You to Believe. Use Each Need to Draw You Closer to Me. Use Each Need to Move You to Believe. Each Need Presents a New Challenge. Naturally, Soulfully, and Spiritually.

I Am in Each Need.

Can You Believe That? Can You Believe Me? I Am With You in Each Need to Lead You Toward Your Answer. Your Supply, Your Blessing, Your Victory. Each Time Going From Glory to Glory.

How Does Your Need Become Your Victory?

Because as You Seek Me, as You Believe Me, Any Need has to Become Your Victory. Since My Truth Will Make You Free. Each Time You Believe Me, Believe My Truth, Choose to Believe Me, Choose to Believe My Truth; Above and Beyond Any Other in the Spirit, Soul, or Flesh, That Need has to and I Repeat, has to, Become a Victory.

Lord, I can only say thank you.

That is awesome. Beyond me and totally by faith. 75

Who Do You Say I Am

EEE It’s been awhile again, but I know you understand. This kind of reminds me of a personal friendship being personally cultivated. But, it is spiritually formed, as I personally take time to be with you, Lord. I do thank you for this time and for the shared expressions.

This Shared Prayer Time is Purposed to Inspire and Bless You and Everyone Who Takes Part in it or With it. Each One of You, a Unique Creation. Each One of You, Divinely Capable of Knowing Me. Each One of You, Purposely Purposed to Become One With Me. One With Your Lord, One With Your God. The Lapse in Time, as you Have Pointed Out, is Your Own Perspective. Your Own Perspective Which is Always in a State of Change and Will Change Again as You Understand That Time is in Itself, a Relative Force. Time Being a Tool in Your Spacial Reality On This Earth. Purpose Continues On and is Able to Use the Tool of Time as Required.

John 14:6; 6:35; 3:6; 1:4, Rom. 7:6; 2:29; 1:6, II Cor. 3:6, Acts 17:28, Prov. 8:35, Eph. 1:1-23, John 5:24, Rom. 8:29


Who Do You Say I Am

Good morning, Lord. Here’s a new day.

It took me awhile to get in gear this morning, still on my first cup of java. But, through this whole wake up time I felt your constant nudging to get started. Thank you for your persistence, knowing exactly how to reach me. All I can say is, I’m ready.

It is a Good Day, and Yes, You Are Awake Now and Ready. This is the Day I Have Made, So Rejoice and Be Glad in it. You had to Shake Loose of Your Own Soul This Morning, Because of Your Dreams. The Residual Effect of the Dream was Pushing Your Soul Against Your Spirit. The Dream in Itself, was Not Important. But, What You Experienced From it and What You Chose to Do About it, was Very Important. Many Different Choices Could Have Been Made. Leading to Many Different Scenarios Affecting Your Whole Day. This Not Only Affects You Personally, But Everyone Who Comes in Contact With You Throughout the Day. Because it was Your Choice, to Do What You Wanted Concerning the Dream and its Effects Upon You. I Waited. I Waited Till the Precise Moment You Needed to Choose, and at That Moment, I Made a Way For You. But, You Still had to Choose. I was There to Help You. I was There to Help You Choose. But, You Still had to Make Your Own Choice First.

To Choose Your Own Way, Would Allow Your Soul 77

Who Do You Say I Am

and Flesh to Lead You Into its Own Selfish Results. To Choose My Way, Required You to Override Your Soul and to Purposely Choose to Believe My Way For the Results You Really Desired. Not Always the Easiest Way Out, But it was One or the Other. You Chose Well. With a Struggle, But You Chose the Spiritual Way With The Holy Spirit. In Choosing My Way the Power is Automatically and Spiritually Supplied to Go My Way. Shake it All Off You Did, Which Immediately Put Your Soul and Fleshly Nature Back Into its Proper Positions. This Allowed Your Spirit to Raise in Strength and Purpose to the Outcome of Freedom You Desired in Well Being Again.


You Chose to Be One With Me, With The Holy Spirit. Becoming Faithful. Full of Faith, in the Small Events of Living Enables and Builds Strength to Do the Same in the Larger Events. You Will Now Experience Rest in Your Soul and Health to Your Flesh, Because You Chose Me, Over Yourself. Each Time Any of You, Willingly Choose My Way in Anything, You Are Proclaiming to the Whole Universe That I Am. In This You Choose to Be One With Me. One Within My Kingdom. Spiritually, You Literally Become One in Being. Each Experience of Oneness in Being Makes You More and More Complete. In This Oneness You Lack Nothing, Because I Am Whole and Complete and I Lack Nothing.

So Again, Each Time as You, Each of You, Choose 78

Who Do You Say I Am

My Way, You Are Spiritually Empowered to Come into Oneness as Purposed to Be, and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose. All in Choosing Me. Choosing Life. Creating Life. Sharing Life. Gaining Life. Being Life. Thus, Being Strong in Spirit. Within Each Experience, Spiritual Purpose is Ignited and Fortified as You Continue On from Glory to Glory. Your Spiritual Being Becomes Strong and Full of Holy Spirit Power. Imagine the Infinite Possibilities in Spiritual Experiences Multiplied Throughout a Life Span in the Variety of Choices That Can Be Made. Each Producing After its Kind, as Each Choice Produces According to its Purpose and Origin. Be it From the Natural Flesh, the Soul, or the Spirit. Either With Me or Without Me. I Am Constant in My Purposes Planned For Each of You. Constant, That You Might Receive Life. Constant in Sharing My Kingdom With You. Constant in Upholding My Truth in You and For You. I Am Not Willing That Any Should Perish. But, That All Would Come to the Knowledge of God, of Who I Am.

You are all that, Lord. Thank you for being so constant in my life. Certainly nothing else is. Thank you for never giving up on me. You are faithful, Lord.

I Am. I Am the Faithful of All Faithfulness. There is No Giving Up in Me. For it is Not Part of Me. I Cannot Deny You, For You Are Part of Me. It is in Me That You Live and Move and Have Your Being. I Am Always For You and Not Against You. To This End I Am True, That 79

Who Do You Say I Am

You Would Have Life and That Life in Great Abundance. This is All in My Purposes to Be Fulfilled For Each of You.

I Am Elohim.

Ps. 31:7, I Tim. 2:4, Acts 17:28, John 10:10

Lord, that is a beautiful expression of who you are. Your expressions are full of love and Hhope. Again, it sounds so simple, yet so right. It makes me question why there is so much struggle in the living of life today. I see such a contrast between what is going on in this world and what you are expressing to me. I simply do not understand.

What Do You Believe? Who Do You Believe? What Do You Choose to Believe? Who Do You Choose to Believe? Okay, okay. I get the hint. I believe I know what you are pointing to next. What perspective do I believe? Personally Lord, I can get very caught up with you, to the point that everything else just fades into the background. But, then again, I live on planet earth, a real world, full of real people in their own real ways of dealing with reality. 80

Who Do You Say I Am

So, I still say, what is all this?

It is What it is. Simply Put, Each and Everyone of You Are Free to Believe What You Choose to Believe. In Your Spirit, in Your Soul, and in Your Natural Flesh. Each Belief and Each Choice Adds to Each Life or Diminishes Each Life. Still, it Remains Within Each Individual to Live Life According to Their Own Freewill. According to Belief or Lack of Belief. According to Your Own Freewill. Which is Exclusively Your Own, Unless You Give it to Someone or Something Else. That is Why the Earthly Living is the Way it is. No More, No Less. You Have All Co-Created Your Existence and Are Therefore Partakers of it. Whether it Be From Your Spirit, Your Soul, or Your Flesh. In All Realms of Living and in All its Varying Mixtures. Each of You Are Capable of Ascending to Your Highest Purpose or Descending to Your Lowest Purpose. Each of You Are Capable of Choosing. Each of You Are Capable of Believing. This is Your Free Will. Remember. To Whatever the Origin of Choice or Belief is Relative to What is Produced and Lived. Each of You Are a Creative Living Being. You Are Creative Living Beings in Your Spirit, in Your Soul, and in Your Natural Body. Each of These Realms a Position of Purpose For Your Living. As You Believe and Choose Within Each Realm, Remember So Shall You Also Live. 81

Who Do You Say I Am

EEE I’ve just re-read yesterday’s work, Lord. You are truly wonderful and very understandable. Thank you, Lord. I did not think you would give that kind of explanation. In fact, I thought I was in for a lot more than that! All I can say is, I choose you, Lord. I Cchoose to be with you and to know you being with me. This alone has become my purpose and is becoming more and more clear to me.

Good. Good. Good.

To Know That I Am With You is Divinely Given. To Know the Revelation Knowledge Within, More Precious Than Gold. I Am Intimately Aware of You. Each of You. As You Can and Should Be of Me. It is My Spirit and My Divine Revelation That has Brought All of You to Where You Are Today, Right Now. For There Isn’t Any Real Knowledge Without Me. Natural Worldly Knowledge is Obtained, Bought and Sold for the Mind and the Soul. All to Promote Itself Toward its Ultimate Goal in Self Realization. My Spiritual Knowledge Cannot Be Obtained, Bought, or Sold. It is Not Available Without My Spirit. Spiritual Knowledge is Given, By My Holy Spirit to Your Spirit. Given ... is the Key Word. 82

Who Do You Say I Am

Religious Knowledge is Not Spiritual Knowledge. Anyone Can Obtain Vast Amounts of Knowledge From the Worldly, to the Religious, to the Spiritual. All Will Eventually Prove Their Own Value, Their Own Worth, and Glory. All According to Their True Purpose and Origin. Either With Me or Without Me.

That is a lot to grasp, Lord. I have experience moments of what I thought were keen spiritual awareness, that I related to revelation power. To me it is a sudden clarity that hits my spirit and mind to reveal what cannot be otherwise seen or understood. Within that clear moment a distinct spiritual knowledge is produced apart from any mental or natural understanding. A simple comparison would be like walking into a dimly lit room and suddenly a great floodlight is turned on. There is more light than ever experienced before. You, Lord, illuminate wonderful truths that no one else can provide.

Those Moments Are Indeed Wonderful and Full of Wonder. Remember, Every Moment You Turn to Me, I Am Always There and Will Never Disappoint You. I Am That One True Friend and I Will Stay Closer to You Than Any Brother. I Will Not Leave You or Reject You. Find That Rest and Peace With Me All the Time. From Moment to 83

Who Do You Say I Am

Moment, Season to Season, Year to Year, and Yes, Life to Life. Find Comfort For Your Soul With Me. You Cannot Expect the World and Those Who Are in This World to Comfort You, or Provide You With All the Answers, or Direct You in Your Purpose. Quit Looking For Comfort Where There Isn’t Any Comfort to Be Found. The Same For Your Answers and Direction in Purpose. Even Those Who Are Part of Me (and Part of You Also) Cannot Comfort You at Certain Times, or Give You the Direction So Earnestly Desired. Only I Can Be the Friend and Comforter Your Spirit and Soul Cries Out to. Only I Know Your Inner Being, Your Depths, and Your Shallows as Well. I Am the Lord Who Revives the Tired Soul and Understands All the Inner Weavings of the Heart. I Am the Lord Who Soothes the Furrowed Trouble Brow and Eases the Pains of Heartfelt Sorrow. Turn to Me Again and Again. Choose Me and Rest Your Soul in My Presence. Take All Your Hurtful Disappointments and Bring Them to Me. I Will Show You the Other Side of Your Disappointments. I Will Show You How to Look Pass the Hurt and Allow Yourself to Look at the Disappointments With Me. Quiet Your Soul Even Now, and Look With Your Spiritual Eyes and Gain in Spiritual Insight. I Am Here With You Right Now. What Are You Seeing Now? What is the Exact Point of Hurt Within the Disappointment? Look For What is Not Seen and Look For the Hidden Message Within.

Allow the Soul to Relax and Once Again Find its 84

Who Do You Say I Am

Proper Position of Rest With Me. The Disappointment is Not For the Soul or For the Flesh. Do Not Allow it to Be Misused in These Realms, Therefore Becoming a Trap. Use This Disappointment as a Tool, a Spiritual Tool. Take This Disappointment, and With Me, Make it a Reappointment! Do You Hear? All Disappointments Can Become Reappointments. I Am Able to Take Any Disappointment, Turn it Around For Your Good, and Show You the Reappointment. Are You Willing? Then the Hurt Will Vanish. Then the Mental Pain Will Be Alleviated. Be Willing and I Will Enable You to See and Experience the Reappointment. My Truth Will Set You Free. Free From the Disappointment. I Am the Truth. I Am Well Able to Give You the Truth That Will Set You Free. By Choosing Me, Believing Me, Trusting Me. I Am the Way. The Way For You and I Will Show You the Way. I Am the Truth and I Will Show You the Truth. I Am the Life and I Will Show You the Life. Of Coarse it Would Be Much Easier, Naturally Speaking, to Allow Such Disappointments to Fester Within Your Soul and Continue On to Your Own Hurt. It Would Be Much Easier, Naturally Speaking, to Focus All the Attention On Such Hurt and Continue Suffering in Each Mindful Pain in Bitter Thoughts Caused By the Disappointment. Suffer You Will, and the Soul and its Attachments to the Flesh Will Wallow in its Attention of Suffering. Then, the Easier Way Becomes a Torment and the Suffering Experienced Creates Deep Wounds. The Wounds Un85

Who Do You Say I Am

attended On the Inside Sooner or Later Are Open Wounds On the Outside. These Wounds Sap Any Strength, Sap Any Hope, Sap Any Faith, Sap Any Life Flow. Each of These Infectious Side Effects Become Devastating to the Spirit, the Soul, and Mind, Even to the Natural Body. Look Around You at All the Disappointed. Look Around You at All the Hurt. Look Around You at All the Wounded. Yet, I Show You a Better Way. I Show You My Way That Leads to Life, Even Out of Disappointments. Are You Willing to Be Separated? Are You Willing to Lay Aside Your Way and Accept My Way? I Am For You to Give You the Life You Really Desire. Now or Later. You Decide.


Wow, Lord, that expression is awesome. I have tried your way and I can personally say it is 100% better than my own way of dealing with any disappointment. Plus, what you have accomplished today far supersedes any disappointment. I stand amazed at your grace and power. Of all days, and thru a dear sister in the faith, you have literally confirmed your spirit and your words in this expression of our time together!

Totally awesome, Lord.


Who Do You Say I Am

This sister, not even knowing anything about this writing, talked about the same Sspiritual subjects like she was privy to this personal time with you! I could hardly believe my ears or hold all the joy that filled my soul. This is beyond my dreams or expectations. Yet it has become my dream and my expectation because of you, Lord. Thank you and thank you for my dear sister you provided.

I Am Your Father. I Honor All Those Who Honor Me. It is Far Better to Be Known of God Your Father Than to Be Known of Man or Mankind. You Are Connected to Me and to All Those Who Are Part of Me. You Are Always Connected One to Another. One Can Profit the Many and the Many Can Profit the One, as They All Remain With Me. You Each Are Worthy Because I Have Called You Worthy. You Are Enabled Because I Have Caused You to Be Able. I Will Always Confirm and Affirm All That is Purposed Through The Holy Spirit For You. Each and Everyone of You. Each of You Are More Than What You Seem to Be. You Are More a Spiritual Being Than the Natural Fleshly Being. Whether You Realize it at This Time or Not. There is Far More to Each One of You Than Meets the Eye. You Are Eternal Spiritual Beings. Created to Remain in the Unity of Oneness, in the Spirit With The Holy 87

Who Do You Say I Am

Spirit. All According to Your Divine Purpose of Being. Being One With Me. Consider Your Life and Purpose to Choose Life and to Share in Only That Which Brings You, and Everyone With You, Into More and More Life. From Glory to Glory. Learning Through and With The Holy Spirit, How to Live and Move and Have Your Being. The Eternal Life is Not Found in This World or is it For This World. Eternal Life is For Eternity. Consider and Understand. You, Each of You, Are Created For the Eternal. The Infinite, Not Just the Finite. Believe and Choose to Know. I Am Limitless. I Am Infinite. Yet, I Purpose the Finite Into the Infinite as an Expression of My Power and Glory in Purpose. I Am in All and Thru All, For it is All Created in Defined Purpose and Glory. Each of You Are Actually Made Up of Thousands Upon Thousands of Minute Particles Called Atoms. All Linked Together in Synchronized Purpose to Create Your Form. This Huge Grouping of Particles is in Continuous Movement, In and Out and Upon, All Other Groups of Particles. Each Particle a Living Piece of Energy in Itself. All Moving in the Vastness of Creation.

All Part of Me!

Step Out of Your Finite and Experience the Infinite With Me. The Life You Now Live is But a Moment Within Your Eternal Life. That Great Infinite Life. As You Begin to Know Your Eternal Life, as You Begin to Believe in Your Eternal Life, and as You Begin to Choose in Your Eternal Life; Your Eternal Life Will Become More and 88

Who Do You Say I Am

More Focused in Purpose. Purposed to Experience and Understand. Take This Moment. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. Can You Dare to Believe the Way I Believe? Can You Believe Me as Your Eternal God? Can You Believe Me as Eternal and Infinite? Can You Believe That You Are Eternal Also? Can You Believe That You Are Created to Be Eternally With Me. In All My Infinite Vastness? I Love You. I Love You. I Love YOU. I Am Love To You, and For You, and In You, and Through You. I Love You! You, Right Now. Wherever You Are. Whatever You Are. Whoever You Are. Believe Me. Believe in My Love. Believe I Love You. Believe That I Am. Believe That I Am God. Believe That I Am Love. I Love You and I Have Need of You. You Love Me and Have Need of Me. Let Us Be One. One Together With the Father, With the Son, and With The Holy Spirit.

Prov. 18:24, Josh. 1:5, I Sam. 2:30, I John 4, John 14:6, John 12:36


Lord, what a magnificent work you are doing. The


Who Do You Say I Am

empowerment of your Holy Spirit is overwhelming, but at the same time, it is home to me. It is like I know this spiritual place, like I have actually been here before. I feel like I was literally created for this spiritual place. Thank you, Lord. Such freedom and life with you. How can I begin to thank you for everything?

Thanksgiving is Enough. After the Thanksgiving is the Preparation. To Be Prepared, to Be. To Be What You Are Purposed to Be. To Come to Being. Spiritual Knowledge is Good, But There is More to Spiritual Knowledge Than the Knowing. Spiritual Knowledge is Purposed to Produce Spiritual Purpose. Within the Fulfillment of Your Own Divine Spiritual Purpose You Come to Remain in Oneness With Me, With The Holy Spirit. The More Oneness You Come to Experience With Me, the More You Come to Being. Being. In Your Created, Creative, Divine Purpose of Being. Each of You Are Constantly Breathing. Breathing In and Breathing Out. To the Amount of Breath, is to the Amount of Life Your Physical Body Sustains. Lessen the Breath and the Life is Depleted in the Physical Body. Suffocate the Breath and the Life of the Physical Body Ceases. Now, Relate This Analogy to Your Spiritual Life. A New Perspective Altogether.

You Are Not Really Your Own. You Are Not Your 90

Who Do You Say I Am

Own Individual. What You Believe and What You Choose Not to Believe, Not Only Effects Your Quality of Life in Your Spirit, in Your Soul, and in Your Natural Body; But it Also Effects Everyone Else.

Such truth. I spiritually sense more than the words being expressed, again! I pray the essence of your reality is read inbetween the lines. I know your Holy Spirit can and will make the true purpose of these words perform their duty. I can’t. But, I do thank you, Lord, for what you are doing right now, right here, with me.

EEE It’s good to sit down in my corner of the coach and just be alone with you, Lord. Thank you for this day and for this time. Thank you for taking care of me and my family and all the loved ones you have connected to us in our hearts. Thank you for the friends you have provided. They are each very special to me and I know more so to you. I cannot express the special love I hold for all of them. I actually feel they are all a part of this endeavor in their own special way, and also because like you have expressed, we are all connected one to another. Your goodness toward my friends is such a joy to see and be part of too. It goes far past the human understand-


Who Do You Say I Am

ing, or the ways of this world. I bring this up only because of your expression about our beliefs and our choices. I believe you, Lord. I believe you have provided each of them in my life. Through all our seasons and cycles, through all our wonderful times and even in all our times of suffering, Lord, you have brought us all through for a purpose. Your purposes to be made known.

Remember What I Expressed to You Many Years Ago? That Your End Would Be Better Than Your Beginning. It is Always So, For All Who Know Me. What I Begin, I Finish. To Finish is to Complete, to Complete is to Make Whole. To Make Whole is to Remain One With Me. To Remain One With Me is to Fulfill Your Purpose. And, Last But Not Least, to Fulfill Your Purpose, is to Be. This Knowledge is Not Found in the Natural Mind of Reason. This Knowledge is Not Obtained. It is Simply Given. Given From The Holy Spirit to You. To Each of You. Through All This There is Much Change as You Continue to Go From Glory to Glory. The Changes Are Spiritual, Soulful, and Natural.

That is totally clear, Lord.

Without your help there would be a lot of incompleteness in my life. Knowing I personally possess little incentive and tend to get easily bored with any project. Being able to pray has been a ‘Life Saver’ to me in more ways than 92

Who Do You Say I Am

one. It has changed me inside and outside. I know it has been and still is a tremendous work of The Holy Spirit. You have taught me to pray, read the Scriptures, listen and be sensitive to The Holy Spirit. Yes, with many changes in many areas of my life, my family, and my friends. right up to this present time with you. Even as I write this, the world is changing dramatically.

But, I need to keep my focus on you, Lord.

You Always Come Back to the Now. That is One Reason You Are Constantly Changing in Your Spirit, Your Soul, and Your Natural Body. But, Have You Changed Because You Pray or Do You Pray Because You Have Changed? There Are Many Ways of Praying and Many Ways to Pray. Anytime My Name is Acknowledged, I Am Aware. Anytime I Am Addressed in Any Way, I Am Aware. But, it Does Not Mean I Respond or That a Response is Required. Relationship and Prayer Go Hand in Hand, Like a Pair of Gloves. Just Because I Am Addressed Does Not Mean There is Relationship and Just Because There is Prayer Does Not Mean There is Relationship Either. Prayer in Itself, has an Impact as a Force Within the Spiritual Realm. According to the Spirit it is Delivered in, is to the Force of Spiritual Impact Within the Spiritual Realm. Please Be Aware That This is All Expressed in the Simplest Terms to Portray a Spiritual Reality of Immense Importance. 93

Who Do You Say I Am

Many of You Question if I Really Hear Your Prayers. Many of You Question if I Really Answer Your Prayers. Questioning Why or Why Not, How Come This or How Come That. Then the Never Ending When and Where Syndrome of Questioning.

Whoa, slow down a little here, Lord. That’s a lot of questioning and my mind is racing ahead and then back again trying to figure it out myself.

Too much, too fast.

All Right. First, Take That Old Image Out of Your Mind of ‘The Old Man Upstairs Who Answers Prayers’. I Am Not The Old Man Upstairs. I Never Have Been and I Never Will Be. I Am Spirit and I Am Acknowledged in Spirit and in Truth. I Am Your God. I Am All Knowing. I Am All Powerful. I Am Everywhere At Once. Now With That Directly in Front of You, Add Prayer. A Different Perspective Altogether! Prayer is Instantly Absorbed Into the Spiritual. According to its Spiritual Origin and According to its Spiritual Impact. Therefore, Spiritual Response is Spiritually Merged According to the Prayer Instantaneously. Truth Prevails! 94

Who Do You Say I Am

Each of You Are Unique, Eternal, and Divinely Purposed Beings. Each of You Pray Differently. Depending On Your Spirit, Your Soul, and Your Natural Flesh. Each Move in the Spiritual Differently as You Pray. According to the Origin of Prayer, Either From the Spirit, From the Soul and Mind, or From the Flesh and its Divine Relationship with Me; is the Spiritual Realm Impacted by the Context of the Prayer. Each Prayer, its Own Personal Signature Which Intimately Holds its Own Spiritual Impact. All According to its Spiritual Context in Purpose. Not as Complex as it May Sound. Yet Immense. In This World it is Said That Three Words Are the Most Important to Succeed ...

Location. Location. Location.

In the Spiritual World There Are Three Words That Are Equally More Important ...

Relationship. Relationship. Relationship.

Ask The Holy Spirit to Reveal the Spiritual Realm of Prayer and Relationship to You. The Holy Spirit Will Teach and Guide Each of You to Purposely Complete Your Spiritual Identity With Spiritual Knowledge and Understanding in This Area of Prayer. The Natural Mind Cannot Move the Spiritual Realm, Nor Can it Understand the Life of the Spirit. Without The Holy Spirit, Even the Soul and All its Efforts to Move Spiritually, is of Little Use or Effect. It Simply Cannot Hold Spiritual Truth or Spiritual Purpose. So it Takes Your Spirit Connected to My Spirit, Thru The Holy Spirit. 95

Who Do You Say I Am

Remember, the Origin of Any Prayer is Important in Relationship With Me. If the Origin of the Prayer is From the Flesh, Any Results Will Remain in the Natural Fleshly Realm. If the Origin of the Prayer is From the Soul, any Results Will Remain in the Soul’s Realm. If the Origin of the Prayer is From the Spirit, the Results Will Be in the Spirit. Which Will In-Turn Impact All the Other Realms. But, There Must Be a Spiritual Impact First. The Force and Intensity of the Impact in Direct Proportion With the Origin and the Relationship in Prayer. If You Are Reading This and Do Not Understand.


Stop, Right Now and Pray.

Ask Me to Reveal My Holy Spirit to You. Ask, to Receive My Holy Spirit. To You, is The Holy Spirit Sent. All Things Are Possible With Me. The Holy Spirit is Part of Me, and is Sent to All Who Will Receive. The Holy Spirit Individually and Very Personally Connects Each of You With Me, Spiritually! The Holy Spirit Supplies the Power of Impact and the Direct Connection in Relationship With Me That Enables Your Spirit to Move Spiritually. To Be Spiritually Alive and Spiritually Aware You Do Have Need of The Holy Spirit. I Have Provided Everything For You. For Each of You. I Am Your Provider. Allow Me to Provide The Holy Spirit to You in All Wonder and Grace. This is Part of Our Oneness. This is Part of Remaining One with Me, So You Might Be According to Your Purpose of Being.

I Am the Father, Your Provider in Creation. I Am 96

Who Do You Say I Am

the Son, Your Provider in Example. I Am The Holy Spirit, Your Provider in Power. All This and So Much More.

Eccl. 7:8, I Cor. 2:1-16, John 4:23-24, John 14:16-17, Mat. 19:26, Rom. 15:13, Acts 1:8, I Cor. 2:5


A new day, Lord, thank you.

These days seem to fly by and with such ease and enjoyment. I don’t mean the big ha-ha kind, but a real sense of contentment in spirit, soul, and body. I know it is you, Lord, your presence, your power, your Holy Spirit, with me. Its like being on a mountain top, knowing you made the climb finally and have reached the peak. At least this one. These prayer times are becoming the most important part of my day. Spending this time with you is extraordinary. What do you wish to express today? I appreciate your lead in this and look forward to your expressions. I usually have to re-read a few pages to get the full picture of what is being expressed, because it is beyond me at times, and then I get to enjoy it all over again. Since there are not any chapter or subheading like other books, I have wondered about the total context and the flow of this writing. This definitely is not like any book I have read before, Lord. I hope it is still on track.


Who Do You Say I Am

This is in a Book Form Because it is a Written Expression of Your Prayer Time, Purposed to Openly Reflect My Expressions Given to You. It is in Your Purpose of Being to Accomplish This. I Am Always Expressing. Always Responding. Always Loving. Always and in All Ways, Being Who I Am.

Omnipresent. Omnipotent. Omniscient.

What I Have Purposed From the Very Beginning is Found in Those Three Words. Ever Present in All Places. All Powerful. Unlimited in Authority. All Knowing in Every Way. Yet, I Am Not a Word or a Definition of That Word. I Am the Experience of the Word. Just Like I Am The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. But Not Just a Name. I Am the Experience of the Name. I Am the Life Experience Within the Word and Within the Name. I Am the Relationship Within the Word and Within the Name. I Am the Experienced Relationship of the Word and the Name With You. Each of You. Within Our Relationship is a Defined Purpose. A Purpose to Establish Your Unique Divine Purpose in My Kingdom. The Kingdom of Your God. You Are to Be Purposed and Equipped to Establish My Kingdom On Earth as it is in Heaven. Yet, My Kingdom is Not of This Earth. But It Does Reside With Each of YOU Who Are in Relationship With Me. Which You Are Uniquely Purposed and Created to Be Part Of. I Am For You. For Each of You. I Am Constantly Constant For You. I Am Constantly Able to Enable Each of You to Be Who You Are Divinely Created to Be. 98

Who Do You Say I Am

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. This Rememberance is Reality. Real Life. This is Where Real Life Exists. With Me. Where Are You Right Now? Where is Your Reality, Right Now? Right Now, How Do You, Each of You, Fit Into My Reality? I Am Well Able to Do Exceedingly and Abundantly, Above All. Is My Word True or Not?

I Am the Way. Am I the Way For You?

I Am the Life. Am I the Life For You?

Are You With Me or Not?

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, Lord, Lord, that is so clear once again. What you are expressing is definitely real, and yes, Reality. I realize that place, both prayerfully and spiritually. I long to remain in that place with you. How can I remain in the spirit like you are expressing? I know very little about it, but spiritually I do know about it at the same time.

You Remain By Staying. By Choosing to Remain, You Stay, Till Everything Within You Chooses to Also. All Because You Are Choosing Me Above All Else. Knowing That Your Rightful Place and Your Spiritual Inheritance is With Me, Your Soul and Flesh Will Follow as You Continue to Choose Me. This Literally Will Effect Your 99

Who Do You Say I Am

Whole Being and Your Whole Life! Each of You Are Created Spiritual Eternal Beings. Likened to Me, as You Are Willing to Remember and to Remain. I Will Show Each of You the Way and I Will Make a Way For Each of You. This We Have Expressed Before. But Often Needs Repeating.

Lord, how is remaining one with you balanced and maintained in our natural daily life? All the things we do to live and survive on this earth, yet we can remain in the spirit and be one with you?


You Learn to Remain as You Choose to Remain. It is a Process of Being One With Me, Through The Holy Spirit. As Eternal Spiritual Beings You Come to the Recognition of Your Rightful Position With Me. It is Called Obedience and it is Through Obedience That Your Purpose of Being is Fulfilled.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE 100

Who Do You Say I Am

Here is another beautiful fall day, Lord. This is my kind of weather, with the sunshine all full of cool fall breezes. I really love how you make each new day so glorious. A wonderful daily adventure to look forward to. Does that sound too dizzy, Lord? Hope not, but thank you for this new day. You know, Lord, just within the span of writing this in our prayer time together, you are changing me again. Not to the human eye, but I know it is happening and I know it is you.

Because I Love You.

I. Love. You. I Am Your Father and Your God. Your God Who Loves You. Each of You. Love is Not a Word. I Am Not a Word, But I Am Love. Love is Not a Thought. I Am Not a Thought, But I Am Love. Love is Not a Feeling. I Am Not a Feeling, But I Am Love. Love is Because I Am. Without Me There Really Isn’t Any Love. With Me There is Great Love.

I know, I know.

Because you are Great! 101

Who Do You Say I Am

My Love For You, Each of You, is Great.

Yes, I Am Great. As I Am the Godhead, Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit in One; There Are Expressions of Love From the Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit. Even as I Am One God, Each of You Will Experience My Love Differently. Each of You Are Unique Created Beings So You Will Receive and Express My Love Differently. You Are One Also. One Being With Three Separate Identities. So, Love is Expressed in All Three Areas Differently. The Place of Origin of the Expressed Love is to What Force and Impact the Love Will Possess. Whether Love is From the Spirit, the Soul, or the Natural Body. All With its Various Inflections and Combinations. I Am Love and I Will Express Love to Each of You According to Your Belief in Me. According to Our Relationship in the Purpose of Your Being. Being One With Me. So our expressions of love will be different, depending on its origin? Yet, love originates from you. You being our God.

As I Am Three in One, You Are Also Three in One. You Are a Being with a Spirit, with a Soul, and a Body. I Am, Being God, as Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit. The Greatest Expression of Love For the Body is to Lay its Life Down For Another. The Greatest Expression of Love For the Soul is to Give of Itself Unconditionally. The Greatest Expression of Love For the Spirit is to Be 102

Who Do You Say I Am

One With Me. Anything Outside of These Expressions Need No Further Explanation. Love is a Powerful Force No Matter its Origin. It is Still Only as Powerful as its Origin. There Are the Many Variables and Complexities in the Expression of Love For Most of You, Due to Motive and Choice. Love Becomes a Belief Acted Out With Motive and Choice. The Power and Force is Only as Strong as its True Origin. Look to the Greatest Example and Gift of Love Given and Expressed on This Earth. Jesus The Christ.

Eph. 3:20, Mat. 16:24-25, Col. 3:15, I John 4:8, John 15:12-17, Luke 6:30-38

Lord, I have noticed a remarkable quality while I listen to you. There is the constant expression of life and love, without the mixture of any earthly pollutions. Especially on the subject of love. Seeing how the image of love as projected in this day and age is totally unbalanced. The insanity that draws some souls to self distruction in the name of love, all for the love of this or the love of that. Yet, you have to admit, most people truly desire to love and be loved. Unfortunately, love becomes tainted along the way for some and it can literally ruin a life, instead of making a life. The truth and purity of genuine love is difficult to find anywhere outside of you, Lord. 103

Who Do You Say I Am

The Reality That, I Am That I Am, is the Truth and the Foundation of Everything Seen and Unseen. I Am Spirit and I Am Love. This Truth Remains Constant. As I Am the Spirit of Truth. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I Am Only Expressing Myself. I Am the Light of the World. My Light Consumes All Darkness. It is to Each One’s Choice, That I Am Known, That I Am Expressed, That I Am Experienced, and That I Am Reflected. To What Amount of Light is Active, is to What Amount of Reflection is Reflected. This is All According to Your Own Beliefs, Your Own Choices, and Your Own Divine Purpose With The Holy Spirit.

I still find it amazing, Lord, how you can express such life without delving into all the mess. How come I see the mess and focus so much on that? Call it sin, call it humanity, it is just too easy to get involved with all the worldly garbage. Then with you, all that I hear is this life of yours which is completely opposite. I can only say it this way since the whole subject is much weightier than can be adequately described.

And, Lord ...

Wait a Moment. I Know Exactly What You Are Trying to Express. I Know All Those Thoughts Racing in 104

Who Do You Say I Am

Your Mind Right Now. All of You. Your Mind Can Tell You a Thousand and One Ways to Live. Or Let’s Say, Try to Live.

Is Living Without Me, Life?

Is Living to Survive, Life?

Is Surviving To Live, Life?

Again, it Does Matter What You Desire. It Does Matter What You Choose. What Life Do You Desire to Choose? Then Choose and Each Choice Will Lead to More Life or Less Life. You Choose. There Are Many Man-Made Ways, Yet There is Only One Way. There Are Many Man-Made Gods, Yet There is Only One God. Consider and Understand. Allow The Holy Spirit to Help You Gain in Spiritual Understanding. Choose to Understand and Know My Perspective. My Way. Choose to Understand and Gain My Life. For There Are Many Lives to Choose From.

Lord, are you saying we choose to be where we are? I can’t believe it’s that simple. Even as I write this, I know it is never that simple. I realize your expressions are always larger than the words, so you will have to explain what you mean.

I do need your perspective, your revelation. 105

Who Do You Say I Am

Revelation Brings My Revealed Knowledge and Wisdom Into Your Reality So That You Can Experience a New Perspective in the Spiritual. It is My Reality Experienced in Your Reality. My Perspective Becomes Your Perspective.

Truth Prevails.

Revelation Goes Beyond All Limitations and Reveals the Unlimited Resources of the Eternal Spiritual Perspective. Since Each of You Require Your Own Revelation According to Your Own Purpose and Being, it Can Only Be Relative to the Working of The Holy Spirit With You as You Go From Glory to Glory Within the Process of Remaining One With Me in Relationship. The Example You Expressed About Revelation Being a Sudden Clarity Outside of Your Own Reasoning Powers, Like a Bright Light That Reveals Everything is Fair. Often What One May Think Out of the Mental and Emotional Mind of Reasoning is Actually a Guess and Hides the Truth That is Really Needed.

EEE Lord, a lot is going on all around me. A lot of noise and static, naturally, that is effecting me spiritually. I need your wisdom and power of expression to free me from all this rigmarole. (wow, I had to look that word up. I thought it was just a slang word, but it actually means what I mean! ‘rigmarole: meaningless talk or procedures’.) So what is all


Who Do You Say I Am

this nonsense talk that seems endless? It’s like I want to shake it off and get out of Dodge. I can’t operate or function in that area with myself or anyone else. It’s such a hectic driven place of talk, that goes on an on without getting anywhere. It actually distorts any sense of the spiritual or Godliness in any realm. Please settle me down once again, Lord. Help me get back to the peace that is in your presence.

I Am Here. I Am Here With You, Right Now. I Am the God Who Calms the Seas and Stills the Winds. By My Words of Peace I Speak Peace. Peace to You. Peace to Each One of You. All the ‘Rigmarole’ and Nonsense Talk You Are Hearing is Like the Stormy Seas and Raging Winds. It is There to Distract Your Attention and Keep You Stirred Up. It May Sound Real. It May Look Real. But it is a Deception. An Illusion. It is Not to Be Real in Your Life. That is Why it Troubles You So. Remove Yourself From its Presence and Know My Presence Instead. Choose Me. For My Reality is Completely Different. You, Each of You, Are Completely Different Also. But, Outside of Our Dwelling Place Together, is Exactly That Which You Experienced. Outside, Rigmarole. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. Just Because the Rigmarole is Going On Does Not Mean You Have to Be a Part of It. I Am the Prince of Peace. You Can and Are to Remain With Me in Peace. 107

Who Do You Say I Am

Do Not Allow the Rigmarole to Distract You or Deceive You. Do Not Choose the Rigmarole. Remember to Choose Me Instead. Do Not Allow Your Soul or Your Flesh to Be Drawn Away and Turn Your Attention From Me. Keep Your Attention Toward Me, Your Lord, Your God. In This World, Without Me, I Am Called Nonsense and Meaningless. In This World, With Me, the World is Often Filled With Meaningless Nonsense. This is Because You Are Predestinated For a Unique Divine Purpose. Each of You Are Uniquely Predestinated and Outside of Your Predestination You Cannot Move Comfortably. You Cannot Move and Do Things, Just For the Sake of Doing Things. You Are Now Purposed Because of Your Predestination. Known or Unknown, it Will Affect Your Being. Within Your Predestination and Purpose You Are Able to Move With All the Grace, Peace, and Power That is Available to Complete Your Divine Purpose of Being. Completeness and Well Being in Our Relationship. That is Holy. That is Holiness, With Me. Whatever Disrupts Your Well Being With Me, Your Holy Union With Me, Shake It Off. Whatever Disrupts Your Purpose and Predestination With Me, Shake It Off. It Does Not Belong to You or With You. I Am Your Dwelling Place and Your Reality in Well Being.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Thank you, Lord. That levels and clears everything out of the way. How come it hits me like that at times? Also, to interject here, you have used the word ‘holy’, which has 108

Who Do You Say I Am

not been expressed before. Is there a reason? First. You are Welcome. I Have Great Pleasure in This Time With You Also. As I Do With Each of You. Each of You in Relationship With Me. Second. Because You Did Look Up the Definition of the Word ‘Holy’ ... Can You Now Understand Why I Expressed the Word Holy?

I Am Holy. Meaning ...

Spiritually Pure as Defined.

This Relationship is Not Human to Human. It is Spirit to Spirit. You Have Checked On Many Definitions to the Words I Have Expressed Since We Began This Book. Each Time I waited, as You Began to Understand and Began to See the Wholeness and Purpose of Each Word You Questioned. I Am Relating to You Personally as Well as to Many Personally. To Each of You, Uniquely and Divinely, in Relationship With Me. I Am Your Holy God. Because of Me, You Are Holy Also. You Are to Be as I Am; Spiritually Pure, Unadulterated. This is Not Sacrilegious or Even High-Minded. This is Who I Am and This is Who You Are Likewise. Because of Me.

There you go again, Lord. I had to look up those big words also. 109

Who Do You Say I Am

Sacrilegious, Unadulterated, and High-Minded.

I see your truth blasting through each specific word. So how can I, or any of us, live holy? Also, there is another question that needs your attention that has been on my mind for awhile now.

To Live Holy is to Live in the Spiritual Truth With Me, With The Holy Spirit. With Me This is Possible. Without Me This is Impossible. Spiritual Truth is Not Obtained, it is Given. Spiritual Truth is Given By The Holy Spirit According to Your Purpose of Being. If You Have Any Spiritual Truth You Will Live Whatever Spiritual Truth has Been Given. To Continue On. You Want to Inquire About My Dwelling Place. The Spiritual Realm That I Have Expressed Many Times.

Lord, I should have known that you already knew what I was questioning. In fact, it was probably your prompting that caused me to respond in question.

Yes. You Are Right On That. For You Will Continue to Flow With Your Predestinated Purpose in This. You Will See it Fit Together Perfectly According to the Purpose and Completion That is Already Planned. Just as You Will See Everything Fit its Own Cycle as You Remain in Relationship With Me. This is For Each and 110

Who Do You Say I Am

Everyone of You. All of You Uniquely in Divine Relationship With Me. One with Me. Each One Different. Yet Each the Same. All to Remain One With Me According to Your Predestined Purpose to Come Into Being. Being Who You Are Meant to Be. Holy in Holy Relationship With Me. Being in Truth, as Your Predestined Purpose is Expressed to its Completion. All Because You Remain One With Me. My Dwelling Place is Not Your Dwelling Place at This Time. Yet, I Dwell Within Your Spirit By The Holy Spirit, and I Dwell in the Spirit Since I Am Spirit. My Holy Spirit Gives You the Spiritual Access and Power to Function Spiritually in the Spirit, in My Spiritual Realm. The Spiritual Realm is Usually Unseen, Yet it is Reality. A Very Real Place. The Spiritual Realm is Made in My Likeness, as You Are Made in My Likeness. The Spiritual Realm is Three in One, as We Are Three in One. The Spiritual Realm With its Three Areas Are Made to Function Differently, Yet Remain as One Realm Intact. I Remain in My Dwelling Place, and Yes, it is Holy as I Am Holy. Just Because Something May Be of Spirit Does Not Mean it to Be Holy. Not Everything Within the Spiritual Realm is Holy. All That is With Me and in Relationship With Me Remains Part of Me According to Purpose. I Am Able to Transcend In and Through All That is Created For Purposes to Be Made Known and For Purposes Already Established. I Am Able to Deliver the Unholy to the Holy, For I Do Have Preeminence Over All.

I Am God Over All. 111

Who Do You Say I Am

I Cor. 3:11, John 8:12, Mark 9:23, John 12:36, I Cor. 2:14, Eph. 2:10, Rom, 8:29-30, Lev. 20:7, I Cor. 3:16


It’s evening, Lord, and I again thank you for being with me and my family, today. I know, all that know you are saying the same thing. Without you, Lord, I could not make it. Thank you for understanding and guiding me. You are always worth listening to. This means right on the job help too. I know some work days I get so busy and focused on the work, I actually forget to include you. Many other times when I do remember you are with me, my day at work is much better. Please help me more. Yes, I know you have given me all the abilities for my job, but between you and me, it just is not all it is cracked up to be. My heart is not in it, even though I know you have provided this job. So, I do my job to the best of my capabilities, but mainly because you are my true boss. I let the rest fall where it will. Not exactly a stellar work ethic on my part according to worldly standards, but I can only take so much. The worldly standards toward any job commitment falls short or goes overboard in my estimation. To them, I can never be good enough, and to me, they can never be good enough. 112

Who Do You Say I Am

I Am With You Always and in All Ways. Nothing Can Separate You, Any of You, From My Love. Cherish Our Relationship. For Our Relationship Together Will Provide For All Your Needs. Cherish Your Relationship with The Holy Spirit. For it is Never Ending. Cherish the Time and Relationships You Have With Each Other. For You Are All Eternally Bound Together. Relationship is Fundamental. Relationship is Cultivated. Relationship is an Ongoing Working Experience in Love. Relationship is Uniquely Personalized For and With Each One of you. I Am Your Relation, as You Are My Relation. We Are Relatives, in Relationship, One With Another. The Variables Are Unlimited and With Great Diversities. All According to Each Ones Purpose With Me and Purpose of Being. One Cannot Make a Relationship. It Takes Two. I Am Always and in All Ways, Ready to Communicate and Commune With You in Our Relationship Together. Each of You Are Created to Be in Relationship With Me.

I Am Ready. I Am Willing. I Am Able.

Are you?

I Desire a Real Relationship With You. Do You Desire a Real Relationship With Me? I Am Willing to Give All My Best to Our Relationship. Are You? I Am Willing to Give All My Love and Attention to Our Relationship. Are You? What Kind of Relationship Do You Desire With Me, Your Lord, Your God?

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. 113

Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, I believe my relationship with you to be the most important relationship in my entire life. I know it has been a growing process from the very beginning, but I love you more now than when I first knew you. Thank you for always showing me your genuine care and love in more ways than I can describe. You have made this relationship what it is today. I have learned, and still learning, to follow The Holy Spirit each day.


Another evening, Lord, and a long day to get to this point. I’m thankful to be here with you.

Interruption ...


That interruption was a doosie. In fact way to long! 114

Who Do You Say I Am

Yes, it was. There are Still Some Residual Side Effects You Are Experiencing From it. Repeating Again For Your Benefit. Remaining One With Me is a Process. Now You Know, Very Personally, What a Process it is to Remain in Oneness With Me. Oneness is Not Acquired. It is a Given Process, to Be Processed. Oneness With Me is Part of Your Inheritance in My Kingdom, the Kingdom of Your God. It is One Thing to Have Available an Kingdomly Inheritance. It is Another Thing to Know Your Inheritance. It is Still Another Thing to Use Your Inheritance.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, what I have experienced in the last few days, is exactly opposite of remaining in oneness with you. Naturally and spiritually, there is a force of opposition that is directly in conflict with any oneness with you. I can see how easy it is to wave this unseen force off as nothing. Or as pure imagination, or perhaps, nothing more than a bad day. But, it is apparent that this unseen force is totally against any oneness with you, Lord, and totally against me because of you! To be outside of oneness with you is devastation. No matter the who, what, when, where, or why. It is just devastation.

Totally True. 115

Who Do You Say I Am

Oh, Lord. I believe I’m seeing how I can be one with you in a certain area of my being; and in another area of my being, I may not even have a clue of knowing any oneness with you.

Totally True.

But, Lord, how can I remain in oneness and be so close and so far at the same time? I do not understand.

Let’s Put it Altogether and See the Big Picture.

Oneness With Me is Born out of Relationship. Relationship is Part of the Process of Remaining in Oneness With Me. Remaining in Oneness is an Empowered Process With The Holy Spirit and is Part of Your Inheritance.

This is Why I So Often Repeat the Expression ...

“Remember who you are and Remember Who I Am”.

Within Your Remembering is the Reality of My Completeness. My Wholeness. My Oneness. This Oneness, Meaning Complete Togetherness. This Oneness is the Defining Text of Being Single.

Being One.

Being! 116

Who Do You Say I Am

This is Your Reality. This is Your True Identity. This is Your True Inheritance. Being, Who You Really Are Meant to Be With Me, Your Lord, Your God.

That, Lord, is more than I can grasp. That is phenomenal! That is totally, out there. How can it even be? This is far more than I have or could imagine or have ever heard. This will take time. If this is the big picture, why haven’t I known it before? Or perhaps I have, but it passed me by and was not really heard. I don’t know what to do with all this. It’s going to be a big process for me, because I know it has just really begun now! I can see it spiritually, but do not really see how it is possible to absorb. What do I have to do, Lord? The only thing I know is to wait on your Holy Spirit to make this real. Reality for me.

I can’t, but you can.

I Am One God. The Only God. I Am One, I Am Not Separated. I Am Not Divided. I Am that I Am. Each of You Come into Relationship With Me Being Divided, Usually Devastated, and Deluded. Because You Were Separated From and Without the Truthful Knowledge of Your Inherited Oneness With Me. But, as Our Relationship Develops With the Aid of The Holy Spirit, Your Process of Remaining in Oneness Develops. 117

Who Do You Say I Am

All According to Your Divine Purpose and Completion as Predestinated With Me. I See Many of You Even Now, Throwing This Out in Disbelief. You Say ...

This is All Impossible and Off the Wall.

Which is Your Right and Your Will.

You Say ...

You Have Done Well Enough Up to This Time and You Don’t Need This Stuff, Because Nothing Really Changes Anyway.

But, I Say to Each of You; Consider and Understand!

Each Variation in All the Infinite Possibilities That Can or Cannot Happen in Your Life Are in Direct Manifestation, According to Your Own Personal Relationship With Me. With Your God.

Lord, that is powerful and will take me some time to understand. I do see it spiritually and am experiencing that spiritually, but it is far more than these words.

It is again, big.

Plus, now you have added the expression about our inheritance. Why is our inheritance so important?


Who Do You Say I Am

Your Inheritance is Provided Because of Our Relationship. Without Relationship There Can Be No Inheritance. In the Basic Definition of Inheritance, is the Recipient of the Inheritance, or the One Who Inherits. But the Actual Inheritance is Provided Through the Relationship With the Relative. It is the Relative Who has Provided Through a Given Preset Inheritance. Let’s Go Back to the Beginning of This Written Expression of Your Prayer Time With Me, For an Example.

It All Starts With the Expression of ...

I Am God for You Today.

This Evolves On. Allowing Me to Change Your Perspective Within Your Daily Life. Which Takes You From Glory to Glory According to Your Beliefs and Choices as We Go. From All This, Prayer and Relationship Develops Into the Regenerated Soul of Remaining in Oneness With Me. All According to Your Purpose of Being.

This is the Quick Reader’s Digest Version.


Lord, without rereading, I know all this has been expressed and much more (at least to me). Is this the end of this prayer time in writing with you, Lord? 119

Who Do You Say I Am

This is Still the Beginning.

You Expect a Lot For So Little. But, That Flaw is in Your Generation and You Have Faced it Many Times Before. What has Been Expressed is the Ground Work For the Rest. Since This is Your Shared Prayer Time, You and the Many of You, Are Pressing Into the Process of Remaining One With Me. All to Come to Your Purpose of Being.

EEE Thank you, Lord. Even your correction is a blessing. Thank you for never giving up on me. You keep me focused and inspired in remaining one with you.

I Desire That We Be One. The I Am, and the You Are. This Relationship is Number One.

Numero Uno!

As Our Relationship Becomes One, in Wholeness and Completeness, So Will You and Everything That Pertains to Your Life With Me. This is Your Rightful Inheritance. The Hope to Which Each of You Are Called. For Your Purpose is Fulfilled in Our Relationship of Oneness. This is Your Real Life. This is Your Reality.

Again, This Perspective Changes You Spiritually. 120

Who Do You Say I Am

Each Change From Glory to Glory, Brings You to Oneness Within Yourself. The Oneness Remains as a Process to Bring You to Your Divine Purpose. Your Divine Purpose, Predestinated With Me, Your Lord, Your God. All According to Your Purpose and Fulfillment. Not the End. But a Divine Purpose of Continual Being. That is Why So Many Concentrate On Doing. Doing This. Doing That. Because of the Innate Drive Within to Feel and Be Complete. To Feel Satisfied Within. This is With Those Who Know Me and With Those Who Do Not Know Me. In Trying to Feel Fulfilled and Complete Many Go Back to What They Think They Need or What Someone Else has Told Them They Need. What They Think They Need or Know, They Just Keep Doing, Doing. Doing More and More of the Same, Till Cycle Upon Cycle Occurs and There Seems to Be No End. No Satisfaction. No Completeness. Because the Cycles Become More Demanding and Literally Devours All Energy and Time Within the Spirit, the Soul, and Even the Natural Body. This Excessive Drive, to Do, Perpetuates its Own Motion as a Disguise. The Disguise Leads to the Ultimate Destruction of the Spirit, the Soul, and the Body. All For the Sake of Doing. The Doing of Something. This Kind of Doing Generates its Own Kind of Reality Also. Its Own Kind of Life. Its Own Real Life Full of Futility in Activity. I Am Your Complete Fulfillment. Your Complete Fulfillment in Being. This is Your Reality. This is Where Each of You, in Relationship With Me Belong.

This is What You Yearn For.

Even Unknowingly 121

Who Do You Say I Am

at Times. It is Your Predestined Purpose of Being. Being One With Me, Your Lord, Your God. Each of You in Relationship With Me Are Created to Be One With Me. That is the Only Reason There is Any Dissatisfaction, Because You Are Not Fulfilled in Your Relationship of Oneness With Me. I Am With You. I Am With You That We Might Be One. I Express ‘Might’ Because it is Your Choice Also. Each of You Might Know What is Provided in Your Spiritual Inheritance and Allow it to Supply What it is Meant to Supply. Since Your Predestinated Purpose is Anchored in Your Spiritual Inheritance and Your Spiritual Inheritance is Provided in Our Relationship in Oneness, For Your Whole Being. I Am Your God Who has Supplied For All You Could Ever Ask orThink and Then Even More.

Lord, you have linked divine purpose with predestination and inheritance. So actually, we cannot know our divine spiritual purpose that has been predestinated within our inheritance without being in the relationship of oneness with you.

Boy’ oh boy, that’s a mouthful!

If You Do Not Know Me, if You Are Not in Relationship With Me, Then How Can You Know What Could Be Your Inheritance? Since I Am the One Who Provides an Inheritance to All Who Are in Relationship With Me. 122

Who Do You Say I Am

Any Claim to an Inheritance, Natural or Spiritual, is Recognized Because of the Bloodline in the Relationship; Which in Turn Provides Authority to Claim the Inheritance. Upon a Death is When Most Inheritances Are Claimed or Upon Coming of Age. Both Are Relative to Your Spiritual Inheritance. With the Recognition of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus The Christ, You Are Spiritually Transformed in Relationship With Me. Out of the Earthly Natural Realm, and All its So Called Power, and Into My Spiritual Kingdom, My Spiritual Realm. You Are Literally Made Alive Spiritually Once Again. All This Empowered Through The Holy Spirit. From the Natural to the Spiritual. Again, This is a Reader’s Digest Version of a Divine Spiritual Work That Can Take a Lifetime. Emphasis On the Words ...

‘Can Take’.

Because it Does Not Have to Take a Lifetime.

Remember Also, a Child’s Inheritance is Different Compared to an Adult’s Inheritance. A Child Being Immature and an Adult Being Matured. As With Any Inheritance Comes the Authority to Use What the Inheritance Provides. With the Immature, Provision is Made Without Much (if any) Authority For the Inheritor. Instead, the Immature Inheritor Becomes Subject to the Stipulated Authority Within the Inheritance, Till the Legal Age of Accountability. The Mature Inheritor Claims Ownership (i.e. Stewardship) of the Inheritance According to 123

Who Do You Say I Am

the Predestined Inheritance and Gains Understanding of its Authority and Provision. Without Relationship This is All Totally Impossible Naturally, and So it is Spiritually. Yes, Bloodline is the Legal Point, But So is the Rule of Adoption. Your Spiritual Inheritance has Been and is Provided For Each of You, According to Your Relationship and Purpose With Me as Your Lord, and Your God.

Again, Lord, this is with all the infinite variations of each personal relationship with you.

You Are Understanding. Good.

There is More. In Fact, There Will Always and in All Ways, Be More.

Lord, I thank you for our relationship.

John 17:11-26; 14:16-21, Gen. 1:27, Mal. 2:10, I Cor. 8:6, Col. 1:9-23, Heb. 9, I Pet.1

I Love You. Each of You. All These Expressions of My Love Are to All of You and to Each of You Personally.


Who Do You Say I Am

Each of You Are My Beloved. My Loved Ones. I Personally Love Each of You and Express My Love to Each of You, Very Personally. But, Remember I Love Each of You the Same.

That is very understandable, Lord. Each one of us, in our relationship with you, is loved the same. Because you are love. But, I also know that each one of us love you differently. There is the tendency to think that we have our own individual connection to you, that is better than anyone else’s, and that you are our own personal God.


That’s it Lord? Doesn’t that matter to YOU?

We all claim you as our God and then try to prove our connection with you is far better than the other person’s connection with you. It becomes a contest of who is spiritually superior.

If You Are Aware of That it is Because You Are Not to Be Likened to That Awareness. If That Reflection is What You See in Others, it is Solely to Move You Out of That Reflection of Yourself. Whatever Reflection You Are


Who Do You Say I Am

Constantly Seeing is Because it is Your Reflection Also.

Lord, that is harsh!

That tells me that this reflection I have just expressed is a reflection of myself. Is that right? That hurts.

What do I do to change it?

Oneness in Relationship With Me Changes That Kind of Reflection. Remember, Perspective? If You Will Allow Me to Change Your Perspective, to My Perspective, Every So Called Reflection Will Be Changed Likewise. From Glory to Glory. Your Reality and My Truth Are Not Always the Same or Synchronized the Same. Just Because You May See a Certain Reality, Believe a Certain Reality, Be in a Certain Reality; Does Not Necessarily Make it My Reality or My Truth. My Truth is Suppose to Be Your Reality. My Truth is Suppose to Be Your Real Life. Your Real Life With Me. I Am the Truth. Oneness in Our Relationship Brings My Truth.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. Lord, you have expressed a lot and I’m still catching up. It is difficult at times to be in two different places at once. Help me understand and keep going with you.


Who Do You Say I Am

The Fact That You Are Still Here, Still Praying and Still Writing, Shows That I Am With You. Helping You. What I Want Each of You to Hear Right Now is ...

I Am With You.

I Desire Each of You to Be With Me. I Desire a Close Relationship With You. I Desire to Be So Close That We Become as One. To Whatever Extent You Are Experiencing Me Right Now, is in Reality a Beginning of What Could Be. My Reality is Always Much More Than the Moment and the Moment is the New Beginning of What is to Come. Just Like Each Day is a New Day; So is Each New Day With Me, New Each Day.

I Am New Each Day.

Wow, Lord, that is awesome.

Again! I can actually see new questions forming within my spirit. How much do I really desire to know you? Do I know you as new each day? What kind of experience in our relationship is being reflected? These questions could go on and on. In thinking I know you Lord, I’m finding out just how much I don’t know you.

There is Always More of Me, Your Lord, Your God.


Who Do You Say I Am

I Am Without End. Why Not Know Me in the More? Trust Me, For I Desire to Free You From Your Limitations, That You Might Know My Limitlessness.

This is changing my perspective, again. Lord, thank you. This is beyond me. This is life without end. Because of you. I’m sorry I haven’t trusted you enough because of my own narrow-mindedness. Both naturally and spiritually, Lord. Trying to fit you into my life and its functions and dysfunctions, instead of allowing The Holy Spirit to fit me into your Life. Lord, you are so kind and gentle. This is totally overwhelming.

I Am Without End and Limitless, Yet I Am Not in Conflict With Your Limitedness. As Our Relationship Continues on According to Purpose, Each of You Are Expanding Spiritually. Going Beyond Your Own Limitations and Expanding Spiritually With The Holy Spirit. Hence, the Process of Remaining in Oneness With Me in Relationship.

Lord, I’m slowing down mentally and spiritually. It’s too difficult to keep on writing. I’ve stopped a couple of times for a break, but now I‘m exhausted.


Who Do You Say I Am

Thank you for this time and thank you for understanding.


Good morning, Lord.

Just got back from our walk (hubby and me). Another beautiful, fresh, Fall day. A good nights sleep does wonders for the spirit, soul, and body. I can see how everything does work together toward our true purpose, because of you, Lord.

Be Still and Know That I Am God. Your God. Be Still Body. Be Still Soul. Be Still Mind. Quiet Yourself. Calm Yourself. Come Away From All the Distractions. Come Away From All the Noise. Come Away From All the Turbulence. Find Rest For Your Body. Find Rest For Your Soul. Find Rest For Your Mind. Know That I Am God. Because of Who I Am; You Are. As You Continue to Know Me, You Will Also Continue to Know Who You Really Are. The More You Know Me, the More You Will Know Yourself!

A Dream is Very Realistic While You Are Dream-


Who Do You Say I Am

ing and Asleep. Upon Wakening the Dream Disappears, an Another Reality of Awareness Becomes Very Real. What if I Would Tell You That Any Reality Your Soul has Accepted, Without Me, is Still a Dream. That You Can Awaken at Any Time to My Reality and to My True Life. The Results of Your Living Are in Direct Relation to the Source of Your Living. The Source of Living Comes From the Spirit, the Soul, or the Body. The Dominate Source Actually Creates the Sequence and Events Within Your Life. At This Very Moment You Are Exactly What You Have Created. Each of You, With Your Own Freewill, Have Allowed the Life You Are Now Experiencing. You Are a Created Eternal Being. Creating Continually With Your Dominate Source, in the Spirit, or in the Soul, or in the Natural Body. Each Source Working With Each Other. But One is Always in Command of the Others. I Have Created You, Each of You, in My Image. You Likewise Create in Your Own Image. Either in or From Your Spirit, in or From Your Soul, in or From Your Body. It is a Universal Law Within My Whole Creation to Do Likewise. How Much More So in You. You, Because You Directly Resemble Me. Each of You Create, Knowingly and Unknowingly. I Know Many Heads are Shaking ...

No, No, No. That it Can’t Be So!

I Know Many Turn Away in Disbelief. But That 130

Who Do You Say I Am

is All Right. It Does Not Change Me, Only You. Everyone. I Repeat, EVERYONE, Comes to Their Own Awakenings. Could Be One. It Could Be Several. But, Awaken You Will. Some Awakenings Are Gentle Nudges. Some Are Rude Awakenings. All Are According to Your Predestined, Divine, God Given Purpose of Being. Each of You Are Awakened Out of Your Own Dream State of Reality to Awake to Your Godly Purposed Reality With Me. This is Constantly Being Accomplished. Many Sleep. Many Dream. Many Are Being Awakened, and Many Are Awake. Awake! Come Out of Your Sleep. Dream No More. I Am Your God and You Are Part of Me. Awaken and Remember!

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Couldn’t write anything after your last expression, Lord. It was more than I could comprehend and it moved me deeply. It really affected me.

Do You Understand That Words By Themselves, Have No Power? Any Power, Authority, or Truth of Any 131

Who Do You Say I Am

Words Are Solely Due to the Source the Words Originate From. The Source Being From the Spirit, the Soul, or the Natural Body. I Am the Word, the Living Word. I Am the Truth of the Living Truth. That is Why My Words Still Produce to This Very Day. My Words Are Life and They Are Truth. My Words Do Not Lose Any Power or Life or Truth, Because My Words Are Me. Part of Me. My Words Are Still Being Delivered By My Spirit. My Mimicked Words Are Often Delivered Without My Spirit. Such Words Will Produce According to Their Original Source. That is Why it is Written and Said of My Word ...

‘The Letter Kills, But the Spirit Gives Life’.

Accordingly, Each of You Will Produce Likewise. Accordingly, Each of You Will Create Likewise. Each of Your Own Freewill and Out of Your Own Freewill, to Create and Produce From the Source of Your Spirit, Your Soul, or Your Natural Body. Knowingly, You Can Produce From Your Spirit, With The Holy Spirit Who has Made You Alive Spiritually. This is Expressed to Clarify to the Many That Your Own Spirit Without Me, is Useless and Can Produce Nothing in My Kingdom, My Dwelling Place, or in My Spiritual Realm. Why Does One Person, Read and Read and Read, and Receive Nothing? Why Does Another Person, Read and Read and Read, and Receive Everything?

Then Again, Why Does One Person, Hear and Hear 132

Who Do You Say I Am

and Hear and Receive Nothing? Why Does Another Person, Hear and Hear and Hear, and Receive Everything? If Words Themselves Held Power All Would Read and Hear and Receive Everything. Especially My Written or Spoken Words. Everyone Would Have Spiritual Life and Spiritual Power. But it is Not So. Is it? Therefore, the Spirit and the Word Must Agree. All According to Your Relationship With Me and With The Holy Spirit. All According to the Purpose of Your Being. To Each Then Does My Word, My Spirit, My Power, Produce. So it is Then With Your Words. According to the Spirit They Are Spoken in, Will They Be Received, Will They Create, Will They Produce. All According to Their Purpose, and Source, and Belief.

EEE Lord, these days have passed quickly. Is it my imagination or is time passing faster than it use to? I remember as a child how the days dragged by, especially the long summer days. Now, a day passes as quickly as the next and it actually seems to be speeding up.

Does it Really Trouble You? With it? There is a Choice Here Also.

Yet You Go Along


Who Do You Say I Am

As a Child You Moved as a Child, Unaware of the Pace or Cycles of Time. After Many Years of Growing the Child Emerges into the Pace and Cycles that Time Creates Into a Life Style for the Conditioned Adult. But, Ultimately it is Your Choice, Your Freewill to Believe What You Will Concerning Time.

Perhaps a New Perspective is Due.

So time does not have to pass so quickly? The pace does not have to be so hectic? I’ve believed something that is not true?

The Sun Rises. The Sun Sets. There is Day. There is Night. It Always has Been and it Always Will Be in This World. It is Mankind’s Mind and His Creation to Control the Day Within the Sun Rising and the Sun Setting, Within a 24 Hour Cycle. To Control Each Hour Within the 60 Minutes, and to Control Each Minute Within the 60 Seconds. Time Therefore has Set its Own Control in the Man’s Mind; because of the Mind Power Within Mankind. That, in its Simple Mathematical Pattern is Not Fast Nor Slow. It is in the Mind of Man That it is Either Fast or Slow. Each of You Can Be as Fast in Time as You Choose, or as Slow in Time as You Choose. It is to Each Ones Choice, Belief, and Perspective That Time Passes. What You Do With Time is According to Each Ones Own Choice and Creation. 134

Who Do You Say I Am

In the Meantime, I Am in All the Seasons and Cycles and Purposes of Time. If Any of You Do Not Like the Pace of Time as it Affects Your Quality of Living; Then Choose Not Be Part of the Part, You Do Not Care For. Choose Deliberately. Choose the Balance You Desire. Create the Balance of Time You Desire. Choose to Keep Your Pace With Me Instead. What a Novel Idea! I Am Constant. Remember, the Constant of Constants? You Will Likewise Become Constant. This is Part of Our Relationship. Our Oneness. This is Part of Your Being. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. Are You Remembering? Are You Remembering the Oneness in Our Relationship? The Process of Remaining in Oneness With Me has its Own Pace Also. It has its Own Seasons and Cycles in the Oneness. All According to Your Own Purpose in Being. Remember?

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Lord, Lord, I know my relationship with you is changing. So many changes within my spirit, my soul, and even my mortal body. I thank you above all. For without The Holy Spirit working with me it wouldn’t even be imposible.


Who Do You Say I Am

There is one change that I do not exactly like or understand. Now, all I hear and see is incompleteness! Everything seems more incomplete. I can even see this in my own personal life and in everyone’s life. Yet, no one dares to admit it to ourself or to anyone else. To face the truth that we just are not really complete or as whole as we like to think. But I do have to admit it now, for myself. Do you understand, Lord? I need your truth, your perspective, your revelation. Within these pages all you have expressed is our oneness with you, for our spirit, our soul and our body. Yet there remains this other reality of incompleteness. If you are providing this expression and it is possible to remain in oneness with you, then why is everything right now so out of sync with you and what you have expressed?

Because the Process is Not Complete. Truthful and Simple. The Holy Spirit is Doing the Work With Each of You. With Your Knowing and Without Your Knowing. My Holy Spirit Will Complete the Work That has Been Started. It is the Purpose of The Holy Spirit to Fulfill Your Purpose Which is Ultimately My Purpose. Since the Process of Remaining is a Process, You Are Going to Be Aware of its Workings. The Incompleteness You May Experience is Also Because You Have Personally Been Engrossed With My Expressions of Completeness. But Take the Incompleteness You Are Experiencing and Ask For My Perspective (like you did) For That


Who Do You Say I Am

is Part of Prayer and the Reason You Pray. Each of You. I Am Complete. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. You Would Not Know of Any Incompleteness if You Were Not Aware of My Completeness. So Turn Your Full Attention Back to Me and Back to Remaining One With Me. Choose Me, Again. Find Your Relationship in Oneness Again. Concentrate on Being One With Me in Spirit, in Soul, and in Your Natural Body. The Holy Spirit Will Help You and Empower You as You Take Your Focus Off the Incompleteness of Yourself and Others. To Focus On the Incompleteness is Not Part of Me, Therefore You Are Not Remaining in Oneness at the Time. To Focus On My Completeness is Part of Me and Thus You Purposely Remain in the Process of Oneness. Keep Choosing Me. My Perspectives. My Truth. Each Truth Will Always Set You Free. Free to Be in Relationship of Oneness With Me. I Know Many of You Think You Are Already Free. What More Freedom is There?


Each of You Are Part of Me and Created to Be Free. To Be Free to Create With Me. Free to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose With Me. Free to Be Who You Are Divinely Predestined in Purpose to Be. Your Freedom is For My Kingdom. Your Freedom is For Your Divine Purpose to Be Your Reality in Relationship With Me. Your Freedom is For Your Divine Use in the Kingdom of Your God. Which has Become Your Reality and Your Kingdom Also.

Understanding Comes in the Process of Remain137

Who Do You Say I Am

ing One With Me. Understand, to Be With Me, is to Be Already Free. Free to Be One With Me, Your Lord, Your God; is Your Freedom. The Holy Spirit Enables and Empowers Each of You Into the Understanding of This. Each Revealed Truth. Each Enlightened Thought. Each New Perspective. Each Inspired Word. All is The Holy Spirit Making You Free. Spiritually Free to Be One With Me and Remain One With Me. All According to Your Divine Purpose of Being.

EEE Lord, thank you for knowing and understanding me. Even my weaknesses in my spirit, in my soul, and in my natural body. I know you are well aware of everything. Thank you for your kindness and your mercy. I’m sorry, Lord, for my harsh attitudes and my insensitivity toward others. Please forgive me and help me out of my selfishness.

My Love is Unconditional. For I Am the Good Shepherd. I Will Always Care For You and Take Great Care of You. I Do Know You, as I Desire You to Know Me. To Know, Meaning to Have a Personal Relationship With Me. As I Desire to Have a Personal Relationship With You. Each and Everyone of You. 138

Who Do You Say I Am

Information About Me Does Not Mean You Know Me. To Be Informed is Good, to Know is Even Better. Choose Carefully Between the Two. For Information Produces Head Knowledge. While Knowing Me Produces Life. Which Do You Really Desire? Which Will You Choose? Understand, if There is No Choosing, There is Nothing. Nothing Begets Nothing. This is Your Choice. Your Freewill to Choose. Your Freewill to Believe. I Have Chosen You That You Might Keep Choosing Me.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, I love you.

I Love You. Always Have and Always Will.

Thank you. Thank you, Lord.

Such an awesome expression of your love and your warmth. Thank you.

You Are More Than Welcome. You Are Always Welcomed. Just as You Know to Eat When You Are Hungry, a Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner; So You Also Need Spiritual Nourishment. The Holy Spirit Helps Supply Ample


Who Do You Say I Am

Nourishment For Your Spirit. For Each of You Personally. Since Natural Foods Sustain the Natural Body, Spiritual Foods Sustain the Spiritual Body. The Reflection of Each is Very Similar. You Need a Fresh, Well Balanced Diet For Your Natural Body as Well as Your Spiritual Body Needs a Fresh, Well Balanced Spiritual Diet. Not Yesterdays or Yester-years Warmed Leftovers. It May Be Adequate Once in Awhile, But Will Not Do if You Want to Maintain Spiritual Muscle and Strength. You Wouldn’t Put Up With Warmed Up Leftovers, Meal After Meal, For Your Natural Body. So You Should Not For Your Eternal Spiritual Body and its Well Being Either.

This is Working Toward aWonderful Expression.

One of the Most Important Reasons Food is Required for the Natural Body is That it Delivers All the Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, and Fiber for the Welfare of Your Total Existence! You Literally Choose Certain Foods That Will Supply and Produce For Your Body’s Benefit. Or at Least You Should. A Luscious Red Apple is Chosen For its Superb Sweetness and Juiciness. Not Only Does it Look Good and Taste Good, But it is Good For Your Body’s Health. That Particular Apple was Chosen Because it Came From a Specific Type of Apple Tree That Produced Just That One Variety of Apple You Desire. Without that Specific Tree There Would Not Be That Specific Apple to Choose or Even Enjoy. So the Source of the Apple is Just as Important as the Apple. Now Take This Scenario and Consider Your Spirit140

Who Do You Say I Am

ual Food. Remember, Spiritual Food has its Sources Also. Where Are You Getting Your Spiritual Food? What Kind of Spiritual Food Are You Partaking of? Is Your Spiritual Food Providing the Spiritual Strength You Need For Your Well Being? Just as You Can Measure Your Physical Well Being, So Take Measure of Your Spiritual Well Being. Spiritual Food, Like Your Natural Food, Can Only Produce According to its Source. Stop and Consider. I Am the Bread of Life. I Am the Water of Life. Eat From My Banquet Table, Drink From My Wells and You Will Have Everlasting Life. You Will Have Spiritual Strength and Spiritual Well Being. Remain One With Me in Our Relationship and Enjoy Your Spiritual Supply. There is Milk For the Young and Strong Meat For the Mature. Inquire of The Holy Spirit and Enjoy Your Spiritual Food With Me.

EEE Many of You May Wonder How to Measure Your Spiritual Strength or Well Being. Similar to Any Natural Food You May Consume, it Will Profit Your Body or Become a Debit to Your Body. In Plain Language, a Plus or a Minus. So the Same Analogy Goes With Your Spiritual Body and What You Consume as Spiritual Food. It Either Profits Your Spirit or it is a Debit to Your Spirit.


Who Do You Say I Am

Inquire of The Holy Spirit if the Spiritual Food Supply is Perfect For You. For Your Own Spirit. You Would Inquire of a Doctor For the Natural Body and the Natural Diet it Specifically Needs, at Whatever Stage of Growth or Cycle it May Be In. So it Should Be For Your Spiritual Diet at Whatever Stage and Cycle it May Be In. So Inquire of Me. For I Am the Great Physician, Just For You. Inquire of The Holy Spirit What Should Be Your Spiritual Diet so it Will Be Well Balanced and Provide Abundantly For Your Spiritual Life. Perhaps, You Think This is too Generalized. That None of This Really Tells You Anything Anyway.

That is Absolutely Correct!

This is Not a ‘Do It Yourself Book’, Nor the ‘Best Ten Steps To Spiritual Vitality’. My Spiritual Food Diet is Very Personalized For Each One of You. Just as Each of You Are Personally Responsible and Responsive With Me, For Your Own Personal Relationship and Your Own Personal Spiritual Purpose With Me. So it is in Your Own Spiritual Diet. If You Have Never Considered This Before; or Perhaps Not Known it to Be an Available Choice With The Holy Spirit, Come Now and Inquire of Me. Maybe You Have Accepted Someone Else’s Spiritual Diet, Thinking it was Good Enough For Them, it Must Be Good Enough For You too. But, Now You Sense a New Hunger, a Spiritual Hunger. Allow Me to Prepare a Spiritual Menu Tailor-Made Just For You!


Who Do You Say I Am

Take Time and Examine Your Spiritual Diet and What it is Providing and Producing. We Can Make Any Alterations You May Need. I Can and Will Supply All Your Needs Accordingly and Just For You.

Lord, thank you.

You have changed my spiritual diet many times, and you have always provided what I need. Please define what you are categorizing as spiritual food. I have my own general idea, but would rather know yours.

Spiritual Food is Not Categorized. Spiritual Food is Spiritual Truth Which Effectively Empowers Your Spiritual Life. Re-read That Last Expression Over Till it Hits Home! Spiritual Food is Either Heard With Your Spiritual Ears, Seen With Your Spiritual Eyes, or Spoken From the Spiritual Mouth. The Emphasis is On, it has to Be Spiritual. Spiritual Food is Imparted Spiritually and Personalized to Each of You. This is the Work of The Holy Spirit With You. If You Will Follow. Perhaps You Are Spiritually Hungry. Perhaps You Are Spiritually Starved. Perhaps Your Spiritual Diet is Out of Balance. You Can Recognize This By Taking Note


Who Do You Say I Am

of Any Small or Large Symptoms of Spiritual Unbalance or Spiritual Malnutrition. Any Such Symptons Can Be Found in the Spirit, the Soul and the Natural Body. Remember, I Am the Bread of Life. My Spiritual Food is Substance For Your Total Well Being. If You Really Are Willing to Come to Me, You Will Never Hunger or Thirst Again. Come and Dine With Me and I Will Dine With You. Always an Open Invitation. Is This Understandable to You?

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Yes, Lord, very understandable to me. Thank you.

I still sense this to be very generalized, so I know this also must be according to all the variations of purpose on an individual basis. This must be worked out with you personally as we go.

John 14:6; 14-17, I Cor. 12:13, Eph. 4:1-6, Neh. 8, John 8:37-39, Acts 2, II Cor. 3, John 5:39-40, Josh. 24:15, Rev. 1:8-11, Gal. 5:1, John 10:11, I Cor. 8:1-3, I Pet. 2:2, John 6:48-51; 63, II Cor. 3:17-18, Rev. 3:20

EEE 144

Who Do You Say I Am

Well, Lord, I’m sitting down with an evening cup of coffee and just glad to be here with you. It has been a full day, but this time with you really makes my day complete. This special prayer time and writing is actually refreshing and is the high light of any day.

Thank you again, Lord.

This Time is Purposed to Bless You. Each of You Who Are Now Part of It. Many of You Will Read This Book From Cover to Cover. Many of You Will Come Back to It Time After Time. Many of You Will Take Bits and Pieces Along the Way. But the Truth is, Each of You Are Purposed to Be Here Right Now. I Desire to Declare My Love to You and Share My Expressions With You in a New Way. A New Way That Will Extend Beyond These Pages. Let Us Have Fellowship in a Renewed Relationship Together. You Will Never Be the Same Again. I Am the Lord of Hosts, But I Am Your Lord Also. I Am God Almighty, But I Am Your God Also. Let Us Commune Together. Come and Share With Me and I Will Share With You. Praying is Part of Your Divine Inheritance and Part of Our Relationship. Make Time in Your Prayer Time and in Any of Our Shared Time to Wait For My Response. Allow Me Time to Share and Answer You. I Desire a Relationship of Oneness With You.

I Love to Express My Heart to You. I Love to


Who Do You Say I Am

Express My Mind to You. I Love to Have Each of You Understand Me. This Will Be the Friendship You Have Been Looking For All Your Life. For I Am That Friend That Will Stay Closer to You Than a Brother. Try Me. Trust Me. I Am For You and Not Against You. How Can You Refuse Me? I Will Never Refuse You.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Lord, sometimes there is nothing to write after your expressions. I simply cannot continue on. It’s the same effect when I go back and re-read sections. I need time to digest and just be still with you again. I would like to address another subject, Lord. This centers around miracles and healings. Of which I whole heartily believe in both. There is so much information and so many doctrines about miracles and healing, that it seems mind boggling. Everyone has a different angle on the subject and to know who or what is right is practically impossible.

I Am your Healer. I Am the Great Physician. You Are Created to Live in Wholeness, in Your Body, in Your Soul, and in Your Spirit. Each of You and All of You. You 146

Who Do You Say I Am

Are Created to Be One With Me. Within This Oneness, Need and Want Become Obsolete. But Not Till Then. Remember. Remaining in Oneness is a Process. The Process Must Proceed. All According to the Purpose of Your Individual Creative Divine Being. As We Continue On in Our Rerelationship, You Will Know Your Completeness, Your Wholeness in Spirit, in Soul, and in Your Body. But, Remember, It is a Process. Consider, What May Appear to Be Whole or Complete; May in Actually Be Just the Opposite. As Our Relationship is a Process of Remaining in Oneness, That Remaining is Not Complete Within the Spirit, the Soul, or the Body, All Simultaneously. Many Breaches Occur Within These Different Areas of Reality. The Natural Mortal Body of Flesh and Blood is Affected According to its Individualized Genealogy, its Environmental Condition, its Soulful Heritage, and Experiences. All Thru its Spiritual Connections Throughout its Entire Existence. The Soul is Affected Also With All These Factors and is Very Susceptible to the Era in Which it Lives. It is Also Influenced On a Spiritual Level, Either Negatively or Positively. The Spirit is Likewise Affected and Can Either Be a Help or a Hindrance. These Three Areas Fluctuate in Strengths and Weaknesses. Each Fluctuate in Power and Authority, in Wholeness and Unwholeness. This is All According to the Individual and Eventually According to Your Own Divine Purpose of Being. Being One With Me. 147

Who Do You Say I Am

EEE Wow, Lord, these few days past have seemed too long. What a switch. I literally was not able to face this time with you. It is amazing how fragile each day really is. We (or should I say, I) actually do not have any balance of anything outside of you, Lord. It can all fall apart in an instant. There is so much to learn and understand. It makes me feel like a beginner again. I couldn’t even finish the last prayer time with you and now it is like all that in-between time has vanished. It’s like I’m right back where I belong. Right back, instantly, to where we (I, again) left off.

Thank God. Yes, thank you God.

That is totally awesome, Lord. Thank you so much. Right where I should be. NOW. Thanks.

I Am the Same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever. I Am Constant. You Are Remembering to Be Constant Also. The Process is On Going Till You Exit This Earthly Body and its Domain.

Do you mean, I will always be in this process till I die and leave this body and this earth? 148

Who Do You Say I Am


Lord, I can’t say I like the prospects of that. Never to be completely whole.

So I have to be constantly struggling to be whole.



You Are in This World, and Because of Me, You Are Not Totally Part of It. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Take This Personally.

That is Your Natural Body. That is Your Individualized Soul. That is Your Spiritual Being. All Now in the Process of Remaining One With Me, Your Lord, Your God. All Now According to the Workings of The Holy Spirit With You, and According to Your Creative Divine Purpose of Being. This is For Each of You. Each of You Coming to the Knowledge of Oneness in Spirit, Soul, and Body. All to Come Into Your Being of Oneness With Me. All So


Who Do You Say I Am

We May Share in Our Relationship and For You to ReExperience on Earth as it is in Heaven. This is Only Possible With Me. This is Part of Your Inheritance. This is Part of Your Wholeness and Completeness; and This is Part of Our Relationship. This is Also Why You Pray. So You May Come to Share in Our Relationship and Experience Our Oneness to Live the Kingdom Life On This Earth, as it is In Heaven. Not Just For Yourself, But For Your Purpose of Being That Will Be Shared With Many and Then For Many. You Asked About Miracles and Healings, of Which We Briefly Touched Upon. There Are Many Types of Miracles as Well as Many Types of Healings. All According to Purpose. Divine Purpose. Each One of You in the Process of Remaining One With Me Are Not Able to Accomplish This in Your Own Efforts. It is My Divine Intervention With and For You. Whatever the Teachings, Whatever the Doctrines, Whatever the Whatevers, it All Eventually Boils Down to One Truth.

Our Relationship.

Me to You and You to Me. My Relationship With You and Your Relationship With Me. I Am the Father of All Life. Where Can You Go That I Am Not Aware Of? Who Among You Understands the Universe Without Theory? Is There Really Anyone Who Will Counsel Me?

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. 150

Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, that is so wonderful and I appreciate what you expressed. But again, your simplicity is not what is seen and heard in this world. From what I can see and from my little point of view, there are many people living in much pain and sufferings. Either physically, Eemotionally, or spiritually. Plus, not to mention, all the combinations of the above and from whatever disease named. Many souls in deep pain that is just as real as any physical pain. Also, all the sicknesses that can take away the healthy mind. Lord, this is what is really happening. This is a reality on this earth right now and on many different levels. What is all this? This happens with those who don’t know you, to those who do know you. So its on both sides, no matter what perspective. It’s still there.

This I do not understand.

What Do You Expect, Dear One?

This is Not a Rose Garden. This is Not La-La land. This IS Planet Earth and it IS Doing Exactly What it is Purposed to Do! Simply Expressed (yes, simply again), You See What You Believe to See. Each One of You. All of You Together and All of You Separately. You Create After Your Own Likeness as Those Have Created in There Own


Who Do You Say I Am

Likeness Before You. Each of You Are Able to Create and Recreate Whatever You Truly Desire. This Kind of Creating is Ongoing in Every Moment of Every Day in Everyone’s Life. Some in Passivity and Some in Great Awareness. Some Knowingly One Moment and Some Unknowingly the Next Moment. Some in the Spiritually Divine and Some so Far Removed From Divinity that it Regresses to Base Animal Instinct. Understand Mankind has Produced What Mankind has Desired From Day One; and it is in Full Swing to This Very Date. Consider the Great Population Explosion. With the Increase of Mankind Comes the Increase From Mankind. On Every Level! More is Being Produced Than Ever Before. More of Everything. From the Natural Realm, From the Soul’s Realm, and From the Spiritual Realm. More of Mankind Everywhere. But, There is Still a Place, and a Special Place, For Each One of You. Just Because Mankind Does Not Exist in the Same Realm as I Am, Does Not Mean Mankind is Not Creating. But, the Ones Who Are in Relationship With Me, Are Creating Also. Creating More Spiritual life. Most of Mankind is Still too Busy Creating Everything Else. Many So Caught Up in There Own Creations That They Do Not Know Me as Their Creator. These have Forgotten and Forsakened the Truth of Life. Therefore They Cannot Create Any Lasting Form of Life. Just More of Themselves. There has Been Many Awakenings and Re-Awakenings Throughout Earth’s History On All Levels. There Are Many Who Are More Awake Now Then Ever Before. 152

Who Do You Say I Am

Spiritually Awake! For I Am Always Stirring Someone From Their Deep Sleep. Many Rather Sleep and Remain Bemused and Blind. Many Rather Sleep and Not Be Disturbed From Their Deceptive Dreams. Many Rather Believe the Sleep has Not Deceived. There Will Always Be the Many Who Rather Not. I Am For the Willing. Willing to Be Awakened. Willing to Be Awake. Willing to Choose to Remain Awake. Willing to Shed the Groggy Sleep of Deception. Willing to Separate From All Deceptions and All Who Deceive. Willing to Know Me Instead. Willing in Spirit, Soul, and Body to Remain in Oneness With Me as Lord and God. Willing to Be in Constant Relationship With Me, as Their Lord and God.

I Am Willing. Are you?

I Know When and Who is Willing. Is it You? I Know Each of You as You Are Willing and I Know Each of You as You Are Not Yet Willing. I Am Willing to Show the Way, That You Would Be Willing to Follow. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Follow Me in the Way of Truth and Life. Your Truth For Today is Your Light Into Tomorrow. Each Truth in Your Life Creates your Tomorrow. Without Your Truth of Today You Cannot Create Your Tomorrow. This is Part of Your Inheritance You Must Remember. You Must Remember to Use What You Are Created For. Your Life, Your Existence, is Not Your Own. Your Vision is Not Your Own. Your Faith is Not Your Own. 153

Who Do You Say I Am

Your Talents and Attributes Are Not Your Own. Your Weaknesses and Failures Are Not Your Own. Yes, it is All Part of You. Yes, it is All With You. Yes, You Hold it All in Your Own Accountability. But, Totally Purposed Outside of Yourself and its Innate Selfishness. Not For the Me, Myself, and I. But, For the Kingdom of God.

Awake and Follow Me. Awake and Remember.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, Lord, this is BIG. Here we go again.

Spiritually my senses know exactly what you are expressing. Is this because my own mind is catching up with my spiritual self? Everything takes on a new light, a new perspective. There is a real sense of well-being with you, that makes me want to express more and more, and know your expressions within me more and more.

What You Are Sensing is My Spirit, My Spiritual Force Within Your Spiritual Being; to Strengthen and Energize and Promote My Spiritual Kingdom. My Spiritual Force as an Energy, Expands Within Your Spiritual Being to Promote Your Spiritual Effectiveness. Yes, it Does Effect Your Whole Being. Spirit, Soul, and Body. But Not Always With Your Knowing Involved. You Do Not Have to Feel Me to Know I Am With You.


Who Do You Say I Am

It is All Part of Knowing Who I Am That You Might Also Know Who You Are. All According to Purpose.

Lord, that leads to another question. In fact, you are leading me to this question. I sense this whole prayer time is really your idea first and then it becomes my idea, because of you! But, the question is about your power. Many call your power a quickening or an anointing. But again, there are so many different teachings and doctrines about your power that I would really like to hear your expression concerning this.

It is All Part of Me, However Expressed. My Quickening, My Anointing, My Power, My Presence. All Part of Me, Your Lord, Your God, So That You Will Know Me and Experience Me in Power, Full of Life. My Presence With You and Part of You. Each of You. For There is No One That Can Contain the All of Me. As I Am For Each of You Personally, I Am For Each of You Together. In This, Each of You Are Part of Me and Thus is the Whole of Us Together. As You Are Part of Me, You Are Also Part of Each Other. The Each, Make Up the Whole, and All Are Part of Me. That is Why Deception is So Blinding. All to Try and Keep Any From Any Light in the Truth of Who I Am and the Light in the Truth of Who You Are.


Who Do You Say I Am

Individualism in Separatism, Worldly or Religious, Are All ‘isms’ to Separate in Layers of Deception the Reality of the Truth That I Am Not Divided. God is One God. How Can You Therefore Be Divided and Divisive? How Can You Count Yourself Separate From Each Other? This is Spirit and This is Truth. There Are No Divisions in Me or in My Kingdom. In My Kingdom is Oneness, Wholeness, Life, and Power. Oneness to Be One With Me and With Each Other. Wholeness to Be Whole With Me and With Each Other. Life to Be Full of Life and Power to Be Full of Power. With Me and With Each Other. I Am God Almighty. All Powerful. Each of You, as Part of Me, Are Full of My Life and Full of My Power. Because it is Me. My Spirit With You. Yet Many of You Do Not Know the Extent of the Life and Power That is With You and Available to You. Only Because You Do Not Really Know Me and You Do Not Really Know Yourselves. Only Through Our Personal and Intimate Relationship of Remaining in Oneness With Me Will This Great Inheritance Be Revealed and Used. Again, All According to My Purposes as I Have Purposed For Each of You to Come to Your Being. Within Our Relationship and Within Our Oneness Each of You Will Remain Within Your Divine Purpose. Your Purposed Purpose is Empowered to Produce With The Holy Spirit. Empowerment is Linked With Spiritual Authority to Create Spiritually on This Earth as it is In Heaven. My Kingdom Comes as My Will is Done On This Earth as it is In Heaven. Remember the Kingdom of God is Within You and For You, Right Now. This is For Your Wholeness and For 156

Who Do You Say I Am

All of You to Be Whole Together. To Be Purposed and to Fulfill Your Purpose of Being. Each of You Are Unique Individuals, Purposed and Empowered For the Wholeness of the Many. The Benefits of the One Are to the Benefit of the Many. The Many Become Whole Together. I Am Your Increase. I Am Your Prosperity. I Am Your Supply. I Am Forever and I Create in the Forever. My Empowerment is Life and Restores Life. My Empowerment is the Light of Truth and Enlightens. My Empowerment Adds and Multiplies, as it Takes Each of You Beyond Your Own Imaginary Limitations. All to Excel in My Spiritual Realm. My Kingdom, Which is Your Kingdom Also. My Kingdom Becomes Your Kingdom, Your Dwelling Place With Me. Your Home Away From Home.

Ps. 89:8, Prov. 18:24, Is. 53:5; 55:1-3, I Pet. 1, Heb. 13:8, John 17:14-17, Mark 4:30-32, Mat. 25:1-13; 16:24, I Cor. 6:19-20, Rom. 8:11, Ps. 119-33-40, Mat. 6

EEE Lord, you have been expressing a lot, on page and off page. Thank you again and again. As you have clearly stated, this is a process of remaining in oneness with you. What a process it is, and truthfully, 157

Who Do You Say I Am

I love it! I can still see a lot of incompleteness in my life. Regarding what I may know right now, there still seems to be so much that I do not know. I know you must make allowances for all my incompleteness.

Allow Me to Help You and Help You to Constantly Keep On Going Spiritually. There is Absolutely Nothing, I Repeat, Nothing That Can Separate You From Me or Me From You. It Does Not Matter What the Situation May Appear in Any Completeness or Incompleteness. I Am Steadfast and Unmovable in My Love Toward All of You and For All of You. Do Not Waiver in Your Knowingness of Our Relationship. Our Oneness. Focus Clearly and With Your Whole Being on Knowing Me. The Holy Spirit Will Confirm the Truth to Each of You and That Truth Will Make You Free. Free to Be One With Me. Free to Continue On Daily With Me. Free to Remain In My Liberty With Me. Free From Any Influence That is Not United With Me. Free In Deed. I Am Love and Will Not Control You or Force Any of You to Remain with Me in Oneness. Why Should Anything Else. Be it Natural, Soulful, or Spiritual, Try to Control You? If You Are Concerned Right Now Because You Sense Your Liberty or Freedom in Spirit is Being Hindered in Any Way, Than it is. But, Do Not Ignore it. Consult With The Holy Spirit and Check it Out. Find Out What’s Really Going On. Whether it’s Within You or Outside of You. The Holy Spirit Will Help You and Let You 158

Who Do You Say I Am

Know What the Hindrance is and How to Deal With It. Each of You Are Created to Be Free and This is Part of the Process of Remaining in Oneness With Me. Relationship With Liberty is an Essential Part of Your Inheritance. Because Each of You Are Uniquely Purposed to Be One With Me According to Your Divine Purpose of Being. This is Individually and Collectively. All Within Our Relationship. To Be One With Me is to Be Free. To Be Free in the Liberty is to Continue On and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose of Being. My Holy Spirit Will Constantly Bring You the Truth That Will Make You as Free as You Want to Be. As Free as You Truly Desire. Desire Me and Inquire of Me. Do You Really Desire Me. Desire My Liberty? Do You Desire My Freedom? Do You Desire My Truth? This is Spirit and This is Truth. Are You Free to Be One With Me? Allow The Holy Spirit to Bring You Truth That Really Makes You Free.

Free From, and Free To.

Even Now Allow The Holy Spirit to Make That Last Expression Truth and Life to You. My Truth is Powerful. My Truth Transforms. My Truth is Revolutionary. My Truth Excels in Authority and Literally Dispels Anything to Everything That is Less. I Am the Truth. I Am the Spirit of Truth. It is Me. Our Relationship is in Spirit and in Truth. Anything Less Than That Falls to the Wayside and Becomes as Nothing. My Truth is Always Full of Hope and Expectation. One Truth Revealed Always Creates the Next Truth to Be Revealed. There is No End to My Truth. My Truth is 159

Who Do You Say I Am

Eternal, For I Am Eternal. I Am the Eternal Truth. You Are Created to Be in Eternal Relationship With Me and to Be Eternally Purposed in Spirit and in Truth.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Thank you Lord. I know you want to continue on and express more about your truth. What has been shared already is great, so I can only wait with anticipation. But, I do thank you, Lord, for your help thru this whole day, especially with my work and the people I have to be with everyday. Thank you for being with me constantly. Such change within me and I know it’s all because of you.

Often One Does Not Realize They Are Not Free, Till They Are Set Free. Call it Fear, Call it Bondage, Call it Hinderances, Call it Sin, Call it Unbelief, Call it Lack of Faith, Call it Being Less Than Your Best. Call it Whatever You Want. The Only Remedy For Whatever the Ailment You Describe is Called the Truth. Truth Equals a Statement Without Distortion. A Question Can Only Be Answered to the Perceived Truth. But, Anything Less Than the Truth Will Not Make You 160

Who Do You Say I Am

Free. Will Not Bring Liberty, Will Not Produce Life. The Question, or in Other Words, the Lack, Exists Because You Do Not Possess the Needed Truth. My Truth For You. Allow Yourself to Admit That You Do Not Know My Truth and That You Do Lack in Truth at Whatever Level.

I Repeat Again.

Allow Yourself to Face Yourself and Admit to Yourself, You Do Not Know the Truth. There is Nothing Wrong in Not Knowing. It is Once Again Your Opportunity to Know Me in Our Relationship. For I Am the Possessor of All Truth For You. For Everything Concerning You. For Each and Everyone of You Will Find the Truth and All the Answers With Me. In All the Good Seminars; Teachers Teach, Preachers Preach. Each Lesson Informs. But, Are You Free? Have You Received the Truth You Require to Be Free? This is Not a ‘Quick Fix Program’. This is Not a ‘Drive Thru Winner’s Window’. This Becomes Part of Your Relationship With Me. This Becomes Your Life’s Work With Me. This is a Personal Process in Transformation Between You and Me and My Holy Spirit With You. My Truth Comes to You in Word and in Deed. With My Truth Your Spirit is Made Free. Free to Keep Following Me. With My Truth Your Soul is Made Free. Free to Complement Your Divine Purpose. With My Truth Your Mind is Made Free. Free to Surpass All Limitations of Time, Age, and Even Genetics. With My 161

Who Do You Say I Am

Truth Your Mortal Body is Made Free. Free to Serve and Be Whole With Strength and Love. This is Truth in Transformation With Renewal and Regeneration For Your Oneness of Being. One With Me, Your Lord, Your God.

EEE Again, and again, thank you, Lord. Talk about being set free. Here you give me an up to date experience of just that. First in word and than in deed. Deed, being an actual action of coarse. For the sheer fact that I had been so enthralled in the feeling of closeness in being with you, that I literally balked when you suddenly removed the sensation of closeness that I so enjoyed. I kept praying to get back to that experience of feeling. Not understanding what was really going on. Until, you stopped me and gave me the ultimate truth that I needed.

The truth being ... you are not a feeling!

Yes, it is wonderful and good to know your presence, to feel your presence and to enjoy your presence. But not to get wrapped up in just that aspect of your being. Yes, it is part of you, but it is not all of you. It is part of the relationship. But there is always much more. With you, Lord, everything is provided. But, it is YOU, and not just your provisions. I was centered 162

Who Do You Say I Am

on all the goodies of what I was getting and missing the main issue.

That it is YOU first.

I was really stuck for awhile till you made me free. Again! Plus, I know another ‘again’ will come along, again! It seems like you do most of the work in our relationship, Lord. In fact, you do. You are my strength and my love. I may not literally see you, but you know what? I do see you!

Thank you.

Our Relationship is Vital to Your Well Being. Well Being in Spirit, Soul, and Body. To Be in Well Being is the Balance Resulting in Remaining One With Me, Your Lord, Your God. You Will Find Your Total Completeness, Total Well Being, Total Fulfillment, With Me.

Lord, that is true. Only it seems to take so long to realize it and to then have it actually come together. To really believe that solid truth. To be real. To be reality.

Reality is a Choice. There Are Many Realities.


Who Do You Say I Am

Your Reality is Your State of Being. Depending On Your Being Within Your Spirit, Within Your Soul, and Within Your Natural Body.

Lord, you express those three areas a lot, spirit, soul, and body. So I know they must be significant.

Each of You Are Exactly What You Are Right Now in Your Spirit, Your Soul, and Your Body. Each Area Affecting Each Other Area as You Become One With Me. I Am Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The Lord Your God is One God. You Are Each Created to Be One With Me. You Can Be One With Me In One Area and Not Be One With Me In All the Others Areas of Your Being. You Likewise, Can Be One With Me In All Areas Except One. Then In That One Area, You Are Not One With Me at All. There Are Many Variables, Along With the Many Personalized Variables. Each Variable Depending On Each Individualized Divine Purpose of Being. I Am One God and Each of You Are Created to Be One With Me. This is a Spectacular Journey. Learning to Live Your Life and Then Living to Learn Your Life. This is the Ultimate Consummation Within Our Relationship. Life, and That Life More Abundant. I Am Life and Have Created All Life On a Grand Scale. Enjoy the Journey On a Grand Scale. The Journey May Change From Day to Day. Todays Part of the Journey is Part of Tomorrows Journey. So Take Joy in Today 164

Who Do You Say I Am

For the Sake of Tomorrow.

All Because of Today. Today. Today!

This is Your Eternity. Eternity is a Forever Constant, as I Am Forever Constant. Do Each of You Realize That You Will Never Cease? You Are With Me Eternally, Eternal. The Mortal Body Does Perish. Your Spirit and Soul Will Live On. Since You Are Born of My Spirit You Are Created to Live On in My Spirit and to Eternally Go On, in My Spirit. Everything Pertaining to Your Life is Eternally Bonded Within Your Soul. Each of You as a Living Soul. You Are Right Now a Living Soul Born of My Spirit and Eternally Bound. There is No End to Being as There is No End to Being Eternally Bound With Me. This is Not a Mystery. Being One With Me Will Effect Your Whole Being, Spiritually and Soulfully. Even to Your Mortal Body. This has Been Expressed Many Times and in Many Ways. Your Spiritual Essence Reflects Upon Your Divine Purpose and Your Empowerment; as You Allow The Holy Spirit to Bring You Into Truth. From Glory to Glory Within Our Relationship. Each of You Are Enabled and Empowered to Perform the Divine Purpose You Are Created to Fulfill in Your Being.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, that is good. Again it seems too simple. Too 165

Who Do You Say I Am

simple to produce such life. I hear, but without totally understanding the truth of it. If what you are expressing is going on all the time, then why isn’t more being accomplished? I know I have just contradicted myself. I believe, but I don’t believe. Why are there more faith churches now, faith teachers and preachers, more of everything pertaining to our spiritual life and yet not much is being spiritually manifested in peoples lives? There seems to be all this and so much more of learning, discipleship, and ministry, than there is of your people just doing and being in your divine purposes. That is a run on sentence and a run on thought of what it seems to be to me.

That is Not a Fair Judgement, Nor a True Statement. Remember All Things Are Not What They Appear to Be. What You Think You See is One Basic Reality. But, That is Only One Scenario of a Reality Where There Are Many. My Reality, My Real Life, is More Than All the Other Realities Put Together. There Are Many Christian and Non-Christian Realities That Are Happening Which Are Seen, But There Are Many More Realities That Are Also Happening That Are Not Seen. Just as Each of You Value Your Own Reality as of Right Now; So it is With EVERYONE.


Who Do You Say I Am

Each of You Cling to Your Reality Like it Can Actually Give You Life. But, the Truth of My Reality is What Produces Life and That Life More Abundantly. My Life, My Truth to You, Becomes Your Reality. Which Becomes Your Life in Reality. All Because You Are Part of Me. All Because This is Part of Your Journey. Part of Your Journey to Be in Relationship With Me and to Remain in Relationship of Oneness With Me. Your Eternity is a Continued Journey of Being One With Me, Your Lord, Your God. For Whatever Your Life is Now, or Becomes, it is All Directed Toward Your Divine Purpose of Being One With Me. Whether in This Life Now or as You Go On Eternally, You Will Be Divinely Inspired to Fulfill Your Purpose of Being. This is Part of Your Eternal Life and This is All Part of My Eternal Plan.

Lord, excuse me, you are expressing a lot again, without revealing a lot. It boggles my mind in it’s simplicity, even as I have stopped and checked certain words in the dictionary, again. Not that you need to be checked by me or anyone else; but it has helped me see your continuity through it all. At least up to this point. With each word I have looked up, I see how perfectly they express what you are putting forth. But, again the simplicity bothers me. There is however, a subtle clearness that transcends my mental capabilities. So respectfully, I continue on with you.


Who Do You Say I Am

I Am the God of All Flesh. I Am Well Able to Express Myself in Whatever Language, Diction, or Dialect That is Required. Just as Each of You Are Well Able to Express Yourself to Me in Your Own Language, Diction, or Dialect. I Recognize the Spirit of Your Words First and Then Your Words. Often, it is the Spirit of the Words That Actually Move in the Spiritual Realm, Since You Do Not Always Know How to Pray or What to Say. But, it is in the Spirit of the Words Expressed That Moves Within the Spiritual Realm to Create the Spiritual Response According to Each One’s Divine Purpose. All This in Our Relationship Together. Often One Word Can Express a Thousand as a Thousand Words Become as One. I Am Well Aware of Each of Your Adequacies and Your Inadequacies, Relating to Your Own Expressions of Spiritual and Eternal Matters. So it is Not Always in What is Said in the Spirit, But Also What is Not Said. Just as too Many Words Can Dilute, So too Few Words Can Pollute. I Know Where All Words and Spirit Originate. It All Comes to Each of You in the Choice of Your Words and in the Spirit of Your Words. The Spirit of the Word(s) Provide the Power of That Word(s). Just as Words Have Their Own Power in the Natural Realm, it is Likewise in the Souls Realm, and it is More Likewise in the Spiritual Realm. But All According to the Origin. This is Why One Person’s Spoken Words Can Literally Kill and Anothers Person’s Spoken Words Can Literally Create Life. All Depending On Where the Spoken Words Originate, They Therefore Create. 168

Who Do You Say I Am

Well Spoken Words Are Like Music to the Soul. Choose Your Own Words With Care For They Will Affect Your Own Being, in Spirit, Soul, and Body; as Well as to Whom They Are Directed, in Spirit, Soul, and Body. We Have Expressed This Before.

Yes Lord, in many ways and knowing all the unforeseen variables that are or can be seen or experienced along the way.

I Am the Living Word. I Am the Word of Life For Each and Everyone of You. As My Words Are Powerful in My Identity, So Your Own Words Are Powerful in Their Own Identity. My Words Perform Accordingly and So Your Words Perform Accordingly. Choose to Create in What Realm You Specifically Desire Results. Know That You Are Accountable For Your Own Words and For the Spirit of Your Own Words. As You Each Remain in Oneness Within Our Relationship the Empowerment of Your Words in Creativity Will Flow in More Life in Spirit, More Life in the Soul, and More Life in Your Mortal Body. I Am the Living Word. If You Take Notice of Anyone in Admiration of Their Words and Deeds; it Should Be Me First. For the More You Know Me in All Areas and Realms, You Will Recognize My Reflection Continually, My Words, and My Deeds. No Matter the Circumstances of Your Own Personal Life, You Will Know Me. All of This Will Be According to Your Divine Purpose of Being. 169

Who Do You Say I Am

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Wow, another great fall day. Another day to be with you, Lord. To enjoy our relationship today is a blessing indeed. Thank you so much, Lord. Thank you for making this day. This special day. Thank you for this time in prayer and writing with you. Thank you.

I Am With You Always. Even When You Do Not Recognize Me, I Am With You. Each of You. If Your Eyes Are Reading These Words, I Am With You. These Words Are a Reflection of Me. My Expression For You Today. I Am With You Today. Right Now. Since the Future is Yet to Be and Yesterday has Already Been; Know That Right Now is Your Life. Right Now With Me. Right Now is This Moment That is With Me. This is Part of My Expression of Love to You and For You, Today. Take Heart, Listen and Understand. What Each of You Are Experiencing of Me Right Now is Always Available. Just Acknowledge Me in Any NOW Moment. Acknowledge Me Whatever Way You Are Able. The Little Becomes A Lot Very Quickly With Me. 170

Who Do You Say I Am

I Am Emmanuel. God With You. God With You. God With You. This is My Relationship With You as Well as Your Relationship With Me.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Here we are again, Lord. Early morning and cars are flying by on the road out front. Everyone rushing to get to work. The birds are flocking together and preparing for the winter season. Most of the fall leaves have fallen and the sky has that winter gray look. It has come to the point, Lord, that all the activity of this life has become passe’. It’s there, but I choose not to be caught up with it. I still like others, eat, sleep, work, live, but it seems it has become secondary. I guess you have really caught my attention. I love each new day with you and look forward to the next day because of you. I don’t mean it’s all oohs and aahs. I have my difficult moments and problems too. But in truth, I realize that as long as you are with me I will make it today. All because of our relationship which has become my reality.

That is One Summary. A Very Good One at That. Realize Also, There Are Many So Called Summaries. All 171

Who Do You Say I Am

Lead Directly to the Greatest Summary. I Am in Religion, But I Am Not a Religion. I Am in Theory, But I Am Not a Theory. I Am in Doctrine, But I Am Not a Doctrine. I Am and Always Will Be. I Have Created Each of You in My Likeness and You Are and Always Will Be.

It is Time to Be.

The Answer is Not in Religion or Another Religion. The Answer is Not in Doctrine or Another Doctrine. The Answer is Not in a Theory or Another Theory.

The Answer is in Being.

The Answer is in Being the Answer.

Be Whole. Be Complete. Be One With Me. Be What You Are Created to Be.


Remember the Process of Remaining One With Me! Remember Who You Are With Me. Remember Who I Am With You. Remember to Be as You Are Created in Purpose and You Will Fulfill Your Purpose of Being.

Lord, this has been expressed many times and in many ways. How many more times? How many more ways? How much is enough, Lord? 172

Who Do You Say I Am

Until My Reality is Realized. Until My Summary is Summarized. Until My Eternity is Eternalized. Until You Remember Who You Are. Until You Remember Who I Am.


Allow Me to Begin Todays Expression. I Desire Each of You to Know How Consistently and Constantly I Am Reminding You to Remember Who You Are and Remember Who I Am. As You Remember Who I Am, You Also Remember Who You Are. This is the Process of Remaining One With Me. Remaining One in Our Relationship to Come to Your Purpose of Being. All According to Your Divine Purpose of Being One With Me, Your Lord, Your God. Through This Process Each of You Become Purposeful to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose. You Are Strengthened Within Your Spirit. You Are Renewed in Your Mind. You Are Regenerated in Your Soul. All of These Contributing Together to Move You in the Spiritual to Be Effectual in Your Divine Purpose. Your Mind was Not Created to Be Your Master. Your Soul was Not Created to Be Your Master. Your Mortal Body was Not Created to Be Your Master. They Are Created to Purposely Function According to Your Divine Purpose of Being With Me, With The Holy Spirit. 173

Who Do You Say I Am

Apart From its Divine Function, the Mind Can Only Be a Generator For the Soul and Body. Only to Personify its Own Importance in Prideful Egotism. But, Once the Mind is Renewed Through My Living Word and The Holy Spirit, it Can Properly Possess its Divine Creative Purpose. The Mind in Proper Relationship Within the Soul and Body is Now Able to Purposely Function and Fulfill its Divine Purpose of Being,With Me. All Because it is Remaining in Oneness With Me. The Difference Between a Renewed Mind and the Natural Mind is Liken to the Difference of Walking With Your Eyes Open and Walking With Your Eyes Closed. To Walk With Your Eyes Closed is a Stumbling Struggle, Full of Uncertainty and Fear. To Walk With Your Eyes Open is Direct and Purposeful. Yet, Anyone Can, With Much Practice and Help, Learn to Walk With Eyes Closed. This Forces All Other Senses to Be Altered and it is Still Very Easy to Be Thrown Off Balance. On the Other Hand; to Walk With Your Eyes Completely Open, the Whole Body Follows and Functions Quite Naturally as Created and Determined. Each of You Are Created to Be Eternal Beings, Spiritual Beings. Each of You Possess Right Now a Spirit, and a Soul, and a Body. Where Does the Natural Mind and the Renewed Mind Fit Into All This? Follow With Me For a Moment. Since the Cerebral Mass Between Your Ears is Your Brain, the Brain is the Storehouse and Processor of All Your Functions. Your Brain is Not Your Mind! Your Mind is the Personal Expression of Your Created Self. In Whatever State it May Be in. It Emanates From Your 174

Who Do You Say I Am

Spirit and Soul as it Connects With the Brain and the Body All Together. Knowing This, the Natural Mind Cannot Function Spiritually, as the Ungenerated (not regenerated or spiritually born or alive) Soul Cannot Function Spiritually. A Renewed Mind and a Regenerated Soul Are Formed in the Process of Remaining One in Our Relationship. Already I Am Aware of All the Questions That Arise Concerning the Psychics and Fortune Tellers and the Spiritualists, and Such. They Say They Possess the Ability to See Spirits and Talk With Spirits. They Say They Can Predict the Future. So They Say. The Simple Truth is That They Do Not Know Me. Nor Do They Have Any Access to Move in the Spiritual With Me or in My Spiritual Kingdom. So What Are They Supposably Doing? Each Psychic, Fortune Teller, Medium, has Technically With Much Effort or Little Effort, Tapped Into and Helped Create a Realm in Which Each Sustains the Other. They Have Taken the Very Atmosphere of This Earth That is Positively and Negatively Charged; and With Subtle Techniques Called Gifts, Made Themselves Conduits Within This Believed Spirit Realm. In All Actuality the Believed Sensitivity That is Performed and Lived Becomes a Practiced Reality as They Continually Choose to Believe They Are a Viable Source. Then, Also Believed to Be a Viable Source. Therefore, Innately Allowing a Deception to Be Their Truth and They Do Perform and Live Within This Realm of a Deceptive Reality. 175

Who Do You Say I Am

But, it Does Not Make Them or Their Techniques, or Gifts, or Their Beliefs, or Their Created Realm, or Their Reality, Spiritual. They Likewise Produce According to Their True Source I Am Not Their Source. Repeating What We Have Expressed. Only the Renewed Mind and Regenerated Soul Can Spiritually Function With Me and Within My Spiritual Kingdom. This is Part of the Process of Remaining. Remaining One With Me. Your Lord, Your God. The Process of Remaining One With Me is Not Measured in a Time Table. It is in the Remaining. The Mind and Soul That is One With Me Will Express Life and Be Spiritually Active and Function With Power. With The Holy Spirit. Each, Full of Effectiveness and Full of Purpose According to the Divine Purpose. According to the Divine Purpose of Being. Can There Be Anything Better Than This? Could You Ask For Anything More, Than to Be One With God? Yes, This is Possible. Yes, This is For Each of You. Yes, This is Part of Me. Yes, This is Part of You. This is What You Are Created For. This is What Your Mind is Created For. This is What Your Soul is Created For. Your Mind Actually Desires Me. Your Soul Actually Desires Me. The True Expression of Yourself is Within Your Eternal Being, With Me. The Spiritual You That Will Never Perish. Understand, You Are Your Renewed Mind and Your Regenerated Soul. This is Your Being, and the Expression of Your Being. Each of You Are Spiritually 176

Who Do You Say I Am

Known and Recognized Through Your Personalized Divine Purpose. Which is Within Your Being. Even Now, Many of You Recognize Each Other Spiritually. You Recognized Another Regenerated Soul. You Recognize Me. Another Person Who is With Me. Because Each Relationship is With Me First and Then Becomes Part of the Wholeness of Me, With Each Other. All According to Each of Your Divine Purpose in Being, and That Being One With Me. Much is Gained in Knowing Another Person in Relationship With Me. Another Part of Me Revealed to You and For You as Well as For the Other.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

That is awesome, Lord. So simple, yet so full. Thank you. Your way is the best. I’ll take a spiritual relationship with you over anything else. Then to be spiritually connected with others is the icing on the cake. Thank you for the tremendous work of your Holy Spirit. Not only with me, but with the personal relationships I have with all your loved ones. I recognize this process of remaining in oneness with you, Lord. It is quite a process. I count myself, and all those I know by your spirit, blessed. Blessed to be in the process along with them, and blessed to be with you. I often pray and inwardly wish it could be a faster, if not a smoother, process. But Lord, it is your work and I just desire to stay with you.


Who Do You Say I Am

Enjoy Our Relationship Together. Enjoy the Process of Remaining One With Me. For the Process is Ever Evolving, From Glory to Glory. Oneness With Me Never Ends, Since I Am Without End. Therefore and Literally, There is No End to Your Relationship of Oneness With Me. Today’s Process Will Be Different From Tomorrow’s Process. Each Day Linked Together All According to Each One’s Divine Purpose of Being.

Lord, that is again, awesome! That is exactly why I have learned to love and value each day. More now than ever before. With that Lord, I literally need to rest. I so count on your goodness and love. Thank you. Thank you for our relationship.

I appreciate you, Lord. Thank you. Thank you.

EEE Back to this special time with you, Lord. Just like you are reminding me right now, not to take any of this time for granted. But enjoy this as part of my process. My process of remaining one with you in relationship, today. Thank you Lord.

I do get anxious at times, feeling like even this 178

Who Do You Say I Am

is not enough. Feeling like I can never measure up, spiritually or naturally. The feeling of inadequacy, not only here with you, but also as a human being. These negative feelings are with me most of the time. Like a shadow, sometimes stronger one moment and sometimes less noticeable the next moment. Why this is all coming out, I don’t know. But there it is. Where is this going, Lord?

Right Where it is Suppose to Go.

Interruption ...

Back again, Lord.

Just finished our three mile walk (hubby and me). It’s good for our health in more ways than one. It really helps mentally and soulfully too. Thank you Lord, for being with us as we walk and talk together. Thank you for all the work you are doing in and for each one of us. I don’t always understand, but I know you do.

Rom. 8:35-39, Gal. 5:1, I Tim. 1:17, Rom. 12:2, Col. 2:6-10, John 10:10, Heb. 4:12; 11:13, Mat. 1:23, II Cor. 3:18; 5:17 179

Who Do You Say I Am

See How the Process of Remaining in Oneness With Me is Working in Your Life and in All the Loved Ones You Know. See How Walking and Talking With Me Clears Away the Pollutions From Your Daily Life That Are, Unknowingly and Knowingly, Picked Up. From the Natural Body, Because it is Functioning in This Earthly Realm. From the Soul, Because it too is Functioning in Response to Inside and Outside Influences. From the Spirit Also, Because it too is in the Process. There is the Constant Working of The Holy Spirit to Help Maintain and Guide Each of You Spiritually in Remaining in the Process of Oneness. All According to Each One’s Divine Purpose of Being. Combined With All of This is the Freewill of Each Individual Choice. Since, I Am; You Are Becoming. Do You Hear and Understand?

Be Coming.

Coming to Be. Be What You Are Divinely Purposed to Be. Because I Am, You Can Be, Also. Let’s Backtrack to the Feelings You Described. Feelings Are the Expression of the Soul and Body. Either Real or Imagined. Two Basic Actions Motivate the Soul. One, the Soul Usually Responds Negatively Based on Fear or Positively Based on Love. Thus, Stimulating the Body Responses Likewise. The Soul By Itself, Without Me in Relationship, Seeks to Establish its Own Personal Identity. Its Own 180

Who Do You Say I Am

Purpose and Reality of Purpose. The Soul and the Mind Are Often Mistaken as One. But they Are Not. The Mind Gives in Support, Expression to the Soul and the Natural Body, and the Spiritual Body. The Soul is the Collective Reservoir of Your Whole Being, Including you Conscious and Subconscious. Two, The Natural Body Follows the Mind. The Mind Follows the Soul. The Soul Follows the Spirit. The Spirit Follows Whatever Source is Most Powerful in its Own Reality Within Each Individual. Only the Renewed Mind and the Regenerated Soul and the Spirit That is Alive With My Holy Spirit; is Able to Remain in the Process of Oneness With Me, as Their Lord, Their God. Able, Being the Optional Word. Since it is All Through Each Individuals Freewill of Choice and Belief. Just Because the Mind May Be Renewed Does Not Force it to Remain in Oneness With Me. Just Because the Soul is Regenerated Does Not Force it to Remain in Oneness With Me. Just Because the Spirit is Alive Does Not Force it to Remain in Oneness With Me. Each of You Are Free in Your Own Will to Choose and Believe. Each Mind Will Function in its Own Behalf, With its Soul and Body Until it is Renewed With The Holy Spirit. Each Time the Renewed Mind Chooses and Allows and Believes the Working of The Holy Spirit, it Chooses to Remain in Oneness With Me in Our Relationship. In so Doing the Soul and Mind and Spirit Will Come to Oneness to Effectively Promote its Divine Purpose of Being. This By Bo Means Takes Away From Anyone’s Individualized Created Being. In Fact Each One is More 181

Who Do You Say I Am

Purposed and Fulfilled as This Process of Remaining in Oneness Within Our Relationship Continues. For Each Ones True Identity in Being Comes Forth.

Lord, now will you explain why I feel, if feel is the correct word, such inadequate feelings? There is such a separation and loneliness that goes along with it.

Is this all just feelings from my soul?

Creativity is Within the Soul and is Released Through Each Ones Own Personal Discoveries. Each Soul Responds to its Experiences Inwardly and Outwardly. This is Where Poets, Artists, Musicians etc ... Create From According to a Genetic Talent and as the Soul Yeans to Express and Be Fulfilled. This is From the Baker to the Candlestick Maker and Everyone In-between. The Feelings of Inadequacy and Loneliness Are Expressions From Your Own Soul Because it Desires a Response. Each Soul Can Express its Pleasure and Displeasure Differently. Although Feelings in Themselves Are Not an Identity Until They Are Believed or Expressed or Manifested in Actions. Feelings Then Take On a Reality of Their Own. Often the Experienced Feelings Are Not True as First Interpreted. A Pang From the Stomach is Interpreted as Hunger or Sickness. A Pang From Within the Soul is Completely Different, and Especially Different from the Regenerated Soul. 182

Who Do You Say I Am

The Feelings You Have Expressed Need to Be Spiritually Checked Out With The Holy Spirit. What About Inadequacy, What About Loneliness? What is the Spiritual Truth ( if any) or Interpretation Connected to Them. The Holy Oneness Within Our Relationship Continues. For The Holy Spirit is Well Able to Fill in the Gap of Understanding and Provide the Truth; and Even Give the Ability to Take the Real Truth. If Knowing is Half the Battle, Then the Truth is Your Ultimate Victory! This Truth Will Make You Free. Each Truth Takes You From Glory to Glory. From Each Glory You Are Changed to My Likeness. My Likeness, Which is My Wholeness, Allows You to Be One With Me. Your Lord, Your God. The Very Foundation of Our Relationship is My Truth. For I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, For You. Each One of You. Take This Very Personally. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

So now Lord, I must know the truth concerning these feelings. This I realize is also part of my process of remaining in oneness with you. So these feeling cannot dictate my life, or adversely affect my life. Now that I see this, I realize, I have been in this process along time already. This particular part of the process has occurred many times and in many different ways. You are actually using this time with me as an open example.


Who Do You Say I Am

So All Can Share and Experience Part of the Process of You Remaining One With Me. This I Am Constantly Doing in Many Ways and With Many of You. Each Helping the Other and Vise Versa, as I Am Helping You. Recognize Me in Your Life and in the Life of Another. You Are Still Recognizing Me. Truth is to Witness My Spirit and My Spirit is to Witness Truth. My Truths Are the Words of Life to You. My Words of Life, in My Spirit of Truth Becomes Your Freedom. Freedom to Remain One With Me in Our Relationship to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose of Being. Where The Holy Spirit is There is Always Much Freedom and Unity.


Lord, this is all very interesting and a real life experience for me. But, I do not wish to share my private life within these pages.

What You Have Shared and What I Have Shared is Not Private. You Expressed Some of Your Feelings and I Am Expressing the Truth Concerning Those Feelings That Have Troubled You. Those Feelings Are Inherited From Your Own Earthly Natural Parentage. To Know This Truth For You, is to Know Your Freedom. Free From Anxiety, Free From Unknowing. Free to Know. Not Only Do You Possess Your 184

Who Do You Say I Am

Own Soul’s Feelings, But You Have Also Inherited From Your Parents, and From Your Parent’s Parents, Certain Other Soul Tendencies. Actually Ecoded Within Your DNA, You Will Have Certain Traits and Talents (Natural, Soulful, and Spiritual) From Your Ancestors Within Your Bloodline, Which You Inherit. Positive and Negative. With All This, Remember, You Possess an Inheritance With Me. Your Earthly Inheritance is Just That, Earthly. Your Godly Inheritance is Forever and is Not Bound to This Earth. Your Godly Inheritance is Eternal. Each Inheritance Profits According to its Source and its Original Power. Your Inheritance With Me Will Never Depreciate or Cause You Harm.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

So, Lord, because of this truth, I should be all right? I appreciate this truth. I appreciate the freedom it does bring. I appreciate knowing of my inheritance, naturally and spiritually.

What You Could Remember and Appreciate is That You Are Never Really Alone, Like You May Feel at Times. Because of Me, Because of Your Divine Purpose, and Because You Are Connected to Everyone Else Who is Part of Me. You Are Not Alone. Within My Reality This Feeling of Loneliness Does Not Exist. Whoever is Part of Me is Also Part of You According to Our Oneness 185

Who Do You Say I Am

in Relationship. The Old Earthly Adage ...

‘Birds of a Feather, Flock Together’ ...

is a Wise Saying at This Point. All Groups of Humanity Gravitate Together According to Likeness. From the Social to the Ethnic and Every Variation In-between, in Spirit, Soul, and Body it is a Manifested Reality. The Natural Fleshly Minded Group Together to Experience and Exercise the Naturally Fleshly Based Realities. The Soulish Minded Band Together to Experience and Exercise the Soul’s Realities. The Spiritual Minded Congregate Together to Experience and Exercise the Spiritual Realities. Now Consider All the Vast Variations That Accumulate in the Mix of it All. You Draw Your Own Conclusions in Summary. This is All in the Realities of Life on Planet Earth. Within All This, Discern With the Help of The Holy Spirit, and Take Inventory of Your Own Life. For Even The Holy Spirit Minded Group Together in All Their Own Variations. So Depending on Each of Your Personalized Divine Purposes Will You Likewise Be Drawn Together. This in No Way Means That You Will All Be the Same or Funtion the Same. But You Will According to Your Divine Purpose, Gravitate to Those in Likeness. Within All This Each of You Will Find That You Are Part of Each Other and Part of Me. All in Remaining in the Process of Oneness in Our Relationship as Each of You Come to Your Purpose of Being.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you also for the tactful way 186

Who Do You Say I Am

you expressed my own natural inheritance and then your divine inheritance.

EEE Lord, Lord. You are God Almighty. I can only say you are true and your word is true. You are awesome! I have been in and with your spirit and I have been out of and not with your spirit; and only you can keep me remaining one with you. It truly is not by our might, not by our power, but it is by your Holy Spirit. It is you, Lord, that makes the difference! Thank you for being in my life and giving me life. Not because of me, but all because of you. You are great in everything. I sense that I know just the beginning of your greatness and this is even more than I could hope for. The little you share is great to me. For I would be totally void without you constantly causing me to know. Thank you for such mercy and grace. Your grace, Lord, is overwhelming.

Thank you.

You Are Very Important to Me. Each of You Are Very Important, Very Special, to Me. This Does Not Depend On What You Know or Don’t Know. I Am and Al-


Who Do You Say I Am

ways Will Be Your God, Your Father. I Have Chosen You. Each of You. Each of You Who Read These Words, Belong to Me and Belong With Me. I Belong to You Now and Forever. Just as You Belong With Me Now and Forever. I Am Your Light. I Am Your Compass. I Am Your Anchor. I Am Always Providing a Way Where There Seems to Be No Way. I Am Always Your Friend, When No Friends Can Be Found. When Your Soul is in Turmoil and Your Mind Totally Distressed, Stop and Pray. Stop Everything and Talk to Me. Stop and Look For Me. All the Turmoil, All the Distress, All the Pressure and Strife has to Cease When You Turn to Me. As You Turn to Me, as You Pray to Me, as You Talk to Me, as You Recognize Me, as You Remember Me; Everything, has to Cease. For it Does Not Exist With Me. When I Am Your Reality in Revelation Truth and Power, No Other Reality Can Exist or Have Any Power Over You. All Creation Awaits the Manifestation of My Truth to Be Your Truth. My Reality to Be Your Reality. My Life, Your Life. My Kingdom, Your Kingdom. Do You Realize My Creation, the Very Nature I Have Created, Recognizes You! Because I Am Part of You! Why Are You Not Recognizing Me? Within the Process of Remaining in Oneness With Me According to Your Purpose in Being; You Do Come to the Recognition of My Truth, My Reality, and My Kingdom. Along With This and in Your Divine Purpose Comes the Ability and Authority to Be Effective. Again, All According to the Divine Purpose of Your Being in Relationship With Me. 188

Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, that is a tall order. To be so in oneness with you that our purpose is to complete our divine purpose, which is your goal ultimately. This could take a lifetime just to understand and another lifetime to accomplish. It is almost unattainable, Lord. Even now, my own time table on this earth is getting shorter and shorter.

Eternity is Forever. Is That Enough Time?

This Earthly Time Table is Structured For This Earth. It is Not a Time Table to Me, But I Do Use it For Ultimate Purposes. Each of Your Divine Purposes Extend Beyond This Earth and its Limitation. To Pass From This Earthly Existence is to Again Reunite Within Your Eternal Existence. This is Why Many of You, Even Now, Are Uncomfortable in This Earthly Time Table. This Earthly Existence. This is Why Many of You Inwardly Feel (if never voiced) Like You Do Not Quite Belong. This is Why Many of You Are Not Fitting in the Way Others Seem to. Because You Are Not of This Kingdom. You Do Not Really Belong to This Earth. You Are Alienated From This World. Yes, Your Mortal Earthly Body as a Shell of Flesh and Blood, Will Die. It Will Cease to Function and You Will Separate Yourself From its Covering. But, You Will Survive and Go On. You, Your Regenerated Soul and Renewed Mind Will Be in its Spiritual Body and You Will Go On. You Will Spiritually Continue On in Your 189

Who Do You Say I Am

Divine Purpose of Being. Yes, you will Complete your Divine Purpose. This has Been Ordained From Your Beginning. The Simple Truth is That You Could Not, Nor Would Not; Except For Me. I Am Directing Each of You Toward Your Goal; Knowingly and Unknowingly. That is Why You Have Spiritual Eyes to See. That is Why You Have Spiritual Ears to Hear. That is Why Your Heart is Even Now Comforted With These Words. That is Why Faith is Welling Up Within Your Soul Right Now. That is Why My Truth is Riveting Your Mind to Push You Onward to See Your Divine Purpose. From the Very Beginning, Knowing has Been Half Your Battle. Now Comes the Victory! Know That I Have Called You. Know That I Have Purposed You. Know That I Have, Once Again, Awakened You. Know That You Do Remember Me. Know Who I Am. Know Who You Are.

Know Now.

Now Know.

Wow! Lord, that is powerful. That is alive.

I Love You. I Am Loving You.

A long pause ... 190

Who Do You Say I Am

Everything in This Earthly Realm is Aware of Me. Everything Outside of Me, is Not Me, and is Not You Either. Therefore, is Not My Reality. It Holds No Truth For You. Each and Every One of You Are Created For Truth and For Life. Now That You Have Received From This Truth, This Truth Will Continually Make You Free. No More Gray Areas. No More Double Mindedness. No More Disbelief. No More Confusion. It has All Ended. It No Longer Can Keep You From Me. The Mirage has Vanished. The Deception is Uncovered. The Lie and Liars Are Out in the Open and Have No Place to Hide. You Have Once Again Been Separated. Now Look to Me. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. Heb. 12:2, Acts 17:28, I Pet. 2:11-17, Gal. 5:16-25, Prov. 10:25, John 17:17, Eph. 4:14-32, I Pet. 1:2, I Thes. 5:13-23, Eph. 2:19, Rom. 8:28-31


Lord, what peace of mind you have provided. My soul has found its peace and rest because of you. Thank you. This is exactly what we all desire. 191

Who Do You Say I Am

Yesterday was good, but not so good also. In and thru it all was your peace and rest. Such peace of mind to just be. That and only that makes everything okay. No more lies, no more deceptions. Just to be purposed, because of you, Lord. You are beyond my description. You, Lord, are more than wonderful. You alone, My Lord. My God. My Father. My Peace.

This is Where You Belong. This is Your Strength and Rest. This is Where Your Soul Belongs. This is Where You Mind Belongs.


This Place of Oneness is Yours. It is For Each of You. This is Where You Find Your Being. Here is Your Divine Purpose to Be. This is Heaven on Earth, With Me. Even in Your Oneness You Will Marvel and Wonder at Your Oneness. All Because of the Truthful Delight You Find in My Presence. Here You Will Know You Have Just Begun to Live.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, only begun? Here we go again.

It seems like a lifetime has passed and I have only begun. Yet, I know there is so much more with you.


Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, you not only finish with one fantastic expression and you’re off with another. To me the ‘Being’ part is a conclusion, but you are already leaping ahead to express the next expression.

What We Have Shared is But a Drop of Water in the Proverbial Bucket. It is the Monologue Before the Dialogue. This is an Eternal Eternity. In as Much as This May Sound Like New News to You, it is as I Am. Without End. In My Reality Even This is Not New to You. Each of You Are More Part of Me Than You Can Realize. Each One of You Are Created to Remember Me. To Come Into the Oneness of Revelation in Spirit, Soul, and Body in Our Relationship. To Fulfill Your Own Divine Purpose in Being. This Reality, of All Realities, is Revolutionary. But, No, Not New.


This is Thanksgiving Day and truly there is so much to be thankful for. It is far past the everyday things I give thanks for, Lord. It is all this and so much more, because of you and this special prayer time, which I still delight in.

See it all goes back to you, Lord.


Who Do You Say I Am

I Am Your Heavenly Father. Lord and God Almighty. I Am All Powerful, All Knowing, and in All Places at All Times. This is My Character. My Power is Just and Absolute and Full of Mercy. My Power is Full of Authority and My Authority is Full of Power. Through and in All This, I Am Love. My Love is Complete and Unconditional. My Love is Me, and Full of Power and Authority. In All This, I Am. Since I Am the Very Source of All Creation, My Creations Are Always Part of Me. Each, Innately Endowed With My Attributes as Purposed. Love, Power, Authority as Part of Me, Are Also Part of You. This is True Either Knowingly or Unknowingly and With Me or Without Me.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

That is powerful, Lord. My mind is zooming on what you just expressed. It seems like the whole world is after, in one form or another, love, power, authority, and knowledge. This includes everyone on planet earth. Here the very thing we all are seeking is found with you, Lord.

We are trying to find you and don’t even know it!

These Active Forces Are Present and Acted Upon According to Each Persons Choice. According to Each


Who Do You Say I Am

One’s Divine Purpose as They Are in Relationship With Me.

Oh, Lord, I can see this being played out in so many lives and in so many different situations.

I Am Eternal Life. Life Forever, Without End. Which Only Means That Without Me Everything Else Does Come to its Own End. Love Ends. Power Ends. Authority Ends. Knowledge Ends. These Forces Without Me, All Come to Their Own End. But, These Forces With Me, Will Be Accentuated to Aid Each of You in Your Divine Purpose of Being.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, I can actually see all that happening in the christian world as well as the natural world. All the goings on of this life, with all the multitudes of people, places, activities. Everyone vying for exactly that; love, power, authority, and knowledge. In all the variation and complexities created.

Lord, you let this all go on?

This has Been a Very Small Expression For a


Who Do You Say I Am

Reality That has Become Immense. All My Creation is Fundamentally Purposed. But, All My Creation Lends Itself to Other Purposes Also. Till it Returns to Me and its Original Purpose Once Again. This is a Very Simplistic Expression of the Grand Immensity of My Creation and Creative Purposes Within All Creation.

If I can follow correctly, Lord, what you are expressing is that you have created everything for its own purpose and your own purpose. Except, at times the original purpose is side tracked, delayed, and even derailed. But all in all, the original purpose within the creation will return back to you and its original purpose.

A short summary. Is that close enough?


Here is a Little More. All Life Returns to Me and Everything Else Ends.

Lord, now that is where the rubber meets the road.

So whatever does not have your life as its source will come to its own end.


Who Do You Say I Am


Lord, that puts a big ‘kabash’ on everything. In fact, that does not sound good at all. We might as well just stop, because this puts everything into a useless state.

Remember, Perspective?

This is Very Useful. Just Because Something Does Not Contain My Life, Does Not Mean it is Useless. The Useless Eventually Leads to Useful. The Lifeless Eventually Leads to Life-ful. Each One Serves the Other and Will Eventually Make a Complete Cycle Back to its Original Purpose.

We are talking pretty heavy here, Lord.

I hope this is understandable, because these are not elementary facts. This is totally metaphysical and spiritual as well. Plus, I had to look up those two big words for my own understanding.

This Will Be Understandable to Those With Spiritual Understanding and to Those Who Are Looking For Confirmation of the Spiritual Thoughts They Have Yet to Understand.


Who Do You Say I Am

This too is Not New. It is Only Stated and Expressed Once Again in Another Way to Reach Yet Another One of You. To Help You Continue on Toward Your Own Divine Purpose of Being One in Relationship With Me. Believe in Me, Your Lord, Your God, Your Christ, and You Will Have Life. Believe in Anything Outside of Me and There Will Be No Life to it and it Will End. For My Life Creates More Life. This is Life and This is Power. As You Really Believe I Am Your Almighty God, All Powerful God, All Knowing God, You Will Experience Me in Your Life With Life, Eternal Life. This, With All My Love. All My Power. All My Authority. All My Knowledge.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.


Sorry Lord. I just could not go on after our last prayer time. Sometimes this is very easy and sometimes this is very difficult. It must be the distractions of my own life, plus my mind gets stuck and cannot go any further.

So, I have to stop, rest, and wait. 198

Who Do You Say I Am

That is a Correct Explanation.

Only Know That You Do Not Need to Defend Yourself to Me. I Am More Aware of You Than You Can Fully Comprehend. I Have Known You and Loved You Before You Knew Me. I Am and Have Become Your Very Purpose. For Each of You. I Am Aware of Your Strenghths and Your Weaknesses in Every Area of Your Life. By My Spirit and My Power You Have Come to This Place in Our Relationship. As I Express Myself to You, I Am Expressing Myself to Many of You. If You Will Note, Throughout This Continued Prayer Time, I Have Not Used Your Personal Name or Any Personal Endearments in Addressing You, as I have So Often Expressed Personally and Privately Beforehand. Only For the Explicit Fact That I Am Addressing the Many of You. Each of You Are My Beloved. Each of You Are Personally Dear to Me. Personally Important to Me. Each of You Are Purposed to Glory in My Presence. We Are All Bonded Together in Relationship One With Another. One Together. Think it Not Strange. Each of You Have Sufficient Power Through The Holy Spirit to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose of Being. To Be Exactly Who You Are Created to Be. One With Me. In So Doing You Are One Within Yourself, Spirit, Soul, and Body. All According to Your Purpose of Being.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. 199

Who Do You Say I Am


Lord, thank you for the rest I enjoyed yesterday. I actually slept on an off all day, and went to bed early to boot. Tired, tired, tired, as you well know. But now I thank you for your restoration period, while I slept. Up and at it again today. Charged up and ready to go.

Thanks, Lord. Thanks, Holy Spirit.

You Can Only ‘Be’ What You Are Right Now. The Now, is Always, Right Now. There is No Middle Ground. You Cannot Fake What You Are or Are Not With Me. Each of You Are Exactly Who You Are Right Now. Whatever Specific Moment You Are in, Right Now. What You Experienced in Your Tiredness was a Shut Down Effect Within the Body, Caused By Your Soul. Each of You Possess Certain Energy Levels Within Your Body, Soul, and Your Spirit. Each of These Energy Levels Are Used and Useful For Your Requirments From Moment to Moment. This is True For Those in My Kingdom and Those of the Worldly Kingdom. With One Exception to Remember. Those of the Worldly Kingdom Do Not Possess Spiritual Energy. Their 200

Who Do You Say I Am

Own Soul Often Manifests a Pseudo-Spiritual Energy Which is Usually Linked to Their Own Heritage. The Soul Can Take On a Form of Spiritualism, But Can Never Produce the Power of Spiritual Life. The Soul Can Be Very Spiritual or Religious On its Own, and Not Be One With Me or My Kingdom. To Relate Back to Your Experienced Tiredness; Your Soul was Tired in the Process of Remaining One With Me. Your Spiritual Energy Required You to Be Still in Your Body, Still in Your Soul, and Still in Your Spirit. To Be Able to Experience Your Relationship With Me in Oneness For This Prayer Time Together. Even Then, This Stillness is an Active Force of Being. Not a Passive Deadness or a Still Nothingness. Your Whole Being is Directed and Actively Focused Toward Me in the Spiritual. The Energy in Power to Complete Your Purpose is With Me, and is in Our Relationship of Oneness. The Holy Spirit Activates and Cultivates All of This According to Each One’s Divine Purpose of Being. This Takes Energy. This Takes Divine Power. Power For the Ability to Be. Power to Remain One With Me. Power to Complete Your Divine Purpose. This Power is My Divine Energy Working Within You. My Divine Energy has Power to Restore, Renew, and Regenerate. My Divine Energy has Power to Protect, Heal, and Liberate. This is Part of Me. I Am this and More. Much More. I Am, That You Might Be.

Lord, that last sentence is so powerful. It states everything, summed up together. That is awesome! It takes all the natural limitations and throws them out the window. 201

Who Do You Say I Am

Then again, Lord, every time I have looked up the meaning of certain words you have expressed, they do fit exactly to portray the true meaning of each expression. You are awesome, Lord.

One example the word ... ‘might’ ...

in that last sentence you expressed. Might, literally means ... ‘power or resources may have permission or be likely to or used to express purpose or desire or purpose’. That one word is the crossroads of all of our choices, actions, and reactions. Wow! What power in that one sentence alone!

I Am Omnipotent, All Powerful. Any So Called Power Without Me is Not Real. It is a False Counterfeit, Full of Deceptions. It is Not Me, or of My Kingdom. Any So Called Power Outside or Without Me, Becomes a Task Master of Disaster. This Relates to the Spirit, to the Soul, and to the Natural Body. My Power is to Each of You That You Might Have Life. That You Might Remain One With Me in Our Relationship. But Not Just For You Alone. Not For Your Benifit Alone.


Who Do You Say I Am

You Are Given to, That You Might Also Give. Give of the Life Your Relationship With Me Supplies. You Can Give From What You Possess in Spirit, Soul, or Body. Just Like You Cannot Give of What You Do Not Possess. In Whatever Area and Whatever Amount of Your Relationship With Me, Reach Out to Give and Not to Take. Each of You Possess the Ability to Give Because of Me. Perhaps You Can Give a Smile Instead of a Frown. Perhaps You Can Give a Cup of Hot Coffee Instead of a Cold Shoulder. Perhaps the Whatever is Much Better Than the Nothing! Start at the Whatever With Me and Give. You Have Nothing at All to Lose and Everything to Gain. But, Start. Here a Little, There a Little. Give, Even if You Think You Have Nothing to Give of Any Substance. Whatever You May Give has Substance, Because of Me. The Little Becomes Much, Because of me.

You Say ...

‘What is a Smile’? What Worth or Possible Value is in Giving a Smile’.

I Say to you ...


Your Given Smile Can Be the One Meaningful Event in an Otherwise Miserable Day for One Particular Person. Haven’t You Been Given the Same in Your Own Life? Someone Else’s Thoughtful Words or Kind Expression Actually Brightened Your Moment. 203

Who Do You Say I Am

Perhaps Now You Remember. Hasn’t My Own Mercy Given to You Shown You Anything? Certainly it has. Remember Not to Take Anything For Granted. I Am Constantly Giving to You. Each of You. Whether You Realize it All the Time or Not. I Am Constantly Expressing My Givingness in Much Love, Mercy, Grace, Compassion, and Life. These Are Not Just Words. The More Each of You Know Me, See Me, and Experience Me in Our Relationship; the More You Are Able to Give. This is Part of Remaining in Oneness With Me. In This Oneness You too Will Constantly Give. Like Me. I Am Omniscient, All Knowing. I Know Before the Fact, In the Fact, and After the Fact. I Know.

Believe me, I Know.

I Know All the ‘Ins and Outs’. All the ‘Ups and Downs’. I Know Exactly What to Do and When to Do it. I Know Each of You. All the Time. I Know You With Me and I Know You Without Me. If You Need to Know, Whatever You Need to Know, Inquire of Me. Ask Me. Seek Me. All the Other Resources of Knowledge Are Fine, But I Am the One Who Will Be the Final Resource of All Knowledge. Perhaps the More You Know the More Dissatisfied You Have Become. Perhaps What You Know has Left You With More Unanswered Questions. It is Only to Remind You That I Am Your Answer. I Am Omnipresent. Ever Present. Everywhere. Because of Me, Everything Else IS! I Am the Creator of 204

Who Do You Say I Am

All That is Seen an Unseen. My Presence is in Everything I Have Created. It is All Part of Me. As Each One of You Have Found That You Are Part of Me. There is Much More to Me Than the Seeing. There is Much More to Me Than the Hearing. There is Much More to Me Than the Knowing.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, that is beautiful. You have become my main source in this life and yet I know I have along ways to go.

How Long or How Short One has to Go is Not the Main Point. The Main Point is in Our Relationship ...


Today, Do You Know Me? Today, Are You One With Me? Today, Have You Listened to Me? Today, Have I Listened to You? Today, Do You Have Life?

Lord, I believe your words and I do put my confidence and trust in you. But, I also know of many others who have done the same and we all still face many difficulties and hardships. There are many heartbreaking situations and we literally do not have the power, or the answer, to change


Who Do You Say I Am

any of it.

What about all that?

Even in my own life, I have not had the power to change my own troubles, little less been able to stop or alter hurtful situations for others. I don’t understand why not Lord. It sounds like everything in your kingdom is wonderful and void of any pain or sorrow. Only many of us who are in relationship with you, Lord, still have inward and outward pains and sorrows.

I just do not understand.

Yes, I desire all the benefits that your kingdom provides, as I know many others do also. But, it does not guarantee this utopia existence like you have expressed. I need understanding.

I Am Your Guarantee.

The Guarantee That I Am With You and That You Are With Me. What is Accomplished in Our Relationship Together Will Bring About the Results of Your Divine Purpose. For Each of You. Whatever the Life’s Events, Be it in Heartache or Joy, Each Will Be Cultivated Toward the Purpose of Your Being. Realize That Each of You, as You Are in Relationship With Me, Have Sorrows, Sufferings, Heartaches ,


Who Do You Say I Am

much Different From Anyone Not in Relationship With Me. Those Without a Relationship With Me Are Usually Devastated and Destroyed in Either Spirit, Soul, or Body, or From Any Combinations Coming From These Areas. Any Sufferings of Those in Relationship With Me Are Accounted to Your Honor and Benefit. Because of The Holy Spirit. Whether You Have Understanding or Not. Your Sufferings at the Time Seem Unbearable, But Know That They Work a Glory of Their Own to Your Eternal Being. I Am Full of Mercy and Compassion Toward All Pain and Suffering. I Am Mindful of All Sorrows and Heartaches. I Care For Each One of You. Call On Me and I Will Always Hear You. Remember I Am With You Always. Allow Me to Comfort You and Alleviate Your Distress. Be it in Your Spirit , Soul, or Body. Do Not Get So Caught Up in Your Own Suffering That You Forget That I Am With You. Seek to Know Me, With You, in Your Sufferings. Just as You Seek to Know Me in Your Ease. That it Might Remain Well For Your Whole Being Continually. Within Each, So Called Suffering and So Called Ease, There is the Measure of Your Divine Purpose Being Affected. Suffering Can Be a Tool, Just as Ease Can Be a Tool. All Within the Process of Remaining One With Me. Both Can Produce in Their Own Uniqueness and Yield Their Own Bounty in Benefits. Children Suffer Differently Than Teenagers. Teenagers Suffer Differently Than Young Adults. The Young Adults Suffer Differently Than the Matured Adults. The Matured Adults Suffer Differently Than the Elderly. 207

Who Do You Say I Am

Now Replace the Word Suffer to Ease. There Are Times in Seasons and Cycles of Each, According to the Divine Purpose to Be Established. All Things Pass Within Your Own Seasons and Cycles. All According to Your Own Divine Purpose to Be Known. No One Enjoys the Sufferings in their Own Seasons and Cycles. But, Most Enjoy the Ease Within Their Seasons and Cycles. To Gloat Over Either is a Mistake. They Are Purely Tools Within Your Life. To Account Both in Godly Wisdom is Each Tools Purpose. For Not One of You Possess the Power to Wield Either Tool. Instead, Consider and Pray That You Would Account with Faith in All the Times of Your Own Seasons and Cycles. Then Consider and Pray in the Bonds of Love, For All Others Who Are in Their Own Times Within Their Own Seasons and Cycles.

Well Lord, that is far from what I expected to hear. Again a totally different perspective that brings a deep emotional and spiritual response from me.

Ps. 16:11, 1 John 4:7-8, Rev. 21:6, Rom. 8, Is. 44:24, John 3:16, Phil. 4:13, Eph. 3:16-20, Luke 6:38, Mat. 7:7-12, John 15:5, Rom. 8:35-39, Jas. 1:2-27


Who Do You Say I Am

Each of You in Relationship With Me, as Lord and God, Desire Godly Truth, Godly Power, Godly Worth, and Godly Effectiveness. All of These Godly Qualities Are Manifested in Your Divine Predestined Purpose. All According to Your Divine Predestined Purpose and Your Personal Choices Within Each Life Experience. Birth is a Tool. Childhood is a Tool. Parents Are a Tool. Adulthood is a Tool. Choices Are a Tool. Joy, Sorrow, Life, Death, Each Are Tools. These and Everything Else Within Your Life. None of These Are an Answer or an End Result. Nor an Enemy or a Friend, in Your Relationship With Me. Without Me, a Different Story. I Am the Beginning and the End and I Am (or can be) Everything In-between Also. To Know Me as Your Beginning is Wonderful. To Know Me as Your End is Divine. To Know Me in Everything In-between is Revelation. There is No One Else Who Can Provide Revelation. Except Me. The Spirit of the Living God With You. Revelation is My Godly Truth Revealed and Inspired to You. Revelation Through the Realization of My Reality With You.

Lord, that is beautiful, once again. It seems like that is all I can continually say. Here I thought you would express something about your power. But instead, a different turn altogether. Without Revelation There is No Power and With209

Who Do You Say I Am

out Power There is No Revelation. It Takes My Power to Receive Revelation. Just as it takes My Revelation to Receive Power. My Revelation Changes Spirit, Soul, and Body. My Revelation Inspires and Transforms Beyond All Denominational Doctrines. My Revelation Exceeds All Limitations and Boundaries. My Revelation is So Full of My Energy in Power That No One is Ever the Same From That Point and On. My Revelation is a Spiritual Eternal Event That Will Supersede All Other Life Experiences.

Lord whoa, that is enough. I believe I have received revelation from you. Each one uniquely special and uniquely different, except the transition (for lack of a better word) while receiving the revelations seems to be the same. I can only describe it as a sudden clarity of knowingness that extends beyond human understandings and reasonings. It literally transcends all known thought, space and time.

That Description is Valid For Right Now and You Have Expressed Two Words That Are Purposeful ...

‘Sudden and Transcends’.

Revelation Does Just That. Sudden Power That Shifts You From and Shifts You to. Hence, Transcends.

Revelation is a Place, a Place That Reveals. Rev-


Who Do You Say I Am

elation Reveals My Truth. Void of Any Distortion. According to the Power in the Revealed Truth is One Able to Transcend and Be Made Free in the Truth. The Received Revelation Literally Becomes Part of Your Being. Many Do Know of My Revelation Power. Many Shall Know. Many Still Shall Never Know.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Another new day, Lord. Thank you. Thank you for everything you are doing. Thank you for being with me today. Please keep me with you and help me in everything that needs to be done today.

I Love You. I Always Have and I Always Will Love You. Always and In All Ways Will I Love You and Show You My Love. Always and All Ways.

Oh, thank you, Lord.

I need to know your love in all ways. That is what I look for each day. That is where my heart finds contentment and great peace.


Who Do You Say I Am

I love you Lord. Thank you.

I Am Always Expressing My Love to Each and Everyone of You. For I Am Love. Perfect Love. I Am Always Offering Perfect Love. Each of You Experience My Love Differently. Yet My Love Remains the Same. The Same Love to Each of You and For Each of You. My Love Therefore Perfects. Because it is Perfect.

... and, Lord, this I see you are expressing in the spirit, in the eternal, in your kingdom. Of which, now I know is my kingdom also. That kingdom is within us and not of this earth.

Recognize What is Given Precedence to Within One’s Life Takes Up Residence Within One’s Life. This is According to Each Individuals Freewill of Choice Spiritually, Soulfully, and Naturally. This is Also According to Each One’s Relationship With Me or Lack of Relationship With Me. There are Multitudes of Choices to Either Accept or Reject in Your Life Each Day. In Your Spirit, Your Soul, or Body. Each Choice Either of Positive or Negative Origin and Each Will Produce Accordingly. As Each if You Give Precedence to Me and My Kingdom and Choose to Remain in Relationship With Me Thru Each and Every Personal Choice; You Are Actually Promoting My Kingdom Within You. This You 212

Who Do You Say I Am

Continue to Do Till You Are Able to Reside in My Kingdom, Which Becomes Your Kingdom, as Naturally as You Reside in the Earthly Kingdom.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.


Lord, my only prayer for today is for more of you. To remain in oneness with you today. That is where my heart is and I recognize that place of being. I desire that oneness with you, Lord, above everything else.


Yes, Lord, that is it! Thank you. That is the word. That expresses it. Being!

Being. The Reality of Being is Your Purpose and Your Inheritance. Being is What Each of You Are Created For. Being One With Me Defines Your Purpose.


Who Do You Say I Am

That is the Heart Felt Longing Within Each Soul. When Being is Experienced it is the Transformation From the Earthly, Soulish Realm, and All its Forces That Command Your Attention; Into Your Purposeful Oneness With Me. This is the Reality of Being One With Me.

Lord, why has it taken so long to put this together? Why does it take so long to come to the place of being one with you?


My Revelation has Put it Together. The Truth in the Revelation has and is Making You Free. The Power of the Truth Within the Revelation Will Do the Rest. This is For Each and Everyone of You Who Partake of My Revelation. Many Search the World, From One Continent to the Next, Seeking Eternal Truths. Many Devote Their Entire Lives Following One Religion to the Next. Many Promote One Religious Program to the Next Seeking to Reach the So Called Heightened States of Spiritual Awareness. Many Others Sacrifice Their Own Time and Life Long Efforts and Even Livelihoods, in Service to the Aid of Mankind Humanities. All Trying to Produce That One Effect That Will Satisfy Their Souls. But in the End, All Woefully Failing to See or Hear the Purest, Simplest, Truth.

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I Am the Prince of Peace. 214

Who Do You Say I Am

With Me You Will Find Rest For Your Soul and I Will Satisfy Your Inner Hunger With My Bread and Your Inner Thirst With My Water. Be Still and Know That I Am God. I Am Your Creator and You Are Not Your Own Creator. Look to Me, Your Lord and Your God, Who is the Author of Your Faith and the Finisher of Your Faith. Because Without Me You Can Do Nothing. But With Me, All Things Are Possible.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Another day almost gone, Lord. Thank you for being with me. It is a lot easier getting through the day and all the commotion at work knowing that you are with me. When I get back home the eight hours of work seem to melt away and I can relax an enjoy my family and enjoy my time with you, Lord. Thank you so much for your love and peace. There arises another question out of all this, Lord. Because there are times I get confused more easily than at other times. One minute I seem so confident and positive in my spiritual knowing and then, boom, out of the blue, there seems to be nothing but doubts and confusion.

What is all that about? 215

Who Do You Say I Am

Confusion, Being a State of Uncertainty, Comes From the Body, the Soul, and the Spirit Not Being in Oneness Together. While Not Remaining in Oneness, the Body, the Soul, or the Spirit, Are Submitting to Outside and Inside Influences, and Cannot Accurately Respond in Oneness the Way it Desires. Confusion Usually Will Occur Out of Fears That Reside Selfishly Within the Soul. Any Fear is Contagious and Can Infect the Soul, its Mind, and its Emotions, Along With the Body, and Even to the Spirit. It Must Be Recognized. Fear, Like an Infection, Must Be Treated With the Right Antibiotic, in the Spirit, the Soul, and the Body. I Am the Great Physician. My Perfect Love Will Expel All Fear and Treat All its Infectious Effects. Where I Am, Fear Cannot Remain. Come to Me and Fear Not. Learn of Me and Fear Not. Does Your Mind Torment You? Does Your Mind Tell You One Thing and Your Emotions Tell You Another and In-between Both, Your Spirit is Racing Around in Circles?

Just Stop.

Stop Everything.

Be Still and Come Directly to Me.

I Am your Lord, Your Prince of Peace, Your Great Physician.

Key Word ... 216

Who Do You Say I Am


I Am With You and Will Calm Every Storm of Fear Your Mind Stirs Up. I Am With You and Will Still All the Restless Turmoil of Fear Your Soul Stirs Up. I Am the Balm of Gilead That Cures the Spirit, the Soul, and the Body. Listen to Me and Find Your Rest Once Again. I Will Provide You With Quietness and Confidence. Remember, You Are in the Process of Remaining One With Me. Within Our Oneness, Within Our Relationship, Within Our Kingdom; You Will Not Find Fear or Confusion. For it is Not Created By Me and Cannot Remain Where I Am. Believe in Me and You Will Not Fear. Believe in Me and You Will Not Be Confused. Put Your Trust in Me and Not in Anything Else. Have Faith in Me and Not in Anything Else. Not Even in Your Own Self. Know That I Am Your God. Not Fear. Choose Me. Respond to Me. Listen to Me. Watch the Fear and Confusion Melt Away Into the Nothingness That it Really Is. Try Me and See the Goodness of Your God For You.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE 217

Who Do You Say I Am

Lord, a new day! A new day with you. There is so much amazement in seeing each day with you. You make this day wonderful. Today, again with you is a gift. Not going backwards to yesterday and not leaping ahead into the tomorrows. But, right now, today, with you. Thank you. I depend so much on you. Here we are together starting a new day. Thanks.

Everything For This Day has Already Been Provided. All You Need to Do is Remain With Me, in Oneness in Spirit, Soul, and Body. To See the Goodness of Your God Toward You, Your Eyes Must Be Open and Looking For Me. To Hear the Goodness of Your God Toward You, Your Ears Must Be Open and Listening For Me. It is With Me, You Live and Move and Have Your Being. This is Being With Me. My Presence. My Kingdom. My Reality With You!

Lord, there’s that word, that expression, you have used all along. Being. To come to the place of remaining one with you in our relationship, we must come to the place of being. Being one with you. It’s even written in your Bible. That is it in a nutshell. No more, no less, just BEING! 218

Who Do You Say I Am

Being is Not Synonymous to Utopia or Nirvana. Being is Not a Spiritual Disneyland or a Spiritual Mechanism to Turn Off and On.

Being is a Result.

The Result of Remaining in Oneness With Me. Being Cannot Be Manufactured or Copied. You Either Are Being or You Are in the Process of Being or You Are Not Being at All.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, knowing that you are expressing this to believers, none of this pertains to anyone who is not born of The Holy Spirit.


Ignorance ,Contrary to the Worldly Expression, Is Not Bliss. Spiritual Ignorance is Remedied Only Through The Holy Spirit. It Takes Holy Spirit Power to Assault All Spiritual Ignorance. Such is My Wisdom. The Holy Spirit Renews the Mind and Regenerates the Soul as the Quickened Words of Truth Are Imparted to Your Spirit, Your Soul, and Your Body. It is a Tremendous and Awesome Work of The Holy Spirit With You. Each of You. If it was Just in Obtaining Knowledge and Recitals of Vast Memory Banks the Whole Earth Would Be a Dif219

Who Do You Say I Am

ferent Place By Now. If it was Just in the Understanding of Doctrines and Religious Practices the Whole Earth Would Be a Different Place By Now. Without The Holy Spirit There is No Power or Spirit. To Remain in Oneness With Me Would Be Impossible. For it is By The Holy Spirit and the Working of The Holy Spirit With You, That You Are Able.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Yes, Lord.


A cold and chilling day. Winter is coming and the fall season has passed. Lord, thank you for all the time we have spent together in this special prayer time. You are awesome.

Can you See Your Own Seasons and Cycles Change Like You See the Fall Season End and the Winter Season Begin? As You Continue in the Process of Remaining One With Me in Our Relationship, You Will Be Propelled Toward Your Divine Purpose in Being. 220

Who Do You Say I Am

Notably, Through Each Individualized Season and Cycle as Each One is Orchestrated to Bring in With Harmony the Next Season or Cycle. All According to Your Purpose in Spirit, Soul, and Body. This is For All of You Who Are Part of Me, With Me, in the Kingdom of Your God. You Are Made to Be Heirs of My Kingdom and its Provided Inheritance. Enjoy Whatever Season and Cycle You Are in, Spiritually, Soulfully, and Naturally. With Me! It is All Purposed So That Each of You Will Come to Know Me in the Fullness of My Being. Each of Your Personal Seasons and Cycles Are as Important as the Others Personal Seasons and Cycles. All of You Together Reflect the Many Aspects of the Process of Remaining in Oneness With Me. Till Each Comes to Their Divine Purpose of Being. You May Label Some Seasons or Cycles as Good or Bad, But Remember They All Ultimately Serve the Greater Purpose. That Greater Purpose is You with Me and Me With You. Our Relationship. Consider Every Season Passes and Every Cycle Ends. But I Remain, and So Do You With Me.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, I know I have gone through many seasons and many cycles and I know there are many more to come. I can only relate seasons to be longer periods of time and cycles to be shorter periods of time. Whether in the spirit, the soul, or the body. 221

Who Do You Say I Am

Let’s Relate Seasons and Cycles in the Spiritual Realm, Based On the Natural Realm as an Example. In the Natural Realm Everyone Grows From Childhood Into Adulthood With All its Seasons and Cycles. A Child Talks Differently Than an Adult. A Child Behaves Differently Than an Adult. But the Child Does Grow Up Into Adulthood. All the Seasons and Cycles Combine Together and Prepare the Adult to Be. So it is Similar in the Spiritual Realm. It too has its Seasons and Cycles as the Process of Remaining in Oneness With Me. Which Ultimately Leads to Maturity, Bringing Forth the Predestined Divine Purpose of Being.

Lord, may I make an observation here?

In all my own personal seasons and cycles I have always been on the outside of the general mainstream. Never quite fitting in, nor finding the social or religious acceptance so many others seem to find. But, I do find complete acceptance with you, Lord. So I have learned not to look for it in any other place. Plus I learned to be content with you.

Only I do wonder about this.

If You Would Have Found Total Acceptance in Everything Else You Would Not Have Turned as Diligently to Seeking Me. This was a Tool in Your Own Personal Process of Remaining One With Me. All According to Your Divine Purpose in Being. 222

Who Do You Say I Am

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Yes, Lord. You express those last sentences continually.

What is so significant in that expression? Since you are drawing my attention to those two sentences again, I must need to know a lot more about you, Lord.

Luke 8:11-18, Gal. 1:12, I Pet. 1, John 5:24-47; 18:36-37, James 1:2-18, Heb. 13:2, I Cor. 14:33, I John 4:18, Mat. 11:28-29, Acts 17:16-31, Eccl. 3

To Each of You Who Are Spiritually Alive There is Always More. The More is Found in Your Own Personal Relationship With Me. In Whatever Part of the Process of Remaining You Are in and Whatever Season or Cycle You May Be Experiencing.

Right NOW is the Remembering.

Right NOW is the Oneness.

Right NOW is Our Relationship.

Each Moment That You Are With Me in Remembering, in Oneness, in Relationship; You Will Reflect More of Me in Your Life. 223

Who Do You Say I Am

Everything That Makes Me Who I Am, I Freely Offer to You. All of You. As Freely as You Receive of Me, Freely You in Turn Will Be Able to Give. Give, From Your Natural Self. Give From Your Soulful Self. Give From Your Spiritual Self. For Whatever You Freely Give and From Whatever Realm You Freely Give of; You Will Always Receive Back Again. This is Not a Program of ‘Positive Thinking’ or a ‘Prosperity Plan for Success’. This is Not a Self Serving Law of ‘Sowing and Reaping’. Think of This Instead as Your Own Personal Spiritual Identity.

Think About That!

In This You Will Be Recognized. In This You Will Be Known. So Choose Your Identity Carefully. Choose How You Desire to Be Known Carefully.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, that is once again beautifully expressed.

I pray the magnitude of your statement is within the words that are read. I often feel my part in this comes up short to the fullness of what you are expressing.

Please help me to write this correctly.

It is the Spirit Behind the Written Words That Count and That Profit the Reader, Just as Importantly 224

Who Do You Say I Am

as the Spirit of the Reader. That is Why the Same Words Can Come From Two Different Sources and Have Two Different Effects. All Depending On the Spirit of the Words. From the Natural, From the Soul, or From the Spirit. Either Written or Spoken the Source Will Manifest Itself at Both Ends. I Am the Living Word. I Am Alive and So Are My Words. The Life You Live and the Life You Give Are Inseparable. In Remaining in Oneness in Our Relationship You Will Know Me and the Life That is Provided For You. Each of You. That Wholeness and Oneness is to Be Your Life and Your Life Source. To Know Me is to Have Life. You Are Not a Clone or a Replica. You Are a Unique Creation. Created in My Image and My Likeness. Created to Have Fellowship With Me. Created to Be in an Outstanding Relationship With Me, Your Lord, Your God. Each and Everyone of You. Oh yes, Lord. That is why we must be in remembrance of you. You are the one that gives to us the enjoyment of life. Not just living, but joy in being alive. It’s not just another day. It’s not just another job. It’s not just another sermon. It’s just living life with you and knowing it.

Being with you!

EEE 225

Who Do You Say I Am

All these lapses in time are difficult for me, Lord. I know you understand and keep me on track, but this is still very new to me and a discipline in itself.

All I know is to take this step by step with you.

This is One Special Place With Me Out of the Infinitesimal Special Places With Me. For Each and Everyone of You. I Am Constantly Expressing Myself and it is Always as Special to the One as it is to the Other. All of Your Individual Seasons and Cycles Are Directed For Each One’s Divine Purpose to Be Realized and Completed. Each One as Special as the Other. All of You Are Part of Me, Whether Together or Separate. All of You Are Therefore Part of Each Other, Whether Together or Separate Also. Each of You Are to Remain in the Bonds of Oneness, Regardless of Seasons or Cycles, Togetherness, or Separateness. This is Accomplished in the Spirit With The Holy Spirit. It is By Knowledge and By Choice. It is Not Necessary to Be in 100% Agreement Naturally, Soulfully, or Spiritually in Order to Acknowledge the Bonds of Being Part of Me and Part of Each Other. Remember Each Other. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, that is so full of love and completeness. Thank you. I literally am without words. 226

Who Do You Say I Am

So You Should Be. Selfish Identity and Worldly Individualism Can Only Build Self Delusions. Your Unique Individualized, Divine Purpose is Not to Build Up Your Self Identity or Individualism. But it is Given to Benefit the Kingdom of God and Each Other. Each of You Being One With Me Will Automatically Identify Your Own Unique Divine Purpose, For the Benefit of All. Knowingly and Unknowingly.

Lord, that hits the nail on the head. It again, changes my perspective on a very touchy issue. All the emotional heavies people seem to dump on one another. Such religious judgements and condemnations on the ones we are suppose to love. How can we stop this? How come we are so rude and insensitive? I count myself at fault in this also.

What is There to Judge But Yourself? Then, if I Do Not Condemn You, Why Do You Condemn? All of What You Expressed is Misinterpreted Falsehoods. The Falsehoods of Self Identity, Individualism, and Judgements, Actually Keep You From the Real Truth, The Real Truth of Me, of You, and of Each Other. These Falsehoods Will Keep You in Dizzy Circles, Full of Self Righteousness, Self Forwardness, and Self Servingness. With Me, With The Holy Spirit, With My Truth, With My Life, With My Power, With My Revelation, With My Purpose; There is Substance, Value, and Worth That Will Last. Take Your Spiritual Life Just as Seriously as Your Natural or Soulful Life. Each of You Are Known, 227

Who Do You Say I Am

and Will Be Known, By the Spirit you Walk in. Of What Spirit Are You? What Spirit Do You Walk In? This is Not Judged By the Outward Appearance, But By the Hidden Motive of the Inner Being. Not a Measuring Tool, But an Expression of How You Are Known Spiritually By Me. Come to Know the Kingdom of God Within You. Come to Know Who You Are Within the Kingdom of God. Start Living in the Kingdom of God Within You in Whatever You Do Know Right Now. Start Walking. Start Talking. Start Listening. Start Doing. All Within the Kingdom of God That You Do Know. Do What You Know Today and Each Step Will Progress Into the Next Step. The Kingdom of Your God is Your Kingdom Also. Step By Step, With Me. As You Remain in the Process of Becoming One With Me to Fulfill Your Own Divine Purpose, You Will Naturally Refrain From Measuring Everyone Else Spiritually, Soulfully, and Naturally. No More Condemnations. No More Judgements. No More Lording Over Another. All That Falls Away Into Nothingness. Instead, You Will Find Your Freedom With Me So Exhilarating and Full of Love and Life, You Will Yearn to Create More of the Same For Others. This You Will Learn to Do. The Bonds of My Love Will Be So Cohesive That Nothing Foreign Will Be Able to Hinder You or Keep You From the Truthful Purpose of Unity with Each Other. This is Revolutionary! This is My Reality. This Brings the Heavenly to the Earthly in Transformation Power. 228

Who Do You Say I Am

That is so rich and full, Lord. Thank you.

I noticed the word ‘revolutionary’ being expressed a few times now. Each time it has mentally startled me. Why, I don’t know.

Are you meaning more than the word projects?

EEE I Am Your Peace. With Me You Do Have Peace. Peace Within to Your Spirit, Your Soul, and Your Body. Peace is Not Quietness. Yet Quietness is Found in My Peace. Peace is Not Stillness. Yet Stillness is Found in My Peace. Peace is Not in a Storm. Yet My Peace Can Be Found in a Storm. Peace is Not a Word. Peace is a Living Force! A Force That Will Level Every Mountain and Calm Every Storm and Free Every Prisoner From Their Bonds.

My Peace is Revolutionary! As I Am.

I Am the Prince of Peace and Without Me There Can Be No Peace. Because, I Am With You in the Presence of The Holy Spirit, You Can Know Peace and You Can Create Peace. Know Peace Intelligently. Know Peace Soulfully. Know Peace Spiritually. This is Part of the Process of Remaining One With Me.

For I Am Peace That You May Be Also.


Who Do You Say I Am

Follow After My Peace and You Will Follow Me. Follow Me and You Will Follow After Peace. Learn of Peace. Love Peace. Be Peace. Their is No Adversary When You Are In Peace. Release Your Thoughts of Worldly Peace and Allow The Holy Spirit to Make Peace With You. Peace is Not of This World, But is in the Kingdom of Your God. Which is Now Your Kingdom Also. Allow The Holy Spirit to Activate Peace Within You, to Each of You. That You May Be Full of Peace. My Peace Will Activate Your Mouth to Stillness. Instead of Rushing Noises. My Peace Will Activate Humility Within Your Soul. Then it Will Dissolve All Strife Within and Without. My Peace Will Activate All Healing From Sickness and Disease, From Worry and Anxiety. It is My Peace I Freely Give to Each of You. Peace to Allow You to Be Who You Are Created to Be, With Me.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE Lord, there are so many ways to begin this day, so many words, so many thoughts. The only true way I can begin is to acknowledge you, my Lord, my God. You alone are totally wonderful and awesome to know.

I love you, Lord.


Who Do You Say I Am

Contrary to All Worldly Images ...

This Is Extraordinary!

It is Not the Latest Scientific Acclamation, Nor the Latest Technological Advancement. It is Simply, Me Relating to You. Listen to What I Just Expressed. It is Simply Me Relating to You.

This is Extraordinary!

This is Magnificent!

Always has Been and Always Will Be.

God With You! To Each of You and For Each of You.

This is Extra-Ordinary!

Lord, sometimes I wonder how you deal with my spiritual ignorance, not to mention spiritual clumsiness. Plus, the density of all the worldly pollution and spiritual dullness that is part of my generation. Yo u k i n d l y a l l o w m e t o c o m e a n d g o as necessary in this special time. Sometimes staying for hours and sometimes just for a few minutes.

But thru it all I see you, Lord.

Again, Your Limitations Are Not My Limitations. 231

Who Do You Say I Am

But, I Do Understand. With Me, Your Limitations Become Limitless. With The Holy Spirit You Are Able to Transcend All Influences That Are Not One With Me. If Anything Intrudes Upon Your Relationship of Oneness With Me, it is Just That, an Intrusion. You Do Have Power, With The Holy Spirit, to Overcome All Other Influences That Intrude Upon Your Life of Oneness With Me. Keeping This in the Spiritual First of All. As Each of You Continue On With Me, You Will Recognize Any Influences That Try to Divert Your Attention From Me and From Your Divine Purpose of Being. Once Recognized You Are Able to Exercise Your Spiritual Being and Decisively Choose to Allow it to Remain or Become as Nothing. Remember WHO YOU ARE, With Me. For if You Do Not, Nothing On This Earth Will Remember Who You Really Are Either. This is Not a Self Proclaiming Affirmation, But a Truth That is Either Known or Unknown. The Law of My Truth Sets You Free From Everything That is Opposed to it.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

EEE The main desire within my spirit is to be one with you, Lord.


Who Do You Say I Am

I know it is moment by moment, day by day. So I give my complete attention to you and keep on going with that purpose in mind.

It is Given to You Thru My Holy Spirit to Do So. For the Purpose of Your Being. The Working of the Revelation is in Your Spirit to Fulfill its Truth. For I Am the Creator of Life. Again, and Again, and Again. My Truth Personifies Me. Life. My Life Within Your Life. Becoming One in Personal Relationship. Many Have Come and Will Come in My Name, Yet Not in My Truth. Therefore, They Produce Nothing. Many Have Come Not in My Name, Yet Speak a Truth and Therefore They too Produce Nothing.

Nothing Begets Nothing.

So in Lies the Mystery of Why So Much of Nothingness is Present in This Day and Age. I Am the Truth. I Am the Way. I Am the Light. All That I Am Remains the Same Forever. Yet, All That I Am Changes Everyone and Everything. Because My Truth Begets My Truth. Many of You Desire Truth. My Truth That Establishes Life. Many of You Desire Much More of My Truth. Yet, Still Your Desires Remain Unfulfilled. Mainly Because the Illusions of This Present World Are Desired More. Whatever is Not of My Truth is an Illusion. Illusions Become Realities as They Are Desired. These Realities Eventually Produce Nothing and Come to Nothing in the End. 233

Who Do You Say I Am

My Truth is Full of Life and Produces More Life in the Spirit, Soul, and Body. Illusions Produce Nothing of Lasting Value or True Substance. Wherein, My Spirit of Truth, Which is My Holy Spirit, Will Always Lead You to Truth. That Truth Will Produce Life According to its Purpose. Always. Each of You Are Part of Me and Part of My Truth Also. So Each of You Also Know in Part, My Truth. That is Why You Must Consider Everyone Else With Me as With You too. None of You Stand Alone. A Mystery to Some, a Revelation of Liberty to Others.

II Cor. 3:6,14,16, Gal. 6:8, Col. 3:10;12-17, Rom. 8:1; 12, II Pet. 1:2-11, II Cor. 4:7-18; 5:9-20, John 5:11-25, Is. 9:6-7, I Cor. 9, II Tim. 2:19, Mat. 7:21-27


Each of You Are Choosing Daily, Knowingly and Unknowingly, What Way You Want to Go, or What You Will Follow. Each of You Are Choosing Daily What Truth You Will Believe or Not Believe. Daily Choosing What Life You Will Ultimately Live. It is Very Simple. To Whatever Life You Possess, Within and Without, at This Very Moment With Me or Without Me; is According to Your Freewill in Thinking, 234

Who Do You Say I Am

Believing, and Choosing. Even as The Holy Spirit Moves With Each of You, Each of You Are Still Consciously and Subconsciously Choosing to Agree With The Holy Spirit or Not. Each Choice Lays the Foundation For the Next Choice. Each One Adding Strength, Sureness, Peace, and Above All the Very Essence of My Love to Your Total Being. Each Purposeful Choice With Me Allows Your Oneness in Spirit, Soul, and Body, to Continue Till You Actually Know the Reality of Your Relationship With Me. All According to Your Purpose of Being. Being One With me.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.


Holy Spirit, thank you for being with me.

Have I ever expressed that I actually enjoy being with you. I enjoy your presence and how you make your presence known to me. Thank you for the constant direction and challenge you give me to keep on learning and growing. There is much to do yet, but with you, I know all will be completed. What a pleasure to enjoy each day with your Holy Spirit, Lord. What a privilege it is to be able to be with you.


Who Do You Say I Am

Just knowing our relationship is eternal is awesome.

But today is totally just as awe inspiring in itself.

To Know Me Today is to Know me Tomorrow. Each Moment is Added to the Next and Connects Together Spiritually. This is the Working of The Holy Spirit With You, According to Your Divine Purpose in Being One With Me. Each of You Are Divinely Established in My Kingdom as a Vital Part of Me. You May Think There is a Lot of Happenstance and Discontinuity in Your Life or in Others, But to Me it is Not So. I Am Always Seeing the Whole Complete Picture. This, Many of You Know Spiritually, But Need Personal Revelation According to Your Own Divine Predestined Purpose in Being With Me. As We Have Expressed Before, Your Earthly Existence Within this Time Frame is But a Moment Within Your Eternal Life. With The Holy Spirit Each of You Are Now Moving Through an Integral Part of Your Whole Eternal Life in Being One With Me. There Really Isn’t Any Other Way to Go, But My Way. To Continue On, Each of You Must Complete This Part Also. My Way is Completely Prepared For Each of You. Allow The Holy Spirit to Open This Revelation to You and Expand Your Spiritual Identity, Today. Yes, Even Right Now The Holy Spirit is Well Able to Help You. Just Ask.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. 236

Who Do You Say I Am

EEE Lord, my soul delights in your words. I know they are full of life, more than I can possibly understand or express. I do need to approach a nagging thought that has puzzled me lately.

What about details?

There never seems to be any details shared within this prayer time. It bothers me that perhaps I have missed something or that this is just folly.

Please help me.

I know I cannot be right on 100% of the time, but I totally rely on you, Lord.

So, I present this in honesty.

The Details You Inquire About Are Not to Be Found in This Book or in Any Other Book. For the Details Are to Be Found in Each of You.

Each of You Are a Detail Within My Creation.

You Expect Me to Present to You a Perfect Outline of All the Who’s, What’s, When’s, Where’s, and How’s. I Have Given My Best Already. I Have Already Given All in Many Different Ways and in Many Different Times. 237

Who Do You Say I Am

All According to My Perfect Plan and Purpose For Everything. It has Already Been. It Already Is, and Will Already Be. For it Cannot Be Likewise Any Other Way. As You Remember Who You Are and Who I Am, the Reality of My Intricate Plan and Purpose Becomes Part of You.

You Are My Details.

Again, Allow The Holy Spirit to Open This Revelation to You and Gain a New Perspective. You Are Part of Me. Part of My Divine Plan. My Plan is Part of You and it is Divine. How Can You Present a Book of Details? There is Only One Book of Life; but the Details Never End. The Details Are Forever Changing, For All the Details Are in Constant Change. Motion and Change. Every Thought Changes a Detail. Every Word Changes a Detail. Every Choice Changes a Detail.

Each of You a Precious Detail!

A Unique, Creative, Eternal Being. Part of My Eternal Composition in What has Already Been Composed. All Within My Master Plan. With The Holy Spirit Each of You Are to Finish Your Own Coarse That is Set For You. Come to the Process of Remaining One With Me. Come to Your Being to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose. So if You Are the Detail Then You Are to Fulfill the Details of Your Own Life. With Me. 238

Who Do You Say I Am

I Have Provided Each of You a Freewill to Be With The Holy Spirit as a Creative Eternal Being. This is in All Your Circumstances and Life Experiences in Seasons and Cycles, All According to Your Own Divine Purpose of Being. All the So Called Details Within This Are Part of You. For Your True Being is to Be One With Me. Nothing More and Nothing Less. Forget Everything Else. Forget All the Lies. All the Illusions. All the Dreams. Forget Your Ways. Your Thoughts. Your Reasonings. Your Demands.

Forget Yourself and AWAKE.

It has Been Given You to Awake and to Stay Awake. Awake to Being One With Me. Awake to Your Divine Purpose.

Awake to Know Who I Am.


Lord, three days off from work, what a treat. Thank you, Lord. You know what gratefulness is in my heart because of you. If I can say, please use whatever you can of me and for what purpose you deem.

I just want to be close to you, my Lord.


Who Do You Say I Am

As You Have Found and as You Find Today and as You Will Continue to Find; My Ways Are Not Your Ways. My Ways Far Surpass Your Ways. Yet, I Delight in Making Known My Ways to All of You. As Each of You Trust Me and Entrust Yourself to Me, I Am Always Making the Way Sure For You. In Pure Truth, There Isn’t Any Other Way For You, But My Way. All Other Ways Lead to the Same End. Each of Those Ends Will Eventually Lead Right Back to My Way. My Way, Whether Known or Unknown, is For Everyone. Whether it Takes One Millisecond or a Trillion Trillion of the Same, Each End Points the Way Back to Me. This is True in the Spirit, the Soul, and the Natural Body. For I Am Exactly Who You Say I Am, and Then So Are You Likewise.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord that is big. I hear and my mind is reeling with the expanse of those Words.


Now Give a Little More Expression to What You Are Hearing.

Well, Lord, there is really nothing but you! 240

Who Do You Say I Am

Because everything begins and ends with and in, you. Since I deleted all other thoughts, that’s all that remains. YOU!

But, I know so much more could be written.

It Already Has Been Written, it Is Being Written, and It Will Continue to Be Written. Each One of You an Open Page. Just as You Fill These Lines on This Page With My Expressions to You; I Am Filling Many Lines on Many Pages Within Each of You. Sometimes One Word of Truth, Sometimes Whole Chapters of Truth. All According to Your Individual Season and Cycles in Purpose of Being in Relationship With Me. Each One Reflecting What is Being Given. According to Their Truth and According to Their Being.

Well, Lord, isn’t all truth the truth? Truth is just that, truth!


No? 241

Who Do You Say I Am


There are Many Sources of Truth. Each Truth Produces According to its Source. Each Truth is Valued According to its Source.

Lord, there we go again, that literally speaks volumes. Let’s say then, if I (using myself as example) have or think I have any margin of truth; it will produce. Just as a ton of truth will produce also. But, all depending on the source of the truth. If the source of any truth is not you, it can only produce what its source provides. Which will in turn cause me to produce likewise. All depending on where the truth originates.

My Truth is Always Effectual, Seen or Unseen. My Truth is Immeasurable.

But, Lord, if any truth produces according to its source, than we in turn can measure that truth by what is produced and how valuable it really is.

Is that correct? 242

Who Do You Say I Am


These short, one syllable, answers are frustrating, Lord.


Now what? I must be missing something, Lord.

Yes. The Truth.

I give up.


You have my full attention, Lord.

Good. 243

Who Do You Say I Am

Okay. Okay?

Who Do You Say I Am?

Long pause ...

You are God.

God the Father. God the Son. God The Holy Spirit.

You are Jesus, The Christ. Emmanuel!

Do you Understand That You Could Not Express Even That if it was Not Already Given to You? You Can Claim Nothing of Your Own. If it is Not Given, it is Not Yours. If it is Given, it is Yours; But Not of Yourself. It is Given. It is Given Truth. So You Cannot Claim the Truth as Your Own. Especially My Truth. The Given Amount is Not in Your Judgement or Lack of Judgement to Measure. My Truth is Not For Your Own Purpose. My Truth is Part of Me. For I Am the Truth. It Certainly Does Not Originate From Any of You. But it is For You. For Each of You. I Do Not Sit and Dibby Out the Truth, Here to Some. Now to Another. My Truth is Endless and The Holy Spirit Will Lead You to the Truths YOU Require, if 244

Who Do You Say I Am

You Will Allow Yourself to Be Led. Allow Me to Change Your Perspective Again. For There is No One Who Can Contain All My Truth Anyway. You Cannot Fight For MyTruth or Compete in My Truth. My Truth Never Diminishes, But Abides Forever. My Truth is Not Controlled or Influenced By Outside Forces. Each Truth Received is Purposed According to Your Divine Purpose and Always For the Greater Purpose. The Truth Must be Larger Than You. If I Am the Truth and if I Am With You, Then the Truth is With You.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, I feel like I have been reprimanded.

Yes, a Little. Are You Ready to Continue?

Yes, Lord.

We Have Shared Many Expressions On a Variety of Subjects. But Here is One Not Yet Expressed.

Yes? 245

Who Do You Say I Am


Lord, that is a far cry from anything we have expressed.

Why money? You either have it or you don’t!

Allow me to Show You Another Perspective.

Your Money Holds No Power Outside of the One Holding it. Money Does Not Breath. It Does Not Move. It Does Not Speak. It is an Inanimate Object Created and Used By Mankind in a Temporal Monetary Exchange Culture. Instead of Bartering Goods For Goods, Money is Valued as the Exchange For the Goods Intended. The Worth or Value is Focused on the Cost of the Goods, Which Shifts the Focus From the Goods to the Cost or Money Involved. This Shift of Focus has Created the Money as a Source to Fill Temporal Need. Which in Turn Creates the Need for Money and Money for the Need. A Cycle Thus Flourishes. Need and Money. Money and Need. As Expressed Money Holds No Power Outside of the One Holding It. Knowingly or Unknowingly, Consciously or Subconsciously, Each of You Have Made Money its Own Power Source or Lack Thereof Within Your Own Life Accordingly. 246

Who Do You Say I Am


Lord, there are always issues in each day to work through, but with you, each day is still new. Thank you for the simplicity you give me in living each day with you, step by step.

Thank you, Lord.

To Emphasize Part of Your Last Expression ...

‘Simplicity’ and ‘Step By Step’.

In Which the Last Subject of ‘Money’ Fits Into Very Neatly From My Perspective. Without Great Elaboration, For the Words Themselves Present an Image.

Simplicity, Step By Step, and Money.

Follow This Image of Words and Allow Them to Reflect Into Your Own Life Concerning the Subject of Money. Then Reflect That Image Back to Me. Allow Your Mind and Spirit to Linger Upon This Reflection and Consider. If This Reflection is Clear and Understandable, Then So is the Truth of Money to You. If You See Distortions in the Reflection as it Reflects Between You and Me, Then You Are in Need of More Truth. 247

Who Do You Say I Am

Distortions Point to a Loss in the Simplicity of Money Concerning You and Me. The Worldly Money System Now Contains Many Distortions. Many Distortions Which Produce After There Original Source. Step By Step, Money is Either Considered in Truth Which Produces Simplicity or it is Considered in Distortions Which Produce Accordingly. Exactly Where Do Each of You Fit Within This Image and the Image of Money Fit With You? Knowingly Not One of You Can Purchase the Kingdom of God. You Cannot Buy, Borrow, or Steal, in My Kingdom or From My Kingdom. Do You Think You Can Buy My Truths? Such Money Does Not Hold Any Power or Value in the Spirit With Me. My Kingdom and All its Treasures Cannot Be Found on This Earth or in Any of its Worldly Systems. My Holy Spirit is Not a Commodity, Nor is My Truth. Godliness Cannot Be Bought or Sold. But, Godliness is More Valuable Than All the Earth’s Treasures Put Together and All it’s Money. Let My Truth in Simplicity Speak to You Personally About Your Money. Each of You Have Already Had, Do Have, and Will Have, Money. In Your Own Freewill and in Each Thoughtful Choice You Each Allow Your Money to Serve You or You Allow Yourself to Serve Your Money. In Simple Truth Your Money is a Tool. Another Tool Within Your Life. How This Tool is Used Within Your Life is Between You and Me. 248

Who Do You Say I Am

You Are Not Your Money and Your Money Is Not You. To Distort Money Into Any Other Image is Worthless and Will Produce Just That, Worthlessness. Nothng Begets, Nothing.

You Choose.

That’s very understandable, Lord.

But, in thinking, it is also very naive.

In Who’s Kingdom?

I get the picture, Lord.

It is More Likely That Right Now On This Earthly Plane There Are More Books, Tapes, Classes, Seminars, Conventions, Lectures, Programs, Organizations , and just Plain Talkity Talk, About ...

M-O-N-E-Y ...

Then About Me. Your God. 249

Who Do You Say I Am

Probably so, Lord.

But, it Never Has, Cannot Now, Nor Ever Will, Diminish Who I Am!

For I Am Jehovah.

Jehovah Jireh. Your God Who Supplies All Your Needs. With Me There is Never Any Lack.

Whoa, Lord. Now we’re out there!

Because, I not only see a lot of lack on this earth, but in me and in my own life as well. And, not just about money.

Right, and Very Honest too.

So what I conclude from this, is that any lack signifies a direct lack of you. In whatever area or level it literally points to. me.

That will take some time to sink in. A lot of time for


Who Do You Say I Am


It’s been a few days, Lord, since I’ve been able to sit down with you and continue writing. I know you understand. Thank you for always making a way for me in everything. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for you continual help. I stand amazed at all the work of your Holy Spirit, in my life, my family, and my friends, that I witness personally and from afar.

My Kingdom is Eternal. As My Word is Eternal and it Does Perform According to its Purpose Eternally. Whether Seen or Unseen. Seeing the Obvious is Great, So How Much Greater is the Un-obvious That is Not Seen. This is True Spiritually, Soulfully, and Naturally. If You Are Able to See Anything That Pertains to Me and My Kingdom it is Because Much More has Already Been Purposed and Accomplished in the Unseen Realms. To What is Manifested Outwardly and Seen is a Small Degree to What has Already Manifested Inwardly or in the Unseen Realms. Then, to Whatever is Given Out From the Spirit, Soul, or Natural Realms; Will Be Received Back to its Original Source. Herein is One’s Own Responsibility and Accountability in the Unseen Realms and the Realms That Are Seen. Your Eternal Being is Fully Able to Accept it’s Ac251

Who Do You Say I Am

countability and Responsibility With Me. In Fact With Total Delight. For That is What You Are Purposely Created For. Your Eternal Being is Purposed to Fulfill it’s Relationship With Me.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Lord, Lord, Lord ...

Yes, I Am.

That is the Good News!

Now For Your Comfort and to Proclaim My Kingdom With You, Consider This. Each and Every Good Thought, Each and Every Good Deed, Each and Every Good Choice, as You Remain in Relationship With Me, is Like a Purposed Stepping Stone That Adds to Your Wholeness of Being. Remaining Constant in the Right Spirit, WithThe Holy Spirit, Allowing The Holy Spirit Access Into Your Life in Your Spirit, Soul, and Body. All to Your Advantage and to Promote the Purpose in Your Divine Being. Keep Your Thoughts in Kindness, Purity, Gentleness, and Thankfulness. Give Place to The Holy Spirit in All Areas, Even in Just Plain Thinking. It Doesn’t Cost You Anything But Your Thoughts. Do You Know That Your Thoughts are Not Meant to Be Your Own? Your Thoughts as Revealed By Your 252

Who Do You Say I Am

Soul, Are a Creative Tool. A Tool to Be Used with Precision. Divinely Used According to Your Divine Purpose in Remaining One With Me.


A new day, Lord. Thank you so much again.

I just re-read the last expression of our prayer time and it seems to have taken an abrupt turn toward our thought life, which is connected to our spiritual life. I can see how this all connects to our personal perspectives and life experiences. To be more exact, our thoughts actually reveal our condition inside and outside.

Each of You Are Part of What You Think. Every Thought Includes Part of You. Your Thoughts Reveal Your Spirit, Your Soul, and Your Natural Body. They Project Part of Your Image Seen and Unseen. Whatever and Wherever Your Thoughts Project From and Then Go to, Will Be What You Will Actually Live.

Think On This. Consider and Choose Wisely.

Most Everyone has the Ability to Think. The Thought Process Evolves From the Spirit, the Soul, or the Natural Flesh, and its Combinations With the Freewill. Whether With Me or Without Me, Mankind Thinks and


Who Do You Say I Am

Does Accordingly. For the Thoughts That Are With Me Will Produce According to Your Relationship With Me in Purpose. As the Thoughts That Are Without Me Will Produce According to Their Source Likewise. That is One Reason Your Thoughts Are Referred to as a Tool. A Tool That Produces.

Think on This. Consider and Choose Wisely.

Look to What is Being Produced Spiritually, Soulfully, and Naturally, in Your Own Life. Not Just to the Outer Fleshly Appearance and its Earthly Conditions, But Inwardly Also. Where Only You and I See. Each of You in Relationship With Me Are a Living Soul. Created in My Image as a Creative Eternal Being. Where Do Your Thoughts Fit Into This? I Am Your God With You. Each of You Part of Me. Where Do Your Thoughts Fit Into This? I Am Your Creator and You Are Created to Know Me For an Eternal Divine Purpose. Where Do Your Thoughts Fit Into This? I Am With You and Working With You Through The Holy Spirit. Where Do Your Thoughts Fit Into This? I Am Proclaiming the Good News and the Kingdom of Your God. Where Do Your Thoughts Fit Into This? This Could Go On and On, But You Now Understand What I Am Expressing!

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. 254

Who Do You Say I Am

Oh, so beautiful Lord.

Everything is laid wide open in such truth and honesty. Not that I personally like everything in my own thought life, but I know with your help I will learn. I know it is not total perfection that you require, but it is our willingness to be changed and face given truths. Mostly about our own self first.

I Know Each of You Very Personally. My Love is to Each of You the Same, Only Very Personally Expressed. Our Relationship is Personal, Yet My Relationship With Each of You is Just as Personal and Just as Loving From One to the Other. For I Am Love. Yet, the Same Love is Expressed to Each One Personally, According to Each One’s Divine Purpose of Being.

Remember When I Intimately Expressed to You ...


‘That I Never Loved Jesus Anymore Than I Loved

My Love is My Presence and it is My Spiritual Essence in Being. For There Isn’t Any Real Love Without Me. The Love That Abides Forever and Never Fails. The Love That Heals and Creates Life. The Love That Opens Blind Eyes and Causes the Deaf to Hear. The Love That Makes All Things New Again. My Love is Undeniable and Unmerited. The World and All its Glory Cannot Produce Such Love. 255

Who Do You Say I Am

In My Love Truth Abounds. My Holy Spirit is My Love in the Spirit of Truth For You. My Holy Spirit Will Direct You in Truth as You Are Willing. Whatever the Direct Truth That is Purposed For You at the Precise Moment. Truth Will Come in All the Usable Variations of Purpose Within Your Own Life. Truth May Be in One Word, or One Thought, or Two Words, Two Thoughts. Truth Can Be Found in Actions and Deeds, Within All the Given Realms of Expression Within the Spirit or the Soul. The Program of Truth is Between You and Me and All According to Your Purpose of Being. All as You Are Willing and Allow The Holy Spirit to Provide as Required. This is Between You and Me According to Our Relationship Together.

Lord, wait a moment.

You have expressed that we must be willing and allow The Holy Spirit to direct us in truth. That means we can miss truths if we do not take an active part of being willing and allowing The Holy Spirit access in our life.

The Holy Spirit Moves on Invitation as Each One is Willing and Allows. In All Power and Glory The Holy Spirit is First of All Gentle and Profoundly Courteous and Discreet. Even So the Truth Delivered by The Holy Spirit is Full of Power to Do According to Purpose and to Each One’s Purpose of Being. Truth Upon Truth is 256

Who Do You Say I Am

Provided, Till You Are Full of My Truth and Full of My Power in All its Wisdom and Wholeness. This too is Never Ending.

Do I hear correctly, Lord?

Is your truth therefore progressive? We must start at the first truth presented by The Holy Spirit and keep going on to the next truth and the next truth as revealed? Is this how we come to remaining in oneness with you? All to fulfill our purpose of being. Is that what all this is about? Everything is constantly leading to the same expression of remembering who you are and remembering who we are.

Because you Lord, ARE all truth.

Many Know Volumes About Me. But Still Do Not Know Me. I Am That Friend That Will Stay Closer Than a Brother. Wouldn’t You Rather Know Me Personally and Intimately? Imagine the Possibilities! You Can Actually Know Me Beyond All the Stories, Beyond All the Sermons, Beyond Everyone Else’s Experience, Beyond Everyone Else’s Prayers.

You Can Know Me!

Your Lord. Your God. 257

Who Do You Say I Am

Not Just in Your Beginnings. Not Just in Your Ends. But You Can Know Me in All Your Ways. All Ways and Always. To Know Me, Emmanuel. God With You. In All Your Times, All Your Seasons, All Your Cycles. In All Your Being. Many Deny My Spirit, But Love My Truth. Many Deny My Truth, But Love My Spirit. In So Doing, They All Still Deny Me. Can I Be 100% With You if You Deny My Spirit or My Truth? I Am Not Divided. How Can I Be Separated Into Your Compartments of Your Own Self Made Conveniences?

I Am God With You.

May I Ask ...

Are You With Me?

I Am Forever and Unconditionally Devoted to You.

May I Ask ...

Are You?

Will You Allow Me to Love You? Will You Allow The Holy Spirit to Extinguish All the Fires of Self Proclamations Within Your Soul and Mind? Will You Allow The Holy Spirit to Confront and Then Comfort You? Too Many Hold The Holy Spirit at Arms Length, Afraid and Distrustful. Many Forget The Holy Spirit in 258

Who Do You Say I Am

Times of Need and Withdraw From the Comfort, Love, Support, and Truth That Only The Holy Spirit Can Provide. Still, Many Ignore The Holy Spirit and Silently Suffer Without the Grace and Power The Holy Spirit Can Supply. Have Any Ever Considered That The Holy Spirit Longs to Be of Comfort and Love to You Personally? Have Any Ever Realized That The Holy Spirit Agonized Over You at Times? Have You Ever Really Considered The Holy Spirit? Considered The Holy Spirit as Real as You Are Right Now. The Holy Spirit is Very Real. The Holy Spirit, as Part of Me, Never Ceases, Never Rests, Never Gives Up, Never Fails. All This and So Much More. Each of You Are Well Able to Know The Holy Spirit With You Right Now in Your Life. Stop Being What You Are Not and Be What You Are Truly Meant to Be. One With Me. For With Me, All Things Are Possible.


Each day with you, Lord, is better than the day before. I need you so much and I Love you beyond everything else. So here is a new day. hubby and I have just returned from our walk and finished our cleaning routine. I now pick 259

Who Do You Say I Am

up my pen to prayfully be with you, Lord. Although what you shared with us on our walk was totally wonderful. Thank you for helping us hear and share with The Holy Spirit as we all walked together today.

Communication is a Gift. Many Communicate. Many More Just Talk. Many Words Can Be Spoken. Many Ideas and Thoughts Can Be Voiced. Many Reasonings and Disputes, Many Plans and Programs. All Spoken and All Purposeful to Their Own Extent. Talking Can Be Heard at Any Time and Almost in Any Place.

But What is Being Said?

Communication is Communion and Visa Versa, on it’s Best Level. Whether By the Spirit, the Soul, or the Natural Body. Each Will Produce According to Purpose and According to the Original Source. There is a Purpose of Togetherness in Communicating Which Promotes Caring and Understanding. That is Why You Love to Hear My Words. My Words to You. You Love the Communion Within the Communication. My Communications to Each of You are Meant to Establish Communion With Me. This Communion Always Generates Oneness in Our Relationship Which Will Effect the Same in All Other Relationships. Each Established Within a Peaceful Coexistence in Our Communications Together. Perfecting and Preferring One Another in the Bonds of Love Created With The Holy Spirit. 260

Who Do You Say I Am

All I can say to that Lord, is amen.


Now, Share the Expression Received While on Your Walk Earlier.


Our walk is usually on our side of the street. Same sidewalk, same mileage every time. Being in mid-winter the conditions of the sidewalk vary in the degree of upkeep and in the general weather conditions. Needless to say, one must be careful and watch out for icy patches, so as not to end up taking any falls. Sometimes we literally step off the sidewalk and walk on the lawn areas along side that are full of snow, but not as treacherous to maneuver. Then, there has also been the wet looking sidewalks that do not appear icy, but are very slick and must be totally avoided. All in all, this whole scenario slows the walking pace dramatically, until better sidewalk surfaces come along. If any. This morning, to avoid coming back on the same sidewalk with all it’s difficulties; we decided to cross the street to the otherside’s sidewalk. This turned out to be an excellent decision since these sidewalks were literally 98% better to walk on. Such a dramatic difference that we were once again able to walk with ease and sureness of foot. Plus keep up a 261

Who Do You Say I Am

quicker walking pace altogether. Then, as we looked back to the other side we were able to note that we were actually walking on higher ground. Which immediately explained why all the ice and snow was built up on the other sidewalk and not on the sidewalk we had crossed over to. Upon walking and seeing all this The Holy Spirit nudged me to look at it all again. Impressing an expression to me of how this way, being so much better, since it has been a prepared way and higher ground. Relating this spiritually within me, while using this natural event, The Holy Spirit continued; letting me see how we had to decisively choose to find and go to the prepared and higher way that was really always there. Yes, we still had to watch our steps and be aware, but not like the other sidewalk path that was constantly full of danger. The higher way, that we were now enjoying, was always there (just as it is spiritually) but we first had to desire a different way, look for a different way, and then choose the other way that was provided, to actually walk on it. Seeing the whole picture in a mini lesson projected into many different levels all at the same time, was truly inspirational. The main point just as relative today as the day it happened. That being, the importance of our choices are as we walk with The Holy Spirit. For there is always a better way. A higher path. Being so thankful at the time of our sharing all this together as we walked and talked, only served to emphasize the blessings of true communication. Now, having written this I also see how it ties into what is going on right now with you, Lord. 262

Who Do You Say I Am

Communication and communion, accountability, responsibility, choices, thoughts, purpose, and your help and power. Wow, Lord. More than I experienced the first time around.

Wow, thanks! Thank you Holy Spirit.

Your communication is so vital to us, all of us. That is totally awesome. Totally wonderful.

Yes, Wonder Full.

Each Moment The Holy Spirit Prompts Such Events in Your Behalf and You in Turn Respond, Communication with Communion is Revealed Which Automatically Prepares the Next Event. This is Wonderful and Full of Wonder! Each of You Are Part of Your Own Events With The Holy Spirit. It Does Take a Constant Walk With The Holy Spirit That Will Cause Each Event to Be a Conscious Part of You. To Express This in Another Way; Consider, the More Conscious You Become Spiritually, Soulfully, or Naturally, the More Life Will Be Conscious of You. Pause a Moment and Just Absorb and Enjoy That Last Expression.

If You Desire Spiritual Response, You Must Re263

Who Do You Say I Am

spond Spiritually. If You Desire Soulful Response, You Must Respond Soulfully, etc ... What Each of You Initiate, You Will Inturn Receive, Depending on the True Origin in Source. This We Have Expressed Before, and Now Will Tie it All Together Again. Each of You Are Creatively Purposed By Me to Be Like Me. Your Lord, Your God. So You Can In Turn Be Purposely Creative Also. This Occurs Consciously or Unconsciously to the Degree of Your Own Accountability With Me, or Without Me. This Occurs in All the Different Choices, Different Thoughts, Different Beliefs. This Will Keep On Happening Till and as You Respond to Your True Divine Purpose in Being. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Rom. 12:1-21, II Cor. 3:1-6, Luke 9:23-23-25, Rom. 13:10-14, Num. 6:24-26, Is. 55, Gal. 4:14-24, John 17:17-19, Mat. 6:24, I John 2:15-17, I Tim. 6:17-21, Rev. 3:18, Deut. 8:1-18, Phil. 4:8, Ps. 4, Heb. 13:16, I Cor. 15:33, Ex. 25:22

EEE 264

Who Do You Say I Am

Well Lord, this morning, this afternoon, and now this evening, I have been reeling between my spirit, my soul, and my natural flesh. Each one responding differently and each one demanding attention. Each one very reasonable, each one very truthful, and all trying to demonstrate the best advice in direction.

Why do I have this struggle now. What is this for?

I don’t like this, nor do I understand what is really going on. Each time I turn my attention to you, Lord, more distractions occur. This is like going backwards when you really want to go forward and it has thrown me for a loop. So, I bring it here as a last ditch effort. Why, I don’t’ know. Even as I write, I sense a special reason for all of this. I need to know your expression, Lord. I’ll try to follow, but please, go slow. Thank you for understanding and being able to be here with you, Lord.

This is For You. For All of You. All to Express and Demonstrate My Exceeding Love and Power Toward You. That You Would Be Totally Aware and Continuously Conscious of Me. The Spiritual Force of Life Each of You Have Been Given. The Holy Spirit Will Lead and Provide Guidance in All the Experiences Concerning You. All to Emphasize the Vital Importance of Your Spiritual Well Being and Purpose. 265

Who Do You Say I Am

The Struggle Perceived is Only an Indicator That Much More is Going On Than Meets the Eye. All the Senses Are at Attention and Literally Working Overtime in Trying to Understand. Within Such Experience Cycles, Constant Choices Are Being Made, All Producing Accordingly. Also, The Holy Spirit is a Direct Influence, Adding to the Proportion of Pressure Already Sensed. Then You Wonder Why This Experience Seems Overwhelming?

To Put This in Your Own Words ...

‘Understanding is Half the Battle’.

The Importance is Not the Battle, But the Understanding. Understand That This Experience, This Season, This Cycle, is Just as Important as the Last One or the Next One to Come. Again, a New Perspective is Required. Again, a New Understanding. Again, a New Choice. Again, a Newness of Life.

Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am.

Thank you, Lord. That helps.

Thank you, again. A gain. Yes, I do hear that and I do understand.

A gain! Literally and spiritually.

Like a fog being cleared away. This very thing has happened many times before. Different experiences, but the same final effect, because of you. 266

Who Do You Say I Am

The effect is a clearness. A lightening of pressure. A rest and peace with you again. This is your divine force of life. Only you, Lord, can provide this. How come I can’t realize this quicker and avoid such cycles of struggle?

This is All Within the Process of Learning to Remain in Oneness With Me. Within Our Relationship and According to the Purpose of Your Being. You Are an Example of Many and For Many Right Now. This is Not New or Strange. The So Called Struggle Can Be Explained in Many Different Theories. But the Truth Today Received in Understanding, Becomes Life For Tomorrow. Through The Holy Spirit With You is Spirit and Truth Combined to Produce Life. Again.

Life Again For Today.

Lord, a quiet observation from me to you.

I really get a kick out of your expressions and how you choose to express yourself to me. I love you, Lord. I love your Holy Spirit. My God, I love you.

And ... I Love You. 267

Who Do You Say I Am

I really know that, Lord. At times so much clearer.

Your love is why I live.

Wow! That sounds like you Lord.

I see the bigness in that statement. I literally would not exist without you. Therefore (let’s go on with this thought) I exist because you live!


How’s that, Lord? How’s that?

I can’t even write as fast as that last expression hit me. Wow! I hope everyone gets that Lord! Wow, this is why we ALL live! Please make that real to everyone. That alone is life. To know you. To know you Live. To know we live because you live!

Whew, Lord, that’s almost too big!

No wonder there isn’t any end to the universe. I’ve got to stop a moment. My mind is reeling, but this time because of the wonder of you, Lord!


Lord, I have something definite that has been on my 268

Who Do You Say I Am

mind. Sitting here praying has only helped to bring it to the surface. So, I’ll just jump into it now. Since the world and also many religions are big on the theory or doctrine of positive thinking and positive confession, I need to know what you would express to me about it. Truthfully, I balk at its acceptance and do not understand why. Plus, even with this shared time with you, Lord, there have been many of your expressions that seem to uphold those same theories and doctrines.

Do you understand what I mean?

If I say the right kind of prayer or speak the right words, I should receive the results I desire. If I send money, I should receive back, plus double for my trouble. I could go on and on, but I see this as a real point of conflict which leaves me to question more and understand less.

A long pause ...

A Valid Question With an Invalid Motive.

Is that all, Lord? I would think you would want to nail this down properly. My question is okay, but my motive is not?

What really concerns me is your truth about the 269

Who Do You Say I Am

so-called positive thinking.

Positive Thinking is a Mental Tool.

Another long pause ...

Okay, what about positive confessions?

Positive Confession is a Mental Tool.

Okay, what about prayers for gain?

Repetitious Prayers are a Mental Tool.

Okay, last but not least. What about giving money to get money in return?

A Game. 270

Who Do You Say I Am

So now what, Lord? How does this fit into what we have expressed before? Thinking right, speaking right, choosing right?

Indirectly You Are Telling Me That These Issues Are Wrong. Supposing Me to Validate Your Assumptions So You Can Know That You Are Right.

Do You Really Desire My Truth to You Right Now?

Yes. Yes, I do Lord.

Once You Know Who You Are and Once You Know, Who I Am, Everything Else Ceases.

Is that possible, Lord? Possible here on this earth?


That is the Reason All the Other Issues, Plus Many Many Others, Even Exist. So All Might Come to the Truth. To Be in Truth. To Fulfill Truth.

So all this is going on so that each of us can therefore 271

Who Do You Say I Am

come to the truth, which is you?

To Express This Again. A Gain. You Are a Spiritual Being. What Are You Being For? The Answer; To Be and to Fulfill the Truth of Your Being. Being One With Me. Being One With Me to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose of Being. This is All ...

... part of the process of remaining one with you,

Lord. Excuse me, Lord, I finally ...

... Became One With Me in This Expression.

So, Lord, all this Aactivity of Positive Thinking, Positive Confession, all these so-called issues, are part of the process that ...

... Begins the Process.

Lord, wait, wait, a second! 272

Who Do You Say I Am

Then, any of these activities, even mine, are not the goal, but are just some of the beginnings, or stages, or issues to even begin to know who you are! Which means to me, that if it is not in all the theories, doctrines, activities, issues, but in WHAT these eventually produce.

Like I Expressed.

It Begins the Process.

Now I get it! Lord, thank you.

I was seeing all these issues or activities incorrectly. Like one is right and the other is wrong. Or that one person is wrong and only I have the right answer. But, to know the real truth, is to know that these activities are not the goal. But, in themselves, as an activity, or an issue, are a beginning process to ultimately come to ...


I Am the Beginning. I Am the End. I Am the Author and the Finisher of Faith. I Am the Way of Life. What I Begin, I Complete.

I Began You, You Began With Me. I Will Complete 273

Who Do You Say I Am

You and You Will Be Complete With Me. All the In-betweens, All the Issues, All the Activities, All the Variations in Experiences Are Unique, For Each One of You in the Process of Remaining One With Me. All Because of Your Own Unique Creative Divine Purpose of Being. Being One With Me, Your Lord.

So the process itself will always vary from person to person. My process is not everyone’s process. I cannot and should not expect anyone to line up with me and my process. Truthfully, I can’t fit into anyone’s process, nor they into mine. But, we can proceed in a shared togetherness because of you, Lord. Being part of you, we can also be part of each other!


How is that, Lord?

That is spiritual truth. I get it!

I Am the Spirit of Truth and Revelation. I Am With You. Each of You. The Truth is In, Who Do You Say I Am, With You! The Truth Becomes a Statement and No Longer a Question. The Truth of Today Leads You to the Truth For Tomorrow. 274

Who Do You Say I Am

The Process is Always in Today, Which is Always Today. Today, Who Do You Say I Am? All Part of Your Process Made Explicitly For You, TODAY.

Lord, I sense we are coming to an end.

Oh my, I almost regret this ending. I don’t want this to end! Not yet. It’s too soon. Here I wondered all along, when and how this would happen. Now, here it is.

Oh my ... is it so?

Now what? I didn’t realize how wrapped up I’ve been in this, with you.

Now what, Lord?

Now You Continue On. Continue On in Your Divine Vision, to Your Divine Purpose of Being.

But, Lord, I don’t want this to end. To go on means, I must end this.

This End is Another Beginning. As it Will Be Forever. Remember Who You Are. Remember Who I Am. 275

Who Do You Say I Am

I do remember, Lord. Because of you, because of The Holy Spirit, with me. But, there is so much more to say. So much more I desire to hear and to know, and to understand.

Each of You Are Part of Me, Therefore, Continue On With Me! Be Confident in Me and Know That I Have Supplied Everything For You Already. All Ready! All is Ready and Awaiting You. For Your Spirit, For Your Soul, and For Your Natural Life. So Continue On in Your Faith, in Your Hope, and in Your Love. For I Have Provided it All For YOU! Enjoy Your Process of Remaining One With Me. Enjoy Our Relationship Together and Every Relationship I Provide. Enjoy Your Fulfillment of Your Divine Purpose. Enjoy the Others Fulfillment of Their Divine Purpose. Enjoy Being One With Me. Knowing You Are Part of Me and Part of Each Other in the Kingdom of Your God. This is My Promised Gift to You. Each of You. That You Know Who You Are and That You Know Who I Am.

Now ...


Who Do You Say I Am

WHO DO YOU SAY I AM? Mat. 16:15


Who Do You Say I Am




Who Do You Say I Am - Book by Inspirational Author C.L. Mareydt  

Presenting an en-visionary journey in prayer. answering who we are as spiritual beings & how simple, yet personal & revolutionary, it is to...

Who Do You Say I Am - Book by Inspirational Author C.L. Mareydt  

Presenting an en-visionary journey in prayer. answering who we are as spiritual beings & how simple, yet personal & revolutionary, it is to...