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Focus Cabinet System - Tory U-Turn In our last Focus, we reported that local democracy was in danger due to the Conservative administration intending to move to a Cabinet Structure of local government with a Leader and small clique of councillors making all the decisions. We are delighted to tell you that, due to pressure from you, the residents of Brentwood, the Tories have been forced into a U-Turn and will be keeping the Committee/Panel system. Many of you contacted us and let us know just how much you were against the cabinet system and 718 of you made those feelings known to the Tories - two thirds of responses in fact! We highlighted the issue to many via a leaflet, the local press and on our websites and you responded in droves - thank you! We feel that you have put your faith in your Lib Dem councillors and our promise is that we will keep on speaking up for you, holding the administration to account and making sure your voice is heard. We’re always here for you - get in touch when you need us and you will be sure to be listened to! Cllr Karen Chilvers Lib Dem Councillor - Brentwood West

Cllr David Kendall Group Leader/County Council Candidate

Highways Rangers - an empty election promise? Just prior to the borough council elections, you were told of the Highways Rangers. We were promised a small team of workers who would steam into each ward and give speedy and efficient attention to minor works such as weeds, painting of street furniture, cutting back vegetation, minor pavement repairs, cleaning of street names signs etc. Cllr Karen Chilvers took this task on, visited EVERY ROAD in Brentwood West and requested OVER ONE HUNDRED such works. Imagine her surprise when only ELEVEN made it on to the Highways Rangers’ list of works!!! All of these were “cleaning street name signs” and everything else has gone in to the normal council works lists. Doesn’t this sound like an empty election vote-winning promise to you? Watch out for this at the next council election! See the full list of requests on Cllr Chilvers’ website.


Around Brentwood West Rear of 30 Crescent Road: This planning application was refused due to over-development and access issues. I moved the motion for refusal at committee and it was unanimously agreed. Rear of 8 Weald Close: Refused earlier this year, this has gone to appeal and we will keep you informed of the progress of the appeal. Firsgrove Crescent parking: Cllr Chilvers has been working with residents on this issue. In total agreement with you, she does not support double yellow lines and is working with officers to find alternative solutions which will alleviate the problems but still allow residents to park. Westwood Road sign: Someone made off with the original sign and this has now been replaced with a plastic one - less interesting to metal thieves! Ashford Avenue junction protection: We are currently looking at ways to make turning out of this road much safer. Vehicle Activated signs: These should be in by end of October in Warley Hill and London Road. Clements Park parking: I continue to be contacted by residents who think the restrictions are too severe. Call me if you are affected. Clements Park lamp-posts: The paint is peeling off the Candle Stick lamp-posts and is doing nothing to enhance the area. This is unlikely to be sorted out quickly as the roads have not yet been adopted, despite what others may have inferred during the election campaign. Crescent Road carriageway: This is to be repaired shortly as it is in urgent need of works! William Hunter Way development: The decision on the plans has been delayed until the full council meeting on 12th December. Please let me know your views on the plans. Wheatfields: A secure door entry system will soon be installed for residents’ safety. Brook Road and Selwood Road: A speed survey is soon to be carried out to see if the 20mph zone can be extended. A 20mph zone is due to be installed in Honeypot Lane. Holly Trees School: Our local school won a Brentwood in Bloom Award - well done to all the pupils who helped in this great achievement!

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Country Parks Highjack There’s been a lot of activity on the Country Parks issue this last few months! A few months ago, Cllr Chilvers asked for a “Friends of Brentwood Country Parks” to be created. Predictably, this has been highjacked by the conservatives who will take 3 of the 15 places, opposition groups being allowed one place each! Despite her history as Lead Campaigner on the Save Thorndon Park campaign, Cllr Chilvers has not been given a place on the Joint Parks Committee - all four places will be taken by Conservatives! However, the good news is that 10 park users will be allowed to join the Friends group - if you are a regular park user, get in touch with us! Also, rest assured that Cllr Chilvers and her Lib Dem colleagues are always looking out for our green spaces and trying to ensure their protection!

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