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He said: “I have been campaigning for residents of Brentwood West for almost three years and if you elect me as your local councillor I can do even more. I will be a strong voice, a tough fighter and strive to deliver for you. It is YOUR town and your councillors should support YOU however they can.”

SIX TO FIX Sort out council finances and services Deal with Tory financial mess - we’re ranked poorest performing Council in Essex.

Tackle crime and keep Brentwood safe Introduce Brentwood’s own Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator - expand alcohol banning orders

Revitalise local economy & address car parking charges Pilot scheme for first hour of parking free in all the town centre car parks

Provide more affordable housing For “key workers” like police, nurses, fire fighters and teachers.

Keep weekly refuse collections and increase recycling No to fortnightly refuse collections - expand recycling initiatives we started.

Create a listening council Restore borough & pensioner forums - engage with youth - listen to residents


Published and promoted by K L Chilvers on behalf of N J Clarke and the Liberal Democrats all at 76 Brackens Drive, Brentwood CM14 5UF. Also promoted by C Myers, 23 Western Avenue, Brentwood CM14 4XR on behalf of D J Kendall & The Liberal Democrats. Printed by Schwartz, Unit 2, Wash Road, Hutton Industrial Estate, Brentwood CM13 1TA

Nigel Clarke is bidding to be elected as your second Liberal Democrat local councillor on Thursday 6th May 2010.

Nigel Clarke has a record of campaigning for residents. He: - fought (successfully) to save Warley Hill Post Office - is campaigning for speed enforcement on our roads - fought against Tory car parking charge increases - is a strong supporter of Brentwood’s independent traders - organised petitions on issues such as “Bring Back the White Hart” and “No to Town Hall Car Parking charges”. - assisted residents on housing, planning, transport & environmental issues. - exposed Tory failures on how they are spending your money - campaigned against the William Hunter Way development.

Three reasons to vote for 1)

Under the Liberal Democrats, Brentwood was the best council in Essex, under the Tories it is the worst. (Audit Commission findings).


The Tories have made a mess of the finances mislaying £633,000 of our money, spending £275,000 on two temp finance officers and failing to get our accounts signed off. The Lib Dems always got the accounts signed off.


Nigel Clarke has supported Brentwood West residents on issues that are important to them - William Hunter Way, “the Western Road hedge”, speeding traffic issues, parking charges....imagine what he could do if elected!

Email: Web: and Post: 67 Junction Road or 31 Crown Street Tel: 07927 404 826/827

E K R A L C l Nige

Cllr Karen Chilvers LDKatz71 Cllr David Kendall CllrDJKendall


Brentwood West Election Launch leaflet 2010  

Nigel Clarke launches his bid to become the second Lib Dem borough councillor in Brentwood West.

Brentwood West Election Launch leaflet 2010  

Nigel Clarke launches his bid to become the second Lib Dem borough councillor in Brentwood West.