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NEW YEAR IN FOCUS Þ Named the performing council in Essex Þ Mislaying of YOUR money Þ Spending on two temp finance officers to get the council’s accounts signed off Þ

Dear Brentwood West Resident again after spending the last two years working with Cllr Karen Chilvers on issues affecting residents in this ward. Whilst I was naturally disappointed to narrowly miss out on being elected in 2008, I have stayed actively involved in the area and hope that this time I will have enough support to make me one of your borough councillors. Things have got to change – under the previous Lib Dem administration Brentwood was named as the

best Council in the UK, now

under the Tories we are amongst the 12 worst performing in the UK and the worst in Essex. They have let you down by pushing through the plans for William Hunter Way without proper consultation, by doing away with a dedicated Chief Executive for Brentwood, raising car parking charges as the High Street works started and by introducing parking charges in the Town Hall. with a petition that saw a U- turn on Sunday Town Hall parking charges and some free parking in the town centre on Saturdays, a campaign to slow down traffic on the London Road, a campaign to bring back the White Hart and dealing with issues in and around the ward. Recently we have highlighted the inadequate way the Council has handled the icy conditions in the High Street and the location of the disabled parking bays.


A LOOK BACK AT 2009 County Councillor David Kendall

to by the Tory administrations and of failings in their management that has led to Brentwood being named the worst performing Council in Essex by the Audit Commission. It’s simply not good enough, but you elected me to speak up for you in the face of this and I can say , hand on heart, I have done. – in February & December I was disappointed that Essex & Brentwood’s joint partnership could not get our High Street pavements gritted. Other big issues include the William Hunter Way development and the Tories’ failure to listen or consult widely on this, and many other issues, is completely unacceptable.

and to be once again representing Brentwood West. I promised I would challenge the Tories on how they spend your money, make sure your voices are heard and communicate with you regularly and I believe I have kept to my word. I have asked questions on issues covering business rates, broadband, banking on Essex and the cost of PR & spin and followed up on all the casework I have been given. I have also provided a regular update on what I’ve been doing via newsletters, our website and Twitter. I am proud of the way we have held the Tories to account and challenged them every step of the way. Cllr Karen Chilvers has made a superb contribution and Nigel Clarke would be a great addition to our team. during my nineteen years on Brentwood Borough Council as is now being demonstrated in our Town Hall. I wonder whether the Tory administration is trying to outdo the Labour Government in the mis-management of financial affairs. This is the first time in Brentwood’s history that the Council has been unable to present completed audited accounts for the financial year and this is despite the fact that they spent £275,000 of YOUR money on two temporary finance officers. to being one of the 12 worst performing Councils’ in the UK. The Tories seem to be in disarray with resignations in their Council group, splits in the local party and a general lack of direction.

– Rollason way, Clements Park, Firsgrove Crescent, Kavanaghs Road.... some issues resolved and some still to be sorted out. have spent the last five months doing our bit for the beleaguered independent traders of Brentwood during the High Street works. We made a commitment to do 75% of our shopping with them and WE DID IT! You can read more on my website. On a personal level I was delighted that both our websites won accolades and that my dog text idea which aims to via a text message system may become reality! , we really need to get more Liberal Democrat councillors elected to stop the Tories steamrolling things through and ensure more councillors are speaking up against them – you can make a difference by helping to get Nigel Clarke elected in May and have another so please do all you can to help us turn real fighter on your side! things around by getting Nigel Clarke elected in May.

Keep in touch, we like to hear from you: & 07927 404827 : ldkatz71 07768 667 824 : cllrdjkendall 07927 404826 or pop in to 31 crown street 76 brackens drive, brentwood CM14 5UF

If you want to help Nigel get elected call us or email us for a chat!

This New Year in Focus has been paid for by your local Liberal Democrat team and delivered free by volunteers.

Promoted and printed by K Chilvers, 76 Brackens Drive, Brentwood CM14 5UF on behalf of the Liberal Democrats. All details correct at time of going to print.

Borough Councillor Karen Chilvers

Brentwood West New Year message  

Newsletter for Brentwood West residents in Essex

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