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Northwood Elementary School September 2009 Volume 1, Issue 1

Northwood News Inside this issue:

Camp Goddard


Honorary Team Captains 2 H1N1






Mrs. Underwood


Field Tri[


Special points of interest:

New School Website by Ethan Pollard Check out, our new school website here at Northwood. As of the end of August, the SILO kids and Mrs. Lloyd made this new website. They did it to have our own more newer website.

This website has so much stuff on it now. It has polls, Bees, Camp Goddard information, Northwood news, school calendar, lunch menu, science fair, rockets and fundraisers. Also it had a blogroll with

links to other websites like Brainpop, Compass Learning, Parent Portal and the Seminole Public Schools. After you check it out you can leave comments.

• Book Fair—Oct. 1-5 • 6th Grade Basketball practice has begun. • NWEA testing is currently taking place. • Chieftain Chat is on Monday mornings. • After school tutoring begins on Monday, October 5th. • Talent Pool students will go to the Zoo on October 8th. • Ms. Bryant’s Art classes meet each Tuesday. • Geography Bee is coming up soon!

Fourth Grade Enrichment by Zoe Howe Fourth grade enrichment was on Thursday, September 24th all day long. Enrichment is an extra opportunity to learn things about Oklahoma Agriculture in a fun way. Mrs. Stuteville and Mrs.

Lloyd taught about honeybees. Mrs. Lyon and Mrs. Harcrow taught about products made in Oklahoma. Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Johnson taught about cattle and beef products. Enrichment

took place in the fourth grade hallway, Mrs. Harcrow’s classroom and Mrs. Porter’s classroom. Enrichment was a great experience for all of the 4th graders to learn about Oklahoma Agriculture.

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Northwood News

Volume 1, Issue 1

Camp Goddard by Jacey James On August 31, the 6th grade class went to Camp Goddard. There were activities such as canoeing ,hiking trails and skits. Madi, Karli, Cory and Jeremy like canoeing. But Hannah said her favorite part was the skit. All 6th grade teach-

ers went but Mrs. Cossey, who stayed in Seminole to watch the kids that did not go. Mrs. Carrington and Mrs. Templemen were two 5th grade teacher that also went to help. The great thing about Camp Goddard is not only hav-

ing fun but you also learning so much about the environment.

Honorary Team Captains from Northwood by Josh Beauford Northwood is picking representatives for the home football games. At the first game, they picked Joshua Beauford and Lacie Blankenship to be honorary team captains from the 6th

grade. The second home game Zac Talamassey and Bailey Baker were the honorary team captains from 5th grade. Two fourth grade students will be honorary team captains for the next

home game. The captains to up to the coin toss of the football game with the football players. Congratulations to all of Northwood’s Honorary Team Captains.

Northwood gets hit by H1N1 Virus by Julianne Zehren Attendance has dropped at Northwood due to the H1N1 Virus. The virus is also Influenza A. The symptoms are fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, headaches and fatigue. Some

have also had vomiting and diarrhea. You may still have the flu as long as you have at least two symptoms. The number of virus cases continues to rise because the vaccination will not be avail-

able until mid-October. The best thing you can do to avoid getting the virus is to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. If you have had the virus there is no need to get the vaccine.

Northwood News

Volume 1, Issue 1

SILO by Chloe’ White Proud teacher Mrs. Lloyd is teaching SILO again this year and is holding it in Mrs. Yates former room. SILO stands for Seminole Independent Learning Oppor-

tunities ,and takes place for children who are above average. SILO is not just because ‘you are smart’ it gives great opportunities to learn new things.

Sixth Grade Basketball by Cory Parsons Seminole basketball for 6th graders. When you are in 6th you get to choose if you want to play basketball. Boys practice on Tuesday at the North-

wood Gym. The girls practice on Wednesday at Northwood Gym. I interviewed Gavin Cox and Karli Hammond two 6th grade basketball play-

ers. I asked them how well do they think we are going to do this year. They said “we are going to be great’.

Mrs. Underwood by Hannah Shumaker Mrs. Underwood is a new teacher here at Northwood. Her job is to help children with work from their classes. This is her fourth year teaching but, her first in Seminole. She has taught at a Children’s Center and in Stonewall Oklahoma. Her family

includes a husband named Jason who is also a teacher in Shawnee Oklahoma, a daughter named Hannah, and two family dogs. She quotes “I am excited to be here this year and I enjoy getting to know my students.’’

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Northwood Elementary School

State Fair by Roslynn Friend It’s State Fair time! All 4th grade students went on a field trip to the Oklahoma State Fair on Friday, September 25th. In a recent interview with Mrs. Harcrow, a 4th grade teacher, she said, “We will go to the fair to view the many exhibits and to enrich student. Some children may never get to see the fair and we would like to give them a chance. But it is an educational field trip.”

Art Enrichment by Karlie Sneed Mead Boards by Karli Hammond I interviewed Mrs. Cossey about the new Mead Boards. I asked her if she likes it and she said, “I do like it.” She knows how to work the board but it sometimes doesn’t cooperate. She likes the Mead Board more than the regular white board because it has many advantages like getting on the internet and having unlimited white board space. The new Mead Baords are very helpful in the classroom and we hope to have them for many years.

On Tuesdays from 3:10 to 4:30, the after school enrichment will be held at the Northwood cafeteria. The after school art enrichment is to get students ready for 8th grade art. The cost is $100. The art supplies will be provided for each student. The teacher’s name is Ms. Bryant. Students from Seminole High School in

Ms. Bryant’s art class will also help. The students from Northwood school will have fun art activities for the class to do. Throughout the semester there will be exactly fourteen art lessons. At the end of the day, parents and guardians have to pick up their children. This will be a fun activity for Northwood Students!

Northwood News September Issue  

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