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Northwood News Issue 3

March 3, 2010

Northwood Elementary School

Olympiad Testing By Cory Parsons

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Spring Break March 15—19


Science Fair March 22-25


Parent-Teacher Conferences Tuesday, March 23rd and Thursday March 25th.

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Student Teacher




Brod Bagert




Ice Storm


On February 12th the students at Northwood Elementary took the Olympiad test. It was taken in the cafeteria. Mrs. Lloyd handed out the papers, and made sure no one cheated. The subjects on the

Olympiad test we’re Science and Social Studies. Science was the first subject followed by Social Studies. Both tests had 40 questions each. At the awards ceremony at the end of the year

the students who get the top 10 in either subject get a certificate. If your number one you get a medal. Science Fair packets can be found on the Northwood Webpage.

Science Fair by Julianne Zehren The Northwood Science Fair is coming soon! There are many projects in the books in the library. You can also find them on the internet. Science Fair boards were available in the library; if you didn’t order one, you can get them at Staples, WalMart, and Hobby Lobby. Other schools are getting ready for their science fair as well, so don’t wait!

There is a science fair every year. It is fun for students and teachers enjoy it too. Students may have two other partners besides themselves. There are many awards; everyone that turns in a project will receive a first, second, or third place ribbon. There are also many other awards given. There is best of grade, best of category, and

overall champion . You must have a question, hypothesis, data, procedures, results, and a conclusion. Pictures are also good to put on your board but they don’t go under a title. You also may not have any faces on the board and you may not have your name on it either. So pick a project and get started. Don’t forget it on March 22, 2010.

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Photo Contest by Joshua Beauford

“I know the price of success; dedication, hard work and devotion to the things you want to see happen.” Frank Lloyd Wright

The photo contest is an annual contest where anyone can enter. All you have to do is take a photo of almost anything. Then enter it in what ever category it is placed in.

You need to turn in your picture to Mrs. Lloyd by March 3rd. Your picture will be placed for everyone to see. After awhile judges will pick there favorite of each category. If

yours has the most votes you will win. Prizes will be awarded. Cory Parsons said “That whoever could enter should. This is a good opportunity to show off your pics.”

The G.R.E.A.T. Program by Ethan Pollard Here at Northwood in the 6th grade hall, Officer McGinnis is doing a program called GREAT which means Gang Resistance Education And Training. This program helps the 6th graders learn skills, do what is right, and to become better people. There is also a GREAT project all the students have

to do sometime before the beginning of May. What they actually have to do is to find someway to make our school better such as picking up trash, planting a tree, or even creating a new school lunch menu. This GREAT program is on Monday thru Friday, 10:30 to 11:00 am in a different classroom

each day. This is going to last until almost the end of the school year. Officer McGinnis also said that he is planning on doing this next year for you 5th graders. Almost everybody in the 6th grade likes this GREAT program and that it is very good for them. Thank you Officer McGinnis.

Teacher in Training by Chlo’e White Student-teacher Mrs. Stricklin started on January 4, 2010. Mrs. Stricklin can be located in 5th grade hall. Mrs. Cheatwood welcomed her with warm arms, joyous to be teaching a former stu-

dent. Mrs. Stricklin is at Northwood to be a studentteacher, to become a teacher. She comes to school every day wearing a smile, and skipping to her step. Also, she rewards her students by giving them Jolly

Ranchers, cupcakes, pizza, and stickers. The stickers are given only if you stay on task and are obedient. They can be traded in for prizes. Come years end, we will be sad to have to leave Mrs.Stricklin.

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Girls Basketball By Jacey James Basketball season has come and gone at Northwood School. The girls basketball team had a very successful year. This was the first time for most of the girls to play basketball on a team. After playing a lot of games against schools like Wewoka, Justice

and Byng to a name a few, the team got to go to a tournament in Ada. After winning their first game in the tournament, the girls lost their last two. Coach Leo Tiger was so proud of the girls that he gave them a huge reward. He took them to watch the

OU women’s basketball team play Texas Tech on January 9. Mikayla Marshall said that she had fun playing this year. She also said that this year was challenging. Coach Tiger is also rewarding the girls with a t-shirt for all the effort that they gave this year.

“To Succeed; we must first believe that we can.” Micheal Korda

Brod Bagert by Hannah Shumaker On February 4th 2010 Brod Bagert came to Northwood. He was doing a program in the Northwood Media Center. He showed the program to one grade at a time. Mrs. Davis has placed

posters of his and other poets work around the building for the Poetry Funfest. Mrs. Davis sent order forms for his latest book “Giant Children”. Whoever purchased one received an autographed copy

by Brod Bagert. His program made many children and teachers laugh. Overall we had a great visit from Brod Bagert!

Boys Basketball by Karli Hammond The basketball season is up! The boys had a lot of fun playing!! Harrison Hoey said he had a good time playing. The coach of the boys was Kade Houck. The games started on November 9 and ended on February 6. The tourna-

ment at the end of the season was at Ada. The fans also enjoyed watching the games. Cory Parsons said the games were “Very Exhilarating.” He was screaming at the top of lungs most of the time. Harrison said that he would

recommend the 5th and 4th graders playing when they get into 6th grade. They would have a lot of fun!!!

Spring Break By: Karlie Sneed Spring Break is coming soon. Spring Break is all about taking a break from school. In Spring Break you get do all sorts of things, like sleep in late, read a whole book, and maybe travel. Spring Break is also a time when you can spend a lot of time with your family. From today March 2nd it is a little over a week until Spring Break. Spring Break is March 15th - March 19th. But really, Spring Break is just a little time for kids to be kids.

Pinocchio Play By Kason Clark

Ice Storm 2010

On February 26 our school had a funny play about Pinocchio. We had the Oklahoma Children’s Theater come to our school and set up the play in the gym. We had fun and many kids loved the play. Everybody in the school watched it. We should also thank Mr.Nancel for paying for the whole thing. He also is married to Mrs.Nancel who works up in the Library. I had a lot of fun also. It was very fun and entertaining. My favorite part was when one of the actors said “Land of the Owls” and then the other actor said “Land of the Owls who, who”. All the kids had a great time including me.

The 2010 Ice Storm was horrible, yet somewhat amazing! Tree branches fell, rain poured, ice froze, and snow fell. Most students were disappointed since we only had one day out of school. The extraordinary storm started on January 28 2010. What an odd way to start off the year! Mrs.Porter said “It wasn’t that bad for me! I had a lot of tree branches fall down here and there, but other than that it was fine!” Mrs. Lyon said “The worst part was that we had no electricity for 12 hours and my grandkids were there so it was very hard to occupy them!” Shelby Davis said “The best part was playing in the snow!” So from what people said, it was horrible, and awesome all at the same time! Now we’re still recovering from-ICE STORM 2010!

AR Alert By Roslynn Friend Do you think reading is boring? If so, think again!!! Our school uses the Accelerated Reader program to encourage kids to shoot for the stars and even earn a cool prize at the end of the year!!! At our school, if you reach your AR goal, you earn a trip to go to Incredible Pizza! Mrs. Willis, our

great principal said, “ We do not have the exact date, but the trip will most likely take place in late April or early May.” If you want to bring spending money, you can. Good luck and happy reading!!! Thank you, Mrs. Davis for working so hard on the Poetry Grant. We enjoyed the poetry units and the visit from Brod Bagert. We appreciate you!

By Zoe Howe

FOOTBALL GAME Out of the house In the car Down the road To the football field Through the gate On to the field About to play On the kick-off Down the field For a touchdown With the ball Across the goal line About to go For a field goal Up in the air Through the goal post About to win By: Brodrick Martin, Kaden Allison, and Shawn McCoy

Northwood News February 2010  
Northwood News February 2010  

Published March 3, 2010