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Program Information Preschool starting at age 2 is the ideal time to start to build bilingual skills. At a young age, students are able to acquire a second language naturally through routines and social & emotional skills development.

Chinese Language Learning Center

Our Mandarin Chinese Immersion program is designed for preschool children (ages 24 ). All classes are taught by PATCH certified preschool teachers who are also native Mandarin Chinese speakers, with an average 1:4 teacher/student ratio.

中文学习中心 Mission: Chinese Immersion Day program For Children 2-4 years old


Program goals: Language Skills & Cultural Awareness Students will acquire Mandarin Chinese naturally through all kinds of fun activities and cultural celebration in the target language. Learning Skills Students will build a solid foundation and good studying habits for their future study in Kindergarten through standards-based curriculum and hands-on lessons. Social skills Our joyful, respectful classrooms instill a love of learning and exploration, and a sense of shared community.


Admission Requirements

Our curriculum is delivered through integrated Thematic Units and it encompasses all the skills and understanding necessary for academic success and social & cultural growth. Our hands-on activities and various “learning clubs” enable teachers to address the needs of each student on an individual basis.

Parent Orientation CLLC strongly recommends all parents to attend our Parent Orientation Meeting in order to be informed of all policies and procedures prior to your child’s enrollment. This will also give parents the opportunity to meet the teachers and have any questions or concerns addressed at this time.

Our Learning Clubs

TB Clearance and Health Form The state requires you to turn in your child’s TB Skin Test and Health Form 14 (physical and immunization records) results before your child can be admitted to attend school.

Language Club (singing, reading, story time) Art Club (Creating, painting, fine motor activity) Science and Math Club

9:00-10:00 Learning Club+ Sharing time

Health Insurance CLLC requires every child to be covered under a current medical plan before enrollment and during the duration of your child’s participation in our school. The medical plan, physician’s name, proof of insurance must be provided on the Emergency Form prior to enrollment. Failure to do so will result in termination from the program.

10:00-10:30 Recess and snacks

Every Student needs to bring

10:30-11:30 Learning Clubs

1. Change of clothes/diapers labeled in a plastic bag and water bottle

Social and Dramatic play Club ….

Daily Schedule 8:15-8:30 drop-off 8:30-9:00 morning Circle

11:30-12:00 Free play and story time 12:00-12:15 Pick-up

2. Home lunch (if you choose to bring home-made lunch instead of school lunch)

12:15-2:00 Lunch, Nap, Stay and Learn (only available for children 2 ½ above)

3. Blanket for nap

2:00-2:15 Pick-up

4. School supplies …

Tuition (per month) Half Day Mon, Wed, Fri ( until 12:15 pm) 2 – 3 years old $400 3 – 4 years old $380 4 – 5 years old $380 Half Day Monday to Friday ( until 12:15 pm) 2 – 3 years old $620 3 – 4 years old $580 4 – 5 years old $550 Call us for Drop-off Fridays (Children can enroll our program once a week on Fridays for $60 per Friday 8:30 am to 2:15 pm) Stay and Learn (until 2:15 pm) Extra $120 (Mon, Wed and Fri) or $180 (Mon through Fri) per month will be applied Toilet Training Fee Extra $80 per month will be applied Other School Fees Registration Fee………………………$50.00 Payable with your child's application. This is a non-refundable fee. Annual School Supply Fee………..$150 Late Pick-Up Fee.............................$10 There is a 10 minute grace period. After the grace period every 15 minute period, a $10 fee will be charged Late Payment Fee................................$25 Tuition not received on or before the 5th of the month for that month’s enrollment is considered late and will be charged. Returned Check Fee................................$30 *Repeated failure to pick-up or pay tuition on time may result in disenrollment

*All fees can be paid through local (Honolulu) check, cash, money order, or traveler's check. *$200 security deposit (refundable) will be applied to every child enrolled in the program.

Program Sessions We have four seasonal sessions each year.  Spring session (March to May)  Summer Session (June to August)  Fall Session (September to November)  Winter Session (December to February) We have one week of break between each session for facilities maintenance. We're closed for major holidays (including two weeks during Christmas and New Year and one week of Spring break) as well as 3 teacher professional development days.

Health Policies A child is considered ILL and must stay home if... •He/she has a fever of 100 degree F or more •He/she is suffering from diarrhea (2 or more loose stools within a 8 hour period) •He/she is vomiting (2 or more occasions within a 24 hour period) •He/she has a undiagnosed rash/blisters •He/she has Head Lice (ukus) •He/she is experiencing the following symptoms:  Chicken pox  Ring or Pin worm  Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease  Impetigo  Thrush  Eye Infections  Any other contagious condition A child may return when ... •If a note is provided by their physician OR •His/her temperature has been normal for 24 hours •His/her stools are back to normal for 24 hours •He/she has not vomited for 24 hours •He/she has been treated with medication for at least 24 hours •He/she is completely nit -free

Medications In accordance with State Licensing Requirements, parents/guardians are required to complete Medication Form before medication may be administered to their child. Based on State Regulations, we must follow the procedures listed: 1. Only medications prescribed by a licensed physician may be administered

2. Medication must be given to the school in its original prescription bottle showing the child’s name, date filled, and directions for use. 3. The parent/guardian must complete and sign an authorization form, specifying time and amount/dosage of medication to be given 4. Parent fully understands the school is extending an extra service and will not be held responsible for missing any medication doses. Child Health Records Current information about any health insurance coverage is maintained by parents at all times and updated as necessary. Parents are responsible for all updates to health immunizations and emergency contact information. If a child has been diagnosed by a professional with a special health need, such as allergies or chronic illness (asthma, hearing or vision impairments, diabetes, etc.) the school must be provided with a doctor’s note AND instructions on how to handle the child’s special health needs.

Emergency Care If your child requires immediate medical attention and must be transported to nearest hospital, persons specified on the emergency card will be contacted. A staff member will accompany your child to the hospital and stay there until the contacted person arrives Blood borne Pathogens To ensure our compliance with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) regulations, we will administer the following First Aid Procedures:

1. Teacher will use the personal protective equipment, which includes latex gloves, and may include a face mask and/or gown to prevent the risk of exposure to any blood borne pathogens 2. Blood stained clothing will be placed in a sealed bag and labeled “Biohazard” to ensure it remains sealed until it is taken home 3. Parent/guardian will be contacted at the time of the incident 4. Should your child be exposed to another child’s blood, both parents will be notified and advised to contact your physician for a follow –up.

If a tsunami or hurricane warning is issued before the opening of school, we will be closed. If either occurs during our hours of service, school will remain open until all children have been picked up.

Monthly emergency evacuation drills will be practiced with the students.

Protection for Children *Please understand that OSHA requires us to make every effort to ask you about your child’s health information due to the risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens (disease-causing germs carried by blood, such as Hepatitis B and HIV)

CLLC is mandated by state law to report any unusual or suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect to authorities. Such reporting is done for the protection of the child and family. All teachers are licensed and CPR/First Aid certified for the safety of

Safety Evacuation Procedures

the children. An incident report will be filled

CLLC has a detailed disaster plan and fire

out and sent home for any minor accidents

escape procedure posted on each

that occurred that day. Any behaviors

classroom. You may request a copy if

causing harm or threat to another will be


documented on a Disciplinary Action Form. All parties involved will be notified. Repeat

If evacuation is necessary, a notice will be posted at the school telling where the group has been evacuated to, as instructed by either Civil Defense (in case of a natural disaster) or Local Authorities (in the event of other types of emergencies). We will also put information on the radio, as soon as possible.

offenses may result in disenrollment.

Cllc preschool handbook  

Chinese Immersion preschool program for children 2 to 4 years old

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