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Insulation Loft Roll Insulation Price


Insulation Product 1



Insulation Product 2



Insulation Product 3



Insulation Product 4



Insulation Product 5



Save £145* a year on your energy bills to find out more at

QuinnTherm July17 PF

QuinnTherm July17 PF



750ml Everbuild Fill & Fix 26/7/07


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QuinnTherm July17 PF

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QuinnTherm July17 PF

28 QUINN THERM * Estimated figures based on installing the recommended depth of insulation (270mm) in a 50m2 sized loft with no existing insulation. Savings QUINN THERM 7 based on a 25% decrease in heating bills for a gas-heated, semi-detached house with three bedrooms. Source: Energy Savings Trust Jan 2010.

Quinn Therm

Quinn Therm

Rigid Insulation

vapour open underlay

• to prevent moisture transferring to the inner leaf, a clear cavity must be maintained. In most situations a 40 - 50mm clear cavity will be required, but some locations and constructions may allow that to be reduced.

internal finish

Quinn Therm QF insulation boards


• wall ties should be double triangle, vertical twist or to DD140-2 and spaced at 750mm horizontal centres and 450mm vertical centres. Additional ties will be required around openings.

cavity tray

Cavity Wall Insulation

Quinn Therm QR (Quinn Roof) is a PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation for creating warm pitched roofs by insulating above and between the rafters.

Roof Insulation


Quinn Therm: • does not readily absorb water, making it suitable for use in damp environments; • is light, robust and easy to handle; it may be worked using a saw or sharp knife;

Cavity Wall Insulation Product 1

U-value (W/m2K)




Roof Insulation Product 1

Thickness of Quinn Therm QW (mm)

40 35 35 0.37 Cavity Wall Insulation Product 45 40 35 0.35 2 0.30 55 50 45






Cavity Wall Insulation Product 70 65 60 0.25 3 0.45 0.30 1.33

Conductivity (W/mK)

Dense block
























Quinn Lite

Cavity Wall Insulation Product £0 ???? 103mm 4 brick outer leaf, 40 - 50mm low emissivity residual cavity, Quinn Therm QW, 100mm concrete block (conductivity as shown), 12mm plaster. Brick and block leaves with 10mm nominal mortar joints. Results based upon wall construction of:

Calculations performed to BS EN ISO 6946:1997, taking account of repeating thermal bridges.

Cavity Wall Insulation Product 5


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Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, Required U-value (W/m2K) 0.25 Quinn Therm QW minimises the thickness of insulation needed within 50 Above Rafters

Roof Insulation Product 2













100mm wide. at 600mm centres, Quinn Therm QR insulation between rafters, 50mm Quinn Therm QR insulation

above rafters, vapour open underlay, 50mm cavity formed by counterbattens and battens, large format concrete tiles.

Roof Insulation Product 4



Calculations performed to BS EN ISO 6946:1997, taking account of repeating thermal bridges. * Overall heat loss method

For U-value calculations for other roof constructions contact Quinn Technical Services.

Roof Insulation Product 5



3. Fit Quinn Therm against floor perimeter to form edge insulation. The insulationINTRODU should be deep enough to reach the top ofQuinn the The PIR (polyi screed. board inte 4. Lay Quinn Therm QF boards in broken floors of b bond; butt tightly together and to the concrete u edge insulation. Pour screed.

Insulating a pitched roof at rafter line to create what is usually known as a warm roof - makes full use of the building volume making the roof Quinn Thermby QF Quinn The insulation space availableboards for occupation. concrete or gravel cover foam bon NOTES Having the insulation at rafter line can composite • Cut Quinn Therm QF to fit neatly round also reduce stress on the structure concrete beam & block floor ground filled cells penetrations. and, even if the loft space is not thermal p • Ensure Quinn Therm QW wall insulation utilised, there is still the benefit in KEY PROPERTIES extends below the level of floor insulation Suspende having water tanks and other services Quinn Therm: to prevent thermal bridging. construct within the insulated area. • does not readily absorb water, making it suitable for use in damp environments; where site • When flooring is installed directly onto A •warm roofrobust may be formed byhandle; laying it may be worked using is light, and easy to a saw or sharp knife;partition walls of ground Quinn Therm QF build insulation across the rafters and fitting formed of directly off the structural floor or timber • is durable and will perform for the service life of the building. additional insulation between the vented battens: do not build walls off Quinn Therm QF.vo rafters. Using the space between the • Install battens at thresholds, foot of energy stairs eff rafters reduces the depth of insulation should and beneath kitchen and sanitary fittings tobe MEETING REGULATIONS required above the rafters which limits structural prevent deformation by high point loadings. the loads on the fixings and makes screed. Th Required thicknesses of Quinn Therm QF (mm) installation easier. This form of enough to Every effort has been taken in the preparation of this construction is suitable for new build, P (exposed perimeter, m) / A (floor area, m2) U-value (W/m2K) imposed l sheet to ensure the accuracy of representations contained as well as projects where the roof will herein. to the use 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 Recommendations 0.7 0.8 as 0.9 1.0 of materials, Quinn The be stripped and re-covered. construction details and methods of installation are given suspended in35 good faith However, 0.37QR rigid insulation 25 25well 25 30 30 35 and relate 40 to typical 40 situations. 40 Quinn Therm is resistant a every site has different characteristics and reliance should 0.25in warm roof 25 40 50 60 60 65 65 70 70 70 suited to use conductiv not be placed upon the foregoing recommendations. constructions: to 0.22 it is robust enough 25 50 65 70 75 75 can80 80as to specific 80 applications 80 Advice be given of thickness the span the rafters and withstand and cuts d products, upon request 0.20 30 60 75 80 85 85 90 90 to Quinn 90 Therm. 90 transferred loads from the roof thickness Therm * The above a guideline - contact Quinn Technical ServicesQuinn department for more information. covering andtable will is resist moisture. accommo Scotchtown, Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan Also, its high resistance Results basedthermal upon floor construction of: suspended infilled QF, Tel: +353 (0) 49 9525600 enables the concrete requiredbeams U-value to with be concrete blocks, Quinn Therm 60mm cement:sand screed (floor finish omitted). Fax: +353 (0) 49 9525601 achieved with a minimum thickness of Calculations performed to BS ENloads ISO 13770. E-mail: insulation, which reduces the Website: applied to fixings.




cavity a po 1. Ensure the surface of tray the floor slab •is lay level (no more than ±5mm deflection over over 3m). Qu prevent 2. Lay the damp-proof membrane (DPM) with penetra joints lapped 300mm and sealed: seal to causing the damp-proof course (DPC).

Floor Insulation

50 the cavity to give the required thermal Between Rafters 35 65 80 105 130 performance, in most cases avoiding the need to have a cavity greater than Results based upon roof construction of: 12.5mm plasterboard, polyethylene VCL, 150mm deep rafters

Roof Insulation Product 3

systems should be installed over a layer of DESIGN N internal blockwork rigid thermal insulation in order to minimise • where a heat loss through the floor and improve should the external brickwork response time. Quinn Therm is ideal for use layer an with underfloor heating. Pipes, cables orcavity mats t Quinn Therm QW may be laid directlyboards onto the insulation, or insulation • extend over a separating layer, and clipped in place, 150mm before being covered by a screed. Consult the insulatio heating system manufacturer for further bridging details. • subfloo prevent INSTALLATION GUIDANCE


batten Quinnstop Therm QW (Quinn Wall) is a PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation board intended for use in masonry walls with Quinn Therm QR partial fill cavity insulation. insulation boards Quinn Therm consists of a core of PIR Quinn Therm QW foam bonded on both faces to insulation boards composite aluminium facings; the gas filled cells give Quinn Therm its high KEY PROPERTIES thermal performance and strength. Quinn Therm: The thermal performance masonry • does not readily absorbof water, making it suitable for use in damp environments; cavity walls depends largely upon the • is light, robust and easy to handle; it may be worked using a saw or sharp knife; insulation used within the cavity. It is • is durable and will perform for the service life of the building. becoming increasingly difficult for designers to achieve the lower U-values imposed by regulations while maintaining the nominal 40 - 50mm clear cavityREGULATIONS needed to prevent MEETING moisture reaching the inner leaf of the Required thicknesses of Quinn Therm QR (mm) wall.


Quinn Therm QW insulation boards

behind the surface finish to prevent condensationinternal forming within the finish structure. Contract Quinn Technical Servicestimber for advice on condensation flooring control. boards

• counterbattens allow rain and snow to drain from the underlay to the gutter and form a vented airspace to minimise condensation risk.

INTRODUCTION external brickwork

Required thicknesses of Quinn Therm QW for different blocks



• a vapour open underlay (vapour resistance < 0.25MNs/g) should be polyethylene slipsheet installed as a secondary protection against wind-driven rain and snow.

• wall insulation must extend 150mm below upper edge of floor insulation to prevent thermal bridging.



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Quinn Therm


internal blockwork



Insulating pitched roofs above and between the rafters Insulating suspended concrete and beam an DESIGN NOTES roof covering Hot water and electric underfloor heating • floors a vapour control layer is required

Partial fill cavity walls

• is durable and will perform for the service life of the building.




Floor Insulation Product 1



Floor Insulation Product 2



Floor Insulation Product 3



Floor Insulation Product 4



Floor Insulation Product 5



Plaster & Plasterboard

Plasterboard 2400mm x 1200mm. 12.5mm tapered edge. Price


Plasterboard Product 1



Plasterboard Product 2



Plasterboard Product 3



Plasterboard Product 4



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