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Connect to your Life Plan and find your Spirit Guide By STEVEN NORTH


ow many times have you seen the phrase ‘Life Plan’ or ‘Soul Purpose’ mentioned?

Have you caught yourself asking the questions “Why am I here” and “What is my purpose?” Have you ever wondered what it is that you are meant to be doing in life? Ever seen a numerologist or psychic to talk about what you should do with your life? This is typical of someone searching for his or her ‘Life Plan’. And it is legitimate to search, because each of us has one.


There are many ways to obtain information regarding a Life Plan, the most common being numerology.

Using numerology, a group of numbers derived from your birthday are added up and that give you a corresponding general overview of your Life Plan. Then there is the Life Plan based on Astrology that attempts to predict your Life Path through planetary alignments, signs, houses, aspects and transits.

‘Amy North has channelled that incarnation advisors help arrange our Life Plan’ Even the Liquid Crystal Therapy has a Life Purpose and Life Path reading based on the cities of Atlantis. Readers such as psychics and mediums also provide Life Map readings. I can say one consummate professional reader has provided something similar to a Life Plan for me. All these ways of arriving at a Life Plan are based on a common profile. But with the many changes happening to our Earth and the Universe, and with the New Earth coming online, will these ancient systems be no longer relevant or accurate? In a discussion with a close friend on this topic, she said the astrological birth chart could not apply to her, as she is a ‘walk-in’. In her case, these numerology and astrology based calculations that use the date of her physical birthday would be erroneous. However, I have another friend who strongly believes the astrology aspect and is happy to talk about the accuracy of her astrologer as she walks her Life Plan. But when was her Life Plan arranged? How does this work? The answer has come to me via my Spirit Guide and Twin Flame, Amy North.


In the previous edition of the Conscious Living Magazine, we introduced Amy North. In addition to helping me with my work, Amy helps many others around the world with their work. Aside from this, Amy is an incarnation advisor, a role she loves.




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