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By Dr KIM ECHAMMAAL COULL, psychospiritual teacher, therapist, Tarot reader and healer


arot cards ache with our stories. They cry out with the memories of our hearts, illuminating with acute perception our longings and our gifts. They alert us to the promise of our authentic selves and, beyond our earthly experience, who we really are. They are infused with the human experience and uncover the common workings of our lives from the mundane to the spiritual. Their inevitable evolution throughout history mirrors our own, so that thanks to our expanded understanding of the human condition through psychological discovery and awareness, it is now possible to read them with much more psychological complexity and richness. Yet, they continue to contain what has always been essential. We still arrange the cards on a table as representations of our souls. However, Tarot has evolved from “Fortune Telling” into a healing modality that in the 21st Century encompasses depth psychology and narrative and archetypal therapy. 36 CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE

EXPANDING ARCANE LANGUAGE Tarot offers, in this psycho-spiritual therapeutic space, an evolved primer for the Soul: a reconstituted Rosetta Stone; an ever-expanding, arcane language that has the capacity to describe us more fully; and a “right-brained” alphabet of the human condition (and not the only esoteric art to be so), that as our skill

“TAROT… PROVIDES A NECESSARILY UNIVERSAL AND INTEGRATIVE CHANNEL THROUGH WHICH WE CAN SELFREFLECT” increases, provides a deeper, more nuanced exploration of what it means to be a spiritual being having an Earthly experience. The old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is true: Tarot cards capture a thousand


lives, and thousands, millions of experiences condensed into symbolic representation. Tarot provides a necessarily universal and integrative channel through which we can selfreflect. As we unravel the labyrinth within us, the story of our lives becomes coherent, comprehensible, provides healing witness, and encourages therapeutic intra and inter personal agency. Tarot takes us on a journey into ourselves and provides an awakening on every level: the mundane, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual – as deep as you want to go right into the arms of the Beloved Within. Beyond the facts, experiences, and vagrancies of life, right at the coal-face, in the “mother vein” of our existence, Tarot cards mirror back to us who we are – our view of ourselves – the scripts we have been conditioned to uphold (whether helpful or repressive). The cards reveal our talents and abilities, our fears and disappointments, our grief and our joy, our hopes and our longings. They reflect what we feel we are worth. How much we feel we deserve: what we disown within ourselves; what we project on to others. They offer a map of our feelings and experiences, of the vibrant and rich tapestry within. They are a surrogate therapist – one who waits patiently and without judgment for the truth to emerge so it can be embraced and integrated, so it can be witnessed and soothed with unconditional love and acceptance. I like to think of Tarot as an archaeological “dig”, often in what feels like a foreign land – the land of our emotions, memories, heartaches, disappointments, losses, regrets, the land of our inexplicable souls. The Tarot Reader (Archaeologist and Evolutionary Psychologist) excavates, translates, offers tools, identifiea fossil remains, interprets hieroglyphic SUMMER 2016

Conscious Living Magazine Summer Issue 94 2016  

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Conscious Living Magazine Summer Issue 94 2016  

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