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Nº 7 February 2012




Despite claiming charges have not increased, bills During a visit to neighbouring Benitachell, Valencian Regional Secretary for Infrastructure, Victoriano from Jávea’s Municipal water provider Sánchez-Barcáiztegui revealed plans to make better AMJASA - have trippled for many users. AMJASA’s tarrif claims they provide water at a sliding scale of prices, dependent on consumption (see page 3). Water used per cubic metre Water is a renewable € / m3 resource - nobody ‘makes’ 0 - 10 m3 0,15 € water. Where else are large 11 - 40 m3 0,63 € users penalised? 41 - 70 m3 1,17 € It’s time steps were taken More than 71 m3 1,86 € to reverse AMJASA’s ‘slippery but the reality is UNFAIR. and dubious business practices’ If you use 10 cubic metres of the past, and treat clients the consumption aspect of the with honesty. bill will be 1,50 €uros. Use an We have written to extra cubic metre (11 in total), Councillor Francisco Torres and your bill increases to €6,93 Mari, who has responsibility - that’s a charge of €5,43 for for AMJASA to ask him to the extra cubic metre. propose an acceptable The tarrif indicates that compromise for AMJASA to do someone who uses 100 cubic ‘what is right’. I expect to metres could expect to pay receive a reply thanking us for 10 cubic metres at 0,15€ bringing the practice - about 30 cubic metres at 0,63€ which he had been unaware - to 30 cubic metres at 1,17€ and his (and their) attention. 30 cubic metres at 1,86€, a If your meter is not read total of 111.30€. for 6 months, you should be The reality is, that because charged 30m3 at 0,15€, 90m3 at AMJASA denies the lower price 0,63€, the next 90m3 at 1,17€ to anyone who exceeds its and any surplus at 1,86€. The consumption band, a user of responsibility on users to claim 100 cubic metres will be is a ‘cop-out’ by AMJASA, charged 186€ - a huge whose computer software (unwarranted and unearned) should be programmed so it is profit of 74,70€ or 67% extra ‘fair’ to its income (profit). customers/clients/users. We are grateful to Jávea Tourism Councillor Toni Miragall, and his Town Hall colleagues for agreeing that the Town Hall Tourist Offices be the principal pick-up points for this Directory. Published by Jávea Evangelical Church, on behalf of the Christian churches in Jávea. There are NO PAID advertisements in this issue.


use of Jávea’s harbour for pleasure seafarers. He stressed plans would not harm the delicate ecobalance with regard to reefs that are hidden from general view. The Valencian proposals will be submitted to Jávea for discussion locally.

Offers valid until 27th Feb 2012


When looking to name this ‘A2Z Directory of Jávea’s services’ a religious title was not on my mind. I chose Paradise (rather than Jávea/Xàbia) because - 25 and more years ago holidaymakers came and bought here, because it was Paradise. Intervening years brought dirt and decline to the point where Brits were happy to describe it as Shabbier. I are proud to lead the call for our town to be Paradise resurrected!

Avda. del Pla/Calle Pescara, 5 - JAVEA 03730 Tel: 96 646 1848 Store opening hours:

Monday - Saturday, 8:30am - 9:00pm

Welcome to Paradise

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Much More - at your local store

February 2012

IT’S CARNIVAL TIME AGAIN IN JÁVEA  Jávea is famous for the way it’s people enjoy themselves and close in the wake of Saint Valentine’s Day - comes CARNAVAL. Jávea’s popular celebration of 'Carnaval' takes place on Saturday 18th February. Juan Ortolá, the Councillor responsible for Fiestas, has arranged for a children's fancy dress parade at 5pm, which will start at the Placeta del Convent and make its way through the old town to the Plaza de la Constitución where there will be a fun show for all the children involved. Later in the evening there will be another parade for adults, organised with the collaboration of the organising committee of San Juan fiestas and the Quinta 2012 'La Fotrakà', departing at 11pm. from the Placeta del Convent and passing through the streets of the Historic Old Town before ending at the Plaza de la Constitución with live music by The Vission. Thanks -

OTHER DATES FOR UPCOMING FIESTAS March 18 Procession to carry ‘Jesús Nazareno’ from the winter home in Ermita del Calvario, to San Bartolomé in the Town, April 6 -9 Easter Artisan Craft Fayre in the Old Town. April 24 - May 3 Fiesta in honour of ‘Jesús Nazareno’ with bull-running in Convent Square. May 3 - Town houses and streets decorated with floral crosses and return of ‘Jesús Nazareno’ to Calvario church. June 9 - 24 San Juan fiestas with bull-running (probably in Convent Square) parades and offering of flowers. June 27 - 29 Revised dates for International Festival in Av. de Augusta in the Port. Same venue - but 2 weeks later than last year.

JÁVEA IS THREE VILLAGES  Hire/Sale of Tools & Machinery

THE PUEBLO or Old Town

THE PORT or Aduanas

With the Gothic Parish Church of St. Bartolome at its centre, the narrow streets remind us they were designed with horse and cart in mind. Wooden front doors open on the street, behind which is a labrinth of rooms and an inner courtyard where livestock were housed. Many properties have been converted into shops and intimate cafés, each with its own tapas to match the atmosphere. It might look boring but the ‘Old Town’ is always fresh, and delivers on promise.

A reminder to everyone that Jávea was - and still is - an important fishing port, proven by the number of refrigerated vehicles that make their way there from places as far away as Malaga. Fuel tax and EU quotas are strangling those who fish, in the same way as few now harvest oranges and other crops that are left to rot. You’ll discover something new with every visit to the Port - and the ‘Fisherman’s Church’ always impresses.

THE ARENAL or Beach Despite



C/. Liverpool, 11 (Op. Moli Blanc) Tel/Fax: 96 579 2502 Javi will serve you in English of

melanoma of the skin, tourists still pour onto the beach to gain a sun tan that will show their UK friends they’ve had a great holiday. The ‘Sandy’ beach offers safe bathing - not forgetting all bathing by the young or elderly should be supervised - combining sand that is cleaned overnight, with an abundance of nearby bars and restaurants to suit every palate and pocket. There are rope and rubber climbing frames and a special area for disabled bathers at the Southern end of the bay.

Specialist Upholstering Fabrics, finest quality leathers or synthetics We upholster seats, interior overheads, steering wheels, dashboards and doors. We also repair, restore and colour leather. Bespoke floor mats and Convertible tops. Tel: 636 747 632 Avda. Amanecer de España 29

February 2012

Welcome to Paradise Al-Anon for friends or relatives of alchoholics to share their experiences. No fees. Tel. 96 646 3689

Acupuncture Never had the inclination to try it for myself, but I am happy to include a lady who qualified with 3-years fulltime study at the London School of Acupuncture, then 3-months at a hospital in Kunming (China). Satisfied patients have suffered from migraine, sciatica, back or neck pain, fibromialgia and neuralgia. Magali Fradet Tel. 647 541 034 Clinic, Tues, Thurs, Friday from 4pm, in Centro Terapeutico Mezquida, 100m East of the Port Health Centre. Established in Jávea since 1997. Agenda 21 For 7 years, residents of Jávea have met with Councillors and Town Hall employees to discuss the relationship between Construction, Tourism and Environment. It was always going to be a difficult road, with jobs for Javienses (those born in Jávea) always being more important than ‘green’ issues. You can follow Agenda 21 news at: Agents Agents are intermediaries, motivated to make enough money to keep them in business - like anyone else. Never buy - whether or not an Agent is involved without making your own ‘independent’ enquiries (at the Town Hall or from neighbours). Better you lose your dream home - because the Agent may tell you he has another keen buyer - than you lose all your money. Airport runs You’ll need to be my friend. Tel: 603 513 792

Airport Shuttle Bus A shuttle service operates to Valencia and Alicante airports from Aparthotel Pinosol Saladar Supermarket, Tosalet Taj Mahal Quicksave Arenal Consum/McDonalds Silvasol/Alsa Bus Stop (town) Restaurant Montgo, with times to suit customers, who need to book 24 hours in advance. You can book and check prices online. Tel. 96 681 3690 Air Conditioning Summers in Jávea are unbearable, with excessive humidity, and an AirCon unit that keeps you cool in the Summer, can also keep you warm in Winter. Many units are inexpensive and will justify their cost (don’t forget what it costs to install and ‘gas’) many times over. They make local summers bearable. Airport Parking For short-term parking Alicante and Valencia airports offer parking connected to the Terminal buildings. For those who need to leave a car while they fly, there are cheap and secure alternatives. Alicante Parking Klaus Tel. 96 568 0941 Mob. 619 936 802 Alicante-Parking Tel. 96 568 0312 reservas Valencia Servirent Leave keys and return info in Fiat Punto, bay 490, in second (blue) level of P1. Tel. 96 152 2085 Mob. 616 330 931

Alcoholics Anonymous If alcohol isn’t fun anymore, contact Tel. 648 169 045 CostaRehab Helping-hand for drink and drug problems, Tel. 688 805 986 Alcalde ‘Alcalde’ is the Spanish equivalent of ‘Mayor’ or ‘Council Chairman’ and is elected by their peers at the first Council meeting following an election. Amas de Casa This Association of Ladies welcomes non-Spaniards and arranges a wide range of classes and activities. Tel: 96 579 4054 Amateur Dramatics See Jávea Players Ambulance Valencia Health Service Tel: 112 Red Cross- Cruz Roja 96 579 1963 Amigos Europeos Tel: 96 579 6099 AMJASA Water Company Aguas Municipales de Jávea s.a. is the municipal water provider for Jávea, with offices on the Eastern end of the Camino Cabañes. They charge for connecting new properties to their network, much of which is very old, with consequent huge losses of water from leaking pipes. Cami Cabañes 88 Tel: 96 579 0162 Fax: 96 579 3881

Domestic Water Tariff Bi-monthly Standing charge Size of feed Cost 13 mm. 20,53 € > 13 < 15 mm. 27,34 € > 15 < 20 mm. 48,60 € > 20 < 25 mm. 75,93 € > 25 < 30 mm. 103,39 € > 30 < 40 mm. 194,39 € > 40 < 50 mm. 303,73 €

Page 3 > 50 < 60 mm. 476,39 € > 60 < 65 mm. 513,33 € > 65 < 80 mm. 777,58 € > 80 < 100mm. 1.224,97 € Prices quoted in previous issues were taken the AMJASA website. The above figures were obtained from the AMJASA office on 24th October, 2011. Water used per cubic metre € / m3 0,15 € 0 - 10 m3 0,63 € 11 - 40 m3 1,17 € 41 - 70 m3 More than 71 m3 1,86 € Minimal users (like townhouses) pay less than houses that use more, watering gardens or toppingup swimming pools. A meter reader told us that they read every meter (contador) every 58-63 days, and as you do not know ofd their visit, you cannot that their inability to read the metre, has taken you into a higher tarrif. If you enter the higher tarrif by ONE cubic metre, ALL you water is charged at the MORE EXPENSIVE rate. 10m3 will cost you 1,50€ but 11m3 adds 5,43€, totalling 6,93€. AMJASA now have a desk in the ‘Citizen Centre’ at Portal del Clot, to avoid the need for everyone to travel to the Camino Cabañes office. Anglo Spanish Association Meetings and visits aimed at integration between those born in Spain and others who have come to live here. Tel. 96 575 7847 APASA An Association of volunteers who care for Jávea’s stray and abandoned dogs. It has a Charity shop opposite the Bay Radio offices on the Ctra Cabo de la Nao. The Dog Pound is on Cami Sorts, next to the EcoPark and Desalination Plant, a road off to the North West from the Cami Cabañes. Architect (English speaking) Neil Weston Tel: 616 328 799 Art Centre Association Instruction in painting and other art and crafts. Lorely Griffiths has the answers. Tel. 96 647 2049 artcentrejá

Welcome to Paradise and grants someone else the C/. In Grenyó, 7 right to buy or sell in your Tel / Fax 96 579 0675 name. You need to have complete trust in the person to summer only whom you give your Power, particularly if any part of the Bento's Gallery deal is so-called ‘black’ Av. Ausias March, 9 money in a brown-paper-bag. Cafe Art Exhibition Room Tel. 96 577 1900 A poder ceases to be C/. Andrés Lambert. 4-6 valid if either party dies, and Tel. 96 646 0201 can be cancelled, but be sure you can prove that you sent Galerie Dada Tintorera details of the cancellation to C/. Cervantes, 2 C/. Santa Lucia, 12 the holder, and the Notary Tel. 96 579 1352 Tel. 96 646 3424 who created, witnessed and holds the original. AVIM Art Room Attorney, Power of C/. Cristo del Mar, 13 You can give anyone a Power Avale Bancario Tel. 96 579 3040 of Attorney, either specific, This is a Bank Guarantee and limited or general; a poder that can only be prepared by a would cover monies you paid to a Promoter or Developer Notary. It is relatively cheap for something not yet built. If it is not renewed each year by the Promoter or Developer, The Christian Churches Welcome YOU and the appropriate premium paid, it is worthless. Port Parish of Nstra. Señora de Loreto Law 57/68 requires the C/. Pío X, 9 (Port) Developer or Constructor to Father Fernando Mañó - 96 579 1286 keep payments made ahead of Sunday Mass: 9am, 11am, 12noon, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm construction in a separate Monday - Friday Mass: 9am and 8.30pm account, but there are few who can resist the temptation Town Parish of San Bartolome ( to borrow from the piggyPlaza Iglesia (Town) bank.)! Father Vicente - 96 579 1174 Mass: weekdays 8am and 8pm Babies 7pm and 8pm June 1 - September 30 Having babies in this part of 7.30pm and 8.30pm - rest of the year Spain is no more traumatic than giving birth in the UK. Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy The new La Xara hospital has Ermita del Popul, excellent facilities and Clinica Acquario in Beniarbeig is at Km 4 on the CV734 to Jesus Pobre the leading edge of innovation Sunday 9.45am, Wednesday 10.30am and technology. Local Warden: Jenny Borrows - 96 579 4463 Backgammon Club Jávea Evangelical Church (Liturgial yet Charismatic) Mondays at 8pm at Grand Cafe, Toscamar. Jávea Christian Centre Tel. 96 647 1708 Arquitecto Urteaga 25, (East of the Old Town) 635 377 335 Pastor Clive Read - 96 646 2848 or 669 386 702 Sunday 11am, Wednesday 3.30pm Bagpiper Drew the piper Tel. 676 993 716 Jávea Evangelical Community Church L’Ancora Tennis Club, Av. Paris (Arenal) Pastor Leslie Lyons - 96 587 0911 Banks Sunday 12 noon Jávea has ‘bancos’ and ‘cajas de ahorras’ or savings banks, Jávea International Baptist Church but cheques are rarely used. (currently looking for new premises) Both will arrange to pay Pastor John Hansford - 96 607 4410 your utilities bills by standing Sunday 11am order - domiciliación - and will welcome you as a client Page 4 Art Galleries Cirne Foundation Av. Alicante, 18 Tel. 96 579 6780


Mosaic Community Church Centro Comercial La Nao (Arenal) Pastor Peter Cox - Tlf: 96 647 3205 Sunday 12 noon -

as they use you and your money to boost their profits. Banks open from 8.15am until 2.15pm, and on Saturday morning in the Winter, but NOT during the Summer.

February 2012 Banca March Ctra. Cabo de la Nao Residencial la Plaza Tel. 96 646 3427 BBVA Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Av. Jaime I, in the Port Tel. 96 579 4161 Av. Príncipe de Asturias Tel. 96 579 2251 96 579 4161 96 579 4612 Paseo Amanecer (Arenal) Tel. 96 579 3071 Banco de Valencia Av. de Alicante, (Town) Tel. 96 579 0166 96 579 0584 Av. Jaime I (Port) Tel. 96 579 5606 Banco Gallego Av. Amanecer de España, 5 Tel. 96 646 1394 96 579 6484 Banco Popular Español Príncipe de Asturias 16 Tel. 96 579 5857 BSCH Banco Santander Central Hispano Av. Príncipe de Asturias Tel. 96 579 1200 96 579 1454 96 579 1204 Banesto C/ Colón, 12 (Town) Tel. 96 579 0781 Bankia Ronda Norte (Pueblo) Tel: 96 579 5371 Fax: 96 579 3508 and Cabo la Nao. Pla 126 C.C. Arenal, Unit H Tel: 96 579 6255 Fax: 96 579 6350 Bankinter Cabo la Nao. Pla 122 Tel: 96 579 6029

February 2012 Barclays Bank Ctra. Cabo La Nao 160 Tel: 96 577 0112 BBK Av. Alicante, 11 Tel: 96 646 2437 Deutsche Bank Ctra. Cabo La Nao El Pla 17 L. 71-2 Tel: 96 646 0711 Banco Sabadell Solbank Av. del Pla, 129 Edificio Caribe Tel: 96 646 0914 Barber Shop Leeanne’s + Waxing, Facials, Nails Jávea Park (next to Charity Library) Mob: 662 164 653 658 123 737 Beauty Therapist (Mobile) Natalie (The Beauty Spot) 20 years experience, 5 in Jávea. Tel: 618 851 540 Blood donors A ‘Blood Bank’ is controlled from Alicante and their donor teams visit Jávea every couple of months. There is confusion as to whether Brits can currently donate blood, if they have lived in - or visited - the UK since the discovery of ‘Mad Cow Disease’. Martyn Standing at the British Consulate in Alicante says there is no prohibition on the Blood Donor website: A mobile collection team comes to the Insalud in Jávea Town to collect blood from people between 18 and 65 years of age, who weigh at least 50Kgs, but cannot donsate more than 3 or 4 times a year.

Blood Test and Wellbeing Pharmacist Antonio Marin, at his premises in Av. Augusta 30 (100m south of the rear exit to Mercadonna in the Ctra. Cabo La Nao, will test for PSA Colesterol Triglycerates and Glucose for 10€. Immediate results. Tel: 96 646 1954 A more extensive range of blood tests is offered at Laboratorio Cholbi Mulet Av. Lepanto 2 in Jávea Port Tel: 96 646 0658 As they usually receive samples via private doctors, when you ask for a quotation, they might give you a discount. Books Charity shops in Jávea may have copies of: Jávea, Dawn of Spain by Charlene Quince, and Jávea/Xàbia - a year in the life of a Spanish town by Charlene Quince with photos by Billie Cook. Boats and Yachting Meeting in English held twice a week. Telephone: 96 646 1913 Bouncy Castle Hire Krazykidz Kastlez Telephone: 679 042 692

Butano Gas in the Cities may be piped, but in Jávea, most people rely on bottles, though some foreigners and commercial premises have gas on tap - in a tank. There are two suppliers: Repsol, whose bottles are orange and heavy. and Cepsa, whose bottles are much lighter and silver colour.

Jávea Christian Centre C/. Arquitecto Urteaga, 25

the home of Jávea Evangelical Church Providing a Sunday Service in Jávea, since 1992 offering a welcome to anyone disenchanted with religion a 1st Century church focussed on 21st Century needs Sunday

11.00am Morning Service with Holy Communion Refreshments afterwards


3.30pm Midweek Meeting

3rd Wednesday

1.30pm Friendship Lunch at Rte. Azorin 3.30pm Midweek Meeting in the Port

Other meetings announced each Sunday Gifted Musicians welcome

This is where WE are

Sunday School Mini Market Pay what you think Lunches Breakfast Meetings

lk wa

Bridge Clubs Jávea Bridge Club Av. de Paris, 2 (Arenal) Tel: 96 646 3671 info@já www.já

Business Club Argento is a Business and Social Club offering members FREE advertising, business blogs & networking, instant messaging, a chat room and regular Club events. Tel: 96 550 2010 Monthly events enable members to engage in personal networking with an opportunity to directly promote their business, services or sales items. Marina Alta meeting in English held twice a week. Telephone: 96 646 1913

tes inu

Bowling Clubs Jávea’s ‘Inn on the Green’ bowling facility was the first in Spain to use Astroturf. Jávea Green Bowls Club Partida Cansalades, 155 Tel: 96 577 1553 Many Jávea residents use the facilities at Benitachell Bowls Club, and there are competitions with other clubs on the Costa Blanca.

Buses 150.000 €uros has been allocated by Jávea Town Hall to build a new Bus Station on land that had been reserved for an Auditorium/Theatre, in Avenida Palmera. Like the ‘New Town Hall’ it will prove to be a ‘folly’ if Jávea’s poor and inadequate bus service in is not improved. The elderly in outlying areas who can no longer drive feel disregarded. There is a subsidised service from Toscamar to the Arenal, Port and Town, that is cheap and reliable, but little else. If you are a Pensioner there are concessions. Obtain the form from the Services office above Parking El Clot, and hand it - after completing your details, a photo of yourself and the fee, to one of the bus drivers, who will tell you when they will have your ID card with barcode. Those not of pensionable age can buy a ‘Season Ticket’ for 10 €uros that buys 13,50 €uros of journeys. Local services are provided by Autobuses Carrió Tel: 96 558 1036

Page 5 There are connections to Valencia and Alicante, using the motorway, or visiting villages on the way, using the N-332 and ALSA buses. Tel: 902 422 242


Blue buckets The entire shoreline of Alicante Province was marked in 1988 by a chain of upturned ‘blue buckets’ marking a 100m strip from the water’s edge, within which no construction is allowed. You can see examples along Avenida Libertad (the beach road) the

Welcome to Paradise Jávea School of Bridge  and Social Club Av. Tamarits, Edif. Arenal 80 B.1 www.arenalbridgejá

most unusual being built into the Western corner of the ‘La Siesta’ restaurant. The blue paint has peeled off and the concrete is cracked. They are engraved MGOP.

This is where YOU can PARK

Spanish Lessons and much more


Welcome to Paradise Campervans appear from time Cash & Carry Puga Autoservicio S.L. to time on the Car Park at Av. Avenida del Pla 91 Tamarits in the Arenal, and (opposite Repsol Garage) only 200m from the beach. Tel: 96 579 2735 Canine Hairdressser ( See Pets) Catering/Equipment Hire Car Hire Costa Blanca Party Service Many residents prefer the C/. Benz 8, Benissa 03720 friendly, family approach of Bob Jager Mob 689 237 235 Autos Jávea, at the start of the Tel: 96 573 1546 road to Benitachell, off the Fax: 96 573 0557 CV-735 from Gata to Jávea. They are associated with Jávea Auto Sales. Tel: 96 579 0163 C & P Enterprises Mov: 650 109 571 Party. Event info@autosjá and Location, caterer www.autosjá Tel: Catherine 686 773 442 Car Parking For many years parking in the CARING CARER Town and Port was controlled In your home or by ‘Blue Zone’ parking, but when you shop or most residents wouldn’t pay visit hospital or and the scheme was doctor. VERY caring nature. abandoned for 2011. Parking UK level 3 NVQ has become much more Butcher (English) in Health and difficult because drivers from Call and see Helen or Neil at Social care. Madrid, who come to the Port The Butcher’s Block 635 836 501 (Eileen) for their holidays, leave their (next to Michael’s and cars parked for the length of CESPA Yorkshire Linen their stay, reducing availability The contract for collecting on Avenida del Pla. that will assist shopkeepers. household rubbish is held by Tel: 96 579 2676. Council-owned CESPA. Other towns use underground parking is FCC. Rubbish is collected by Cable and Satellite TV available beneath the Plaza de driver-operated semiMany properties in the South la Constitución and Portal del automatic lorries, that upturn of Jávea are served by Clot (see map on page 23) street-level or underground underground cable from Time Plaza    Clot bins into the hopper, whether Balcon al Mar, and some even Minute 0,01€ 0,01€ collecting plastic, cardboard receive internet by cable. A Hour 0,60 0.60 and paper or household vast range of radio and TV Full month 50,00 45,00 rubbish. Glass is collected in programmes from throughout 8am-8pm special ‘dome-shaped’ green the world are available, the Mon-Sat 30,00 25,00 containers by a specialist cost depending on the package 7.30am-3.30pm company. you choose. Mon-Sat 20,00 15,00 CESPA vehicles operate For those beyond the 8pm-8am Mon-Fri from a yard opposite the reach of the cable network, and 2pm Sat-Mon 8am CEPSA service station on the many of the programmes are per month 30,00 25,00 Ctra. Cabo la Nao. Their re-transmitted terrestially from 40 year concession 22.887,93 administration office is in the Costa Nova or Cabo de San Yearly upkeep 152,59 Port, Av. Lepanto 2. Antonio. Tel: 900 102 149 Initial enquiries via Anne Car Repairs and Pre-MoT on 679 797 473 or Talleres Thiviers C/. Arquitecto Urteaga, 25 Grey top bins are for The company phone number is Thiviers, 03730 (Nr. Notary) household rubbish, which 96 577 1121. Tel/Fax: 96 579 0923 should be placed into a - now Jaime Mata Cardona discouraged - plastic bolsa Camping and Campsites Mends cars in any language from most supermarkets. Jávea has two, both with Yellow-top bins are for plastic facilities for static units Car Transport and the ‘bricks’ in which you intended for all-year-round Jávea based CarTranSpain buy wine or milk. occupation but which make regular return trips to Blue top bins are for paper welcome tourists and their the UK with cars, motorbikes and cardboard. tents. and caravans, Green domed bins are for Neither are ‘close’ to the Tel: 96 646 8342 glass and bottles. beach, but Camping Naranjos Mob. 664 121 650 is less isolated than Camping UK: 07866 190 980 Household Appliance Pickup Jávea. CESPA, will collect up to a The police discourage maximum of 5 household items parking of Campervans on the for free. beach overnight. Groups of

Page 6 Your house insurance may be invalid if you have a claim and cannot prove that your gas installation was safe, with a current (valid for 5 years) Certificate. English speaking Sebastian, who lives in Denia, is an independent inspector, authorised by the Ministry of Industry, used by many to inspect and certify their homes. He can be contacted on 687 480 183. Itinerant ‘Gas Inspectors’ - working only on commission for out-of-area companies regularly visit Jávea, and charge huge amounts for replacing out-of-date tubing or regulators, using very intimidating tactics. Propane and other gases are available and there is a specialist supplier for oxygen and industrial gases in Benissa.

February 2012 You have to phone at least the day before to advise them of the collection address. Items have to be put out on the street in front of house the night before. Collection is during the morning. Collections are only made on Tuesdays and Fridays. The girl in the office understands enough English to take your address, and you need to confirm whether collection will be on Martes or Viernes. CESPA telephone number is 900 102 149 Summer office hours are 8am - 3pm Monday - Friday Charity Shops Jávea’s first was established by Ann Mason and her friends and is still called the ‘Original Charity Shop’ with premises between Sabadell Solbank and the beach. ‘Carousel’ or ‘Roundabout’ is now located on Avenida del Furs, on the ground floor of a block of apartments, opposite the junction with Ovidi Montflor. ‘Cancer Charity Shop’ and its Care Centre, are located in Jávea Park. APASA’s is located close to the central roundabout on the Ctra. Cabo la Nao. Chemists The following chemists are responsible for providing a day and night service intended for prescriptions and emergencies - but they will sell other items. Details of which chemist is on duty can be found on a notice on the outside of each: FEBRUARY 24h CHEMIST From 9am on the day of responsibility till 9am next day Date      Nº 1st Wed 6 2nd Thu 7 3rd Fri 8 4th Sat 9 5th Sun 10 6th Mon 11 7th Tue 12 8th Wed 13 9th Thu 1 10 Fri 2 11 Sat 3 12 Sun 4 13 Mon 5 14 Tue 6 15 Wed 7 16 Thu 8

Date      Nº 17 Fri 9 18 Sat 10 19 Sun 11 20 Mon 12 21 Tue 13 22 Wed 1 23 Thu 2 24 Fri 3 25 Sat 4 26 Sun 5 27 Mon 6 28 Tue 7 29 Wed 8 30 Mon 4 31 Tue 5

For chemists, see next page

February 2012 Antonio Marin Lluch Avd August 30 Tel: 96 646 1954 J.M ª Ripoll Ctra. Cabo La Nao (Cala Blanca) Tel: 96 577 0900



AV Almodovar Morell 9 Plaza Joanot Martorell 5, Tel: 96 646 3994 Belcher Cholbi Ronda Colon 4 Tel: 96 579 1099


Vicente Miralles Salort 12 Crta Cabo la Nao Pla 165 Tel: 96 647 1333 M. Paz Uriol Batuecas 5 Avda de la Playa Arenal Libertat 7 Tel: 96 579 3839 R. Mª Perez 8 Avda del Pla 126, Local E Tel: 96 646 3531 Consuelo Espinos Soliveres Plaza de la Iglesia, 11 1 Tel: 96 579 1801 Mª. S. Martinez Avenida Lepanto 12 Tel: 96 646 2545


Victoria Isa. Garces Castles C / Sevilla 1 4 Tel: 96 579 1520 Ana Maria Garcia Lillo 11 Avd. Palmela 16 Tel: 96 646 3947 Amparo Marsal Romany 3 Avda Juan Carlos I, 33 Tel: 96 579 1955 Lydia Gil Bait Av. Fontana 18 Tel: 96 646 3142


Chiringuitos (Beach Bars) From June to September each year, Jávea Council licenses temporary ‘beach bars’ between the Parador and the Port. Tenders are invited for a 3 or 5-year term, which are opened in public, and then evaluated by Town Hall staff to see how fully they match the Tender requirements. There is strong rivalry between those tendering, as well as between those who win.

Welcome to Paradise 7.30pm and there are local groups in members’ homes for Bible study. Tel: 96 649 3753

Churches Roman Catholic Nstra. Señora de Loreto C/. Pío X, 9 (Port) Fr Fernando Mañó Bixquert Fr Frank Suárez Minaya Tel: 96 579 1286 Sunday Mass: 9am, 11am, 12noon, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm Monday - Friday Mass: 9am and 8.30pm Parish of San Bartolome Plaza Iglesia (Town) Father Vicente - 96 579 1174 Mass: weekdays 8am and 8pm, 7pm and 8pm June 1 September 30; 7.30pm and 8.30pm - rest of the year Protestant Costa Blanca  Anglican Chaplaincy Ermita del Popul, Km 4 on the CV734 to Jesus Pobre Sunday 9.45am, Wednesday 10.30am Local Warden: Jenny Borrows - 96 579 4463 Jávea Evangelical Church (Liturgical yet Charismatic) The Christian Centre Arquitecto Urteaga 25, (East of the Old Town) Pastor Clive Read 96 646 2848 or 669 386 702 Sunday 11am Wednesday 3.30pm www.já Jávea Evangelical  Community Church L’Ancora Tennis Club, Av. Paris (Arenal) Pastor Leslie Lyons 96 587 0911 Sunday 12 noon Jávea International  Baptist Church Pastor John Hansford 96 607 4410 Sunday 11am at Jávea Players’ studio (temporary). Many midweek activities www.já Mosaic Church Centro Comercial “La Nao” Pastor Peter Cox 96 647 3205 Sunday 12 noon Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall is located at the Eastern end of Cronista Figueras Pacheco, the street at the rear of ‘Bookworld’ on Avenida Amanecer. English services are advertised as 10am on a Sunday and Wednesday at

Muslim Information will be added when we have it. Children’s Shoes P-Nanos Virgen de la Merced 3 Tel: 636 383 086 Cinema Cine Jayan in the port, English language films Tuesday to Thursday evenings Coach Hire Autobuses Tomás Garage in Ondara but office in Pedreguer. Tel: 646 480 707 (Toni) Coloured Parrots Mick at La Casa Del Pollo told me he’d never read anything about the coloured parrots that are found in trees at Camping Naranjas, and in the palms around Rio Gorgos and Port Xabia on the seafront. I’d never heard of Jávea’s coloured parrots in the 26 years I’ve lived here, but I am told by Liz, as I ate at the ‘Inn Between’ that the Parrots had been in Jávea for more than 40 years, and have bred from pets kept by someone in the Old Town. Community of Owners (See Urbanisations) Computer Club The Club meets at the Jávea School of Bridge and Social Club premises, Edificio Arenal-80, Avenida Tamarits, Jávea, three times a week from 9.30am until around 12.30, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Annual Membership fee is €20 per person. The entrance fee to Club Meetings is €1.00 per person (or per couple for husband and wife members) per visit. There is a one off joining fee of 10€ per person. www.já Their eMail address is: jáveacomputerclub

Page 7 Computer problems PC Highway (Advice, Sale and Repair) C/. Niza 13, 03738 M-F: 9.30am - 5.30pm Sat: 10am - 1pm. Tel: 96 646 2509 P C Solutions Tel: 902 995 116 Mob: 676 662 733 Conservatives Abroad (See also Labour Int.) Based in Jávea Tel: 96 619 7239 (Secretary) Consumer advice OMIC Tel: 96 579 3499 (See also Ombudsman) Bloque laying, concrete levelling, foundations, crazy paving, slab paving, all kinds of floor and wall tiling, rendering, painting, window fitting, balustrade, landscape gardening, roofing, etc.

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Council Tax (IBI) Collected in the Autumn of each year, but as it funds council activity from the previous January, it is likely the demand will be presented a month or so sooner, each year. For 2011 IBI was payable between 25th August and 7th December. If an owner had NOT received a payment request, they could obtain one from the Recaudación office in Calle Mayor 15, between 9am and 2pm, of from the Citizen Centre above Parking El Clot. Any Bank will accept a domiciliación (standing order) but cash can only be accepted by the following: Banca March Banco CAM Banco de Valencia Banco Popular Españo Banco Sabadell (Solbank)l Banco Santander C.H.

Page 8 Bankia Barclays Bank BBVA Caixa Caja de Ahorros de Murcia Caja Rural del Miditerráneo Deutche Bank Nova Caixa Galicia Coto Privado de Caza These signs indicate NO HUNTING and are erected by landowners who do not want hunting and gun carrying people - and their dogs - on their land. Councillors Jose F. Chulvi  Español - Mayor (PSOE) Oscar Anton Izquierdo (XD) Finance Contracts Resident Participation Antonio Miragall  Espasa  (PSOE) Heritage Tourism Juan L. Cardona Salvador (XD) Economic Development Agriculture and Fisheries Sport Francesc Camprubí  Martell  (PSOE) Internal New Technology Community Involvement Pere J. Sapena Segarra (XD) Planning Francisco J. Torres Marí  (PSOE) Projects and Works Water Juan B. Ortolá Bas (CPJ) Activities Public Safety, Police and Civil Protection Fiestas Doris B. Albertine  Courcelles  (PSOE) Services Environment Maria Teresa Bisquert Vendrell Transport (CPJ) Social Services Elderly Health Youth Mª Desemparats  Bolufer Castelló  (PSOE) Culture Education Jose J. Castelló Pastor (PP) Jose J. Genoves Garciar (PP) Rosa M. Cardona Pedro (PP) Antonia Sebastía Serrat (PP) Maria Teresa Ern Salva (PP) Eduardo J.  Monfort Bolufer (BCX) Josepa Chorro  Monserrat (BCX) Vicent Chorro Cabrera (BCX) Juan Planelles Alvarez (IND) Francisco Catalá Perez  (IND)

Welcome to Paradise Day Care The Centro de Día Santa María de Betania de Xàbia (Day Care Centre) is located opposite Mas y Mas on the Eastern exit road from the old town. The Centre provides care for up to 50 dependents over the age of 60 between the hours of 8.00am and 8.00pm.

Council Meetings Council meetings are held on the last Thursday in the month and on other dates if there is an emergency. Local residents are entitled to be present, but if there is anything controversial on the Agenda you are unlikely to have anywhere to sit. There was talk of televising the meetings. Council Tax Calendar March 25 to June 6, 2011, was the voluntary payment period for Vehicle Tax (IVTM), fee for entry of vehicles across the sidewalks or roads (VADO) and solid waste collection (PEF) Payment of (IBI) and Economic Activities (IAE) in 2011 was due to be paid from 25 August to 7 December. Craft items Tamaras Bracelets Hand crafted and bespoke bracelets, for yourself or gift service available. Tel: 697 584 219 (Tammy) Cycle Rental Hammersea Jávea Portixol, 8 (300m south of Barclays) Tel: 96 647 3131 Xabia Bike Centre Av. Lepanto 21 Tel: 96 646 1150 Dance Schools En Danza C/. San Joaquín, 9-11, Tel/Fax 96 579 2803 Estudio de Danza Salomé Rodriguez Av. Juan Carlos I, 17. Tel: 659 336 550 96 579 0769 Footworks Classes in Ballet, Modern, Tap, and Hip Hop for all ages and abilities. Tel: 647 452 016 (not com) Valerie Jean School Classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Funky Street at L’Ancora Studio, C/. Paris, Arenal. Tel: 667 989 430

Death see Funerals Debts in Spain Those saddled with mortgages on properties they cannot sell, can no longer escape their debt by relocating to the UK. Spanish Banks can ignore any value in the property on which the mortgage was secured, and seek possession of any UK asset. Dentists Like teeth, they come in all shapes and sizes and there are many who have welcomed those who do not know the Spanish word for “That Urts” to their client list. Clinica Dental Lepanto (Dra Sylvia Merkler) Av. Lepanto 13 (Port) Tel: 96 646 2519 Karen Marshall www/ Karen Gardner Denuncia It’s nothing more than an ‘official complaint’ that can be made with the Guardia Civil, municipal police, OMIC and every commercial premises has to be able to give you a Hoja de Reclamaciones if you need to complain about services at the establishment. Dive School (See Sub Aqua) Divine Services An unusual name for a unique local service. Whether the need is urgent (like a death) or longer-term (like a wedding) our ministers will surpass your expectations. Wedding blessings or civil ceremonies (authorised by FEREDE in Madrid and the Judge in Denia) tailored to meet the bride and groom’s needs. Fixed and reasonable fees - but open to negotiation. Tel: 96 646 2848 Mov: 669 386 702 Dressmaking/Alterations Diane Tel: 96 646 2448

February 2012 Drinking and driving DON’T - it’s not worth it! Driving/Driving Licences There are excellent books in English like "Motoring in Spain" by Brian J Deller, that are updated as needed. In general - be aware that some Spanish drivers do not indicate (particularly going left) around roundabouts and will stay in the outside lane all the way around. Use your wing mirrors. They do not always indicate when turning off a road either, do not stop for pedestrian crossings nor acknowledge any courtesy you give them. They will also be inches from your rear bumper when on fast roads and will overtake to fill the gap you leave from the car in front, as taught in the UK. This is particularly annoying in the Calpe tunnel, where you MUST leave a 100m gap between yourself and the car in front, when an overtaking car can move into your gap, leaving you with a ‘photo fine’ for travelling too close. Many people in Jávea choose to use a Gestoria, like Gestoria Font Av. Alicante, 15 Tel: 96 579 0354 to process their documents with’Trafico’ The medical testing clinic I use and recommend: Centro Médico Ondara Av. Alacant 51 (at traffic lights on the N332) Ondara. Tel: 96 647 6600 will remit your application direct to Tráfico for you. If you are resident here you need to have the same regular medical as Spanish drivers, otherwise your licence and insurance are invalid. Drugs and abuse Helpline: 900 161 515 CostaRehab Helping-hand for drink and drug problems, Tel. 688 805 986 Earthquake Torrevieja and Murcia are on a fault line but Jávea has not recently been affected by

February 2012 Wednesday 1st Jávea’s Historical city centre invites you to enjoy wonderful sensations in its shops and restaurants, where you can find special menus and presents for lovers during February. Casa del Cable Photo exhibit which reveals the history of the Marina Alta Association from 1961 to the present day. Open until 18th February, from 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm, from Tuesday to Saturday. AVIMA Art Gallery Paintings exhibited by of the gallery’s artists. Timetable: From 11am to 1pm from Monday to Friday and from 11am to 1pm and 6pm to 8pm on Saturdays. Ca Lambert Exhibit by artists from the Gata Arts School: “Escola de Plàstica Experimental. Open until 18th February from 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm, on Tuesday to Saturday. 7pm Music Conservatory Flute, oboe and basson performance by the students of the Xàbia Professional Music Conservatory. Free Entrance.

Friday 3rd 6pm Municipal Library Children´s storyteller The Prince and the Pauper. Saturday 4th Al Marge Art Gallery Following the success of the 1st event, Al Marge launches the 2nd to support the region’s creative artists and provide them with a space for their works. Open until the 1st of March. Sunday 5th 7.30pm Ciné Jayan La Source des Femmes In a small town between Africa and the Middle East, tradition rules that women must collect water from a spring which flows in the mountain heights under a scorching sun. This has always been the case, however, Leia, a newly wedded bride, proposes a love strike to the rest of the women: There will be no sex until the men help them to carry the water home. Monday 6th 8pm Ciné Jayan Source des Femmes (see yesterday)


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February Cultural  Programme Wednesday 8th 7pm Music Conservatory Saxaphone auditions by students of the Music Conservatory. Free Entrance. Thursday 9th 8pm Casa de Cultura Conference on the geometry of street furniture, featuring the work of Santiago Calatrava. Friday 10th 4.30pm Port Sports Centre Autonomous community chess championship organised by Jávea Chess Club. 5pm-9pm Portal del Clot Jávea Extreme Sports introduces the world of SKATING with exhibits, workshops and Skate trade fair. 6pm Municipal Library Children’s storytellers, Pluja de Contes - A Carnival Tale 7pm Music Conservatory Violin and Double Bass audition by students of the Jávea Professional Music Conservatory. Free Entrance. 9.00pm Casa de Cultura Piano concert by Juan Jose Muñoz Cañivano of works by: F. Schumann, F. Chopin, E. Grieg. Sunday 12th 7.30pm Ciné Jayan Drive - by day, he is a movie stunt driver and at night, he is a getaway driver. However, he does not care about the work he has to do because he always loves being in the driver’s seat. His whole world changes when he meets Irene... Monday 13th 8pm Ciné Jayan Drive (see yesterday) Tuesday 14th 7pm Music Conservatory Guitar auditions by students of the Xàbia Professional Music Conservatory. Free Entrance. Wednesday 15th 8pm Casa de Cultura Workshop and Conference on Experience and Methods for Budget Participation by Francisco José Francés García, Sociology Professor of the University of Alicante.

Friday 17th 8pm Municipal Library Presentation Pepa Guardiola of book by Adriana Serlik. 8pm Casa de Cultura La Vall de Gallinera per Camins de Moriscos y Mallorquinas, by Vicent Morera and Juanjo Ortola. Saturday 18th 4.30pm Port Sports Centre Autonomous community chess championship. 5pm Plaza Constitución Carnival night with children’s costume parade followed by children’s show. 11pm. Plaza Constitución Costume Parade from Plaza del Convento to Plaza de la Constitución. Followed by a musical performance. Sunday 19th 7.30pm Ciné Jayan “El Havre” Marcel is a bohemian writer who has found voluntarily exile in the city of Le Havre where he lives a peaceful life as a shoe shiner with a bar to visit and his woman. Monday 20th 7pm Music Conservatory Wind and String instrument audition by students of the Xàbia Professional Music Conservatory. Free Entrance. 8pm Ciné Jayan (see yesterday) Tuesday 21st 7pm Music Conservatory Clarinet audition by students of Jávea Professional Music Conservatory. Free Entrance. Thursday 23rd 7pm Music Conservatory Piano and Guitar audition by students of Jávea Professional Music Conservatory. 8pm Casa de Cultura Strengthening of the Immunological System by Juan Cayuela Rodriguez and Juan Francisco Martinez. Friday 24th Ca Lambert Exhibition by the students of the LAUDE, Lady Elizabeth School. Until 18th March. 6pm Municipal Library Children’s Storyteller: Pluja de Contes. The story of the youth who discovered what

The Tourism Department is not responsible for changes to the programme

Page 9 fear was. 8pm Casa de Cultura Harpsicord Concert by Paco Estevez.

Saturday 25th 11am Yacht Regatta 1st Spring-Summer competition for members of Jávea Yacht Club. Port Sports Centre 8.30am to 9.30pm Autonomous Community Chess Championship. 5pm Casa de Cultura Children’s Theatre with two sessions, the second at 6.30pm. Sunday 26th 10am Pinosol Park 3rd Mountain Bike sports championship, by Club d’Atletisme Llebeig and Jávea Sports Council. 7.30pm Ciné Jayan Germany After living for 45 years in Germany as a “guest worker”, Huseyin decides to return and live in Turkey. The family does not agree with this idea at all and they all begin to argue. To worsen matters, his granddaughter has become pregnant by a British man whom nobody knows. Furthermore, another grandson is treated like a foreigner at school... Monday 27th 4.30pm Music Conservatory 1st phase of selection in the Young Performers’ Competition. 8pm Ciné Jayan Germany (see yesterday) Jávea’s Tourism Department produces outstanding books and posters for use at exhibitions. Why not call in and ask if you can have samples. They are free - as ratepayers paid for them! Tourist Info Centre Plaza Iglesia, 4 Tel: 96 579 4356 F ax: 96 579 6317 Tourist Centre Jávea Port Pl. Almirante Bastarreche, 11 Tel: 96 579 0736 Fax: 96 579 6057 Tourist info Jávea Arenal Ctra La Nao Pla The Plaza Arenal beach Tel: 96 646 0605 Fax: 96 579 6258

Page 10 other than minor tremors, usually out to sea off the Cabo de la Nao. Eateries we use and enjoy A Cal Pito Plaza Adumar 3 C/. Sertorio (Port) Tel: 96 646 0050 96 579 2951 Azorin C/. Toni Llidó (Port) Tel: 96 579 4495 Inn Between (Jávea Park) (opposite Club de Tenis) Tel: 96 579 4248 EKA - European Kids Assn. A fund-raising initiative to raise funds for non-formal educational projects. President: Lauren Staton Tel: 665 012 228 Events: Anne Martin Tel: 680 673 871 EL-Gaucho Restaurant No longer run by “Eddie” but the former Las Brisas (on the Jesús Pobre Road) has opened under its former name, as a steakhouse. Same owner as Pizzeria Pepa (in the Port) Carretera Jesus Pobre C/. Tobago 1 1-4.30pm & 7-11pm Closed Tuesday Tel: 96 646 1338 Review: Electoral Roll (Padrón) Everyone who lives in Jávea is OBLIGATED to sign on the list of residents - the Padrón. Registration brings access to facilities (use of the library, subsidised bus travel, home-help, education) and the Town Hall receives around 200 €uros a year from central Government funds, in respect of each registered person. Electricity Iberdrola Tel: 901 202 020 Breakdowns Tel: 901 102 210 Client Attention Tel: 902 201 520 Jávea office (Town) C/ Sant Pere Màrtir, 2 1st floor Tel: 96 579 1295 Employment The CREAMA office is in the same premises as OMIC (C/. Roques 5) and has details of

Welcome to Paradise local vacancies and organises courses for the unemployed. Excursions Caves of Benidoleig Situated on the road between Pedreguer and Benidoleig, Stalagmites and stalactites as long as 300yds, with domes greater than 60 feet. Open throughout the year. Tel: 96 640 4235 Pego Donkey rides Take the donkey ‘Taxi’ and enjoy the countryside as never before. Tel: 633 164 404 Also 4x4 excursions Tel: 696 724 923 Exhibition Halls/Galleries Casa de Cable Avenida Marina Española, 7 Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm. Sundays and holidays from 10am to 1pm Ca Lambert Calle Mayor, 43 Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm. Sundays and holidays from 10am to 1pm Museum Soler Blasco Plaza Germans Segarra, 1 Open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm. Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 am to 1pm. Closed Monday. Eye Surgery People used to return to the UK and Moorfields Eye Hospital for treatment, being told when they gave their address “Why come here - the best surgeons in Europe are where you live.” Dr. Carlos Infantes C/. Arquitecto Urteaga 22 Tel: 96 579 1229 Fax: 96 646 0424 Family Tree Tracing Lyn will enjoy helping you trace your ancestors. Tel: 609 371 030 Fiestas Details of forthcoming Jávea Fiestas can be obtained from the Tourist Office. Finca It used to be a dream to buy, and convert an old finca, or

landworker’s home, but they have become scarce, expensive and pose ghastly problems for those unfamiliar with Spain - now rigorously imposed - building regulations. Best advice: only buy what you can see, and when it is finished and legal. Fines see Multas Fiscal representation If a non-resident owns one property, they can look after their own financial affairs with Hacienda. If the non-resident owns 2 or more properties, they are obliged to appoint a Fiscal Representative with whom Hacienda can communicate. Fish and Chips Jávea’s first ‘Chippy’ (established by Malcolm and Liz) was in the Jávea Park premises now occupied by the ‘English Library’. ‘inCODnito’ on the edge of the large carpark at the Southern end of the Arenal beach, and Scallops, 200m further south on the seafront. In the Port, Merluza Romana (battered hake) is part of the daily menu at ‘Rte. Azorin’ in C/. Toni Llido and ‘Al Capito’ in the plaza to Adumar III, where Pepe uses fresh potatoes, a peeler and chipper to make “original” tasting English chips. Fitness Classes Zumba classes held at 10am on Monday and Thursday at Jaspar’s Bar, Cabo la Nao. 5€ per session, includes water during class and soft drink, coffee or tea afterwards. Tel: 628 364 090 Florist Mayflower Av. del Pla 125 (50m north of Solbank) Tel: 610 396 543 Fraud Jávea has far less crime than 5 years ago, but wherever there are people with money, there will be opportunist crooks. Always be on your guard and fear the worst. Freemasonry Ian Hutchinson is credited with introducing English Freemasonry to Jávea and Spain, creating a ‘Temple’ above the Cave Inn, that became Cheers Bar.

February 2012 A new ‘Temple’ has been established in Costa Nova, which had an ‘Open Day’ to dispel the notion of secrecy and is proud of the donations it makes to non-Masonic charities. Funerals Insurance It was traditional for many Spanish grandparents abuelos - to arrange burial insurance for new nietos grandchildren, ensuring future low premiums and one less financial trauma, no matter how many years into the future that child dies. The problem with burial insurance is that you have no idea how much you will pay. Many policyholders have paid many times over for a funeral that has not - yet - been needed, but if they stop paying NOW, they will lose the benefit of every premium paid. Pre-payment British companies Avalon and Golden Leaves both offer prepayment where, for the price of a funeral NOW, it will be provided at any time in the future, no matter what the price THEN. Plans start at 3.150 €uros. Pre-Pagado Paz was specifically created to meet the needs of Brits in Jávea who needed more than the 24 hours allowed by Avalon for the Cremation. Clients could pay extra for additional days, a church service, and all manner of extras. The PPP plan includes up to 7 nights ‘refrigeration’ - to await arrival of relatives, and a Thanksgiving Service. PPP Round-Tuit Plan This plan was specifically created to protect the spouse usually the wife - whose husband never got ‘Round Tuit’ with regard to funeral insurance or pre-payment. Even if their loved-one is in Intensive Care (or the Mortuary), provided a funeral company has not been instructed, a Round Tuit plan can be arranged with immediate effect, and often saving a considerable amount of money compared to the price the family would otherwise be charged. Pre-Pagado Paz Apartado de Correos 252 03770 VERGEL Tel: 96 575 5192

February 2012 Cremation Cremation is increasingly popular in Jávea, which has its own facilities, as well as providing a service for funeral companies from surrounding towns and villages. ‘Balbi’ and his staff at Tanatorio Jávea, on the Jávea to Gata road, are as proud of their facilities as would be a Rolls Royce dealer. Donation of remains Prior to the introduction of Cremation, and because few had relatives to tend a ‘niche’ in the Cemetery, many chose to donate their remains for medical research. It is still possible and arrangements need to be made with the University Teaching Hospital in San Juan. Interment You can choose for your coffin to be placed in a ‘niche’ in the Cemetery, but they are expensive to buy (depending on where, and at which level you choose) and if you rent, and do not renew the premium, the remains can be removed, and re-interred with others, in a communal niche. Gardening Help is available from gardeninginspain The Town Hall has provided 40m2 plots of land for allotments, on the central reservation of Av. Augusta. (see also Palm Weevil) Gas

Repsol: Tel: 96 573 0572 CEPSA: Tel: 96 579 1566

Gas Inspectors (See Butano) Gestor A Gestor is a Spanish professional who processes paperwork with Government departments. They charge for their services - like any other business - but you do not have to queue. Gibraltar The story was told that Felipe Gonzalez (Spain’s Prime Minister at the time) met Margaret Thatcher at a European Congress, and told her “You can keep Gibraltar if we can have Jávea back!”

Welcome to Paradise Gibraltar is still a popular destination for Brits who want to marry in Spain, but baulk at the need to have documents relating to Birth, Marriage and any Divorce or Bereavement translated into Spanish (currently at 90 €uros each) so they can be submitted to the Spanish authorities, for a Spanish wedding. Many choose to have paperwork from the UK or Gibraltar, and a ‘Blessing’ ceremony in Jávea, where guests believe they have attended the couple’s ‘Wedding’. Golf Jávea Golf Course still only has 9 holes despite many projects to build another 9 or 18, which have always been opposed by neighbouring property owners. There are excellent facilities at ‘La Sella’ - on the Jesus Pobre road to Denia, and Oliva Nova and Paichi in Moraira. Club de Golf Jávea Ctra. Jávea-Benitachell, Km 4.5 Tel: 96 579 2584 Fax 96 646 0554 golfenjá www.clubdegolfjá Mini-Golf Mini-Golf L´Arenal Av. Tamarits s/n Quo Vadis Mini-Golf C/. Cannes, 5 (Arenal) Tel: 96 646 3734 Good Neighbours’ Club Originally formed in 1989 to raise the £18,000 required to place 2 Heart Defibulator machines on Jávea Ambulances (another 1st in Spain for Jávea), still meets for lunch on the last Friday of each month, at 1.30pm in the Inn Between, Jávea Park. No need to book, but look forward to home cooking, fresh veg and lemon meringue pie. Grua It can mean the elevating platform on a delivery lorry, a crane, or - more likely - the lorry that takes your car away if it is parked illegally. Guardian Angels (See Single Parenting)

Gymnasia Academia Profigura Av. Lepanto, 2. (Port) Edif. Puerto Real, D-2. Tel/Fax: 96 579 5656 Karoon Pilates  Studio Jávea Av. Palmela, 31 (Town) Tel: 96 646 2235 609 678 433 www.karoonpilatesjá Planeta Fitness Plus C/. Azorín, 34 bajo Tel: 96 579 2699 620 26 29 66 Sparta Gym C/. Rennes, 2 bajo Tel: 96 646 3639 Xàbia Fitness Parque Reina Sofía, 3 Tel: 625 710 457 Centro de Yoga C/. Gijón, 1 Tel: 635 182 711 Hairdresser KRU  Avd del Pla 36 (opposite Lidl and Día) Tel: 96 646 3970 Harley Davidson & Bikers Tel: 617 275 016 Health All visitors from EU countries should bring their EHIC European Health Insurance Card - to obtain necessary emergency treatment in Jávea, without having to pay. UK Passport holders who receive a UK State pension are entitled to free reciprocal health care, if they produce proof of entitlement from Newcastle. Insalud Health Centre Appointments Tel: 96 642 8150 Port Clinic Tel: 96 646 0456 Private There are many medical practitioners in Jávea who specialise in the care of Extranjeros, whether for cash or payment by an Insurance Provider. Valencia Health Scheme Those not old enough to have

Page 11 free reciprocal health care, can apply to join Convenio de Asistencia Sanitaria a Pacientes Privados and pay 90 €uros a month for health cover equal to a Spaniard and without exclusion of preexisting conditions. The application form can be downloaded at then follow this route in the left-hand column: Ciudadania > Tarjeta Sanitaria > Convenio de Asistencia Sanitaria a Pacientes Privados > Modelo de Solicitud. The form should be completed with your Bank details, and sent with Copy of Passport (Photo page only) Original Padrón certificate Copy of your Residencia certificate Letter from Newcastle (Overseas Healthcare Team) +44 191 218 1999 by Certificado to: Dirección Territorial de la Conselleria de Sanidad C/. Girona, 26 03001 Alicante Health Treatment Flotation therapy is a new way to relax and restore health. Treatment Works Av del Pla Tel: 96 693 4513 Mov:693 482 906 Hospitals ‘New’ La Jara hospital Tel: 96 642 9090 Denia HELP provide a morning Interpreter service on weekdays when they can be contacted on 96 642 9346 ‘Old’ Pedrera now long term & elderly Tel: 96 557 9700 Highway Code Spain has a written Code, the codigo de la circulación, that can be bought at bookshops like Librería Papelería Puerto Jàvea in C/. Cristo del Mar, Jávea Port, and is profusely illustrated. Hog Roast Whether for a private function or a charity event, Sue Coley has her own kit, offering value and dependability. www.já

Page 12 Holiday Homes For owners wanting to rent and tourist seeking a quality place to relax and chill. Vacation Villas Christine Tel: 669 386 710 Holidays in Spain Inserso offers holidays for members of the Pensioner Clubs, that offer much better value than you could obtain elsewhere. Horse and Riding Centro Hípico Jávea Ctra. de Gata, 118 Tel: 650 057 539 www.hipicojá Hotels and Hostals Jávea has few Hotels. The Parador on the seafront is opposite Villa Naranjos, with Sol y Mar on the promenade to the Port, where Jávea Hotel and the Miramar are located. A list of Hostals can be obtained from Tourist Offices. Household Rubbish Pick-Up (See CESPA) Identity Numbers NIE and Residencia can be obtained from Denia, but most Jávea residents choose to apply in Teulada. (See Residencias) IKEA Shopping The nearest warehouse is in Murcia (though there have been talks about others in Valencia and Alicante) and flatpaxabia will take you to the warehouse, or collect and assemble items you purchase from the catalogue or online. Tel: 902 881 121 Insurance Following a bad experience with Groupama (many years ago) the majority of my policies (because the premiums are being kept low) are with Franco at Hermanos Chorro Ronda Sur 91 (Town) but Franco will meet you Tel: 670 745 330

Welcome to Paradise Legal Aid is available but we do not have details.

Interpreters Carmen Alesanco (knows the best tradesmen) Tel: 609 677 094 Jacqui Blaylock Tel: 61 61 62 324 Alma Dorndorf, Tel: 636 898 162 Jan Roylance Tel: 693 926 595 Sally Skelton Tel: 686 453 816 Invalidity/Disability Items can be bought from Mobility Direct, on the outside of Port Market, or hired from CopiShop, Dr. Fleming 2, Tel: 96 579 2649 Ironing Service Planchado 659 311 666 5€ per Kg - 5 Kg min. Free pick-up/drop Jávea Jávea Int. Magic Club Tel: 96 579 4570 627 046 897 Jávea Players Studio in calle Cronista Figueras Pacheco. Plays put on twice a year in GATA. Chairman Lyn Martin Tel: 96 597 7202 Mob: 618 892 103 Karting Karting Laguna Jávea C/. Cannes, 1 (Arenal) Tel: 622 886 876 www.kartingjá Labour International (See also Conservatives) Tel: 679 231 412 Lorraine 678 213 978 Malcolm Last Will (See Wills)

Lawyers Spaniards practicing Law in Spain are not permitted to describe themselves as Solicitors, unless they are members of the Law Society in the UK. The equivalent in Spain is an Abogado, and there is no shortage of competent lawyers who speak English. If your problem is complex, you need to seek a specialist: no good having a man who usually is involved with property transactions, if you want to win a child custody battle. Abogados have to be members of a Provincial College.

Ley de Costas See Blue Buckets Libraries The main library is in Carrer Mayor, 9 and is open on weekdays from 9am-2pm and 4pm 8pm. Saturdays 10am - 1pm. Tel: 96 569 3938 Housed within the Carrer Mayor premises is an International Library. The English section is open on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 10 am to 12 midday. There is a wide selection of books to lend at no cost. The English section is situated on the third floor of the library (there is a lift!) Contact Alma for further information, 96 646 3262 A new library is being constructed next to the Port Insalud, to replace the existing Reading Room in Av. Jaime 1, 14 Open on weekdays from 11am - 1.30pm and 4pm 8pm. Tel: 96 646 2652 Linedancing New Country Linedancers Beginners, Improvers and Advanced classes. Tel. 96 647 0632 Lions Clubs Ted Spencer and George Smith are credited with starting ‘Lions’ in Jávea and Moraira. Lions have the motto "We Serve - We Serve" and meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm (men only) at hotel ‘El Rodat’ in Jávea, close to Urbanizacion ‘El Tosalet’. On the 4th Thursday of each month at 7.30pm ladies and guests are welcome. Locksmith Carl Barclay Av. del Pla 116 Tel: 96 646 3712 Mov 659 853 645 Long-Lets (see also Property Rental) There is a good selection at Connect2Spain C/. Cristo del Mar 29 (Port) Tel: 96 646 0133

February 2012 Vacation Villas Christine Irving Tel: 669 386 710 Lotteries Spaniards seem to be born knowing every facet of the ‘Lottery’. A booklet containing up-to-date information, in English, can be obtained from KickStart, Arquitecto Urteaga Nº 8, in the Old Town or by phoning 96 646 2848. M.A.B.S. This is a self-help group for lives affected by cancer - be it as patient or carer. They offer literature and drivers for chemo or radiotherapy visits. A Jávea point of contact is Founder/President, Jacqui Phillips on 96 579 4083 or 686 305 006 Manaña The word has come to mean anything BUT tomorrow, tending to intimate a future occurrence, but not precicely when. Marina Alta Business Club Meeting in English held twice a week. Tel: 96 646 1913 Market Days Monday Denia Parcent La Nucia Tuesday Jalón Altea Wednesday Benitachell Ondara Teulada Thursday Jávea Pego Friday Denia (Bric-a) Gata de Gorgos Moraira Saturday Benissa Calpe Pedreguer Ondara Rastros (Car boot sales) Wednesday Calpe Friday Denia Saturday Vergel Jalón Els Poblets Sunday Teulada Pedreguer Vergel Kaluga (Saturdays only) (100m south of Mas y Mas on other side of the road, on the seafront Tel: 679 121 535

February 2012 Marriage and Weddings Residents who have been enpadronado for 2 years can apply to marry in Spain, but will need Long birth certificate Any marriage, divorce or death certificate relating to any former spouse translated into Spanish by a Juridical Translator that costs 90 €uros per page. Banns must be exhibited at the British Consulate (who can undertake the translations). All documents can be submitted via the Juzgado de Paz to the Judge in Denia. Many couples choose to travel to the UK or Gibraltar for a Civil ceremony, and then invite guests to their “Wedding in Spain”. Pastor Clive Read is authorised to conduct both Civil Weddings and Religious Blessings. Tel: 96 646 2848 Moped Rental Apache Spain Next to Sabadell Solbank Tel: 96 579 0324 Mosquito Mosquitos breed wherever there is stagnant water, even a half-full oil drum with water in it, will bring a constant stream of hungry insects to those whose blood smells attractive. Fitting fly screens on windows, buying an ultraviolet light, or small electrical contraptions that burn pastilles, will all deter these blood-sucking creatures. Motor Repairs Talleres Thiviers Mechanical and general repairs, Air Conditioning, Pre-ITV advice. Jaime Mata Cardona C/. Arquitecto Urteaga, 23 Tel. 96 579 0923 AutoVito Mobile If your car is poorly, call us and our advice is free. If the solution is difficult we take your car to our workshop, 100m North of Barclays Bank. Aircon, computer diagnostics and ITV pre-test specialists. English, German and Spanish understood. Tel: 646 115 473

Welcome PistonBroke Motors Richard is described as Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy, Capable and Non rip-off motor mechanic. Tel: 96 646 1571 (Emma may answer the phone.) Mov: 696 052 662 MOT tests (ITV) Cars need to be tested once they are 4 years old. “Mixta’ vehicles - like minibus - have to be tested at 2 years. The nearest permanent station is in Ondara, and a mobile station visits Jávea twice a year. The concessionaire is Circuit ITV Phone appointments from 902 108 368 who text back to your mobile phone, so you can prove you have one. Motorways Tolls are levied by AUMAR for use of the AP-7 from the French border in the North to Alicante in the South. If travelling North, join the Autopista at Ondara, and at Benissa if travelling South. Multas (Fines) are imposed for all types of infringements: Taking your dog on the beach Opening after hours if a bar Having music too loud Driving too fast Parking where you shouldn’t Town Planning offences You can often get quite substantial discounts for prompt payment. Municipal Auditorium Jávea doesn’t have one, though many expected the plot of the ‘old’ Casa de Cultura to increase in size, so a 300-seater could be provided, on land that was far too small. I am told that the land to the West of the town Insalud and Music Conservatory is ‘ear-marked’ for the project. Museum The museum originated in 1969 following the creation of a small collection of historical and ethnographic items gathered by youths led by J. B. Soler and J. Celdrán. A few years later, these materials occupied an office of Justice of the Peace and, in 1973 the chapel of St. Anne. In 1975,

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the City acquired through the efforts of J. Soler Blasco (then Mayor of Jávea) the old palace house of Antoni Banyuls, which since 1977, has housed the current permanent collection. It was in recognition of the main promoter and first director, Juan Bautista Soler Blasco, that the corporation gave the Museum his name. Since 1985 the Curator has been a local archaeologist who manages and advises technically. Alongside the permanent exhibition rooms are other services: library (with almost four thousand volumes), archeology and ethnography storage and a small restoration laboratory. Excavations and other tasks of prospecting, listing and protection of the rich historical and ethnographic Jávea continue and are disseminated through exhibitions and Museum publications. Tel: 96 579 1098

Nursing Care Rapport Nursing offer care in the Jávea area. Tel: 96 579 3980 689 613 787

Music Institute The Conservatory is located in C / Rafael Echagüe, 5, next to the Health Centre (in the old town), where students can study music to elementary and intermediate level. There is underground parking close by.

Opticians There are many private and franchise businesses, but a competent English-speaking service is provided by Specsavers Av. del Pla 125 Ed. Caribe Locale 6 Tel: 96 646 3420 Fax: 96 646 2928

Nature Reserves The Montgo Natural Park is a protected area. Netball Club Meets in L’Ancora Playa, Wednesday 8.00 - 9.30pm Tel. 96 647 2169 660 782 165 Notary Notaries are the elite of lawyers in Spain. Unlike lawyers, their advice is free of charge: they only charge for creating a document and witness its signing. There are two Notaries in the Notaria at Historiador Chabas, 1, 1º in Jávea Town: D. Antonio Jiménez Clar D. Luis Aparicio Marban Tel: 96 646 2631 96 579 0512 There is a Notaria in the Arenal area at Av. del Pla 128, in Centro Comercial IV, 1ª, provided by: D. Juan Luis Millet Sancho. Tel: 96 646 3353

Ombudsman The Valencia Government has an Ombudsman to guard the rights and liberties of residents. Nationally there is a Defensor de Pueblo. O.N.C.E. The Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles is the largest organisation aiding blind people, but employs agents with any of the disabilities. You’ll see kiosks, from where they sell their lottery tickets, and itinerant sellers visit most bars, on a regular basis. KickStart, who produce this publication, have published a guide to Spanish lotteries, that was written by Terry Harris. Phone 96 646 2848 for your copy.

Ostomastes of Spain Founder President, Cynthia, lives in Jávea. Tel. 96 646 0063 Padrón Municipal (See Electoral Roll) Paintball Paintball Xàbia C/. Bruselas 205 (opposite the Arenal school) Tel: 609 Painter and Dcorator Pinturas Ortolá Tel: 609 677 094 (Eng) Palm Weevil (Picudo Rojo) If you have - or see - an infected Palm, report its location and the owner’s details if you know it, to the Agricultural Rep in the O@C office in Av. Amanecer 2, who want the plague controlled, and have information available.

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From/to UK. Spain or wherever Cheapa Parcels

3-4 days Spain/UK Door 2 Door Collection/Delivery Overnight service in Spain

669 386 702

Welcome year or more, will contribute towards your Pension from the last country in which you were employed. The Spanish pension is close to DOUBLE the standard UK pension, but there are 14 payments each year: with double payment in June and November.

Party Services and Catering C & P Enterprises Party. Event and Location, caterer Tel: Catherine 686 773 442

Pensioners’ Clubs Port Tel: 96 646 2304 Jubilados Duanes de Mar

Party Travel 9-seater available with driver for airport runs, golf trips. Ikea and Primark, party, hen and stag nights. 24h service. In Time Movements Tel: 661 771 062 (Nicola)

Pets - Dogs APASA Following on the independent work of Marjorie DarcyStephens and Beryl ‘Serena’ Stanyer’s Animal Sanctuary, a new APASA Association was created to have responsibility for the Municipal Dog Pound, when the disgraceful facilities close to the river bed became more widely known. APASA receives a grant from the Town Hall but depends on volunteer help and money. It has a ‘charity shop’ on the Ctra. Cabo de la Nao.

Passports (British) Since September 2011, Spain does not renew or issue UK Passports. Applications from UK citizens resident in Spain must be sent to: UK Processing Centre Consulate-General Torre Espacio P de la Castellana 259D 28046 Madrid The current price for a 32 page Adults Passport is 160€ and 102€ for a child, plus 25€ courier fee for bringing the printed Passport from the UK to your address in Spain. Payment can only be made by Credit or Debit card. Forms and information from: Allow a minimum of 4 weeks from the date the fee is taken from your account for delivery of your Passport. Any original documents sent to Madrid will be returned by Madrid, when they forward your application to London for printing. Free Passports Those born prior to 2nd September 1929 are entitled to a FREE UK Passport, that takes a minimum of 10 weeks to be processed. Passports can be renewed up to 9 months prior to their date of expiry. Pensions Foreign workers in Spain used to have to work 15 years to get a Spanish State Pension, but recent changes mean that any payments of a

Town Tel: 96 579 2389 Jubilados Amanecer

Grooming Peluqueria Canine J.P Jávea Park, Local 10B (To the right of Mr. Punch) Tel: 686 419 049 Paws ‘N’ Claws Tel: 96 647 2490 Mob 658 887 545 contact@pawsnclawsjá Pet Transport TravelDog local agent Julio Roldán Jiménez (English speaking) Mov 661 474 785 Cats Jávea Feral Cat Assn. Established as legal charity in August 2009, but with long history reducing the number. Operates a Trap-NeuterReturn programme, catching feral cats in automatic traps, takes them to the vet for neutering and then return them to where they were found. Traps loaned to anyone who needs to get feral garden cats neutered and the operation can often be at a reduced cost. Blood tests so that no diseased cat is returned to the feral cat

to Paradise community. Always looking for homes for kittens. Relies for financial help on the public as receives no money from the ayuntamiento. In 2 years, they have caught over 600 cats! www.já liz@já Vets There are many ‘vets’ in Jávea. The Municipal vet, through whom the Town Hall offers vaccinations against Leishmaniosis, is José Luis Genoves Garcia Principe de Asturias. 11 03730 Jávea Town Tel: 96 646 1717 Other veterinary practices include: Clinica Veterinaria Arenal Carretera Cabo La Nao Pla. 03738 Jávea Tel: 96 579 4560 Clinica Veterinaria Asis Av Amanecer España. 15 03730 Jávea Tel: 96 579 1969 Centro Veterinario La Nao Av Amanecer de España, 37 03730 Jávea Town Tel: 96 579 6862 Garcia Aguilera M. C. Los Fueros. 10 03730 Jávea Tel: 96 579 3551 Minina & Kanina Almirante Bastarreche, 14 Jávea Port www.veterinario-já Clinic and HOME VISITS Tel: 96 579 1751 609 563 088 24h service Centre veterinari PETITONS Av.Jaume1, 25, Els Poblets Tel: 96 647 5469 24h: 630 177 395 Fleas Fleas are commonplace and Frontline can usually prevent their breeding. Ticks - Garapatas Ticks can be small and black, or larger and grey/green in colour. They feed on an animal’s blood, much like the Mosquito with humans. Leishmaniasis This ‘notifiable’ disease is caused when a healthy dog is bitten by an infected sand fly. Stop Press: The municipal vet, José Luis Genoves, announced on 24th January that he can offer a vaccination to protect from this disease.

February 2012 Vaccinations Vaccinations give your pet the best chance of a long and healthy life. The Town Hall offers vaccination against rabies. Pet Passport Pets now have the same right of relocation within the EU as humans. There is a delay of 6 months with vaccinations and blood tests to prove the animal is not a danger in another location. Pine Trees Pollen from pine trees will be a major problem to anyone suffering from hay fever, from as early as March, each year. Needles & Caterpillars The strange ‘pear-shaped’ bags hanging from pine trees that look as though they have been created by over-active spiders, are the day-time resting place of caterpillars that graze on pine needles at night. The adult, as a moth, lays around 300 eggs in August that hatch a month later. When fully grown, the Caterpillars can be seen in a procession, as if holding each other’s tail with their own head, and have a poisonous protein on every hair of their body, as they search - usually during March - for soft soil in which to pupate. Contact with human skin can produce extreme redness and swelling and any pet which disturbs a procession should be immediately taken to a Vet. It is said, that by removing pine tree branches below 3 metres (but DO NOT cut them where there are baskets of these enemies) protects the tree because the feeble female moth cannot fly that high. Plumber Paul McKimm Tel: 696 598 019 Plus Valia is the Tax levied by the Town Hall, based on the increase in value of your property whilst in your ownership, when you sell. An estimate of the amount due can be obtained from the Town Hall Tax Dept.

February 2012 Police There are four distinct Police forces National with responsibility for foreigners and matters of Security. Valencia who are responsible for enforcing Laws passed by the regional Government. Civil Guard Guardia Civil who are responsible for prosecuting crime, supervising driving and drivers, and Denuncias. Municipal are responsible for safety and traffic movement on Jávea roads. Pool Tile Replacement No need to empty the water, specialist diver fixes pool problems. Colin Ackerman Tel: 96 558 1921 Mov: 655 318 617 Poo test (rectal/colon cancer) The local Insalud operates an early-warning diagnosis for rectal or colon tumours. Your doctor will arrange for you to receive ‘test kit’ by post, if you are between 54 and 70 years of age. It is easier than

Welcome to Paradise earlier tests, but like Mrs. Beaton pointed out “first catch your sample!” The easiest method is to place a plate of some kind in the toilet pan, between the seat and the water. This is a translation of the instructions to obtain a sample (from your sample) for the Insalud to test. 1) Unscrew and remove the green cap of the tube they send you. Fill in the label with the information requested: Name, Age, Sex and Date. 2) Insert the strip into the sample several times, moving it horizontally and vertically 3) Insert the strip into the sample bottle. Close the lid and shake vigorously. Take the sample to the Insalud as soon as possible. If there is a delay, store the container in the refrigerator (2 - 10 º C). The purpose of the test is to detect the presence of blood, which is a common symptom of various pathologies. You no longer need follow any kind of diet before the test.

Do not take the test during menstruation dates or if you are a patient with bleeding hemorrhoids. Avoid the stool becoming contaminated with urine. If the liquid comes into contact with eyes, mouth or skin, wash the area with water and seek medical treatment if necessary. Postal Service Correos has the monopoly for carrying letters in Spain. Their main office is in Plaza Marina Alta, at the highest point in the Old Town. Stamps are also sold in TABACS. Postmen only deliver to certain areas on certain days and insist that outlying houses provide community boxes where letters for 50 or more homes can be placed by the postman, for the owner to collect. If a letter that needs a signature arrives, the postman will leave an Aviso in the ‘buzón’ for you to collect from the Correos office within 15 days. If you do NOT have a ‘buzón’ the postman will likely leave an Aviso under a

Page 15 stone near your house, in expectation that you will find it! Postage rates Spain: up to 20g 0,36€ oversize up to 20g 0,51€ up to 50g 0,51€ up to 100g 0,85€ Europe: up to 20g 0,70€ oversize up to 20g 1,35€ 1,35€ up to 50g up to 100g 2,10€ Rest: up to 20g 0,85€ oversize up to 20g 1,75€ up to 50g 1,75€ up to 100g 2,95€ Postcodes Most towns have a single Postcode: Jávea has 4 but Correos discourage their use, and claim it is better to use 03730 (where 50% will be wrong) rather than the code for your area, which ‘some’ will get wrong. Adsubia 03739 Alborada 03739 Arenal 03738 Cala Blanca, Urb 03738 Cap Martín 03738 Capsades 03739 Catarroja Partida 03737 Cerezos, Los 03739 Colomer 03737 Costa Nova, Urb 03738 Ermita, Urb 03737

Delivered to your home - at no extra charge

To order YOUR magazine, go to

Message contact point: 96 646 2848

Page 16 Eurocondal, Urb. 03737 Fontanella 03737 Frechinall 03738 Granadella, La 03738 Lluca 03739 Mandarina, La 03739 Media Luna 03738 Montgó 03737 Montgó Carrasquetes 03737 Montgó Toscamar 03737 Panorama, Urb 03738 Pinosol 03739 Portichol 03738 Rebaldi 03739 Rimontgó 03737 03737 Seniola Tarraulla 03739 Tesoro Park 03739 Tosalet, Urb. 03739 Tosals 03737 Toscal 03738 Trencall 03738 Valls 03737 Valls Carrasquetes VA-CA 03737 Valls Planets VA-PN 03737 Valls Tosal VA-TS 03737 Everywhere else 03730 Property David Searle’s ‘You and the Law in Spain’ or the annual guide issued by Blevins Frank with offices opposite the Port Market at the Dolphin roundabout, are worth consulting. Property Registry Jávea’s Property Registry is located in Historia Chaba, 6, on the 1st floor, opposite the town Notaria. Benitachell properties are also registered there. The office maintains the Public Register of property ownership and any liens associated with it. The office collects the “Property Transfer Tax” on each transaction. Following registration, the ‘Escritura’ will be returned to you, as proof of your compliance. You are encouraged to request a ‘Nota Simple’ each year, it costs less than 5€, to satisfy yourself that there are no liens of which you were unaware. It is possible (though unwise) to avoid payment of the Property Transfer Tax, by delaying the submission of the Escritura at the Property Registry for more than 66 months, by which time the right of the Government to claim the Tax is ‘Proscribed’. Should the Vendor die or

Welcome incur debts worth litigation, your property could be seized by those to whom they owed money. Tel: 96 579 2319 96 579 3339 Fax: 96 579 4906 eMail: oljá Property Help Vacation Villas have been helping potential renters and buyers with impartial advice for more than 12 years, creating the need for quality homes that suit others. A registered, official business with high street office and bags of advice and experience - yours for the asking. We also offer properties for sale - and sell ‘em. Existing clients are the best recommendation. Tel: 669 386 710 (Christine) Public Safety Municipal Police Plaza de la Constitucion, 6 Tel: 96 579 0081 96 579 1323 Fax: 96 646 1606 Police (emergency) 092 Emergency Service 112 Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) Avenida del Furs in the Port Tel: 96 579 1085 Civil Protection C / Sanchis Guarner, 13 Tel: 648 015 256 Recycling Jávea is at the forefront of recycling that prevents the need to bury Jávea’s waste on the outskirts of Alicante city, after being amalgamated with rubbish from other Marina Alta communities in a facility on the outskirts of La Xara. There are local collection areas “Punto Verde” at: Adsubia Sol de Este access road Jesus Pobre Road Pinosol/Pinomar Rafalet An EcoPark has been created (between the Desalination Plant and APASA Dog Pound) on Cami del Sorts, where items are separated but access is restricted to those on the Padrón. To use the EcoPark you need to take proof of inscription on the Padrón (to

to Paradise stop out-of-town builders from dumping their rubbish there) for your first visit, to log you on to the Computer. Removals I can speak from many years experience of the services provided by the following: Dorre Bonner Bath (our UK partner for bringing Unit 21, Leafield Way CORSHAM SN13 9SW Tel: 01225 811 992 Nikki Fice Cooper Removals Tel: 96 573 1024 Fastrack Removals Tel: 96 626 6000 Mob: 629 351 266 UK: 0845 805 5298 Man with a Van (Dave) 20€ an hour Tel: 96 647 4898 Mov: 627 828 124 Renta-A-Vicar You may not need one 24/7 but there are occasions, like weddings, funerals and other unexpected occasions, when you feel the need - but don’t know how to go about it. Divine Services will provide, at the shortest of notice, an ordained man whose only concern is understanding what you thunk you need, and then surpassing your wildest expectations. Fixed fees - but always open to negotiation. Tel: 96 646 2848 Mov: 669 386 702 Renting Property Any ‘rental’ other than that classed as for ‘Tourism’ - no longer than 90 days can, if the tenant has a mind to do so, be extended for 5 years. Some owners granted 11month tenancies, even insisting that the property is vacated in the morning, before being re-occupied after lunch, for a fresh 11-month term, but this arrangement is NOT excluded from being extended for 5 years by a tenant with the intention to stay.

February 2012 Residencia Anyone coming to Spain for a holiday can visit for 90 days. Those who intend to stay for MORE than 90 days, are OBLIGED - as soon after they arrive as convenient - to apply for a Residencia. You need a Certificate from the Padrón desk at the Citizen’s Office C/ Amanacer 2, and the original and photocopy of your Passport, which need to be taken to Denia (our regional centre for Government) but most people take their documents to Teulada, which is far less busy. Those using Teulada should go to the Town Hall, obtaining a numbered ticket from the machine, on the left, inside the front doors. When your turn arrives, take your documents to the vacant desk. Your documents will be checked and you will be given a return appointment. When you return, follow the Ticket procedure, and you will be given a form to take to the nearby bank and pay the fee. When you come back, hover by the desk, and you will be given your Residencia regarded as a worthless piece of paper, but you will have complied with the Law! Residencial Care The Valencia Government provides care for the elderly unheard of 30 years ago. The Asilo Cholbi home, located between the Port and Town, receives funding from the regional government’s Bono scheme. Avenida Puerto, 6, Tel: 96 579 1080 Bon Repos is a privately owned facility in Calle Cantallops 31, that would be the continuation of the Benitachell road, if it continued across the CV-734 between Gata and Jávea, at the Ferrobox roundabout. Telephone: 96 579 0242 Customer Service: 688 883 155 CARING CARER In your home or when you shop or visit hospital or doctor. VERY

caring nature. UK level 3 NVQ in Health and Social care.

635 836 501 (Eileen)

February 2012 There are a number of qualified nurses who offer convalescent care in their own homes, or supply carers to call - or live-in - as needed. Restaurant Delivery Restaurants To You will take your order, place it with the restaurant of your choice, collect and deliver to you, for a fee of between 6 and 8 Euros depending on where your property is located. They collect from: Acqua Steakhouse Carnaval Int. Mexican Indian Palace Indian Jalousie Cocktail Bar La Boheme Tapas/Fish & Meat Monsoon Thai Shang-Hai Chinese Tel: 96 646 3365 676 066 491 www.já Roadside Assistance The RACC is an Association of drivers, like the RAC or AA, but most Spanish insurers include breakdown recovery in their policy. Roasted Chicken A couple of popular suppliers are Asador de Pollos Av. Jaime 1º in the Port Tel: 96 579 0075 La Casa de Pollo Av del Pla, 79 Tel: 96 646 2643 Open from 7pm weekdays and 12 till 3pm Sunday. 1/2 Chicken - €7.50 Full Rack of Ribs - €12.00 Combo (1/2 chicken and 1/2 rack of ribs) - €15.00 Rotary International Club Meets at Hotel El Rodat, C / Murcia 9, 03739 on a Tuesday at 9pm. Tel: 609 248 655 Royal Air Force Association Meets on the second Monday of every month at Restaurant Los Arcos, on the N-332 at Pedreguer. There is a social gathering from 11am, with the meeting at 12 noon, followed by lunch at 1pm. Tel: 96 642 7673

Welcome to Paradise Royal British Legion Jávea Branch meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, in Scallops Restaurant at 11.00am. No need to be ex-service to join, so pop along and enjoy the social events. Everyone welcome. Tel: 96 579 0123 Samaritans Local volunteers provide an evening listening service on 902 883 535. Satellite TV Clive Read installed the first satellite dish in Spain at CA56 in November of 1985 and then installed units for many owners - mostly in Jávea or Torrevieja - where a 2.4m dish, costing £2400, brought only CNN and ONE film channel, Premier Movies. All these years later, and despite cable and repeater services, many owners still need to have their own kit. Among the installers who have been around for long enough to have gained a vast knowledge, are Richard Pollock Tel: 670 362 395 Bill Pole (Connexions) Tel: 660 638 975 www.connexions-já Mike Wort Tel: 696 071 575 Schools and Education Schooling is a pivot point for many families, when considering relocating. Those who can afford to do so (and that includes many Spanish families) choose an International education for their children. Xabia International College has both Junior and Senior premises on the Ctra. Cabo de la Nao and a Kindergarten facility at Costa Nova. Lady Elizabeth School was founded in Jávea by Veronica Barnes, but has now relocated to Benitachell and Lliber.

ENGLISH CLASSES designed for English children studying in Spanish schools lGroups 2 or 3 at similar level lAged 5 to 10 lTaught to British National Curriculum standards lOnce or twice a week lFun methods used lNo books or Equipment to buy lSpecial needs catered for lMaths, too, if required lIntensive course available for children returning to UK Telephone Veronica on 96 579 0576 or 659 975 781

If there is the possibility of the family returning to the UK permanently before schooling is complete, private education is often preferable, because it follows the UK curriculum (more or less) On the other hand, if you and your children intend to spend the rest of your lives in Spain, best to get immersed as soon as you can, with - free education in a state-funded school. Some schools in Jávea used to teach every subject in Valenciano, creating double difficulties for children not born here. I am told that parents now have the option to choose a school that does not teach in Valenciano, if they think it would harm their child’s education. Sharers and Carers Established to enable those needing help, to identify others who can provide it. Can be long-term, to prevent the need for someone to leave Spain, or short-term for a single task or two. Sharers may have lost a partner or become more frail or less agile, and carers are those that offer services for a reasonable rate, or in exchange for accommodation. Sheltered Retirement Caring for elderly family is no longer seen as an honour of children and their children, and accommodation for the elderly is a growth industry. Valencia Government has a Bono - voucher - scheme that provides or subsidises care of the elderly, and is another reason why everyone who lives here should register on the Padrón in case they

Page 17 need home help or residencial care in the future. Shoe Repairs “Coblers” say they have moved to premises next to “Try Again” bar at the Arenal roundabout. Tel: 608 707 208 (Steve) 603 131 213 (Alex) Shooting and Gun Use Campo de Tiro  San Jerónimo Ctra. de Denia, 50 Single Parenting ‘Guardian Angels’ supports single parents and is always looking for sponsors. Tricia Barr is the President. Tel: 96 645 5524 622 795 542 Spa El Rodat Hotel ‘El Rodat’. C/ La Murciana, 9 Tel: 96 647 0710 96 647 07 11 Fax 96 647 1550 Spanish Church In addition to the Catholic churches mentioned on page 4, a vibrant and outgoing Evangelical Church has been our evangelistic partner to Spanish-speaking people in Jávea for 10 or more years. ‘El Faro’ Baptist Church Calle Génova 31, bajo (1 road inland between Port and the Parador) Tel: 692 248 755 Spanish Lessons Castillian Spanish is both ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ - ‘easy’ because every letter has a sound and there are very few ‘silent’ letters, and “hard” for Brits who, not having learned English grammar, find it ‘impossible’ to learn a latinbased language with with genders and tenses. In the past, Jávea Townhall has organised Spanish lessons but as teachers rarely spoke English, there were no explanations. Conversational Spanish lessons are arranged by The Language Academy Carmen Alesanco Tel: 609 677 094 Alma Dorndorf Tel: 636 898 162

Page 18 Valencian Jávea Townhall also arranges lessons in Valencian. Sport Cricket Cricket came to Spain via Jávea, who won the national trophy and were promised a new ground when their existing ground was turned into a Football pitch. With no place to play in Jávea, they were welcomed in Alfaz and became: Cricket-Sporting Alfas C.C. and play at Albir, between Altea and Benidorm. Football CD Jávea play at Campo d'Esports in Cami Moli Safranera, in Frechinal. See website for fixtures www.já Rugby Xabia Rugby Club play at Campo d'Esports in Cami Moli Safranera, in Frechinal. Contact Tel: 688 640 092 www.já La Vila Rugby (Spanish champions and play in Amlin Challenge Cup in 2011-12 season) Av Mediterraneo 25, 03570 Villajoyosa, near Benidorm. Contact Tel: 96 589 0376 Stage schools Sue Millington Stamps (for letters) Postage stamps are becoming increasingly rare, as Correos have adopted the practice of taking your money and ‘postmarking’ your letter or parcel indicating the fee has been received. You can invest in the likelihood of inflation by buying “A” value stamps (like a First Class Stamp) and using them when the rate has increased. New postage rates are introduced on 2nd January, each year. Postage stamps are sold at TABACS (tobacconists). Adhesive stamps are still produced for special events, and Philately is a hobby followed by many.

Welcome Jávea Philately Society used to meet at Marples Bar, on the corner of Calle Paris, in the Arenal, but now meets at Dedyl’s Bar (next door) on the 2nd and 4th Monday (but NOT in the Summer) at 10am Tel: 96 579 5499 (Derek) SubAqua/Dive Schools Cabo la Nao School Jávea Park, 71 Tel: 609 672 856 (Rafa) Hammersea Jávea Portixol, 8 (300m south of Barclays) Tel: 96 647 3131 Dive Master Paul McKimm Tel: 696 598 019 Tapas Every bar offers ‘Tapas’ - all different, and each believing that theirs offer the best value in cost and taste. Taxi Taxis are licensed by the Council and ‘mini-cabs’ are not authorised. There are taxi ranks in the Town and Port (which constantly seem to be in different locations) and the Radio Taxi service can be reached on 96 579 3224 AutoTaxi: 96 646 0404 Port Rank: 96 579 1015 Town Rank: 96 579 1060 Some (like EuroTaxi) Tel: 633 400 044 reservas@eurotaxijá are equipped to carry passengers in wheelchairs. Telephones Fixed Telefonica/Movistar is the only installer of fixed lines in Jávea, but once the line is installed, you have the right to change to be invoiced by another provider. ADSL (Banda Ancha) speed depends on your distance from the ‘Exchange’ and the quality of line in your area. Most ADSL providers include unlimited calls to fixed lines in Spain in their monthly fee. Mobile All the main providers have offices in Jávea.

to Paradise Movistar: Pio X in the Port and Ctra Pla 126, Arenal and Av. Principe de Asturias in the Town Orange: Av Lepanto 19 in the Port. Vodafone: Av Lepanto 17 in the Port PhoneHouse Av. del Furs, 7 (Port) 10am-2pm, 5 - 8.30pm. Saturday 10am - 2pm Tel: 96 646 1496 Wireless The first provider of wireless connection to the phone network was ‘Telitec’ who have offices in Moraira and provide their service using a microwave aerial on your premises, fed from their mast at Cumbre del Sol. They offer a variety of ‘packs’ depending on the services you need and with internet - the speed you say you need. Tel: 902 889 070 (Neil Harrodine) 96 574 3473 Tennis Club de Tenis Xàbia Ctra. Cabo la Nao – Pla 118 Tel / Fax: 96 579 0289 clubtenisjávea @clubtenisjá www.clubtenisjá Club de Tenis Los Pinos Ctra. Cabo la Nao, Urb. Balcón al Mar. Tel: 96 647 2529 96 647 0309 Fax 96 647 0226 Club de Tenis L´Ancora Av. de París s/n. (Arenal) Tel: 689 463 207 Toscamar Tennis Friends Mondays and Wednesdays, 10am - 12noon. Tel: 96 649 3900 TILER Mike Whittock Professionally Trained Full bathroom reform specialist and more. Totally legal. Traditional Tradesman at the right price. Tel: 697 441 979

February 2012 Tool and Equipment Hire Most Brits in Jávea rent from ‘Cabo Casse, s.l.’ whose warehouse is the last on the left, in C/. Liverpool, opposite the Moli Blanc. They sell a large range of DIY and tradesmen’s tools and Javi is happy to converse in English. Tel/Fax: 96 579 2502 Tourism - Jávea’s ‘Industry’ Jávea’s main ‘industries’ have been Construction and Tourism, but income from both has been drastically reduced since 2009. The infamous LRAU ‘Land Grab Law’ by which a stranger could ‘gain the right to build’ on land they did not own, and charge the owner part of the cost for a new infrastructure, without any opportunity of sharing in any profits, has deterred many buyers. The LRAU was reated to prevent a landowner from frustrating ‘Community Projects’ - like a school, hospital or community centre - but was used by corrupt developers and Townhalls to allow luxury homes to be built on stolen land, claiming that ‘high class homes’ were good for the community. Attempts to overthrow the Law by AbusosNo have been unsuccessful, an EU Court recently deciding the practice was NOT unlawful. Spain does not recognise the function of a District Valuer who would stipulate the value of the land involved.

ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE Telephone providers want you to buy a package of ‘free’ calls for a fixed sum each month, because THEY KNOW you’ll NOT be making all the calls you’re paying for.

501 With you pay ONLY for what you use. 14 minutes to UK for a Euro, with NO connection charge and NO minimum. Saving money for Jávea people since 1999. Simple sign-up at or call

96 646 2848

4 same day connection

February 2012 Tourist Offices Plaza Iglesia in the Town Tel: 96 579 4356 Cabo de la Nao, Arenal Tel: 96 646 0605 Almirante Bastarreche in the Port Tel: 96 579 0736 Town Hall (Council offices) If Jávea has a restaurant or bar for every day of the year, the Council seemed to have an office for every day of the month, and a total lack of cohesion. The new team governing Jávea have created a “OneStop-Shop” above Portal El Clot parking, where most Town Hall departments are represented by a person at a desk, and the ‘Help Desk’ is on hand to provide language assistance to those who need it. Tel: 96 579 0500 Xtn. 1316 New Council Offices were created as part of the El Clot parking scheme, but remain unoccupied. The Council is looking for a buyer and tenant to recoup costs and cover upkeep, having decided to stay in the existing and scattered locations (that is good for town businesses). Town Plan Every town is obliged to have a “Strategic Plan” which states what can - and cannot happen in different zones. It is normally revised at 10-yearly intervals, but the content is bitterly controversial, and its preparation and approval can often take 6 or 7 years. Jávea’s new Plan is overdue. Trains Connection to Spain’s national rail network is via Valencia, with Gandia being the closest station. Most travellers from Jávea join the train at its first stop, Xeraco, which is close to the AP-7 motorway exit, and has ample free parking. There is often talk of reopening the former link from Gandia to Denia that was closed in a ‘Beeching’ exercise, but the project has never received central government funding.

Welcome to Paradise camión from the Municipal Police, and return the completed form to them, accompanied by: a) NIF/Residencia of the applicant, b) Street plan showing where FGV you want the prohibition, The Valencia Government c) Insurance Certificate of the provides a coastal train service between Alicante and vehicle (remover’s lorry) Denia, but Gata de Gorgos (a d) Certificate of Insurance 7Km drive away) is the cover for Civil Responsibility closest it comes to Jávea. of the chosen company Tel: 900 720 472 e) ITV of the vehicle f) Length, breadth and height of vehicle Traspaso g) Vehicle’s loaded weight. The granting - for a price to cover equipment and If you need a roll of red goodwill - charged for the use and white striped tape, it is of a restaurant or bar. It can available for around 4€ - a be requested by the property similar price to the permit owner or the previous tenant. from Cabo Casse hire shop, in C/. Liverpool, opposite the Tyre Replacement/Repair Moli Blanc. Euro Tyre There is a high-speed AVE connection from Valencia to Madrid (93 minutes) and a connecting bus from Jávea and Denia.

(rear of Repsol gas station) Avda. del Pla, 86 Tel: 902 909 375 Mob: 655 998 482 eMail:

U3A The main purpose of the U3A is to encourage lifelong learning and friendship for those no longer in full time employment, by providing Educational, Recreational and Leisure Activities for its members. A useful point on initial contact is Peter Allin, the Vice-President: vice.president@u3ajá Monthly meetings are held at the Parador, but not in July or August. http://www.u3ajá Urbanisations Whether you live in a group of houses, or an apartment block, you are governed by rules, which must be obeyed. The Law relating to Horizontal Property applies in the absence of specific rules. Vado A ‘Vado’ is a plaque, issued by the Council, for an Annual fee, so that any citizen can protect the vehicle access from the street to their home or underground parking area. A ‘Temporary Vado’ can be obtained to ensure access for a removal van to park outside your property to load or unload. You need to obtain a Solicitud Ocupación via Pública con Grúas sobre

Valor Catastral This equates with ‘Rateable Value’ in the UK. It forms the basis for Jávea Townhall to calculate the IBI (Council Tax). Verbal Agreements These are binding in Spain as they are in most other countries. Vets (see Pets) Votes and Voting The first requirement to vote is joining the Padrón list of residents, for which the Town Hall receives around 200€ per person, per year. Once on the Padrón, residents need to apply to join the Censo Electoral to vote in local and European elections. If you are interested in looking at how the 2011 election worked, look at V.P.O’s. Special low-cost housing is created for low-income tenants. Vulnerable Elderly Those living on their own are encouraged to ‘buddy up’ with a nearby elderly person, both of whom phone each other at an agreed time each morning. One rings the other and lets it ring 3 or 4 times before closing the call. The other rings back, lets it ring 3

Page 19 or 4 times, and ends the call. Both know the other is alive and well. If the first or second call is not received - try again - and be prepared to phone whoever has the key to the non-responder’s property. Jávea Police will always assist if contacted on 96 579 0081. Jávea Social Services department, the Red Cross (Cruz Roja) and Amigos Europeas Ambulance Services, all provide special telephones with panic buttons on a necklace. Walking Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers Camino del Santiago Start in Jávea Port and go on to Jesus Pobre, Vergel, Pego etc. Ask Tourist Information offices for details. There are also local walks organised by the Town Hall. Details in the Culture Programme (page 9) or Tourist Information offices. Water Amjasa Drinking (See AMJASA) Desalination Plant For many years water in Jávea had an unacceptably high salt content. Wells were then purchased in the Jalón Valley area as everyone waited for surplus water from the River Ebro to be brought to the Costa Blanca. When the Socialists came to power in Madrid they cancelled the Ebro project, compensating contractors and again left Jávea with the prospect of salty water. Then Jávea councillor Ana Vasbinder is credited with bringing Jávea’s Desalination plant to fruition. Jávea’s new Government team are discussing water from the salination plant being made available to other towns, to generate income for Jávea. Visitors can tour the Desalination plant on a Wednesday.

Page 20 For pools Water from AMJASA can be used to fill your swimming pool, but the cost is quite high. Businesses like Jaime Espasa will deliver cheaper water in a bowser. Weather Rain Average rainfall (mm) Spain      Jávea Jan. 50 49 48 62 Feb. 51 March 55 44 125 April 47 109 May June 13 11 July 8 7 August 18 21 Sept. 39 67 Oct. 78 46 Nov. 60 117 Dec. 55 111 Temperature ºC Spain      Jávea Jan. 7 11 Feb. 7 11 March 11 14 April 13 15 May 16 18 June 22 24 July 24 25 August 24 26 Sept. 20 23 Oct. 16 20 Nov. 10 14 Dec. 7 11 Sunshine (average hours) Jávea Jan. 6 hours Feb. 6 March 7 April 8 May 9 June 10 July 11 August 9 Sept. 8 Oct. 7 Nov. 6 Dec. 5 Statistics Gota Fria Jávea is prone, in the Autumn, to torrential downpours caused by changes in water and air temperatures. So much rain falls that boats are torn from their moorings, roads washed-away and drivers in their cars washed out to sea. Forecastsávea.html weather/forecast/2432

Welcome to Paradise Websites of interest www.já www.já Jávea Connect Wedding Planner Much of my life revcolves around Sue Coley and her team at www.já So many things CAN go wrong, but with Sue at the helm, they will never affect the Bride’s special day. Weight Watchers C/. Arquitecto Urteaga 12 Wednesday 10.30am and 3.30 and 7.30pm. Susana B. Verdu Torrens Tel: 900 22 22 20 Wills In the UK you can write your own ‘Last Will and Testament’, have it signed by 2 witnesses, and it will govern what happens to your assets when you die. Spain is totally different. Only a Notary can create the public documents that contains your final wishes, retaining the original in his archives and sending notification to the Registry of Wills in Madrid. Abogados (lawyers) can advise on the wording where there are complications like previous marriages or illegitimate children, but you will have to pay the Notary fee, whether you have an Abogado or not. If your situation is not complicated - just spouse, car, house and legitimate children - the Notary can provide you with a template you complete as and where appropriate, so that all issues are included. The Original Notary's Office is in Historia Chabas, Nº 6 (I think). If you were to travel from the PORT towards the town, passing the Ctra. Cabo La Nao, on your left, and on to one-way traffic, at the junction where USED TO BE SOME TRAFFIC LIGHTS, (with Compters Xabia on your bottom left, and Amparo the Pharmicist top right, TURN LEFT and Historia Chabas is the FIRST little road on your RIGHT. Park anywhere you can find!!!!

The NEW Will supercedes and replaces any previous. The ORIGINAL is retained by the Notary, who provides you with a copy. The Notary is OBLIGATED to notify the Archive of Wills in Madrid (Registro Civil Central de Madrid - de Testamentos y Últimas Voluntades) of the name, and place and date of birth of everyone for whom he holds the original. When the Testator is deceased, on production of a copy of the entry of Death (in Denia Court in the case of Jávea) application can be made TO MADRID, stating the reason you want a copy, and asking where the latest document is held. On production of the authorisation from Madrid, the Notaria will provide you with a Certified Copy of the Original Document. Spanish Law stipulates the inheritance rights of a spouse and children, but allows a Brit to choose to leave their assets as they wish - even 100% to the cat or dog’s home - but family always have the right to contest the intentions of the Testator. Work Non-Spaniards - and especially those who are not fluent Spanish speakers - will find it VERY hard to get employment. Employers pay a punitive tax for employing staff, so there is a huge ‘black’ labour market where the government receives nothing in respect of Income Tax or Social Security, and the employee has no rights, health cover or pension to look forward to. Autonomo - self employed - is one option, but skills that were amply rewarded in the UK (PA to the MD) are worthless in Jávea, where villa-cleaning is all you might be offered. This is a huge generality, but DON’T listen to people who will promise you work if you relocate to Jávea - the chances are 99.9% against. XabiActual This is the title of a TV programme, created each month in English and Spanish by a team of volunteers.

February 2012 It can be viewed on ‘Swiss Cable’ - Channel 25 and rotates with other local information on a continuous loop. If you see the ‘XabiActual’ picture, but hear ‘Channel 5 Live’ sound, push the OPT button on the remote control for your ‘Swiss’ or ‘Key’ digibox, then the righthand arrow >, and OK to lock your choice into the digibox. If you (or a friend) has internet, but no access to ‘Swiss Cable’ but would like to see the programme each month an eMail to and we will send the ‘link’ as soon as we receive it - each month.

Know something we don’t Know? Then PLEASE take the time to write, phone or eMail and tell us what we’re missing, or what has changed and needs updating for the next issue. Welcome to Paradise KickStart Arquitecto Urteaga 8, baja 03730 Jávea (Alicante) Tel: 96 646 2848 (Msg) eMail: And Finally Very few foreigners get rich in Jávea, but the quality of life is hard to find elsewhere.

WELCOME TO PARADISE! We will remember them There is no feeling so bad as asking someone for news of their loved-one, only to hear that they recently passed into the here-after. To make this less likely, we give thanks for the life of: John Bennetts

We’re always pleased to MEAT you - at the BUTCHER’S BLOCK A family business serving the local community. Neil and Helen never compromise on quality. BBQ options for all budgets. Open 9.30-4.30 Tue-Fri. Saturday 9.30-2pm Closed Sunday and Monday Tel: 96 579 2676 100m north of Yorshire Linen

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5 Regrets by a nurse who looked after people in the last weeks of their lives, as reported in the Guardian. 1. I wish I'd had the courage existence and never became to live a life true to myself, who they were truly capable not the life others expected of becoming. Many of me. developed illnesses relating to "This was the most common the bitterness and resentment regret of all. When people they carried as a result." realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on 4. I wish I had stayed it, it is easy to see how many in touch with my friends. dreams have gone unfulfilled. "Often they would not truly Most people had not realise the full benefits of old honoured even a half of their friends until their dying dreams and had to die weeks and it was not always knowing that it was due to possible to track them down. choices they had made, or not Many had become so caught made. Health brings a up in their own lives that they freedom very few realise, had let golden friendships slip until they no longer have it." by over the years. There were many deep regrets about not 2. I wish I hadn't giving friendships the time worked so hard. and effort that they deserved. "This came from every male Everyone misses their friends patient that I nursed. They when they are dying." missed their children's youth and their partner's 5. I wish that I had let companionship. Women also myself be happier. spoke of this regret, but as "This is a surprisingly most were from an older common one. Many did not generation, many of the realise until the end that female patients had not been happiness is a choice. They breadwinners. All of the men had stayed stuck in old I nursed deeply regretted patterns and habits. The sospending so much of their called 'comfort' of familiarity lives on the treadmill of a overflowed into their work existence." emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change 3. I wish I'd had the courage had them pretending to to express my feelings. others, and to their selves, "Many people suppressed that they were content, when their feelings in order to keep deep within, they longed to peace with others. As a result, laugh properly and have they settled for a mediocre silliness in their life again."

Pepe Sapena, Geoff Lunn and Enrique Cholbi are a team without equal, sprung from mutual respect for the other's professionalism, resulting in a business offering to ALL nationalities, a NO obligation quotation on any of their extensive services: New construction of any type of dwelling: - Countryside houses - Town houses - Apartments - Terraces - Studios - Offices - Commercial premises - Industrial premises - Extensions - Swimming pools - Gardens General Renovations: - Inside conversions - Bathrooms - Kitchens - Brickwork - Plumbing - Tiling and rendering - Air-conditioning - Electrics - Heating Plastering - Locksmith - Fencing - Painting and decorating - Wood, aluminium and PVC carpentry, Etc Avda. Juan Carlos I, 50, 03730 Jávea (Alicante) Tel/Fax: 96 579 51 90 Geoff’s Mobile: 678 988 928

Page 21

The middle wife by an anonymous 2nd grade teacher but sent to us by Henry Lock I've been teaching now for about fifteen years and have two kids myself, but the best birth story I know is the one I saw in my own second grade classroom a few years back. When I was a kid, I loved show-and-tell. So I always have a few sessions with my students. It helps them get over shyness and usually, show-and-tell is pretty tame. Kids bring in pet turtles, model airplanes, pictures of fish they catch, stuff like that. And I never, ever place any boundaries or limitations on them. If they want to lug it in to school and talk about it, they're welcome. Well, one day this little girl, Erica, a very bright, very outgoing kid, takes her turn and waddles up to the front of the class with a pillow stuffed under her sweater. She holds up a snapshot of an infant. 'This is Luke, my baby brother, and I'm going to tell you about his birthday.' 'First, Mom and Dad made him as a symbol of their love, and then Dad put a seed in my Mom's stomach, and Luke grew in there. He ate for nine months through an umbrella cord.' She's standing there with her hands on the pillow, and I'm trying not to laugh and wishing I had my camcorder with me. The kids are watching her in amazement. 'Then, about two Saturdays ago, my Mom starts going, 'Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!' Erica puts a hand behind her back and groans. 'She walked around the house for, like an hour, 'Oh, oh, oh!' (Now this kid is doing a hysterical duck walk and groaning.) 'My Dad called the middle wife. She delivers babies, but she doesn't have a sign on the car like the Domino's man. They got my Mom to lie down in bed like this.' (Then Erica lies down with her back against the wall.)

'And then, pop! My Mom had this bag of water she kept in there in case he got thirsty, and it just blew up and spilled all over the bed, like psshhheew!' (This kid has her legs spread with her little hands miming water flowing away. It was too much!) 'Then the middle wife starts saying 'push, push,' and 'breathe, breathe. They started counting, but never even got past ten. Then, all of a sudden, out comes my brother. He was covered in yucky stuff that they all said it was from Mom's playcenter, so there must be a lot of toys inside there. When he got out, the middle wife spanked him for crawling up in there in the first place.' Then Erica stood up, took a big theatrical bow and returned to her seat. I'm sure I applauded the loudest. Ever since then, when it's Show-and-tell day, I bring my camcorder, just in case another 'Middle Wife' comes along. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken in compiling this information, no guarantee can be given of its accuracy. If errors are notified to us, they will be corrected in the next edition. If your club is not included, tell us and we will do our best to include it. If your company would like to support this initiative of Jávea Evangelical Church, with an advertisement, it can be included in response to a donation to help defray costs. Application has been made for a Déposito Legal to the authorities in Alicante. To find out more about us, there’s details and a map on page 5, or you can look at © Clive Read 2012

Environment  and Services Av. Amanecer, 2 (Town) Tel: 96 579 0500 3 (extension 1308) Tel: Refuse 900 102 149 Fax: 96 579 6970 Opening hours: 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday


Press and Communication Plaza de la Iglesia, 4 (Town)

Finance (Comptroller, Treasurer, Collection, Revenue) 2 C / Mayor, 15 (Town) Tel: 96 579 0500 Fax Revenue: 96 642 85 00 Fax Collection: 96 642 85 01 Treasury Fax: 96 642 85 01 Fax Operation 96 642 85 02 Open from 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday

Mayor's Office Plaza de la Iglesia, 4 (Town) Tel: 96 646 2795 1 Fax: 96 646 1719 Opening hours: 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday and from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesdays, by appointment



Women’s Legal Advice Centre Tel: 902 011 029

Postnatal Centre C/ Hermanos Gavilá Ferrer, 1-1º 03700 DÉNIA Tel: 96 642 5742

24 hour Women's Centre Tel. 900 580 888

FOREIGNERS’ DESK is the responsibility of Cllr. Oscar Anton, located in the “Citizen Attention Office” above Portal El Clot parking, in Av. Amanecer 2, open between 9am and 1.30pm, weekdays. Tel: 96 579 0500 Ext. 1316 Contact: 3

Tourist Centre Jávea Port A.P.A.S.A Asociación Protectora Pl. Almirante Bastarreche, 11 de Animales Tel: 96 579 0736 Cami de les Sort, s/n Fax: 96 579 6057 Tel. 96 578 6269 96 354 9878 Tourist info Jávea Arenal Ctra La Nao Pla Fire Brigade (Bomberos) Ctra. Denia-Ondara The Plaza Arenal beach Tel. 085 Tel: 96 646 0605 Fax: 96 579 6258 Balcon al Mar Volunteer Fire Brigade Apartado de correos, 601 Tel. 96 647 0368 Technical/Planning Office C/ d'Avall, 39 Social Centre, Social  Tel: 96 579 0500 Services, Psychologist 4 Fax: 96 579 0268 C/ Rafael Echagüe, 3 Open: 9am to 2pm Monday Tel: 96 579 1405 9 to Friday 96 579 4142 Fax. 96 579 4013 regidoria.urbanisme Correos   Plaza Marina Alta 10 MUNICIPAL WATER (AMJASA) Tel. 96 579 0053 Fax. 96 646 1051 Camino Cabañes, 88 Tel: 96 579 0162 Fax: 96 579 3881 Guardia Civil Open 9am to 1:30pm Av. dels Furs, 13 Monday through Friday Tel. 96 510 6823 There’s a desk in ‘clot’ Bldg. Fax. 96 510 6824 a-ppl-javea

Townhall Departments

Social Services, Equality  and Domestic Violence C / Rafael Echagüe, 3 Tel: 96 579 0500 96 579 4142 9 Fax: 96 579 4013 Open 9 am to 2 pm Monday-Friday regidoria.igualdad

Conservatory of  Music and Dance C/. Rafael Echagüe, 5 (Town) Youth Hotline Tel: 900 100 033 Open: 9am to 2pm, 9 96 386 9296 Monday to Friday Tel: 96 646 2550 Youth Sexual Abuse Hotline (INFOABU) Municipal Public Library Tel: 900 222 245 Calle Mayor, 9 (Town) 2 Tel: 96 579 3938 Citizen Participation Fax: 96 579 0343 8 Plaza Baix, 6 Tel. 96 646 1682 Port Reading Room Av. Jaime I, 14 Palacio Municipal de Deportes Tel: 96 646 2652 CESPA Av. de Furs, 8 (Port) Collection of Solid Waste,   Tel. 96 579 2000 Cleaning public area and   Fax 96 579 2800 Soler Blasco Museum collection of large  12 Plaça dels Tourist Info Centre unwanted items Germans Segarra, 1 Plaza Iglesia, 4 1 C/ Lepanto, 2 (Port) Tel 96 579 1098 Tel: 96 579 4356 Tel: 900 102 149 museu@museuxabia Fax: 96 579 6317 .e.telefò


Culture, Events, Education Plaza Baix, 6 (Town) Tel: 96 579 0500 96 579 4344 Fax: 96 646 0603 Open: 8am to 3pm Monday through Saturday and 4pm to 10pm Monday through Thursday, and 5 pm to 9.30 pm Friday and Saturday

Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) C/ Roques, 5 (Town) 6 Tel: 96 579 0500 96 579 4266 Fax: 96 579 0942

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Creama C/. Roques, 5 (Town) 6 Tel: 96 579 0500 96 579 4266 Fax: 96 579 0942

Civil Protection 7 C/. Sanchis Guarner, 13 24h Telephone: 648 015 256 C/ Miguel Hernández Tel. 96 646 2179

Municipal Police  Emergencies: 112 Plaza de Constitution Tel: 96 579 0081 96 579 1323 Fax: 96 646 1606

Secretary,  1 Contracting, Heritage  Pl.aza Iglesia, 4 (Town) Tel: 96 579 0500 Fax: 96 646 1719 Opening hours: 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday

General Registry, Statistics, Population   Management Av. Amanecer,2 (Town) 3 Tel: 96 579 0500 Fax: 96 579 5107 Opening hours: 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday

Works and City Projects Carrer d'Avall, 39 Tel: 96 579 0500 Open from 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday infraestructuras

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February 2012

Welcome to Paradise

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February 2012

CEPSA garage demands more Profit

Don’t forget I’m sharp A cut above the rest but treat me  with  respect  and I’ll be here  

Get your own ZIPPY letter opener!

If you exchange gas bottles at the CEPSA fuel station 100m South of Iceland, you will be charged 40cents extra on every bottle, even though the CEPSA website idicates the current PVP is 15,09 €uros. regardless of whether it is delivered to your home, or you buy from their depot or a 3rd party vendor. Having shown the Regional Jefe this article, notices are being erected about the surcharge.

EXPLANATION Information in this publication has been gathered by Clive Read, who chose, with Ann - his wife - and their son Peter, to come and live in Jávea in November 1985.

when you need me. 

Send your photo (.jpg) and words you’d like to: or ZippyShop, Aptdo Correos 227, Vergel 03770 1.50 € each (in stamps), inc. postage or pay by PayPal to Discounts available. Tel: 96 646 2848


Any views expressed are based on the personal experience of Clive Read and are NOT those of Jávea Evangelical Church, Jávea Christian Centre or its congregation. In compiling this edition of a Directory that Welcomes people to Jávea, and answers some of the obvious questions, Clive has relied upon his own experiences, and acknowledges the additions and suggestions already received. If he has missed something, please send details so that corrections and additions can be made in the next edition. Corrections and additions will be incorporated if details are sent to KickStart, Arquitecto Urteaga, 8 - 03730 JAVEA eMail: Tel: 96 646 2848

“Bespoke" is a term used to describe a high degree of customization and involvement of the end-user during production. The distinguishing points are the buyer's total control over the features and fit and the way in which it is constructed. You wouldn’t want to wear someone else’s clothes, so why accept someone else’s funeral arrangements? If there is still time to plan, let us help - by We create Pre-Payment arrangements to meet YOUR asking for a copy of Removing the Headache needs at affordable prices. You can pay a deposit and then from your Heartache - giving you a template by instalments, to suit your situation. No interest if paid ! & *!'$ + ) ( $ &! !'$ $% !$$ needed ! $ by& your $ &! to list all the$& information within 12 months. !( $% $!future ) liabilities $ & ) are held $!'- safe & * !'$ $ &! "to comply $$ ( your & !'$ "$ and % % ‘tidy’ Executor with wishes All monies for plans involving $#' & &! $& ) ) " ! &! % ) & $ *!' ) ! & !$ "$ $ '% &! ( $ your affairs with the minimum of work and and secure - by the Trustees of Golden Leaves, the UK intrusion. ASK, and we will bring a copy. expert on overseas funeral arrangements. '$ ) % & 666 4+-"(2*.20"*. $/- ) ( Many people realise the benefits provision for +their& last %% &!of making !$ & & % wishes,

but never get ROUND TUIT - which is why we !$ created the ROUND TUIT plan, for & & ) , %' % $ *!' *!' % & % relatives of those in Intensive Care or4+-"(2*.20"*. terminally ill. It$/replaces with peace % &! concern * &! 24#2$1*#&12 of mind and restores a positive and supportive attuitude. *!'$ $%& + ) $$ ( )) %

Pre-Pegado Paz

Tel: 96 575 5192

- always:in'/1 front & $)"1(& " 5&17 1&"2/."#,& &"$) -"("8*.& - leading the way $/,,&$3&% '1/- /41 01&-*2&2 C/. Arquitecto Urteaga 25, (Planta Baja.) Jávea 03730

&22"(& $/.3"$3 0/*.3

Welcome2Paradise Feb 2012  

The A2Z Directory of What's Where in Jávea.

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