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Nº 5

Aug/Sept. 2013 Suggested Donation

If any explanation is still needed

Jávea’s 16 Carteros (postmen) will work out of a new delivery office, at the rear of supermarket Día, where there is ample parking.

The premises were previously the headquarters of the Marcos Gisbert ‘Gunitec’ company and the Eastern part - now to be used as a ‘sorting office’ for Jávea letters and parcels, were the offices for Traydes, the excavator and contractor for Jávea’s former booming construction industry. We understand the ‘public office’ will remain at the high point of Jávea’s Ronda Norte and Principe de Asturias, but have written to the Provincial Director of Correos to ask if they will amend their plans to include one or more ‘public desks’ where people from the Port, Arenal and Southern parts of Javea can send parcels and letters, as there is more parking surrounding the ‘sorting office’ than is now available at the main office in Plaza Marina Alta.

Correos were always looking for a separate ‘sorting office’ but it became a high priority after the previous BLOC coalition in Jávea, decided to ‘beautify’ the town ring road, and severed the Correos office from the ability to easily receive and send trolleys of mail, because the roads were too small for the delivery wagons used by the Alicante regional hub. We’ve also suggested that as Jávea only uses 4 of the 10 possible postcodes for 0373x (0, 7, 8 and 9) Correos take the opportunity to use final digits 1 - 6, to separate mail into the ‘round’ of one or more postmen, in advance of full mechanisation. When there is more information about opening date and services provided, you can be sure we’ll let you know. CR. AEverW

We could have called this local magazine HAVVYER HEARD, but we thought Jávea Jeard would confirm our light-hearted attitude to the serious political and economic problems in Spain, and their effect on Jávea.

Offers valid in Jávea and Benissa stores, until 9th September, 2013

Avda. del Pla/Calle Pescara, 5 - JAVEA 03730 Tel: 96 646 1848

Store opening hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:30am - 9:00pm

Wot is were?

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August/September 2013, Nº 5

Advertising rates . 4, 13 . 2, 17, 18 & 21 Agenda 21 Ambulance agreement signed 16 Amjasa Customer Service 3 Church in Summer premises 16 Compromis traffic warning 22 . 19 Cryptic Crossword Humour . . 7 & 20 Jávea Postcodes . 2 M.A.B.C. Members . 11 New sorting office for postmen 1 Neighbours petition Townhall 21 Oasis Help Centre Services 2 Pavement & Parking changes 12-13 Port Fiesta Programme . 6, 8, 9, 11 Port street comes in from dark 10 Residencia no protection 23 Satellite Fact File . 4-5 Scallops Vouchers recycling 22 Straight Talking by Lee Hodges 14 Sunday morning invitation 7 Town Hall July Meeting . 3 Train link through Gata . 16 Voucher offer saves money 22 Come Strictly Scottish Country Dancing Meets on a Wednesday for 2 hours from 3.45pm at LÁncora Tennis Club. Great way to exercise and have fun. Phone Carole 608 980 252


Most towns have a single Postcode: Jávea has 4, but Correos discourage their use, claiming it is better to use 03730 (where 50% will be wrong) rather than the code for your area, which ‘some’ will get wrong. Adsubia 03739 Alborada 03739 Arenal 03738 Cala Blanca, Urb 03738 Cap Martín 03738 Capsades 03739 Catarroja Partida 03737 Cerezos, Los 03739 Colomer 03737 Costa Nova, Urb 03738 Ermita, Urb 03737 Eurocondal, Urb. 03737 Fontanella 03737 Frechinall 03738

Granadella, La

03738 Lluca 03739 Mandarina, La 03739 Media Luna 03738 Montgó 03737 Montgó Carrasquetes 03737 Montgó Toscamar 03737 Panorama, Urb 03738 Pinosol 03739 Portichol 03738 Rebaldi 03739 Rimontgó 03737 Seniola 03737 Tarraulla 03739 Tosalet, Urb. 03739 Tosals 03737 Toscal 03738 Trencall 03738 Valls 03737 Valls Carrasquetes VA-CA 03737 Valls Planets VA-PN 03737 Valls Tosal VA-TS 03737 Everywhere else 03730

Jávea Jeard is published in Jávea by A2Z Publicaciones on behalf of Iglesia Grupo International de Divulgación del Evangelio (CIF: Q0300542H) at OASIS Centre, C/. Toni Llido 5, 03730

Agenda 21 in Jávea is gathering ideas for inclusion in the list of projects suggested by residents, for small-budget items that would improve life for those who live here or visit. Suggestions include: Erection of Nets to protect bathers in Jávea from contact with Jelly Fish. Restoration of a Windmill on La Plana as a Working Museum, offering Xabia ground flour.

Jávea Jeard

Parking for disabled at the new Sorting Office, and post collection boxes at underground car parks. Park and ride facilities from rural parking to shop in Town, Port and Arenal. Sub Post Office in Port or Arenal. 15m pier from La Grava beach, with 6m diameter viewing platform at the end. More details on the webpage at: Christine Betterton Jones has offered help with submitting projects.

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Jávea Townhall July Meeting

Jávea Jeard

Every monthly meeting of Jávea Townhall Councillors is the same - but each is also different. The Agenda from month to month changes very little - most of the business being 'routine' but you never know when - (or what) is going to be an unexpected focus of an otherwise 'uninteresting' meeting.

The meeting on Thursday 25th July was no different, apart from fewer members of the public and reporters, but there were a couple of ladies I'd not seen before, and an immaculately well-dressed elderly man on the front row, with sleek swept-back hair, who was dressed in a smart suit. He would have stood out from everyone anyway, because he was wearing a pale green suit.

Point 1. Resolutions made by the Mayor's Office since 25th June were approved. Point 2. Approved the proposal for new regulations in respect of tables and chairs on roadside pavements. Point 3. Approved decision 2013/848 regarding drainage of surface water on the Travessera Cansalades.

Point 4. Councillors approved the list the Treasurer had submitted of invoices that remained unpaid - and the reasons. Point 5. Referred to the nomination of a substitute Justice of the Peace.

Point 6. Referred to a dispute with Xúquer Land S.L. with regard to invoices 255 and 283 of 2012 for services provided at the municipal sport centres in 2012.

Point 7. Was similar to Point 6 but the supplier was Arastí Barca, M.A., S.L., and referred to invoices 192 and 224 of 2012, who had also shared responsibility for providing services at the municipal sport centres in 2012. Point 8. Concerned payment interest on the invoices in Point 7.

Point 9. The saga continues with regard to the non-return by the Townhall of the ‘Performance Deposit’ paid by ECISA SA with respect to faulty workmanship to the Clot underground parking. At the April meeting Councillors agreed to withhold the refund.

Point 10. Concerned proposals for an agreement with Jávea Red Cross for local ambulance services. Details elsewhere in this issue.

Point 11. Approved expenses covered under Report F/2013/41. Point 12. Same as Point 11 but in respect of Report F/2013/45.

Point 13. Councillors put-off voting on a report by the Treasurer with respect to Article 16.1 of Royal Decree 8/2013 of 28th June.

Point 14. Approved Report 32013 with respect for obtaining credit for supplementary works.

Point 19. The meeting became a 'Whitehall Farce' at this point, which referred to Amendment 66 of an Enforcement in respect of Montgo Castellanos 14. When the Mayor signalled his intention for Councillors to vote, one of the Mixta Councillors left the room. Votes 'for', 'against' and 'abstentions' were noted, and the Councillor returned - not having had time to go to the restroom - but out of the room so his vote was not counted. Up until this point, the meeting had lasted 28 minutes. The next 30 minutes were spent on Questions and Answers between Councillors, and the complaint about disco noise in the Port, which are reported elsewhere in this issue. The next monthly meeting is scheduled for Thursday 29th August at 8pm in the 1st floor Council Chamber. CR.

Amjasa offer

August/September 2013, Nº 5

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internet support

Jávea municipal water company AMJASA, as an extention of its policy of modernisation and service improvement, now provides customer support via the internet. Customers will be able to check their bills and provide meter readings, and will also advise if there are engineering works affecting their supply. Pre-registration is needed and the first step is to browse to and click the icon that is in the top right, that will link to the 'virtual office. It is unclear what ‘account code’ means, as it cannot be the 20-digit bank account number, as the software only allows 7 digits. The department has prepared a comprehensive users’ guide to explain the registration procedure and advantages the website offers.

Let you to the Airport Alicante or Valencia

Point 15. Councillors approved the names of councillors who would sit on a new Committee to administer the pension plan for Townhall employees.

Point 16. Approved that a road in Polygon IV32 be brought into public use.

Point 17. A motion that a proposed development by Montgo Verde SL was in the Community interest, was deferred.

Point 18. Vicente Chorro abstained from voting to approve the General Plan modification in respect of SUEP in Pinomar.

25€ per person, per journey, from JÁVEA

Pick-up/Drop-off points Aparthotel Pinosol, Saladar, Quicksave Arenal, Consum, Dolphin roundabout, Montgo Rte. C/. Toni Llido 5 BOOK HERE, at the (behind La Caixa bank) Tel: 96 646 3707 or 669 386 702

Jávea Jeard

August/September 2013, Nº 5

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Satellite Fact File

The new Satellite Transponder Astra 2F

Astra 2F - we think - will now be launched in early September or so we are told?

If this statement proves to be correct, by the time it is shunted into the correct positions 28.2 degrees SSE then it should be operational in October?

By entering the above information, anyone can look up the latest information using Google or the Astra Web sites! For others I will try and keep up-to-date as far as possible, bearing in mind my information is only updated monthly.

We must at all times remember that the sole purpose of these satellite transponders is to supply the U.K. and Northern Ireland with an agreed level of

Jávea Jeard is produced at the

in Jávea Port (C/. Toni Llido 5) An announcement for

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All announcements are printed next to editorial, to ensure maximum impact/readership. Tax deductible receipts given for all donations.

96 646 3707 Tel:

signal, their responsibility ends at that point, in Europe we are operating on ‘Signal Spillage’!

Many of the local Newspapers are carrying details, often from dealers and installers and whilst some are quite accurate, others make frightening reading. My concern is what will reception be like in my (Jávea) area after the changeover? Recently at Jávea Computer Club there was an interesting talk by John, but again, like the rest of us in the trade, he could only give an answer based on reception of 2E!

My comments are based on intelligent guesswork and my view is that Astra 2F will be of similar or possibly a little weaker signal level, stretching from North of Denia and then as it heads towards Benidorm and onwards to Alicante it will begin its downward slope.

Of course this statement is based on the use of a high quality 1 Metre satellite dish, a quality LNB, quality coaxial cable and a sensitive quality satellite receiver. If this has all been installed by a competent engineer who really knows how to align a satellite dish, problems will be minimised.

At this stage all is not lost. Peter and I have been testing several types of LNBs and have found a couple that really stand out from the rest. I mention that as since the rash of 1 metre satellite installations we have both been

by Richard Pollock B.Ed I.Eng. FIEEIE Consultant Electronic Engineer

Telephone: 670 362 395 (Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm)

Formerly Lecturer in RTVE at Bradford College

surprised by the poor quality of some of the installations. Worse still people have had great difficulty in getting the installer back to make good, even though they were given 12 month guarantees!!! Rectifying these problems has involved upgrading satellite dishes and LNBs, throwing away rubbish coaxial cable and on a couple of occasions changing satellite receivers. Not funny when you have recently paid out in the belief that you were being supplied with “the best there is”!!

Another solution is to consider upgrading to a 1.4 metre satellite dish, but my advice would be, if in doubt wait until Astra 2F is up and running and then, if you have problems, ensure you call in a competent engineer.

And by ‘competent’ I mean who owns (and understands how to read the results of) quality test equipment including the ability to be able to test HD/3D reception (even if at the moment you have not upgraded to HD/3D we can still check out the performance of your installation using our test equipment). Later on I will mention the new 4K resolution, nothing stands still in electronics! We can help and advise! Continued on page 5



Everything from Design, New-Builds, Refurbishments and Maintenance

Ian Norton-Wright

Tel: 96 647 0230 Mob: 686 780 570

Clive Read has been a GL Planwriter since May, 2005 The price of GL plans increased at the end of May, 2013. Buy now to avoid further increases. Tel: 669

386 702

Jávea Jeard

Continued from page 4

For those who have over the years purchased 2.4 metre satellite dishes, the results to date is that with the transmissions becoming much stronger then you will have a little in hand when it comes to those times of the year when we experience very heavy rainfall, your reception should last a little longer.

As already reported the South of Spain will experience some very real problems as the signal continues to lose power.

Where a person still requires U.K. programmes, they may have to move over to some form of IPTV which of course means you are reliant on the telephone system in that area with Movistar as an example. People living in Apartments can also investigate this method of reception.

Development of the 4K Standard for TVs

Sony hope they have another World beater on their hands? They have upped the ante and have produced a system that even puts our H.D. quality in the shade. To give an example our existing full H.D. raised the bar to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and now 4K lifts the bar to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This means our pictures will be some 4 times sharper - the quality will be superb. These models of course have the latest in image processing engines and that has taken 14 years or so of development.

Sony have, over the years, produced many firsts, from pocket sized audio players to the Trinitron cathode Ray tube that, in its day produced excellent results. I hear Panasonic are also taking up the challenge - could be a very interesting time.

At the moment the price will be beyond the reach of most of us. Prices for a 65” screen will be around £5,999 and the 55” a mere £3,999. I am pleased to report that others have also entered this field including Samsung, Toshiba and L.G. No doubt others will soon follow and I feel sure will not be slow following suit and then let’s look for the prices to fall?

Richard Pollock B.Ed I.Eng FIEEIE Consultant Electronic Engineer Formerly Lecturer at Bradford College Telephone: 670 362 395 (Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm)

August/September 2013, Nº 5

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working together to bring you Economic and Comprehensive Private Health Cover

You’ll often see Advertorials (adverts disguised as editorial) recommending ASSSA. YOU can decide: it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3


0 - 9 years 10 - 19 years 20 - 29 years 30 - 39 years 40 - 49 years 50 - 59 years 60 - 64 years 65 - 69 years greater than 70 years *



619,34€ 658,14€ 696,86€ 735,57€ 774,28€ 774,28€ 989,03€ 1.226,72€ 1.854,01€

824,43€ 824,43€ 824,43€ 824,43€ 824,43€ 1.213,10€ 1.540,91€ 1.941,35€ 2.253,57€




NO LIMIT Includes Meds.








NO LIMIT Includes Meds.

NO LIMIT Includes Meds.

LIMIT 45 DAYS/YEAR Includes Meds.

LIMIT 45 DAYS/YEAR Includes Meds.


Anaesthetic Included


3. COPAYMENT YOU PAY - each time you see doctor as out-patient


60 years experience providing Health Insurance Specialists in the expat market with policy documents, and phone support in English New clients accepted up to 80 years of age Hospitals in Denia, Benidorm and Alicante


205,00€ 166,29€ 127,57€ 88,86€ 50,15€ 438,82€ 551,88€ 714,63€ 399,56€


LIMIT 60 DAYS a YEAR Medication not included

LIMIT 3 DAYS/PROCESS Medication not included

LIMIT 60 DAYS a YEAR Medication not included

LIMIT 30 DAYS a Year Medication not included

LIMIT 5 DAYS/PROCESS Medication not included

LIMIT 45 DAYS a YEAR Medication not included

Anaesthetic not included 6 sessions per year 1.80€

Jávea representation by

Centro Medico, 5 GPs, Gynocologist, Practicante, 3 Dentists, 3 Analysis Clinics, Ear Nose Throat Specialist, General and Digestive Surgeon, Traumatologist, Urologist. Uncomplicated Application Form Full details from C/. Toni Llido 5, in Jávea Port. Tel: 669 386 702

Page 6 August/September 2013, Nº 5 WEDNESDAY 28th August 20:00 PRIZE GIVING for 20th JUNIOR DRAWING COMPETITION with performances by storyteller, in Calle Dr. Fleming. 22:00 COMMUNITY DINNER in Calle Dr. Fleming with live music by Bradmis until 3am.

THURSDAY 29th August 18:00 PADEL TOURNAMENT organised by Peña La Comuna - Day 3, at the rear of Municipal Sports Centre. 22:00 COMMUNITY DINNER in Zone Bartolome Ros with live music by Bradmis until 3am.

FRIDAY 30th August 12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" in the Port, supplied by la ganadería Crespo. 18:00 PADEL TOURNAMENT organised by Peña La Comuna - SemiFinals and Final at the rear of Municipal Sports Centre. 18:30 SIMULTANEOUS CHESS with the maestro Francisco SanchezGuirado in C/. Severo Ochoa. 19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" in the Port, supplied by la ganadería Benavent.

You shop at ICELAND for COLD food at COOL prices, but you’ll receive a WARM welcome at Jávea Evangelical Church C/. Toni Llido 5 GPS - N:38.793196 and E:0.180900

At the rear of ’La Caixa’ bank at the Dolphin roundabout on Av. Lepanto Sunday morning service 11am Centre On weekdays visit our

C/. Toni Llido 5 (next to La Caixa in the Port)

where you will find

1000s of Greetings Cards for 1€ Photocopies and Fast Printing Crisis Start-up Packs Airport Pick-Ups, Phone Top-ups Post and Parcel Service Plus a LISTENING EAR and UNBIASED ADVICE We’re ‘on duty’ in the community every day of the week - not just on a Sunday If you need to speak in private - ASk

Tel: 96

646 3707 or 669 386 702

The Port Fiestas of Virgin de Loreto, 2013

23:30 "BOUS AL CARRER" Acrobatic Display in the Port by D'ART MEDITERRANI - with leaps and somersaults over bulls. after "TORO EMBOLADO" supplied by la ganadería La Paloma, in the Port. 01:00 NIGHT OF ROCK organised by Peña Els Entorbats, in Paseo Jaime I.

SATURDAY 31st August - "Children and Grandchildren Day" 09:30 XIV OPEN TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT organised by Temexa in the Municipal Sports Centre. 10:00 XI JUNIOR BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT "3 x 3" organised by Bàsquet Joventut Xàbia in the Municipal Sports Centre. 10:00 HOT CHOCOLATE AND CAKE organised by the neighbours of Calle Dr. Fleming. POPULAR CHILDREN'S GAMES organised by the neighbours of Calle Triana. TRADITIONAL MERINGUE THROWING organised by Comissió de Festes, and to wash it all off - WATER PARTY in collaboration with Transportes Montgó, in Avda. Jaime I and Paseo Maritimo 11:00 CHILDREN'S PLAY AREA AND WATER GAMES, Paseo Jaime I. 13:00 GREASY POLE organised by Peña La Bufa in the Port. 14:00 PAELLA, SOFT DRINKS AND ICE CREAMS FOR ALL THE CHILDREN organised by Celsa SL and Mas y Mas in C/. Severo Ochoa. 16:00 XI JUNIOR BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT "3 x 3" organised by Bàsquet Joventut Xàbia (continued) in the Municipal Sports Centre. 20:00 GRAND PARADE OF FLOATS with participation of all the peñas - through the streets of the Port. 00:00 CORREFOCS organised by XARXA TEATRE so don't wear good clothes and be prepared for something special - in the streets of the Port. after OPEN-AIR DISCO organised by Peña Drink Team (until 5am) at the rear of Palau Municipal Sports Centre.

Jávea Jeard

SUNDAY 1st September 09:00 CHARITY RASTRO IN MEMORY OF PETER MONTAGUE all proceeds to Cruz Roja, Paseo Jaime I. 09:30 VALENCIAN PILOTA TOURNAMENT - Junior Matches (Escola de Pilota Xàbia) Calle Virgen de Loreto. 10:00 XXXII CYCLING TROPHY organised by Peña La Bufa in the Port. 10:00 XXII CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP and XXV Open Vila de Xàbiain Calle Severo Ochoa. 10:00 XIII JUNIOR CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP in Virgen de Loreto and C/. Severo Ochoa. 11:30 CLASSIC CAR EXHIBITION C/. Sevilla. 12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" supplied by la ganadería Paiportero in Port of Jávea. 17:00 INTER-PEÑA PILOTA in Calle Virgen de Loreto. 18:30 PROFESSIONAL PILOTA MATCH in Calle Virgen de Loreto. 19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" supplied by la ganadería La Paloma in the Port. 20:30 LIVE MUSIC - Junior Band of the "Centro Artístico Musical de Xàbia" in Avda. Jaime I. Continued on page 8

The people who brought ‘care’, ‘comfort’ and ‘understanding’ to bereaved families in Spain

Sympathetic and prompt assistance starts with a phone call to BALBI on 610 2045 864 Cremation, Repatriation or Interment

Thanksgiving and Memorial services arranged, religious or humanist Cami del Cementerio 2 JÁVEA - 96 579 0188 Fax: 96 579 4138

Senior Surfers

Jávea Jeard

An elderly couple had finally learned how to send and receive texts on their mobile phones. The wife, being a romantic at heart, decided one day that she'd send her husband a text while she was out of the house having coffee with a friend.. She texted: If you are sleeping, send me your dreams. If you are laughing, send me your smile. If you are eating, send me a bite. If you are drinking, send me a sip. If you are crying, send me your tears. I love you. The husband, being a no-nonsense sort of guy, texted back: I'm on the toilet. Please advise. Sent to us by Henry Lock

What’s on the Other Side?

A doctor made a home visit to a patient, who told him “Doctor, I am afraid to die. Tell me what’s on the other side.” Very quietly, the doctor said, ”I don't know.” 'You don't know? You're, a Christian man and don't know what's on the other side?' The doctor was holding the handle of the door. On the other side came a sound of scratching and whining, and as he opened the door, a dog sprang into the room and leaped up on the bed in an eager show of gladness. Turning to the patient, the doctor said, “Did you notice the dog? He was out in the corridor, and as soon as I opened the door, he entered like a rocket, and without fear. “Its impossible to know what a dog thinks or knows, but it was obvious by his action when I opened the door, that he bounded in, because he knew that his master was on the other side - and that was enough.”

Do Las Vegas Churches accept gambling chips?

This may come as a surprise to those of you not living In Las Vegas, but there are more Catholic Churches than casinos. Not surprisingly, some worshippers at Sunday Services will give casino chips rather than cash when the plate is passed. Since they get chips from many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the casino chips for redemption into cash. Churches send all their casino chips


August/September 2013, Nº 5

Page 7

to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips from each casino are combined together and taken to the casino to be exchanged for cash. The work is done by the chip monks. You didn’t even see it coming, did you? Sent to us by Richard Pollock

Preacher's Son

An old country preacher had a teenage son, and it was getting high time the boy gave some thought to choosing a profession. Like many young men his age, the boy didn't really know what he wanted to do, and he didn't seem too concerned about it. One day, while the boy was away at school, his father decided to try an experiment. He went into the boy's room and placed on his study table four objects: 1. A Bible, 2. A silver dollar, 3. A bottle of whisky, 4. And a Playboy magazine.

"I'll just hide behind the door," the old preacher said to himself, "and when he comes home from school, I'll see which object he picks up. If it's the Bible, he's going to be a preacher like me, and what a blessing that would be! “If he picks up the dollar, he's going to be a business man, and that would be okay, too. “But if he picks up the bottle, he's going to be a drunkard, and Lord, what a shame that would be. “And worst of all, if he picks up that magazine, he's going to be a skirtchasing womanizer." The old man waited anxiously and soon heard his son's footsteps as he entered the house whistling and heading for his room. The boy tossed his school books on the bed, and as he turned to leave the room, he spotted the objects on the table. He walked over to inspect them, looking at each for several minutes. Finally, he picked up the Bible and placed it under his arm. He picked up the silver dollar and dropped into his pocket. He uncorked the bottle and took a big drink, while he admired this month's centrefold. "Lord have mercy!" the old preacher prayed. "He's going into politics!!" Received from Sanderson, Steven C.

Every time you Top-Up at the it helps maintain this HELP and ADVICE CENTRE C/. Toni Llido 5 (behind La Caixa in the Port) Tel: 96 647 3707 and 669 386 702

WHERE CAN I GO ON A SUNDAY? There’s lots of new friends waiting to meet you - and free tea, coffee, cake or biscuits afterwards, at

The ‘Oasis’ Centre NEW Sunday venue

C/. Toni Llido, 5 GPS - N:38.793196 and E:0.180900 At the rear of ‘LA CAIXA” Bank at the ‘Dolphin Roundabout’

Sunday morning service 11am TOWN

OASIS Centre


If you need transport, phone 669 386 702 or 669 386 701

We are a caring church, meeting 21st century need with 1st century Christian compassion

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August/September 2013, Nº 5

Let’s Support our local Businesses

If we don’t we won’t have any

Azorin Restaurant C/. Toni Llido Tel: 96 579 4495

Bon Retir elderly care home C/. Cantallops 31 Tel: 96 579 0242 688 883 155 Building and Tiling by Victor Tel: 626 975 244

Butcher’s Block The English Butcher in Jávea Av del Pla (North of Yorkshire Linen) Tel: 96 579 2676 Cabo Casse Hire Tools and Machinery C/. Liverpool 11 (opposite the Moli) Tel: 96 579 2502 C B Installations Glazing, Reforms/Building works Rupert Cooper Tel: 606 662 991 622 872 991

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23:30 "BOUS AL CARRER" supplied by la ganadería Crespo in the Port, after "TORO EMBOLADO".

MONDAY 2nd September 12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" supplied by la ganadería Segaria in the Port. 19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" supplied by la ganadería Benavent in the Port. 23:30 "BOUS AL CARRER" supplied by la ganadería La Paloma in the Port. after "TORO EMBOLADO" in the Port. TUESDAY 3rd September 12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" supplied by la ganadería Crespo in the Port. 19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" supplied by la ganadería Paiportero in the Port. 23:30 "BOUS AL CARRER" supplied by la ganadería Benavent in the Port. after "TORO EMBOLADO".

WEDNESDAY 4th September 10:30 III GRAN CAGADA organised by Peña La Comuna - You don't want to know! In the Port.

Jávea Jeard

12:00 "BOUS AL MAR" supplied by la ganadería Benavent in the Port. 19:00 "BOUS AL MAR" supplied by la ganadería La Paloma in the Port. 22:30 LIVE MUSIC - The Mateos (until 3am) in Paseo Maritimo.

THURSDAY 5th September - "Day of the Peñas" 10:30 COMMUNITY BRUNCH in C/. Doctor Fleming. 12:00 GRAND PRIX - Fun and games for all in the bull arena in the Port. 14:30 PAELLA COMPETITION Registration at the bar. Organisers will supply the rice. 18:00 GRAND PEÑA PARADE accompanied by Batukada Bunpada, Benissa through the streets of the Port. 19:00 OPEN-AIR DISCO with DJ José David and DJ Toni Bup at the rear of Palau Municipal Sports Centre. 00:00 OPEN-AIR DISCO (until 4am) at the rear of the Palau Municipal Sports Centre.

FRIDAY 6th September - "Pensioners Day" 10:30 BRISCA TOURNAMENT for the over 50s, organised by Peña La Bufa - Spanish card game in C/. Doctor Fleming. Continued on page 9

If you live in a Community of Horizontal Owners, we will see if there are problems, and come up with the answers, IN SPANISH, for YOU to submit to the President or Administrator.

INTERNET (no phone line needed) Up to 10Mbps OTHER AREAS

Tempted to buy a 1m dish? Talk to the experts first High Definition TV  + INTERNET + PHONE

from as little as 49,99€ a month


with our Cable Network in

Balcon al Mar, La Cala, Costa Nova, Trencall and Monte de Jávea


All packages include full installation and FREE Wireless Router

Nothing more to pay in first year

1 Mbps - 199€ or 16,6€ mth. 3 Mbps - 259€ or 21,6€ mth. 5 Mbps - 379€ or 31,6€ mth

CIF:B54530738 Reg Mercantil Government Public Body CMT Licensed Prices exclusive of IVA. Offers eMail: valid until 1st October 2013 Open: Mon-Fri 9am - 2pm, at Ctra. Cabo la Nao 67 (Km 10), Balcon al Mar, Jávea 03738 Terms and Conditions Apply.

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13:00 RINGING OF THE BELLS in the Port Church. 19:00 FLOWER OFFERING to the VIRGEN DE LORETO in the Port Church. 22:00 STREET THEATRE organised by Peña La Bufa and sponsored by Concejalía de Fiestas in C/. Doctor Fleming. 24:00 "NOCHE DE RONDA" - The Tuna de Xàbia group sing to all the Fiesta Queens through the streets of the Port. 00:00 OPEN-AIR DISCO organised by Peña Pili la Banya y Liatrix (until 06:00) in Paseo Jaime I.

Collection and delivery of Urgent items in Jávea by Sergio Laffitte Tlf.

673 546 193 Prices start at 3,50€

08:00 Traditional wake-up call with music and rockets through the streets of the Port. 13:00 PROCESSION through the streets of the Port to collect the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts. 13:30 TRADITIONAL STREET FIESTA C/. Santísimo Cristo del Mar. 19:00 PROCESSION through the streets of the Port to collect the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts. 19:30 SOLEMN MASS to celebrate the EUCHARIST IN HONOUR OF SANTÍSIMO CRISTO DEL MAR Port Church. 20:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION with the image of SANTÍSIMO CRISTO DEL MAR through the streets of the Port. 23:30 LIVE SHOW - Los Hermanos Calatrava and Vicente Segui in Paseo Maritimo. 01:30 OPEN AIR DISCO (until 5am) at the rear of Palau Municipal Sports Centre.

August/September 2013, Nº 5

SUNDAY 8th September - "Día de la Mare de Déu de Loreto" 08:00 DESPERTÀ - Traditional wakeup call with music and rockets in the streets of the Port. Continued on page 11

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Let’s Support our local Businesses

If we don’t we won’t have any

DELIVER Store & More A & M Henry will buy and bring things to you, or deliver. Nothing too much trouble, 633 294 509 Helping Hands (J and J)

Personal care, Overnight stays, Ironing, Washing, Light housework, Social occasions, Shopping Tel: 634 735 105 and 660 143 503

Independent Financial Advice Lee Hodges 699 966 914 L P Catering Suplies Everything for restaurants at an affordable price Tel: 96 579 3893 Susana: 607 630 221 Sergio: 647 540 862

Milar Moragues The corner shop with trade prices Av. del Pla 43 Tel: 96 646 1677

I want TV, Internet and Phone from a local provider who talks my Language - and answers my questions PHONE SERVICE British TV We’re Proud We’ve partnered with and Radio of our Service to bring you the most SATURDAY 7th September

competitive tariffs to Europe / USA / Australia 5c min. FREE calls between Mobile clients No need for Telefónica line

Bring your current number or have a new one Automatic Top-Up Service Never run out of credit

42 Uk TV Stations +

10 Radio channels only 399€ fully installed nothing to pay for a year NO big Dish required

Every provider has problems - most cannot be predicted or prevented.

We take pride in the High level of interest we take in resolving issues to ensure our existing subscribers have confidence in reccomending us to their friends.

Office Phone: (leave message if occupied) 96 577 1121 (Accounts Ext. 202, Tech. Help Ext. 220) Sales (Anne): 679 797 473 (General Enquiries) 865 667 123 Providing service to individuals, Urbanisations and Apartment Blocks in Jávea, Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Benitachell, Gata, Jesús Pobre, Els Poblets and Vergel - "Day of Saint Cristo del Mar"

No obligation FREE Site Survey

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August/September 2013, Nº 5

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MPM Property Repairs Maintanance, Management and Repairs Tel: 96 577 0205 681 005 731

Jávea Jeard Port street ‘comes in’ from the darkness

Gail McCafferty NURSE RGN.NMB regd/homologlomised 626 005 487

Painting and Decorating Pinturas Jaime Ortola 609 677 094 P C Highway Calle Niza 13 Tel: 96 646 2509

Pick-up and Deliver Service Covering Alicante to Gandia - they’ll even pay for an item and fetch it. Andrea and Mark 633 294 509

Rent an Officiant For a Wedding, Funeral, Memorial or Thanksgiving occasion: Rev. Clive Read 669 386 702 Second-hand furniture store Sheila’s Deals 609 827 753

Septic (toilet) problems Limpiezas Jávea 608 861 153 Spanish Lessons 699 216 516

Swiss Cable - and much more Tlf: 96 577 1121

Taxi Card payment OK - Airports - Tours 633 400 044 Tanatorio Jávea Undertaking in your language Tel: 610 204 864

Let’s Support our local Businesses

If we don’t we won’t have any

Although it may seem like an ordinary street in the Port it reflects the stupidity of the bureaucracy of this country. The street is called Fray Jaime Ibanez (on the sea side of the ‘dirt’ carpark in C/. Cristo del Mar), constructed by Port of Jávea SL (Armiñana). Because of its many deficiencies people who bought their homes there have had no certificate of occupancy and have been without streetlights for 10 years. When in opposition Oscar Anton denounced this situation over and over again but the ruling parties did nothing. Since he came to be part of the Bloque laying, concrete levelling, foundations, crazy paving, slab paving, all kinds of floor and wall tiling, rendering, painting, window fitting, balustrade, roofing, landscape gardening, etc.

Over 20 years experience in Spain References Available Best Prices in Town

Call Victor for FREE Quote

626 975 244

government of Jávea he has done everything possible to help these people. It has taken two years to get the developers to fulfil their guaranteed obligations and repair deficiencies and recently - finally - the street lights were lit. Now homeowners can be issued with Cedula de Habitabilidad. Oscar thanks the voters who put him in a position where he could help these (and other) people.

A year in the life of a Spanish town Xabia / Jávea

Words by the late Charlene Quince and photos by Billie Cook is still on sale at HUMPTY DUMPTY (Javea Park) LA RULLA and OASIS HELP CENTRE (both in the Port)


Why not enjoy a nostalgic journey at Artist / Photographer Tel: 636 161 941 You can ‘friend me’ on Facebook?

Billie Cook

Jávea Jeard

Copi Shop Online 96 507 4549 and 610 206 042

Gaile Griffin Peers

Grapevine Magazine

Easy Flatpax (Bringing IKEA to you - the easy way) Tel: 96 647 0770

Fontana Design Tel: 634 419 247

Haweli Restaurant Tel: 677 004 651

Javea Photos Choose from 4,300 photos.

Juan Luis Millet Sancho - Notary Tel 96 592 3522

Lawns in Spain Mob: 676 863 778 Skype: lawnsinspain

Lifestyle Spain News and Views from around Jávea

Lucia Rajah Social Media and Tuxedo Hire Landline: +34 96 647 0770

Mai Griffin – Author, Artist Portraits, Still Life and Landscapes. Tel: 96 646 1913

Marina Alta Business Club

Marina Alta Business Community

Mike Peers – Creative Design Mike Peers Graphics Design Studio, Tel: 97 646 1913,

My Destination Alicante Sarah Farrell Locally informed, globally inspired.

Online Antiques Review Sharing information on Antiques

Oscar Ricor – Abogado English speaking regulated Costa Blanca Abogado - operating throughout Spain. Tel: 687 88 88 73

Peri Pera Cafe, Jávea Port Bistro Bar, Theme Nights, Private hire for Dinner Parties and Celebrations. Tel: 677 253 488 (Tracy)

Phoenix Computers @ The Sign Shop Tel: 96 579 0710

MABC meetings are held once of twice a month but there were no dates or venues at

Peter Williamson MA MSc

Porcelain Painting Club Lavender Studio Hand painted decorative ceramics and porcelain - hand made customised greeting cards - classes - club. Rabbit FX

RTN (Round Town News) 50,000 copies every week, reaching 175,000 readers. Colin Rich - Tel: 607 553 870

Solar in Spain Time to turn to solar Tel/fax: 902 636 570 email:

Spectrum Financial Advisers John Hayward

St James Place Wealth Management Specialist financial advice, particularly during periods of volatility and change.

The Art Centre Association, Jávea Encouraging beginner and experienced artists in traditional and contemporary arts and crafts.

The Sign Shop, Javea Computers and Websites Tel: 96 579 0710

Tom Parkinson Chartered Accountants

TV Satellite Equipment & Installation Peter Hoffer Electronic repairs since 1972. Tel: 96 646 1662 & 630 352 172

U P Publications Ltd Designers and authors publisher and adviser.

UKTV4U 10€ monthly. No contract,

Wising UP! Online

Jávea Jeard and Oasis Help Centre is pleased to support the aims of MABC and publish the names and contact information for their members. We are happy to promote local businesses, in this ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘traditional’ magazine if they contact:

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11:00 PROCESSION through the streets of the Port to collect the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts. 12:00 SOLEMN MASS to celebrate the EUCHARIST IN HONOUR OF LA MARE DE DÉU DE LORETO in the Port Church. 13:30 MASCLETÀ (static display of noisy fireworks in the street) Avda. Augusta. 19:00 PROCESSION through the streets of the Port to collect the Fiesta Queens and their Escorts. 20:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION with the image of LA VIRGEN DE LA MARE DE DÉU DE LORETO through the streets of the Port. 22:30 LIVE MUSIC AND DANCING to "Screame" in the Paseo Maritimo. 01:00 AQUATIC FIREWORK DISPLAY to close the celebrations in honour of LA MARE DE DÉU DE LORETO - viewed best from Paseo Maritimo. We are grateful to the owners of

(sharing a passion for Jávea - the online guide with a difference) for access to the English version of the fiesta programme which is subject to change without notification.

The ‘Port Fiestas’ in August/September are - essentially - a religious occasion, but celebration of Christianity was never intended to be morbid - solemn in places YES - but each year competing with its predecessors, to be the most memorable.

You may look at participation of the Bulls as cruelty (and not being a bull I cannot see things from an animal’s perspective) but it is worth remembering the huge investment each ‘ganaderia’ has in its livestock, and that they are as precious and valuable as any racehorse. Those that run with a blazing paraffin soaked towel around their horns seem to suffer no permanent scarring or damage. I am NOT defending cruelty to animals or commenting on whether or not the bulls should participate, but the Seprona division of the Guardia Civil take a keen interest in the participation and wellbeing of livestock during fiestas and the former common pactice in Jávea of ‘prodding’ bulls with long sticks to which sharpened nails had been attached to the end has, I believe, been outlawed by the regional government. CR


Page 12 August/September 2013, Nº 5

Wider Pavements will meet demands of Madrid

Jávea Townhall Councillors recently met representatives of the Port business association ACEAM to explain details of works to be done in Avenida Jaime I and Avenida Lepanto. Avenida Jaime I will begin in September and (hopefully) be completed before the end of 2013. The bus station was expected to be finished in 3 months, but it looks like taking at least 3 times as long - but why worry - I don’t see buses queueing up to use it.

But back to the Port

Several members of the government team, Mayor Jose Chulvi, Pere Sapena, Paco Torres, Oscar Anton and Juan Luis Cardona, were present to explain details of the project, and provide samples of various pavement block colours, from which to choose. Pere Sapena expects work will begin on September 15th and will be finalised by November 30th, and that the Townhall has applied for a grant for the work, and if approved, work must be completed before the end of the year. A few days later, Deputy Mayor and Xabia Democratica leader Oscar Anton, told his Facebook followers that the work would be financed from the 300.000€ the Townhall received selling a piece of land it had been given in Portichol. The first phase of the project, which will commence on September 15th, involves widening pavements on the section of Jaime I (between Mas y Mas and the seafront) from its current 3 metres, to 4.5-5 metres, leaving a roadway of between 9 and 10 metres. The central plaza will remain, but parallel parking will be replaced by ‘chevron’ or ‘battery’ parking, providing more places, but creating the hazard of cars reversing out from parking, into the flow of traffic. Work will also begin on removing the central floral troughs from Avenida Lepanto, banning parking on the eastern side (outside ‘Benetton’ and ‘Vodafone’) but allowing ‘nose into the pavement’ parking on the other side, creating additional parking to that currently provided. There are plans to rename C/. Niza as Av. Niza, so some of the flower

troughs could be re-homed in the Arenal. The widened pavements will again allow restaurants to add ‘hospitality’ seating outside their premises, with tables and chairs, but Pere Sapena reminded everyone that the Law says there must be unhindered passage for

pedestrians of 1.8m, and seating must never occupy more than 50% of the pavement. Depending on whose Facebook page you read, pavements will be 2.5 - 4.5metres wide, but the only way we’ll know, is to wait and see. Public response to the proposals has been very positive, with most believing


August/September 2013, Nº 5

Page 13

and allow tables, chairs and ‘al fresco’ exhaust fumes

A local caterer demonstrates the results of an oil-spill on the new paving slabs

Jávea Jeard

is printed and produced at the

in Jávea Port (C/. Toni Llido 5) An announcement for

your business can be included for


Single column 25€ Half column 15€ 10€ Quarter column We don’t recommend larger areas as few people read them. All announcements are printed next to editorial, to ensure maximum impact/readership.

that the project will provide a solution that meets the demand of higher government, yet reintroduces the concept of ‘enjoying a tea, coffee or meal in the sunshine’ whilst enjoying the magnificent headland views that Jávea offers. The number of cafes and bars along the widened pavements is very few, but perhaps new occupiers will be

found for premises currently unoccupied. The artist’s impression tabled at the meeting, was provided to indicate pavement colours, and ignores the fact that the ‘white wall’ is - in reality - a glazed-in bar. I am grateful to Yolanda for her help in clarifying detail - in Valenciano - of the public meeting.

Tax deductible receipts given for all donations, and Modelo 182 issued to all donors who request one, to deduct donations to Iglesia GIDE (Cif: R0300542H) from their annual Renta return

We rely on your support

96 646 3707 Tel:

Page 14

August/September 2013, Nº 5

Straight Talking by Lee Hodges, Independent Financial Adviser

Direct Investment v Portfolio Bonds v Discretionary Fund Management

Over the years, much debate has arisen as to whether an investor is better off investing in single funds directly with an investment house, or utilising some form of ‘wrapper’, such as a Portfolio Bond. There is no doubt that both have their distinct and unique advantages, and the route taken very much depends on what suits you.

With a ‘direct’ investment, you are literally investing directly into one particular fund with one particular investment house. If you wish to spread your risk and diversify, which is very much recommended, you will usually require the services of perhaps three or four different investment houses, selecting a specific fund from each.

With a ‘wrapper’, you are able to purchase various funds and place them within your investment portfolio, which basically means that all your funds are held under one roof.

In essence, the charging structure for a ‘wrapper’ is higher than that for ‘direct’ investment, due to the overall flexibility that can be gained by holding all your funds in one place. However, the ability to switch from one fund to another within your ‘wrapper’ cannot be overlooked, which means that if a fund is underperforming, you can sell it relatively easily and re-invest the proceeds into another fund of your choice or, if you prefer, merely hold it in cash within the portfolio.

The ‘sale and buy’ process within a ‘wrapper’ is normally activated by a ‘dealing’ form being completed by your adviser, and this form being either emailed or faxed to the investment company maintaining the ‘wrapper’. Normally, the investment company will

start the process of buying and/or selling within 24 hours of the instructions being received by them.

With ‘direct’ investing, the process is not as simple. If the Fund into which you have invested is underperforming, and you feel that it is time to sell it, you will invariably have to send the investment company a letter, asking them to send the resulting proceeds to your nominated bank account. On average, this will take in the region of 3 to 6 weeks to complete, and you will have absolutely no control over the price you will receive for the sale. In addition, the investment company may ‘stall’ the sale and request from you updated ID and address verification documents. This happens more than you may think!

If all this sounds a bit daunting, I am pleased to advise that there is a third option available, and one which I personally feel you should explore in greater detail.

The problem with any ‘direct’ investment or ‘wrapper’ is that the choice of what to invest in is still mainly down to you. Your adviser will guide you, but it has to be remembered that your adviser is employed to select your appropriate investment strategy (income or growth, for example), and probably does not have the necessary skills or, indeed, time to manage an active portfolio. To alleviate the requirement to pick suitable underlying funds, whether

Peri Pera

Jávea Jeard

through ‘direct’ investment or through a ‘wrapper’, you should enquire about the Managed Portfolio Service, to which I have access.

The Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) is a discretionary managed investment, which means that all investment decisions are taken by a third party. By utilising the services of the MPS, you will no longer have to make important investment decisions. There are a range of investment strategies to choose from, which means that your MPS will be tailored to your exact requirements. All strategies have a minimum investment of only GBP 25,000 (or currency equivalent in both Euros and US$). Before investing in any direct fund or Personal Portfolio Bond, I would urge you to check-out the Managed Portfolio Service, as not only does it provide excellent returns, but the charging structure is extremely competitive and is far lower than you would probably expect!


Avda de Los Fueros 1 (next to the Dolphin roundabout) JÁVEA PORT

Opening hours:

10.00 - 24.00 - Closed Saturdays

Tastes from around the world by our new French Chef Enjoy a light summery lunch on our private sunny terrace from 10am - 3pm Tapas from 10am - 11pm

Birthday and other Celebrations

Dinner Parties

Ideal venue for your next special occasion or a pleasant ‘eat out’

You’re assured of good advice and top-notch service, food & value from Tracy on 677 253


Jávea Jeard


Immaculate duplex apartment with secure basement parking and terrace with views to the Montgo. 3 beds, 2 bath. Close to amenities and beaches. €150,000 Ref: HO232058 Immaculate, quality apartment with basement parking, 2 Beds, 2 bath, store room close to amenities and Arenal beach in Jávea, set in a gated complex with communal pool, gardens and gymasium. €185,000 Ref: HO232400 Spacious, renewed, ground floor apt, 3 beds, 2 bath, close to all Jávea amenities and beaches in , community pool and gardens, basement parking. €225,000 Ref: HO232380 Character property with amazing views to the bay of Jávea and surrounding mountains. 2 beds, 1 bath, €285,000 Ref: HO232091


Totally reformed townhouse in historic centre of Jávea old town. Underfloor heating, hot/cold air conditioning, double glazing, spacious rooms. 3 beds, 2 bath. €275,000 Ref: HO232379


Immaculate villa, 3 beds, 2 bath, close to Benitachell, private pool, off road parking, double glazing, underfloor heating, alarm system, easy maintenance plot, nice views. €219,950 Ref: HO232385 South facing detached villa on flat plot, private gardens and pool area, integral garage and workshop, ample storage space, 5 minutes from Arenal beach. 3 beds, 2 bath €320,000 Ref: HO232333 South facing four bedroom, 3 bath, detached villa set on flat corner plot, with easy kept garden, open views, private pool, garage and ample parking. €345,000 Ref: HO232365 Well maintained villa, 3 beds, 2 bath with beautiful views to Montgo mountain and valley. 10 x 5m. pool, summer kitchen, garage. €369,950 Ref: HO232295 Well presented villa with sea and Montgo mountain views, close to Jávea and amenities, private pool, separate guest apartment. 5 beds, 3 bath. €375,000 Ref: HO232373

Erreos & Omissions Excepted

August/September 2013, Nº 5

Page 15

Jávea’s Pro-Active estate agency - we go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure, whether vendor, buyer or renter you recommend us to your friends

Reformed villa with Montgo mountain backdrop. Private pool, summer kitchen, garage, ample parking, separate accommodation connected to the main living area. 5 Bed, 4 bath. €395,000 Ref: HO232248 Character villa with separate guest apartment, 5 bedrooms in total, 5 bathrooms, summer kitchen and private pool. €420,000 Ref: HO232389 Detached villa with good views to Jávea bay of and Montgo mountain. Double garage, beautiful gardens, 10 x 5 metre pool. 5 Beds, 3 bath. €449,000 Ref: HO232356 Well maintained and presented villa, just 5 minutes from Jávea and Benitachell in a rural area. Independent annexe which would be ideal as an office, gym, studio etc. 5 beds, 4 bath, €495,000 Ref: HO232299 Elegant style villa, 3 beds 2 bath, in landscaped gardens, summer kitchen, private pool and Washington palms, in prestigious area of residential detached Villas. Secure parking with integral garage. €525,000 Ref: HO232344 Five bedroom detached villa in quiet residential area, fabulous panoramic views of Montgo mountain. 3 bath, large poolside terrace with quality fitted summer kitchen, bar and adjoining thatched cabana, garage and ample parking. €575,000 Ref: HO232372 Renovated finca just 0.5kms from the village of Jesus Pobre and 7kms from Jávea and Denia. 5 beds, 3 bath, Lots of character, many special features. €595,000 HO232207 Country villa reformed to a quality finish. Olive and almond trees, Stables, paddock private pool, summer kitchen, Montgo mountain views. 4 beds, 4 bath. €795,000 Ref: HO232112


Modern top floor west and south facing apartment, basement parking, store room, furnished, central heating, hot-cold air-con, community pool, views to Montgo mountain. €450 month. Ref: HOR232320 LONG LET Available now!! First floor three bedroom, 2 bath apartment, located between Port and Old town of Jávea. Close to all amenities, communial pool, unfurnished and u’ground parking. LONG TERM RENTAL!!! €550 month Ref: HOR232391 LONG TERM Spacious duplex 3 beds, 2 bath apartment close to all amenities. Furnished, radiator heating, hot and cold air-con, community pool, pets allowed. €600 month. Ref: HOR232306 WINTER RENT - available 1st Oct. 2013 - 31 March 2014. Well presented and tastefully furnished corner, 3 bed, 2 bath, ground floor apartment close to amenities and beach in port area of Jávea. Basement parking and store room, cable T.V. €750 Month Ref: HOR232398 As new three bedroom top floor apartment, distant sea views, convenient location, close to all amenities, parking available, unfurnished, available immediately for Long Let. €850 month. Ref: HOR232367 Detached villa, sea views, unfurnished or furnished, pets allowed, 4 beds, 3 bath, garage, storage space. €1200 month includes garden/ pool maintenance. Available 1st week Nov. 2013. Ref: HOR232190. WINTER RENTAL VILLA!! Quality villa with hot/cold air conditioning, central heating, 3 beds, 2 bath, furnished, big store room, pets allowed. Price includes pool and garden maintenance. €1400 month Available 1st Oct 2013 - 31 May 2014. Ref: HOR232239 This is a SMALL selection (yes, we know the pictures are small - but they are better than nothing) from our databas of over 1300 properties.

Av. Lepanto 2, Edif. Puerto Real, 03730 Jávea Port - Tel: 96 579 0803 LOOKING TO BUY, SELL or RENT in JÁVEA AREA? Your time is precious - so contact the pro-active Estate Agency for reliable advice - with their service that sells. English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German spoken and understood eMail:

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August/September 2013, Nº 5

It won’t come to Jávea but train access will improve

The Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transportation and Housing has finalised the drafting of a study for the 'Tren de la Costa', which will connect the cities of Valencia and Alicante through Dénia.

Jávea Ayuntamiento and Red Cross sign transport agreement

Jávea Townhall has signed a colaboration agreement with Jávea Red Cross for financial assistance for the next three years to meet the transportation needs of medically urgent and other essential transportation. The agreement amounts to 675,000 €uros and will be paid in three annual instalments of 100,000€ (2013), 275,000€ (2014) and 300,000€ (2015). According to Mayor, José Chulvi, the drastic drop in income resulting from cancellation of existing cadastral values, forced the Council to rethink spending and reduce many agreements

The tender is expected to be awarded early in 2014, with a completion time of 24 months. The study report has taken almost two years to prepare after the signing of an agreement between the Government and the Ministry of Development. Although the broad gauge rail project has been delayed, the Councillor for Infrastructure, Isabel Bonig has declared it "Very important news" and an example of central government support for a modern railroad along the coast. The Conselleria has already reserved ground along the proposed route. The route is expected to run alongside the AP-7 motorway for much of its length. The train will use international systems compatible with high speed, with a minimum design speed of 200 kilometres per hour with many stretches 50% faster, and will be suitable for the Regional AVE high speed trains from Madrid to link Denia and Benidorm, utilising existing stations. The study also includes a connection to Torrevieja. with local organizations and clubs. Despite this, the Mayor pointed out "All Councillors were agreed there are services so important that they must not be cut, and the agreement with the Red Cross, which provides the population with an ambulance available 24 hours a day for both emergency and medical transportation, is one of them. " Red Cross President, José Luis Domenech, regards the new agreement as "satisfactory for all", as it enables unrestricted services in the health field every day. Domenech reminds us that more and more the presence of the Red Cross is imperative to maintaining urgent medical transport, with local ambulances available to the public when the regional government service is stretched - and particularly so during the Summer months when Jávea's population expands to breaking point. Meanwhile, Health Councillor, Tere Bisquert, stressed the importance of this agreement because "health is vital" and above all "in times of need, the Townhall must do everything in its power to ensure basic services are maintained."

Jávea Jeard


The decision to relocate Jávea Evangelical Church to the Oasis Help Centre premises in C/. Toni Llido 5 has increased the congregation. The new venue is a temporary arrangement for the Summer and Autumn, but could become permanent if people who have said they cannot get to the Town premises, support the Sunday services in the Port. Holy Communion is served every Sunday and the format is a mixture of Sacramental, Evangelical and Pentecostal, with the emphasis on ensuring that every visit is an encouraging experience. It is a church that prays for the sick and there have been miraculous results, including a baby of 3 months who was blind, receiving his sight whilst asleep during the sermon. The Pastor told us “People no longer want the church that met the needs of their grandparents - and probably don’t want the idea of ‘church’ anyway - so we will adapt the format to the needs of the newcomers, provided they tell us what they ‘liked’ or ‘didn’t like’.” If you’d like to meet someone to accompany you on your first visit, phone Ann on 669 386 701 and she will make arrangements with you.

Peter Ayling

Still here when others have left Tel.: 96 646 0933 Mob.: 616 375 608 It only costs

10€ a month

to promote YOUR NAME in a space this size in Jávea Jeard - the magazine Jávea people are talking about and READ. Tel: 669 386 702 or call and see Clive at the Oasis Help Centre.

Agenda 21 Jávea Updates

Jávea Jeard

Xàbia receives cash boost

Jávea’s municipal coffers have received a boost of 385,804€uros from Madrid, an adjustment to the 2011 state subvention to municipalities. Madrid transfers money to a municipality on the basis of estimated population, but ‘adjusts’ the amount once the ‘padron’ numbers are verified. The money will be used to pay off outstanding loans at the end of the year and make investments which do not require maintenance. How the money is spent is regulated by law.

Windmill knock-back

The Valencia Government has rejected Xàbia's application for a grant of €20,000 for the restoration of Windmill No 2 on la Plana - having apparently lost out to other project applications. The other 20,000 comes from the town's Participatory budget and it seems that the rehabilitation will go ahead despite the absence of the grant.

Spanish austerity brain drain

Scientists in Spain claim the long-term future of the country is being sacrificed, because of what they call "short-sighted" austerity measures. Research and development in Spain has been cut by around 40% in the past five years. The Spanish government says the private sector needs to do more, but many scientists are simply leaving Spain and taking their work abroad.

Migrating whales off Jávea

Whales have returned to the waters off the Cap de Sant Antoni. During the summer, fin whales (Balaenoptera Physalus) migrate southwards from the Ligurian Sea, (a Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary), towards the Strait of Gibraltar and watchers at the beginning of August saw a whale and several striped dolphins swimming around her. The fin whale is the second largest animal on the planet, after the blue whale and can grow up to 27 metres. So far this summer, several of these whales have been spotted on the coast of the region. The "Canal d'Eivissa" (the strait between here and Ibiza) is a kind of "highway" for cetaceans. They are forced closer to the coast by currents and intense maritime traffic and the sea is very deep off the cliffs of Cap de Sant Antonio, giving protection to whales and dolphins.

Jávea Jeard is grateful to Chris Jones for compiling the Agenda 21 reports, on which this report is based

August/September 2013, Nº 5

Forest fire on Montgó

Two Americans and seven people from Ireland were detained after a forest fire was started on the Denia side of the Montgó on Monday night (near the Denia/Jávea road over the cabo de San Antonio). It appears these holidaymakers let loose a Chinese Lantern which landed and initiated the fire, scorching some 1,000 square metres of forested land in an area close to other houses. They have been charged with arson by negligence.

No ‘slip, sliding away’

The slipway next to the fishing docks was initially managed by a company which rented sailing dinghies, but its contract lapsed and afterwards there was a free for all, the slipway being used by anyone who could fit their boat on the hard-standing. In 2009 the Valencia Ministry for Infrastructure put a stop to all that, blocking the slipway and fencing it off. The idea was to control this area with a view to making new management concessions. Since then it has been used only as a parking place for a rusting wreck. Jávea Ayuntamiento is trying to open the area for public use again, and have recently sent four requests to release the slipway, offering various options to look after it, even to buying it. But so far no joy. The council now plans to hold meetings with Valencia to discuss the issue. Note: the Conselleria de Infraestructures de Valencia is the same government department which owns the promenade in the Port and will not allow tables there.

APASA receives €45,887

At the last Town Council meeting, Mayor Chulvi signed several agreements for financial support to associations including 45,887€uros for APASA for its care and shelter for abandoned animals in the municipality, in addition to managing the kennel which now houses around 200 dogs.

How not to organise an event

At the end of July there were three different events planned for Jávea. Firtsly, the Iboga music festival in the Old Town - the organisers waited until the last minute to apply for the

Page 17

necessary permits and the Town Council had to have an emergency meeting to authorise this event which is supposed to promote the image of Xàbia. Do Councillors get paid again for attending an Emergency meeting, or it a ‘freebie’? CR

Secondly there was the Bull and Motorbike "Gran Fería Taurina" advertised for 16th, 17th and 18th August on the waste land car park at the Arenal (opposite the Chinese bazaar). The Ministry of the Environment had to check out the documentation and ensure they fulfil all safety measures and regulations. However Jávea Town Council was also concerned that the largest parking space for the Arenal will be taken up by this event, and were not too sure about the event itself and its characteristics. Finally, Circo Americano did not have a permit to raise the Big Top permits were granted in April - however there were still problems as the circus "forgot to pay" last year’s water bill.

Carelessness causes Granadella fire

Jávea firefighters were called out at three in the morning at the end of July to deal with a fire which had broken out in the protected forestry area of Granadella bay. Balcon al Mar volunteer firefighters were first on the scene, soon Continued on page 18

Casa Segura Locksmiths

We have been made aware of two separate incidents where tourists have picked up their hire cars at the airport and had them broken into in supermarket car parks, on the way to their destination. The suitcases were the give away. These robberies took place at Carrefour in Benidorm, and Lidl, here in Jávea. So please warn your guests. Another robbery took place on the Montgo, where the Villa was left open, while the family were around the pool. Fortunately the ipads etc had trackers, and the Guardia recovered them and a stash of similar items in a nearby villa. Lock up, even if you're around the pool. Protect your property this summer! For a free site survey or free security review, call

Carl Barclay

to make an appointment (+34) 659 853 645 Avenida del Pla 116 (Arenal)

Continued from previous page

to be joined by the Civil Protection and regional park firemen. The fire, covering some 60 square metres was controlled before it could spread to more difficult areas, and the cause of the fire was found to be BBQ coals which had been disposed of carelessly. The dry weather imposed a state of pre-emergency for high fire risk. Devastating wildfires are high risk when the wind is 30km/hr, humidity less than 30% and the ambient temperature above 30 degrees Celcius.

Sports hall cleaning out to tender

A contract worth some €50,000 per year (extendable) for the cleaning of the Sports Hall in Xàbia Port was put out to tender. Bids were to be submitted within 15 days of August 6th. The Council had tried unsuccessfully to carry out the cleaning in-house.

Cannabis Crop on the Cumbre

The Guardia Civil searched a suspicious property on the Cumbre del Sol to find 606 cannabis plants growing in a well equipped basement plant house and a box containing 3,100 gms of dried marijuana The three inhabitants of the house (one Dutch, one Spanish and a Romanian woman) were charged with theft of electricity and activities against public health.

Direct Debit IBI surprise

Jávea Property owners were surprised to discover IBI had been debited from their bank accounts early in August, when many people had budgeted for payments at the end of September as previously. Not only that, the amount was considerably higher than last year. Mayor Chulvi explained reasons for the higher IBI bill on his Facebook page (a strange way to communicate with ratepayers) and the Town Council had warned of higher IBI bills to come at the plenary council meeting in November 2012 with a hike in the factor to calculate IBI - from 0.93% to 1.13%. The Calendario Fiscal on the Town Hall website states that IBI is payable from 6th August until 20th October, but there's no mention of changes to the date for direct debit payments! Also in November 2012 it was announced that "Xàbia Town Hall is introducing a system whereby, in 2013, people can customise their schedule of payments of local taxes to suit their circumstances. People who pay early will get a discount of up to 4%, and those who wait until the end of the year will pay a small

surcharge." People are advised to visit the Help Desk at the Citizens attention office to avail themselves of this system.

Bring back ugly fish and dirty lettuce

The Slow Food Movement (SFM), created in 1989 and now boasting around 100,000 members around the world, seeks "food diversity and quality, and respect for nature’, but the accessibility of local products depends on one's geographical location and the Slow Food Movement and others cannot compete as a lobby with major corporations. Spain is the leading European producer of organic products, but this does not result in good sales at home: the Swiss spend 150€ per person a year on organic food, compared with six euros here. These products tend to be 20 to 40 percent more expensive due to higher production costs. And not everyone thinks they are worth the added cost. "There are a lot of rip-offs, and I'm not sure organic products are a panacea," writes López Iturriaga. The price issue is key in countries mired in economic crisis, such as Spain. "A UN report shows that 40 percent of the world's food gets thrown away," says Di Croce, citing the example of pre-washed lettuces "which cost nearly 10 percent more and whose sales have increased."

Why the crisis could be good for nature

709,577 hectares of "urbanisable" land could be rescued and returned to nature. It is this great pocket of land that environmentalists want to win back by having it reclassified as green space once more, at least in cases where construction is not imminent. Seo BirdLife members have asked political parties to include a clause in the country's Land Law stipulating that any land classified as fit for building must revert back to its previous state if construction does not occur within 10 years.

Despite the crisis Mercadona creates 14,000 jobs

Mercadona supermarkets continue to grow despite the crisis and have added 14,000 permanent jobs since 2007 when the crisis began. The workforce is now 74,000 and if you add the food supply chain, this rises to 400,000 or 2% of the Spanish workforce, and supply chain workers earn an average of €32,000 per year, above the Spanish average of €23,000. The company continues to invest, opening an average of 73 new supermarkets each year over the past decade and plans to invest €600 million

Jávea Jeard

in 60 new stores in 2013. It contributes 3,700 million Euros to the Country's GDP (or 0.34%).

It's Official - it's Hot According to the Spanish Met office (AEMET), the average July temperature in the region of 25 degrees, was 1.6 degrees above "normal", following a particularly cool June. However, the month was not as hot as in 1994 and 1982 (25.6º), and 2003, 2006 and 2009 all had an average higher than 25º. The coolest summer in recent records was 1997, with an average of 21.9º. Continued on page 21


Across 7 Circle; 8 Reason; 9 Rude, 10 Starkers; 11 Section; 13 Novell; 15 Marry; 17 Standup; 20 Positive; 21 Topi; 22 Scrape; 23 Pilots.

August/September 2013, Nº 5

Down 1 Minute; 2 Acne; 3 Tension; 4 Break; 5 Backrow; 6 Course; 12 Terminal; 16 Atonce; 18 Uppity. How did you do?

AGENDA 21 Page 18

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Martyn’s Cryptic Xword

August/September 2013, Nº 5


1. Describing Abel in well-known book (3,5,3) 9. Easygoing leader upset about number ten (7)

10. Stitches a tiny piece of material (5)

11. This will get the job done, or money back (4) 12. Early christmas present containing game (4,4) 14. Cattle drive (5)

15. Get together in summer, generally (5) 20. Pastry sales (8)

22. Take the cowardly option when left in charge (4)

SEND YOUR ANSWERS to Jávea Jeard at Apartado de Correos 227, VERGEL 03770 (Alicante) or Oasis Help Centre, C/. Toni Llido 5, Bajo, JAVEA 03730 A winning entry was received from Lyn, Well done! If there is more than one correct answer, a winner will be selected ‘out-of-a-hat’.

24. Live with old flame first (5)

25. Shoes could be for sale (7)

26. Creates extraordinary chap, like James Bond perhaps (6,5)


Page 19

2. Last offer ? (4,3) 3. Transport returning at eleven (4) 4. Really fashionable enterprise (6) 5. Fighting illness (8) 6. Convert in church, we hear (5) 7. Ring judge and get address (5) 8. Supplement for girl, ten (5) 13. Newspaper man writing about beer (8) 16. Girl meets boy on ship (7) 17. Alternative parent losing head (5) 18. One who is keen to laze about (6) 19. Slow, and needs fixing (5) 21. In the workplace, extra money to burn, we hear (5) 23. Joke about northern outfit (4)

The answers to Martyn’s Cryptic Crossword in the June edition are printed on page 18.

Will you live to be 80?

Page 20

Are you ready for

August/September 2013, Nº 5

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These are the Rules

We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note ... these are all numbered '1' ON PURPOSE!

1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.

1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail.

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1. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself. 1. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.

1. Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we.

1. ALL men see in only 16 colours, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a colour. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have no idea what mauve is.

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Jávea Jeard

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Jávea Jeard Agenda 21

Continued from pages 17 and 18

Jávea's jobless recover river bed

Workers from Jávea's environmental brigade (which was set up to give summer jobs to 30 of the unemployed), have cleared 500 Eucalyptus trees and seedlings from the bed of the Rio Gorgos. This highly invasive and fast growing species was on its way to establishing a forest in the river bed, with a danger of trunks and branches being swept away during the rains, causing blockages under the bridge at the river mouth.

Photography competition on Cultural diversity

Jávea's Intercultural department, the local Red Cross, in collaboration with the Agrupació Fotogràfica and Old Town Business Association, have organised a photo competition called "Images for diversity", to promote coexistence and multiculturalism of immigrants and locals in common areas (school, supermarket, neighbourhood). The competition is open to anyone aged 12 years and over (there are two groups: 12 to 17 years and age 18 and over), each person submitting up to 3 pictures at the Red Cross until September 23rd. Prizes are worth 400€ exchangeable in shops in Xàbia Old Town. Entries may be in black and white or colour, must be original and show any situation that reflects the respectful relationship between different cultures. They must be mounted 40cm by 50cm and signed on the back.

AMJASA supplies 30,000m3 of water each summer day

AMJASA supplied an average of 30,000 cubic metres of water each day during July, hitting a peak of 32,600 on Saturday 20th. Almost half of the water came from ground water wells, the rest supplied by the desalination plant which is operating on three of its four banks of osmotic filters. Some of the water has been sold to neighbouring towns such as the Teulada / Benitatxell consortium and Gata de Gorgos. Despite high demand, there has actually been a decline in the amount of water supplied compared to the same time last year, with less water lost through leaks.

Adsubia forest fire possibly caused by a Chinese Lantern

A watchful neighbour in Adsubia called the police on Monday night when they saw that someone had launched a

August/September 2013, Nº 5

Chinese lantern in this forested area. They also took a photo on their mobile phone to try and locate where the lantern had come from. Firefighters quickly came to the scene but were unable to find a fire or the remains of the lantern. However, next morning there was a small fire in the same place and 100m2 of forest was burned before it was extinguished. If the two events can be linked it means a fine of over 600 Euros to the lantern launchers. The sale of Chinese lanterns is prohibited in Spain. There are calls to ban them in UK too, following a huge fire at a plastic recycling plant initiated by one, and farmers complain that animals die after eating the wire frames. There are restrictions on their use in Germany, Austria, Australia, Malta and Vietnam.

Iboguers Music Festival gets bad press

The Iboguers pop music festival which was recently held in the Plaza de la Constitución has been much criticised not only because of its poor publicity and last minute organisation, but because the festival was effectively parachuted in from Madrid and also its profile does not match with the Town's stated strategic plan to develop quality, family tourism; culture, gastronomy and environmental values.

Spain’s Beaches are a Treasure Trove of Biodiversity

Almost half of the 3,500 or so beaches along the Spanish coast form part of the Natura 2000 network, the main conservation, management and sustainable development instrument for biodiversity in the European Union. On its 10,000 kilometres (about 6,200 miles) of coastline, Spain has 3,458 beaches, of which approximately 1,557 or 44.74 percent - are part of Natura 2000, the Environment Ministry said.

Building could be allowed on land affected by fire

Land destroyed by forest fires may soon be eligible for building without waiting the requisite 30 years, although the government admits it will have to act with caution. Agriculture minister Miguel Arias Cañete says he does not see why structures of 'general social interest' should not be built on charred plots, a description in which he includes schools, hospitals and prisons. (SOUNDS LIKE THE SAME ‘COMMUNITY’ PURPOSE AS THE LRAU, WHICH WAS USED TO THE DETRIMENT OF HOMEOWNERS IN RURAL AREAS. CR)

Page 21

Petition organiser confronts Police/Fiestas Councillor Juan Ortola

More than 70 residents signed a petition demanding action against a restaurant by day that became a nightclub when other restaurants had to close. Two representatives of neighbours went to the July meeting of Councillors, to complain about the noise and said they have asked the City Council for a copy of the business license but it had not been provided. The organiser claimed local police had measured the noise at 66 decibels outside the premises, which means it is harmful. Neighbours want to restore peace and warned that even noise can harm other businesses because nearby there is also a pension. Police Councillor Juan Ortolá, said the Townhall has already opened a file. The change of activity has its drawbacks. At the heart of the port of Javea, known as ‘Aduanas’, residents and tourists seek, as always, peace. “New premises, located at the northern end of the Grava beach operates from Easter, and causes loss of sleep. By day it is a restaurant, but after midnight it becomes a "coffee lounge". This dual activity should not cause discomfort to neighbours. The atmosphere "lounge" is quiet. But neighbours say disco music plays until three in the morning. The venue has a spectacular terrace overlooking the sea. It is in a central area of the Port with apartments, townhouses and bungalows. The slopes of Cap San Antonio form a backdrop that makes the music rumble and reverberate, like a never-ending echo, and residents are fed up with sleepless nights. It was obvious Councillor Ortola had sympathy with the neighbours, and said the Police had ‘opened a file’ but appeared to resent the fact that a neighbour had thought it necessary to complain to the Plenum session, with the resultant publicity. CR

Page 22

August/September 2013, Nº 5

Compromis claim safety is compromised by 2-way traffic

Jávea Compromis group at the Townhall has criticised the return of Avenida Juan Carlos to 2-way traffic, that has left motorists with an abundance of road markings, all of which look ‘white’ from the inside of a car, but in reality are ‘black’ - and no longer valid. Instead of removing the former white lines, the contractor was instructed to ‘paint black over them’ so the road could be used with the minimum of inconvenience. Vicent Chorro, leader of Compromis group voiced his concerns at the recent monthly meeting of Councillors, claiming that the decision had been made by politicians, against the advice of technicians and traffic experts. Councillor Vicent Chorro He pointed out that off-street parking had been provided, but no one was using it, and neighbours faced a huge problem from the dust caused by motorists using it as a short-cut from the supermarkets to their homes in Puchol and apartments in - and surrounding - Av. Juan Carlos. Chorro regretted the fact that the protected cycle lane between the Port and Pueblo had been removed, and parking allowed so close to road junctions and pedestrian crossings, that it was a recipe for death on Jávea roads.


He believes the decision was taken to appease the demands of social networking groups, is a bad decision, and will again need to be reversed. Chorro was a member of the Bloc that created cycle lanes, introduced oneway traffic, and removed ‘traffic lights’ to make it difficult for the decision to be reversed.


When you exit the new (unused - other than a shortcut between supermarkets and Av. Juan Carlos) 100-car off-street parking area, you take your life - and that of your passengers - in your hands. The driver has NO VIEW of oncoming traffic - from both directions - until in the crown of the road (and guilty of entering a road when it was unsafe to do so). Perhaps this is one of the reasons traffic management experts advised against the reintroduction of 2-way traffic. It’s a decision that certainly cannot be blamed on Juan Moragues, Eduardo Monfort, Rafael Bas, Ana Vasbinder, Tony Cabban, or any of the councillors who served in previous administrations. This is NOW, CR

Jávea Jeard


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Your RESIDENCIA may not protect you at the Notaria

A Fiscal Resident Cerificate (Certificado de Residencia Fiscal)

is obligatory when selling a property in Spain

Without it, you will be treated as a non resident and the 3% non-resident retention will be withheld at the Notary. The amount minus taxes due can be reclaimed, but you will incur costs and you will have to rely on the goodwill of the tax authorities to return your funds promptly. Suggest you do not hold your breath. Picture this scenario - you had a ‘Community Card’ and now a green form that says you are a resident in Spain, and are fortunate enough to find someone to buy your property, at a price you are told to accept, before prices drop any lower.

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August/September 2013, Nº 5

You are at the Notary’s office for the Escritura to be compiled from the various documents and bits of paper you have been asked to provide, but are told you will have to leave 3% of the price with the Notary, because you have not provided proof that you are TAX resident in Spain, just PHYSICALLY resident.

A Notary’s response to a Residency Certificate As far as the Notary is concerned, the A4 size green document which has replaced the previous resident card, (and even though accompanied by passports) was not proof of TAX residency. To be TAX resident you have to submit ‘Renta’ returns each year, even if your income is below the amount for paying tax in Spain. If you cannot prove that you pay Tax (even if it is NIL) in Spain, 3% of the total sale price will be legally withheld by the purchaser, purchaser’s lawyer or the bank’s gestor if, the purchaser had applied for a mortgage. The funds would then be forwarded, with the relevant forms to the tax authority. There is a time limit during which you can reclaim the amount retained, minus any taxes you may owe. IF you have made your annual tax declaration on a yearly basis, you would apply for the ‘Certificado de Residente Fiscal’ (tax resident) and with that document, the 3% retention will not be withheld. The green resident document states, “La persona que a continuación se indica, ha solicitado y obtenido su inscripción en el Regisgtro Central de Extranjeros de la Dirección de la Policía y de la Guardia Civil, como residente comunitario en España” (The person indicated below, has sought and obtained registration in the Central Registry of Foreigners, of the address of the Police and of the Civil Guard; as a community resident in Spain). Translate this as you will, but there is no doubt, the green form is NOT what ‘The Tax Man’ will accept.

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I brought a smile to his face

On Thursday 26th July, my path crossed on two occasions with that of Jávea Mayor José Chulvi. The first was at the meeting of business-people in the Port, where he had outlined proposals for widening pavements (paid for by selling a building plot ceded to the Townhall) that would allow 1.8m for pedestrians and space for tables and chairs outside bars and restaurants in the Eastern section of Av. Jaume 1º.

Later, that same day, I attended the monthly meeting of Councillors at the Townhall. Afterwards, I asked José for a moment of his time. I could see in his eyes that he feared the worst, but said to him: “I don’t know what you have been told about me, but I have supported 100% - every Alcalde since I chose to come and live here in 1985. You have my same support, but if I feel that you or your team are failing the people (and voters) of Jávea, then I will say so.” The smile returned to his face, the handshake we’d been sharing came to an end, and we both left the Townhall. Before the meeting, Environment Councillor Doris Courcelles said to me (in a humorous tone) “You’ve got some courage, coming here where you don’t understand a word (Valenciano) that is being said!” to which I replied “My staying away doesn’t help understanding, either.” Doris has always been courteous to Ann and I, recognising - unlike some of Oscar’s fans - that we support what is good for Jávea regardless of who ‘signed the contract’ or ‘unveiled the plaque’. CR.

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Jávea Jeard is published in Jávea by A2Z Publicaciones on behalf of Iglesia Grupo International de Divulgación del Evangélio (CIF: Q0300542H) at OASIS Centre, C/. Toni Llido 5, Jávea 03730

and WE APOLOGISE to our readers who were unable to purchase copies of the July/August edition of Jávea Jeard in the Iceland store in Jávea, for part of August, as a result of an unfortunate misunderstanding on our part.

Apache Blessing ~ to Family and friends

May the sun bring you new energy by day! May the moon softly restore you by night! May the rain wash away your worries! May the breeze blow new strength into your being! May you walk gently through the world! And know its beauty all the days of your life!

Javea jeard aug:sept  

The NEWS magazine about Jávea, you can hold in your hands. Town Hall councillors report, local news, views and humour. Thanks for reminder w...

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