The German Club Gold Coast Newsletter #1 (28th February 2022)

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Newsletter for members and guests News/Information/Events and Offers Newsletter #1 February 28th 2022

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Table of Contents Message from our Acting President Deidre Kreyzig Hello everyone, It has been a long time through living this Covid pandemic. The German Club Gold Coast is no different to any other business and we need to work really hard over the next 12 months, to get us back to profit. Myself, together with the Committee, are fully committed to making changes which will enhance and grow the club back to “the good old days” We cannot do this without your support: Our valued members and guests. Please spread the word that we are now open; we are developing a plan to attract new members and the community. We need the club to grow while still staying true to our culture/friendships and traditions. Our new GM Clive Haddow, has the support of the Committee and has the skills to get our club back to profit. The club is going to explore opening more and for longer hours, but for us to do that we need to have customers and members support

The St Patrick’s Day event is on again and that is going to be a fantastic night. Please visit our website ,which we are updating, for list of events, functions and news.

Newsletter #1 February 28th 2022

Bio of General Manager CLIVE HADDOW Looking forward to meeting you at the Club!! Clive Haddow has spent 30+ years in the financial services industry. He started his career in South Africa before moving to Australia in the mid 80’s where he worked through the de-regulation of the banking sector and been involved in setting up successful bank assurance operation for one of the big 3 banks in Australia. His roles have been varied • CEO of two leading Business Associations (Chamber of Commerce) • Westpac State Manager for Qld • Mortgage Choice Qld State manager • NSW AMP Corporate superannuation • UK Manager for NPI (owned by AMP) To name but a few of his roles He also was involved in the setting up of business/commercial banking operations particularly pioneering “relationship management” He has worked in the NOT FOR PROFIT area over the last 15 years with much success. He was a board member of • Camp Quality • Various Business Associations • Special Olympics • Bridging Capital • Chevron Island Business Association - President of the St Johns Crisis Centre (Full management and board duties) He is a keen sportsman with a passion for Golf. He has played football professionally and enjoys surfing, although perhaps he is getting a little old for the surfing. Organised and managed many conferences and events here in Australia but also UK,Bali,Spain,South Africa,Portugal,LA and Fiji. Both Clive and his wife Diane have had very interesting lives with and strong sense of adventure. Clive is totally committed to ensure continued success with the German Club Gold Coast Personal attributes include but not limited to • People skills• Organisational skills• Goal orientated and outcome focused• Loyal• Community focused Newsletter #1 February 28th 2022

We have been hard at work looking at ways we can increase the profitability of our club but also looking to retain our uniqueness and charm. Some of the projects include the following: • • • • • • • • • •

Establishment of a club lounge room where members and guest can relax and maybe enjoy a coffee or drink in a quiet and inviting space. Establishment of a BEER GARDEN . Longer opening hours and days Refurbish the kitchen area. Establishment of a board room for hire which includes coffee/tea/projector/screen/Whyte board and more. Establishment of a Sports Bar so that members and guests can either have a welcome drink before dinner or relax during opening hours. Ensure a full events calendar (Currently available for viewing on our website. Redesign our website. Move to online booking for events and functions (direct booking will still be available. Members will shortly be sent a survey to rate our club and to have actual input as to how we move forward.

Newsletter #1 February 28th 2022

Up coming events Please visit our website for a detailed information 4th March 2022 – Normal Friday 5th March 2022 – Entertainment by Frank Duga Members and Guests will be greeted at the door with a free welcome drink of Wine/Beer or Champagne 6th March 2022 – Sunday Lunch 11th March 2022 – Normal Friday 12th March 2022 – Entertainment by Frank Duga 13th March 2022 – Entertainment by Frank Duga 17th March 2022 – Rock and Rollers 19th March 2022 – HUGE ST PARTICKS DAY CELEBRATIONS including floor show and entertainment by Alex Lungaro 24th March 2022 – Rock and Rollers 26TH AND 27TH March 2022 – Entertainment by Fabian More to follow – PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Newsletter #1 February 28th 2022