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Spanish courses 2012


CURSOS DE ESPAテ前L Accredited Centre of the Institute Cervantes

Centro Acreditado del Instituto Cervantes

Index Introduction Montequinto 04 Sevilla 10 Canadian Language Institute 12 Learn Spanish in CLI 13

Courses Spanish, Culture & Tapas


Spanish & Rural Stay 16 Camino de Santiago/Way of St. James


Golf, Wineries & Tapas 20 Flamenco: guitar, singing & dance


Programmes feature




Montequinto (subway, line 1) is a residential area three km from downtown Seville. It is perfectly communicated with the downtown of Seville by the line 1 of the subway, urban buses and a bike path. It has a young population of about 50,000. Montequinto provides exceptional sports opportunities. Here you can find a golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a bike path, parks and tennis and paddle courts. You can also find a library where many social events are held, a cinema and a museum. The museum of the “Olivar” (olivar grove), located in the restored “Hacienda de Quintos” is an example of the architecture of the area; its tower dates back to the 8th Century. Montequinto stands out for being a very safe and peaceful area.



Bike line, horse racetrack

Sevilla views from Montequinto 6

k, golf course...and more!

Bike line

Horse Racetrack

Golf course 7


“Take part in the exciting leisure a




activities Montequinto has to offer�Mare Club


Seville is approximately 3,000 years old. The passage of the various civilizations has left the city a distinct personality, and a large and well-preserved historical centre. Although it has a strong medieval, renaissance and baroque heritage, the city was greatly influenced by Arabic culture. Weather, gastronomy, nightlife, thousands of bars, hospitality and the warm character of its people, museums, and architecture are the main reasons why Seville is one of the most visited cities in Andalusia.



Canadian Language Institute Founded in 2000, CLI is a privately owned and operated school that operates a number of carefully designed and managed language programmes. It has two centres, one in Montequinto, a residential area, and the other in Alcalá de Guadaira, both in Seville. CLI’s early beginnings focused on English as a Foreign Language using a teaching compendium called FORYMED based on comprehensible input methods: TPR (James Asher), TPRS (Blaine Ray), The Natural Approach (Stephen Krashen). A few years later other languages


were incorporated in the programme: Spanish, Italian, German, French and Chinese. The compendium FORYMED is used to teach all the languages. Students range in age, the youngest being 4 years old, the oldest 57 years old. Classes can either be on a one to one basis or in groups. They may be in the morning, in the evening, although company classes are mostly in the morning. There are also continuing education courses for the Junta de Andalucía, and foreign students who come to learn Spanish. In 11 years, the number of students has increased significantly.

Learn spanish in CLI Canadian Language Institute is an accredited centre of the prestigious INSTITUTO CERVANTES. CLI. We are committed to excellence and student satisfaction. CLI offers a wide range of programmes. College students, business people, executives, people in love with the culture and heritage of Spain, elderly people with free time; they all find a programme at CLI. WHY CLI? ·A number of studies have indicated that TPR, TPRS AND THE NATURAL APPROACH are effective methods for acquiring language ·Language acquisition is fun and effortless ·Trained, enthusiastic and experienced native teachers

·Totally immersion in the language ·Different options for specific needs ·Homestay and apartments ·Beaches, monuments, historic sites…… ·Flamenco lessons, tapeo ·Seville is safe, beautiful, inexpensive and exciting

YOU WILL ENCHANTED BY SEVILLE, SO COME AND DANCE TO THE BEST SPANISH LEARNING EXPERIENCE! In Spanish + Rural Stay, as in El Camino de Santiago programe, the classroom is nature itself. The fish market or the craft industries may also replace the classroom. In Spanish + Culture, the Alhambra from Granada and the Alcázar of Seville, will be, among others, the real settings that surround the student. And there is still the option of taking Spanish classes in a classroom or while playing golf. 13


Ronda (Mรกlaga)

culture & tapas This programme is aimed at those who want to learn the language and study in depth the ancient civilizations that shaped the Seville of today and the rest of Andalusia. You will learn about the Roman remains such as the town of Italic. You will study eclectic monuments like the Alcรกzar in Seville and even one of the wonders of the world like the Alhambra in Granada, and also the meeting between two seas such as the Mediterranean and the Atlantic in Tarifa. The biggest Gothic Cathedral in the world in Seville will not be left behind. Included in this study will also be the surprising orography in Ronda, the extraordinary light in Cรกdiz (European Havana) and the spirit of ancient civilizations that impregnates Sevilla and the rest of Andalusia.


Alhambra (Granada)


This programme allows the participant to reinforce acquired structures and vocabulary in real life situations while experiencing Andalusian culture and traditions. Price: 840€ The price includes: •7days •Spanish classes •Accommodations •Minimum 8 people 15

Giralda tower (Seville)

Spanish &

rural stay

Spanish and Rural Stay is a programme that shares the current interest of those who are keen on recovering old traditions and craft tasks from the countryside, the sea... This programme is composed of two parts. The first part is a mandatory component of 40 hours of Spanish classes which takes place at the premises of Canadian Language Institute with the aim of acquiring the necessary communicative skills to live in the chosen environment. In the second component of the course, the student moves to the chosen family environment, learning and performing the tasks commended by the family where the student lives. This programme offers a combination of classroom and living with a native family in a rural setting. The student will reinforce acquired language in a lasting and efficient way.


“One month of natural liberty as pastor”

Price: 780€ per person. Minimum 3 students The price includes: •Two weeks of Spanish classes (20 hours per week) •Host family or apartment for the duration of the Spanish classes •Be able to stay in rural for 600€ extra per month all inclusive


Way of St James Camino de Santiago

Canadian Language Institute (CLI), accredited centre of Instituto Cervantes, offers the programme “El Camino de Santiagoâ€?. El Camino de Santiago is a unique experience which takes you to unforgettable places, uncomparable landscapes and cities and towns that burst with history and spirituality. It is organized in different stages, the participants become pilgrims who live and travel along the routes which take you to the city of Santiago de Compostela. This programme is aimed at those who want to learn or improve their Spanish in an intensive way and in a different environment. The journey is 111 km starting at SarriĂĄ. People of all ages can sign up since the programme alternates hiking days with resting days. We want you to feel like a pilgrim while on the hikes. But, at the end of each hiking stage: -The bus awaits to take you to the hotel -The bus provides you with bottles of cold water and a picnic bag -The bus is always ready to pick up the pilgrims at any time during the hikes The pilgrims will be Spanish citizens as well as citizens from other countries who wish to participate together in the linking culture experience while hiking. The hotel rooms are shared rooms for two people. 18

Price: 1195 € The price includes: • Two weeks doing the Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela • Accommodation and meals in hotels from July 1 to July 15 •Double room for two people •The tour bus to transport backpacks or persons if needed •Minimum 10 people •Meeting point Sarria-Lugo Hotel Fiz



Golf, wineries & tapas The ideal climate of Andalusia allows the practice of sports such as golf, all year round. With around 2,800 hours of sunlight per year, you can enjoy the blue sky of Seville, throughout. With this in mind, Canadian Language Institute prepares a 10 day programme for those who want to enjoy the weather, sports, and the gastronomy and enology of this area in the south of Spain. The programme includes guided visits to wineries and “tapas” tasting. Accommodations in D. Paco hotel near the downtown. We offer the option of taking Spanish classes in a classroom or while playing golf. Language is acquired through movements. Prices Individuals: from 1,900€ . Couples/Friends: from 2,900€ . The schedule includes: • Golf competition • Wine seminar • Tapas tasting every night • “Manzanilla” winery visit in Sanlúcar de Barrameda • Visit to Cádiz (European Havana) eat and tasting there fis and wine •Minimum 8 people



Flamenco: guitar, singing & dance

Flamenco is a well-known and internationally praised art. All its variants -dancing, singing, and guitar contribute to its “jondura” (depth): feeling, joy, roots transmission. Flamenco expresses inner feelings. Learning about the origin, the past and present of flamenco is an advantage for the student of Spanish since it will help not only to understand the character and personality of its people, to enhance vocabulary but also to understand the base of the language. The student in this 7- day programme will put into practice the Spanish acquired at the dancing, singing or guitar lessons taught by masters of this art. Price: 880€ The price includes: •Spanish classes •Dancing, singing or guitar lessons •Accommodation •Flamenco Night with dinner •Minimum 6 people


Programmes Feature •To and from airport pick-up •Personalized attention and assistance both academic and for every matter which may come up •Delivery of documents to the student with all the details of the course, useful information about the city and the school and a map of the city •Free Wi-Fi at the schools •Transfer to the diverse activities and visits •Lodging in families or apartments, always near the school •Trained TPR, TPRS, Natural Approach native teachers •Possibility of conversational linguistic exchanges with students of other languages from the school •Certificate of attendance certified by Institute Cervantes •All the levels are offered, from beginners to advanced •Reduced number of students in each class •Placement level test •Reception of faxes and mail at the reception desk of the school •Reading room, with books, newspapers and magazines •Technology-equipped classrooms •Air-conditioned schools

Other features •Personalized reinforcement classes •Specialized Spanish lessons on different topics: business, medicine, transport... •Legal advise for visas and work permit in case needed •Scheduling of guided trips •Combined programmes


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