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Join us on LinkedIn! Because nowadays it is of the utmost importance to make a healthy and constant investment on your network, we would like to invite you to join us on LinkedIn. This is one of the most important tools you might come across regarding professional networking, so you better start sooner than later! Since we have such a diverse range of Alumni, we might as well take use of this platform to keep connected! Networking Tips: Networking is a word that in the present time is a part of everyone’s professional and personal life. For this reason, we decided to sensitize the CLIP Alumni network for this practice and share some tips on how to potentiate your own networking skills: What’s your objective? This is an essential point for any aspect of your life: know what you want. You need to know what you want to achieve, so you can figure out who can help you accomplish those objectives.

range of people – different ages, nationalities, lifestyles, activities, beliefs, etc. Feed your Network You need to envisage your network as your beloved pet. You need to cherish it so it can grow healthy and ‘love you back’! If you don’t take care of it, you might find yourself needing it and not having any response. It has to be a constant care over time. Also, be careful with what information you feed into your network!

Dr.Cabral Interview This year, CLIP had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Rúben Cabral at the Commencement. This was a very special occasion since it had been a longed opportunity that wasn’t possible until this year. We decided to take advantage of this special visit and make an also special interview!


Serve others The added value of a network is information exchange. For an exchange to take place there must be reciprocity, so make sure this happens. Contribute with your knowledge and ideas and make yourself a useful asset for your network, so they will want to keep you around. Keep your door open Keep your network dynamic enough, so you can keep learning with different people.

Aim for diversity For you to gain access to more and diversified information, it’s important that you manage to ally yourself with a diverse

Join us on LinkedIn! Invite friends that might not know about CLIP Alumni!

Meet 2012 Grads

(If you cannot press the button, search us: CLIP Alumni – Associação de Antigos Alunos do Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto)

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CLIP’s Angels at a Christmas Celebration

Division 3 Girls at March Festival 2003

Class of 2005 Gathering

João Riem

Melody Houssiaux

Current Location: Porto, PT Graduation Year: 1999 Age : 31

Current Location: Dublin, IRL Graduation Year: 2003 Age : 27

After graduating from CLIP in 1999, João went to De Montfort University, in Leicester, UK, to complete his degree in Business Studies. In the middle of his degree, he took a one year working placement at Controlo de Gestão at Mota-Engil Group, in Portugal. His degree dissertation was in "Urban Park Management". After graduating, João returned to Portugal and founded, together with his parents, Planeta das Árvores. He also completed a post graduate course in Urban Arboriculture in Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, becoming one of the very few people that do risk tree assessment in Portugal. He is an active member and founder of Árvores de Portugal, association that protects ancient trees and forests throughout the country. In 2004, João joined Riem - Contabilidade e Representações as a general manager, position he occupies today. In early 2011, together with his fiancée, he founded a real estate company Cidade Veterana, which specializes in accommodating students from abroad. In the middle of so much work, he still has time to be an external promoter of Banco Espirito Santo. In his little free time, João created a web site that promotes football matches and football leagues, with more than 140 members, many of them CLIP alumni students. He still loves FC Porto, he is still a Star Wars fan, he still listens to Prodigy and still rides his old motorbikes.

Melody left CLIP in 1997 to move to Barcelona and then Paris with her family. After graduating in Paris (2003) she went to study Combined Social Sciences at the University of Durham. At this point she decided to try something new before entering the world of “real work”, so she applied for the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Melody was accepted to work as a volunteer for 9 months in Italy, with the Office of Youth and Sports Services of the town of Trento. This was an excellent opportunity to learn a new language, to develop new skills and to take some time to think about what she wanted to do with her life. As part of this project, Melody worked with children and organized several big events across the town of Trento. When her EVS came to an end Melody was not ready to leave Trento, so she set out to find a job and that is how she ended up working in the import/export sector. Soon Melody realized that was not the job for her and she moved back to Paris where she was hired to work at the Consular Section of the Argentinean Embassy in France. Although Melody really enjoyed her work at the Embassy she decided, for personal reasons, to move to Dublin, where she quickly found a new job at the French Embassy in Ireland! This is where Melody currently is and she really enjoys it. She soon hopes to try and pass the French Foreign Ministry exams to become a diplomat and continue traveling the world, unless life brings up other exciting opportunities in the mean time!

He gets married next September.




Issue #2


Dr. Rúben de Freitas Cabral First Headmaster & CEO of CLIP

Q: On Tuesday (19th), you were back at CLIP for this year's commencement. How do you feel when you look at what you created 21 years ago? A: I felt happy, proud and very hopeful. It was not a nostalgic moment but a look into the future. As human beings we are forever people of tomorrow and it is highly rewarding to see our contributions develop and flourish. Q: For those who don't know, how did the idea of CLIP surge in the first place? A: CLIP happened because some involved citizens of Porto believed that the future of their community depended on a highly educated and capable citizenry. There was also the realization that the ever-present phenomenon of globalization was functioning at increasing speeds, and that the English language had become its language and the language of science. Education was felt to be crucial. There were already good educational projects in the city, but they were linked to the systems of different countries: Portugal, Germany, France and Great Britain. There was no truly international school, since many admission´s policies discriminated to a certain degree against Portuguese students. One of the premises of CLIP was an admission’s policy open to any and all students who wanted to study there. CLIP had a difficult beginning. There were some false starts but it eventually succeeded. Q: Were you always sure that CLIP's educational proposition would prosper in Portugal? A: I don’t think that there are fundamental differences among people. We basically aspire to be happy, able and healthy. We have also come to a deeper understanding of how small and integrated our world really is. The basic ideas behind CLIP’s educational proposition are: (a) Recognition that we all can and do learn, albeit in diverse forms and to varying degrees; (b) realization that purely nationalistic and monolinguistic systems of instruction were and continue to be inadequate to life; a firm belief that learning and self-development are intrinsically linked (one could even say that life is learning) and that hands-on, experiential and experimental ways of understanding and changing the world are crucial for our emergence as

world are crucial for our emergence as historical human beings. Q: Based on the experience you have acquired over the years, what, if anything, would you have done differently at CLIP? A: Our actions are influence by the conditions that we face in time and place. Thus, we respond to our community’s needs and aspirations according to our understanding of situations and capacity to act. I look at what we did (for we seldom decide in isolation) with the conscious awareness that we did our best. Granted, that other people might have done it differently.

SPECIAL INTERVIEW This year, CLIP had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Rúben Cabral at the Commencement. This was a very special occasion since it had been a longed opportunity that wasn’t possible until this year. We decided to take advantage of this special visit and make an also special interview!

Q: What's the most vivid memory you have of times at CLIP? A: The most gratifying moments are linked to the development of the sense of community at CLIP. It didn’t take long to experience the care, love and responsibility that we all felt for each other. A vivid memory? Well, I am still emotional when I recall the moment I entered the old assembly room (CLIP at the time had around 30 students) and saw all students, K-F8, sitting on the floor with the little ones perching, climbing or sitting on the laps of the older students. It is one of the most graphic images of a loving community. Q: After leaving CLIP, what did you do? A: I went on to develop a university in Macau. Everything could not have been more different and yet the principles were the same. The Institute that existed was very small – around one hundred students – and the resident staff less than ten people. We had to invent a university that would make sense and be a catalyst for development in that Region in the future. It had also to be self-sustainable. That was accomplished and after eight years the University of Saint Joseph had around sixty programs of study, almost two thousand students and a decidedly positive economic and financial operation. Q: Taking into account all the experiences you have had, what is unique at CLIP that you didn't find anywhere else? A: We are not different from each other as human beings, for what defines us is our uniqueness. The uniqueness of CLIP resided ____

in the extraordinary confluence of efforts of students, teachers, administrators and community. This was sometimes frustrating but in hindsight highly rewarding and stimulating. Q: What do you think of the CLIP Alumni project? Do you think that in present times we should stick together and network now more than ever? A: In present times more than ever because we have added responsibilities thrown upon us by technological developments. We can do incomparably more than in times past. CLIP Alumni must, however, be understood as a sub-system of much larger ones. Each one of you became part of other subsystems at university, work and society. This web of relationships will enrich your lives to a degree of complexity and reward hard to fathom. Q: You gave quite the motivating speech at Commencement. Unfortunately many Alumni couldn't be present. What advises could you give to the 'leaders of tomorrow'? A: Don’t sleep! Q: For the future, what are your plans? A: I don’t have plans for they are seldom realized but I have projects. I want to continue to be useful and an active participant in community life.


Martim Bettencourt Current Location: Porto, PT Graduation Year: 2007 Age : 23

Ana Oliveira

After Form 9, Ana went to Soares dos Reis, a specialized artistic school in Porto, where she graduated in 2004. She then moved to Barcelona to study Fashion Design at ESDI for a year and came back to Portugal to complete her Undergraduation at ESAD. During that time she participated in contests like Triumph Contest Inspiration Award (obtaining 2nd national prize) and Modtíssimo, a fair that promotes young Portuguese talents (that gave her the 2nd prize too, and on the following edition a stand to present a small collection). Ana’s first job was at Fun Farrow, where she designed kids garments licensed by Astérix and also created a teenager brand named Octopus. Over a year after, she moved on to an export garment factory in Barcelos, _______

with the Sevens team. Since practices and training camps are all in Lisbon, it’s a real challenge to attend classes when the international season starts. This has been his best rugby season, having recovered from the injuries that have prevented him to play at full in the last couple of years. He was picked for the Portuguese Sevens team and played in the IRB Sevens Circuit in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and Glasgow. He also “visited” Moscow, Lyon and Odense for the European circuit where Portugal got a prestigious second place, right behind England. He states it has been a dream to travel all these places and play rugby! e-mail:

Irmãos Rodrigues, as she was hired to start their design department, and collaborate on brands focused on the English Market. In 2011, she received a proposal to work for an export factory in Bangladesh. It was a huge change, but Ana took a chance and is currently working there at Beximco, the biggest export factory of the country, focusing on the Spanish Market, mainly Inditex group. e-mail:


Current Location: Dhaka, BGD Graduation Year: 2004 Age : 26

After CLIP Martim entered Law school in Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto. Differently to most of his classmates he decided to stay in Porto mostly because of his Rugby. He started with 12 years old and it has been a very important part of his life ever since. This, allied to the fact that he didn’t (and still doesn’t) have any academic passion, and with the investment needed from his parents to send him studying abroad it just wasn’t worth it. He’s been trying to balance the academic part of his life with rugby and it hasn’t been an easy ride! Mostly because of his commitments with the Portuguese National Team, first with the u19’s and u21’s and most recently ________


CLIP’s First Jazz Band!

Musical Cats



Then… Class of 2002 Graduated 10 Years Ago!

Class (front to back, left to right): Catherine Lopes, Bárbara Graça, Natacha Almeida, Luísa Mota, Lucy Burnett, Lara Santos, Noel de Moura, Joel Grahber, Ricardo Rocha, Gonçalo Silva, Tiago Gonçalves, Jorge Santos, João Pereira, Cameron Malone, Kristian Svendsen, Nadine Serrão, Joana Serra, Joana Granja. It seems like it was yesterday we saw this class leaving CLIP. Nevertheless, 10 years have passed. We wish they are all living life at its fullest and keeping in touch with each other. Thinking about a 10 year gathering? Send us photos!!

Now! Class of 2012 Fresh new Alumni

We interviewed Jocelino Rodrigues and Vicky Paes de Faria (Class Representatives) to get to know more about the Class of 2012: Q: What was the phrase you most heard from teachers? A: Throught-out the years, it was "I can't wait until the day where I won't have to teach you anymore!", however, by the end of this year, it changed to a melancholic "I'm going to miss you so much!"

Q: What is the most hilarious moment you lived together? A: Looking at all our parents trip on their own two feet during the Founder's Ball dance rehearsals! (in all fairness, we all did.) Q: What was the best kept secret of the class? A: That we were all world-class actors, but only found out about it during the Forum _____

Play. Q: If you had to choose one word to describe your class, what would it be? A: It would have to be a word that encompasses "promising", "talented" and, "bright". So, with this in mind, I'd have to choose "auspicious".





In-Service @ CLIP Alumni

Work in Institutions


Some Alumni students collaborated in this year’s edition of the in-service. During the inservice Gonçalo Almeida, Filipa Ribeiro, Frederico Barroso and Pedro Coutinho went in to talk about their experience as CLIP students and what it takes to be a successful student: how to achieve at your best in exams, at University, and how to make ______ important choices in life. Frederico Barroso also helped presenting The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The idea of the in-service is to present to Form 10 students what will be expected of them in Forms 11 and 12.

US Library

CLIP Students in institutions

CLIP & Alumni

CLIP has been incentivizing its students to work at external institutions in order to broaden their horizons and start making a difference in the real world from a tender age. Some students from Form 11 have already been 3 weeks with APPACDM, working with ‘Down Syndrome’ individuals.

Form 10, with the help of some Alumni (Frederico Barroso, Patrick O’Neill and Rui Casimiro) are doing an amazing job with the US Library. Results are fantastic!

ALUMNIBOARD! Marta Magalhães Congratulations to Marta who had a baby girl, Maria.


Parents, Husbands and Wives

Gabriela Mota Congratulations to Gabriela who, in June, had her first baby, Maria Benedita.

GO FOR IT! Alumni


Gustavo Gonçalves Congratulations for

Academic Achievement

Gustavo recently completed two PostGraduation courses – Gestão Imobiliária and Gestão e Liderança. In October he will be going to Belo Horizonte (Brazil) to work in the real estate sector.

Mafalda Côrte-Real Congratulations for

INOV Contacto

Out of 1500 applicants, Mafalda was accepted in the INOV Contacto program. She was sent to Miami (USA) to intern at the portuguese company Bi-Silque, producer of office supplies and appliances. Mafalda will be in Miami untill November.

CLASS AMBASSADORS! We would like to kindly invite volunteers to help us keep our Newsletter as interesting and streamlined as possible! Ideally, we would count with one ambassador per graduation class that could help us gathering photos and keep on top of events!______________________ Are you up for it? Call:

CLIP ALUMNI Chief Editor: João Pedro Príncipe | Invaluable help: Mariana Neves

CLIP Alumni Newsletter - Summer Edition 2012  

Newsletter - Summer Edition 2012 _issue#2

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