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Portfolio 2011/12 Portfolio 2011/12


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2 Portfolio 2011/12

Contents A word from the CEO

4 – South Africa’s most established Recruitment Technology provider

Improve your Recruitment Efficiency with our Recruiter Workshops



Revolutionising the Recruitment Landscape

6 leads the way with Social Media


Key Metrics and Demographics


What our Clients have to say


Targeting Active and Passive Talent Beyond the Job Board

What our Job Seekers have to say



Our Valued Clients


Affordable Recruitment and Job Advertising Solutions


Human Communications Case Study


Advertising and Marketing


Location Portals


Jobs Goes Mobile


Contact information


RecruitSwift Recruitment Management System 12 Enhance your Job Adverts


Expose your brand on South Africa’s No.1 Job Site


Member of the International Association of Employment Websites (IAEW) is a member of The International Association of Employment Web Sites, the trade association for the global online employment services industry representing more than 40,000 employment sites that serve Job Seekers, Employers and Recruiters worldwide.

CareerBuilder Partner Site is the South African partner to CareerBuilder. com is the U.S.'s largest online job site, puts over 1 million jobs in front of poised Job Seekers wherever they are - at home or at work - in print and on the Internet. More than 23 million unique visitors come to the site every month to check out the opportunities in every industry, field and job type.

V-Report, Personal Credential Verification Partner has partnered with V-Report - a division of IdentiRisk SA – to offer our Job Seekers & Recruiters tools to verify and certify important documents. Outsourced Partner The need to economically empower people with disabilities was initially established through With the approval of the Office on the Status of Disabled People in the Presidency, developed a general National Database for Disabled Persons. presents as its outsourced partner in respect to offering hiring solutions for People with Disabilities.

Central Test, Online Assessment Partner in conjunction with Central Test offers a complete range of personality, interest and competency tests, developed and scientifically validated by Central Test International. Portfolio 2011/12


A word from the CEO “The South African recruitment industry is extremely competitive and with Recruiters and Employers often comparing us to larger job boards, it is essential that our strategy continues to not only focus on taking the job advertisement to the passive Job Seekers, but that we also focus on enhancing capabilities to filter out any unsuitable applications quickly. Recruiters and hiring managers are not interested in quantity applications, they want quality responses and as such, we place much focus on providing our clients with sophisticated screening and filtering tools. With the launch of our new Recruitment Management System RecruitSwift - companies are now able to fix and consolidate their recruitment advertising and management costs, while streamlining their entire recruitment advertising and application management process into one suite. By having instant access to an exclusive CV database and extended job exposure, companies will be able to improve time to hire and measure their return on investment, while watching their talent equity grow. As a Job Seeker centric portal, strives towards offerings Job Seekers a platform where they have access to relevant tools and information that will assist them in advancing in their careers, while simultaneously ensuring that our Recruiters have access to the best possible quality talent pool. Since positions itself as a socially active job portal, we believe that by facilitating integration of our job portal on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook we are enabling Job Seekers to engage with us in a fast, simple and user-friendly manner. By offering a platform that can initiate this engagement, we not only deliver on our promise to our Job Seekers, but also offer an extended footprint to an already connected and well networked population of savvy talent for our Recruiters.� Gillian Meier, CEO of

4 Portfolio 2011/12, South Africa’s most established Recruitment Technology provider. With over 12 years in the field, has gained extensive experience in the development of job boards, career websites and recruitment management systems for a number of recruitment agencies, corporate organisations and publishers within South Africa with clients such as Human Communications, Engineering News, Mining Weekly and Polity.

Recruitment is changing sing rapidly with many adverti ns and recruitment solutio lp becoming available to he talent. Recruiters find suitable

Our carefully selected content partnership with niche portals together with our unique social networking and search engine aggregation strategy ensures that our solution delivers the most targeted exposure for our client’s recruitment advertising to the extended passive talent pool. provides recruitment agencies and employers with unique application email filtering tools as well as our sophisticated job to candidate matching feature which, in addition to our CV alert functionality, ensures that our clients receive only the most suitable, pre-qualified candidates faster. Our services also include consultation and training in Social Recruitment strategies, in addition to our suite of recruitment solutions. Portfolio 2011/12


Revolutionising the Recruitment Landscape Traditional methods of recruitment has been revolutionised by the emergence of the internet. The internet has dramatically changed the face of recruitment and the way companies think about their recruitment function. The recruitment landscape is changing rapidly with many different advertising and promotional options becoming available to aid companies in this process. But how does a company go about deciding which options to choose as a way of attracting the right talent, promoting their company and their job vacancies through online and social networking platforms? To adapt to this changing landscape, companies must choose the right methodologies and recruitment partners.

Why choose

Over 510,000 Job Seeker CV’s from across 55 job categories.

2, 3 Million Visitors in 2010 (up 40% from previous year) with 10 Million Page Views.

Extended reach to the passive audience through our partner network.

Ranks #1 on Google and major search engines for “Jobs”

Cost effective integrated recruitment solutions

Your Recruitment Technology Partner has adopted a forward-thinking attitude towards recruitment technology and understands that only the most pioneering solutions and cutting-edge methodologies will position – and its clients – streaks ahead of their competitors. By constantly enhancing and streamlining our functionality and solutions, we are able to provide our clients with a premier solution to their recruitment advertising and technology needs.

*Statistics as at May 2011.

6 Portfolio 2011/12

Key Metrics and Demographics Dominance in the 25 to 35 age group with 25% in the 36 to 55 age group.

Top 10 Job Seeker Categories

Gender split of approximately 54% male & 46% female.

1. Information Technology 2. Secretarial, Admin & Office Support

Approximately 26% hold employment equity status. 86% Job Seekers are South Africans predominantly based in Gauteng (60%), followed by Western Cape (15%) and then KZN (12%) and 13% across other regions. Over 65% have a tertiary qualification of which 18% are Graduates, 22% hold a National Higher Diploma, 9% a National Certificate, 4% completed trade certifications while 12% hold other professional qualifications. 71.9% have privately owned cellular phones, 46% of which are pre-paid.

3. Auditing, Accounting, Banking & Finance 4. Call Centre & Helpdesk 5. Engineering, Building & Construction 6. Sales & Marketing 7. Human Resources, Recruitment & Education 8. Motoring 9. Advertising & Media 10. Manufacturing

LSM Target Audience: Groups 6-10.

* As at May 2011.

Unique Visitors 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 0 Jan-Mar’10




Jan-Mar’11 Portfolio 2011/12


Targeting Active and Passive Talent Beyond the Job Board Our carefully selected content partnerships, together with our aggressive search engine and social recruitment strategy ensures that our clients receive increased job exposure to the largest possible passive audience, while the central database gives instant access to companies wanting to tap into the active Job Seeker market.

With the right tech nology powering your on line recruitment strate gy, your job adverts can be come visible to the wides t possible talent pool.

Our unique filtering and screening tools provide a centralised application management process, thereby reducing time to hire. provides companies with sophisticated job to candidate matching features which, in addition to our CV alert functionality, ensures that our clients receive only the most suitable, pre-qualified candidates faster.  Our packages are ideally customised to suit our clients budgets providing the most affordable options to meet their recruitment technology requirements.

Extended Job Advertising Beyond the Job Board

* Content Partners as at May 2011.

XML Feed For those companies that already utilise an existing recruitment system on their websites, is able to offer added job listing exposure and increase the job content on any of our partner sites with our XML Feed. receives Job content feeds directly from its client’s websites using Extensible Markup Language (XML) allowing the content to be aggregated from their existing website to and our extended content network. This automated process provides our clients with extended reach for their job adverts and are placed directly in front of thousands of active and passive candidates.

8 Portfolio 2011/12

Affordable Recruitment and Job Advertising Solutions provides affordable recruitment technology uniquely designed to accommodate the hiring needs of South Africa’s companies. With the sophisticated, uncomplicated recruitment tools offered through, companies can save considerable time and costs throughout the entire recruitment process.

Recruitment Solutions Established in 1997, has extensive experience in providing affordable job advertising and recruitment management solution to meet our clients needs, whether a small, medium or corporate Recruitment Agency or Employer, we have a solution to meet their hiring needs.

Casual Job Advertising (1 to 5 Hires)

Volume Recruitment (Agencies & Employers)

• Ad Hoc Advertising • Buy Online • Credit Card or EFT Payments • Priority & Top Job Enhancement Upgrades

• Unlimited Advertising • CV Search • Online Application Management Tools • Priority & Top Job Enhancement Upgrades

Your Own Career Website

Employer Branding

• RecruitSwift Pro • Your Own Career Website • Build your own CV Database • Recruitment Managment Suite • Unlimited Job Advertising on

• Online Branded Sponsorships • Newsletter Sponsorships • Job Alert Sponsorships • Featured Brand • Social Recruitment Stratergies Portfolio 2011/12


Casual Job Advertising (1 to 5 Jobs)

Functionality Easy, DIY registration process Online payment options via Credit Card or EFT Job enhancement options for extended exposure Extended exposure to content partner network Matching Job Seekers alerted to your job ad Receive applications via email Online application management suite Application email filter Pre-screening questionnaires Bulk regret & short-listing (Track comments)

  Optional       

Major Credit Cards Accepted via Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway

Volume Recruitment (Agencies & Employers)

Functionality Branded job advertising Company logo & profile CV database search access CV alert notifications Automated CV to job ad matches CV alert notifications Online application management suite Application email filter Pre-screening & online interview questionnaires Background checks Bulk regret & short-listing (Track comments) Save Favourite CV’s with comments Invite to apply Comprehensive activity reports

10 Portfolio 2011/12

  Optional            Packages Available for Volume Recruitment: Trial • 1 x User Licence • 5 x Standard Jobs • 50 x CV Views Lite • 1 x Power User Licence • 10 x Standard Jobs p/m* • 300 x CV Views p/m** Standard • 3 x User Licences • Unlimited Standard Jobs • Unlimited CV Views Pro • 5 x User Licences • Unlimited Standard Jobs • 3 x Top Jobs Upgrades p/m • 1 x Priority Job Upgrade p/m • Unlimited CV Views • Value Add - Branding: 20% of Contract Value Elite • 10 x User Licences • Unlimited Standard Jobs • 5 x Top Jobs Upgrades p/m • 3 x Priority Job Upgrade p/m • Unlimited CV Views • Value Add - Branding: 30% of Contract Value 3, 6 or 12 month licenses available.


Package - Special Conditions:

* Job Ad credits accumulated monthly and are capped per contract period (i.e.will expire at the end of the license period) ** CV View (Downloads) credits do not accumulate monthly and are capped monthly. Additional credits may be purchased on an adhoc basis. All credits will expire at the end of the license period and cannot be carried over to a new contract. Portfolio 2011/12


Attract Talent to your Career Website with RecruitSwift The Recruiter who owns the talent, owns the market. With the right technology and tools powering your Career Website, your job ads can become visible to the widest possible talent pool. By integrating your Career Website with, RecruitSwift automatically places your job adverts directly in front of active and passive candidates.

What is RecruitSwift? Recruitment Management System Uniquely designed for HR Departments, Hiring Managers and Recruitment Agencies. Advertising Management Solution Distributes your job ads to both the active and passive candidate market through automated job advertising and referral marketing strategies via search engine and social media integration. Talent Acquisition Solution Manages the acquisition of talent in an efficient, cost-effective way. Application Management System Sophisticated application filtering, screening and management tools. CV Management Solution Build up your own CV database.

Why use RecruitSwift

 Cost Saving: Fix and consolidate your recruitment advertising and management costs. & Automation: Streamline your entire recruitment advertising and application  Centralisation management process into one suite. Awareness: Use your brand to attract talent to your company by creating a powerful online  Brand presence across multiple platforms including social media and search engines. Time to Hire: Instant access to your exclusive CV database and extended job exposure  Improve provide increased applications which are easily managed through sophisticated screening and filtering tools.

Talent Equity: Measure your return on investment while watching your talent equity  Measurable grow.

 RecruitSwift centralises your entire Recruitment process in one sophisticated, affordable solution.

12 Portfolio 2011/12

RecruitSwift Recruitment Management Suite RecruitSwift provides your company with its own Career Website that includes a complete Recruitment Management Suite (RMS) together with a CV Database management module that will allow you to build up your own talent pool directly on your own Career Website.

Job Seeker Module:

Functionality Job search bar (Search keyword, in Industry, near Region) View list of latest jobs with detailed job view Apply to job ads with cover note Print, Forward or Share Jobs CV Registration with simple upload format

     Portfolio 2011/12


Recruiter Modules Functionality:

Job Creator Module Create unlimited job advertisements Job advertisements displayed with brand (logo & profile) Job advertising integration with Job advertising integration onto client's own website (white-labelled job display) Job creator template (WYSIWYG HTML editor) Job management (Active, Pending, Expiring, Expired Jobs) Job assignment (Can assign jobs to clients/departments)

      

Application Management Module Receive job applications online & via email Bulk short-list & regret feature Add comments/notes to job applications Placement tracker Forward job application via email Flag previously applied job applicants Assign job applicants to other jobs Invite job applicants to apply to other jobs Create customised job seeker folders Assign job seekers to folders Search/Find job applicants by name, ID or Email

          

Screening & Filtering Module Create job applicant pre-screening questions (Free text Q&A or Yes/No % match) Set filter to block job applicants by Yes/No % match Recruiter / User ratings criteria displays % match Create customised online interview questionnaires Optional: Background checks via iDigital (Employment, Education & ID Verification)

    

CV Database Module Job seeker registration & CV upload Document repository for CV documentation (employment records) Assign job seekers to jobs or customised folders Invite job seekers to apply to jobs

14 Portfolio 2011/12

   

Reporting Module Job activity Job placement Expired jobs Short-listed applicants View or export to .csv

    

RecruitSwift is customised to match your website’s unique brand identity. Standard implementation takes approximately 7 working days. Portfolio 2011/12


Enhance your Job Adverts for extended reach and exposure! For increased exposure, and to reach both the active and passive market faster we recommend that Clients upgrade their jobs to either a Top or Priority Job enhanced listing.

Top Job

Job appears above other search results in related searches.

Displayed in a featured box above all other job ads.

 

Receives higher ranking value in relevant searches.

Job Seekers see these jobs first!

Receives more exposure than standard job advertisements.

Priority Job


Job is ranked higher than other jobs in the search results.

Displayed with a yellow priority star next to it to draw attention to urgency.

Featured in the right side-bar on all pages.

Featured in the monthly Job Seeker newsletter.

Added to the Twitter and Facebook pages and are posted onto LinkedIn.

Advertised on the Google Search & Content Network to targeted web sites. Portfolio 2011/12

Brands Attract Talent – Expose your brand on South Africa’s No.1 Job Site. offers a unique service to all clients. With vast experience in the online and digital branding arena, clients have the opportunity for to develop a targeted campaign to access the relevant market that is receptive to the messages offering a great return on investment. offers the following campaign structures: Targeted online recruitment campaigns – aimed at segmented database groups. Branding campaigns and awareness campaigns – assisting brand and company awareness. Sponsorship campaigns – offering the opportunity for maximised returns and consciousness. Job Seeker and Recruiter newsletter campaigns – offering an advertising platform to the relevant and receptive market. Dedicated mailer campaigns – targeted to segmented groups with a specific campaign message and exclusive sponsorship.

Pull the right talent into your talent pool through the above mentioned campaigns. Identify the objectives and we will pull the right display campaign together for you.

Top Leaderboard 728px X 90px (Home Page)

Banner Button 120px X 90px (Home Page or Run of Site)

Right Skyscrapper 120px X 600px (Home Page or Run of Site) Portfolio 2011/12


Available Website Advertising Spots





Home Page Featured Brand

Home Page Leaderboard

Home Page Skyscraper

Exclusive Category Sponsor

Home Page or Run of Site

Home Page

Home Page or Run of Site

Specified Category

Advert Positioning

Banner Button

Top Leaderboard

Right Skyscrapper

Top Leaderboard

Advert Dimensions Advert Physical Size

120px X 90px

728px X 90px

120px X 600px

728px X 90px





Available Discount 3 Months


6 Months


12 Months


Advert Format Page Availability

Newsletter Sponsorship

Dedicated Mailer

Newsletter Branding

Entire database +/- *190 000 subscribers or targeted profile groups

Entire database +/- *190 000 subscribers or targeted groups

Company logo, 1 000 - 1 500 words of text, specified click through URL

486px X 60px @10kb static banner advertisement

Targeted Categoy Sponsor 300px X 250px static banner with 100 words of text

Exclusive Sponsor Communications Exclusive sponsor of system generated communication emails (e.g. Welcome emails, Job applications, Expiry notifications, etc.).

Exclusive Sponsor Job Alerts Exclusive sponsorship of all job alert communications that go out including a 728px X 90px banner above the fold in the “Create a Job Alert” search on * Statistics as at May 2011

18 Portfolio 2011/12

Improve your Recruitment Efficiency with our Recruiter Workshops Attend one of our Recruiter Workshops to improve your recruitment efficiency and expand your knowledge, while empowering your recruiters to embrace all available channels through acquiring the skills to compete and recruit effectively in today’s changing recruitment market.

Search Engine Recruitment Optimise your job ads for people and search engines. Learn how to optimise your job ads for search engines and people, and discover the secrets of Search Engine Recruitment and how to effectively advertise your job ads on Google. 1 Day Workshop

Social Recruitment Strategies Recruiting with Social Media. Learn how to recruit top passive talent using social media, and discover the various online technologies available to assist you in delivering efficient talent acquisition and retention strategies. 1 Day Workshop

Personal Brand Workshops Promote your Personal Brand Online. Discover your personal ‘net- rep’ and learn how to enhance it. Learn how to understand the risks, threats and opportunities that the internet poses to you personally and your potential success online. 1 Day Workshop Portfolio 2011/12

19 leads the way with Social Media is continuously conducting studies to better understand how its target audience is using the internet, and more specifically social networking platforms to find jobs. focuses comprehensively in utilising the various Social Media platforms, not only to propel the business but as a platform to promote the exposure of client’s job advertising while creating an interactive platform for Job Seekers to access relevant content. and LinkedIn recently released its LinkedIn Profile registration feature to facilitate instant CV registration on its platform for over 1, 0 million connected South African LinkedIn Members. By implementing the LinkedIn API, uses the individual's information available via their LinkedIn account to register on the website, thereby streamlining the user experience and expanding the footprint to a network of professional passive talent. The LinkedIn registration is permission based and actively promotes this feature via LinkedIn and other online advertising platforms. Followers: 230

LinkedIn Groups • Jobs & Employment in South Africa - Followers: 920 • SA Recruiters - Followers: 880 and Facebook With nearly 16, 000 Facebook fans in May 2011, remains one of the most active job portals on Facebook in South Africa. The re-launch of's Facebook page earlier this year now makes it possible for its members to register, search for jobs, create job alerts, see who's hiring and find useful career advice all directly from the Facebook page. This re-launch saw an increase of 248% in member interactions on the page and grew membership likes by 34% to 13,400 in just under two months. Fans: 15 570

20 Portfolio 2011/12 and Twitter

Twitter has increasingly become the go-to place for up-to-date information and news. As a result, this micro-blogging service enables Job Seekers to follow the latest jobs & career advice available in the market. is positioned to enhance our clients recruitment strategy by sharing their latest jobs with potentially relevant candidates. It offers an additional platform to provide extended reach to passive and active job seekers. is continuously striving to utilise the platforms that are relevant to ensure that our clients have the widest possible exposure in the market. @jobs_co_za Followers: 420 and Ning

Followers: 290

Facebook Stats Monthly Active Users Total Likes Daily New Likes Daily Post Views Posts/comments per week Visits per week

7,578 15,570 94 366 186 1682

Age 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+

Female 15.7% 27.4% 12% 6.4% 3.4%

Male 8.9% 14.8% 5.7% 2.4% 1.9% founded the SA Recruiters Network in 2008. The network is a community forum where South African Recruiters can network with and share recruitment best practices and insight on recruitment within South Africa.

Gender Male Female

34% 65%

Regional Stats South Africa United Kingdom Zimbabwe United States Germany Namibia Nigeria India Botswana Kenya

12,644 1,699 170 96 53 42 36 35 30 25

* All statistics as at May 2011 Portfolio 2011/12


What our Clients have to say “ has assisted us in building a new job board and recruitment management suite in order to aid our company with its online recruitment strategies. From the initial phases of understanding our needs, to proposing solutions, all the way through to rolling out our projects, is a very flexible and customer support focused company. In addition, they have always been ready to face and overcome any challenges we may throw at them. The relationship between our companies is mutually beneficial and we are pleased to have them as our online recruitment partners.” Human Communications

“ has been a real asset to our business. In addition, their service has been impeccable with every single member of staff we’ve encountered being absolutely lovely, courteous, efficient and above all personable. We extend our gratitude to the entire team with special mention to our account managers, Kerry & Hané.” Aspire Recruitment “As a recruitment agency we continuously advertise our job opportunities on as we find the site very user friendly. In comparison to other job boards, we find to be very organised, with impeccable customer service. Our favourite feature is the option to save multiple job templates. The search is also very easy to use and delivers relevant search results.” Gemini Human Resource Practice

What our Job Seekers have to say: “ is one of the pioneers in giving South Africans the opportunity in making themselves better people.” “Your website is very easy to use in comparison to other job sites. I will most definitely recommend it to other Job Seekers.” “I've studied the advice you have given in your Job Seeker Workshop and have applied some of your tips such as shamelessly ‘selling myself ’ and being honest with myself and the recruiter. Last night I applied for a vacancy using your suggestions and I just got a call back and have confirmed my interview for this morning after struggling for so long. How will I ever be able to thank you?“

“We were very impressed by’s kind offer to load our job specs onto the system on our behalf. We wish that all our service providers could demonstrate the same level of commitment to their customers as does.” Adecco “We find that the site is continuously growing from strength to strength and on the whole, the quality of CV’s that we receive is getting better and better each day.” Canei Solutions “We decided to join mainly because of their ability to post our job ads onto external websites to attract the passive audience. We also found the site very affordable in comparison to other service providers. While other service providers deliver volume responses, we really enjoy the online applicant screening tools offered by which delivers a quality CV in a user-friendly format – short personal description, answers to our screening questions and then the full CV attached. We also find that offers excellent customer support and is always very accommodating by consistently providing a friendly service. Not to mention the regular industry news and updates that they send us.” Specialsed People & Business Search

22 Portfolio 2011/12

Our Valued Clients

* Some of our client’s currently using RecruitSwift RMS or XML feeds. Portfolio 2011/12


Human Communications Case Study The Recruitment Challenge Reduce Administration Time Human Communications frequently utilise print media to advertise their client’s vacancies. A large number of applications came through in the form of emails, faxes or by post which created huge volumes of paperwork resulting in increased time spent on administration.

Improve Filtering Process The most time-consuming task during response handling is filtering out unsuitable candidates. This was a manual process of reading through CV’s and scoring requirements matching the client’s needs on a checklist. For Human Communications it became a priority to reduce time spent on processing applications.

Streamline Application Management Precious recruitment time was lost in trying to keep candidates informed on the progress of the recruitment cycle, as manual emails were being sent out to regret unsuitable applicants. Due to the large contingent of Government recruitment that Human Communications does, an official record of regretted candidates is required.

24 Portfolio 2011/12

Enhance Relationship with Clients

“Human Communications is a leading

Human Communications wanted to focus on ensuring that their clients are 100% up to date on the recruitment process, while including them in the process as much as possible. Some clients prefer to receive all applications for their own records which ultimately added to administration time.

The Recruitment Solution Human Communications wanted to find a solution to address these issues and decided the best way forward was to take advantage of technology by moving their processes online. They approached as they believed the online job portal could assist them in streamlining their recruitment processes by developing a customised solution to meet their ever growing needs. undertook the challenge and, together with Human Communications, designed a job board (HumanJobs) for the newly launched Human Communications website. This job board is powered by a customised Recruitment Management System (RMS) - with a unique client interaction module – that automatically posts vacancies onto both HumanJobs and the main job portal.

provider of recruitment solutions in SA and is the largest independent recruitment and tender advertiser in the country. We’ve done more than a few print runs in our time, teaching us everything we need to know about solving our client’s most pressing recruitment issues. So we tailor solutions around great recruitment and tender advertising, choice employer branding, slick response handling, on-target headhunting and timeous flexible staffing. Our clients read like a Who’s Who of the business pages –from blue chip corporates and international NGOs to SA government departments. We have built our business on solving the challenges of recruitment – and in SA, these challenges are complex. We work with you to attract scarce skills to your organisation, to streamline your recruitment times and transform your organisation into the one place in the country where everyone wants to work.” Miles Corbitt

The system enables Human Communications to load jobs and assign weighted filtering questions per job which results in auto-filtering and scoring of each application based on the answers provided by the applicants during the application process. Applications are stored online - and can be copied to the client – where the response handlers can easily view, shortlist and regret applications in bulk.

The Result Since utilising the web-based system, Human Communications has seen a decrease in time taken to shortlist candidates and have seen an improvement in the way in which they manage the relationship with both their clients and applicants. By adding their job board link to their print advertising they have managed to steer more applicants to apply online rather than through email or fax, thus streamlining the entire recruitment process and decreasing the amount on unnecessary paperwork. The end result is a more qualified candidate delivered to their client’s desks at a much faster rate than ever before. Miles Corbitt, Managing Director Tel: 011-807 3260 Email: Website: Portfolio 2011/12


Capturing Talent through Advertising and Marketing We recognise that attracting fresh quality Job Seekers to is one of the most important expectations that our recruiters have. To attract both an active and passive Job Seeker audience, commits to delivering as sustainable marketing and advertising campaign across a number of media such as:




• Newspapers

• Google (Natural & Paid Search)

• Trade Publications

• Social Networks

• Special Features

• Online Portals

26 Portfolio 2011/12

Outdoor Portfolio 2011/12


Everything you need to know to live and work in your city!

Property Transport

Jobs Lifestyle

Weather Education

Brought to you by:

28 Portfolio 2011/12 goes Mobile With South Africa being ranked 5th in the world for mobile usage, it far exceeds the usage of the internet through personal computers. Access to the web, through a mobile device offers convenience and a cost effective means to relevant content.  As functionality on mobile devices continually evolves, users now have the ability to perform many of their daily tasks on their cell phones or mobile tables that they would ordinarily have performed on their personal computers. With the introduction of the Mobile platform, now extends its services to those Job Seekers who are continuously “on the go”, as well as to those Job Seekers who do not have direct access to the Internet. The Mobile platform ( offers Job Seekers quick and easy functionality to perform much of the tasks that can be completed on the online platform. Search Jobs: Mobile Job Seekers are able search the various vacancies on Browse Jobs by Category: A mobile user can select a targeted category that they are qualified in to search for the relevant jobs. Registering CV: New Job Seekers have access to the mobile platform to register their CV’s. Creating Job Alerts: Mobile users can set up alerts so that they are notified via email when a job matching their criteria is loaded onto Job Matchmaker: Automatically matches a Job Seeker profile to potentially suitable job ads matching their desired job preferences.

growth has Unique mobile user with an increase increased 53.9%, ews in the same of 98.7% in page vi period. mobile devices has Data transfer via grown by 76.9% December 2009 ct growth since Statistics refle s) at St rld Wo t ne (Source: Inter Portfolio 2011/12


Contact for more information Please contact us for more information about our wide range of recruitment technology solutions.

Address: Silver Point Office Park, 22 Ealing Crescent , Bryanston P O Box 6009, Rivonia, 2128

Contact Numbers: Tel: 011-367 0001 Facsimilie: 011-706 6276

Email: Website: Mobi site:

Follow us @jobs_co_za

Key staff Gillian Meier, Chief Executive Officer - Email: Kerry Kerslake, General Manager - Email: Olivia Bosman, Marketing & Partnership Manager - Email: Gary Jardim, National Sales Manager - Email:

30 Portfolio 2011/12 Portfolio 2011/12


Building 2, Silver Point Office Park, 22 Ealing Crescent, Bryanston P O Box 6009, Rivonia, 2128 Telephone 011-367 0001 Facsimilie 011-706 6276 Email

Website: Mobi Site: Follow us:


32 Portfolio 2011/12 - Portfolio 2011