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Professional Care Products

Clinitex Care Products 速

Standards of care that patients really appreciate.

Clinitex速 is a comprehensive range of patient cleansing products, designed for use in hospitals, residential care and domestic environments. Consisting of an extensive range of dry wipes, pre-moistened wipes and skin cleansing products, the Clinitex速 range offers carers, their patients and other users, a complete range of health care solutions. Manufactured in the UK, the Clinitex速 range has been carefully assembled, using the highest quality and most appropriate products available.

R100 Standard

R101 Medium

R102 Large

R103 Super

VSOFT01 Tectra

R104 Wash Cloth

R105 Soft

Clinitex Care Products: Wipes ®

Carers can be confident that Clinitex® will deal efficiently with any task.

R100 Standard ›› Very gentle for use on delicate skin.

VSOFT01 Textra

›› Handy sized wipe.

›› Strong luxury wipe with increased absorbency.

›› Economical for high volume usage.

›› Soft, textile feel.

›› 100 patient wipes.

›› Enhanced protection for carers. ›› 100 patient wipes.

R101 Medium ›› Most economical product for general wiping applications.

R104 Wash Cloth

›› Combined strength and softness. ›› Ideal for everyday use.

›› Made from air-laid tissue for exceptional absorbency.

›› 100 patient wipes.

›› Maceratable for disposal. ›› Good wet strength for effective use with soap and water.

R102 Large ›› Large size economical wipe for general wiping applications. ›› Strength and softness combined. ›› Ideal for everyday use. ›› 100 patient wipes.

›› 50 patient wipes.

R105 Soft ›› A silky soft wipe with high performance. ›› Advanced absorbency with extra bulk. ›› Ideal for cleaning and drying patients with delicate skin.

R103 Super

›› 80 patient wipes.

›› Excellent absorbency and cleaning ability. ›› Superior softness for patient comfort.

Clinitex® Care Products

›› Durable for multi-purpose cleaning.

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›› 100 patient wipes.

Clinitex速 Professional Care Products Manufactured by Technical Textile Services Ltd Units 7 & 8, Rhodes Business Park, Silburn Way, Middleton, Manchester, M24 4NE, UK t: +44 (0) 161 643 3000 f: +44 (0) 161 643 3037 e: w:


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