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Welcome to our Spa Wellness Center

WELCOME TO OUR SPA WELLNESS CENTER. Take time in your routine for beauty, energy and rebalancing in the surroundings of our holistic retreat on the tranquil shores of Lake Leman. Our unrivalled team of therapists combine expert knowledge of contemporary sciences and ancient healing philosophies with results-driven, state of the art technology to assure exceptional experiences and results.


Age-defying treatments The Swiss Perfection exclusive anti-aging facials are focused on immediate and lasting visible results. They include the unrivaled Cellular Active IRISA® technology combined with highly effective plant extracts to actively regenerate the skin and prevent premature aging. The production of new and healthy cells is stimulated and specific skin concerns are corrected. The perfect synergy between high-quality and high-technology formulas offer a young and naturally radiant skin. CELLULAR EXCLUSIVE LIFT CONCEPT 90 minutes - 600 CHF Inspired from anti-aging medical techniques, this five-step lifting treatment offers spectacular immediate effects. Highly concentrated formulas working in symbiosis target loss of firmness, sagging and wrinkles. It acts as a natural face lift with longterm benefits. CELLULAR HYDRATING REJUVENATION 60 minutes – 400 CHF This unique rejuvenating treatment targets wrinkles, loss of hydration and irregular skin texture. It leaves the skin smooth and rejuvenated. The wrinkles are visibly diminished and the optimal skin hydration level is restored and preserved. CELLULAR ANTI-OXIDANT 60 minutes – 400 CHF Through the power of our Vitamin C, this highly active anti-oxidant facial stimulates collagen production and restores the skin’s radiance and firmness. the skin is energized and renewed. This treatment is the perfect cure to fight premature signs of aging and environmental damage from free radicals.

For radiance CELLULAR BRIGHTENING RADIANCE 60 minutes – 400 CHF This targeted, revolutionary treatment works deeply in the skin, directly on the cells responsible for hyper pigmentation. It is specifically designed to rapidly brighten dark spots, leaving you with an even and bright complexion.

To purify CELLULAR PURIFYING CONTROL 60 minutes – 400 CHF For those with acne-prone skin or acne scars, this regenerating facial deeply cleanses the pores, reduces oil production and helps skin tissue heal. The centrepiece is a collagen mask which soothes irritated skins. You will emerge with a softer, more even complexion and visibly improved skin texture. CELLULAR SKIN CLEANSE FOR MEN 60 minutes – 400 CHF This deep cleansing and rejuvenating facial treatment is designed for the specifics on men’s skin. It ensures an optimal skin protection from external damage. All signs of fatigue ware eliminated, and the skin is smoothed, offering a fresh and youthful appearance.

TREATMENT ADDITIONS A la carte treatments are designed to enhance and maximize the experience and results of your treatments. Facial drainage 30 min – 150 CHF Swiss Perfection Cellular eye contour 20 min – 150 CHF Hand microdermabrasion plus Swiss Perfection collagen mask

30 min – 250 CHF

Swiss Perfection Hand collagen mask 20 min – 100 CHF Swiss Perfection Cellular neck and décolleté treatment

20 min – 200 CHF

Swiss Perfection Cellular hand and arm treatment 20 min – 150 CHF CRTS hair and scalp treatment 20 min – 160 CHF ATS (Anti -Aging-Treatment : wrinkles & fine lines) 15 min – 150 CHF Purifying touch 20 min - 70 CHF Deep cleansing and purifying treatment combining steam, traditional extraction techniques. Your skin will be visibly clearer and re-oxygenated.


High-tech facial treatments FACIAL REDENSIFYING HIGH-TECH TREATMENT Recommended for people of any age and for all skin types, even the most sensitive, this treatment features two 90 minute sessions to give you a smoother, brighter complexion and to reduce wrinkles. Microdermabrasion and Oxygen | 90 minutes – 440 CHF Micro crystals exfoliate the skin, while pure oxygen helps anti-aging, active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin’s cells. ICOONE FACIAL LIFTING TREATMENT 30-40 minutes – 180 CHF per session | 970 CHF for 6 sessions This relaxing treatment smooths facial features in just a few minutes. Our patented Icoone® technology eases expression lines and restores freshness and elasticity to the face, neck and cleavage. This treatment is suitable for even the most delicate areas, including the eye contour. The length of the session will depend on how much of your body you would like to treat, and your skin type. Maximus Face And Neck Contour | 30 minutes – 200 CHF Using Maximus TriLipo technology to effectively tighten and firm facial muscles and sagging skin on the lower face and neck areas. This treatment also includes a gentle lymphatic massage on the treated areas for ultimate results. Facial Photostimulation Therapy 10-20 minutes – 90 CHF | 810 CHF for 10 sessions A perfect accompaniment to one of our Swiss Perfection Cellular Facials, this effect treatment uses high-tech LED light to treat a wide range of issues such as skin aging, scars or acne in a very short amount of time. The length of the seeion will depend on skin type and problem. Oxygen + mask 60 minutes – 280 CHF

CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE HIGH-TECH TREATMENTS ICOONE BODY REMODELLING TREATMENT 40 minutes – 180 CHF per session | 1’620 CHF for 10 sessions This relaxing, bespoke beauty treatment uses the Icoone® machine to stimulate blood circulation and detox the skin tissue. You will have slimmer, more toned arms, stomach or thighs after just one session. MAXIMUS BODY CONTOURING TREATMENT 45 minutes – 270 CHF per session | 2’430 CHF for 10 sessions The non-invasive Maximus® machine is particularly effective in treating cellulite and improving body shape. It treats four layers of skin with patented Radio Frequency (RF) technology to quickly reduce unwanted fat, restore elasticity and contour the body. Choose the area of your body you want to work on – the length of your session depends on the area you need to treat and your skin type. The treatment ends with a light drainage massage of the treated area. CELLULAR BODY PHOTOSTIMULATION 10-20 minutes – 90 CHF per session | 810 CHF for 10 sessions Cellular Body Photostimulation enables us to treat a wide range of issues such as general skin aging, cellulite, stretch marks, acne or scars. LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE THROUGH PRESSOTHERAPY 30 minutes – 150 CHF Perfect for toning your legs, our state of the art pressotherapy machine encourages lymph flow and improves blood circulation. We recommend a minimum of three sessions. Perfect addition to the Maximus Body Contouring Treatment.

CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE MASSAGES POST OPERATION FACIAL DRAINAGE MASSAGE 45 minutes – 225 CHF SIGNATURE MASSAGE 30 or 60 minutes – 120 CHF or 220 CHF Are you feeling especially stiff in your back, legs, head or feet, or are you suffering from an injury? Let our therapists employ their skill and strength to treat a particular area of your body. This is a unique, tailored experience; choose to have a gently relaxing massage or something deeper and more robust. RELAXING MASSAGE 60 or 90 minutes – 220 CHF or 300 CHF This intensely comforting, all over body massage is designed to calm the nerves and relieve tight muscles. It is especially good for those with jet lag or who need to destress and unwind. FIRMING MASSAGE 60 minutes – 220 CHF This strong, dynamic massage tones the body by increasing blood circulation and by enabling more oxygen and nutrients to reach your tissue and vital organs. CELLULITE-CONTROL MASSAGE 30 minutes – 140 CHF This carefully crafted massage will improve your skin texture, help you eliminate emerging cellulite and, remodel and restore balance to your body. A perfect accompaniment to our Swiss Perfection Cellular Cellulite-Control Treatment.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE 60 minutes – 220 CHF This manual lymphatic drainage uses light, sweeping strokes to encourage lymph flow, improve blood circulation and help your body naturally detoxify. It’s especially effective for those who have scar tissue, spider veins or acne, and helps reduce swelling before and after plastic surgery. REFLEXOLOGY 50 minutes – 190 CHF Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing foot treatment based on the theory that specific areas of the feet correspond to particular areas of the body. Your therapist will apply pressure to your feet to rebalance your whole body and stimulate the body’s healing processes. CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY 60 minutes – 220 CHF | 90 minutes 300 CHF A gentle, non-invasive, yet extremely powerful therapy that focuses on the rhythmic pulse that goes through the entire body, and enhances the body’s natural capacity for healing. It is a powerful healing process which releases the deeply held patterns of disease and pain – both physical and psychological. VISCERAL MANIPULATION 60 min - 220 CHF Working mostly on the stomach, this manual technique restores normal mobility, tone and motion of the organs, and improves functional and structural balance throughout the body. This treatment also helps with muscular-skeletal tension and digestive disorders while mobilizing energy and balance.

World therapies TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE 60 or 90 minutes – 220 CHF or 300 CHF This strong, authentic treatment combines deep tissue massage, acupressure, gentle rocking and assisted stretches to release muscular tension and stiffness in the whole body and de-stress your mind. THERAPEUTIC THAI MASSAGE 120 minutes – 410 CHF This wonderfully releasing treatment combines a traditional Thai massage with Thai reflexology and a Thai scalp massage. Our therapists also use warmed herbal poultices to help loosen tight muscles and joints. ABHYANGA 60 or 90 minutes – 250 CHF or 340 CHF This deeply nourishing massage uses warmed, organic sesame oil and long sweeping strokes to soothe and de-stress the entire body. The therapist will adapt the pressure of the massage to suit your “dosha”, and finish the treatment with a therapeutic head massage to ensure you leave the massage bed in a state of total bliss. ABHYANGA / SHIRODHARA 120 minutes – 550 CHF In this traditional treatment, an Abhyanga massage is followed by Shirodhara: a continuous stream of warmed organic Sesame Oil is poured across the forehead and scalp to secure ultimate relaxation and rest. It is particularly good for those who have trouble sleeping.

ADVANCED BODY TREATMENTS by Swiss Perfection CELLULAR DETOXIFYING BODY WRAP AND BODY PEEL 90 minutes – 350 CHF For those looking to lose weight, this deeply cleansing treatment helps detoxify the skin, get rid of cellulite and ease water retention. You will feel fresher and more energised. CELLULAR FIRMING BODY WRAP AND PEEL 90 minutes – 350 CHF For a more slender and toned silhouette, this restorative treatment helps tighten and firm the skin by improving its elasticity and boosting collagen production. Your skin will look and feel smoother and more supple. CELLULAR REGENERATING BODY WRAP, PEEL AND MASSAGE 120 minutes – 450 CHF This divine Swiss Perfection treatment uses special regenerating masks and a heated wrap to cleanse, hydrate and relax the entire body, including your hands and feet. You will emerge with smooth skin and a profound feeling of freshness and wellbeing. CELLULAR CELLULITE CONTROL WRAP AND PEEL 90 minutes – 350 CHF For those with cellulite and tummies, this dynamic treatment will reshape the body using a special thermo cream. You will feel firmer and look more toned. CELLULAR BODY EXFOLIATION 45 minutes – 230 CHF This highly relaxing treatment will stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. It begins with a quick oil rub before your skin is exfoliated using our Cellular Regenerating Salt. CELLULAR BACK MASK AND PEEL 60 minutes – 230 CHF This purifying treatment for the back includes a detoxifying scrub, thorough steam and extraction techniques to further open and cleanse the pores as well as a mask to purify and hydrate the skin. CELLULAR RESCULPTING BODY TREATMENT FOR MEN 90 minutes – 350 CHF The Cellular Men’s Body Treatment will perfectly exfoliates and removes impurities from the skin surface to leave the skin soft. It brings a targeted answer to firmness and offers as well a Swiss Perfection Relaxation including specific massages for a complete body care. CELLULAR BODY WRAP 60 minutes - 250 CHF

Finishing Touches

CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE FINISHING TOUCHES CELLULAR LUXURY MANICURE 90 minutes – 180 CHF This outstanding hand treatment includes a massage and thorough cuticle and nail work to leave your hands feeling and looking their best. Finish with a polish in a colour of your choice. CELLULAR LUXURY PEDICURE 90 minutes – 180 CHF An indulgent pedicure to banish cracks and dryness, relieve tension in your legs and feet, and buff your nails to a shine. Finish with a polish in a colour of your choice. CELLULAR REGULAR MANICURE 60 minutes – 135 CHF This outstanding hand treatment includes massage and thorough cuticle and nail work to leave your hands feeling and looking their best. Perfect for men – or women who do not want their nails to be polished. CELLULAR REGULAR PEDICURE 60 minutes – 135 CHF A foot treatment to remove cracks and dryness, relieve tension in your legs and feet, and buff your nails to a shine. Perfect for men or women who do not want their nails to be polished. TREATMENT ADDITIONS Half leg

75 CHF

Whole leg

130 CHF

Bikini line

55 CHF

Bikini integral

145 CHF


75 CHF


55 CHF


90 CHF

Upper lip Eyebrows

55 CHF 55 CHF

HAIRDRESSER SCALP & HAIR TREATMENT / PHYTOBIODERMIE OU BOTOX Short 170 CHF - Long 190 CHF - Men 150 CHF COLOR OR HENNÉ Short 170 CHF - Mid-lenght 190 CHF - Long 210 CHF HIGHLIGHTS Short 250 CHF - Mid-lenght 300 CHF - Long 325 CHF LASER SCISSOR CUT Short 145 CHF - Mid-lenght 160 CHF - Long 170 CHF MEN’S CUT 90 CHF PERM Short 170 CHF - Mid-lenght 195 CHF - Long 220 CHF BLOW-DRY Short 120 CHF - Mid-lenght 130 CHF - Long 145 CHF HAIR EXTENSION From 15 CHF - lock of hair

Opening hours Spa reception Monday to Friday 07:30 am -07:00 pm Weekend 09:00 am – 06:00 pm Health Club 07:30 am – 08:00 pm Treatment times 09:00 am – 07:00 pm Schedule an appointment To schedule an appointment, please contact our Spa reservation team who will be able to help you choose the perfect treatment. Treatments booked by guests not staying at the clinic need to be accompanied by a valid credit card. Arrival Time Please arrive at the Spa reception 15 minutes before your treatment time. This will ensure you sufficient time to complete consultation with a Spa specialist before your treatment. Peace and quiet In consideration to other Spa guests, please refrain from using mobile phones in the Spa. Gift vaucher An exclusive gift idea for someone special.Please contact the Spa reception for details. Cancellation conditions A 24-hour cancellation notice is required to help us reschedule your appointment, subject to availability at the spa. Any cancellation/rescheduling with less than 3 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee. The entire charge of the treatment booked will be levied in case of a “No Show” without any prior cancellation as specified above. Entire charge will also be levied for cancellation of a 30 minute treatment. Valuables Please do not leave any valuables in the changing rooms, and be sure to take you belongings with you at the end of each day. The management cannot accept responsibility in the event of theft or loss.

Spa Etiquette Indoor shoes should be used in the Spa area except in the corridor leading to the changing rooms. All Spa guests should only undress in the changing rooms, and take a shower before using the facilities. Kindly note that any inappropriate behaviour during a treatment will result in its termination and responsibility for all treatment. Clinique La Prairie is a smoke free environment. Safety Children under age of 16 are not allowed in the Spa. Please do not dive into or run alongside the swimming pool. Bathing is unsupervised, and the management cannot accept responsibility in the event of an accident.

SPA WELLNESS CENTER Rue du Lac 142 | 1815 Clarens-Montreux | Switzerland | +41 21 989 33 44 | spa@laprairie.ch www.laprairie.ch

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