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Medical specialists

Dr. Paul Niehans starts his pioneering research work in cellular therapy and founds Clinique La Prairie. He develops his Revitalisation therapy for over 20 years.

Awards won in the last 10 years

Dr. Niehans publishes the results of his research in cellular therapy, breaking new ground in health science and establishing the pioneering spirit of Clinique La Prairie.


Countries within our wide international clientele


Mr. Armin Mattli purchases Clinique La Prairie.

Purified, the CLP Extract is at the core of Revitalisation treatments, and continues to be refined over the years.


1950 Clinique La Prairie’s reputation rapidly grows to attract many guests, world leaders, artists and celebrities.

Wellness technologies developed in the last 3 years


Dr. Niehans dies at the age of 91, leaving behind a considerable heritage in the field of cellular medicine.

Creation of La Prairie skincare line in the clinic’s laboratory in Montreux (the skincare brand was sold in the 90’s and no longer retains any affiliation with Clinique La Prairie).

Mr. Mattli appoints Mr. Simone Gibertoni as CEO. The holistic philosophy is strengthened over the four pillars of medical care, nutrition, wellness and movement.


1978 1971

The Spa building, featuring contemporary architecture and design, opens its doors, while rooms and suites are inaugurated at Le Chateau, becoming the main accomodation building.


The clinic is the first medi-spa to include genetic testing. It develops its own range of food supplements. Revitalisation Premium is offered as the world’s most advanced antiaging and longevity program.

2018 2019/2020

2010 1991 Clinique La Prairie’s Medical Center is built. The Clinique La Prairie Foundation for Aging and Immunology Research is established.

Mr. Gregor Mattli becomes chairman and sets an ambitious path for the clinic.

2017 Master Detox is launched, becoming the most advanced detoxification program in the world.

Clinique La Prairie expands internationally, with the opening of an office in Shanghai, and Aesthetics & Longevity Medical Spas in Madrid and Bangkok.






Preventative health care relies on over 50 leading medical specialists and on a unique combination of cutting edge diagnostics (Incl. DNA testing), highly personalised advice, follow ups and treatments that nurture aging cells to support their natural protective system.

O UR PRO GRAMS Revitalisation Premium LONGEVIT Y

What you eat affects how long you live and the way you feel every day: good nutrition promotes healthy aging by reinforcing your immune system, by protecting your brain, by playing a role in building your muscles. Nutrition also influences your genes and contributes to the cellular processes and the metabolic balance that make you healthy.

Watch your interior life, be mindful, feel good about yourself: relax and recharge to reduce stress. It will protect your cells, renew your energy and give space to your brain to focus properly.

Staying active leads to more energy and contributes to longevity: keeping moving helps lower stress levels, increases cognitive and mental abilities, and reverses age-related muscle loss to build strength and power.

Taking our legendary Revitalisation to the most exclusive level, this is the ultimate rejuvenation program. It focuses on every part of your body: Immune System, Heart, Breathing, Sleep cycle, Microbiota, Skin, Mind and Brain with holistic medicinal technologies, check up, nutrition, supplementations and wellness to enhance your life

DNA test

After 40’s

7 days / 6 nights

From 40'200 CHF


Pioneering the science of longevity since 1931, this acclaimed program contributes to boosting the immune system, restoring vitality and combatting the effects of aging. This holistic cell regeneration program combines cutting edge medicine and technology with check up, unique well-being and nutrition plan to revitalize every part of the body.

DNA test

After 40’s

6 days / 5 nights

From 25'300 CHF

Master Detox

Experience the profound well-being that comes with a thoroughly cleansed and purified system. Based on CLP Cellular Genomic Detox method, this cure harnesses the power of genetics, cellular and nutritional science, combined with the latest medicinal technologies in a program tailored to your exact DNA and health profile.

DNA test

1-2 x per year

7 days / 6 nights

From 17'200 CHF

Weight Loss System WELLBEING Rebalancing

Better Sleep

Winter Boost

Rediscover the vitality of a healthy weight. We help kickstart your weight loss plan and improve your quality of life with a results-focused, holistic system tailored to your personal profile. Genetics, dieticians, doctors and chefs work together to provide you with medical guidance, nutritional coaching and serenity.

DNA test

Two options: 7 days or 14 days

Immerse yourself in the healing and restorative power of a Rebalancing retreat designed to relax your body, soothe your mind and nourish your spirit. This program helps you unwind completely and regain your inner equilibrium.

7 days / 6 nights

The healing and restorative power of sleep is the focus of this transformative program created by our medical experts using stateof-the-art technologies. It helps solve sleep concerns such as insomnia and make you rediscover the delights of therapeutic sleep, every single night.

6 days / 5 nights

Cold weather can impact your immune system during the winter season. This program shifts your resistance in the right direction, helps you manage your stress and prepare your body for spring.

6 days / 5 nights


7d From 15'800 CHF 14d From 30'200 CHF

From 17'400 CHF


From 13'300 CHF

From 12’900 CHF


Advanced Beauty

A head-to-toe beauty transformation including a personalized program of non-invasive technologies at our aesthetics medicine center, to leave you looking radiant, toned, and more youthful – with effects lasting up to two years.

5 days / 4 nights

From 16'800 CHF


A beauty boost that entails aesthetics medicine treatments and therapeutic wellness cares to leave you with a beautiful healthy glow and a spring in your step.

4 days / 3 nights

From 5'900 CHF

Beauty Stem Cells

A state-of-the-art face rejuvenation treatment, using Stem Cells therapy to look and feel years younger. This ultrapersonalized procedure is dispensed by a medical team with solid experience in anti-aging aesthetics.

4 days / 3 nights

Upon request

Beauty Cell Boost

This innovative technique provides aesthetics and regenerative medicine for the face, using the power of own cells to preserve skin’s youthfulness, and requiring only light anesthesia.

2 days / 1 night

Upon request

Check-up & Wellness

A comprehensive evaluation of health, recommended once a year after 30 years old, to help identify and treat disorders at an early stage. Combined with a wellness stay to enjoy luxuriating hospitality, spa treatments and personal training coaching, so you return home rested and revitalized.

6 days / 5 nights

From 16'500 CHF

Medical Check-up

First-class diagnostic and preventive screening program to get a full picture of your state of health in just a few days. This medical program includes a stay in our medical clinic while having access to the wellness center.

4 days / 3 nights

From 12'900 CHF

Better Mobility

If your body pains stop you from enjoying living or exercising, this state-of-the-art program is the first step towards getting back into peak condition. Targeting the source of your discomfort with holistic care, our medical team will get you back onto the right track.

7 days / 6 nights

From 17'500 CHF

A la carte

This option is best for those who want to choose the medical and wellness services according to their specific needs.

As per guest's wishes

Upon request

Executive Vitality

Corporate wellness offers an immersive journey of growth, health and well-being to senior management. The holistic approach is based on a balance between stress-relief, personal reflection and group connection, using Trascendental Meditation and workshops, individual medical check-up, oudoor activities and spa treatments.

6 days Group Min 6 p.

From 90’000 CHF

AESTHETICS MEDICINE CENTER Advanced aesthetics regenerative and noninvasive treatments. From ‘Haute Couture’ aesthetics medicine, to the latest cutting edge treatments including Visia, cool-sculpting, innovative injections, peels and laser procedures, as well as the latest lifting and body reshaping technology. SURGERY CENTER FOR ORTHOPEDICS, TRAUMATOLOGY AND SPORTS MEDICINE

MEDICAL CENTER HOME TO OVER 50 TOP SPECIALISTS 3 operation theatres / 20 post-surgery rooms / 3 excellence centers • Angiology • Anesthesiology • Antalgia (pain) specialist • Cardiology • Imaging center • Menopause & gynecology • Plastic surgery • General surgery • Visceral surgery • Maxillofacial surgery • Orthopedic surgery • Ophthalmic surgery • Hand surgery • Neurosurgery • Orthopedic surgery • Obesity and eating disorders

• Dietetics • Laboratory • Internal & Preventative Medicine • Predictive medicine • Neurology • Ophthalmology • ENT • Physiotherapy • Pneumology • Psychiatry and psychotherapy • Psychology • Rheumatology • Endocrinology and diabetology • Gastroenterology • Alternative medicines: acupuncture, physiotherapy, hypnosis, sophrology

Leading expertise in orthopedic surgery and traumatology for adults and children. The center’s surgeons diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions of the musculoskeletal system that is responsible for movement. Specialties include leg, hip, knee, foot, shoulder surgery, total prostheses as well as sports-related injuries and conditions. The high-quality care is provided from the first consultation to conclusion of rehabilitation. CENTER OF DENTRISTRY Taking a holistic approach, the center offers a proficient level of first-class services in dental specialties and aesthetics. The center provides cutting edge treatments based on the latest technological advances, including dental antiaging, restoration, smile analysis and aesthetics, smile rejuvenation and cosmetic dentistry (whitening, ceramic veneer, ...).


Rue du Lac 142 | 1815 Clarens-Montreux | Switzerland | +41 21 989 34 81 | info@laprairie.ch

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