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Clinique La Prairie’s Wellbeing philosophy The medical spa at Clinique La Prairie in Montreux-Switzerland is a peaceful oasis in an often-hectic world. It’s a space dedicated to beauty and wellbeing, where you can reap the benefits of the world-leading clinic’s holistic approach to wellbeing. Relaxation and rejuvenation are essential to anyone looking for a healthier, longer, fuller life, and escaping everyday stresses helps to achieve these goals. The 1,500 sqm paradise aims to help you disconnect from normal life, let go and reconnect to yourself. Here, the collaboration between holistic therapists and medical experts, and the combination of cutting-edge science and ancient healing practices, provide clients with the most advanced and personalized treatments. These can be part of a bespoke wellbeing program or in combination with the work of our aesthetic medical team. It has everything needed for the perfect stay. You’ll find an indoor pool, a vitality pool, a Kneipp path, sensory showers, hydrotherapy, steam room and sauna, an ice waterfall, a manicure studio, a fitness center and several treatment rooms. There are also beauty booths, a relaxation room with floating beds, Thai massage rooms, a cryotherapy booth and a VIP wellness suite. All of this is housed in blissful surroundings: bright, spacious, elegant buildings on the shores of Lake Geneva with the Alps in the distance and with Montreux’s warm microclimate adding to the dreamlike experience. So come, relax and let us take care of your body and your mind so that a new you can emerge: refreshed, reenergized and ready to take on the world.


Clinique La Prairie Experiences Ultimate experiences combined with innovative wellness technologies.

CRYOTHERAPY | 10 minutes – 100 CHF Cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures to boost health and reduce injury recovery time. These benefits start by reducing inflammation, relieving pain and improving mobility. The process reduces cellular metabolism, inflammation, pain and spasms while increasing cell survival and favoring vasoconstriction and vasodilation, which increases oxygen levels in the blood that is delivered to damaged tissue. Cryotherapy also has a positive effect on our emotions, particularly stress, by releasing endorphins through the hypothalamus. Endorphin release plays a central role in regulating mood and is responsible for wellbeing. NEURO WAVE STIMULATION | 60 minutes – 110 CHF This acoustic and vibration therapy is guided by technology that trains the brain to let go and succumb to deep relaxation techniques, enabling even the busiest of minds to enter a deep level of relaxation. As in meditation, specific sounds slow down mental activity, while vibration frequencies target the body’s energy centers. FAR-INFRATHERAPY | 45 minutes - 150 CHF This technology uses long infrared rays (the only sunrays beneficial to living beings) to detoxify the body and make the skin look beautiful, as well as aiding relaxation, muscle recovery, slimming and health (boosting the immune system, soothing the nervous system, relieving joint pain and balancing blood pressure). The health effects of this powerful body detox greatly surpass usual methods of relieving stress, fatigue and chronic pain.

HYDRO-CONTRAST AYURVEDIC EXPERIENCE | 120 minutes - 500 CHF This circuit is a therapy designed around the idea that the human body is a set of Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies which coexist together and inseparable. Therefore, we must nourish these five bodies at the same time to have the full energy and live in a perfect harmony. The circuit is made to promote the natural process of homeostasis in the body for ultimate health and wellbeing.

AYURVEDIC EXPERIENCE | 45 minutes – 210 CHF A unique, surprising body treatment originating from Ayurvedic medicine. The sensation and gentle vibration of warm oil being poured over your forehead enables the body, mind and nervous system to enter a state of deep relaxation, similar to meditation. Shirodhara can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue and hypertension and releases tensions, worries, fears, headaches and depression. The treatment regulates mood and will leave you feeling joyful and relaxed.

Signature Massages For our range of Signature Massages, our therapists use specific body massage oil created exclusively for Clinique La Prairie. They expertly tailor their technique to suit your individual needs.

REVITALIZING MASSAGE | 60 minutes- 230 CHF | 90 minutes - 310 CHF

THAÏ MASSAGE | 60 minutes - 230 CHF | 90 minutes - 310 CHF

This signature massage targets the energy flow of the human body stimulated by focusing on energy paths and points of the body. It targets energy flow stimulus by focusing on the most sensitive areas of each. Precise pressures, digitopressure maneuvers as well as movements at different speeds and with various sequences are part of this energizing and revitalizing experience.

This strong, authentic treatment combines deep tissue massage, acupressure, gentle rocking and assisted stretches to relieve muscular tension and stiffness in the whole body and destress your mind.

IMMUNITY BOOST MASSAGE WITH HERBAL COMPRESSES | 60 minutes - 230 CHF | 90 minutes - 310 CHF Combining the expert movements of your therapist’s hands with lightly applied herbal compresses, this massage uses a mix of plants exclusively created for Clinique La Prairie to boost the immune system and take you into a state of total relaxation. RELAXING MASSAGE | 60 minutes- 230 CHF | 90 minutes - 310 CHF This signature massage will take you on a holistic journey, massaging from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. With singing bowls and time for meditation (in the 90 minutes only), this unique ritual will envelop you in a deep state of relaxation, providing you with the energy you need for the rest of your day. DETOX MASSAGE | 60 minutes – 230 CHF | 90 minutes –310 CHF This massage regenerates the body and activates the processes of toxin elimination. The draining effect is immediate, the areas of tension located in the muscles are removed, the organs regain their dynamics and the physiological system’s reflex points of control are rebalanced. Oxygenation of the tissues is improved. This massage also helps to balance body and mind. SLIMMING MASSAGE | 30 minutes- 150 CHF This deep massage will improve your skin texture. It will help eliminate new cellulite, sculpt your body and restore balance. A special aromatherapy oil is used to leave you feeling light and toned. A perfect complement to our Cellular anti-cellulite Body Treatment. DEEP TISSUE SPORTS MASSAGE | 60 minutes - 230 CHF | 90 minutes - 310 CHF Repairing tissue, this deep massage relieves muscle pain and tension. A special aromatherapy oil is used to help your muscles succumb to relaxation and send you into a state of total wellness.

ABHYANGA | 60 minutes - 230 CHF | 90 minutes - 310 CHF This deeply nourishing massage uses warmed, organic sesame oil and long sweeping strokes to soothe and destress the entire body. The therapist will adapt the pressure of the massage to suit your “dosha”, and finish the treatment with a therapeutic head massage to ensure you leave the massage bed in a state of total bliss. ABHYANGA / SHIRODHARA | 90 minutes 460 CHF | 120 minutes – 550 CHF In this traditional treatment, an Abhyanga massage is followed by Shirodhara: a continuous stream of warmed organic sesame oil that is poured across the forehead and scalp to secure ultimate relaxation and rest. It is particularly good for those who have trouble sleeping.

Healing Therapies Based on ancient healing philosophies, a selection of treatments has been sensitively curated to offer you the ultimate relaxation experience. Step into a blissful journey enriched with holistic techniques that will balance your mind, body and soul.



Working mostly on the stomach pelvic and thorax cavity, this manual technique restores normal mobility, tone and motion of the organs, and improves functional and structural balance throughout the body. This treatment also helps with muscular-skeletal tension and digestive disorders while mobilizing energy and balance.

This wonderfully releasing treatment combines a traditional Thai massage with Thai reflexology and a Thai scalp massage.

SOUND THERAPY | 60 min – 250 CHF | 90 min – 330 CHF The singing bowl produces harmonics of many different intensities when activated by touch. The deeply relaxing vibrations joined with traditonal massage techniques restore inner calm and decrease tension in the body. The body is first passed through a session in order to expel all the tensions and make the body more fluid and responsive to the sound of bowls. After twenty minutes of stretching, the body regains its elasticity and relaxation to better intercept the waves of Tibetan singing bowls. REFLEXOLOGY | 60 minutes – 250 CHF Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing foot treatment based on the theory that specific areas of the feet correspond to particular areas of the body. Your therapist will apply pressure to your feet to rebalance your whole body and stimulate the body’s healing processes.

BODY MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE | 60 minutes – 250 CHF This manual lymphatic drainage uses light, sweeping strokes to encourage lymph flow, improve blood circulation and help your body naturally detoxify. It is especially effective for those who have scar tissue, spider veins or acne, and helps reduce swelling before and after plastic surgery. FACIAL MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE | 30 minutes – 160 CHF This massage is particularly effective in reducing swelling before and after plastic surgery on the face.

Tech-Activated Rejuvenation Treatments Our high-tech treatments combine non-invasive technologies for maximum results. Our highly trained team will help you decide which treatment is right for your particular needs so that you emerge renewed and refreshed.

Facial Tech-Activated Rejuvenation Treatments FACIAL LIFTING TREATMENT | 40 minutes – 180 CHF This relaxing treatment smooths facial features in just a few minutes. Our patented Icoone® technology eases expression lines and restores freshness and elasticity to the face, neck and cleavage. This treatment is suitable for even the most delicate areas, including the eye contour.

Body Tech-Activated Rejuvenation Treatments

HIGH FREQUENCY CELLULAR STIMULATION FOR FACE AND NECK | 60 minutes – 400 CHF Innovative technology for anti-aging facial treatments. It uses Onda Dinamica® the exclusive multi-frequency regenerative energy which stimulates the tissues at different depths, obtains a significant increase in tissue tone and determines an exceptional reduction of skin imperfections. This treatment will help with reduction of wrinkles, bags, skin thickening, spots, deep dehydration and scars and will immediately produce visible effects. FACIAL LIGHT CELLULAR THERAPY | 10-20 minutes – 90 CHF A perfect complement to one of our Swiss Perfection Cellular Facials, this effective treatment uses high-tech LED light to treat a wide range of issues such as skin aging, scars or acne in a very short amount of time. The length of the session will depend on skin type and problem. OXYGEN + MASK | 60 minutes – 280 CHF Stimulating, soothing oxygen therapy followed by an anti-aging collagen mask that intensely hydrates and activates cell renewal. HYDRAFACIAL BASIC | 60 minutes – 400 CHF Intensive cleansing of your skin. During the 4 treatment steps, skin flakes, sebum deposits, blackheads and impurities are softened and gently removed. The skin is peeled and shines in a new brilliance. HYDRAFACIAL DELUXE | 90 minutes - 500 CHF Intensive cleansing, lymph drainage, hydration and LED light therapy. Before the 4 cleansing steps of the basic treatment, lymph drainage is performed. This helps to remove lymph congestion and accelerate the removal of waste products. The special extra: With a Multi-Peptide Dermabuilder your skin gets an extra moisturizing kick, which leads to a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is rounded off with LED light therapy for skin activation.

BODY REMODELING TREATMENT | 40 minutes - 180 CHF This relaxing, bespoke beauty treatment uses the Icoone® machine to stimulate blood circulation and detoxify skin tissue. You will have slimmer, more toned arms, stomach or thighs after just one session. X MAGIC HIGH FREQUENCY CELLULAR STIMULATION FOR BODY | 45 minutes - 270 CHF Selenia X- Magic is a technology that embodies up to 8 combined actions that act synergistically, counteracting at each session the imperfections of cellulite, localised fat and tissue relaxation. Working in the three layers of the skin to the muscle, it reactivates the metabolism and regenerates the tissues instead of focusing on the imperfection. X PRESS HIGH FREQUENCY CELLULAR STIMULATION FOR BODY | 30 minutes - 150 CHF Computerized pressotherapy indicated for drainage treatments, reactivation of microcirculation and anticellulite and remodeling treatments. Pleasant, non-invasive, effective, it is a treatment suitable for pairing with special body treatments with a toning, draining and slimming action. BODY LIGHT CELLULAR THERAPY | 10-20 minutes – 90 CHF Cellular Body Photostimulation enables us to treat a wide range of issues such as general skin aging, cellulite, stretch marks, acne or scars.

The True Swiss Cellular Skincare

Cellular Face and Body Treatments

With a unique heritage in cellular extraction technology, Swiss Perfection is at the forefront of cutting edge skincare,

Experience a unique concept made of deep-down regeneration inspired by Cellular Therapy, deeply rooted in

producing high-end formulas that offer immediate and visible results.

the DNA of both Clinique La Prairie and Swiss Perfection.

Derived from the root cells of the Iris Germanica - a plant renowned for its high antioxidant properties – Swiss

Enjoy the most privileged experience. Our skin specialists will provide you with tailor-made cellular

Perfection’s signature complex Cellular Active IRISA® is the result of the most advanced scientific research in the

treatments perfectly adapted to your wishes and skin needs.

field of cellular cosmetics. Cellular Facial and Body Treatments by Swiss Perfection protect cells both from premature aging and the damages caused by free radicals, and stimulate cellular metabolism while intensifying the production of collagen naturally present in the skin. Exclusively created by Swiss Perfection, the treatments draw on the potent age defying power of the compound Cellular Active IRISA®, which is the very embodiment of the brand’s DNA. Combining highly effective antioxidant ingredients and advanced techniques, they regenerate and rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level and achieve visible, long lasting results. Swiss Perfection strongly identifies with Swiss essence, quality and craftmanship. This is why the entire product range is formulated, developed and produced in Switzerland in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Cellular High Touch Facial Treatments

Cellular High Tech Facial Treatments

Swiss Perfection Cellular High Touch signature Anti-Aging treatments embody the perfect synergy between high

Anti-Aging treatments focused on immediate and lasting visible results. They combine highly concentrated formulas with

quality formulas and specific manual techniques. They offer incomparable anti-aging. The skin appears radiant,

ATS-1 Technology, a unique patented process that effectively corrects all signs of age in the deepest layers of the skin such

replumped and remarkably smoothed.

as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and improves firmness. The skin is radiant, dramatically revitalized, firmed and toned.



This exclusive facial treatment acts as a natural lifting. It visibly lifts and improves the skin firmness while promoting cellular renewal. It combines the most innovative rejuvenating solutions and specific manual techniques to remodel the face contour while smoothing away wrinkles. CELLULAR PERFECT HYDRATION | 75 minutes - 450 CHF

Inspired by advanced medical anti-aging techniques and relying on the most recent patented technological innovations, this lifting treatment acts on a multidimensional level to target signs of aging. It offers spectacular immediate effects by visibly lifting and improving skin firmness while promoting cellular renewal. Specific and highly concentrated formulas working in symbiosis target loss of firmness, sagging and wrinkles. This treatment acts as a natural face lift with longterm benefits. The face contour is remodeled; wrinkles are smoothed away.

This innovating treatment protects the skin’s cells in the deepest layers from premature aging, dehydration and irregular skin texture. The skin is replumped, smoothed and deeply moisturized.


CELLULAR PERFECT LIGHTENING | 75 minutes - 450 CHF This targeted facial specifically designed to balance melanin production, visibly evens the complexion and brings youthfulness to the skin. CELLULAR PERFECT PURIFYING PROTECTION | 75 minutes - 400 CHF This essential highly active antioxidant facial deeply purifies the pores while accelerating tissue oxygenation. This treatment is the perfect cure for free-radicals in exposed skins and is the best ally for skin aging prevention. CELLULAR PERFECT RECOVERY | 60 minutes - 400 CHF Through the combination of highly calming and soothing ingredients with specific techniques, this targeted treatment will support the natural healing process of the skin. It immediately calms the irritation and inflammation sensation while deeply repairing the damages induced by internal imbalances and external aggressions. CELLULAR HIGH TOUCH MEN PERFECT REPAIR | 75 minutes - 400 CHF A perfect cleansing treatment designed for men’s specific skins. It erases all signs of fatigue for a fresh and healthy appearance. This treatment is tailored to ensure optimum skin rejuvenation for men of any age.

Infusing the skin with intense hydration, this unique rejuvenating treatment using patented technology protects the skin’s cells in the deepest layers from premature aging, dehydration and irregular skin texture. The skin’s wellbeing, elasticity and plasticity are optimally maintained through long-lasting moisturizing. The skin is deeply hydrated, plumped and rejuvenated; wrinkles and expression lines are smoothed; skin hydration levels are optimally preserved. CELLULAR HIGH TECH PIGMENT LIGHTENING | 60 minutes - 450 CHF This specific treatment designed to balance melanine production works deeply into the layer of the dermis directly on the cells responsible for hyperpigmentation. This revolutionary facial relying on advanced technological research is specifically designed to instantly brighten and even the complexion. This truly luminous experience visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots and all types of pigmentation irregularities & brings immediate radiance and youthfulness to the skin. CELLULAR HIGH TECH PURIFYING ANTI-POLLUTION | 60 minutes - 400 CHF Thanks to the power of pure vitamin C, this highly active antioxidant facial, purifies, removes toxins and restores skin radiance. Acting as a shield against oxidative stress and other external aggression factors, this highly stimulating vitamin cocktail is a combination of technologies that simultaneously bring vitality and radiance to the skin. Tissue oxygenation is increased; skin cells are energized and renewed deep down. This treatment is the perfect cure to fight premature signs of aging and environmental damages caused by free radicals. CELLULAR HIGH TECH MEN TOTAL REPAIR | 60 minutes - 400 CHF This deep cleansing and rejuvenating face treatment has been designed specifically for men’s skin. This unique cellular facial relying on the most recent patented technological innovations soothes, purifies and eliminates fatigue to promote a calm, fresh and youthful appearance. This treatment is tailored to ensure optimum skin rejuvenation for men of any age and to offer optimal skin protection from external aggressions.

Enhance your facial treatment with Swiss Perfection’s Cellular Facial Cellular High Touch Treatments CELLULAR PERFECT EYE CONTOUR | 45 minutes - 250 CHF This focused treatment brings a rejuvenated eye contour while erasing all signs of fatigue. It helps to increase the rate of cell renewal, smooths wrinkles and reveals a young glance. CELLULAR PERFECT DÉCOLLETÉ | 45 minutes - 250 CHF This specific care rejuvenates and reshapes the décolleté area. It targets wrinkles, skin sagging as well as loss of firmness and dark spots. The skin of the neck and décolleté is visibly rejuvenated and firmed. CELLULAR PERFECT LEG | 35 minutes - 200 CHF This specific and targeted treatment brings a stimulating and relaxing freshness to feet and legs, leaving them feeling comfortable with a light sensation and a beautiful finish.

Cellular High Tech Treatments CELLULAR HIGH TECH EYE CONTOUR | 45 minutes - 300 CHF Focusing on the most delicate area of the face, the patented technology of this treatment offers a rejuvenated and uplifted eye contour. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and all signs of fatigue are erased. The skin is luminous and firmed. CELLULAR HIGH TECH NECK & DÉCOLLETÉ | 45 minutes - 300 CHF This cutting-edge care owes its efficacy to the intensive revitalizing action of patented technological innovations. It targets wrinkles, skin sagging as well as loss of firmness and consolidates the dermis’ cellular structure by stimulating the production of fibroblasts. The skin of the décolleté is preserved, visibly rejuvenated and firm. The neck and décolleté area toned and reshaped.

Cellular High Touch Body Treatments CELLULAR FIRMING BODY TREATMENT | 60 minutes - 250 CHF The intensive Cellular Firming Body experience targets loss of firmness and elasticity offering a lift effect with visible and immediate results. By boosting collagen production, the structure of the skin is renewed, smoothed, lifted and revitalized resulting in a toned silhouette. CELLULAR ANTI-CELLULITE BODY TREATMENT | 60 minutes - 250 CHF Designed to reshape the body contours, this intensive Cellular anti-cellulite treatment targets cellulite, orange peel and loss of tone, leaving a profound sensation of lightness and wellbeing. The body is perfectly defined, firmed and toned. CELLULAR DETOXIFYING BODY TREATMENT | 60 minutes - 250 CHF This metabolism stimulating and draining treatment increases vitality. The unique blend of active ingredients removes impurities, encouraging circulation and boosting the elimination of toxins. It also gently exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and healthy. Ideal choice to complement a weight loss or anti-cellulite program. CELLULAR BODY EXFOLIATION | 45 minutes - 230 CHF This highly relaxing treatment will stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. It begins with a quick oil rub followed by a skin exfoliation using our Cellular Regenerating Salt.

Clinique La Prairie Advance Signature Packages A RESULTS-ORIENTATED EXPERIENCE The collaboration between our expert team, the combination of cutting-edge medical science, technology and healing practices, provides clients with holistic treatments optimized for their specific personal needs with a visible difference.



You look better, you feel better. This package healthily reshapes your body and your mood, reducing cellulite and leaving you feeling firmer and looking more toned.

This combination of treatments improves physical and mental balance and makes you feel reborn. It regenerates your skin, stimulates your metabolism, reduces stress and improves circulation.

Package includes:

Package includes:

5 Far-infratherapy sessions

Hydro-Contrast Ayurvedic Experience

5 Body remodeling sessions


5 Cryotherapy sessions (full body)

Body manual lymphatic drainage

5 Sessions of X Magic High Frequency Cellular Stimulation for body

X Magic High Frequency Cellular Stimulation for body

5 CLP Slimming Signature Massages - (30 minutes)

CLP Detox Signature Massage

Our Facilities The award-winning space includes a heated indoor pool with breathtaking views, completed by: • Hot tub • Traditional sauna, Hammam • Kneipp path, where guests pick their way along smooth stones • Hydrotherapy complex, sensorial showers, ice fountain • Dry floating bed Zerobody TM • Relaxation lounge with personal music player • VIP wellness suite with Hammam and Sauna • 13 state-of-the-art treatment cabins


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