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Assisted Reproduction Centre

At FIV Marbella we share the dream of having a child with the couples and our aim is to fulfill their dream. YOUR WISH IS OUR CHALLENGE

The harmony and personalized humane treatment allows us to unify efforts to achieve our aim. We want couples whom put their trust in us to feel understood and comfortable. We are therefore committed to research, we introduce the latest technological advances, we are at the forefront with the best professionals who are continuously trained offering the best available means and we conduct informative sessions with our patients. We collaborate abroad as with national investigation clinics and centers.

SERVICES It is of great importance that the couples study is integrated and simultaneous which will enable a correct diagnosis and determine the most effective and appropriate treatment in each particular case. Basic sterility assessment

Egg Freezing

Special Sperm Selection Techniques

PGD (pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis)

Artificial Insemination

Embryo Cryo preservation


Sperm Capacity




Hysteroscopy (diagnostic and therapeutic) Egg Donation

Testicular Biopsy



The professionals of FIV Marbella have a long career within the reproductive field, having worked in various clinics in Spain and in countries like the USA and Italy. The main aim of FIV Marbella is to help you achieve your pregnancy and each case is treated individually, providing tailored solutions for each type of problem and patient.

Enrique Criado: Director/Embryologist

Maite Elizalde: Manager

Dr. Elbaile: Medical Director

Cristina GonzĂĄlez: Embryologist

RocĂ­o Corrales: Nurse

Michelle Wood: International Department

INNOVATION AND EFFECTIVENESS We know that the IVF laboratory is the “motor of a reproduction clinic�, so in our new installations we have not spared in any medium and we have incorporated the latest scientific advances both in terms of biomedical knowledge, technically and informatically as in equipment fitted with the best and latest technology. This develops our work and consolidates FIV Marbella as one of the most advanced and state-of-the-art clinics in Spain.

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In CLINICA OCHOA Paseo MarĂ­timo de Marbella, Edf. Mayoral s/n 29602 Marbella


Assisted Reproduction Centre