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Institute of Clinical Research India Internship Program Learning that works for YOU

Student’s prospective

ICRI- India’s first and premiere educational institute. ICRI has designed skill based internship program for students to bridge the gap between industry and academia i.e. Institute of Clinical research India Internship Programs (ICRIIP).

Our interns will get a chance to work and learn business activities side-by-side along with their studies. ICRI Interns will be involved in business activities, work in a technical area, or conduct scientific research and development. During their assignment, they'll receive the necessary training and development for a successful and rewarding internship. Internships are typically offered in the following Departments: • • • • • • • • • • •

Research & Co-ordination Quality Control/Quality Assurance Auditing Research Management Human Resources Marketing Public Affairs and Communications Business & Financial Services Site Services Administrative Legal

Interns will/may be offered or paid for their work done during the program. Other perks may include opportunities to participate in physician-led tours of departments and other informational workshops.

Student Benefit 1. Substantial stipend may also be paid for student’s efforts that will help ICRI students during internship period. 2. Travelling, interacting with different people, knowing new culture etc. As all the companies have got their operations in different part of the world so there may be chances to interact with different nationalities or visit different places. So doing fun while study will make students’ internship more interesting and exciting. 3. ICRI Intern will learn practically, that will sync theoritical knowledge to enhance their practical approach. 4. Regular assesment will keep an eye on the progress of the program. It will help ICRI to work on the areas where improvement is neccesary for the students. 5. Feedback from the industry will guide students to focus on the core areas where students should focus. 6. After completing internship students will not only get directly placed but also with BETTER PERKS comparative to conventional study pattern.

ICRI Internship Program  

Institute of Clinical Research India is India's premier Clinical Research Institute which is exclusively focused on specialized Clinical Res...

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