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Multiple Itchy Plaques on the Trunk and Extremities An 87-year-old man presents for evaluation of an itchy rash affecting his trunk and extremities. The eruption has continued to intensify despite an intramuscular steroid injection. The patient recently had begun taking combination memantine and donepezil hydrochloride for treatment of early stage dementia; discontinuation of this medication had no effect on the dermatitis. CAN YOU DIAGNOSE THIS CONDITION?

• Erythema multiforme • Drug eruption

•  Nonbullous pemphigoid •  Granuloma annulare

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Worsening Foot Pain in a Boy An 8-year-old is brought to the office with right foot pain that has persisted for 1 month. The pain seems to have worsened over the past week when his parents noticed him limping. The patient’s symptoms intensify with running and other athletic activities. WHICH IS THE BEST TREATMENT OPTION?

• Observation without restrictions • Immobilization in a walking boot • Immediate bone biopsy • Revascularization with a vascular bone graft ● See the full case at • THE CLINICAL ADVISOR • JUNE 2019 13

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