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Colonial Life continues to do a great job at giving us the tools we all need to be as successful as we can possibly be. The new Group Short Term Disability policy looks to be a great addition to our excellent product line. Please make sure you complete your product mastery and are up to speed on the product so you’re ready when selling opportunities arise.

Cash for Cases will soon be coming to an end. Make sure you are taking advantage of this awesome promotion!

Have you checked out the new Quick Quote Tool? If not, please do. It’s another excellent new tool to help make your business run more effectively. The Quick Quote Tool will be replacing Harmony Prelude which will be taken off-line on August 31. You can find the Quick Quote Tool on Propr. Kids are back in school, vacations are about over, business owners are back to business. Get out there and tell the Colonial Life story. It’s a good one! Let’s do all we can and have a successful week ahead. Thanks, Randy

LOOK WHAT’S INSIDE: Randy’s Roundup...

Welcome New Agents



President’s/Leaders Conference

The Rising Sun


Welcome to Colonial Life! We are glad you have chosen a career path that will prove to be successful! All of us at the Territory Office are here to help you in any way we can to get you started on the right foot! Our main phone number is 317-456-0501. The following employees are based out of the Territory Office: Randy Yurczyk—Territory Sales Manager—317-456-0502 Julie Pruitt—Territory Exec. Asst.—317-456-0501 Jeremy Johnson– Regional Instructor —317-417-2457 Jeff Luxenberg—Territory Recruiter—765-437-2451 Fax— 317-575-9177 Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us!

Propr Webinar for New Salespeople Get the hang of our website Every Monday and Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, the Onboarding Services Team conducts a webinar to help our new salespeople get familiar with the My Colonial Life Propr website.

If you would like to join:

Call: 888.238.7803 / Access Code: 2136933#

The Rising Sun


Week 29:

Week 30:

Ryan Ogle

Ryan Ogle Dwight

Week 33:

Week 31: Marisa Malone Larry Colbert

Ryan Ogle Ky Yarling Mary Alley Steve Squibb

The Rising Sun


August 2013 Sun







1 Colonial College

2 3rd Qtr. Mgrs. Meeting











PLEASE NOTE: All training, meetings, call clinics, etc held at the Territory Office are Business Appropriate Attire at all times unless otherwise stated. Please make a note of this.



6 Registration deadline for CC


12 Registration deadline for Group DI Rollout




21 Group Disability Rollout 103:30


Colonial College—143 Benefits Counselor Cert.










What’s happenin’ in August? Every Monday and Friday– Prospecting Phone Labs—Monday’s 1:00-3:00; Friday’s 9:45-11:45—888-2387803/8275130# Every Friday—DGA Conference Call—9:00 a.m. 888-238-7803/612656#; ADM Conference Call—Noon— 888-2387803/8275130# August 1—Colonial College—161 Selling to the Employer August 2—3rd Quarter Managers Meeting—DGAs—9:00 a.m.; DGAs and ADMs—Noon-3:00 August 21—Group Disability Rollout/HCR Workshop—10:00-3:30; 1st Floor Conference Room August 22— Colonial College—143 Benefits Counselor Certification Workshop

The Rising Sun


Territory Overview W E E K

3 3


Top District Week 33—Jeff Brindle—$47,253. WOW...fantastic Team Brindle! Keep those weeks coming. Ryan Ogle, ADM personally wrote $7,275 and collectively, Ryan’s team wrote a total of $10,266. Nice! Ruth Plants District wrote $13,722 with Ky Yarling, ADM writing over half of that with $7,191. Good job!

Jeff Brindle DGA $36,544

Aaron VanPelt Territory Week 33: 3 New Case

DGA $5,894

0 New Contract

Ryan Ogle ADM Brindle District $7,275

Production: $72,024 Territory Quarter to Date: 7 New Cases 11 New Contracts

Ruth Plant DGA $5,390

Production: $236,023

Ky Yarling ADM Plant District $7,191

Territory YTD: 36 New Cases 78 New Contracts Production: $1,242,223

Mary Alley ASR Brindle District $2,991

Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you. Arnold Palmer


The Rising Sun

A special message to the sales organization from Tim Arnold, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing Deadline approaching to take and pass mandatory market conduct test Time is running out to take and pass the mandatory market conduct test. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you pass the test by the Sept. 15, 2013, deadline. I appreciate everyone who has taken time to complete this very important task. However, according to our latest report more than 75 percent of the sales organization hasn’t passed the test yet. Remember, we have a long tradition of doing what’s right -- for policyholders, business owners and employees. Part of ensuring we uphold this tradition and promote our brand in the marketplace is to provide important training to our sales team on market conduct, ethics, privacy and security requirements. Market conduct training is not unique to Colonial Life. Most, if not all, of the company’s major competitors require similar training. Although it’s a regulatory requirement, it’s also the right thing to do for our customers. Members of the sales organization who don’t pass the test by the Sept. 15, deadline could face consequences including removal from advanced commissions and possibly termination from their Colonial Life contract. So make sure you look at the training on Propr, take and pass the test and get ready for a big fourth quarter.

Thank you, Tim


The Rising Sun

Product Spotlight Webinar Series Learn how to win with new and existing accounts These new Product Spotlight webinars can help you learn how to position products and win in the marketplace. Webinars begin at 1 p.m. EST. Schedule Aug. 21 – Life Topics Competitive positioning Positioning individual vs. group products Best practices from featured salespeople And more great topics! Join the webinar EGC webinar link Company mobile phone: 207.575.6703 Land line: 888.238.7803 Territory offices: ext. 56703 Passcode: 2137388 Plan to participate in each webinar or listen to the recorded versions on Propr. Watch for more details in Colonial Life News emails.


The Rising Sun

Below are two (2) forms that are essential to keeping track of your daily activity and your business. Within the next day or two, you will be hearing from either your DGA and/or your ADM to discuss the importance of tracking your activity, expectations and the ease of completing these forms . Should you have any questions, please contact your manager.

The Rising Sun


In today’s ever changing world more and more people have gone digital and prefer to conduct business by email, text and various other types of social medias. Many of you have asked for an official email piece to help with your prospecting efforts and I am pleased to announce that Colonial Life has created an email version of the “Can You” drop-off brochure (59666-3) so that the reps have both a digital and print version of this prospecting tool. The Can You email is live on MarketingNOW. To find it go to Propr > Marketing > MarketingNOW>Prospecting.

New version of QlikView coming soon In Harmony® Aug. 23 QlikView 11 is coming to Harmony later this week. This upgrade will affect Enrollment Data Return and Enrollment Summary + Details. What this means to you QlikView reports in Harmony will have an updated look and will match the new AIMS interface. 

When you export to Excel, the following items will be in a different format: Deduction Frequency, Deduction Amounts, Salary, Beneficiary Percentage. 

When you export to Excel, the leading zeros for social security numbers and employee IDs will be retained. 

If you send your customers the exported Excel files, you'll want to let them know about the formatting changes listed above. 

If you have any questions about the upgrade to QlikView 11, please contact the Enrollment Solutions Help Desk at (800) 438-6423, option 2, 5 and 1.

The Rising Sun


Please use the number and link below for the webinars: Conference Number: 1-888-238-7803 Participant Code: 654321

Get the training you need for your Monday morning team meeting! There are so many reasons to join a Monday webinar…  Educate your team!  A great way to set up the week’s expectations: cover new and important topics!  Help you engage your team on a regular basis!  Venue for interaction!  Cover important topics!  Maximize each sales meeting!

We are committed to your growth and success. Gain the knowledge, skills and tools needed to train and develop a successful team by participating in educational webinars.

Webinars will be held every Monday 9:00am – 10:00am – 12:00pm EST Educational Webinars conducted by Onboarding and Development Services


The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun


1st Quarter Winners:

2nd Quarter Winners:

Jeff Brindle—Gold

Ryan Ogle—Silver

 

Mark Lubbs—Silver David Brill—Silver

Teresa Christman—Silver

Ryan Ogle—Silver


The Rising Sun

2014 President's Club and Leaders Conference Show off your Italian shoes Elegance, craftsmanship and beauty Step into Italy, and you'll see some of the most beautiful and elegant shoes in the world. Ladies, your closet won't be the same after you bring home some Italian shoes. And, men, your suits will look much more stylish when you wear a pair of Ferragamos. Walk into a designer shoe store, smell the leather and marvel at the craftsmanship of a well-made pair of shoes you can only find in Italy. The Italian word for shoe is scarpa, a word that sounds like the scuff of leather on pavement. But you have to qualify for the 2014 President's Club and Leaders Conference trips to enjoy this experience. Check out the standings on Propr to make sure you'll be in Italy next year.

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