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Climate Change Strategy – Consultation on Programme of Action Summary for Young People

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Tackling climate change is a big priority for the Welsh Assembly Government. We’re holding a consultation this summer on what we need to do in Wales to tackle the causes of climate change and adapt to its impacts. We want to know what you think Wales should be doing about climate change.

What impact will climate change have?

Climate change is a big problem and it’s going to affect everyone. Scientists think that there will be more storms and more floods in Wales in the future. They also think that we will have more summers that are very hot, so more people may suffer from the heat, especially on really hot days.

As the climate changes, life for people in other countries will become very difficult as well, especially in poorer parts of the world. People living near the sea could be flooded and it might become really difficult to grow crops and store enough water for everyone.

Why is the climate changing?

The Earth’s climate has changed many times over hundreds of millions of years. The climate would change naturally, whether humans were living on the planet or not. For example, a change in the climate could be caused by a volcano erupting or a change in the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

What is worrying now is that scientists have calculated that, since the middle of the 20th century, there has been a rise in average temperatures across the world. In 2007 scientists reported that it is very likely that this has been caused by greenhouse gas emissions created by people.

What are greenhouse gases?

Certain gases in the atmosphere are known as ‘greenhouse gases’ because they act like glass in a greenhouse, allowing sunlight through to heat the Earth’s surface but then trapping the heat in the atmosphere as it is reflected back into space. As the greenhouse gases build up, the Earth gets hotter.

Greenhouse gases are produced when we burn fossil fuels like gas, oil, petrol and coal. These are used to light and heat our homes and fuel our cars.

We can produce less greenhouse gases by using less energy at home or at school and by walking, cycling or using public transport rather than the car.

What can we do to help?

Turning off the TV, your games console, phone-charger and computer when you’re not using them

There’s a lot that each of us can do to reduce emissions. The more we do now, the less of a problem climate change will be. Some easy things all of us can do straight-away include:

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We can’t avoid the impacts of climate change entirely and we will need to adapt to these. The earlier we start to prepare, the better able we will be to cope with a changing climate.

Adapting to climate change

The latest climate change projections tell us how scientists think the UK climate will change during this century. In the future we can expect:

Hotter and drier summers

Milder, wetter winters

More flooding of low-lying coastal areas

Less snowfall and frost

More extremely hot days

A higher number of heavy rain storms

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What is the Government doing?


We’re already working with everyone in Wales to help us all do everything we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to help people prepare for the different effects of climate change in the future.

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This summer, the Assembly Government is asking people what they think of the Programme of Action. This is an Action Plan that will help us tackle climate change in all areas of our lives. It includes how the Assembly Government intends to work to reduce greenhouse gases by 3% per year by 2011 as well as asking everyone in Wales what they are doing to deal with climate change and how we can all work together to do more.

Information on the Programme of Action proposals The Programme of Action sets out 23 actions that cover behaviour change, transport, business, residential, waste, public sector and agriculture and land use sectors as well as adaptation that will help tackle climate change.

The table below sets out the main things we are proposing, and where in the Programme of Action you can find more detail


We want:

More details

Behaviour change

People, communities and organisations to make different choices about the things they do to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions

Proposed Action 1

• People to walk and cycle more Transport

• Use buses and trains more • Create more park and ride facilities • To ensure people have the right skills


• To provide advice and support to businesses to take action on climate change • Help people reduce the amount of energy used at home


• Support community projects for local energy generation

Proposed Actions 2, 3 and 4

Proposed Actions 5, 6, 7 and 8

Proposed Actions 9 and 10

• Conserve the carbon stored in Welsh soil Agriculture and land use

• Encourage forest biomass, biomass crops and biogas • Provide support and advice to farmers

Proposed Actions 11 and 12

• Provide grants for increased woodland

Waste sector

• Reduce the amount of waste we produce • Support initiatives to increase recycling and composting

Proposed Action 13

• Reduce our carbon footprint Public sector

Adapting to climate change

• Encourage local councils, schools and hospitals to reduce their carbon footprint • Support more work and research to better understand how a changing climate will affect life in Wales, and our natural environment • Provide more information and advice to people and businesses in Wales to help them prepare for a change to our climate

Proposed Actions 14, 15 and 16

Proposed Actions 17 to 23

If you want to see how we plan to take these ambitions forward please look at the full consultation document at



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Question 1 What are you and your family doing to help reduce climate change?


Question 2 What can the Assembly Government do to help you tackle climate change?

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Question 3

What can your school do to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Question 4 What do you think, are the best ways to save energy?

Question 5

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Do you think there is enough information available to young people in Wales about climate change? If not, what information should there be?

More information

We need everyone’s views on the Programme of Action consultation to help shape the Assembly Government’s Climate Change Strategy. Climate change will affect your future so it’s very important that you give us your views. To tell us your ideas, you can email us at If you do want to send us your ideas, please read the ‘Data Protection’ section at the end of this summary. Please send your responses by 2 October 2009.

What happens next? Once we have listened to everyone’s views, the Assembly Government will publish its final Climate Change Strategy. This will bring everyone’s ideas together and explain how Wales can tackle the causes and effects of climate change. This is just the start: each year the Assembly Government will report on progress and explain what new work needs to be done.

Data protection We intend to publish a summary analysis of the responses to the Programme of Action consultation document as well as the actual responses. Normally, the names and addresses (or part of them) of their authors are published along with the response. If you do not wish to be identified as the author of your response, please state this when sending us your response.

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Youth Climate Change Strategy for Wales  

Tackling climate change is a big priority for the Welsh Assembly Government. We’re holding a consultation on what we need to do in Wales to...

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