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Clipping Path Design House Welcome to Clipping Path Design House

Clipping Path Design House is an international image editing and graphics design house excels in all sorts of outsourcing jobs specially Clipping Path, Photoshop Masking, Image Manipulation, Multiple Clipping Path, Image Retouching, Shadows Creating, Color Correction, Raster to Vector Conversion and others Creative Design services.

Welcome to our services What We Do !

Creative and professional graphic design is what we do. Our design team posses the expertise and talent to deliver professional creative graphic design solutions on time and on budget. Every graphic design we produce gets a fresh, sensible design approach that's built from the ground up. We pay close attention to each and every detail to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Our key design services are as follows: Clipping Path

is a closed vector path, or shape, usually drawn with Photoshop pen tool to cut out an image from it’s background. When clipping path is applied to an image, anything inside the path is included and everything outside the path is omitted. Clipping Path

Use of clipping paths in the photo industry has increased dramatically in the past few years. Because the result of

cutting out an image from background using Photoshop clipping path is the ever best method in terms of quality. There may have some other option in Photoshop to drop out background but they are not used while considering quality output. A clipping path not only can be applied to the kind of images that have sharp edge, it can also be applied to the soft edges.

Image Masking

is a sophisticated technique, used for removing of background or cutting out a section from a complex image such as on hair, feathers, trees, chiffon, smoke, lighting objects. Image masking technique is suitable for removing of background, shadow, unwanted objects etc from the complex images which contain thousands of sharp edges and narrow slits even in single pixel like fiber, net, hair etc where clipping path is not applicable alone. Image masking

For the purpose of the best quality image masking, we used highly professional updated photo editing software to mask the complex image with 100% accuracy. Our designers are skilled and years of experienced to do the job.

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Clipping path and image masking before and after  
Clipping path and image masking before and after