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Welcome to the latest instalment of the Redgrave Theatre programme. The following pages are a veritable cornucopia of theatrical treats, so I am sure you will find something to your liking. Please remember that the Redgrave does not have its own box office, so please contact the individual companies to book your tickets – the box office numbers for all productions can be found on the inside back cover of this programme or online at Alternatively you can keep up to date with the Redgrave on our facebook page, where you can write reviews for the shows you have seen as well as view all our event listings.

return of the ever popular Brouhaha comedy festival. While the acts have not been confirmed yet (hence no mention of them in this programme), watch this space as I am anticipating it being even better than last year.

Now that I’ve finished shamelessly plugging our own website I can tell you a bit more about this current season… As well as seeing the return of some of Bristol’s best amateur dramatic companies, we will also welcome some new users to the theatre; including Fairplay production’s performance of ‘Vincent’ in July. This new musical, following the life of Vincent Van Goth, promises to be a real treat. Later in July we will also see the

The season will then be concluded with ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’: Oscar Wilde’s brightest and most enduring comedy of manners. Produced by Floor To Ceiling and Monty Till Productions (the creative team behind the wonderful 86,400 Seconds that was at the Brewery Theatre last year). This is definitely one show that is not to be missed. I hope you enjoy the coming season and I look forward to seeing you at the Redgrave. David Fells,Theatre Manager THEATRE STAFF: Karen Pickles (Director) 0117 315 7411 David Fells (Theatre Manager) 0117 315 7602 Ellie Lyons (Technical Manager) 0117 315 7602 To be included on our twice-a-year mailing list, please supply your details to:

MARCH Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 Billy Elliott – The Musical



Saturday 2 Tuesday 5 – Saturday 9 Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16 Tuesday 26 – Saturday 30

The Redland Wind Band Spring Concert Yeomen of the Guard Oliver! The Producers

MAY Thursday 5 – Saturday 7 Tom Jones Friday 20 – Saturday 21 Junior Play: Our Town Wednesday 25 – Thursday 26 Butcombe Play: Wilbur and the Web

JUNE Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 Tuesday 28 – Wednesday 29

Sweet Charity Year 5 Play

JULY Wednesday 6 – Saturday 9 Vincent Sunday 10 A Night at the Musicals! Wednesday 27 – Saturday 30 Swimming with Sharks

SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER Thursday 29 – Saturday 8

The Importance of Being Earnest

Please note: Not all events are listed in this programme, please see our website which has details of all shows.


MARCH Wednesday 23 – Saturday 26 March

Tickets Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday evening Saturday Matinée

Specially adapted for Billy Youth Theatre


7.30pm Saturday Matinée at 2.30pm £ 10.00 12.00 14.00 10.00

Box office 0117 962 4580

‘Billy Elliot – The Musical’ is based on the Oscarnominated film and tells the inspirational story of one boy’s dream to realise his ambitions against the odds. Set in the north of England against the background of the 1984 miner’s strike, Billy peruses his passion for dance in secret, afraid of his family’s disapproval. The international award-winning show opened in 2005 and has since won an incredible 76 awards, including four Olivier awards in London and ten Tony awards on Broadway. Billy Youth Theatre give a limited number of talented youth theatre clubs the chance to perform this amazing and powerful musical.


Bristol Musical Youth Productions are thrilled to be following their award winning production of Les Misérables with such a wonderful piece.



The Redland Wind Band presents

Saturday 2 April 7.30pm

Tickets Full price Under 16s

£ 7.00 free

Box office Available on the door or email:

Redland Wind Band returns again to the Redgrave. The Spring Concert this year will present the band’s diverse repertoire of wind band music performed by this popular local ensemble. The programme will embrace swing, dance, classical and include film music from John Williams and Holst’s 2nd Suite for Band. Formed just over 15 years ago under the baton of Steve Ellis, this 45-strong ensemble perform regularly throughout the Bristol region. Foreign concert tours over the years have included Belgium and Hungary; and the bands next trip in 2012 is a choice between Barcelona, Salzburg or Krakow.

For further information visit:


APRIL Tuesday 5 – Saturday 9 April 7.30pm


Bristol Gilbert and Sullivan Society presents

Saturday Matinée at 2.30pm Tickets £ Full price 13.00 Concession 11.00 Family ticket 50.00 (Maximum 2 adults and 3 children) Box office 0117 907 8079

Yeomen of the Guard, the eleventh collaboration between Gilbert and Sullivan, is set in the Tower of London during the 16th century. It tells the story of Colonel Fairfax, a brave soldier under sentence of death for sorcery. These false charges were the doing of a wicked relative who hopes to inherit Fairfax’s estate if he should die unmarried. The Colonel therefore wishes to be married to any available woman before his execution – that woman turns out to be Elsie Maynard, a young singer who has arrived accompanied by Jack Point, a jester who is in love with her. Sprung from his cell by his friend Sergeant Meryll, Colonel Fairfax eventually learns that his bride was


the fair Elsie. Meanwhile Jack has proposes to Elsie, but Fairfax, disguised as ‘Leonard’ demonstrates to him the art of wooing, winning Elsie’s affections. Finally reprieved, Colonel Fairfax claims his bride, Elsie finally realising that her beloved ‘Leonard’ is in fact her husband Colonel Fairfax. All ends with joy and celebration except for poor Jack Point, who, heartbroken, falls insensible at their feet.

APRIL Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16 April


The Westen Opera Players presents

7.30pm Saturday Matinée at 2.30pm Tickets Tuesday Wednesday – Saturday Saturday Matinée

£ 10.50 11.50 10.50

Box office 07800 886891 or 07581 649996

Who will buy a ticket for Oliver! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this great show with its ever popular songs such as ‘Food glorious food’, ‘As long as he needs me’, ‘Where is love’, and ‘Consider yourself ’. A cast of enthusiastic young performers join the Western Opera Players to present Dickens’ story An amateur production by agreement with MusicScope of the poor young orphan, Oliver Twist, and Stage Musicals Limited of New York overcoming wickedness and hypocrisy in Victorian London. Along the way he meets Mr Bumble, the artful dodger; Nancy; and, of course, the lovable old rogue Fagin! So pick your pockets to book an enjoyable night’s entertainment at one of Britain’s best-loved musicals!




St Mary’s Players presents

Tuesday 26 – Saturday 30 April 7.30pm Saturday Matinée at 2.30pm Tickets Tuesday Wednesday – Saturday Saturday Matinée

£ 10.00 12.00 10.00

Box office 0117 965 2303

In New York in 1959, Max Bialystock opens “Funny Boy”, a musical version of Hamlet. It is terrible and the show closes after one performance. Max, who was once called the King of Broadway, tells a crowd of down-and-outs of his past achievements and vows to return to form. The next day, Leo Bloom, a mousy accountant, comes to Max’s office to audit his books.

This leads to a hilarious string of events that see Max and Leo work together to put on the biggest flop that Broadway has ever seen.

Leo tells Max that he has found an accounting error in his books: Max raised $100,000 for “Funny Boy”, but the play only cost $98,000. Max begs Leo to cook the books to hide the discrepancy. Leo reluctantly agrees. After some calculations, he realizes that “under the right circumstances, a producer could actually make more money with a flop than he can with a hit”.

A New Mel Brooks Musical Book by MEL BROOKS and THOMAS MEEHAN Music and Lyrics by MEL BROOKS Original direction and choreography by Susan Stroman By special arrangement with Studio Canal


MAY Thursday 5 – Saturday 7 May

Tickets Full price Concession

Adapted from Henry Fielding’s novel by Joan Macalpine Directed by Christopher Scott


Bristol Old Vic Theatre School presents

7.30pm Saturday Matinée at 2.30pm £ 13.00 9.00

Box office 0117 973 3955

A comic masterpiece, Tom Jones is deservedly a classic in English literature. Sheer fun and bursting with bawdy scenes, it’s a tasty feast from beginning to end. Expelled from Mr Allworthy’s country estate for his wild temper and sexual conquests, the goodhearted foundling Tom Jones loses his money, joins the army and pursues his beloved across Britain to London, where he becomes a kept lover… Our hero’s actions were, in 1749, as shocking as they are funny today and joyously relevant to a modern day audience.

‘This is a truly magnificent piece of theatre and a fine production, making a great showcase for the gifted young cast whilst providing a very enjoyable evening for us.’ What’s On Bristol on David Copperfield, West Country Tour 2010. Sponsored by John Lewis, Cribbs Causeway




Bristol Musical Comedy Club presents

Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 June 7.30pm Saturday Matinée at 2.30pm Tickets Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday Friday and Saturday evening Saturday Matinée

£ 10.00 12.00 12.50 10.00

Box office 07906 937023

Sweet Charity – sweet, optimistic Charity Hope Valentine: a woman who always gives her heart and her dreams to the wrong man. Follow the story of the gullible Charity and her misadventures in love in this 1960’s Musical Hit, featuring many much-loved songs such as “Hey Big Spender”, “If My Friends Could See Me Now” and “The Rhythm of Life”. This new exciting production will have you laughing and dancing in the aisles. Colourful, sexy and full of surprises, a dance extravaganza and a story with real heart.


Score by Cy Coleman, Lyrics by Dorothy Field Book by Neil Simon

JULY Wednesday 6 – Saturday 9 July 7.45 pm

by John Turner


Bristol Old Vic Theatre School presents

Tickets £ Wednesday – Thursday 10.00/8.00 Friday – Saturday 12.00/10.00

Box office 0117 968 2973

Vincent – A Musical Drama. In 1887 Vincent Van Gogh packed up his meagre belongings and went to stay with his younger brother Theo, in Paris, in order to pursue an ambition to become an artist of some worth. What happened during the following three years is one of the most exceptional stories in the history of western art: and is the subject of this stunning musical drama which is brought to this theatre for a second time. The show is directed by Alex Turasiewicz and is packed full of original songs and melodies which are beautifully sung to a live orchestra, conducted by Musical Director Phil Dixon BA MAams. 9

JULY Sunday 10 July


Performers Dance and Musical School Ltd presents


Tickets All tickets

£ 8.00

Box office 0777 594 7715

Following the Dance Schools performance of “One Night Only” in 2008 at the Redgrave Theatre – which sold out in a week, Performers are back and this year taking to the stage for an evening of: Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre & Street Dance. Performers opened in September 2006 and has performed on some of the Country’s biggest stages and TV shows, such as Her Majesty's Theatre London, “Got To Dance” for Sky One; Bristol's Best Dance Act, Street Fest and Stages at the Colston Hall. Performers has four schools throughout the southwest and “A Night at the Musicals” will showcase a cast of approximately 80 dancers, aged from 5-18+.


The Show will also include vocal performances by local theatre schools. So get your dancing shoes to the ready, warm up those vocal cords and sing along to some of the biggest hits of the MUSICALS!


By George Huang Adapted by Michael Leslie


ProAct Theatre Company presents

Wednesday 27 – Saturday 30 July 7.30pm Saturday Matinée at 2.30pm Tickets Full price

£ 10.00

Box office

Gullible young Guy (John Webber) lands a job as personal assistant to Buddy Ackerman (Matt Wells), a repulsive, cut-throat studio executive. Guy is eager to climb the ladder of success, but Buddy stops at nothing to grab credit and foil Guy's plans. What Buddy doesn't know is that the tables are about to turn ... in a big way. A harsh, cutting and wickedly funny look into the darker side of movie-making. ‘Swimming with Sharks’ tells the story of a naive and eager assistant and the woman he loves, his devious boss and his slide into the cut-throat world of Hollywood power struggles.

Sharp, witty, caustic and with many twists and turns along the way, this brilliant and blackly comic stage play is a savage indictment of the movie business and the price of ambition … don’t miss it! Advisory note: suitable for those aged 16 and over due to strong language and some material of a sexual and violent nature.


SEPT/OCT Thurs 29 September – Sat 8 October

Tickets £ Opening night 13.00 Tuesday – Thursday evening 15.00/13.00 Friday – Saturday evening 16.00/14.00 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Matinée 15.00/13.00 For group bookings – please contact the Box office Box office 0117 922 3686

In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing. Oscar Wilde’s brightest and most enduring comedy of manners returns to Bristol in a new production by Floor To Ceiling.

Directed by Hannah Drake

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST A trivial comedy for serious people by Oscar Wilde

Monty Till Productions in association with Floor To Ceiling presents

7.30 pm Matinées at 2.30pm

Jack loves Gwendolen but Gwendolen loves Ernest. Ernest loves Cecily but Cecily loves Algernon. In this horrible entanglement between town and country, can it possibly end happily? Mistaken identities, double standards and confusion abound in this witty satire from one of England’s greatest writers. And at the centre of it all, possibly the most famous handbag in literary history. It’s teacakes-and-Englishmuffins at dawn as both Jack and Algy learn the Importance of Being Earnest.


★★★ ‘an excellent evening’s entertainment … you won’t be disappointed’ – WhatsOnStage on 86,400 Seconds ‘production beautifully orchestrated by director Hannah Drake’ – Bristol Evening Post on Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me


Clifton College Upper School presents

Junior Play: Our Town by Thornton Wilder Friday 20 – Saturday 21 May 2011 7.15pm Ticket price: Free

Butcombe, Clifton College Pre-Preparatory School presents

Butcombe Play: Wilbur and the Web by Jan Stroud Wednesday 25 – Thursday 26 May 2011 6.00pm Ticket price: £5/£2.50

Clifton College Preparatory School presents

Year 5 Play Tuesday 28 – Wednesday 29 June 2011 6.00pm Ticket price: To be confirmed

Box office: For more details of College productions please call the School Shop on 0117 315 7620.



CLIFTON COLLEGE Independent boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 3–18 years

Come and discover


New international-standard, water-based hockey pitch opens in March 2011

Find out more about life at Clifton – plus upcoming Open Days and Scholarship Award dates (for 11+, 13+ and 16+) by browsing our website or by telephone:

t: 0117 315 7000 e:



Further Information can be found at:

available via a portable ramp, please ask a member of staff to install it for you.

Box Office: The Redgrave does not have a permanent box office. Instead ticketing is the responsibility of each visiting company. The Box Office details for this season can be found on the opposite page.

Hire: The Redgrave is available to hire for musicals, drama, dance, live music, stand-up comedy, corporate events & lectures and as a filming location. If you would like details of hire charges and conditions please telephone the production office on 0117 315 7602 or email:

Payment: While some visiting companies are able to accept debit and credit card payments (please check with each company regarding payment), the Redgrave Bar can only take cash or cheques.

Sponsor a Seat Theatre Bar: The theatre bar will be open for at least 45 minutes before each performance, selling a selection of drinks, snacks and ice-creams. Drinks purchased from the bar can be taken into the auditorium as long as they are transferred into plastic glasses. Access: As standard the Redgrave has two areas in the front row allocated for wheelchair use (please refer to the seating plan on the opposite page), although more space can be made available upon request. Please make your requirements known when booking your tickets. Wheelchair access into the auditorium is via the side entrance to the left of the theatre. Access to the foyer is


The Redgrave is constantly trying to improve its facilities. If you would like to help in this endeavour you may wish to Sponsor a seat. By donating £300 you can sponsor one of the Redgrave’s 323 seats; your name or the name of a loved one would then be added to the Redgrave Theatre honour board. So far Seat sponsorship has enabled the theatre to greatly increase its lantern stock as well as replace its failing sound system with a state of the art digital setup. For more information please email or call Heather Williams on 0117 315 7160.

The Redgrave Theatre does not have a permanent Box office so please book your tickets directly with the visiting companies on the phone numbers below.


BOX OFFICE ENQUIRIES Bristol Musical Youth Productions (Billy Elliot The Musical)

0117 962 4580

The Redland Wind Band (Spring Concert)

Bristol Gilbert and Sullivan Society (Yeomen of the Guard)

0117 907 8079

The Western Opera Players (Oliver!)

07800 886891/07581 649996

St Mary’s Players (The Producers)

0117 965 2303

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (Tom Jones)

0117 973 3955

Bristol Musical Comedy Club (Sweet Charity)

07906 937023

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (Vincent)

0117 968 2973

Performers Dance and Musical School Ltd (A Night at the Musicals!)

0777 594 7715

ProAct Theatre Company (Swimming with Sharks)

The Colston Hall (The Importance of Being Ernest)

0117 922 3686


CLIFTON COLLEGE On foot: The Redgrave Theatre is half way along Percival Road in Clifton, opposite the junction with College Fields. It is approximately a 10 minute walk from Clifton Village and a 35 minute walk from Bristol City Centre. By bike: There are 4 bicycle racks in front of the Theatre. 1

By car: The Redgrave Theatre does not have its own car park. Street parking is available on the roads surrounding the Theatre. After 6pm it may also be possible to use Bristol Zoo’s car park, which is a five minute walk from the Theatre. When planning your journey, please leave enough time to find a suitable parking space.



By bus: Bus Number 8–9: Temple Meads – Centre – Cotham Road – Clifton Village – Bristol Zoo – Blackboy Hill. From Bristol Zoo Bus Stop walk down College Road. Percival Road is the second turning on the right. Telephone: 0117 315 7000 1.The Redgrave Theatre

RedgraveTheatre Percival Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3LE Telephone: 0117 315 7000

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