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Clifton High School Highlights

Clifton Highlights Issue 4

July 2013

Issue 4, July 2013

Commemoration, prizes and thanksgiving Our Rose Day service in Bristol Cathedral marked one true highlight of a busy few weeks of end of year events and celebrations. It has been accompanied by a superb Sports Day, a vibrant Summer Fair, an exuberant House Challenge Day and any number of final assemblies, tests and examinations, fixtures, performances and exhibitions across the school. This half term has been one to remember - thanks to all the children, pupils, staff and parents who have worked incredibly hard to make so much happen and provide us all with many good memories to keep. Our best wishes for a relaxing summer to you all; we look forward to welcoming everyone back in September, refreshed and ready for another year of learning and opportunities!

Inside this issue:

Gromit’s Summer plans

Sports Reports

Trips and Visits

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PA News

House Points

Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

Summer news PGL 2013

July 2013


“Zip wire’s really fun; you get to jump out of a window like James Bond!”

Confidence, sophistication, comic timing, stage presence and heart – all demonstrated by the children of Y4 who embraced the challenge of the demanding musical “Zoom!”. They held the youngest enthralled with this tale of good defeating evil, Toby Tortoise triumphing over Harvey Hare, while for their adult audience, humour came to the fore and the actors grew in stature and the laughter flowed. One line of the play states, “Unbelievable is a very good word.” At times it did seem unbelievable that children of 8 and 9 years of age could produce this standard of performance. They and their parents should be very proud of what they achieved. Well done!

“I never wanted to leave!”

Concert Finale


The Early Years and Juniors’ music season concluded with a magnificent concert featuring outstanding soloists and choirs. Following the excellent preceding workshops and instrumentalists’ concerts, all Junior children took part in this extravaganza, demonstrating the passion they have for music in all its guises. The verve with which the children performed was inspiring and reflected the important part music plays in the life of the school. Congratulations and thanks to all.

They sang, they swung, they paddled, they fired, they climbed, they bounced, they leapt and (sometimes) slept. With their customary enthusiasm, the children of the Junior department embraced the challenges that PGL provided. Their support of each other, their courage and determination were an example to us all. Activities included abseiling, zip wire, canoeing, archery, trapeze and quad bikes. Some wonderful days away in which new friendships were forged, new challenges were overcome and self-esteem and personal pride blossomed.

Y8 University Awards Congratulations to Asher and Rosie who were both awarded the Bristol Prize for contribution and achievement or progress in Y8 by the University of Bristol. They went along to collect their prizes in a mock graduation ceremony and to partake in a valuable day of academic engagement and taster sessions which gave them insight into university life.

News - more pictures and full stories on the news pages at

Y1 visited the school science laboratories to learn about the differences between living and non-living things. Newts and water snails from our school pond helped out see more online!

11 Y12 students underwent their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award gold practice expeditions in low cloud, horizontal hail, and high winds. Read about how well they coped with it all!

Candida Lonsdale, a local artist visited Reception in Worcester Terrace Gardens for a Tree Art Workshop, creating 4 large MDF trees and learning about bark rubbings and twig prints.


Y3-6 had a mini exhibition of their ceramics work from Education Alive. Each child made a pot, a tile and a final piece and everyone was able to glaze at least one or two pieces.

Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

Carnegie Competition

Rocket Cars

We were invited by Clifton College to partake in a Carnegie Award book shadowing competition that their Y9 had been working on as part of their English lessons. Sadly, our own Y9 were unavailable on the proposed date, but in true Clifton High spirit, our Y7 Book Club volunteered to take on the challenge in their own time to represent us. Together with two other Y7 and 8 groups, they took on Clifton College’s Y9 with gusto.

In an exciting physics project which is rapidly becoming an annual highlight of the summer term, Y8 pupils brought in recyclable materials to build rocket cars. Teams spent part of the morning designing their cars and considering the physics (air resistance, ways to reduce drag). They were then provided with basic tools and support to help make their cars. In the afternoon, the school community witnessed the exciting and impressive firing of all the cars down the driveway! All the cars were very successful and Y8 learned a lot about teamwork and deadlines as well as drag, thrust and other aspects of rocket science. Well done to all the teams, especially Racing Light (won the Marathon Prize for travelling the furthest), The Streamliners (won the Fashion Prize for their leopard print and bling car!), Makers of Speed (won the Eco Prize for using the most recycled material on their car SD7) and Painted Black and White (overall winner - won the Bloodhound Prize for overall design, safe working environment, attention to detail and construction of car).

The event was chaired and judged by award winning author Melvin Burgess, who was torn between three of the seven presentations. To our absolute delight, he awarded A Greyhound of a Girl by our Year 7 Book Club second place in the competition and A Bear and a Boy in a Boat by our other Year 7 group third. Mr Burgess really appreciated the energy that our groups had put into their presentations and said that they really captured the sense of the books they were presenting on. He has since emailed the school to congratulate further our groups and you can read his message online. What an achievement! Congratulations to all involved.

July 2013

News - more pictures and full stories on the news pages at

Pupils, parents, staff and other members of the school community enjoyed an open evening at the highly impressive exhibition of GCSE and A level Art coursework for 2013.

Year 13 finished their Clifton High school days in style with a Willy Wonka themed day before they finished for examinations. Orange Oompa Loompas roamed School as we said farewell.

Well done and good luck to Florence in Y11 who has won a place in the All England National Dance Finals this summer for the fourth year running! An excellent achievement.


Congratulations to Lily in Y7 for the gold, two silver AND bronze medals which she won in a Dance Festival over summer half term.

Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

July 2013

Budding poets Junior pupils Aleah, Scarlet and Mia will have poems published in a national poetry anthology called “Word Power”. This new anthology will be available in Waterstones and on Amazon. It can also be bought directly from the Mauve Publishing website. Our congratulations to Aleah, Scarlet and Mia whose poems were selected from thousands submitted from around the country.

Future Problem Solving launch

2013 Pearson Teaching Awards and lifelong learning Congratulations to all the Clifton High teachers who received 2013 Pearson Teaching Award nominations this term. This is a fantastic achievement and very well deserved; I am sure you will join us all in congratulating Mrs Archer (Biology), Dr Camacho (Physics), Mr Fawcus (Mathematics), Mr Goldsmith (Design Technology – Food), Mr Gunter (Chemistry), Mrs Harris (German), Miss Jones (Biology), Mrs Pritchard (English), Mr Psarros (Classics) and Miss Sobey (Spanish).

Y7 and 8 scholars spent a fast-paced afternoon discussing space junk and the problems it might cause in the year 2044, using the 6 steps of Future Problem Solving. They worked in teams to identify potential problems (such as valuable historical artefacts like the Hubble telescope being destroyed or loss of communication on Earth), invent solutions (such as self-driving spaceships using radar to avoid collisions and world leaders signing an agreement to send fewer objects into space) and narrow down their ideas to a final action plan. Read one team’s innovative action plan online now. Future Problem Solving will be continuing as a club for scholars from September 2013 so watch this space for more fascinating news!

Extra congratulations also go to our very own lifelong learner, Mr Manolis Psarros, Assistant Head – Sixth Form, who was awarded a masters degree in Leadership in Education this year from Bristol University. Best wishes also go to his fellow teachers Mr Peter Garland (Classics) and Mr James Taylor (Physical Education) who are also working towards their masters degrees in education.

News - more pictures and full stories on the news pages at

The end of Y13 examinations was marked differently this year. Caroline was the only candidate who could not fully relax on Rose Day with her Latin prose paper still to do on the Monday, so staff got her a cake to celebrate!

Read online about Y6’s nostalgic walk down memory lane as they looked back on the highlights of their time in the Early Years and Juniors in their final assembly before moving up to senior school.

Well done to Izzy and Maddy in the Junior department who held their own bake sale and a jar of sweets competition to add over £100 to their Race for Life sponsorship for Cancer Research UK. Go, girls!


Mrs Clements came in to do some yoga with Reception after Sports Day had to be postponed. The children were very focused and displayed fantastic flexibility!

Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

July 2013

Sports News Sports Day This year, Sports Day focused on mass participation and enjoyment as well as elitism to recognise our gifted and talented athletes while still encouraging everyone to have a go and be a part of the team. Every individual child and pupil took part across the school with senior pupils participating in at least two throwing events each and with most going on to represent their house again in the afternoon senior track events. Every junior child took part in all four events for their age group, plus Y5 and 6 had the option of racing in the 600m and over 75% took part. All the pupils deserve praise for their supportive and enthusiastic participation; we saw some excellent results in both parts of the day and many children surprised themselves with the standard that they personally reached. The Early Years Sports Day had to be postponed until after the weekend due to an inclement start to Sports Day itself, but no less enthusiasm and commitment was shown by the children for the wait. Some fantastic running, jumping, obstacle negotiation and task handling was demonstrated and the sheer delight on the faces of the children as they collected their winning stickers or simply when they crossed the line, was a joy to behold. The older children from the Junior department who helped run the Early Years events were a true credit to Clifton High and deserve much commendation for their dedication and support. Two great days were had by all; well done to all the children and pupils who participated, credit to the Junior children and the Sixth Form for all their help with running the events and thank you to all the parents who came along to lend their support. The results! Juniors: 1st Percival, 2nd Winkworth, 3rd Pears, 4th Wollaston Seniors: 1st Pears, 2nd Percival, 3rd Winkworth, 4th Wollaston


Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

End of Term Sports Reports

experience of a hard ball match!).

Tennis Some excellent individual play in the Aegon League fixtures with the best result beating Red Maids’ in a tie break shoot out. Y8 boys put in some sterling performances despite some extremely narrow defeats following some tie break shoot outs.

The main highlight came in the form of an invaluable trip to Gloucestershire County Cricket Club for 20 Y5-7 boys. Our budding cricketers enjoyed some one on one coaching from top Gloucestershire coaches, a Q&A session with some of the players and tickets to watch the first day of the test match between Gloucestershire and Australia. Five CHS boys were also picked from a hat to be part of the guard of honour as the players arrived on the pitch. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the day which will, no doubt, be one they never forget.

Ella Rayson progressed to the quarter finals of the Avon county singles. Charlotte Gardner was runner up in the U13 Avon singles. The two girls together won the Avon schools doubles tournaments. Cricket victory pic

July 2013

An absolutely excellent start for the Y7 and Y8 girls school teams who were both undefeated.

Rounders Y7 had their best game of the season against Royal High Bath. The U15 and U14 teams had their best victory against KES. The U13 team won all their games except one which they lost by just one rounder to Bath. The spirited and undefeated Y4 team had wins over The Downs, Badminton, Redland, Sidcot, Red Maids’, Colstons and a draw with BGS and Kingswood. The Y6 team were also very successful, only losing out to one team in an extremely successful year. Special mentions to Briony Wills and Bethan Evans-Brain who have both represented their countries. They came head to head in an England/Wales match in June!

Cricket A great term for the boys with lots of wins against other schools which included senior victory against Bristol Cathedral School and junior victories against Sidcot, Tockington Manor and Clifton College (most boys first ever


Athletics With a great number of fixtures this year for boys and girls against BGS, Redland High, Red Maids’, Clifton College, Bristol Cathedral and QEH, there were excellent individual performances on the track and the field. Special mention to Georgia Silcocks who won the 100m at the Bristol Schools Championships in May at Filton. Well done, Georgia! In the Y5 and 6 Athletics, the children participated in an eventful and competitive afternoon which resulted in an overall draw. All the children pushed themselves hard and made staff very proud.

Hockey Catherine Allin and Louisa Bell were both selected for the Junior Regional Performance Centre (JRPC) which is the next step on the U18 Player Pathway and a great achievement. Well done! Sophie, Louisa and Olivia also were part of the Clifton Ladies U16 squad that beat Swindon to win the Avon Junior Hockey League .

Rockleaze Rangers Football A wonderful family day out in June at the home of CHS sport - after 5 gruelling games and a semi final against challenging opponents, our teams found themselves

Clifton High School Highlights facing each other in an all-Rockleaze-Rangers final for the prestigious U10 trophy. A huge well done to Charlie Persad, Oscar Nunes and Charlie Lynde who put in great performances and showed wonderful team spirit. Well done, boys!

Issue 4

Early Years and Junior School Sports Results - June 2013 Sport





Colstons’ Red Maids’ KES The Downs Silverhill Sidcot Red Maids’


Fairfield Badminton

U11 U9 U8A U8B U10 U11/U10 U9A U9B U11 U9

Won 5.5-1.5 Won 6-5.5 Drew 4.5-4.5 Won 7-4.5 Won 12-5.5 Won 17-5 Won 13.5-6.5 Won Lost 17.5-15.5 Lost 7.5-19 Drew 13-13 Lost 9-13 Won 12-8 Won 23.5-22




Drew 4-4


Silverhill Clifton College BGS

U11/10 U9 U9 U8 U11/10 U11 U9 U11

Won 247-202 Won Lost Lost Won Won Lost Winners

Junior Swimming Gala In an action-packed week near the end of term, one of the highlights was the Junior Gala. The children cheered on their teams, swam their hearts out and generally had a wonderful time. Overall winners by just one point were Percival House. Our congratulations to them and to all who swam, timed, scored and encouraged. Individual swimming Matt Bray (Y12) swims from strength to strength with his very successful County Championships campaign this year. He swam county records for his age group in 100m fly and 100m freestyle. He is also County Champion and 3rd overall in the Open category, missing 2nd by just .01sec! At the South West Regionals, Matt entered 4 events and won 3 golds and a silver. He swam personal best times in all events whilst also achieving a National Qualifying time. He also swam a storming 50m fly at an open meet in Sheffield which gave him a qualifying time for the British Championships which is the only opportunity for top swimmers to qualify for the World Championships - an exciting experience and great opportunity. Go, Matt! Fencing Issy Press (Y8) fenced in the U14 British National Sabre competition in the EIS arena in Sheffield. The competition comprised a series of ‘poulle’ rounds in which the competitors are arranged into a series of groups to compete in a mini-league. The fencers are then ranked for a direct elimination round. Issy placed 21st overall in the competition and was disappointed to miss a top 16 finish by only three points. She is looking forward to trying to qualify and compete again next year. Rugby Rugby? In July? Well, yes. But only because we are excited to report that our very own CHS rugby coach and international player, Mr Matt Salter, has been away in Australia on the Classic Lions 2013 squad as one of the British and Irish Rugby Legends! He missed CHS Sports Day, but we will let him off, seeing as he helped beat the Classic Wallabies 29-19 on Thursday evening. Roar!

July 2013

Sidcot BGS

Sidcot Tockington Football

Fairfield Tournament

Senior School Sports Results - June 2013 Sport


Age Group



Colston Girls’

Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Aegon U13 Y7 Y8 Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Aegon U13 U12 U13 U14 U15 U12 U13 U15 U14 U15 U15 U12 U13 U12/13

Won 4-0 Won 3-1 Won 3-1 Won 3-1 Won 7-6 Won 4-2 Drew 2-2 Won 3-1 Won 3-1 Lost 1-3 Lost 1-3 Lost 2-4 Won 11.5-10 Lost 11.5-12.5 Lost 7-8 Lost 12-15.5 Lost 10-19.5 Won 14.5-7.5 Lost 13-19 Lost 11.5-13 Lost 11-21.5 Lost 5.5-8.5 Lost 6.5-12.5 Drew 12-12 Lost 12.5-14

Y7/8 Y7/8 Y9/10

Won by 6 runs Won by 40 runs Lost by 10 runs

Red Maids’ (girls) Redland High Red Maids’


St Bede’s (boys) Royal High


Red Maids’ Monmouth Colston Collegiate



Bristol Cathedral Redland Green Sidcot

Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

July 2013

Trips and visits Y7 visit to Caerleon The classics trip to Caerleon in Wales visited the National Roman Legion Museum, the army barracks, baths and the remains of the amphitheatre. “We visited during the museum’s “Walking with Romans Week” when there was a brilliant historian who acted as a guide and who opened our eyes to the world of army life. We learnt about where soldiers lived and tried on their armour. It was not very comfortable! Next we visited the original soldiers’ baths and learnt about the amazingly advanced features such as: under-floor heating, mosaics, plunge-pools and fountains. Our guide took us to the amphitheatre where we imagined what it would be like to fight gladiators. Our guide also taught us to march like Roman soldiers! All-in-all it was a great educational trip!” By Sophia, Laura, Heather and Bella

Noah’s ark Reception enjoyed a trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm this term. The children enjoyed learning about the animals and feeding the lambs. We explored the climbing areas and the hay barn, but the highlight of the day was our very bumpy tractor ride!

Nursery visits to and from Bristol Zoo Y1 had an exciting visit to the Zoo for a workshop about classifying animals as part of their science topic. They proved to be very knowledgeable and knew many differences between mammals, amphibians, birds, fish, reptiles and invertebrates. The highlight of the visit was being able to hold a hissing cockroach, touch a live milk snake and stroke Pumpkin the rat! The children were a credit to the school both in their impeccable behaviour and outstanding knowledge.

Languages at Bristol University A fantastic day was had by all our A level Y12 linguists during which they participated in fun and engaging MFL activities at the University of Bristol. They were immersed in foreign languages and carried out a number of activities in which they made video clips, carried out interviews and made soap operas.

Y8 visit to Big Pit

“Although the journey to Wales was long, we arrived excited and ready to see the mines. We were kitted out with a helmet, head Animals Up Close torch and “re- breathers” (gas We were then visited by several masks). We then got in the cage lift exotic mini-beasts right in school! and descended 100m below the Bristol Zoo came to Clifton High and surface into the mine… We learnt children from Nursery to Y2 and that if there was a threat of carbon some visiting children had the monoxide, ... someone with a opportunity to see, touch and hold a canary on a perch in a cage would tarantula, a giant African snail, hold the cage out in front of them Mozambican hissing cockroaches and walk forward. If the bird fell off and the largest stick insect the perch they would have to run imaginable! The children were away because if they didn’t the fascinated and enthusiastically got bird would die and them with it... up close with the creatures. As one We learnt a lot of new facts and child exclaimed, “They’re really had loads of fun.” friendly!” Extract from report by Jack in Y8. Read the rest and more reports online.


Clifton High School Highlights

Y9 visit to the Black Country Y9 visited the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley with one of the largest collections of relocated historical buildings in the UK, all of which come from the Black Country. We were able to gain a real insight into what it was like to live during the Industrial Revolution. The highlight for most was the trip ‘down the mine’ where we learnt about the appalling conditions of early ‘shallow’ coal mines. Pupils and staff alike where amazed at the skill and dexterity of the chain maker who manufactured a chain link while we watched. Lunch was spent eating the museum’s lovely fish and chips before ‘undergoing’ a lesson in a Victorian school. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff alike and the museum is well worth a family visit over the summer.

Brittany diaries The diary competition from the Brittany Trip resulted in some fantastic entries. The winners were not only beautifully illustrated but included detailed coverage of the many trips undertaken as well as humorous anecdotes. Prizes went to Isobel Press, Y8, Charlotte Harvey, Y7 and Sophia Webb, Y7.

Issue 4

Y7 History trip to St. Fagans National Museum, Wales “Be warned, St. Fagans is not your average museum. It is made up of old buildings that have been moved from all over Wales to one site, brick by brick, to form a museum. We visited many buildings on the site such as a church, a workman’s institute, some old shops, rhyd-y-car houses, an old school and a grand house... The school was really interesting and we found out what it was like a long time ago for people our age. We learnt about punishment and how they were taught. Children who couldn’t write very well used trays with sand in… I found the whole trip really fun and a brilliant learning experience.”

July 2013

Spanish dance, wine and tapas The Y9 Spanish group have been looking at songs and Latin American dance this term. After doing some research and learning about types of dance such as Salsa, Merengue and Mambo, the group had a dance class with language assistant Sara Roman, who danced in the Olympic Games opening ceremony last year. Jordi in particular really enjoyed the class! This was another great opportunity for Clifton High pupils to try out an exciting and new skill.

German trip Autumn 2013

Pupils attending the Catelonia Trip earlier in the year had the experience of making their own wine and the company very kindly sent over a bottle for each of the pupils’ families to keep with a 'produced by Clifton High School' label on the front. Very professional!

Look out for a letter in September about the German and Food Technology visit to Cologne and Aachen Christmas Markets (14th-17th December 2013). The trip is open to all senior pupils and is a fantastic opportunity to practise German skills, sample German food, make Lindt chocolate and buy wonderful Christmas presents!

Y12 took one of their final Spanish lessons of the year out with a tapas lunch at La Tomatina restaurant. The pupils practised their Spanish restaurant vocabulary and enjoyed a range of dishes from the large tapas menu which even included crab! The food was very authentic and a great time was had by all.

Extract from report by Laura in Y7. Read the rest and more reports online.


Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

July 2013

PA News

Campfest 2013

Summer Fair

Your PA needs YOU!

The forecast suggested downpours of Biblical proportions but the undaunted ploughed on with their preparations. Their decision to go ahead was a brave one - the day arrived, the sun shone brightly and the tents rose in majestic defiance. Campfest was on!

A bright sunny day at Coombe Dingle saw the CHS community turn out in force for a splendid Summer Fair. Even Gromit was in attendance to help Dr Neill welcome visitors at the gate while inside, everyone made the most of the stalls (tombolas, lucky dips, craft stalls, beat the goalie, pick a lolly, cream teas, jams and cakes made by CHS pupils, bouncy slide and other games) in between partaking of BBQ buffet and watching the ballet, taekwondo and Zumba demonstrations. Clear favourites were the chance to sit in a real life ambulance and the ever-popular water sponge stocks - Mr Richards spending a significant part of yet another Summer Fair somewhat drenched! Definitely a day of fun for all the family.

The Parents Association runs events such as the Summer and Christmas Fairs, quiz nights and a variety of other events. Not only are these events great fun for all involved, they also raise valuable funds for the school. As a CHS parent, you are already a member of the PA, but how about becoming more involved and being on the PA Committee and have your say in how funds are distributed and which events are run. We meet twice a term and would very much like to hear from you.

Over 150 parents, children, staff and friends, as well as a couple of friendly dogs spent the weekend together, out of doors for much of the time and under canvas at night. A hog roast, afternoon tea, campfire, stargazing with the Bristol Astronomical Society, water fights, music and friendship made for a wonderful event. Many thanks to the many people who so willingly lent their time and expertise to make this annual event such a success.

Please contact Louisa McAra, chair of the CHS Parent's Association (Email: mobile: 07837 962122 ) or Jo Cheeseman (Email: mobile: 07803 142583) to find out more.

Pin board notices Great news...

Uniform Sale!

Our Nursery Class is FULL for September 2013! Some places still available in Reception so spread the word. Call 0117 933 9087 for more information or to book a tour.

Contact our tennis coach, Rich Conway for more information about his summer tennis courses at Redwood Country Club this summer: 10

Don’t forget that we have a selection of stock from ikon, our former uniform suppliers, available for sale at substantially discounted prices. You can find a stock list in the 'parents/letters home' section of the school website, together with an order form. email your completed order form to: as soon as possible as stock is limited.

Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

July 2013

Other news

Parents’ Association generosity Clifton High Alumni News

Gromit’s Summer Holidays

We are greatly indebted to the PA who not only work tirelessly to organise many social events, but also raise significant amounts of money to help purchase resources that enhance the pupils’ experiences at school such as:

In an exciting first term at CHS, Gromit has been transformed with stunning designs, showed his new skin off across school and even visited the Summer Fair!

         

A library navigation system A Maths interactive teacher/pupil kit Visit from a Spanish theatre company Digital cameras Webcams A glockenspiel Bee keeping equipment Plasma television Resources for Enhanced Learning ‘MyMaths’ interactive software

Upcoming key dates for diaries. Alumni Pub Night - at The Albion, Clifton on Friday 6th September at 7pm. Year 13, last 4 years’ leavers and all Hockey and Netball participants are welcome. Alumni vs School Hockey & Netball matches will take place on Saturday 7th September at Coombe Dingle. Netball will start at 9am and Hockey at 10am.

Alumni Day (incorporating the AGM) will take place at School on These resources will be very beneficial Saturday 19th October starting at to the pupils and we extend our 11am. A booking form is available heartfelt thanks to all parents in the from the School Office. Association. Thank you.

He has been listening carefully to you all talking about the summer holidays and is now working on plans for his own. Keep an eye on our website to see where his travels might take him!

Have fun Gromit-hunting across Bristol this summer - collect as many pictures of you with them as you can and bring them back with in September for our shared school Gromit Trail notice boards. Can we collect all 80 between us?

Pin board notices BEGINNERS YOGA CLASS £5 per class Clifton High School, Prep Basement, Sunday 9-10am throughout summer. Yoga mats provided. Please contact Nicky for further details: Please help us collect Flora tokens over the summer holidays so that we can exchange them for tablet computers next term.

11 07711774241

Clifton High School Highlights

Issue 4

House points - the final result... The Summer Term is a big one for House points; as well as winning them in clubs, classrooms and for charity fundraising, we see the two most significant days of the year for Houses - Sports Day and House Challenge Day. Here are the final points for 2012-13:

Percival: 13351 Pears: 13659 Winkworth: 14158 Wollaston: 14164

July 2013

Don’t forget in September... 3rd September Induction Day for Y7 and Sixth Form 4th September Term begins

So Wollaston WIN for a 3rd year...just! Thank you to all the House Captains for their work organising the Challenge Day and other events. The Houses have raised brilliant amounts of money: Pears: Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Foundation - £220.14 Percival: Help For Heroes - £151.99 Winkworth: Sailability - £189.42 Wollaston: Penny Brohn Cancer Care - £197.40 PLUS money for MacMillan, Jeans 4 Genes, Movember, Children in Need, Brace, Comic Relief, Wrong Trousers, Southmead Baby Unit and the RNLI. This year CHS has raised a staggering £5966.56, that’s roughly £12 per pupil! Well done!

5th September Fraser Portraits 7th September Pupils vs Alumni matches 9th September The Year Ahead (information evening for Y7-10) 10th September Welcome Evening for Y1-6 12th-13th September Y7 Bonding Trip 17th September PA meeting 19th September Open Evening 27th September Macmillan Coffee Morning

Remember to check the school calendars and website regularly for more details plus all the latest news, events, fixtures and important dates!

Contact us: Tel: 0117 973 0201 Email: To report an absence:


Copies of all letters home are also stored on the website. The School Office can give you log in details for the parents’ area.


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