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aims to inspire excitement for learning and to produce pupils who have strong values, social awareness and respect for others, and who are motivated to achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives.

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The ISI inspection report finds that:

the aims of the school are successfully met.

Leadership | Friendship | Service

Welcome from Tony Richards, Head of Lower School Welcome to the community that is Clifton High School, a community large enough to present an abundance of academic and social opportunities but small enough to allow individuals to flourish in a nurturing environment. Clifton High School has been educating young people for over 130 years and today remains true to its aims of being open to all of good character and teaching “... the heart and the mind.” The co-educational Lower School provides a rich and varied educational experience in which children thrive. Individual talents are developed and differences are celebrated. Children feel positive about themselves and are respectful of others. In such an environment their learning flourishes; happy, purposeful children with high self-esteem achieve and contribute. The experiences, the successes, the almost tangible rapport between the children and staff and the opportunities available contribute towards developing the girls and boys into confident, creative and compassionate individuals who embrace lifelong learning.

“I feel privileged to work in a school where the focus is upon the individual, where the children grow to become confident without arrogance, where expectations are high, where everyone is truly valued and where there is a genuine ethos of contributing to the wider community. My colleagues are remarkable; their commitment to the children is unquestionable and the children’s zest for life and generosity of spirit are inspiring.”

We are justly proud of our pupils and you are warmly invited to visit Clifton High to meet them; they are our greatest asset and advert.

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

Tony Richards Head of Lower School

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Current Curriculum “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow-lines, catch the trade winds in your sails. (Mark Twain) Explore. Dream. Discover!� The Lower School provides a stimulating curriculum which caters for the needs of the individual and allows them to explore, dream and discover. The curriculum is enhanced by frequent trips outside school, visits by guests with specialist skills, the support of parents and children participating in decision-making. The curriculum is compliant with National Curriculum guidelines but is not limited by them. It is subject to review and modification in light of changes in educational thinking but we will always strive to ensure it allows children to develop each and every talent and grow in self-esteem.

Foundation Stage

Years 1 and 2

The Foundation Stage learning experience recognises that every child is unique and that children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships at home and in school. It appreciates the value of different and enriching environments and understands that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. It recognises that learning and development are equally important and interconnected. Within this context the Foundation Stage curriculum focuses upon six areas of learning: personal, social and emotional development; communication, language and literacy; problem solving, reasoning and numeracy; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical development and creative development.

In Years 1 and 2 we offer an exciting curriculum providing a wealth of opportunities for the children. Whilst care is taken to ensure that they have a solid grounding in the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy, it is essential that children experience a breadth of learning to allow them to enjoy a genuine sense of excitement and achievement. Areas of learning include: English, mathematics, science, I.C.T., history, geography, art, music, drama, technology, physical education (including weekly swimming), religious studies, personal and social education and dance. French and Spanish are offered as extra-curricular activities.

Each of the areas is delivered through planned, purposeful play, with a balance of adult-led and child initiated activities inside and outside the classroom.

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Current Curriculum Years 3-6 The provision of a wide curriculum to allow all the confidence building enjoyment of success continues in Years 3-6. English, mathematics, science, I.C.T., art, music, drama, physical education, technology, French, Latin, reasoning, history, geography, personal and social education and religious studies are taught in a variety of ways to appeal to all learners and to inspire. On-site, first class facilities include a swimming pool,

gymnasium, floodlit tennis courts, a modern foreign languages laboratory, science laboratories, I.C.T. suites, an art room and plentiful play space. An afternoon each week is spent at our Coombe Dingle sports centre which boasts indoor and outdoor tennis courts, all-weather pitches and an array of grass pitches. These wonderful facilities, the varied programme of visitors and visits and our extra-curricular programme contribute much to a vibrant curriculum.

Typical Timetable for Year 5 Monday












Latin/ Religious Studies





Mental Maths



Games at Coombe Dingle





Games at Coombe Dingle




Verbal Reasoning

Games at Coombe Dingle



Drama/Key Skills

Registration and Assembly

Morning Break French Lunch Break

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Diamond-edge at Clifton High School How this model functions Boys & girls aged 14-18 Sixth Form Y11 Y10 Y9

Girls aged 11-14

Boys aged 11-14


Y8 Y7 Junior School 2009 Male and female intake

Boys & girls aged 4-11




Male and female intake with diamondedge teaching

Diamond-edge teaching

Q. What is the diamond-edge model?

Q. Which subjects will be taught separately?

A. Issues relating to gender and education have been debated for many years. It is widely accepted that for certain subjects, boys and girls learn better in single sex groups.

A. Pupils in years 7 – 9 are taught separately in English, mathematics, IT, biology, chemistry, physics, French and games. Other subjects are taught in mixed gender classes.

The diamond-edge model of education is where boys and girls are taught all subjects together in the Lower School, years 10, 11 and Sixth form. In years 7 – 9 they are taught separately in subjects where this is beneficial. We believe that this offers the best of both worlds, both socially and academically, for boys and girls.

Q. How long has the diamond-edge model been in operation at the High School? A. It started in 2009 with boys entering year 7 and year 9. We are now well on the way to becoming fully co-educational throughout the school.

Q. How has the curriculum changed in response to the diamond-edge model? A. In the lead-up towards adopting the diamond-edge model we carried out a thorough review of our curriculum. We retained the very best of what we already offered but increased opportunities for both boys and girls in order to prepare them for a different, more flexible world of work in the 21st century. Graphic design has been introduced in year 7 and a number of clubs have been introduced, for both genders, including electronics and music technology and a wider choice of sports.

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College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Q. What additional facilities have been added for the boys?

Q. Are Clifton High School staff qualified and experience in teaching boys?

A. Separate boys’ changing facilities have been built and incorporate a changing area, toilets, lockers and ample space to store sports equipment and sports bags. Changes have been made in the gym to provide separate male and female changing facilities. Throughout the school building, there are now separate male and female toilets

A. Most staff have already taught boys at some point in their teaching career and a number of specialist staff already teach our boys in the Lower School. Staff will continue to benefit from relevant input and current research in the area of gender, performance, school subjects and learning as part of their continued professional development.

Q. How will you satisfy the sports component for the boys?

Q. Have the boys felt comfortable joining what was previously seen as a girls’ upper school?

A. We have recently appointed a highly qualified Head of Boys’ Sport who is responsible for developing boys’ sport throughout the school. Winter games include football, hockey and rugby. Coaching will be available at school as an after school activity. Clifton High has very strong contacts with clubs who share our Coombe Dingle facility, including St Brendan’s Rugby Football Club, Rockleaze Rangers Football Club, Westbury Hockey Club and Stoke Bishop Cricket Club. The school also offers the boys competitive athletics, cross country, swimming and tennis.

A. We already have boys in the Lower School so the notion of “joining” is meaningless when these boys transfer to the Upper School. This has the knock-on effect of making joining the school less of an issue for boys coming from elsewhere.

Q. How has the boys’ pastoral care been managed? A. Clifton High has always placed importance on the pastoral care of its pupils. Care in the selection of form tutors ensures that all boys have access to male staff members, the school counsellor and the school nurse.

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Physical Education and Sport Foundation Stage Our programme concentrates on improving skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement. This helps children gain confidence in what they can do and enables them to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active.

Years 1 and 2 There are weekly swimming and gym/dance lessons on site. In year 2, pupils go to Coombe Dingle where they are introduced to ball and games skills.

Years 3 to 6 In addition to the weekly swimming and gym lessons on site, there are games lessons at Coombe Dingle, including football, hockey, netball, rugby, tennis, rounders, cricket and athletics. There is a programme of fixtures against local schools.

major games include cricket and tennis and the girls play tennis and rounders. Boys and girls have athletics as an additional PE activity.

Years 10 to 13 The off-site games afternoon in the autumn and spring terms include rugby, football, hockey, netball, indoor tennis, badminton, squash, trampolining and use of the gym at Horfield for fitness training. Volleyball, basketball, circuit training, swimming and table tennis are also offered. During the summer term, activities include cricket, tennis, softball and athletics.

Years 7 to 9

The school enjoys good links with clubs who make use of our facilities at Coombe Dingle. Many of the pupils at the school also play for these clubs. They are:

In the autumn and spring terms, the boys’ major games include rugby, football and hockey with additional PE activities including swimming gymnastics, circuit training and basketball. Girls’ major games in these terms are hockey and netball, with swimming and gymnastics as additional PE activities. In the summer term, the boys’

• • • • •

Bristol Ladies Union Football Club Clifton Ladies Hockey Club Rockleaze Rangers Football Club St Brendan’s Rugby Club Stoke Bishop Cricket Club.

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

A healthy body Sport is an important aspect of life at Clifton High School. Our pupils are all given the opportunity to discover and develop their sporting abilities in both individual and team sports and activities, and to enjoy and take pleasure in living a healthy and active lifestyle. Our major playing fields are at the excellent Coombe Dingle site, which we own in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association and Bristol University. Here pupils enjoy sports fields, floodlit artificial turf hockey pitches and indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Specialist coaches enable an excellent standard to be reached.

Sports training and clubs over and above the timetabled sports are of major importance in our activities programme. Each night of the week, and some early mornings too, there are training sessions and fixtures. Our pupils have been Avon champions in discus, javelin, high jump, cross country running and tennis as well as sweeping the board at swimming galas. We have many county and area sportsmen and women and have potential olympians in synchronised swimming and pole vaulting.

Healthy Eating Both the dining room and Beech Café support our ‘healthy body’ principles. They provide freshly cooked, good quality food, which they aim to source locally where possible. Staff on duty help younger children in particular to make balanced choices from the wide range on offer. The menus follow a seasonal pattern and provide plenty of opportunities to sample new tastes.

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

The creative spirit Arts flourish in this vibrant, creative community. Imagination and technical skill develop together as pupils discover their own talents. Art, music and drama are all integral to the curriculum from Foundation stage to GCSE and A Level. Art



From Foundation stage and up, the arts are an integral part of the children’s learning. Through a range of media, creative development flourishes within classroom, the outdoor areas and the dedicated art room. As pupils move up the school, specific skills and techniques develop through an increasingly wide range of materials and ideas. Amongst its extra curricular activities, the department arranges visits to galleries and museums, both locally and abroad, and an annual Sculptor in Residence sculpture workshop for A Level students. Pupils’ work is exhibited to the wider public, from local exhibitions to the Royal Academy A Level Summer Exhibition Online. Our students have gone on to pursue Art and Design at Higher Education and we have a number of professional artists amongst our alumni.

From the four year old performing in the school nativity to the sixth former taking the lead role in a major production, our pupils are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their performance skills: memory, team work, self-expression, the ability to connect and project, and of course self-confidence; it also provides unforgettable experiences for the boys an girls involved. There are many opportunities to perform in formal and informal settings and our scripted plays and musicals reach extraordinary levels of professionalism. Annually we have students awarded full marks on their outstanding examination performance work.

Music provides enormous enjoyment for the whole school community. We encourage experiments with conventional instruments and music technology, along with exploration of classical and modern composers From the junior years onward, there are strongly supported choirs and instruments groups. At our regular concerts in school and at local venues, we perform and enjoy making music together. The joy of music extends to the wider community as an adult choir joins with the pupils’ choirs annually in a major concert. Pupils enjoy a very wide range of instrumental and vocal music lessons.

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Extra-curricular Activities 2010/11 We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities. See the timetable overleaf for more details.

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Lower School

Typical Extra-curricular Timetable Our varied and exciting extra-curricular programme enhances the children’s experiences, adding much to the richness of life at Clifton High. A sample of after-school and lunchtime activities is shown below; it is one important aspect of our extra-curricular provision but there are others. Regular visits to the local area and further afield take place in all year groups throughout the year. Clifton Village is a wonderful resource and the children benefit enormously from the expertise within the community. Local dentists, doctors, builders, café owners, estate agents, post office workers, chefs and hairdressers have visited us or allowed us to visit them.




Each year group in our Junior department has an extended overnight trip to an activity camp, offering opportunities to enjoy canoeing, climbing, abseiling, archery, skiing, quad-biking, body-boarding, fencing, orienteering and similar adventurous activities. There is also a biennial ski trip. Raising money for charity generates much enthusiasm and creativity; the children enjoy the opportunity to organise events for local and international charities and last year raised over £5,000.


Before School



- Junior Choir, years 3-6

- Wind Band, years 3-6

Lunch break

- J unior Chamber Choir -M  aths Fun, years 3 & 4

- Recorders, years 3 & 4 - ICT monitors, years 3-6 - Steel Band – years 3

- Orchestra, years 3-6

- Swimming training, - Music technology, year 4 team years 3-6 - Year 6 show, year 6 - Drama, year 4 - Check-it-Out, years 3-6

After School

- Netball, year 5 - Swimming training, year 6 team - Craft, years 3 & 4 - Djembe drumming years 3-6 - Spanish, years 3-6 - Ballet, year 2

- Swimming training, year 5 team - Le Club Français, years 1-3 - Tennis, years 3 & 4 - Art, year 2 - Rugby, years 1 & 2

- Netball, year 4 - Ballet, years 4-6 - F un Swim, years 3-6 - S peech & Drama, years 5 &6 - T aekwondo, years 1& 2

- Ballet, year 3 - Trampoline, years 5 & 6 - Props & Scenery, years 5 & 6 - Football & Rugby, years 3-6 - Tennis, years 1 & 2 - Recorders, year 2 - Spanish, years 1 & 2

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

- Taekwondo, years 3-6 - Eco Warriors, year 4 - Netball, year 6 - Mad science, years 2-6

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Termly fees 2010/11 How we help you to make budgeting easier There is an option to pay by monthly (9 instalments) or termly direct debit at no extra cost. 1. TUITION fees per term Senior Junior Prep


Age 11 - 18 Age 7 - 11 Age 4 - 7

3,635 2,555 2,535

The above are inclusive of games, stationery, hire of textbooks and art and handicraft materials. Examination fees are payable by parents except for certain Assisted Place schemes. Reductions for siblings concurrently in the school (except where fees are paid by an authority or bursary):

6. EX-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Individual music lessons Individual music lessons, details available from the Finance Department Speech and Drama Lessons, details available from the Finance Department. 35




Admission charge payable on acceptance of a place



3. DEPOSITS Payable on admission, refunded on final bill

Junior School tea club fees (Inclusive of tea) 340

4. FAMILY BOARDING (Clifton High Sixth only) (exclusive of tuition, lunch and refreshments) Full boarding

Full details available from the Admissions Registrar.

Individual Special Education Needs Lessons 50 minute lesson

2nd – 5%, 3rd – 15%, 4th – 25% percentages are applied individually, not overall

Day pupils – Preparatory department upwards



Boarding Deposits: Payable in advance, refunded on final bill Pupils with parents in the UK


Pupils with parents overseas


3:30pm – 4:10pm Up to 4:30pm Up to 5:00pm Up to 5:30pm Up to 6:00pm After 6:00pm

FOC £2.70 per session £10.00 per session £13.00 per session £15.00 per session £3.50 per 15 mins

Reduction for siblings concurrently in the school 2nd – 5%, 3rd – 15%, 4th – 25% percentages are applied individually, not overall

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Policies/Procedures and Related Information For your information we would like to bring your attention to the existence of a number of policies/procedures and other items of information relating to the school. This documentation can be found for viewing or downloading by following the Parents/Policies link within the Upper or Lower School areas of the website. For those of you without access to a computer, this information is available upon request from the main school office.

Policies/ Procedures • Admissions • Behaviour • Complaints • Curriculum • English as an Additional Language

• Rewards and Sanctions • Safeguarding (Allegations, Anti-bullying, Confidentiality, Duty of School and Personnel, Every Child Matters, Host Family Boarding, Recruitment, Vetting and Barring, Too Close for Comfort, Welfare of Pupils).

Other information

• Exclusion, Suspension and Expulsion

• Past examination results

• Educational Visits

• Staff lists

• Learning Support

If you have any difficulty accessing the above information, please contact the school office.

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853

Bus routes The bus route we currently offer Chew Magna Clifton High School provides a bus service through Eurocoaches from the Chew Magna area. 7:15 am Old Sacred Heart site, Chew Magna 7:45am Headley Park 7:50am Duckmore Road/off Winterstoke Road

8:00am QEH/BCCS 8:05am BGS 8:10am Clifton High School 8:15am Clifton College, Guthrie Road/Pembroke Road Junction Please contact the Finance Office on 0117 9733853 for details.

This is a list of other bus routes available Please note this information is subject to change. Contact individual companies for further details. Bakers Dolphin The Cattle Market, Bath Road, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 4PW. Tel: 01278 458663. Backwell Banwell Barrow Gurney Brockley Cambridge Batch Churchill

Cleeve Clevedon Congresbury Failand Flax Bourton Hewish

Kenn Locking Long Ashton Lower Langford Nailsea North Weston

Portishead Redhill Sandford St. Georges Star Stone Edge Batch

Tickenham Walton in Gordano Weston in Gordano Weston-SuperMare Winford

Winscombe Worle Wraxall Yatton


South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach Company

Suite F, 7 Crown Glass Place, Nailsea, BS48 1RD. Tel: 01275 859355.

Station Road, Patchway, BS34 6LR. Tel: 0117 9314340 Aston Vale Bedminster Down Bishopsworth Hengrove Knowle

Nailsea Clevedon Walton / Weston in Gordano Portishead Abbots Leigh

Westward Travel 10 The Chipping, Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire GL12 8RT Tel: 01453 521999. Alveston Bradley Stoke Charfield Chipping Sodbury Coalpit Heath

Cribbs Causeway Cromhall Falfield Filton Frampton Cotterell

Hawkesbury Upton Henbury Iron Acton Kingswood Little Stoke

Lower Almondsbury Old Down Old Sodbury Olveston Over Court

Patchway Rangeworthy Southmead Stoke Gifford Stoke Lodge

College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD e-mail: web: Facsimile: 0117 923 8962

Thornbury Tockington Winterbourne Wotton-under-Edge Yate

School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087 Finance: 0117 973 3853


Social development is excellent and pupils show a highly developed awareness of social responsibility as a result of the value the school places on respect for others.


Contact us for more information: Clifton High School, College Road, Bristol BS8 3JD web: e-mail: School Office: 0117 973 0201 Admissions: 0117 933 9087

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