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Jubilee Joy at Clifton High School

Children and staff joined together to enjoy a 1950s style party recognising the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. Regardless of ones views of monarchy, the Diamond Jubilee was an historical event and provided an ideal opportunity to look at how people enjoyed themselves in the 1950s.

We did the ‘Hokey Cokey’, sang traditional songs and played traditional games such as “The Farmer’s in his Den”. The children were amazed that few families had televisions, washing machines and fridges in the early fifties and there were no fish fingers! 50s music had everybody up and dancing and a great time was had by all. Thanks to all who helped make this a special day.

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 2 Olympic Torch carried through Clifton

On 23rd May, a huge crowd of Clifton High School pupils, parents and staff turned out in the early morning to watch the Olympic Torch be carried through Clifton. There was an atmosphere of great excitement as official reps warmed up the crowd and kept the children entertained as the sun shone. The path of the torch was marked out on either side by CHS flags and smiling, cheering people of all ages flying Union Jacks and waving streamers. It was a fantastic picture.

Despite the torch taking a wrong turn before reaching Clifton and being delayed by twenty minutes or so, it arrived nonetheless among a convoy of promotional buses and jolly police bikes. The torch itself was carried by Jamie Cooper, the youngest soldier ever to have been injured in Iraq, at just 18. Five years on, it was inspirational to see a man torn apart by mortar blasts rebuilding his life and carrying the Olympic Flame through his hometown. We are most grateful to all the staff and parents who helped make this an experience to remember.

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 3 New pupils make marble run

Clifton High School Leavers Lunch As part of their Leavers Day, we said au revoir to our ambitious Year 13 students with a fabulous jubileethemed lunch outside the Beech CafĂŠ. Sausages, quiche, salad, pineapple skewers, coronation chicken, cupcakes and much more were spread out marvellously on two long tables adorned with reds, whites and blues.

As part of New Pupils Day 2012, children who will be joining us in September as part of Year 7 banded together to forge several marble runs out of sellotape and cardboard. Everyone got really into the creation of the contraptions and we saw some really innovative designs. Of course, the most satisfying part of any building process is seeing the final product working, and we are happy to report that all the constructions took their marbles on exhilarating but successful rides. At the same time, the pupils had a chance to get to know each other a little better and all while the all-too-elusive sun shone brightly!

After the delicious food we were treated to a rousing rendition of Queen's famous Don't Stop Me Now, as performed by various members of the staff. There was even a quiz to keep us occupied as we were waited upon by members of Year 12! It was truly an event to remember and we are most grateful to the organised minds and catering talent that made it happen.

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 4 Year 2 Olympic Feast

Our children in Year 2 held an afternoon of Greek themed Olympic celebration. Wearing our togas and hand made winner’s wreaths we reminded ourselves of the spirit of the Olympic Games by reciting the Olympic Oath. Then our Year 5 buddies joined us as spectators to watch running races, followed by discus and javelin throwing.

We all touch the Olympic Torch

Our younger children from Nursery to Year 2 were thrilled when siblings Charlie and India Tugwell brought an Olympic torch to school and we were all allowed to touch it.

What a special privilege for us all. Thank you to Mr Tugwell for borrowing it from a very kind friend.

We ended the afternoon with an Olympic feast. Reclining on the floor we ate pitta bread, hummus, tzaziki, feta cheese and grapes and shared poetry recitals. What a great way to learn about the ancient Olympic Games!

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 5 Olympic Torch visits Clifton High La Tasca Spanish Trip We are greatly indebted to Alistair Cole, one of the Olympic torch bearers, who visited Squashy Prayers recently. Following the death of his sister, Alistair started a charity, “Blobby’s Walk”, to raise funds for the Haematology and Oncology Centre in Bristol; he also walked the entire length of Great Britain. Alistair actually covered two legs of the Olympic torch relay. The children raised £114 for Alistair’s charity and a few lucky ones had the opportunity to hold the torch. We were also treated to an Olympics assembly by Harriet Sylvester and Alison Smith. Their assembly, prepared entirely by themselves, included a PowerPoint quiz with prizes. Well done, to both of them!

On Thursday 14 June, Miss Sobey’s Year 9 Spanish class took a trip to an authentic Spanish restaurant, La Tasca in Cabot Circus to try some classic Spanish foods. We drove to Cabot Circus and arrived at La Tasca which from the minute you walk through the door has a very Spanish atmosphere which felt more like a family run business rather than a chain of restaurants. We got to try some traditional Spanish foods such as tapas and paellas. First we had rustic garlic bread followed by patatas bravas, fried potato chunks served with spicy tomato sauce; albondigas, meatballs served with more spicy tomato sauce; tortilla Espanola, Spanish omelette; croquetas de pollo, chicken croquets, as the main tapas. We were told that the word ‘tapas’ derives from the Spanish verb ‘tapar’ “to cover”. Original tapas were slices of bread or meat which customers in Andalusian taverns used to cover their glasses between sips, this was practical to prevent fruit flies from hovering over their drinks, and this evolved and became very common in Spain. The main dish was paella (pronounced pa-Ay-yah); one of the chefs did a demonstration in cooking paella which had pollo (chicken) and verduras (vegetables) in it. The head chef had come all the way from Plymouth especially to cook for us and afterwards he was driving back. Also some of the staff were actually from Spain or spoke Spanish so we all had a go practising and ordering food and drinks! We were all anticipating ordering a portion of churros for dessert! Churros are a Spanish sweet fried dough dessert that is eaten with a cup of hot chocolate for dipping. We all had fun trying new food & practising our Spanish, a very enjoyable after exam treat! And Dr Neill even came along to join us for lunch! Written by Daisy Silva

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 6 Astronomy from tents! Do NOT look at the sun with a telescope or binoculars - it may damage your eyes! At the recent CHS Campfest event the Bristol Astronomical Society opened up their observatory and allowed pupils and parents to see some superb astronomical sights. We used specialist equipment to look at the sun and we saw prominences and sun-spots and we could see the moon during the day too! Pictured above and below: Using a PST to look at the sun

After sunset we saw Venus, “It looks like a moon shape but on fire”, Mars, “It’s really red”, and Saturn, “It looks just like someone’s drawn Saturn in the sky!”. One or two people were lucky enough to also see the beautiful Ring Nebula and M13 which is the finest globular cluster in the northern hemisphere. Great fun was had by all and the astronomers were very complimentary of the hog roast. Thank you to the marvelous PA for organizing this fabulous event and for arranging the perfect weather!

A huge thank you is owed to the enthusiastic astronomers some of whom gave up 7 hours to the event.

Pictured above: Using the 12 inch telescope in the dome

Year 7 Zoo Trip On the 12th of June all of the Year Sevens went on a trip to Bristol Zoo. It was a really interesting trip. We learnt about lots of different species and we even had a chance to meet some up close in the education centre. We were allowed to hold mealworms, which is the larva of the mealworm beetle. It was quite cute, but wouldn’t win any beauty contests! After our visit to the education centre, we were allowed to go to look round the zoo in groups. We went to the seal and penguin enclosures, where there was a glass tunnel, so you could walk underneath the penguins and they came really close to the glass. Although I enjoyed the whole trip, my favourite animals were the meerkats! ‘’ The zoo was an educational experience. We learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves. My favourite animals were the seals and penguins.’’ Sophie Pyke, 7:2 Thank you to Miss Jones, Miss Brackenbury and Mr Johnson for a brilliant morning. Written by Bronwyn Welbourne 7:2

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 7 Knock Knock! Who’s there? Dr Camacho

Katie Visits Nursery

Dr Camacho who? The amazing Dr Camacho who has enthused KS2 once more! Yes. It’s true! After weeks of studying stored energy in their science lessons with Miss Poustie and Mrs Barker, Year 6 were treated to an extravaganza of alternative methods of stored energy.

Nursery had a special visitor from Reception 2. Katie came to give a presentation on ‘how to pack your car for a holiday’.

We were shown, through live experiments, ways to make cars move such as by solar energy and gravity. There were several bangs and whizzes too and a most enjoyable afternoon. Many thanks to Dr Camacho for showing us more advanced techniques and for enthusing us beyond belief!

She provided a labelled diagram of a car boot and using her prompt cards talked about the safest and most efficient way to pack your boot when going on holiday and the things you need to remember such as ‘point 7’ which was ‘don’t forget to pack your children’!

The Nursery children listened attentively and were keen to ask questions when Katie invited them at the end of her presentation. Well done Katie.

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 8 Mrs Veronica Spender visits her School, Seventy Years On

In May, we were privileged to meet Mrs Veronica Spender, a former pupil of Clifton High School who came to visit us. She had a full tour of the school buildings, joined the younger years for story time with Mr Richards and visited the extensive school archives, where she found multiple pictures of herself in sports teams when she was a schoolgirl here. Finally, Dr Neill and we five Year 9s joined her for tea and a chat.


The change we found most amusing was the school uniform: when Mrs Spender was at school here the pupils wore dark coats, ties and even hats! Mrs Spender, having been at school during World War 2, told us about some of her experiences. She remembers one particular family, who used to live in a house where the current Catholic cathedral is. Mrs Spender recalls that, during the bombing, their house was hit and completely demolished! She also told us stories of air raids with Clifton College. Having left school, Mrs Spender went to study ciphers and codes. We really enjoyed speaking to Mrs Spender, and feel honoured to have been provided the opportunity to meet her. The interview was conducted by Maria Snell, Phoebe Langton Hewer, Martha Loach, Hannah Smyk and Sophie Bell. Written by Maria Snell and Phoebe Langton Hewer

Year 2 Healthy Living

Mrs Spender, formerly known as Miss Cookson, joined Clifton High in 1933 aged 10 and was here until 1941. By talking to Mrs Spender, we learnt that there have been many changes to the school since then. For instance, boarding used to be an option – However, Mrs Spender did not choose this as she and her family lived close by, in Clifton. Also, the school did not offer any overseas trips, but Mrs Spender does remember going roller skating in the zoo! Our current swimming pool and gym facilities were nonexistent when Mrs Spender was a pupil here, as was our science block.

As part of our Olympic themed learning Year 2 children have been learning about the importance of a healthy and well balanced. Special guest Miss Wiltshire, our Catering Manager, took time out of her hectic schedule to visit us. She spoke about balanced diets and discussed future menu planning with us. We were able to ask her lots of interesting questions. Now we feel we have a clearer understanding of the vital role Miss Wiltshire and her team play in helping us eat healthily. Thank you for your visit and for the lovely food you prepare, Miss Wiltshire and team!

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 9 Trevor Haddrell Exhibition

What the students and Mr Ayers though about the trip; “He has inspired the students to set high standards for their own printing work!” Mr Ayers

“I thought he was very inspiring, creative and I was impressed by his patience. Some times he took up to 3 months to complete an artwork!” Hollie Davies On the 21st of June, a group of year 9, 10 and 12 students walked to see an former Head of Art at CHS, at the RWA. When we arrived, Trevor welcomed us and took us to his gallery room, where he gave a very detailed talk about his artwork. He explained how he used old pieces of vinyl flooring to carve out intricate panoramas of Bristol and beyond! He then used these as printing blocks using oil-based inks. To carve out the landscapes he used old wood engraving tools which enabled him to work to the finest detail.

“I was intrigued by his effective techniques” Izzy Foreman “I enjoyed the fact that he included himself in some of the prints!” Hannah Parsons

Written by Olivia Tonkin and Natasha West (Year 10)

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 10 Briony’s First England Rounders ‘Cap’

Briony Wills in year 8 flew to the Isle of Man last weekend to play four matches against Isle of Man teams. Playing for England Under 14, Briony’s team won all four matches with Briony having a "cracking" innings bowling against some fearsome batters, and she also held her own in the batting. After a good party on Saturday evening Briony joined in beach rounders on Sunday at Port Erin before flying back to Bristol exhausted! Congratulations and well done Briony!

AEGON league Congratulations to the under 13 girls’ tennis team on winning the AEGON league. The team of Captain Bethan Evans Brain, Briony Wills, Sophie Cotter, Hannah Morris and Ella Rayson won every single fixture against B.G.S. by six matches to 0; v Clifton College by four matches to two, v Colstons Collegiate by five matches to one and v Red Maids’ by 10.7 in the tie-break shoot out. A fantastic season of results, well done girls!

Olympic Trials! Lucy Bryan in year 12 will gain a lot of experience this weekend at the Olympic athletics trials at Birmingham.

Rubbing shoulders with elite athletes, Lucy Bryan will compete in the pole vault competition at which up to three athletes can achieve Olympic places if they achieve the qualifying standard of 4.50m. At the age of 17, Lucy has a little way to go to achieve that height yet, but she will be delighted to finish with no further damage to her ongoing back injury. Lucy recently received the Grove Cup for national sports representation in respect of her GB appearance last July. Lucy was also presented with an Eleanor Addison Phillips Award to help with her equipment and travel expenses. Lucy is also preparing to compete at the English Schools Track and Field Championships in Gateshead on 6th/ 7th July before taking a well earned break. Good Luck Lucy!

Issue 16

22nd June 2012


In the afternoon the CHS pupils led a multi skills circuit, using their new found leadership skills to put some CHS junior school children and also some feeder junior school children through their paces with the focus based on participation and enjoyment. This term Clifton High School pupils took part in a fantastic project in partnership with Sky Sports.

Twenty pupils ranging from Years 7-12 were lucky enough to take part in a day of tutoring from ex South African sports star Thinus Delport.

The day was a huge success and the CHS pupils conducted themselves fantastically well. This no doubt will be an experience the pupils will never forget.

Thinus put the boys and girls through a day of theory and practical work, sharing how sport has affected him in a positive way and how sport can also help young people achieve their goals and raise their self confidence and esteem. The day consisted of theory work in the morning, and a practical event in the afternoon.

Issue 16

22nd June 2012



Year 7 Salsa Lesson On the 14th June, the Clifton High School Under 10 and Under 11 boys attended the long awaited T20 match between Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Unfortunately because the weather was torrential rain, the match was postponed. However, the CHS boys still had an experience they will never forget as they received some professional coaching and also met some of their Gloucestershire cricket heroes. What a fantastic experience.

This week year 7 had a language lesson with a twist! Sara Roman our talented Spanish assistant, who is an expert in Latin American dance and will feature in this years opening dance ceremony for the Olympic Games in London, taught a lesson of Salsa! The students learnt some basic steps and then put them together into a routine. They finished the lesson with a limbo dancing competition. Much fun was had by all pupils.

YEAR 7/YEAR 8 CRICKET The Year 7 and Year 8 boys played in a recent match against Redland Green. The boys performed superbly well and were winners by 40 runs. Well done boys.

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 13 Art & Design Department Open Evening:

Summer Cricket Camps With Charlie Thompson and Gary Phillips

Week 1: 30th July-3rd August Week 2: 6th – 10th August Week 3: 13th – 17th August Venue: Old Bristolians Cricket Club Times: 10-3 each day Ages: 6-12 years old (5 year olds on Friday only) Don’t forget to RSVP the school office if you are coming to the Art & Design Department Open Evening.

Cost: £25 a day or £100 for the course Booking:

Calling all Hockey Players! Clifton & Robinsons

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 14

     

    

    

  

 

  


      

Issue 16

22nd June 2012

Page 15 Mrs Julia Sutcliffe – Teacher of the Year Award

Foundation Stage Pass with Flying Colours

Squashy Prayers this week was a celebration of a wonderful teacher who has received a Distinction in the Teacher of the Year Awards. Mrs Julia Sutcliffe (Reception 2) was nominated by a parent and her nomination was endorsed by colleagues, children and other parents. Judges visited the school and spoke to numerous members of the community before observing Mrs Sutcliffe’s teaching. How could the judges fail to be impressed with comments such as:

Our Nursery School and Reception classes are visited frequently by advisers and inspectors. Recent visits have included a visit to look at assessment within the Foundation stage and particularly the accuracy of judgements made about each child for the FS Profile and a Quality Improvement visit looking at our practice in several areas. We are delighted that these visits went very well and our practice and staff were deemed to be outstanding! Congratulations to Mrs Andrews, Mrs Sutcliffe, Mrs Denyer-Warr, Mrs Clancy, Mrs Godshaw, Miss Clements, Miss Clark and Mrs Takle.

“Mrs Sutcliffe is an exceptional teacher. My children had the privilege of being in her class. She is kind and gentle and the children in her class learn confidence and independence. Walk into her classroom at any time of day and you feel the atmosphere of engagement and excitement. Mrs Sutcliffe brings out the best in each child. Thank you, Mrs Sutcliffe.” Parent


“Mrs Sutcliffe’s complete dedication, her joie de vivre, her knowledge of every pupil in her care and her inspirational ideas ensure children are thrilled to be learning and blossom in confidence and self-esteem; she is simply outstanding.” Teacher

Students from across the whole school have made a super effort throughout the year to raise £626 for Click Sergeant and the Roald Dahl Foundation. If anyone still has Readathon money to hand in it’s not too late! Just hand your completed card and sponsorship money to Miss Denning in the Library.

Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously to our sponsored Readathon.

“I love everything about being in Mrs Sutcliffe’s class. I love everyone and everyone loves me!” Pupil “Mrs Sutcliffe has so many qualities that I admire. As a new member of staff 4 years ago she completely took me under her wing and taught me so many things .She is so supportive of the children and adults that she works with. She puts 100 per cent into everything she does and is such a natural teacher, which is why the children and adults around her value her so very much. She was born to teach! She truly is amazing and we are very lucky to have her!” Teaching Assistant Congratulations Mrs Sutcliffe; this is a prestigious award that is richly deserved.

School Contact Details Tel: 0117 973 2010 For general communication: To report an absence:

Issue 16

22nd June 2012


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