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Contents Dear Parents Welcome to Clifton College Prep School, I am delighted that you have chosen Clifton College for your child. The purpose of this booklet is to provide information for new parents and guardians of pupils who are joining the Prep School. This booklet explains the pattern of the weekly routine at Clifton and the way in which academic work, sports and other activities are integrated into our daily lives. New pupils will also receive a welcome letter from their new Housemaster/Housemistress, which introduces them to staff, routines and highlights of their new House. Policies are reviewed regularly and updated versions are available on the College website and on the Parent Portal. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Clifton in person. Aim High, Be Kind, Be Brave. Mr Jim Walton, Headmaster Contact Information 3 House contact information 4 Where to find information 5 Parent portal 5 ‘Insight’ academic portal 5 Sports App (SOCS) 6 Termly calendar 6 Curriculum brochures 6 The School Shop 8 Contact details 8 Merchandise 8 Opening times 8 School uniform 8 Term dates 9 Exeats 9 School community 10 Sports fixtures 10 Religious services 10 Music 10 Drama 10 Commemoration 10 Daily Life 11 Co-curriculum 11 Boarders & Day Pupils 11 Health Centre 11 Surgery 11 Pastoral Care 12 School Counsellor 12 The House System 13 Supervision 13 Outings & Visits 14 School Rules 15 Behaviour 15 Relationships 15 Uniform, hair & jewellery 15 Money & other 16 Electricalpossessionsequipment 16 Computer use 16 Mobile phones 16 Parties 16 Academic support 18 Prep/homework 18 Reports and grades 18 Sport at Clifton 20 Games timetable 20 Major sport options 20 Activities 22 School events 24 Michaelmas term 24 Lent term 24 Summer term 24 Glossary of Clifton terms 25 Prep School routine 27 Map 28 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK 2

Contact Information Clifton College Preparatory School The T:BristolCliftonAvenueBS83HE+44(0)1173157 502 (Prep School office) E: (School Secretary) Other Cliftonredgrave@cliftoncollege.comRedgraveschoolshop@cliftoncollege.com0117Schoolhealthcentre@cliftoncollege.com0117HealthContactsCentre3157637Shop(Grubber)3157620Theatre01173157602CollegeServiceLimited(Holiday Club) 0117 31577,child’,amemberoftheSeniorLeadershipTeamcancontactedusingtheDutyPhone,’sComplaintsProcedureispublishedontheCollegeandontheParentPortal.TheSchool’sSafeguardingcanalsobefoundontheParentPortal. Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Head Master: Mr Jim Deputy0117jwalton@cliftoncollege.comWalton3157502HeadAcademic:MrPhil Clear Deputy0117pclear@cliftoncollege.com3157510HeadPastoral:MrJames Averis Deputy0117javeris@cliftoncollege.com3157506HeadCo-curricular: Mrs Jean Hambley Mr0117jhambley@cliftoncollege.com3157560Clearoverseesallmattersrelating to teaching and learning, including academic administration. Mr Averis is the Prep School Safeguarding Lead and oversees all matters relating to pupil welfare and discipline. Mrs Hambley oversees the co-curriculum and planning for the day-to-day running of the school and events. The collective aim of the SLT is to ensure the smooth running of the school and the welfare, happiness and fulfilment of all members of the community, staff and pupils. 3 2020 | PARENT HANDBOOK 3 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK



Praecentor (Director of

Mrs Angela Gowdy Emily Waters Mrs Helen Higham Mr Julian Edgell Mr Dan Robson

Mathematics Mrs

Contact Information Your first contact with the school will normally be with your child’s Housemaster/Housemistress. Matthew’s House Mr Steve Webb North Town Mr Matthew Wood South Town Mrs Helen Higham Tait’s Town Mr Jonathan Paynter Wollaston’s House Mrs Meika Byas Mansfield’s House Miss Harriet Crombie Art Mrs Anita Kipling Computing Mrs Jean Hambley Design Technology Mr Steve Webb English Mrs Sarah Swallow Humanities Mrs Rebecca Grubb Learning Support

Chapel Music) PSHEE

Mrs Meika Byas Dr Sophie Mumford Mrs Louise Catchpole

Director of Sport



The Parent Portal is accessed by a username and password. These will be sent to families at the beginning of term. ‘Insight’ Academic Portal

Where to find information

The Parent Portal is where you will find information about the school and about your child’s House or year group. You access the Parent Portal from the home page of the Clifton College website (www. announcements, news, events, photo galleries, House news and events, newsletters and handbooks, calendars, general timetables, exeat arrangements, maps, general information and contacts.

Parent Portal

Key features include: reports and grades in PDF format for easy printing and saving; easy viewing of teaching and exam timetables, ability to view and update pupil and parent contact details online and automatic password reset. Access to this system is by a unique username and password. Login details are sent to new parents at the start of term.

The ‘Insight’ Academic Portal is where you can access specific information about your child including grades, reports and lesson timetables. It is available to parents of children in all year groups. You access the ‘Insight’ Portal from the home page of the Clifton College website (


Sports App We use the SOCS App for providing you with information on fixtures, team sheets, directions to opposition venues and results. This can be accessed via the home page of the Clifton College Preparatory School website, or most parents download the app onto their smartphones and devices. To do this, log on to the website www.cliftoncollegeprepsport. com from the device you wish to load the app onto. Click ‘find your school’. Type in Clifton College, select the School then it will prompt you to save the app onto your home screen. Social Media Platforms Stay in touch with day to day news for Clifton College and engage via our range of Social platforms: Termly Calendar A calendar is collated each term and is available on the Parent Portal, which contains details of all events. Housemasters and Housemistresses will also contact you about certain events and specific arrangements. Curriculum Brochures There are curriculum summary booklets available for Years 4 - 8 available on the academic pages of the Prep School website. 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK 6 @CliftonCollegeTV @Clifton_College @CliftonCollegeUK @


The School Shop, also known as the ‘Grubber’, is in the middle of the College’s main buildings, near the Sports Centre and the Hammond building. A hub of activity during break times, the Shop is also a very handy place to buy all the essential items to support study and recreation. Contact details T: +44 (0) 117 315 7620 Merchandise • All new school uniform for The Pre-Preparatory School, the Preparatory School and Upper School is available to purchase from the School Shop. • Clifton sportswear and a complete range of games clothes and equipment. • Stationery and textbooks. • Drinks and snacks. Opening times Term 8.00amTimeto10.00 am and then 2.00pm to 5.00pm Monday to Friday 8.00am to 2.00pm Saturday (appointments recommended) Holidays A service is available throughout the Summer Holidays, with the exception of the Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday - Monday inclusive). We strongly advise that you telephone in advance to make an appointment on: +44 (0) 117 315 7620. 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday 9.00am to 1.00pm Saturday School Uniform A copy of the latest school uniform brochure is on the website and parent portal. Alternatively click here to view the brochure. The School Shop 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK 8

Term Dates Term Dates Term dates are published in the Calendar and on the College website. We expect pupils and parents to adhere to these dates. Permission to return late or to leave early will be granted in exceptional cases only. The below dates are for DAY PUPILS ONLY. *Boarders return on the previous evening. All pupils may depart at the times shown. MICHAELMAS TERM 2022 Term dates: 8:00am Thursday 8 September – 3:30pm Thursday 8 Half-termDecemberexeat: 4:40pm Wednesday 19 October – 8:00am Thursday 3 November LENT TERM 2023 Term dates: 8:00am Thursday 5 January – 3:30pm Thursday 23 Half-termMarch exeat: 1:00pm Friday 10 February – 8:00am Monday 20 February SUMMER TERM 2023 Term dates: 8:00am Wednesday 19 April – 1:00pm Thursday 6 July Half-term exeat: 3:30pm Friday 26 May – 8:00am Monday 5 June Prep Commem. Friday 26 May Upper School Commem. Saturday 27 May Before term starts there is often pre-season training for major sports - please see the SOCS calendar for information. Exeats During Exeat weekends the School closes. 9 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK

Religious Services

Music There is a wide variety of musical events throughout the year, including formal and informal concerts.


A large number of parents attend our annual Commemoration Celebrations which take place at the end of the first half of the Summer Term. The programme of events includes the Chapel Service, academic and co-curricular displays, drinks and lunch and speeches and prize-giving in the marquee. Parents will be given advance notice of all scheduled events.

For those who have a child entering the Prep School for the first time, we hope that this is the beginning of a happy and friendly association with the School. Parents are always very welcome here, and there are numerous events and occasions throughout the year that are supported by families, friends and guardians which your Housemaster/ Housemistress will tell you about in advance. We do ask all visitors to Houses to sign in with the member of staff who is on duty and to be accompanied whilst in the House at all times. The Prep School is a mobile free site, so we would ask all visitors to turn off their mobile phones while in the Prep DetailsSchool.of forthcoming events are posted on the College website; this also has calendars, curriculum booklets, key policies, Behaviour Policy with the school rules, Rewards and Sanctions Policies and uniform and scholarships leaflets. Sports Fixtures Support from parents is always welcome at sports fixtures. Home matches take place on the main College site or at our Beggar’s Bush playing fields across the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and at New Field (by the Redgrave Theatre). Tea is provided afterwards, either in Big School, The Pavilion at Beggar’s Bush or in the Prep Hall on a InstructionsSaturday.onhow to get to other schools can be obtained from SOCS.

School Community

The Year 5 Production takes place at the beginning of the Lent Term and the Year 8 Production at the end of the Summer Term. Tickets are available through the Houses and from the Redgrave Theatre Box Office.

There is also a Ball run by the College every year which parents and Year 13 pupils can attend.

The School calendar gives details of our Chapel Services. There are three or four compulsory services every term.

Commemoration Weekend


The Co-curriculum Clifton places great importance on the breadth of the co-curriculum and the opportunities that it provides; this includes a core element in which all pupils are expected to participate. Details are available in the curriculum booklets; however, the content may be subject to change. Boarders, Flexi Boarders & Day Pupils

The Health Centre is situated within the School Campus and is run by a team of qualified nurses. It is open from 7.30am until 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. Outside these hours the nurses run an ‘on call’ service and are always available for advice or visits. During the course of the day, the Health Centre offers immediate care to day pupils who have become unwell or who have been injured. The medical team believes in a holistic approach to health care and are interested in every aspect of the pupils’ wellbeing. They run a completely confidential service and encourage all pupils to go and see them whatever their worries.

The Daily Life of a Cliftonian 11 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK

Health Centre

Pupils also have access to the School’s Counselling Service as well as an Independent Listener. We also believe

Since its foundation in 1862, Clifton has overseen an interesting mix of pupils who board and those who live close enough to be day pupils. In more recent years, we have introduced the third category of flexi-boarders – pupils who choose to spend some nights per week at School but who retain the flexibility of returning home, especially at weekends. At Clifton, all pupils are treated as equals and they all reap the rewards of a House System which provides extensive opportunities for participation, for leadership and for learning to live in a diverse community. Day pupils benefit from the full and active life of a boarding school, while boarders gain from the presence of boys and girls whose lives are rooted in the local community of a bustling, lively city. Maintaining this creative balance between the different constituents of our community can work only if we treat all boys and girls in the same way. This is why we have one set of rules that applies to both boarders and day pupils. We ask parents of day pupils and boarders to support us in maintaining a fair and consistent approach to all pupils.

in partnership in care and encourage enquiries from parents or guardians who may have concerns. In order to help the service run effectively parents are asked to inform the School of any existing medical conditions or mental health issues, before arrival at the school, using the medical forms that are sent out with the joining documents. Surgery The College Health Centre works closely with a local National Health Service medical practice. The surgery is independent from the College, but both male and female doctors hold a surgery in the Health Centre on four mornings a week. The practice has responsibility for the health care of the boarders, undertaking chronic illness clinics, immunisations, sports injuries, pastoral support and health promotion.

There are also weekly meetings of the HoMs, which the Headmaster often attends, as well. School policies are discussed as well as individual children and other pastoral, social, academic and behavioural matters.

The Deputy Head in charge of Pastoral Care liaises on a regular basis with the HoMs and offers help and advice where applicable.

Each House is run by the Housemaster or Housemistress who is ultimately responsible for the welfare of all the children in the House. It is to the House Staff that a parent brings concerns, worries and news. Many parents come into the House in the mornings and evenings to deliver or pick up their child. It is often at this time that information can be passed on. Each HoM has an office, in which interviews can take place, a telephone and access to Pastoralemail.problems are the concern of the child’s HoM in the first instance, who may pass the matter on to the Deputy Head Pastoral. There is a confidential bullying email address ( that children may use to contact the Headmaster directly in the event of bullying. (Please see our Anti-Bullying Policy). At the start of each term, targets for the term are discussed and set, and these are reviewed regularly by academic staff and Housemasters/Housemistresses.

Pastoral Care Clifton is proud of its reputation as a school with excellent Pastoral Care. The key to our success in this most important of areas lies in the strong House system, within which each pupil is cared for in a close-knit community that provides friendship, security and a sense of identity. The Housemasters/ Housemistresses (HoMs) are at the heart of this system, and it is the HoM who is usually the first point of contact for any parent or pupil who needs help or advice. Each HoM is supported by a team of House Staff, including a House Matron. The School’s responsibility begins from the moment a pupil arrives on the College campus, having returned from a holiday break or Exeat. Parents or the appropriate legal guardian are responsible for the pupil for all travel between home and the College, unless the pupil is on an authorised College trip. House Staff are responsible for pupil supervision during the working day and at weekends for boarders, according to a published rota.


The Matrons have slightly different roles according to the age of the children in the House. In essence, they care for the children when in the House, administering basic First Aid and medicines as prescribed by doctors, they ensure that games clothes are kept in order, that the children change efficiently on games days, and she may help to escort children to the Health Centre, doctor or hospital in case of need. The Matrons play a key role in checking that all is well with the children in the House. They are a key link with parents and staff and children.

Most discipline is managed in the House, but the Deputy Head Pastoral is also in charge of school discipline and in cases of serious incidents or repeated bad behaviour, the Deputy Head Pastoral will take the matter on. (Please see the Rewards and Sanctions Policy (Pre-Prep) and the Behaviour Policy (Prep School). School Counsellor Laura Denmead is the school’s counsellor. She is in school Monday - Friday and available to see pupils by referred appointment.

The House System

Supervision during the School Day During ‘House Time’, pupils are supervised by House Staff; these will include the HoM, the Duty House Tutor and the Matron. Each House publishes a staff and Matron duty rota, which is displayed in the House. ‘House Time’ includes: 08.00 – 08.30: during which the pupils are registered in the House.

16.00 – 18.00: After School Activities, Tea and Prep. Pupils choosing to spend this time in the House are under the supervision of the House Staff. Those attending an activity are supervised by the member of staff in charge of the activity. Pupils leaving the House for an activity ‘sign out’ with the member of staff on duty, as do pupils leaving to go home. (Please see individual House Handbooks for specific details regarding House Supervision.)

12.10 – 13.25: Lunch Break. Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 have lunch in the BMH (Bretton Memorial Hall), adjacent to the main Prep School playground. Pupils in Year 7 and 8 eat in the Upper School campus in BSK (Big School Kitchen). Please note that pupils in Year 7 and 8 are expected to make their own way back from lunch sensibly and quickly, but never individually. In addition, members of the House Staff will supervise pupils during lunch.


There are six Preparatory School Houses: South Town is a Senior Girls’ Day House for girls in Years 7 and 8 and is situated next to North Town on The Avenue. North Town is a Senior Boys’ Day House for boys in Years 7 and 8 and is situated next to South Town on The Avenue.

Tait’s Town, Wollaston’s Town and Mansfield’s House are all co-ed Junior Day Houses for boys and girls in Years 4, 5 and 6. The Houses are all situated on the main campus surrounding the Rose Garden. Each has a Housemaster or Housemistress who leads a team of Tutors. All pupils assemble in their House at the start of the day. Registration and House meetings are then held prior to the School Assembly. During this time, the Housemaster/mistress will give announcements for the day and will address various issues, including those which are pastorally and behaviourally based. Children may then return to the Houses at break and at lunch time – during which registration will again take place. After school, children often return to their Houses if they are not doing activities that day. Each child keeps Games clothes and a swimming kit in the House changing room and will have access to a locker for storage of books etc. Pupils will change before and after Games in their ChildrenHouses. may do prep at school if that is convenient for the family routine. Each House has a prep room and a room with computers. Many also have table tennis tables, table football games and pool tables. Each House has its own age-appropriate library.

14.35 – 14.50: Afternoon Break. (Pupils in the Prep Playground, the main Prep Building, or on Whatley are also under the supervision of the Break Duty Staff.

Hartnell’s House is the co-ed Boarding House for boarders in Years 4 - 8. There are resident staff, including the Housemaster, an in-house Tutor, Post Grad Tutors and Matrons, all of whom look after the boarders. Hartnell’s also caters for a number of Year 7 and 8 day pupils, some of whom board occasionally.

10.35 – 11.00: Morning Break. Pupils in the Prep Playground, the main Prep Building, or on Whatley (playing field) are also under the supervision of the Break Duty Staff.


• During individual Music lessons, when pupils remain the responsibility of the Music teacher. Pupils in Year 4 are collected from the classroom for individual Music and Coach House lessons in the Michaelmas Term after that, it is the School Office.

During academic or cultural visits, the member of staff with overall responsibility for the organisation of the visit will ensure that there are sufficient supervisory staff to comply with the requirements of the School Educational Trips Policy. They will also ensure that all supervisory staff are fully acquainted with the policy and any associated risk assessments, whether generic or specific.

Please note that there are variations with regard to specific supervisory requirements depending on the nature and duration of the visit. Visits involving ‘high-risk’ activities, such as skiing or water-sports, for example, are subject to more stringent staff/pupil ratios. Visits where there is a child with special medical requirements will also be subject to more stringent ratios. For details, please refer to the School Educational Visits Policy.

Outings and Visits During ‘Academic Time’ the pupils are supervised by the relevant teaching staff. (For details of personnel and timings, please refer to the School timetable). Staff register classes at the beginning of morning and afternoon school and report missing pupils to the School Office. The secretary will follow up the query and report back to the member of staff. If necessary, the secretary will implement the School Missing Child Policy. Academic time includes:

During Games sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning for Upper Prep pupils and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning for Lower Prep pupils), pupils are supervised by the team coach(es). Coaches register the children at the beginning of the session. Their responsibility for the pupils remains until the end of the session and includes periods of time during which the pupils are in transit, whether on foot, by minibus or by coach. Supervision of pupils on away matches remains the responsibility of the team coach, but arrangements are sometimes made in liaison with staff from the host school. During PE lessons pupils are supervised by the PE Staff. The pupils are registered at the beginning of each lesson.

• During lesson time, when the pupils remain the responsibility of the member of staff teaching the lesson.

• During Coach House (learning support) lessons, when the pupils remain the responsibility of the member of staff teaching the lesson.

Our aim is to help young people to develop their own moral code, a selfdiscipline and resilience that will serve them well throughout their life. Positive behaviour brings its own rewards in the quality of life and relationships that pupils build among themselves and with staff.


The School Rules

Relationships Clifton is a co-educational institution where integration between boys and girls in the classroom and in cocurricular activities is both expected and encouraged. We set out guidelines in the school rules to inform all on what is considered to be acceptable behaviour. Uniform, hair and jewellery Uniform, clothing, hair and jewellery regulations are detailed in the Prep School Clothing List and the School Rules. We ask parents to support us in maintaining appropriate standards of pupils’ personal appearance.

Clifton’s School rules are embedded in the Behaviour Policy and based upon a code of conduct that aims to create an atmosphere and environment in which individuals thrive and feel happy and Thesecure.rules amplify and support this code by giving examples of courteous and considerate behaviour. Behaviour The Behaviour Policy is published on the College website and Parent Portal. Parents will see that we take a strict line with bullying and trust that they will support us in this stance.

The removal or borrowing of School or personal property without permission for any length of time constitutes an act of theft and will be dealt with seriously. Please note, however, that the School’s insurance does not cover personal property, so anything of value must be privately insured. Boarding Houses are let during the holidays, so property cannot be left in rooms after the end of term.

Personal electrical equipment must be PAT certified. The College will test all uncertified equipment. Computer use There is no requirement for pupils to have their own computer. The School has ICT facilities in all the academic departments, libraries and Houses. All devices which use the school Wi-Fi will be monitored by the school and pupils must all sign the School’s Electronic Device Acceptable Use Agreement, agreeing to comply with the School’s ICT rules.

Money and other possessions

Mobile phones

Pupils with a mobile phone at school should give the number to their Housemaster/mistress. Day pupils must hand their phone to their HoM upon arrival at school. Boarders will be given access to their phones, as outlined by their House.


Electrical equipment

We expect pupils to take good care of their possessions; all articles should be named and pupils should resist any temptation to bring more personal belongings to school than they really need. Unmarked valuables found on the campus will be taken to the School Office; other articles of lost property are sometimes retained at the Porters’ Lodge and marked property is then returned to Houses.

Academic Support 17 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK

Academic Support Reports and Grades All children in the Prep School receive grades in the Michaelmas Term, as well as reports from their teachers and Housemaster/ AtHousemistress.theendofthe Spring Term, reports are issued by Games coaches, Music teachers and Housemasters/Housemistresses. At the end of the Summer Term pupils will receive a full academic report. New pupils will undergo screening tests to ascertain whether they need extra support. As well as general learning support, support for speakers of English as an Additional Language is also available. Prep/Homework Preps are recorded by pupils in their prep diary and some are set via Google Classroom. Parents Evenings Appointments are booked electronically. 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK 18 20 minutes of Prep on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Lent Term 20 – 30 minutes of Prep on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Lent Term Lent Term 30 – 60 minutes of Prep on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. 20 – 30 minutes of Prep on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Lent Term Lent Term Year 4 Year 4 Year 5 Year 5 Year 6 Year 6 Year 7 Year 7 Year 8 Year 8


Please see SOCS for information about matches (see page 6 for more information). Parents are welcome to watch all matches at School or at Beggar’s Bush. Please note that no dogs are allowed.


The College’s impressive sports facilities total 90 acres, providing pupils with international standard indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. The water-based Hockey pitch, 3G artificial Rugby pitch and the Netball and Tennis dome are augmented by a range of traditional courts including Rackets and Real Tennis. Many sports and matches take place at our Beggar’s Bush site.

Sport at Clifton

The pupils have a well-structured and extensive games programme. Within these sessions, they practice individual and team skills. Tactical and small unit play is developed throughout the term, leading to a greater knowledge of the game. These sessions are fun and, most importantly, develop each individual pupil to reach their potential.

Hockey, Netball and Cricket Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Cricket and Athletics Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Cricket and Athletics Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Cricket

Support from parents is always welcome at sports fixtures. (Please note that no dogs are allowed.) Home matches take place on the main College site, at our Beggar’s Bush site (across the Clifton Suspension Bridge) and at New Field (by the Redgrave Theatre). Match and parent tea is provided afterwards, either in Big School, ‘The Pavilion’ at Beggar’s Bush or in the Prep Hall on a InstructionsSaturday. on how to get to other schools can be obtained from SOCS. There is also a comprehensive section on the website concerned with results so parents can keep up to date. (www.

Physical Education is a very important aspect of school life here at TheClifton.PEDepartment’s primary aim is to introduce and allow all pupils to experience and enjoy a wide range of physical activities in the hope that they will see the benefit of a healthy, active lifestyle, develop positive attitudes towards active participation and increase the likelihood that they will remain active throughout their lifetimes. Pupils follow a progressive balanced programme of study throughout their time at the Prep School. Physical activities are varied and the programme respects pupils’ natural stages of physical, mental and emotional development.

Hockey and Cricket Rugby, Hockey and Cricket Rugby, Hockey and Cricket Rugby, Cricket,Hockey,Athletics and Tennis Rugby, FootballCricket,Hockey,Athletics,andTennis.

Lessons are taught in classes, mixed sex, mixed ability by specialist trained PE teachers. Years 4 and 5 are lucky enough to receive a double lesson of PE per week and a double lesson of swimming per week. Years 6, 7 and 8 receive a double lesson of PE per week which incorporates a swimming program.

Lessons are designed to inspire self-belief, confidence and competence, encouraging each child to reach their full potential in terms of coordination, skill development, fitness, agility, flexibility, speed, stamina and strength.

We also foster an appreciation of the importance of fair play, honest competition, good sporting behaviour and abiding by the rules and codes of conduct in all activities as individual participants, team members and spectators. This includes learning to cope gracefully with both success and failure.

2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK 20 Major Sports Options Games Timetable Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings Hockey, Netball and Rugby,Cricket

In addition, team sports allow students to experience group participation in competitive and cooperative situations, encouraging teamwork, planning and decision making skills. This teaches children about leadership and teaches them to value the contributions of others, whatever their level of ability.

The PE curriculum takes place in addition to the Games program and an extensive after school activities program. We have fantastic facilities and with an excellent staff to pupil ratio, every child really is provided with the perfect opportunity to flourish and fulfil their true potential and develop a love of physical activity and sport.

and AthleticsBoysGirls Monday and Wednesday afternoons and morningsSaturday Years 4, 5 & 6 (Lower Prep) Years 7 & 8 (Upper Prep) Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8

Sports Fixtures We play regular fixtures, tournaments and festivals against local and regional teams. We compete in schools county, regional, national and IAPS competitions across a range of sports, developing different abilities and talents.

Physical Education

Activities 21 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK

2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK 22 Activities The Prep School offers a broad mix of activities and clubs for pupils to join and at the start of each term pupils will be given a list by their Housemaster/Housemistress, allowing them to choose the activities in which they would like to take part. Nearly all activities are included within the termly fee; activities which require an external coach or are held off-site, may incur an additional charge. The list of activities will vary slightly each term, as a guide though, the activities below are an examples of those normally available: Music Activities • Orchestra • Swing Band • Chapel Choir • Junior Choir • Junior & Senior String Ensembles • Flute Group • Clarinet Group • Brass Group • Senior & Junior Saxophone • Ensembles • Junior and Senior Guitar Groups • Pop Groups: Junior, Year 7 & 8 • Percussion Ensemble • Music Theory Creative activities • Drama • Lego Club (Years 4 - 6) • F24/DT Club • Goblin Racing Car Club • LAMDA • Art • Textiles/Costume Design • Dance Sports activities • Tennis • Karate • Rackets • Squash • Swimming Squad • Football • Cross Country • Netball • Cricket • Triathlon • Basketball • Rugby • Hockey • Rugby 7s Academic activities • Hebrew School • Pupil Librarians (Year 7 & 8) • CNED Français • Creative Writing • Maths Clinic • Art Scholars • STEM • Ancient Greek Club (Years 6 - 8) • Maths Clinic • Year 5 Support Club • Essay Writing

Events 23 2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK

2022 | PARENT HANDBOOK 24 House Events Michaelmas Term Remembrance Service House RotarySchoolSongConcertChristmas Concert Christmas Fair House Christmas Dinners Carol Service 13+ Sport Scholarships Lent Term Year 5 Production Anne Guy Music Scholars Concert 11+ Music, Sport and Academic Scholarships School Concert 13+ Academic Scholarships 13+ Art Scholarships 13+ Drama Scholarship 13+ Music Scholarships Joint Choirs Concert (Prep and Upper Schools) Summer Term Inter-House Swimming Galas Commemoration Day Year 4 to 8 Residential Trips Sports Day Year 8 Production


CCSL - Clifton College Services Ltd. runs the Sports Centre, Holiday Clubs, BB and the Redgrave Theatre. It also hires out school facilities when not in use by the school.

BB – Most of our games are played at our Beggar’s Bush site, a 90-acre sports ground on the other side of the River Avon.

The Close - The large playing field in the centre of the campus used for Rugby, Football and Cricket. Never walk across the cricket square in the middle! College Council – The sub group of the school governors which acts as their executive.

Congers – A shortened expression for the congregational practice.

Detention - Held for one hour during the week, and on Saturday afternoon for more serious misdemeanors.

COO – Executive Head of the non-academic running of the school.

Downend House - Lower Prep Classrooms and Wollaston’s Town House.

The Young Cliftonian – The annual magazine for former pupils, keeping OCs in touch with their old school.

BMH - Bretten Memorial Hall, where the younger children in the Pre-Prep and Years 4-6 eat their lunch.

Exeat – A break from school routine when the pupils have the chance to go home to re-charge their batteries. There are quarter exeats of a couple of days in the Christmas Term and a week at each Half Term.

Collins - Famous small cricket pitch, adjacent to the Tribe building.

HoMs - Housemasters/Housemistresses.

Lent Term - The second term of the academic year running from January up to the Easter Holidays.

Butcombe - This is the old name for the Pre-Prep School Cambridge House – Lower Prep Classrooms and Tait’s Town House.

Lower Prep - Years 4, 5, and 6.

BSK - Big School Kitchen - The School Dining hall where school meals are eaten, situated on two floors on the west side of the South Quad.

Commem – Short for Commemoration, the time each summer Half Term when the foundation of the school is celebrated.

Imlay Pavilion – A small pavilion by the artificial hockey pitch at BB.

The Cloisters - The pillars and covered area around the South Quad.

Lower Slopes - This is a grass area below Collins and adjacent to the Triple Courts, which is used for recreation and Prep School Games.

Pupils travel to and from BB by bus.

Glossary of Clifton Terms

The Chapel – At the very centre of the College, where services are held.

HoDs - Heads of Department. Hornby Arts Centre - The DT and Art centre in the Prep. House Song – Performed by each House in turn at the inter-house singing competition.

The Joseph Cooper Music School – Our state of the art centre for teaching and performing music, situated on Guthrie Road.

The Redgrave – Our on-site 320 seat theatre built in 1965. Satis - Short for Satisfecit, which may be translated as: “Has he/she worked satisfactorily?”

Summer Term - The School Term starting after the Easter Holidays and running up to the Summer Holidays.

Upper School - Years 9 to 13.

Mem Arch – Abbreviation for Memorial Arch, the main gated entrance to the school on College Road, which displays the names of those who died in the service of their country. As a mark as respect people walking through Memorial Arch are asked to do in silence.

South Quad - A large open area at the centre of the Cloisters, Chapel and Big School.

Triple Courts – A local facility used for Tennis, Netball, 5-a-side, Hockey & Football.

Upper Prep - Years 7 and 8.

Vitai Lampada – The poem by Sir Henry Newbolt famous for his line “Play up, play up, and play the game!”

Michaelmas Term - The first term of the academic year starting in September and running up to Christmas.

NF – The New Field, situated at the back of the Houses opposite the Redgrave Theatre, is a school playing field mainly used by the Prep.


Rackets – A very fast traditional game played in a special court with a racket and hard ball like a golf ball. Clifton is one of a very few public schools with its own court.

Synagogue – Based in the Polack Centre, the Synagogue is the place of worship for our Jewish Pupils.

OC – An Old Cliftonian or former pupil, who forms part of the OC Society.

The San - Abbreviation for Sanatorium, the School Health Centre.

Tuck - Sweets in the Prep boarding houses; tuck is normally allocated to one night a week.

Merry House – A Preparatory building on The Avenue, which is home to North Town and South Town Houses, and the Music and Science Departments.

Whatley – The grass play area in front of the Prep building.

Prep - Abbreviation for preparation/homework.

North Quad - The Quad to the North of the central building, adjacent to Guthrie Road. Minibuses are parked here and often depart from here.

The Prep Hall - The main Hall in the Prep building where assembly, Prep Congers and examinations are held.

Newbolt Room – A meeting room in the East Cloister.

Prep Diary - A vital booklet to be carried.

School Prefect – A senior pupil in the Prep School who acts as a role model to other pupils, also known as a Twelve.



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