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Views From The Cliffs TThhee N Neew wsslleetttteerr ooff tthhee C Clliiffffss aatt PPrriinncceevviillllee

S meerr 22000088 mm um Su The purpose of the report is to illuminate aspects of the situation and condition of The Cliffs, which should be interesting to those who receive it. Questions and suggestions should be sent or called to AOAO President, Don Jacobs, (9046 E. Colorado Circle, Denver, CO 80231; (303-750-3214); CCIOA President Gus Daal, 4444 Delaney Drive, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7L 5J2 (905-637-8083); CRVOA President, Chris Stawski, 111 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1750, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414-276-8202) Comments on the Newsletter should be sent to the Editor, Lou Genett, 1849 Oakmont Drive, Denver, NC 28037 (704-560-6338)

General Manager’s Report K Kiim moo M M.. K Keeaaw wee


fter a very long ten year effort, a traditional Hawaiian blessing was held on April 14th for our new Administration building. The building was given its official name Hale Mana Ho’oko, which means a place where there is leadership. Many of you will remember that this process started with our efforts to acquire the building from the original property developer. It has been a long and bumpy process, which included several years of litigation before we had an opportunity to actually purchase the building. Once the acquisition was completed, it took several more years to get the proper permits to allow us to proceed with the renovation of this facility.

All of our staff members have finally settled in to their new offices and it’s nice to have all of us in one location. Previously we were separated into three different office locations which made it more difficult to manage the property. We’ve received many positive comments about this new facility, especially regarding the lobby. We have even had visits from management personnel of other resorts who are interested in seeing the results of our renovation. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and know that this project provided the necessary upgrade in quality that all of you were looking for.

Ongoing Projects Our pool plans continue to work their way through the county permitting process. The county has requested additional information which we will be submitting to them for their review. We are still on schedule to begin work on the new pool in September. Matthew Schaller, our architect, will be managing this project on a day to day basis. Matthew has a long history with our property, having first been involved with the reconstruction after hurricane Iniki. We continue to work on an agreement with another Princeville resort for the use of their pool facilities while ours is under construction.

We recently completed unit renovation for the CCIOA units in building 8 and the CRVOA units in buildings 1 and 2. We have now completed three buildings for CCIOA and all but one unit for CRVOA. We are scheduled to begin building 3 the first week in September, and complete that project at the end of October. Because of demands on our occupancy we can only effectively complete two buildings per year. The 2009 schedule includes buildings 7 and 9 and the 2010 schedule is for buildings 5 and 6. We continue to work on energy conservation solutions. Dirk Hosmer, our solar consultant, arrived June 5th and installed three hot water energy conversion solutions, in an attempt to manage energy consumption used for producing hot water in individual units. His findings so far indicate that we should adopt a heat pump solution where we could expect about a 50% savings in energy costs. We are also working on a solar photovoltaic energy solution for all units within the project. The Kauai County Council recently passed an ordinance requiring single family transient rental owners to register their transient vacation rentals with the county. Contained within this newsletter is an article by Rolf Ramelmeier, AOAO Director and Chairman of the Legal and Bylaws Committee, to help guide you through the registration process. The Cliff’s staff can assist you with the necessary forms; however, we can’t register your unit for you. The registration must be done in person. If you have a rental agent, you should contact them to determine if they will register your unit.

Ralph Kitashima says – “Help me help you, your friends and family SAVE MONEY on a time share ownership resale in this wonderful Cliffs Resort. For your referrals it would be my pleasure to repay you with credits that you may apply towards airfares, car rentals, island itinerary, maintenance fees and groceries at Foodland! You’ll receive 250 credits for every referral who purchases through us. Each credit equals one dollar redeemable for the above mentioned incentives. Give us a call for details. For those of you, who no longer use or need your ownership, call us for details on how we can assist you. Toll free: 800-222-5541 Office: 808-826-6585 E-Mail: Timeshare Solutions is an affiliate of Oceanfront Realty International, Inc.


It has been a pleasure and a challenge to be a part of this project over the last 6 years, and I look forward to continuing to upgrade the property. I thank you for your continued support.

Cliffs at Princeville DIRECTORY

3811 Edward Road, Princeville, HI 96722 Resort: (808) 826-6219 Resort Fax: (808) 826-2140 KIMO M. KEAWE, General Manager JULIE MONROE, Controller JOHN MAHONEY, Executive Assistant Manager FRED CONSTANTINO, Administrative Manager ROSARIE KELEKOMA, Owner Service Manager PENNIE WYATT, Executive Assistant-HR Director ANN HERMOSURA, Executive Housekeeper LIZ HOM-WEAVER, Activities Manager JAMES SARME, Facilities Manager

CLIFFS ACTIVITIES (808) 826-2005 CLIFFS ACCOUNTING (808) 826-2090


(800) 367-8024 (808) 826-1272


ale Mana Ho`oko

Grand Opening April 14, 2008 Page 3

On April 14th, we held a traditional Hawaiian Blessing for the Administration Building and gave it its official name Hale Mana Ho`oko, which means “A place where there is leadership.� Kahu Ipo Kahaunaele-Ferriera officiated the blessing. Untying the traditional maile lei, to signal the official opening of the facility, included Jerry Hempenius (AOAO vice president), Gus Daal (Cliffs Club president), Christopher Stawski (Cliffs Resort president), and Kimo M. Keawe (general manager). After the blessing ceremony, Board members, owners and guests, contractors, project managers and your hard working staff gathered for a celebratory reception at the Recreational Pavilion.

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Welcome Home

CLIFFS HOUSE RULES As a reminder, all apartment owners shall observe and adhere to the House Rules and ensure that their lessees, renters and guests observe and adhere to these House Rules. In the event expenses including attorney fees, are incurred due to violations of the House Rules by owners, lessees, invitees and guests, the owner shall be responsible for the payment of same. The following house rules have been randomly selected. To obtain a copy of the Cliffs House Rules, owners may contact Fred Constantino at Section III. Common Areas, Entrances and Lanais 1. No shoes, slippers, laundry, dry cleaning, or other items, shall be permitted to remain in view at front entrance. 2. Only appropriate furniture and plants less than height of the lanai railing (including the pot) shall be placed on lanais. Any items deemed unsightly by the Board of Directors or Managing Agent shall be removed, upon the request of the General Manager. Lanais are not to be used for the purpose of storage of articles of any kind. 3. Textile items, including towels, bathing apparel and clothing, brooms, mops, cartons, and other objects, shall not be placed on lanais or passages or in windows so as to be viewed from outside the building or from any other apartment. 13. Each owner of a residential apartment shall be responsible for the care and maintenance of all lanais, which are included in their apartment. Such owner may not, however, paint or otherwise decorate the walls and ceilings of the lanais without the prior written approval of the same by the Board of Directors. It is intended that the exterior of the building shall present a uniform appearance and, to effect that end, the Board may require the painting of walls and ceilings of each lanai and regulate the type and color of paint to be used. The Board is authorized to contract for the painting of all of the walls and ceilings of the lanais and to make payment therefore out of the maintenance fund.

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Cliffs Resort

Resort is available. A recent newsletter contained a call for candidates. Because only one candidate expressed an interest in serving on the Board of Directors, barring a last minute write-in campaign, yours truly will begin serving another three year term on The Cliffs Resort Board of Directors beginning this July.


Christopher Stawski President

MAINTENANCE FEES Many owners at the Cliffs Resort own every other year timeshare units. The Cliffs Resort is the only organization on-site that offers this ownership option. In past years, every other year unit owners were required to pay the entire amount of their maintenance fees during the year that the owner was eligible to use their unit. The Cliffs Resort Board of Directors has adopted a new policy that will allow owners to split the bill if they so desire. Under this program, an owner can choose to pay half of his or her maintenance fees every year. By giving owners this option, the Board is allowing owners to ease the financial burden that may be associated with paying a full year’s maintenance fees. We will be monitoring this program to determine how many owners choose this option and whether it is a program that merits continuation.


Earlier this year, 136 past due notices were sent to owners who had not yet paid their 2008 maintenance fees. If you are one of the owners who received a past due notice, please pay your maintenance fees today. If you’re not able to do so, contact us to discuss a payment schedule. The Cliffs Resort is willing to work with owners experiencing serious financial hardships. Don’t risk losing your week. Take action now if you have not yet paid this year’s maintenance fees and prevent your unit from going into foreclosure.


Serving on The Cliffs Resort Board of Directors for the past several years has been a pleasure and I’m pleased to be able to continue my service to you. Part of the reason that serving on this Board is so enjoyable is because of the fantastic people whom I work with. Thanks to Terry Cannings, Chuck Gehrke, Jim Moyes and Ron Raine for their hard work and support. Mahalo to Julie Monroe, Kimo Keawe, Fred Constantino, John Mahoney and everyone else at The Cliffs that assists us. I look forward to continuing to work to make this the best timeshare property on Kauai.


The Cliffs Resort Board of Directors has implemented a new program at the property. Owners who stay in their Cliffs Resort unit are provided with complimentary copies of USA Today during their stay. Never mind the fact that USA Today doesn’t make it to Kauai until the day after it’s issued. That’s just one of those things on Kauai that makes this island so charming.


Stage Three of the unit renovations on property has begun. As I write this article, there are six CRVOA units located in Buildings 1 and 2 that are currently under renovation. Those units should be completed by the end of June. The second phase of unit renovations will begin in September and be completed by the end of October. During this phase, two CRVOA units will be taken down. This is all part of your Board’s ongoing effort to maintain your unit at a five star level. The renovations are very impressive. If you like the new renovations, please be sure to indicate as such on the comment cards that you receive from RCI.

This July, one position on the Board of Directors for The Cliffs

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residential buildings. We will be conducting experiments using different types hot water heating systems in June and July and the results will be incorporated into the final design of solar energy for our buildings. The Finance Committee has identified a bank to finance our system at a reasonable rate, so we have multiple alternatives to purchase the system.



Transient Rentals:

Donald M. Jacobs, President loha Owners and Guests – We recently completed our Board and Annual Meetings. Thanks to all of you who spent the time and attended the meeting. The following is some of the major items we discussed.


Our Treasurer, Mark Barra reported that we remain on target relative to our operations budget to date. We have about $2 million in our capital reserves and continue to earn interest on it until we need it. We are projecting significant capital expenditures in the near term because of the renovation of our pool and re-doing of our sidewalks. We received a draft of our audit report which our Finance Committee is reviewing. As soon as we approve it, it will be available to our owners. An updated reserve study was also provided by our consultant. When the Finance and Planning Committees have reviewed it, it will be incorporated into our long-range capital plan.

The Kauai County Council recently passed an ordinance regarding transient rental properties registration. This appears to affect all owners who rent their units. The Legal Committee is working with our attorney to define what will be needed to be filed.

Board Meeting Dates: Our next meeting will be July 23, 2008. We hope to see you there. We also adopted the following dates for our future Board Meetings: October 23, 2008; January 30, 2009; April 23, 2009 (board meeting); April 24, 2009 (Annual Meeting). We appreciate hearing from you. It helps us know we are doing what you want and your comments are most appreciated. Mahalo Nui.

Insurance: Our insurance consultant reviewed the status of all our policies. Currently, we are paying approximately $500,000 per year for our premiums which covers all of our needs. Our consultant indicated that the premium for property damage which includes wind coverage (i.e., hurricanes) continues to decline. However, this is offset because our property values have increased considerably since 2005. So, we can expect our premiums for all of our coverages to stay about the same for next year. Pool Area:

We have submitted our plans to various government departments for approval. We expect to have all of the approvals by our target start date of September. Our pool consultants presented another draft of the detailed plans to the board. These have been turned over to our Joint Construction Committee for analysis. We will be engaging an outside project manager who has worked with the Cliffs previously to insure the project is completed satisfactorily and within budget.

Solar Energy for Residential Buildings: The representative who provided our solar system for our Administration Building discussed new technology in solar. There are breakthroughs in hot water heaters which is one of the primary uses of energy in our

Sunset experience at Polihale, Kaua`i

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CLIFFS CLUB Report Gus Daal, President


loha CCIOA Owners. I hope you all are enjoying the summer. On April 17th we had our annual meeting. During the same week we celebrated the official opening of our new administration office best known as “Hale Mana Ho’oko”. The traditional Hawaiian “mile lei ribbon”, (ribbon cutting) and Blessing Ceremony was performed by a Hawaiian minister and the celebration included various local guests, our General contractor, Architect , Project manager and Board members representation of all our property associations, Cliff’s staff, as well as some owner guests. After the official opening the Cliffs staff treated all the guests to drinks, pupus and a live Hawaiian band.

During the AGM we also were able to reconvene our last year’s AGM with respect to the amendment of CCIOA Declarations and Bylaws. Although it took longer than we anticipated we did receive the necessary votes to approve the amendment. CCIOA is on schedule with phase 3 of the refurbishing of our units and most of the work of the work for CCIOA units in Building 8 has been completed. The installation of the furniture is planned for the week of July 16. Our General Manager, Kimo Keawe, expects completion of building 1-2 and 8 by the end of June. The CCIOA has recently approved its updated “Reserve study”. It is based on a 7 year unit interior refurbishing schedule. The inflation rate projection is based on a rate of inflation of 3.5 % with a rate of return of 4% on investment. To provide adequate funding for future projected reserve expenditure requirements, it was recommended that that the annual contribution be increase by 4% a year from 2009 to 2024. The projected opening balance is $1,320,376.00 for January 1, 2009. One of the significant fundamental changes this time was spearheaded by our Vice president, Jerry Hempenius. He felt that our reserve expenditures as done in past did not make much sense since we refurnished by unit and building and not by components, electronics, or appliances cycle. Components, electronics and appliances live cycle is extended by moving them forward to buildings that are to be refurbished a couple of years later. Our budget prediction is getting to a fine art now that we have accumulated a number of years of experience. Our CPA, Julie Monroe, and our finance committee have all been with us more than a few years. A lot of progress has been made. We ended our year with a small surplus of $37,751.

It is the goal of Staff and the committee to expand our website and to include a Virtual Tour of our new lobby together with some scenic pictures of the Princeville area. During the annual meeting the Board has selected me again as your President for the fiscal year of April 2008 to April 2009. We have made tremendous strides in the past year and, together with a strong new Board and General Manager, Kimo Keawe, and his Staff, we strive to accomplish even more during this year. I welcome back Jerry Hempenius and Lou Genett. Mark Barra, a long time member of the CCIOA Board and George Bruns has been appointed as advisors for this fiscal year. George is new to our board he has an extensive experience in banking industry and an excellent background.

At our April Board meeting our insurance consultant, Bruce Pearson, reviewed the status of all our policies. Currently we are paying approximately $147,024 annual premium, which covers all of our needs. Our consultant indicated that the premium for property damage, which includes wind coverage (i.e. hurricanes), is expected to go down as much as 15% in 2008. However, this is offset by the increase on our interior package (furniture and appliances). So, we can expect a marginal increase on our total premiums to increase to $ 153,330. We are delighted with our decision to have installed solar panels on our Administration building. Electricity on Kauai is generated by oil. We have all seen what has happened to oil prices over the last year. The solar panels are saving us now and will save even more in future years. The plans for our new pool and spa are still on schedule. Drawings are posted in the Hale Mana Ho’oko. See you at the Cliffs.

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Transient Vacation Rental Vacation Rental Registration With The County of Kauai Attention All Whole Unit Owners Who Rent Their Units For Periods of less 180 Continuous Days A bill (Ordinance NO. 864) was passed by the Kauai County Council requiring single-family transient rental owners to register their transient vacation rentals (TVRs) with the County. The Ordinance requires that all TVRs in Visitor Designated Areas (VDAs) be registered by September 3, 2008. Your Condominium is considered a single-family TVR and Princeville is a VDA, therefore required to be registered by September 3rd. The purpose of this article is to provide you with sufficient information and assistance to register your unit with the Kauai County Planning Department by September 3rd. The Cliffs Staff will assist you with filing information and some of the necessary forms. They are not staffed to do the registration for you, as it must be done in person. Those of you that have on island rental agents, (required by Hawaii law and The Cliffs House Rules), should contact them and determine if they will register your unit for you. Some Agents will do it for free; others may charge a nominal fee. For those of you who wish to do it themselves, this article should help guide you through the process. The following are the steps you must follow to register your unit. 1) The first step is to go to the Assessment Office, Department of Finance in the Mo`ikeha Building, Lihu`e Civic Center, 4444 Rice Street, and register with them. For directions, contact the Department of Finance at (808) 241-4200. The major purpose of this step appears to be determining if you are paying and current for your GE and TA taxes. You will require the following forms. A) The completed TVR registration form. You can obtain the form by downloading it from the What's New section of the home page of the County website, They only need the form for informational purposes. You do not file it with them. B) Copies of your GET and TAT licenses (just your license numbers may suffice) and proof of your last payment of these taxes. At the moment the requirement of these documents is optional. If you have them, take them along just to be safe. 2) Proceed to the Planning Department to complete registration. You will need the following: A) Completed TVR Registration form. B) A plat of the Cliffs showing the location of the sign for your unit which is to be posted and visible as you enters The Cliffs. The sign contains your unit registration and a 24/7 contact telephone number. The specifications and purchase information can be found on the Princeville Community Association website, The plat will be available at The Cliffs Front Desk. As of the date of this newsletter, the Cliffs has not decided where to put the signs, (we assume 50-60 of them.). We plan to have the plats available by the second week of July. C) A document called "For the Safety and Comfort of You and Your Neighbors". This document will be available from the Front Desk. A copy is to be displayed in your unit for your guest's perusal. The preceding informational is current as of the date of this newsletter. However since the County enacted this ordinance back in March, they have changed the registration requirements several times. Before you proceed, check the County website, for the latest information. If you have any questions contact the Front Desk. Rolf W Ramelmeier Director AOAO Chairman, Legal & Bylaws Committee

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Aloha, my name is Miriam, but my ohana calls me Honey. Please join us at the Cliffs Welcome Reception on Mondays, at the Cliffs Recreational Pavilion at 5:00 p.m. Enjoy ono pupus and meet fellow owners and guests. I’ll see you there!

ATV Kayak Golf Luaus Movie Tours Na Pali Coast Tubing Zip Line Zodiac And much more!

Fun in the Sun!

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NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF THE CLIFFS RESORT VACATION OWNERS ASSOCIATION Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Cliffs Resort Vacation Owners Association (“CRVOA�) is given pursuant to Part 2, Section 2.5 of the Bylaws of the Cliffs Resort Vacation Owners Association. The date, time and place of the annual meeting appear below: Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 Time: 2:00 p.m. HST (Check In to begin at 1:30 p.m.) Place: The Cliffs Recreational Pavilion Princeville, Kauai Hawaii FOR THE FOLLOWING PURPOSE: 1) To receive report of officers and report of committees; 2) election of director; 3) to transact such business as noted on the Agenda and any other business as may properly come before the Association. Kimo M. Keawe, General Manager, for the Board of Directors Notice of Date: June 2, 2008 Note: When received, please complete your proxy and return to the Cliffs Resort by 4:30 p.m. HST on July 14, 2008. A quorum of owners is necessary, either in person or represented by proxy, to conduct the business of the meeting. If you send in your proxy and do attend the meeting, it will be returned to you so you may vote in person.

For Your Info. . . . 5 All proxies for the Cliffs Resort are due on property on July 14, 2008.

5 For timeshare owners, your home resort is required to verify that you do not owe the resort any monies for the week you are depositing for exchange.


Submitting your Cliffs Resort or Cliffs Club reservations is easier than ever. Go to to book your reservations or fax your request to 808-826-2140!

5 Contact Cliffs Activities at 808-826-2005 to arrange your next outing.

5 For our whole condo homeowners, please do not use your lanai as a storage area. Please refer to the House Rules for policy details.

5 Please do not feed the Nene or other bird life that roam the resort grounds.

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Reminder to CLIFFS CLUB OWNERS Trading/Banking Policy Effective January 2008 If you choose to deposit your week with either Interval International (“II”) or Resort Condominiums International (“RCI”), the Cliffs Club is required to confirm your reservation and verify that you do not owe the Cliffs Club any monies for the week you are depositing for exchange. Once your exchange has been confirmed by II or RCI, The Cliffs must honor the exchange, even if you do not pay any amounts that are outstanding for this future week. This can occur when a deposit is made for the next calendar year, where dues or assessments have not yet been billed – for example in mid-2008, a 2009 week is deposited for a 2009 exchange, dues are paid for 2008, but not for 2009. If for some reason the 2009 dues are not paid as of the 2009 occupancy date, The Cliffs cannot take back the week, but must honor incoming exchanges from II or RCI. To protect all of our owners, The Cliffs has instituted the following policy. This policy is common throughout the time share industry and has eliminated the above mentioned problem. The new policy became effective as of January 1, 2008 and will cover all exchanges made after that time where the deposited Cliffs reservation is in 2009 or later. When an owner requests a week to be booked and deposited for exchange in the next calendar year, The Cliffs will ask that estimated dues be paid for the next calendar year at the same time they are requesting reservations; this amount will be the same as the current year. In addition, if an owner has made a reservation for the following year and later decides to deposit that time for exchange, The Cliffs will ask for the estimated dues for the current calendar year. Once the estimated dues are paid, reservations can be verified and confirmed with II or RCI. However, this is an estimate only, and if there is an increase in the dues or a special assessment, the balance will be billed at the normal billing time. Future reservations can only be made if the owner is current with all payment owed. [Please note: this article first appeared in the July 2007 Issue of Views From The Cliffs.]

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The Cliffs at a Glance

Employee of the First Quarter 2008 Presilla Yoder joined our Cliffs Club Ohana in September 2006 as accounts receivable clerk. She has since been offered the position of accounts payable clerk, and has taken the position positively, assisting owners and vendors with A/P issues. As a result of Presilla’s can do attitude and positive involvement in moving the Accounting department to the new administration building, “Hale Mana Ho`oko”, she was recently honored as Employee of First Quarter. Fashionista Presilla enjoys spending time with friends and family and she loves to travel. Congratulations Presilla!

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KOLOA PLANTATION DAYS Place: Koloa and Poipu, Koloa and Poipu, HI 96756, (808) 652-3217 Date: 7/19/2008 through 7/27/2008 The Koloa Plantation Days Celebration began as a one day event in 1985 commemorating the establishment of Hawaii's first sugar mill in the town of Koloa in 1835. The Celebration now spans a nine day period including over 18 family-oriented events showcasing the area's diverse cultural and historical significance. For further information please visit us at OBON DANCE AND FESTIVAL - WKH KOLOA TEMPLE Place: Koloa Temple, 5521 Koloa Rd, Koloa, HI 96756, (808) 338-1537 Date: 7/25/2008 through 7/26/2008 (Occurring at several locations throughout June and July) In remembrance of the dead celebrated with special services and festival/Bon dance and food. WKH Koloa Temple, 5521 Koloa Rd, 7:30 pm. KAUAI MUSIC FESTIVAL 2008 Place: Hilton Kauai Beach Resort, 4331 Kauai Beach Drive, Lihue, HI 96766, (808) 634-6237 Date: 7/30/2008 through 8/2/2008 The Kauai Music Festival is a four-day celebration of the art of songwriting held on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. At the festival you will learn songwriting from some of the best songwriters in America. You can consult, one-on-one, with award winning songwriters, Grammy winning producers, and top A&R and other music industry people. HEIVA KAUAI IA ORANA TAHITI 2008 Place: Kapaa Beach Park Date: 8/2 – 8/3/08 th 7 annual Heiva I Kauai Iaorana Tahiti, International Tahitian Dance Competition. Solo and group performances, traditional and contemporary Tahitian drumming competition. Dance and drumming workshops, Polynesian arts and crafts and island foods for sale, silent auction, and more. KAUAI ALL GIRLS RODEO Place: CJM Country Stables, Poipu Date: 8/10/08 Kauai’s finest cowgirls compete at CJM arena, about a mile down Poipu Road past the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Lunch wagon, logo sales, lots of rodeo action and family fun. Open air bleacher seating. GARDEN ISLAND ORCHID SHOW Place: Lihue Convention Center – Vidinha Stadium, Hoolako St, Lihu'e, HI 96766, (808) 742-0333 Date: 8/21 to 8/24/08 Orchid show of hundreds of varieties. Orchids on display and does sales along with lectures and demonstrations of general orchid culture. KAUAI MOKIHANA FESTIVAL Place: Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center, Puhi Date: 9/22/08 Enjoy original compositions by Kauai composers in several categories. Cheer on each artist as they perform new songs with the help of local, talented musicians, and vote for the People’s Choice winner. KAUAI POWWOW 2008 – Honoring the Drum Place: Kapaa Beach Park, Kapaa Date: 9/26 – 9/28/08 Festival celebrating the heritage of our Native American Indian brothers and sisters. Enjoy drum performances, arts and crafts, and island foods. COCONUT FESTIVAL 2008 Place: Kapaa Beach Park, Kapaa Date: 10/4/08 An annual crowd pleaser. Join in on the fun that celebrates the many uses of the coconut. Enjoy food competition, local entertainment, arts and crafts, and island foods. EO E EMALANI I ALAKA`I, “THE EMALANI FESTIVAL” 2008 Place: Kokee State Park, Kanaloahuluhulu Meadow Date: 10/11/08 Festival celebrating Hawaii’s Queen Emma, consort to King Kamehameha IV. Enjoy a day of hula, local entertainment, arts and crafts. MATSURI KAUAI 2008 Place: 329 Lanakila Road Kapaa, HI 96746, (808) 822-5353 Date: 10/11/08 Matsuri Kaua`i 2008 offers a host of activities and demonstrations, including Oshie (quilted art) from Moriyama City, Japan, Kimono Kitsuke for adults as well as children, Bento Sales, Origami, Musubi Madness Contest, Mochi Pounding, Mini Bon Dance, Craft Sales, Tea Ceremony, Bonsai, Jorei, Flower Circle, Martial Arts, Entertainment from local dancers and singers as well as from Japan and the outer islands.

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N E W S F R O M around T H E I S L A N D [Gleaned from The Garden Island newspaper, mahalo nui loa to them]

VA Lasting Legacy: Kauai

The Republican was first elected as mayor in 2002. He was reelected to another four-year term in 2006. Prior to his political career, Baptiste worked at the Kaua‘i War Memorial Convention Hall and was a small businessman on Kaua‘i.

Mourns Loss of Mayor By Rachel Gehrlein – THE GARDEN ISLAND Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shock. Surprise. Sadness. These are just a few of the sentiments residents expressed yesterday after the sudden and unexpected death of Kaua‘i Mayor Bryan Baptiste on Sunday, June 23. Baptiste, 52, died at Wilcox Memorial Hospital after an apparent cardiac arrest at his home in Wailua. But there was another word used to describe the mayor: Legacy. “He really had the concern of the people at heart,” Lihu‘e attorney Warren Perry said. “He balanced the law with the local and Hawaiian community.” Perry said the mayor worked hard on one of his pet projects, the 16-mile multi-use path that will stretch from Anahola to Nawiliwili. The first two phases have been completed. “He said to me, ‘I want to make sure the people of Kaua‘i, in perpetuity, have access to the beach,’” Perry said. “That was the type of legacy for Kaua‘i he wanted.” As mayor, Baptiste championed the building of more affordable housing, garnered community members’ support to fight drug use, supported legislation to protect public access and backed programs to prepare youths for future careers. “I feel he truly enjoyed serving the public,” said state Rep. Mina Morita, D-14th District. “He was truly trying to make it better for Kaua‘i from shoreline access to affordable housing.” State Sen. Gary Hooser, D-Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau, called Baptiste “the people’s mayor. He put community first above all else — he was genuine in that,” Hooser said. “He served with a lot of passion and he had genuine feelings for the people.” Hooser remembered campaigning alongside Baptiste years ago and said the mayor was tireless in his work. “He was the first guy out in the morning and the last guy in at night,” Hooser said. “The slogan from his (first mayoral) campaign was ‘Leadership from the Heart.’ He certainly gave his heart 100 percent to the community.” Randall Francisco, Kaua‘i Chamber of Commerce president, said Baptiste led the people of Kaua‘i with local style. “He celebrated Kaua‘i by how much he lived Kaua‘i,” Francisco said. “He embodied the values of the people of Kaua‘i in his leadership.” Francisco said the mayor focused on the youth of Kaua‘i, looking at the bigger picture for their future benefit. “His investment in the community via the kids was his heart and soul,” he said. “To me, that was the humble, human, local Bryan.”

The mayor had heart bypass surgery on June 13 at The Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu after routine medical testing June 9. Baptiste was released from the hospital on Friday and returned to Kaua‘i Saturday evening. Baptiste is survived by his wife Annette and four children: Brandon, Heather, Lauren and Preston. Gov. Linda Lingle, a close friend of the mayor, ordered state flags to fly at half staff on the day of his interment. That date has not yet been announced. Gary Heu, the mayor’s administrative assistant, is serving as acting mayor.

V Key Kaua`i Bills Will Become Law by Nathan Eagle – THE GARDEN ISLAND Posted: Tuesday, June24, 2008

Gov. Linda Lingle yesterday submitted to the state Legislature a list of 52 bills that she is considering for potential vetoes. Some Kaua‘i residents have been holding their breath while the Republican governor considered what legislation to include in the list. Specifically, community members have been tracking Senate Bill 644, introduced by state Sen. Gary Hooser, D-Kaua‘i, and House Bill 2872, introduced by state Rep. Roland Sagum, D-16th District. The former will prohibit the issuance of a building permit on or after Jan. 1, 2010, for single-family homes that do not have solar water heaters. The measure also directs the state Public Utilities Commission to establish standards for the systems and restricts tax credits for the solar heating units. The latter will create a onetime process to lease public lands for recreation residence use at Waimea Canyon and Koke‘e state parks. After giving existing leaseholders a chance to renew their leases, the legislation would open up a public auction process first to bidders who reside on Kaua‘i, then to state residents and finally to nonresidents. “We were pleased to hear that the governor will let this bill become law,” said Dan Hempey, an attorney for some of the leaseholders. “This legislation will go a long way toward protecting the historic character of Koke‘e while also allowing new folks to obtain leases at a public auction. It strikes a fair balance.”

Baptiste began his political career in the mid-1990s when he worked as an appointee of Mayor Maryanne Kusaka. In 1996, Baptiste was elected to the Kaua‘i County Council for the first of three consecutive two-year terms.

The governor is required by statute to give the Legislature 10 days notice of any bill she is considering vetoing, prior to the deadline when she must take final action on the bills passed in the 2008 legislative session. This year the deadline to veto bills is July 8.

“Mayor Baptiste was a compassionate leader who loved Kaua‘i and gave his all in service to our community,” County Councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura said. “It is fitting that we take the time to grieve, to rally around his family and to remember and honor Mayor Baptiste. Many of us have personal memories of the mayor that we will hold close in our hearts always.”

For a complete list of bills that have become law this legislative session or to read the governor’s statements of objections on bills already vetoed, visit the governor’s Web site at:

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