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Karim Benzema has been chosen by the player Real Madrid to appear at a press conference during the pre-Classic against Barca. Benzema has made it clear that the club is "not favored" and that between Messi and Cristiano, "for us Cristiano is the best in the world". Great Classic: "It's the best game in the world because they are two very beautiful, as the party. The fans are hot these games, is a great show. " Why Madrid plays better at the Camp Nou in the Bernabeu. "They are two different games. At home we try to play well but Barcelona do not know why but it is true that we lose a few games. "Strategy to follow considering that is over two legs and low: "We want to win, score goals. We're home and we know that there are two parties, but the first is tomorrow and the best for us is to win. "

Messi and Ronaldo: Who got the golden globe Messi will be decisive in the Classic as Internet users who have voted in the poll on our website. 57% of the nearly 70,000 fans who voted in the poll believe Barcelona striker will be more important in the first leg of the Copa Cristiano Ronaldo (43%). The two arrive at the appointment copera at the Bernabeu with a bag of goals in tow. Only in so far in January, the Portuguese star has 10 goals and Argentina 9. Figures exceeding numbers both in January 2012 (7 Messi, Cristiano 6). This impressive record has helped both dual display Sunday. Cristiano scored a hat-trick in the morning and 10 at Getafe Barca replied with a poker to Osasuna. This a crucial moment for both players.

Mou Leaves the whites Tony Damascelli, journalist and columnist for Il Giornale Telelombardia, Radio Radio and Radio Sportiva, and lecturer in recent Globe Sports in Dubai alongside Platini, with whom he has a friendly staff, said in Calcissimo, Italian website, which took Mourinho in talks with Dubai in which Jose Mourinho, Madrid coach unveiled will not continue in the white club next season Giornale said: "I spoke with Mourinho personally and alone in the last days of the year in Dubai, and said it is a political issue. I can not go in Madrid. I asked him in what sense political. In a second question with political talk that would relate to the environment and some of the fans, to a part of the club, one of the costumes. Then I asked him if he liked Paris and he literally said: Maybe. Tony Damascelli, columnist for Il Giornale, a former worker and friend of Platini UEFA says that the Portuguese coach of Real Madrid said in Dubai that will not continue in the club. This makes Madrid worry due to the fact that they need a good new manager. Most Managers never reach the quality Mourihno could give to the club. They have to scout other teams for potential managers. They also want to keep some low controversy.

Barca vs Madrid The Classic Live Madrid left Barcelona and went with the sense of lost opportunity, many were the times he had to kill off the ticket to the final, which weigh opportunities and remember flicking tongue thousand times. Cesc's goal is the value of a silver bullet, but of Varane serves to rebuild the self-esteem of a team that will enjoy the infinite spaces of the Camp Nou. If anything was proven factor is that no country, no possibility that this match is not wonderful, wonderful and exciting. We could say that the party repeated the excitement of many classics, but would not be entirely true. Also discovered a star: Raphael Varane. After sweeping the streets of the city, the exquisite French center began 19 years superhero costume and tied a game that was held by the club. In full anguish with rival Real Madrid and chaining opportunities,,Varane appeared on the opposite edge of the area to head a cross from Ozil, but not so accidental or robbed, but with a perfect combination of technique and strength, and minced powerful, unstoppable final. Did not need to because he had already won the sky. However, declined to go further, to


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