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By: Carolin Ovalle

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Artistic Year 2013… 3 Short Story Contest… 4 Poetry Contest… 5 Origami Contest… 6 CDA Idol Contest… 7 Photography Contest… 8 Journalism Contest… 9 Assemblies… 10

Artistic Year 2013 

The artistic year is the time in which you can express yourself and show your abilities in different areas as art, music and culture, among others.

Short Story Contest In this contest all students had to participate creating a short story. The best stories were chosen by the language teacher and were examined by the jury. Congratulations to the winners!!! 

Poetry Contest In this contest all students had to participate declamating a poem of their choice. The best ones were presented at recess time to the jury and the rest of the students. Congratulations to the winners!!! 

Origami Contest 

In this contest just the people that wanted to show their ability folding, cutting and creating new things wirh paper participated. There were many participants and soon we will know who is the winner.

CDA Idol Contest In this contest just the people who wanted to show their ability to sing participated. There were about 60 participants and auditions began since last week. Soon we will know the winner of the contest. Good luck!!! 

Photography Contest It was a contest in which any student can participate.; the only things needed were a great ability to take pictures and a camera to take them . Congratulations to the participants!!! 

Journalism Contest 

In this contest a group of three persons had to investigate and record a video talking about their investigation. It is in its last step so wait for the winners!!!

Assemblies 

There had been many assemblies including the assembly at the beginning of the year, one about guatemalan culture and the one of the fourth of july. There are more to come so wait for them!!!

CDA Magazine  
CDA Magazine  

It is a magazine that talks about the artistic year 2013 in the school Decroly Americano.