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Role of Medical staff during emergencies Medical staff is the one who can save the lives of many if they handle emergencies with responsibility other than just routine fixed hour job. Medical staff should be well behaved and act as an emotional support to the patient and the relatives. The emergency staff has to be professionally trained for any injuries and traumas during these critical hours of patient’s life. Any Small mistake can lead to serious troubles for the patient. Both the public and private health services have to be prepared for any time emergencies. With the advancement in technology, many new types of equipment for the medical purposes are now being used in the hospitals. Nurses and other staff who is responsible for its use must have thorough knowledge of these hi-tech devices. Nurses comes first to be called during any major accidents and illness. Nurses of A and E department has to work day or night, several complaints of patients has to be attended. Nurses must take any decision independently and best should be done in healing the patient with all the correct knowledge of the healing process. The CEN certified emergency care nurses must have enough experience to deal with any kind of emergency tasks in the hospitals. It becomes the duty of the Skillful nurses to support the relatives and maintain a stress free environment if some serious emergency has come to the hospital and relatives are complaining, groaning and using abusive language in the waiting room.

Overcrowding in emergency room and other treatment areas has to be stopped and the administration of the hospital is responsible for all these mess around the different treatment departments of the hospital. All the relatives and other concerned person of patient must be out of the treatment rooms as this can disturb the whole treatment procedure of the doctors and nurses. Efforts should be made to maintain normal conditions without any panic situation both on medical staff and the patient’s concerned people’s end. Measures should be taken for life threatening conditions during whole hospital stay of patients and all the possible health services must be provided to the ailing patients not just to perform duty but thinking that you are helping other human being. In case of any emergency a Doctor like cliff merchant md will be the best option if you are anywhere near his clinic. Ciff-Merchant has the expertise to deal with any kind of emergency for more details visit :

Role of Medical staff during emergencies  

Dr. Clifford Merchant specializes in internal medicine and emergency medicine in Anchorage, Alaska. Details of Dr. Merchant's 38 years exper...

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