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Why be subtle...

about your success? At BMW, success is part of the job. For you, success is the goal. What happens when BMW exceeds our goals to meet yours?

2009 BMW 5 Series

We make it because you deserve it.

We see design as more than just curves and lines. We see it as a means to create emotion. The tell-tale curve of the Hofmeister kink. The classic kidney grille. The very sleek aerodynamic design. It’s what makes BMWs every bit as joyful to look at as they are to drive.


Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a BMW a BMW. Every detail of a BMW is designed with a single goal in mind: to enhance the joy of driving. BMW engineers know that anything that doesn’t provide more exhilaration, more comfort, or enhance driving safety simply doesn’t belong in a BMW. They know because when they’re not building BMWs, they’re driving them.

2009 BMW X-5

Luxury now comes in family size.

Thinking outside of the norm is a large portion of the design mentality for the conceptual team at BMW. Drivers say that they want the most luxurious things in their car and BMW certainly delivers in that aspect. Passengers want the room to stretch out and relax. When the designers at BMW mixed these two concepts, they came up with The X-5.


Family trip coming up to parts unknown? No worries as the X-5 can seat up to 7 passengers. Is your family as adventurous as the terrain you would like to tackle? The X-5 is made for versatility whether it be rough terrain, rainstorms, or just the daily commute on the highway, you will be fulfilled knowing that your ready for anything. BMW prides itself on giving it’s drivers the best experience regardless of the terrain.

GINA (Concept Vehicle)

Thinking ahead leads to being ahead.

BMW Group Design has set another deepened objective for designing new cars that moves today’s consumers and their demand for enhanced utility and more versatility to the top of their agenda. An innovative concept introduced by BMW Group Design prepares the ground for this new approach: the GINA (Geometry and Functions In ‘’N’’ Adaptions) principle grants more freedom for design. It allows the creation of products with a design and functional range that express individuality and meet the wide variety of requirements of those who are using them.


Successful design arouses desire. In order to achieve this, it is more crucial than ever before that car manufacturers create the conditions that allow customers to establish a close relationship with their cars. Therefore, BMW designers seek ways to promote and intensify people’s identification with their car that reach beyond pure aesthetics.

The key to success.

Visit your local BMW Dealership. Or call 1-800-334-4BMW Or visit


There aren’t many experiences in life like driving a BMW. The mixture of pure luxury with top performance is something many can only dream of. If you want to experience that feeling stop by your local BMW Dealership and go for a test drive. Dealerships are located throughout the world that have experienced sale people to help you with your distinct needs. The people at BMW know that every single driver is different and they feel proud knowing that they have a car for every kind of driver.

More about BMW 1-800-334-4BMW


©2009 BMW of North America, LLC.

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