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The pulse of Instructional Materials in Texas • 3Q 2014

All Aboard the IMA EXPRESS! “All Aboard the IMA Express” is the theme for I.M. Texas 2014, IMCAT’s 23rd Annual Conference. And the locomotive in the logo is no coincidence, because this event is a great place to get your “train”-ing. I.M. Texas 2014 brings together all facets of the state’s instructional materials community Dec. 7-10 at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. And don’t worry, we’ve already put in our order for balmy weather. They owe us one after last year’s “Ice-CAT” Conference. Online registration – with check, p.o. or credit card – is already available on the IMCAT website, www.imcat. org. Register by Nov. 10 to get a discounted rate. Registration fees are approved for IMA reimbursements. Full registration ($325/person) includes breakfasts Dec. 8-10, luncheons Dec. 8 and Dec. 9, and admission to the Welcome Reception, sponsored by Follett, which includes heavy hors d’oeuvres and beverages on the evening of Dec. 8. The 23rd Annual Conference of the Instructional Materials Coordinators’ Association of Texas has plenty of “tracks” for instructional materials coordinators, curriculum specialists, school technology staff, business office CONTINUED PAGE 12  CONFERENCE


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Proc 2016 Delayed A Year After IMCAT presented concerns from school districts and open enrollment charter schools about the affordability of expensive, back-to-back annual purchases of instructional materials, the State Board of Education voted to push its scheduled adoption of Proclamation 2016 instructional materials back one year. The estimated projected cost of materials called for in Proclamation 2016 is $78 million, giving Texas schools roughly an extra $16 per child during the 2015-2016 biennium to pay for Proclamation 2015: high school math; social studies, grades K-12; and fine arts, grades K-12. “It’s an action we need to take for the good of our schools,” said State Board of Education member Marty Rowley of Amarillo. The July 18 action followed comments earlier that week by IMCAT Pres. Susan Lenox who gave SBOE members insight into the cost pressures that school districts are facing. She pointed out that publishers were “bundling” their offerings of SBOE-adopted materials to entice districts, CONTINUED PAGE 13  PROC 2016

Letter from IMCAT President Susan Lenox Wow! What a summer everyone had! Whether your district has a dock or the trunk of your car, instructional materials have flooded in from distribution centers across the nation to student desks. I have been excited to see the new materials and hope the students of Texas benefit from the knowledge embedded there! Your IMCAT board worked diligently this spring to have our voices heard. In April, IMCAT and The Texas Education Publishers Association (TEPA) met with Monica Martinez, T.E.A.’s Association Commissioner for Standards and Programs, and Kelly Callaway, Managing Director for Instructional Materials and Educational Technology. We discussed the need for additional funds to purchase proclamations, more line items in EMAT instead of large bid packages, and shipping issues as publishers move their distribution centers out-of-state. Ms. Martinez reminded us to take our concerns to the State Board of Education (SBOE) and to our state representatives and senators so changes could be made within the correct level of government. So, the IMCAT board called a special session in July and headed to Austin to sit in on the State Board of Education meetings. I was privileged to represent IMCAT and answer questions the board asked.

Partially because of issues we raised, the State Board of Education postponed Proclamation 2016 so districts can catch up and “breathe” between adoptions. With that vote, the IMCAT board felt we had been heard. What is next, you ask? Thomas Ratliff, vice chair of the State Board of Education, suggested that even though the state board is hearing districts concerns, we must make sure our state lawmakers hear, too. They need to hear our stories, our issues, and our concerns. Who do you contact? State Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock is the House Public Education Committee Chair, Rep. John Otto, is Chair of the House Appropriation Committee Education Subcommittee, and Sen. Jane Nelson is the Senate Finance Committee Chair. Bring to your representative’s attention specific goals your district would like to see implemented. For example, increasing the amount districts receive from the school fund, splitting out the technology allotment as an additional account code, or instituting a state limit on costs per student or teacher editions. These are examples of ideas your representative needs to hear. Remember the legislature passed Senate Bill 6 in 2011. What bill do you want them to pass in 2015? On another note, IMCAT was happy to sponsor a publisher training back in May. We had about 45 CONTINUED PAGE 6  LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT

IMCAT IMpulse Official Newsletter of the Instructional Materials Coordinators’ Association of Texas

Volume 19

Fall 2014

IMCAT Officers

Executive Committee

President Susan Lenox, Plano ISD

Betty Adamson, Victoria ISD

Donna McGuire, New Diana ISD

Tony Black, Whitehouse ISD

Rosa Ojeda, Waller ISD

President-Elect Kellie Skarda, Goose Creek CISD

Cherie Crews, Keller ISD

Kathryn Rey, Lewisville ISD

Doricell Davis, Dimmitt ISD

Wayne Schaper, Spring Branch ISD

Treasurer KK Korelich, Judson ISD

Misty Fisher, Mansfield ISD

Brian Squyres, Northside ISD

Erica Gruber, Humble ISD

Matt Tyner, Dallas ISD

Secretary Dana Wiest, Ector County ISD

Steve Hanson, Galena Park ISD

Abel Villarreal, Corpus Christi ISD

Immediate Past President Jill Cook, Clear Creek ISD

Cindy Housler, Schertz-Cibolo Universal City ISD

Executive Director Cliff Avery, GCP Assoc. Services

© 2014, Instructional Materials Coordinators’ Association of Texas. Reproduction for noncommercial purposes is authorized and encouraged.



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IMpulse | 3Q 2014


McGraw-Hill Education Delivers Instructional Solutions Built For Texas We are excited to announce our product offerings submitted for Texas Proclamation 2015. Each instructional solution provides: • • • •

East Africa

Chapter 20

Central Africa

Chapter 21

West Africa

Chapter 22

Southern Africa

Unit 9 Asia Chapter 23

East Asia

Chapter 24

Southeast Asia

Chapter 25

South Asia

Unit 10 Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, and Antarctica Chapter 26

Australia and New Zealand

Chapter 27


Chapter 28


CONTENTS Chapter 1

Understanding Social Studies

Chapter 2

Natural Texas

Chapter 3

Regions of Texas

Chapter 4

The Early People of Texas

Chapter 5

Early Explorers of Texas

Chapter 6

Spanish Colonial Texas

Chapter 7

Mexico Becomes Independent

Chapter 8

The Mexican National Era

Chapter 9

The Road to Revolution

WORLD Chapter 15

The Lone Star State

Chapter 16

The Civil War

Chapter 17



Chapter 19

Conflict on the Frontier Cattle and Cotton

Chapter 20 Challenges and Progress Chapter 21

Oil and a New Century

Chapter 22 World War I and the 1920s Chapter 23 The Great Depression

Chapter 10

Steps Toward Independence

Chapter 24 World War II

Chapter 11

The Alamo and Goliad

Chapter 25 Texas After World War II

Chapter 12

Texas Wins Independence

Chapter 26 Modern Texas


Chapter 1

Exploring Social Studies

Chapter 11

Chapter 2

The First Americans

Chapter 12 Growth and Expansion

The Jefferson Era

Chapter 3

Exploring the Americas

Chapter 13 The Jackson Era

Chapter 4

Colonial America

Chapter 14 Manifest Destiny

Chapter 5

Life in the American Colonies

Chapter 15 North and South


Chapter 6

The Spirit of Independence

Chapter 16 The Spirit of Reform

Chapter 7

The American Revolution

Chapter 17 Toward Civil War

Chapter 8

A More Perfect Union

Chapter 18 The Civil War

Chapter 9

The Constitution

Chapter 19 The Reconstruction Era

Chapter 10 The Federalist Era A Social Studies Learning System

A Social Studies Learning System

Chapter 13

The Republic of Texas

Chapter 27 The Arts and Culture of Texas

Chapter 14

Life in the New Republic

Chapter 28 Texas Government

Meets you anywhere, Takes you everywhere

Meets you anywhere, Takes you everywhere








Unit 6 Africa South of the Sahara

Chapter 1

How Geographers Look at the World

Chapter 2

The Physical World

Chapter 3

Climates of the Earth

Chapter 4

The Human World

Chapter 20

The Transition Zone

Chapter 21

East Africa


Chapter 23

Chapter 5

The United States

Chapter 6


Central America and the Caribbean South America


Pakistan and Bangladesh

Chapter 27

Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal & Sri Lanka

Unit 8 East Asia Chapter 28

Unit 4 Europe Chapter 10

Northern Europe

Chapter 11

Northwestern Europe

Chapter 12

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

TO 1877


Chapter 8 Chapter 9

Southern Africa

Unit 7 South Asia

Unit 3 Latin America Chapter 7

West Africa

Equatorial Africa

HISTORY Chapter 24

Unit 2 The United States and Canada

China and Mongolia

Chapter 29


Chapter 30

North Korea and South Korea

Unit 9 Southeast Asia and A Social Studies Learning System the Pacific World

Southern Europe

Chapter 13

Eastern Europe

Chapter 31

Southeast Asia

Chapter 14

The Russian Core

Chapter 32

Australia and New Zealand

Chapter 33


Unit 5 North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia Chapter 15

Texas Social Studies WORLD GEOGRAPHY A Social Studies Learning System

Special Feature Antarctica

North Africa

Chapter 16

The Eastern Mediterranean

Chapter 17

The Northeast

Chapter 18

The Arabian Peninsula

Chapter 19

Central Asia

Meets you anywhere, Takes you everywhere



Anderson Wooster


CONTENTS Unit 1 The World


Southwest Asia North Africa

Unit 8 Africa South of the Sahara Chapter 19


Chapter 17 Chapter 18


Unit 7 Southwest Asia and North Africa



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McPherson Ritchie


Chapter 23 Industrialization and Nationalism

Chapter 24 Mass Society and Democracy

Chapter 25 The Reach of Imperialism

Chapter 26 Challenge and Transition in East Asia

Chapter 27 World War I and the Russian Revolution

Chapter 28 The West Between the Wars

Chapter 29 Nationalism Around the World

Chapter 30 World War II and the Holocaust

Chapter 31 The Cold War

Chapter 32 Independence and Nationalism in the Developing World

CONTENTS Chapter 1


Chapter 13 The Cold War Begins

Creating a Nation

Chapter 2

Settling the West

Chapter 14

Chapter 3


Chapter 15 The New Frontier and the Great Society

Chapter 4

Urban America

Postwar America

Chapter 5

Becoming a World Power


Chapter 16 The Civil Rights Movement Chapter 17 Chapter 6

The Progressive Movement

Chapter 7

World War I and Its Aftermath

Chapter 8

The Jazz Age

Chapter 9

The Great Depression Begins

The Vietnam War

Chapter 18 The Politics of Protest

Chapter 19 Politics and Economics

Chapter 20 The Resurgence of Conservatism Chapter 21 A Time of Change Chapter 10 Roosevelt and the New Deal Chapter 11

Chapter 22 America’s Challenges for a New Century A Social Studies Learning System

A World in Flames

Chapter 12 America and World War II

Chapter 33 Life During the Cold War

Meets you anywhere, Takes you everywhere

Chapter 34 A New Era Begins

Chapter 35 Contemporary Global Issues


CONTENTS Unit 1 Foundations of American Government


Unit 4 The Judicial Branch

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Foundations of Government Origins of American Government

Chapter 13 Chapter 14

Federal and State Court Systems The Supreme Court of the United States

Chapter 3 Chapter 4

The Constitution Federalism

Chapter 15 Chapter 16

Constitutional Freedoms Constitutional Right to a Fair Trial


Unit 2 The Legislative Branch

Unit 5 Participating in Government

Chapter 5 Chapter 6

The Structure of Congress Congressional Powers

Chapter 17 Chapter 18

Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Congress at Work State and Local Legislative Branches

Chapter 19 Public Opinion and Interest Groups Chapter 20 Mass Media in the Digital Age

Political Parties Voting and Elections

SINCE 1877

Unit 3 The Executive Branch

Unit 6 Government in Action

Chapter 9 Chapter 10

The Presidency Choosing the President

Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Structure and Functions of the Executive Branch State and Local Executive Branches

Chapter 21 Financing Government Chapter 22 Making Social and Domestic Policy Chapter 23 Making Foreign and Defense Policy A Social LearningSystems System Chapter 24 Comparing Political andStudies Economic

Meets you anywhere, Takes you everywhere



Unit 1 Thinking Like an Economist

Unit 5 Economic Performance

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 12 Chapter 13

What is Economics? Economic Systems and Decision Making The American Free Enterprise System

Unit 2 Understanding Markets Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Demand Supply Prices Market Structures

Unit 3 Business and Labor Chapter 8 Chapter 9

Business Organization Labor and Wages

Evaluating the Economy Economic Instability

Unit 6 Government and the Economy Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16

Taxes and Government Spending Fiscal Policy Monetary Policy

Unit 7 The Global Economy Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19

Resources for Global Trade Global Economic Development Personal Financial Literacy


Chapter 21 The Enlightenment and Revolutions

Chapter 22 The French Revolution and Napoleon


Chapter 20 The East Asian World


Chapter 19 The Muslim Empires



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ECONOMICS A Social Studies Learning System

A Social Studies Learning System

Unit 4 Money, Banking, and Finance Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Money and Banking Financial Markets

Meets you anywhere, Takes you everywhere

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A Social Studies Learning System

Texas High School Math

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IMCAT Launches Survey on Local Funds Usage Despite a constitutional provision that envisions the state paying for instructional materials for all students, many Texas parents are having to come up with the money in the form of local taxes. To get a feel for the magnitude of the problem, IMCAT has launched a survey for Texas school districts and open enrollment charter schools. Let us know how much of your local money you had to spend by clicking on the survey at www.imcat.org. The Texas Constitution, Article VII, Section 3, requires the State Board of Education to set aside sufficient money to provide free textbooks for all children attending public schools in the state. Later interpretations, notably a 1975 attorney general’s opinion, have blunted the thrust of the constitutional provision. According to that interpretation: yes, the SBOE has to come up with the money, but the Legislature doesn’t have to spend it that way. This is regularly lamented at SBOE meetings, where SBOE members of all political stripes say they raise the money for free instructional materials, but the Legislature (as a result of SB6 in 2011) only spends half of it.

In a discussion among IMCAT board members, several had to dip into local funds to pay for instructional materials this year. Misty Fisher, coordinator at Mansfield ISD southwest of Fort Worth, reported, “we have used around $600,000 of our local funds. We are not using anymore of our IMA. We only used what we had that carried over from last year.” Fisher said that her district is preparing for the large — and expensive — influx of materials from the Proclamation 2015 adoption. “We are not dipping into the funds that we will get in September so that we will have money available as soon as EMAT opens up to order Social Studies and Math,” she said. Other districts reporting use of local funds were Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD ($600,000), Goose Creek CISD ($121,000) and Judson ISD ($80,000). “This clearly isn’t what the framers of the Texas Constitution had in mind when they drafted Article VII, Section 3,” said Executive Director Cliff Avery. “We hope that other districts will share their stories so we can demonstrate to our lawmakers about how the constitution is being ignored.”




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buyboard.com 800.695.2919 IMpulse | 3Q 2014


Nominations open for IMCAT Board of Directors, officers

THANK YOU!! IMCAT Thanks the Generous Sponsors of I.M. Texas 2013

IMCAT will elect a president-elect, secretary, members of the IMCAT Board of Directors and an alternate during its Annual Meeting at noon Tuesday Dec. 9 at the 23rd Annual Conference at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. Candidates must have the support of their districts to attend, at district or personal expense, at least three quarterly meetings each year at various locations in the state and the Annual Conference during their term of office. Officers serve one-year terms, except for the secretary and treasurer, who serve two-years. Board members serve three-year terms. “We hope to attract experienced coordinators with the drive to continue building on IMCAT’s success as the premier source for knowledge on Texas instructional materials,” said Pres. Susan Lenox. Candidates for officer — president-elect and secretary — must be serving on the Board and have served on the Board for one year. Candidates must be the coordinator or designee for a district or open-enrollment charter school. Two employees of the same district or charter school may not serve on the Board at the same time. Nominations Committee Chair is Jill Cook, immediate past president. For consideration as a candidate in the Nominations Committee report, a member should contact the IMCAT office at 512-251-8101 or by email: textbook@texas.net. Nomination for the positions closes at the conclusion of regional meetings Monday morning, Dec. 8.

Grand Champion Follett

Blue Ribbon Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Pearson Curriculum Texas Educational Publishers Assn.

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White Ribbon Agile Mind Bookshare/Benetech Central Freight Lines Studies Weekly

Letter from the President publishers together seeing what the EMAT screens looked like, how their packages were represented in EMAT, and how they can support the districts in the ordering process. It was a huge success! If you would like to see the presentation, you may view it through the IMCAT website. Please let me take this moment to thank the publishers that supply our students with their learning materials. This task takes a true partnership between the districts and their vendors, and I appreciate the dedication publishers give to our needs. As a reminder, any distribution issues you are facing should be communicated to publishers. If you have materials delivered in not-so-pristine condition, publishers want to know. Take pictures of damaged shipments and share those pictures with your publisher. With 6

from Page 2

any new adoption you might find a book cover upside down or the wrong volume in a package. Make your publisher aware as quickly as possible so they may take care of your needs. Last but not least, I would like to thank the IMCAT board for the hard work and dedication they give to all of you. Trips to Austin, working on their respective committees, and overseeing the summer institute have kept each one busy. Misty Fisher, the training committee chair, and her committee organized a fantastic summer of training, Kellie Skarda, PresidentElect, and her committee are preparing I.M. 2014, our Annual Conference. Thanks to everyone involved! It has been a fun, fast, and furious spring! I hope you are prepared for the new school year! May it be a wonderful start of school!


hmhco.com • 800.225.5425

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High School Math

Unit 6

Properties of Circles

Module 14 Angles and Segments in Circles Module 15 Arc Length and Sector Area

Unit 7

Module 16 Volume Formulas Module 17 Visualizing Solids Module 18 Modeling and Problem Solving

Unit 8


Module 19 Introduction to Probability Module 20 Conditional Probability and Independence of Events

Unit 5

Module 1 Module 2

Quantitative Reasoning Algebraic Models

Module 11 Rational Exponents and Radicals Module 12 Geometric Sequences and Exponential Functions Module 13 Exponential Equations and Models

Unit 2

Understanding Functions

Module 3 Module 4

Functions and Models Patterns and Sequences

Unit 3

Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities

Module 5 Module 6 Module 7 Module 8

Linear Functions Forms of Linear Equations Linear Equations and Inequalities Linear Modeling and Regression

Unit 4

Linear Systems

Module 9 Solving Systems of Linear Equations Module 10 Modeling with Linear Systems

Unit 6

Exponential Relationships

Polynomial Operations

Module 14 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Module 15 Multiplying and Dividing Polynomials

Unit 7

Quadratic Functions

Module 16 Graphing Quadratic Functions Module 17 Connecting Intercepts, Zeros, and Factors

Unit 8

Quadratic Equations and Modeling

Module 18 Using Factors to Solve Quadratic Equations Module 19 Using Square Roots to Solve Quadratic Equations Module 20 Linear, Exponential, and Quadratic Models



Unit 4


Module 1 Module 2

Analyzing Functions Absolute Value Functions, Equations, and Inequalities

Unit 2

Quadratic Functions, Equations, and Relations

Module 3 Module 4 Module 5

Quadratic Functions Quadratic Equations Quadratic Relations and Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Unit 3

Polynomial Functions, Expressions, and Equations

Module 6 Module 7 Module 8

Polynomial Functions Polynomials Polynomial Equations

Rational Functions, Expressions, and Equations

Module 9 Rational Functions Module 10 Radical Expressions and Equations

Unit 5

Radical Functions, Expressions, and Equations

Module 11 Radical Functions Module 12 Radical Expressions and Equations

Unit 6

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Equations

Module 13 Exponential Functions Module 14 Modeling with Exponential and Other Functions Module 15 Logarithmic Functions Module 16 Logarithmic Properties and Exponential and Logarithmic Equations



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BURGER Made in the United States Text printed on 100% recycled paper



Volume 2

Unit 1


BURGER Made in the United States Text printed on 100% recycled paper

Volume 1

Volume 1


Algebra 2

Volume 1

Measurement and Modeling in Two and Three Dimensions

Quantities and Modeling

Algebra 2


Module 13 Trigonometry with Right Triangles

Volume 2

Unit 1


Unit 5

Volume 1

Volume 1

Volume 1

d Distance

Module 11 Similarity and Transformations Module 12 Using Similar Triangles

Volume 1



Algebra 1


Unit 4

Texas Texas

Algebra 21 Algebra



Volume 2



Texas Texas

Algebra 1 Geometry






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Watch for more information about these exciting new HMH® programs—coming soon! HISTORY® and related logos are the property of A&E Television Networks (AETN). GO Math™, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt™, and HMH® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved. 04/14 MS104135


IMpulse | 3Q 2014


How to apply for the Russell Owen Memorial Scholarship for the 2014 IMCAT conference There’s still plenty of time to apply for a Russell Owen Memorial Scholarship to allow you or one of your staff to attend I.M. Texas 2014. The IMCAT Russell Owen Memorial Scholarship honors instructional material coordinators who plan to pursue professional development, and commemorates the achievements of an individual whose passion was public education and the students he served. Russell Owen, a founder of IMCAT, served more than 30 years as an administrator for the Dallas Independent School District. His dedication to his students and his loyalty to IMCAT serve as an example to his colleagues today and to those who will follow in his footsteps. One recipient from the Texas instructional materials community will be eligible for a scholarship award to IMCAT’s 23rd Annual Conference, Dec. 7-10, Omni Fort Worth, conference meals, threenights hotel accommodations and up to $100

reimbursement for approved travel expenses. To be considered for the IMCAT Russell Owen Memorial Scholarship, an applicant must: • Be the instructional materials coordinator or directly involved in acquisition of instructional materials. • Declare intent to attend the entire IMCAT conference in December. • Have never attended an IMCAT conference before and wishes to continue professional development. • Provide a letter from superintendent or director why applicant is being nominated to attend conference. The following should be submitted in one envelope: • A copy of the application form and a letter of support from superintendent or director. • A copy of the application form is available on page 9 of this newsletter or on the IMCAT website, www.imcat.org. The packet should be postmarked on or before Oct. 17, 2014 and be sent to:


is committed to providing TEXAS School Districts with:

H Innovative instructional resources to make personalized learning a reality H Research-based professional development to help ensure teacher efficacy

Your application will be reviewed and voted on by an IMCAT committee. If you have additional questions, contact John Bridges, IMCAT Past President, via email at john. bridges@fortbend.k12.tx.us or call 281-634-2946.

H Consultative services to assist districts in strategically planning for the transition to a digital learning environment H K-12 Math and Science solutions to meet the diverse needs of each district

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Your partner in educational success:

Pearson Scott Foresman Pearson Prentice Hall

Contact Tracy Wagner at tbwagner@texas.net or 512-251-8101

PearsonSchool.com 800-527-2701

8 quarter.indd 1

Russell Owen Memorial Scholarship Committee Instructional Materials Coordinators’ Association of Texas Attention: Cliff Avery PO Box 676 Pflugerville, TX 78691-0676

4/9/13 1:35 PM




RUSSELL OWEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Name of Applicant: ______________________________ Date: _______________ School District: _________________________ Position: ____________________ Address: _____________________________ Email : ______________________ Office Phone #: _______________ Fax #: ______________ Cell #: ____________ Department: _______________________________ #of yrs./ months: __________ Superintendent: _______________________ Phone: _______________________ Name Email: _______________________ Director: ____________________________ Phone: _______________________ Name Email: _______________________ Why does applicant deserve scholarship to Instructional Material Coordinators’ Association of Texas Annual Conference? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Does applicant have the support/approval of Director or Superintendent to attend? Yes or No Does applicant plan on attending the entire conference (3 days)? Yes or No If no please explain: _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Has the applicant ever attended an IMCAT conference before? Yes or No Instructional   aterials   Coordinators’   Association   IMpulse |M3Q 2014 of  Texas   (IMCAT)    

Page 2   9

IM Texas 2014

Instructional Materials Coordinators’ Association of Texas 23rd Annual Conference Dec. 7-10, 2014 ● Omni Fort Worth Hotel Make hotel reservations direct with hotel by calling 1-800-THE-OMNI by Nov. 12 ● Ask for IMCAT rate Copy form as needed ● One form per participant, please Name: ______________________________________________________________________________ Name for conference badge: _____________________________________________________________ Your title: _____________________________________________ ESC Region #: __________________ School District/Organization: ____________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: __________ Zip: _______________________ Work Phone: __________________________________ Fax: __________________________________ Email address (required for processing): ___________________________________________________ Postmarked by 11/10/14



After 11/10/14

(includes all scheduled activities, meals and 2015 membership dues)

OR SINGLE-DAY REGISTRATION (CHECK ONE OR BOTH)  Monday 12/8 (includes activities, luncheon & 2015 dues) $195  Tuesday 12/9 (includes activities, luncheon & 2015 dues) $195




$195 $195

$__________ $__________

FREE with Conference Registration

(Special instruction for beginners, Sunday 12/7, 2:30-5:30 pm; Limited seating; Pre-registration required; FREE with Conference Registration)



A $50 FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM REFUNDS; NO REFUNDS AFTER NOV. 18 I have been involved with Texas instructional materials:

What concerns would you like to see addressed at the conference? _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________



 I have special dietary needs. Specify: _______________________________________________________________  I would like to participate in IMCAT as a committee member or director.

Make district/personal check payable to: IMCAT State Charter No: 01291643 Federal Tax ID No: 76-0461362

REGISTER ONLINE (Credit Card, P.O., Check OK): www.imcat.org Or mail this form with check or PO to IMCAT, c/o GCP Association Services, PO Box 676, Pflugerville, TX 78691 Fax to 512-251-8152. Payment must be received by Nov. 28, 2014.



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from Page 1

personnel and publishers — traditional and electronic. To help guide you to the information you need, we’ve color-coded the breakout sessions for each interest area — Administrator, A block of rooms is available Curriculum, Technology, Purchasing/Finance and Warehousing. at the Omni Fort Worth at the Check out the schedule in this newsletter. special IMCAT rate of $115/night The designations are a guide only; you’re not being “railroaded.” (single) and includes free wi-fi in Feel free to mix up your sessions when you get to Fort Worth. your room and free self-parking The conference is expected to draw more than 500 participants at the hotel garage one block from across the nation and as many as 50 exhibit booths, including north of the hotel. companies whose products will be included in the mammoth Proclamation 2015. If you’re involved in selecting, ordering, processing or distributing instructional materials to Texas schoolchildren, this is the place to be. Plus, I.M. Texas comes on the eve of the 84th Legislature where IMCAT hopes to inform lawmakers about the needs of school instructional materials. I.M. Texas 2014 will give you a good place to “rail” about the lack of money. A special Preconference Workshop from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 7 offers “IM101” for Figure 19 beginners and for Focused veterans who need a refresher on the basics to “choo-choo” on. The workshop is free to full attendees, but preregistration is required. Triumph Learning is a leading educational content company Space is limited. and publisher of print and digital K-12 resources, standardsAll good railroaders based instructional materials and effective literacy programs, have a “roundhouse” so serving over 400,000 teachers and 6 million students. we’re “rounding up” Triumph Learning is committed to supporting teachers and exhibitors in the Exhibit students with a mix of interactive digital tools and robust Hall where you can “stoke” student texts with products such as Coach, Buckle Down, and your chances to win a Waggle, our new personalized smart practice solution. grand prize. Check in for a sticker at each Exhibitor booth, fill up your card, and you’re eligible in the www.triumphlearning.com • 800-338-6519 drawing.

Conference Hotel

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but bundling had the unintended effect of driving up costs. “Bundles don’t give schools the opportunity to purchase what they actually need,” she told the SBOE’s Committee of the Full Board. Districts may not need all the items in a bundle and “districts have to purchase more material than they actually need.” The alternative is to purchase items “a la carte” through the disbursement process in EMAT, the state’s on-line ordering system. But the disbursement process was not designed for SBOE-adopted materials. As a result, ordering “a la carte” could add shipping costs unless districts are savvy enough to negotiate with publishers. Lenox said that school districts and open-enrollment charter schools are spending more in staff time navigating the intricacies of the system. She pointed out that schools were not seeing the price advantages for purchasing digital instructional materials. Part of that is because school districts and open-enrollment charter schools have to make large investments in equipment to make sure all students have equitable access to digital materials. SBOE Vice Chair Thomas Ratliff of Mount Pleasant noted that many schools are not able to purchase technology because there was not enough appropriated for all instructional materials. He noted that when Senate Bill 6 was passed in 2011, it folded the $30 per student per year technology allotment into the Instructional Material Allotment, equal to about $300 million in a state budget biennium. “There’s a $300 million hole in there if we want

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to get districts back to where they were before SB6,” Ratliff observed. The “hole” was dug deeper because the cost of materials rose. SB 6 also eliminated the established maximum price that could be charged for each instructional material product. Associate Commissioner for Standards and Programs Monica Martinez said that has made accurately predicting the price of new materials difficult. The pricing structure is also much more fluid because materials may be available in printed books, electronic formats, or software licenses. SBOE Member Dr. Martha Dominguez of El Paso told her colleagues that districts in her area observed a 65.5 percent increase in cost of materials in Proclamation 2014. Districts in her area agreed that bundling of materials was “not too flexible.” “The majority of the accessories [in the bundles] have low value in regards to cost and quality,” Dominguez said. To address districts’ concern about funding, the board voted to delay the call for new instructional materials for Languages Other Than English and Special Topics in Social Studies including Ethnic Studies by one year. These materials were originally scheduled to be implemented in 2016. The SBOE now plans to call for these instructional materials in conjunction with Career and Technical Education (CTE) materials in Proclamation 2017. Ratliff said this postponement was purely a financial decision. “We’ve all heard about the razor thin margin districts are on to buy books. We need to look at the pacing of how we do things,” he said.

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IM Texas 2014 Tentative Schedule Please Note: Agenda is subject to change. Check www.imcat.org for the most up-to-date schedule and consult the Conference Program when you reach Fort Worth. Color of circles next to a listing suggest interest area for that session (see circle key at right).

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7 1-5 pm 2-6 pm 2:30-5:30 pm 6-7:30 pm










• Exhibitors Forum

Exhibitor Move-In Registration Omni Hotel 2nd Floor IM101: Overview of instructional materials information. Pre-registration required. Limit 60. Offered Sunday only. New Member Tailgate

MONDAY, DECEMBER 8 7 am-8:30 am 7 am-5 pm 8 am-5 pm 8-9:20 am 9:25-9:40 am 9:45 am


W• Warehousing for Small Districts

A• Wearing Multiple Hats W• Out-of-Adoption Materials

• Boot Camp Part 2 Noon-2 pm 2-2:15 pm

Presidents’ Luncheon VISIT EXHIBITS/Door Prizes

Breakout Session 3 » 2:15-3:15 pm

Breakfast Registration Omni Hotel 2nd Floor EXHIBITS Texas Ballroom General Session: Welcome Regional Meetings Deadline for nominations for the IMCAT Board

Breakout Session 1 » 9:45-10:45 am

A• TASB - Legal P• Finance & Accounting T• Tech - There is No Place Like Chromebooks

• Exhibitors Forum P• Bid/Quote Process W• Audits and Inventories

A• Proc. 2015 Adoption Process P• Proclamation 2015: Will I Have Enough Funds?

• TEA - IMA - Orders and Disbursements • Coping with Small District Troubles

3:15-3:30 pm

T• Tech - Let YouTube Work for You!

• Exhibitors Forum

Afternoon Refreshments VISIT EXHIBITS/Door Prizes

Breakout Session 4 » 3:30-4:30 pm

C• House Bill 5: How the Path Chosen Can Affect IM

• TEA EVI Challenges and Opportunities

C• AP College Board

• Using IMA Funds

C• Curriculum & IMA

T• Managing Hardware (iPads, Laptops, etc.)

W• Warehousing for Large Districts

• Exhibitors Forum

• Boot Camp Part 1 10:45-11 am

C• Dual Credit/Early College High Schools T• eBooks vs. Printed Textbooks (or both)

Visit Exhibits/Door Prizes

W• Writing a Policy and Procedures (IM) Manual

Breakout Session 2 » 11 am-Noon

P• Publishers and Service Center Staff

A• TASB - Legal

5-5:30 pm IMCAT Board Meeting 6:30-9:30 pm Welcome Reception Sponsored by Follett

T• Organizing Your Online Passwords T• Tech - Google Tips and Tricks



TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9 7 am-8:30 am 7 am-5 pm 8 am-5 pm 8:30-9:30 am 9:30-9:45 am

Breakfast Registration Omni Hotel 2nd Floor EXHIBITS Texas Ballroom GENERAL SESSION VISIT EXHIBITS/Door Prizes

Breakout Session 5 » 9:45-10:45 am

3:15-3:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments VISIT EXHIBITS/Door Prizes 3:30-4:30 pm TEPA Q&A Panel 5-5:30 pm IMCAT Board Meeting 6-7 pm Toys for Tots Collection 6:30-9 pm Casino Night Sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


• TEA EVI Challenges and Opportunities • Using IMA Funds T• Managing Hardware (iPads, Laptops, etc.)

• Exhibitors Forum C• Dual Credit/Early College High Schools T• eBooks vs. Printed Textbooks (or both)

• Writing a Policy and Procedures (IM) Manual W

7 am-8:30 am 7 am-Noon 8:30-11:15 am 11:15-11:30 am 11:30 am 12:30-1:30 pm

P• Publishers and Service Center Staff

10:45-11 am

Breakfast Registration Omni Hotel 2nd Floor General Session Grand Prize Drawing/Quilt Raffle Conference Adjourns IMCAT Board Meeting

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Visit Exhibits/Door Prizes

Breakout Session 6 » 11 am-Noon

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• TEA - IMA - Orders and Disbursements • Coping with Small District Troubles

Grand Champion

T• Tech - Let YouTube Work for You!


• Exhibitors Forum C• House Bill 5: How the Path Chosen Can Affect IM

Reserve Grand Champion

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

C• AP College Board C• Curriculum & IMA

Blue Ribbon

• Warehousing for Large Districts W


• Boot Camp Part 1 Noon-2 pm 2-2:15 pm

Red Ribbon McGraw-Hill School Education

Presidents’ Luncheon VISIT EXHIBITS/Door Prizes

Breakout Session 7 » 2:15-3:15 pm

White Ribbon

A• TASB - Legal

Studies Weekly Triumph Learning

P• Finance & Accounting T• Tech - There is No Place Like Chromebooks

• Exhibitors Forum

Green Ribbon

P• Bid/Quote Process


A• Proc. 2015 Adoption Process P• Proclamation 2015: Will I Have Enough Funds?

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IMCAT Sept. Newsletter 2014  

Instructional Materials Coordinators' Association of Texas newsletter with information for all Texas educators.

IMCAT Sept. Newsletter 2014  

Instructional Materials Coordinators' Association of Texas newsletter with information for all Texas educators.