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All About Clean Rooms Cleanroom is an isolated environment where products are manufactured. It is a room in which the concentration of airborne particles or micro-organisms is controlled to specific limits. Contamination control is the biggest task to be taken care of in a clean room. They are ubiquitous and they come from people, process, facilities and equipment. They must be continually removed from air. The level to which these particles need to be removed depends upon the standards required for that particular industry. Strict rules and protocols are followed to prevent contamination of the product. Contamination is taken care of by controlling air flow rates and direction, pressure, temperature, humidity and specialized filtration. Clean rooms are designed and manufactured using strict protocol and methods. They are frequently needed in industry of electronics, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device industries and other critical manufacturing environments. Contamination could cost you an arm and a leg. Product manufactured in that period of time (whole batch) just goes to waste. For the same, different industry has a different quality of cleanliness. There are different grades of clean rooms. A Class 100 cleanroom is designed to never allow more than 100 particles (0.5 microns or larger) per cubic foot of air. Class 1000 and Class 10,000 clean rooms are designed to limit particles to 1000 and 10,000 respectively. By the end of the day, after a clean room is done, the next big thing remains is to maintain a clean room with all the given standards and to get superior products.

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