Clientele Luxury Global | Spring 2022

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Artistic Interior Design Inside Miami property by Brown Davis Architecture & Interiors


tunning, classically based architecture joins up with comfort and exceptional craftsmanship in spaces designed by Brown Davis Architecture & Interiors. Known for artistic architectural and interior design elements, the firm’s work across residential, commercial, and hospitality projects has been recognized among the Architectural Digest Top 100, Luxe Gold List, and Ocean Home Top 50 Interior Designers. Founders Todd Davis and Rob Brown started working together in 1994, sharing a passion for blending classic elements, superior design, and discerning tastes. Early on, this vision resulted in projects for the Clintons and the British Embassy, as well as a series of contemporary and historical renovations. Now based in Miami, Brown Davis continues to expand their horizons, seeking inspiration from and exploring various styles and influences. “Among them are Miami’s quintessential saturated color palette and tropical landscapes that veer away from expectations yet are distinctly American.” They describe this approach as couture interior design, one that simultaneously reflects the client and results in an elegant, unique living space. 16 |

Projects bring together their strengths. Brown, a colorist, develops palettes focused on balance and harmony among a room’s furnishings. Davis, meanwhile, examines the architectural framework, both from structural and aesthetic perspectives. Together, a shared love of art leads both Brown and Davis toward emerging artists, and in turn, projects integrate these pieces for a museum-like effect. As a third factor, comfort can’t be ignored: This manifests through carefully selected textures and patterns, use of light, and bespoke furnishings created in conjunction with leading artisans. When these factors converge, as seen in their Miami Beach Modern project, thoughtful fluidity connects the inside with the outdoors, while precision can be seen from furnishings and details through the building process. The property embodies their approach to both interior design and construction, created from the ground up and involving architecture, furnishings, and the surrounding landscape. A longterm client for which Brown Davis had designed traditional homes in the Annapolis, Maryland, area sought to create a modern residence in Miami Beach.