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Together, we stop cancer destroying young lives Last year, you helped 7,200 young cancer patients and their families deal with the unimaginable, enabling them to get their lives back on track. Thanks to you, we were there for them from the start. When their cancer diagnosis was overwhelming, we showed them how to face their fears, handle the practicalities and cope with unexpected extra costs. It’s only with your support that we’re able to help children like Amelia, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. A dance-loving seven-year-old, Amelia and her parents received the devastating news that she had cancer after she collapsed at school. Amelia was critically ill and needed immediate, life-saving treatment in London – over 80 miles from home. The long and frequent trips there and back turned their family life upside down. Your generosity gave them back a sense of normality. When they were confused and anxious, our CLIC Sargent Social Worker, Jenny, helped Amelia’s parents make sense of it all and cope with the extra costs of cancer, like the travel to and


from hospital and expensive parking. When Amelia returned home, our CLIC Sargent Nurse, Suzie, visited her there to take blood tests and give chemo. Having treatment at home meant Amelia was able to spend more time with her parents and her little brother, Oliver. Amelia’s mum says: “Suzie is brilliant and Amelia trusts her ... and she always asks if I’m OK too – she doesn’t run out the door when everything is done.” Dedicated donors. Vital volunteers. Fearless fundraisers. Cancer destroys young lives and, without you, families struggle to cope. Right from the start, the kindness of supporters like you meant the world to Amelia’s family. And together, we will continue to fight tirelessly for young people against cancer. Thank you all.

Let’s keep in touch As a vital member of Team Young Lives, we know you want to hear about the difference you make. But the law is changing and after May we might not be able to get in touch with you unless you tell us. So to make sure you continue to receive news from us about your amazing impact, please update your contact preferences at – it’ll only take a minute. 3


Without you, we couldn’t stop cancer destroying young lives Donkey therapy We joined forces with the Donkey Sanctuary Belfast to see if a treatment called donkey-assisted therapy could have a positive impact on young adult cancer patients. The pilot scheme saw Annaliese and Leighann take part in a nine-week donkey-facilitated learning programme, to process their experiences and develop life skills.

Just keep slimmin’ When Joaleen’s nephew Jordan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia last September, she decided to complete a 10-week slimathon to raise money for CLIC Sargent. Together with a wonderful group from the Ahoghill area, Joaleen weighed in every week in the run-up to Christmas. The team smashed their original fundraising target, raising over £8,600 at the last count.

Pedal power 10 cyclists from Mid Ulster raised more than £19,000 by completing the famous Irish endurance ride from Mizen to Malin for young lives against cancer. Before they left, they visited Amy’s House, one of our Homes from Home in Belfast. Seeing the difference this made to young people and their families gave them plenty of motivation for an exhilarating cycle.

Inspired by our incredible fundraisers? Join our fight against cancer at 4

A new Facebook group for sharing tips and experiences, dad to dad When his son was diagnosed with cancer, Tim struggled for a long time to get peer support from other dads in similar situations. He felt that men weren’t as comfortable building relationships in this way as women were – leaving them more isolated.

Together with Tim, we set up Mind the Chaps, an online support group exclusively for dads and male carers of children and young people with cancer. This way, dads can share their experiences and tips on practical issues. In the six months since creating the online group, it’s already gained over 115 members and over 55,000 likes. Tim has also organised two Mind the Chaps get-togethers.

“I’m so pleased with how it went and the gents that came were really lovely and appreciated that we decided to do it.” 5

SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS Children and young people are at the heart of everything we do We believe that young cancer patients and their families should have a say in the decisions that affect them. And thanks to your support, young voices can be heard in the debates around their treatment, care and futures. As part of our drive to make change happen, we recently ran a series of campaigning masterclasses for children and young people with cancer, and their families. The classes focused on how to influence decision makers and how to make change happen, giving young people and their families the skills and knowledge to support our UK-wide campaigns.

“I loved it. I feel like I want to start tomorrow.”

If you want to add your own voice, we’ve just launched our first ever campaign toolkit, now available on our website. It’s full of tips on how to start campaigning about the issues you care about. Take a look and make your voice heard! 6

CHILDREN TAKE OVER CLIC SARGENT! In November, our Children’s Advisory Group took over CLIC Sargent for a day. The children worked directly with our leadership team and Trustees, telling them what’s important for children and what needs to change for children diagnosed with cancer. They organised the whole day, which included a quiz about issues close to their hearts – from being away from home to hospital food, treatment and access to technology. They also got together in mixed groups to talk about teamwork, brainstorming the pros and cons and coming up with teamwork rules, such as: Do your part Be selfless Get everyone’s ideas Be kind to each other

Learn from each other Get to know each other Play with each other!

The children, Trustees and leadership team then presented their work at the end of the day, which included a rap, a play and a film.

Our Children’s Advisory Group is for children aged seven to 15 from across the UK who have, or have had cancer. Find out more about how we listen to the views of our children and young people: 7


Sleepovers. Swimming. Friends. School. It’s not just the special occasions that cancer disrupts. Young people should feel happy and excited about the future. To enjoy the moments that make life special. A cancer diagnosis changes all of that. Young cancer patients’ education and relationships suffer, shattering their confidence. Leaving a gift in your Will can help change this, so young cancer patients can just enjoy being young. When four-year-old Imogen was diagnosed with a Wilms’ tumour, we were there for the whole family. We took them through everything they needed to know, so they could focus on getting Imogen better. When Imogen was afraid of radiotherapy, her CLIC Sargent Play Specialist, Laura, used toys to make it less scary. She showed her what would happen during her treatment and helped her understand. She even put Imogen’s cuddly toy dolphin through the machine first. Please leave a gift in your Will to CLIC Sargent. To order your free information booklet please visit: 8

When life as families know it crumbles, we give them back a sense of normality. With your support, we can make everyday moments possible again.

COOKING UP A STORM Families at Paul’s House, our Home from Home in Belfast, were treated to a special cookery demonstration by an award-winning chef. Steven Pollock wanted to cook for families and show them how to make several healthy dishes from just a few ingredients, meaning they could spend more time on the ward with their child.

“I wanted to show parents how many evening meals can be prepared from one main ingredient.”

The families, along with staff from the Oncology Ward at the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast, got to sample all the healthy food. What a treat!

You can find out more about our Homes from Home, including Paul’s House, at 9

CANCER COSTS Bigger food bills. Bigger heating bills. Home modifications. A cancer diagnosis puts a big squeeze on household finances. Young cancer patients and their families often only get financial help once they‘re in debt – things have to get worse before they can qualify for help. We think this is unacceptable.

If you want to hear more about how you can support our work on cancer costs, make sure you tell us how to stay in touch at keepingintouch – it’ll only take a minute.

After talking to our social care professionals, we launched a new grant in December funded by our partnership with Morrisons – the Home Essentials Grant. The aim of this grant is to provide additional financial support for those young people or parents who don’t have the money for home essentials like the food shop or the heating bill. Our Cancer Costs report revealed that three in five parents find themselves in debt as a result of their child’s treatment, with one in six borrowing over £5,000.

Thanks to supporters like you, we can continue our tireless fight for young cancer patients and their families, providing grants and unlocking financial support for those who desperately need it. 10

IN YOUR AREA 13.1 miles to stop cancer destroying young lives Grab your trainers and join Team CLIC Sargent on Sunday 23 September for the Belfast City Half Marathon. Run like the wind for young lives against cancer: belfastmarathon


SO GLAD YOU’RE ON OUR TEAM Together, we help young cancer patients and their families get their lives back on track, supporting them when they need us most. As a vital member of Team Young Lives, we know you want to hear about the difference you make. But the law is changing and after May we might not be able to get in touch with you unless you tell us. So to make sure you continue to receive news from us about your amazing impact, please fill out the enclosed form or update your contact preferences at – it’ll only take a minute.

Thank you for joining our fight.

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Your CLIC Sargent Spring 2018 Northern Ireland