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With the American economy on a seemingly never-ending back-slide, more and more people are searching for alternatives to traditional employment. And because so much of modern business relies on the internet, it's no surprise that the last decade has seen an enormous surge in the amount of people attempting to start small home-based internet businesses. However, as a result of countless scams and cautionary tales recounted on programs like 60 Minutes and Dateline NBC, few people believe that there are legitimate home-based business opportunities available. But despite the ever-changing face of the internet, there are three income opportunities available that have been tested and proven by countless small business owners: 1.) Freelancing Thanks to websites like Guru, iFreelance, Odesk and Elance, freelancing has become an excellent way for anyone with certain skills to earn a living from anywhere in the world- provided they have access to a computer. Freelance websites bring buyers and contractors together to work in a safe and semi-anonymous environment. When a buyer posts a job on one of these sites, freelancers can bid on the project by showcasing their skills, talents and experience. Once the job has been awarded the buyer will usually place funds in escrow with the host site that will be released when the work is finished according to the project terms. However, freelancing doesn't have to be done on one of those big websites. You can build a website of your own and market your services in a number of different ways. You can also advertise locally or with paid internet advertising with companies like Google and Yahoo. The freelance market is enormous and is growing every day; millions of jobs requiring the following skills are available for the taking: *Writers *Editors *Programmers *Virtual Assistants *Web Developers *Graphic Designers *Transcriptionists *Researchers *Legal Secretaries Even people with no experience can get started in one of these niches. If you offer inexpensive pricing coupled with a satisfaction guarantee, you can win jobs that you don't otherwise seem qualified for. And as long as you perform and meet or exceed all expectations, one client usually leads to another via referrals, and another, and so on. It's for all of these reasons that freelancing

is one of the fastest growing markets on the internet. 2.) Free Travel Vouchers Free travel vouchers are offered by airlines and hotels to fill empty seats and rooms and can be used to start a home-based business. These companies know that they'll make more money by giving unsold tickets and reservations away than by simply leaving those seats and rooms vacant. Offering these vacancies for free helps to build brand loyalty, and consumers nearly always spend money even during free vacations- they'll purchase items at the airport, while in the air, and while staying at hotels. Hotels and airlines make these unsold rooms and seats available to companies who then print coupons that consumers must use to redeem their free vacation. You can buy printing rights to these free travel vouchers and sell them or give them away. If you sell them, you keep all profits from the sales and you can charge whatever you want for them. But even if you don't sell them you'll still earn revenue each time a consumer redeems one of your coupons. You can start a free travel voucher business with just $10 for unlimited printing rights to free airline vouchers, and then distribute those coupons amongst your family, friends, associates and customers using any means available. In fact, many of the internet marketing techniques discussed as part of the next business-in-your-PJ's can be used to earn a living from free travel vouchers. 3.) Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is a growing industry that isn't new but has new implications with the advent and proliferation of the web. More and more companies are relying on affiliate marketers to bring them customers and you can capitalize on this too. Affiliate marketing works by allowing any person to sell a company's products or services. For instance, you can easily become an affiliate of and advertise Amazon on your website. Any time a person clicks a link to Amazon from your website and buys something, you make money. It's the same for many products and services: if there's something out there that you want to sell, it's likely there's an affiliate program set up to do exactly that. You can sign up for an affiliate program with one company or thousands- there's no limit to the amount of money you can make or the amount of products you can sell. However, you'll need to develop strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website or affiliate links, and that's where most of your efforts will lie. You can generate traffic by: *Blog Commenting - leave comments on related blogs and articles with a link back to your affiliate or website *Social Bookmarking - generate a buzz about your affiliate products using social media *Press Releases - generate publicity for your links with well-crafted press releases *Article Marketing - write and submit articles linking to your affiliate and submit them to hundreds of directories *Email Marketing - buy a list or develop one of your own and target your consumers with effective copy *Blogging - still one of the most effective methods of driving traffic for any purpose

Affiliate marketing is a business with a virtually unlimited earning potential, but there is a lot to learn in order to be successful. Spending time in marketing forums and websites to learn as much as you can is a wise idea. YouTube and other sharing sites can also offer tips, tutorials and courses on how to be an effective internet marketer. While there are a number of other viable businesses that you can manage while in your PJs, few provide the stability and earnings potential that freelancing, distributing free travel vouchers and affiliate marketing offer.

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==== ==== Want to know more about hotel managment please visit our site ==== ====

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