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Content Marketing

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Digitization The transformation of data from offline (physical) to online (digital)

Did  you  know…?  

  Sales  metrics  are  changing  to  reflect   changes  in  buyer  behaviour      

The  power  of  3  

Lets  discuss  these  3   common  markeBng   tacBcs  in  greater   detail  

Content Marketing: Old and New


Official  Defini:on:       “Content  MarkeBng  is  the  art     of  understanding  exactly  what  your  prospects  and   customers  need  to  know.    Then  delivering  that  content   to  them  in  a  relevant  and  compelling  way  to  grow  your   business”  

     -­‐-­‐The  Content  Ins.tute  

SEO-­‐-­‐Perfectly  Op.mized  Page    

What  is  Social  Media?  

 media  is  basically  a  


conversa:on   Hi!  

Did  you   hear?  

You  won’t   believe...  

What’s  up?  

What  is  Social  Media?   •  Using  Networks  such  as:  

The  power  of  3  

OpBmized  Content  MarkeBng  

New  Normal  Defini:on:   “Op:mized  Content  MarkeBng  is  the  art    of   understanding  exactly  what  your  prospect  and   customers  need  to  know  and  deliberately  producing   op:mized  content  based  on  keywords  that  are  driving   organic  search  traffic  and  conversions.    Then  delivering   that  op:mized  content  in  a  relevant  and  compelling   way  to  grow  your  business  by  socializing  the  content   through  your  organiza:on’s  social  networks.”  

     -­‐-­‐Krista  LaRiviere,  gShiV  Labs  

Focus on Engagement vs Lead count.

Implication: Businesses are moving away from “how do I generate more leads” to “how do I engage qualified buyers.”

Where  to  begin?   Start  with  ques:ons  about  Audience   •  •  •  •  •   

Who  is  the  customer?  What  do  they  care  about?     Where  do  they  discover  content?     What  formats  do  they  prefer?     What  moBvates  them  to  act?     What  stories  will  we  tell  to  align  brand  &  customer   goals?    

Next…   •  Keywords:  Broad  &  Category  (even  mobile  keywords)     •  Content:  Resource  Center,  Blogs,  Social  Content,  Media    

•  Op:mize:  Corp  Site,  ArBcles,  Blogs,  Digital  Assets,  Videos    

•  Socialize:  FB,  LinkedIn,  G+,  Slideshare,  Twiber,  YouTube    

•  Integra:on:  MarkeBng  &  PR    

•  Measure:  Non-­‐Brand  Keyword,  Traffic,  Social  KPIs,  Leads,   Conversions  

Hub  =  Blog  =  Website    

SEO  &  Social  Media  Together   •  Just  adding  pages  and  pages  of  content  as  an  SEO   strategy  doesn’t  cut  it  anymore   And  I’m  Social  Media.   •  Social  Media  is  the  new  way     to  take  your  SEO  strategy  to     Hello.    I’m  SEO.   the  next  level   •  Social  Media  increases  the     number  of  high  quality  links     and  targeted  traffic  

Changes  &  Updates  

Remember  the  old  adage..  

    Slow  and  Steady  Wins  the  Race!     ‘If  you  slowly  and  consistently  implement  this   strategy,  you  will  be  ok…’  

Remember  the  old  adage..  

    Slow  and  Steady  Wins  the  Race!     ‘If  you  slowly  and  consistently  implement  this   strategy,  you  will  be  ok…’  

In  the  new  normal…  

Fast  and  Consistent                                      always  beats  slow  and  steady!  


Jamshaid  (Jam)  Hashmi  

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