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==== ==== Amazingly Simple New Discovery That Make Building Muscle Simple... ==== ====

I'm going to start off this article with the MOST IMPORTANT advice you will ever read if you are serious about bodybuilding... ready? Never, ever read a bodybuilding magazine again! Do this one thing and you will be way ahead of the 99% of bodybuilders that do... Dorf on How to Build Muscles -- Blunder one -- Playing the victim card That's right... nothing is ever your fault. If after months of trying to build muscle leads to the same ol' body... You've been lied to and mislead by some of the best marketing minds on the planet. And you fell for it. That my friend, is YOUR fault! When you believe that a special supplement or a super secret workout (with no science or common sense behind it) is going to get you that buff and ripped look... Dorf on How to Build Muscles -- Blunder two -- Reading the crap in the bodybuilding magazines (surprise!) Do you actually believe for a NY minute that these supplement/bodybuilding magazines are going to tell you how to REALLY grow your arms? Of course not! They want you to buy their supplements. Unregulated supplements that usually has no science behind it -- just the endorsement of the featured bodybuilders in the magazines. And I have to tell you... I am quite dubious about the claims you will see because most of them are dead wrong and only works for the steroid heads. I think of these muscle magazines as nothing more than comic books that glorify the steroid using bodybuilders. And these guys are viewed as the epitome of vitality and health. Knowing what we all know about steroid users... they put their bodies to risk of cancer as well as reproductive organs... And when you think about it... these "muscle magazines" just have rehashed articles plus tons of pictures and flashy graphics that sell hype and sex. Sadly, this nonsense appeals to millions of readers across the globe... and millions of those readers have been deluded into thinking they have the insider secrets for muscle building... If this is you... be honest now... has ANYTHING that you read or any products promoted by these magazines DIRECTLY led to muscle building?

I'm guessing no. Dorf on How to Build Muscles -- Blunder three -- Getting bodybuilding advice from an obvious steroid user Let's just clarify what these drugs (steroids and whatever else they are using these days) do. These drugs allow the user to recover faster from muscle building workouts so they can train more. That's it. It doesn't really matter what workouts they have... they can do it more often. So taking advice from these steroid heads isn't really a smart thing to do. Dorf on How to Build Muscles -- Blunder four -- Believing the supplement advertisements Oh come on! These supplement advertisements are written by the BEST writers and marketers on earth. These advertisements are extremely compelling to read... and there is a reason for it. As long as there are guys out there who can be duped quite easily and fork over a lot of moolah... these advertisements are going to suck them in. Just refuse to read any more of those advertisements. Put those losers out of business! Dorf on How to Build Muscles -- Blunder five -- Using the muscle building workouts in the magazines Most if not all, articles that you see in those magazines are... GHOSTWRITTEN! Did you really think those impressively built guys wrote 'em? Are you joking? Of course they didn't. Those muscle guys just approve of the articles but they are written by staff writers -- who are employed by... the supplement industry! An unholy alliance... So stop taking advice from the muscle magazines. There are NO shortcuts or super secret muscle building workouts. Stick with the muscle principles that are universal and tested by time... over and over again. For the skinny guys... train smarter... not harder. The best solution to getting advice to build muscles? Get it from someone who was skinny just like you. Someone who was in your shoes and figured out how to get ripped and huge... naturally. If you want to avoid the pitfalls, land mines and self-destruction that most skinny guys fall into... then you get someone who has been successful at gaining muscles... It really is that simple...

Tired of being a skinny and thin? Do people laugh at your stick arms and legs? Well, let's show those losers what you can do! You CAN absolutely build noticeable muscles mass within a few months. I DID!!! And I get lots of compliments... Isn't it time for you to discover how to gain muscles fast at my website?

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==== ==== Amazingly Simple New Discovery That Make Building Muscle Simple... ==== ====

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