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GETAWAY HOLDALLS Luggage has never been so cool or collectible! Or so painstakingly designed, developed and delivered.

McFaul Studio Octo

Dan Baldwin Dead Heavy

Featuring 6 designs from International artists. Each holdall is printed with a different front and back plus the artist’s design is then carried through to the specially printed lining. At the bottom of the lining is the uniquely printed Certificate of Authenticity - this is sequentially numbered - so each bag of the edition is unique. Additionally the leather handles are laser engraved with the number of the edition - so 300 total means 300 total. Each Holdall comes with a shoulder strap and Gold printed Dustbag.

Kozyndan Amourous Nudis

Mode2 Giorgios

Dan Baldwin SlipStream

Vault49 Skulled

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LTD/EDN Product Catalogue Summer 2013