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Is car insurance worth it and why? Having your own car can provide you a lot of advantage compared to those who ride the public mode of transportation. For one, it is far more convenient to use a private vehicle to go to work or to reach other destinations such as accommodation hotel for your vacation. It is also much more comfortable because you sit on a seat of your own choice. As you know, you can upgrade the car seat and actually has the option to customize it. However, you should be prepared for accidents that may happen in the future. Even if you're a really good law-abiding citizen and strictly follows traffic rules, you cannot control the behavior of other drivers who may cause damage to your car. With this alone, the importance of having car insurance couldn't be neglected. Below are the reasons why have an insurance for your car is worth your money. Necessary Protection for Your Investment

Your car is one of your bi g investments in life. You work hard for everyday just to buy it or to pay for the monthly obligation if you availed it on an installment. Again, there are accidents that are out of your control. You should have a clear plan when an accident actually happens to you and your car. One practical and effective plan is to have car insurance. Whatever the type is, the insurance provides your car the necessary protection it needs. Depending on the type of insurance, it will cover for expenses such as repair of any damage that a third party has caused. Payment for Medical Bills

Though no one wishes accidents to happen, it may happen to you and may also cause you minor or major injuries. If you don't have enough savings, you will surely get stressed looking for ways to provide the funds for medical bills. But if you have car insurance, your medical bills will be covered partially or fully depending on the type of insurance and coverage you availed. You can also be sure that you'll immediately get attended to when rushed to the hospital because your car insurance guarantees the hospital that you can pay them. Payment for Vandalism and Theft

You may be parking your car properly in the right parking area. You may be a really good driver that follows parking rules in every area you go to. However, you cannot control people who may vandalize your car. You don't also know who the people who want to try to steal your investment are. But when vandalism and

theft happen, you will be left feeling weak if you don't have something to remove the vandals or to get your car back in the form of money when it is stolen. But if you have car insurance, there are specific coverage that states payment for the removal of vandals and payment for the car when unexpectedly stolen. With this importance of availing car insurance, you can definitely say that it is worth your money.

Is car insurance worth it and why  

Many people in the medical industry always say that prevention is better than cure. The same principle can be applied to your car.

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