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Author : Sahara Rose Ketabi Pages : 352 pages Publisher : Alpha Books Language : eng ISBN-10 : 1465462767 ISBN-13 : 9781465462763

Ayurveda Ayurveda (Sanskrit for -science of life-), a consciousness-based system of healing, is stepping up to close the gaps between thinking, knowing, feeling, and doing. Idiot's Guides: Ayurveda focuses on the mind-body connection and explain that our experiences--including perceptions and lifestyle choices--are metabolized into molecules in our bodies and will help you make the most life-affirming choices for your optimal health and well-being.The book includes:- Ways to achieve and maintain long-term mental and physical wellness based on a unique combination of fundamental energies. - Suggestions for daytime and nighttime routines and rituals for optimum balance to achieve harmony and to ward off disease. - Tips to keep you ayurvedically-balanced as you age, including how to care for your body inside and out. - A thorough description of the doshas, their characteristics, how they differ, and a questionnaire to aid readers into determining their dosha. Ayurveda

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