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All Day Long, God Loves Me ●

Sleeping or playing or in flight with his flock, God loves Skyler around the clock! Join this li’l bird on a flight of fun—and discovery. From a morning stretch—so big!—to a tuck-in yawn, Skyler feels the sun on his wings and the love of God warming his heart. Young children will see how Skyler’s day is just like their own. And they can feel just like Skyler feels: loved! Check out the entire Best of Li’l Buddies series, including:• Everywhere I Go,

Author : Mikal Keefer Pages : 16 pages Publisher : Group Publishing Language : ISBN-10 : 1470748592 ISBN-13 : 9781470748 593

God Is With Me • From Head to Toe, God Made Me • Here’s the Reason God Made Me • Mad, Glad, or Sad, God Is For Me(The Buddies featured in the Best of Li’l Buddies series are from Group’s Maker Fun Factory Vacation Bible School) All Day Long, God Loves Me

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All Day Long, God Loves Me  

All Day Long, God Loves Me