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Chihung Liao Chihung

Obesity Chinese Opera Mask Water Waste of Consumption International Week Coordinator

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Multimedia Intern I-Museum Drawing Initials Trashion Show


Animation Adobe Flash




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Hand Carved

Chinese Opera Mask Stamp Design

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Pastel Drawing Untitled

Animation Adobe Flash

Water v

House of Water


Animation Adobe Flash

Waste of Consumption

Concept: This is an animation project about the "Waste of Consumption." and what we produce and ignore every day. The purpose of creating this animation is to bring awareness of the daily usgae of toilet papers that accumulates a siginificant amount of unnecessary consumption and waste.


Br na oc tio hu na re l W D e es e ig k n

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Program planning and 2 Design Adobe Indesign/ Flash/ Photoshop

at UO International Student Association

International Week Coordinator



Table tent Function Design

What I Did As the Cordinator: As the cordinator, I practiced my

leadership skills through strong understanding on the importance of communication and effective method as working as a team.

I also worked closely with the Publicity team and helped them design Flyers, Table tent, Posters and events Brochure as well as promoting our various events.

As a team, we plan various interactive

events that encourage people to engage and explore new experience with people from different countries through sharing traditions and stories. The goal of this weeklong celebration is to raise cultural awareness and identify personal growth.

Poster Design International Week


at International Student Association

Multimedia Internship

v v

Afircan Drum Workshop



Winter Formal Dance 2010


A celebration of Thai New Year with Traditional Dance and crafting making of Banana leaf Boat in wishing good luck.

Thai Dance Craft MakingWorkshop


Sushi Demonstration


The Indian Bollyhood Dance is a popular dance and actors dance this modern cultural dance in their movies as the intermissions. I worked with UO Student of the Indian Subcontinent to engage people through hosting a dance workshop meanwhile bringing cultural awareness to the campus.


Indian Bollyhood Dance Workshop

Animation Adobe Flash


This is aproject of an imagination of a museum setting with a display room for my sculpture and other three dimentional works. The idea of creating this project is to let viewer interact with my drawings and paintings that hang up on the wall by clicking on it or skipping it.

Pastel - Charcoal



Ink-Brush A Classroom

Ink-Brush Human Factory


Pencil Walking down the Street


Charcoal Balky Farm at Northfield Massachusetts

Still Image made from Adobe Flash

My initials:CHL



Models: Alix Franco, Andrew Levad, Oluchi Onyima, Steven Mcvev

Garage Band- Final Cut Pro

Performance Art -Timed Base Project

Trashion Show


I conducted this Performance Art Project: the Trashoin Show including the cameras setups, soundtrack making, modeling, creating decorative materials. This is a public space based Trashion Show using cardbroads to create an imagination stage connects with the theme.

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